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The Swedish stallion comes correct once again wiht another clutch of mash-ups. This time turning his hand to the poppier end of the spectrum, as Tailor Swift, Peggy Gou and many more are given the Beatconductor treatment. 

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Side 1
1. Fallin'
2. Sugar And Spajs

Side 2
1. Tell Me U Luv Me
2. Peggy Swift

Our no. 1 Swedish mash-up maestro sets his sights on Jamaica for this 7 track EP of dubbed out pop. The Wailers play back up for Adele, Dua Lipa, Christina Aguilera, and Duran Duran, while Amy Winehouse & The Pretenders join forces to become a ska super group. 


Matt says: The cheeky Swede's at it again - dubbing out a smorgasbord of well known hits inna party mash-up stylee. Essential tackle for the working bar DJ; fans of Taggy Matcher & Mato you know are gonna dig this!


A1 Grass In Pocket
A2 Aint No Other Man
A3 Don't Worry
B1 Girls On Jamaica
B2 DC Skank
B3 Boogie Down Jammin
B4 In To You

Sweden's mash-up maestro returns with six tracks of masterfully cross-pollinated bangers on this hand stamped white label. On tap we have classics from Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, Elvis & Alexander O’Neal, classily re-contextualized in ways only the Mighty Swede can manage. As usually - limited, randomly coloured vinyl edition. No digital release.


Matt says: Beatconductor's back, taking on some frankly gigantic source material somehow tapping into the seams of Saturday night in the Northern Quarter. Keep the fun on the floor and the knob heads out the booth with these party starting splices.


Side 1
1. Move On Up (5:36)
2. Living Disaster (5:40)
3. Take Me Home (3:17)
Side 2
1. Caught In A Trap (4:38)
2. Deep Fake (edit) (6:01)
3. Move On Up (STTD Remix) (4:24)

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