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On The One

    Star Creature return with more of that authentic boogie flavour for 2017. Le'Trell comprises of brothers G. Le'Trell, J. Le'Trell & L. Le'Trell (of course it does!) and this is the second release for the esteemed label. "On The One" stomps off the starting blocks with thick drums and an incredible vocal part, emboldened by the truly inventive instrumentation which supports it - a wigged out synth solo, funked up guitar licks and a brilliant bass part. You'd easily be forgiven to thinking this was some holy grail from the golden years of '80-'83 but I can assure you - it was recorded last year! So damn good! "State Of Shock (S.O.S)" graces the flip, a more electro flavoured / new jack workout with newer drum presents and more cerebral, pillow talk sound. Those killer synth solos are still present, as are some excellent vocal harmonies - highlighting the talents these brothers have for music. Truly magnificent stuff here - absolutely essential for any modern funk, soul and boogie collectors out there.

    First Touch & Yvonne Gag

    Tonight's The Night / You Can Have It All

    Second Star Creature this week you lucky buggers! This stable of all things modern funk, new disco and boogie related is going from strength to strength, with each consecutive release selling out and becoming collector's items within weeks!

    First Choice has previously released an amazing double LP on Star Creature full of tasty new electro-funk, boogie and house flavoured style. They reassert their feel good vibe here with a double-A side of their glistening, polished brand dancefloor music. Both sides deliver the kind of hard-hitting, late night boogie that's currently massively in vogue due in no small part to NTS's Full Beam! FM. Super limited and highly desirable, buy now or cry later. 


    Matt says: Get a fully authentic dose of the Wet Play and Red Laser dancefloors as First Choice keep the boogie flames burnin'. Unbeatable.


    Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition green vinyl

    What's that?! THREE new Star Creature sevens in one week? Ambassador, you are really spoiling us!

    Old pal Saucy Lady comes correct with U-Key and brings the party home with "It's All Here".

    Meanwhile label stalwart Shiro Schwartz is on hand to remix said track...

    It's a big bad boogie banger make no mistake! And completely necessary for your burgeoning boogie and modern funk collection - don't miss out!

    You've ALWAYS gotta pay attention when Star Creature drop an extended release. They're pretty much guaranteed to be killer and never hang around long. Such is the case with "The Toby Glider EP" by Liquid Pegasus. 27+ minutes of upfront modern, electronic disco, funk and boogie pleasure - all OG material and sounding fiiiiine!

    A variety of moods and tempos are presented across the five tracks, from the relaxed opener of "Uptown Shuffle" with its glassy keys and twangy, rubber band bass; to the gated electro-funk of "Dance Amnesia" - buoyant strutting over an arsenal of dizzying synthwork. There's even a rainbow road house jaunt into feel-good oblivion via the vibrant, multi-coloured bounce of "Cut Loose". As ever, imperative stuff for lovers of the discotheque - don't sleep!

    Second 7" to drop from Sean Chisholm this week - one under his Tension alias and the other, under the Hidden Groove nom de plume.

    Wet Play picked up on this hot Glasgow funkster around three years ago, releasing "Your Sunshine" on "Where Good Friend's Meet #3" - the various artists EP showing you the sounds and feels of a good MCR drenching.

    Now, US merchants of all things new disco, funk & boogie, Star Creature have muscled in on the action (albeit a little late to the party! - KP). 

    "Do You Wanna Groove" combines his synonymous drum fills with tight n taut synth syncopation before dropping down this sick liquid chorus simply stating 'do you wanna groove, do you wanna move your body with me'. It's simple, highly effective formula one of the traits of this Scottish bad man. 

    "Funkin All The Time" graces side B and we gotta hold our hands up here man - HG actually sent us this on digital quite some time ago looking to get it pressed onto wax and we took too long to sort it out (as can be the Wet Play way... - KP) so he's done what any sane man would do and get it out on a pro-active and better hyped label - whocanblamehim?! It's a funkin' KILLER track, with a chorus that you'll keep singing all day and some highly musical flute, synyth and guitar passage that really highlight how talented this muscian really is!


    Call Me / Your Sunshine

      Star Creature enlist the talents of Glasgow's Hidden Groove aka Tension for another boogie romp on 7". I'm not gonna mince my words here - Wet Play put this record out THREE years ago - and it wasn't on seven inch either - it was the outside cut of a heavy 12" pressing. Star Creature behind the times somewhat, recycling a track that's already done the rounds across Manchester and beyond (when I'm sure the artist has got 'nuff new material to keep us satisfied).

      Anyway, as I said back then, "Your Sunshine" IS a ridiculously good track, so we'll let the producer off giving it a second airing on a *cough* slightly more credible label (just make sure ya give us a cut of those touring royalties gee! ;) )

      It comes backed with "Call Me" (actually the lead track - ed) which is thankfully, new material, and sees a vocodered chorus hook met with glorious backing vocals, tasty marimba and those HG trademark tom rolls.

      Look, there's no escaping it, Sean Chisholm's a major player on the modern funk and boogie scene; but props still gotta go out to Wet Play for signing "Your Sunshine" in the first place (and I'd like to see the Wet Play release added to the artist's discography too seen as it's a fatter pressing!). Anyway, don't know why I'm moaning, you can't get WGFM#3 for less than twenny quid 2nd hand now anyway, so bag yerself two Tension bangers for half the price and feel free to join the online discussion! :P - KP. 


      Matt says: First time for everything! Was quite to shocked when this 'bootlegged' track from my own label landed on my lap to review this morning but such is life. Quite a compliment really - and fair play to Hidden Groove for getting his stuff out across the pond. It's all gravy! :)

      The Jack Moves are Teddy Powell and Zee Desmondes - a modern funk duo active since around 2012 with a smattering of hits and an album on Wax Poetics. 

      This is their first release for esteembed boogie label Star Creature and contains two, highly soulful cuts with a powerful vocal part that's definintely got hints of Jacko peeping through! Big, dazzling, mid tempo, it's the bread and butter of the dance thru 11pm - 2am. Top stuff!

      Pink Fink

      Roller Rock

      Brand new Star Creature folks! - the US label responsible for keeping the modern funk and new boogie flames burning bright in 2018 bring forth the sounds of Pink Fink, an artist from New Orleans and who's previously released tracks on Disko Obscura.

      From the off we're treated to a smattering of authentic electro-funk as "Roller Rock" deploys the usual smorgasbord of instrumentation (wobbly synth, squelchy bass, gated drums, vocodered vox, darting leads) and coerces it into an unbeatable and soul shaking groove and chord progression that's given a dark and sleazy twist.

      "Body" applies the brakes juusst a tad but keeps most of the instrumentation; with another block party slammer primed and ready for action. Star Creature seem unable to put a foot wrong, the label goes from strength to strength and remains totally crucial. 


      Matt says: The most Ariel Pink friendly of this week's Star Creatures and of course it's from LA. Like the bad boy in the pinball arcade this one swaggers and spits doning a studded leather jacket and a greasy quiff. The girls love him.

      DJ Friction Presents Ground Control Featuring David Whitley

      Step Out Of The Dark

      Second Star Creature to drop this week as the label continue to ply their new boogie and modern funk wares to our receptive head spaces. DJ Friction has had a long and storied career: working as a DJ in the late 80s in and around his hometown of Stuttgart, working on productions through hip-hop, jungle and electro styles and commercial success with rap group Freundeskreis.

      Here for Star Creature he switches tact again, opting for two fully authentic, soul drenched cuts and featuring the inimitable voice of David Whitley. "Step Out Of The Dark" mixes live and electronic drums and sees Rhodes and fretted bass conjure up a heady groove while Whitley's vocals are the main attractions - a thoroughly soulful outing with great lyrics and impassioned delivery. "All Nite Long" is equally solid - a bedroom boogie future classic with catch AF chorus, squelchy synth bits and wicky-wah guitar licks. Both tracks are the kinda shit you hear regularly on Sunday's Full Beam! FM show on NTS2 and come fully endorsed by the good ship Piccadilly.

      Donnell Pitman

      Do You Wanna / Need My Love

      Any Disco DJ worth their weight in vinyl knows the name Donnell Pitman, and until now this has been mostly due to his highly sought after work of the late 70s and early 80s. Renewed interest in Donnell has reached critical peak over the past few years, fueled by Red Greg's feature of the seminal “Love” on Joey Negro's "Under The Influence" vinyl compilation series and Chicago’s Numero Group putting out some of his long forgotten, unreleased boogie bangers in 2015. Producer Kumar McMillian of Chicago-based disco ensemble Wings Of Sunshine teamed up with Donnell and the result is a modern disco masterpiece with an completely authentic, bedroom produced vibe - honest, pure and heartfelt with a poignant vocal delivery. "Need My Love" on the flip retains that stripped back, intimate production vibe; like you're lying right next to Donnell on some velvet pillow as he whispers sweet nothings into your ear. It's another hard hitting vocal delivery, displaying both incredible control and power with his voice.

      Saucy Lady returns to Star Creature as the label continues its excellent run of form with this essential disco / funk number - "Sugar High". Remixed in Hachinohe-shi, Aomori, Japan by T-Groove the track bustles in on a frenetic drum break, complete with wicky guitar licks and tight syncopated bass. A sweet vocal section soon hurries in as the mix expands to includes a wonderful organ-led bridge section and timpani solo. Pure dancefloor heat across this succinct and groovy burner. On the flip "I'm Ready" also gets remixed by T-Groove into a deep 4/4 disco throbber. Pounding drums and bass meet suspended keys and another sugary vocal section with those trademark guitar patterns licking away in the background. Both side are gonna go down a storm at your local disco. Highly recommended.  

      Shiro Schwarz

      Star Creature EP

        Shiro Schwarz, the interplanetary explorers from Mexico City make their return orbit to the Star Creature Universe with 12" of nebulous vibrations in tow. True to form, the duo drop 6 cuts of moody love funk ripe for both the dancefloor, the bedroom floor and all earthly spaces in between. Setting controls for the midnight hour, Shiro Shwarz open proceedings with the wobbling bass and pitch bent synths of "I Don't Know Why", an off kilter boogie bomb topped wonderfully with the duo's quirky vocals. Next up, "All My L.O.V.E." brings a little proto house to the party with classic piano vamps, low slung bass and swiftly spoken female vocals before "Come Closer" slows the tempo right down to weird us out with its zero gravity tropical flavour - well wonky! The flipside kicks off in C L A S S I C fashion with "Just One Change", a proper boogie rocker which sees killer synth trills, rubbery bass and soulful pads support Pammela's vocals perfectly. Tumbling toms lead us onto the soul-glow sequences and chipset synth solos of "Cotton Candy" before Shiro Schwarz play us out with the Glass Candy styled retro-romance of "See The Light". So to sum it all up, 1/2 a dash of Sade, 1 moon unit of Rene & Angela, a rocket boost of Patrick Adam's synth juice plus 5 liquid hectagon phasers of Purple carbon samples and you got yourself a "Star Creature EP"!


        Patrick says: Mexican duo Shiro Schwarz take advantage of the clear desert sky to harness the power cosmic into six nebulous takes on 80s synth funk, galactic boogie and synthetic soul. One for the Italians Do It Better fans and boogie heads alike.


        Pleasure Cruise / Acid Dreaming

        Aimes brings everything good to this release, from sun-kissed synths to chimes lapping around your dancing feet, this sort of post-disco can be found on "Pleasure Cruise". On the flip, "Acid Dreaming" is an electro- futurist vision of the journey beyond consciousness to realms unknown. Out on the Tugboat Edit spin-off Star Creature.

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