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E. Live

Wet Summer / Night Raid

E. Live is back again at Star Creature HQ with another boogie blast off of the jazz-funk variety. The Bay Area boogie king leans in on the jazzier side of disco while still maintaining the usual dancefloor vibes we know and love about the label. A perfect mix of accessible, crowd friendly sophisticated sounds - if you like Roy Ayers, Patrice Rushen, Khruangbin, FKJ, Toro Y Moi, this will be a welcome addition to record box. As usual, copies are limited. 


Matt says: How Star Creature manage to be so prolific yet rarely release a duff track with such a modest number of musicians on their roster is really quite astonishing. E. Live drops one of his hottest double headers yet for his team.


1. Wet Summer 
2. Night Raid 

Another Taste / Maxx Traxx

Don't Touch It

Special alert! A worldwide team-up worth its weight in black gold. Numero Group x Star Creature x Another Taste link up for a seriously hotcollab.

Maxx Traxx’s “Don't Touch It” has become a certified grail in recent years with its synth-heavy jazz-funk/boogie crossover sound. Rotterdam’s Another Taste has been pounding the scene with a slew of similarly-styled, contemporarily-grailed releases under various aliases across the Space Grapes label. Rotterdam's Another Taste’s cover version on the A-side while the flipside features the original for the first time on 12". 


A1. Another Taste - Don't Touch It
B1. Maxx Traxx - Don't Touch It

A Vision Of Parorama

Piano Sunset / Lost In Palms

A new 7" double header from Balearic-boogie mainstay, A Vision Of Panorama. A truly diverse artist, whose work graces a number of different labels; his work for Star Creature has always been the perfect marriage of mellow, summery synth work and rugged boogie beats.

"Piano Sunset" epitomizes this ethos beautifully, with vintage drum boxes firing off some familiar rhythms whilst an array of wooden electric bass, sparkly keys and meandering piano notes create a dazzling vista of late afternoon enjoyment. A clean, digital signal path with nods to FM synthesis give this track high definition contours and a bright shine.

"Lost In Palms" sees the producer deliver a nicely swung, late night house jam. Build around a splendid house beat comprised of galloping congas, twatting hi-hats and classic 909 snares with plenty of shuffle; organ stabs and sparkling keyboard licks accompany a wobbly synthline and deep bass notes. Imagine if Kerri Chandler had grown up on the Italian Riviera and you're halfway there...

Top stuff as always from Star Creature and AVOP.


Matt says: Star Creature heat from AVOP. "Piano Sunset" rocks that Zanzibar proto-house vibe brilliantly and is a must for fans of Mark Seven's Parkway series. On the flip, a swung late night house jam that has Kerri Chandler's DNA coursing through its veins.


Side 1
1. Piano Sunset (4:32)
Side 2
1. Lost In Palms (4:55)

The Daphni (AKA Caribou) remix of Donnell Pitman's "Do You Wanna"? first surfaced on Caribou's BBC Essential Mix in early 2020. After receiving tons of requests it finally get an official release on juicy 12" vinyl. 2 summertime gems on the flipside: "Summertime Girls" & "Need My Love" which follow the more traditional Star Creature remit - woozy, sun blushed, intimate boogie jams with a sensual flavour. Limited copies - highly recommended! 


Matt says: One of two highly anticipated 12"s from the Star Creature camp lands with Dan Snaith aka Daphni enlisted on remix duties. Taking things in a strictly house direction, "Do You Wanna" is full of positive vibes and high energy flavour. Decorated with a whole manner of synthy goodness. The other three tracks tread the more familiar Star Creature path of bedroom boogie and modern funk. A killer package lovers of the label simply can't do without.


A1. Do You Wanna (Daphni Edit)
B1. Summertime Girls
B2. Need My Love
B3. Need My Love (Instrumental) 

Neal Francis, best known for his killer live sets packed with revelatory blasts of funky soul, R&B and off the rail piano jams eases over to the smoother side of funk with this Star Creature maxi 12". The A Side features a *classic* remix from fellow Windy City wonderkid and house music royalty, the one and only Derrick Carter while the B side slides into the boogie zone with a mid-tempo, modern soul stomper. Limited to 300 copies, mastered for vinyl by Dietrich Schoenemann and cut loud at 45 - This smoking hot double header is simple a must!


Matt says: One of two highly anticipated 12"s on Star Creature this week. Chi-town royalty adds his trademark bump n shuffle to Neal Francis' "BNYLV". The original - a lively boogie-funk number also sounds slick. Bound to be a highly collected unit from this much cherished label.


1.BNYLV (Derrick Carter Remix)
2.BNYLV (Original Instrumental Version)

E Da Boss (The Pendletons, Myron & E) made his first Star Creature debut with his group Lucid Paradise. His return features Ishtar and new single "Pool 4 U" comes in two flavours - one produced by The Whole Truth and the other remixed by E. Live.

The A Side gets the E. Live, jazz-funk remix treatment while the B Side comes heavy with a foot stomping, boogie bomb, floor filling flavour throughout! Another essential modern classic from the Star Creature juggernaut. Limited copies! 


Matt says: A brand new boogie bomb from the Star Creature camp that's of such a high pedigree I had to check it wasn't a cover version. Summery vibes across both takes, with a more galvanized production promoted by E.Live, while The Whole Truth offer up that original disco-boogie flavour.


A. Fool 4 U (remixed By E. Live)
B. Fool 4 U (produced By The Whole Truth) 

Heavy slapping boogie joint from E Live, originally released in 2017 we strangely (and criminally!) didn't seem to stock it at the time for whatever reason... Thank the lords for this repress then as this is one hot nugget from the Star Creature camp you do NOT want to be without!

People, we're talking a phenomenal bedroom boogie jam here, with "Feelin Nervous" cruising through red lit neons on a late night tip. Beatdown vocals, interplanetary synth interplay and minimalist yet sophisticated arrangement make this sexy as hell.

On the flip, day time grooves are explored as "Feelin You Up" winds down the roof of the soft-top for a slow drive through the suburbs, soundtracked by summery synth-flute, sparkly keyboard stabs and gently strumming Stratocaster for a killer slice of instrumental boogie few can resist!

How did we miss it first time round?! Bad pig! 


Matt says: Storming slice of bedroom boogie from E Live here with a nice mid afternoon moocher on the flip for the disco drivers.


A. Feelin Nervous 
B. Feelin You Up

Voyear & Frankfurt Funk Feat. Eva

En Transit

The Star Creature factory line keeps on ticking over, new signings Voyear & Frankfurt Funk manufacturing some high grade boogie business for our dancing and delectation.

Both tracks casually resting in what Full Beam FM! refers to as crawlers & moochers. These are slower, soulful cuts, full of pitch bent b-lines, tickling synth licks and syncopated drum machines - the very essence of bedroom boogie. The French vocals only add to the overtly sensual nature while the synth work throughout is absolutely top drawer. Can't fault this one! Another essential from the now long-running stable. 


Matt says: Crawlers from the Star Creature camp as they mellow out the moods for the hotter months. Perfect for winding down the windows when your stuck in traffic on you're way to the beach.


Side 1
1. En Transit 
Side 2
1. Colibri 

Star Creature's Italian boogie buffalo Giovanni Damico comes fresh for the label with, I have to say, a pretty tantalizing new sound. Though still rooted in that vintage boogie sound (Linn drums and slap bass a plenty...) "Watch Out" jolts out with a confident urgency. Dazzling keyboard licks, meticulously programmed drums and a frenetic b-line combining perfectly with Damico's empowered vocal. "Nowhere" is a creeping synth disco track, reminiscent of Sylvester's more electronic and sultry numbers. "Night Time" opens with bright synth bursts before dropping into a raw boogie groove littered with space echo detritus. Then the fun loving vocal drops urging you into party mode. "Voodoo" irreverently cruises into full on space disco moods - recalling Arpadys & Sauver Mallia's soaring epics. Finally, "Cowbell (Eeh Aah Eeh)" is a tropical disco flavoured beast that has end-of-night qualities written all over it. Majestic flute, fluttering muted Strat licks, galloping percussion, this baby got it all...

Brilliantly diverse modern boogie flavours for the discerning dancer and jock! Highly recommended! 


Matt says: One of my favourite signings of the Star Creature camp, Giovanni Damico can always be relied upon for summat fresh. "Watch Out" takes the boogie template into dazzling new territories - a highly syncopated offering with space-age sfx but with that vintage drum programming and untreated soulful vox that's synonymous with the genre. Sure to be a true classic of the scene that's so far undiscovered.


Side 1
1. Watch Out (4:54)
2. Nowhere (5:49)
Side 2
1. Night Time (5:04)
2. Voodoo (5:07)
3. Cowbell (Eeh Aah Eeh) (4:31)

Giovannia Damico

Ashes / Milky Way

Yet another bedroom boogie bonanza from the good folks at Star Creature who've enlisted the Italian stalion, Gionvanni Damico for their latest 7". The well decorated producer has already graced labels such as Lumberjacks In Hell, Bordello A Parigi, Kalakuta Soul and Faces with his slick and star-studded, fresh boogie sound!

Lead track, "Ashes" rev's outta off the grid with ruged vintage drum hits, picked guitar lines, Strat chops and plucked bassline. Cue Damico with an inspired vocal, sung in half Italian, half English and a catchy as covid chorus synth refrain. It's stripped back, it's quirky, it's sexy; it's everything your late nite disco needs!

"Milky Way" unpacks reverb heavy drums, vocodered vox and retro-future sci-fi leads for a cosmic funk system meltdown with lashings of Italo flavour!

Full picture sleeve, limited import copies. Move quick!


Matt says: Really strong release from the perma-funkin' Star Creature mob. Inspired city pop stylings with 'nuff Italo / boogie references for extra pleasure. You know what to do!


1. Ashes
2. Milky Way

Kappekoff, Reggie Got Beats & Andre Espeut


We told you Star Creature were properly 'on one', as we like to say here in Manchester. Well, the boogie bombardment continues this week with an all-star release from label stalwart Andre Espeut, who's joined by synth revivalists Kappekoff and Reggie Got Beats for the sweet, sparkly single: "Sugar". Ripe with squiggly lead lines, explosive slap bass, Jomox drums and soulful lead vocals from Esput. Comes with instrumental.

Limited copies. 


A. Sugar
B. Instrumental

The salvo of 7"s from the Star Creature bunker continues to rain down on us - with another two arriving this week! E. Live is back, adding his patented boogie shimmer to newcomer Gillies' lead track "What About Luv".

Rich with Italo nuances, "What About Luv" is drenched in sensuality, a laser-guided, pheromone-fueled, late night mission into decadence and excess. The Bay Area boogie boss injects a playful, stripped back sensibility into the equation, mellowing it out into an early evening groover.

Both tracks are winners for me, with two very different moods explored. Star Creature remain the most crucial force in modern funk! TIP. 


Matt says: Are Brooklyn's Star Creature secretly challenging MCR's Red Laser to a battle of the boogie? Firing over an Italo-tinged missile at our Manctalo brothers, inviting a return fire bedroom boogie blast from Il Bosco and co.? The plot thickens in the boogie wars saga... stay tuned for more info.


A. What About Luv (E Live Remix)
B. What About Luv

Adam Chini Featuring Zackey Force Funk


Tasty 7" from the Star Creature stable featuring new signing Adam Chini who contributes a veritable slice of modern funk for the esteemed label.

"Boomerang" comes in vocal and instrumental versions and pairs up sloppy synth work, blue-sky synth patches and shuddering slap bass. The infectious and clever vocal yearns for the return of a lover's desire - hence the title: "Boomerang".

Limited copes and high demand as always....


Matt says: Deeply personal bedroom boogie from the SC camp which should appeal to fans of PPU and the more lo-fi end of the spectrum.


A. Boomerang
B. Instrumental


Cruisin' / Sunset

Debut 7" Double Sider from Italian Hybrid Nu Jazz Band "Leones". The A Side takes us on a mid tempo jazz romp around the coastal frequencies mild disco vibes, is there such a thing as Balaeric Detroit? While the A Side is for beach sand dusted dance floor, The B Side makes for a perfect soundtrack for late night coastal highway cruisings. Going to or heading home from the waves is up to you but this full moon vibes cut will provide the nicest wave to get you there.


Patrick says: Star Creature in vintage form here, hooking us up with a perfect pair of sun blushed boogie moochers via the uptempo "Cruisin'" on the A-side and the slow, slanky and perma-stoned "Sunset" on the flip. RIYL Dam Funk, early Moon B and Penders.


A. Cruisin'
B. Sunset

The Jack Moves Feat. Larry Hamm & The People Of Newark

Horror Games

New Star Creature 7" so if you're reading this it'll either be sold out or all the boogie-barrons of Manchester forgot to have their weetabix

Jack Moves is joined by Larry Hamm & The People Of Newark for a informed but danceable slice of nu-boogie which touches upon current reasons of uncalm and unrest. 

If the vocal is too poignant to digest then there's a full-loaded instrumental to get wild to with the poppers. 

Limited quants as per so get them boogie-powered rocket-skates on you filthy turtle jerkers! 


A. Horror Games
B. Instrumental

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