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First Touch & Yvonne Gag

Tonight's The Night / You Can Have It All

Second Star Creature this week you lucky buggers! This stable of all things modern funk, new disco and boogie related is going from strength to strength, with each consecutive release selling out and becoming collector's items within weeks!

First Choice has previously released an amazing double LP on Star Creature full of tasty new electro-funk, boogie and house flavoured style. They reassert their feel good vibe here with a double-A side of their glistening, polished brand dancefloor music. Both sides deliver the kind of hard-hitting, late night boogie that's currently massively in vogue due in no small part to NTS's Full Beam! FM. Super limited and highly desirable, buy now or cry later. 


Matt says: Get a fully authentic dose of the Wet Play and Red Laser dancefloors as First Choice keep the boogie flames burnin'. Unbeatable.


Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition green vinyl

Potatohead People Feat Trailer Limon

Stop The Games

Another week, you guessed it, another Star Creature; the Brooklyn stable hitting an average of 4 releases a month at present!

Old favourite Trailer Limon returns alongside the wonderfully named Potatohead People for A-side cut, "Stop The Games". Deploying the usual formula of squelchy synth, warbly washes and snappy drum hits, a Princesque vocal deliver heads up the action with some nice backing vocals working in harmony with the lead part.

The mysteriously named 'Nicky's Falling In Love Dub' is a nicely executed dub done in that traditional boogie style; retaining the odd vocal utterance, washing it in echo and stripping back the arrangement to give more focus to the groove. Nice!


Matt says: Trailer Limon man. He's back! With that super slick funk that graced the previous 7", this Cali-cat is a rising star of the modern funk scene. Get to know!

Concept album from the delectable Saucy Lady who graces Brooklyn boogie stable, Star Creature, with a killer album of space-aligned funk, boogie and soulful vocal meanderings. With all titles referencing the glorious infinite that is the universe, there's definitely a cosmic leaning to these super slick-produced, impeccably written tunes.

As you'd expect, it features some classic instrumentation from the 80s, with a rich array of analogue synths, vintage drum machines and dreamy DSP keyboards all working in tandem to produce a coherent body of work that has 'future masterpiece' written all over it.

Nods to Herbie Hancock, Wally Badarou, Dam Funk and Parliament can all be noted throughout the two-disc journey but this is no pastiche. This is 100% raw funk flavour; guided by a true universal being who's perfectly in tune with his studio set up. Not only is this a high watermark for the Star Creature label, it's an essential addition to the modern funk and bedroom boogie cannons of today. Do not sleep on this one pop pickers!


Matt says: Pardon the artwork sir, the music's sublime! Authentic nods to boogie and soul, with some seriously smooth slow numbers that demand your attention as much as the more uptempo ones you'd associate with Star Creature. Another triumph from this genre-defining label.

DJ Friction Presents Ground Control Featuring David Whitley

Step Out Of The Dark

Second Star Creature to drop this week as the label continue to ply their new boogie and modern funk wares to our receptive head spaces. DJ Friction has had a long and storied career: working as a DJ in the late 80s in and around his hometown of Stuttgart, working on productions through hip-hop, jungle and electro styles and commercial success with rap group Freundeskreis.

Here for Star Creature he switches tact again, opting for two fully authentic, soul drenched cuts and featuring the inimitable voice of David Whitley. "Step Out Of The Dark" mixes live and electronic drums and sees Rhodes and fretted bass conjure up a heady groove while Whitley's vocals are the main attractions - a thoroughly soulful outing with great lyrics and impassioned delivery. "All Nite Long" is equally solid - a bedroom boogie future classic with catch AF chorus, squelchy synth bits and wicky-wah guitar licks. Both tracks are the kinda shit you hear regularly on Sunday's Full Beam! FM show on NTS2 and come fully endorsed by the good ship Piccadilly.

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