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Incredible new release from Star Creature who continue their to-die-for "Chicago Boogie" series. This one features some of the most sought after, rarest and frankly, most expensive gems from the late 70s and early 80s period and should have boogie aficionados salivating with anticipation...

Beginning with Conway Brothers' "Set It Out", a beefy and manly number from 1982 featuring tough synth bass, parping horns and masculine vocal part. Star Creature deploy the highly coveted 7" version here which many agree is much stronger than the LP version and often fetches over £400 second hand.

Nimbiss' "Paradise" is painfully obscure record released on Shy-Backe; one of only two 12"s from this illusive group. With a gorgeous b-line, orchestral arrangement and positive vibe it's got a strong Loft flavour. It's another highly collected 12" - going for up to £500 -which Star Creature have gifted to us at a fraction of the price!

General Lee's "Pleasure" is another highly coveted number; with Sadar Bahar famously playing two copies B2B, extending out that infectious intro. Released on Lost Weekend in 1979 it shows the Indiana-based Robert Lee in devastating futuristic effect - a metallic and space-age soul record that'll survive nuclear fallout it's that good. Originals often go for near to £1k!

Finally the criminally hard-to-acquire "Chi-C-A-G-O" by Light Touch Band. Such an inferno party track; it's geocentric lyrics make this preciously collected by Chicagoans and therefore not many outside the locale have experienced its pure and infectious spirit. Absolutely massive tune that, one again, you'd be looking at the best part of five ton to purchase an original copy!

A truly staggering compilation from Star Creature which boogie and disco aficionados can't afford to be without! Buy on sight!


Matt says: It's another highly valued treasure trunk of rare-ass boogie here from the Star Creature mob. About two grands worth I make it. And pressed to perfection. Don't leave it for the discogs sharks!


A1. Conway Brothers - Set It Out (The Version From The 7", This Mix Is Not Available On Any Of The LPs)
A2. Nimbiss - Paradise
B1. Generel Lee - Pleasure (Extended Mix)
B2. Light Touch Band - Chi - C - A - G - O

E. Live

Boogie For Life

    Star Creature Legend E. Live going hard with his first solo full length. The king of the futuristic modern boogie sound delivering 6 cuts that dive deep into a funky transgenre orbital amalgamation of space funk, boogie, jazz-funk, chill wave, deep house & Brazilian booty shakers... E. Live managed to fit it all cohesively into one highly anticipated EP featuring the classic E. Live tropical shimmer - perfect for cruisin' around L.A in a soft top at 4:20PM.

    Repressed for 2022 - highly recommended! 


    A1. Boogie For Life
    A2. Sunny Side Up
    A3. Shimmering Waters
    B1. Rollin' Steady
    B2. Case Of The Shakes
    B3. Brazao


    Expansions / Everybody Loves The Sunshine

    Super limited, blink-and-you'll-miss-it Star Creature 7" from no other than David Zylberman - one of Egyptian Lovers' coveted synth men. He flips a pair of classic jazz-funk numbers, adding layers of syrupy synths to the Lonnie Smith's "Expansions" whilst adding some body-poppin', broken-beat flex to the Roy Ayers classic, "Everybody Loves The Sunshine".

    Caned by taste making DJs who received upfront copies last November, this has to be one of the most anticipated Star Creature 7"s we've had for a while. Don't sleep! 


    Matt says: Probably the most sought after and highly anticipated Star Creature 7" of the year. Upfront copies sold out in seconds, prompting an online furore and, thankfully, more copies being pressed by the label. But you'll have to be quick!


    Side 1
    1. Expansions (4:33)
    Side 2
    1. Everybody Loves The Sunshine (4:30)

    Another love letter to Star Creature from Saucy Lady - one of the label's most reliable and gorgeous signings!

    Five original songs crafted with the traditional array of equipment and wrapped in an elegant, poppy and somewhat sunshine-imbued patina; the tracks have longevity, freedom and will reward the listener upon repeat listens.

    One remix is provided by Golden Bridge whose take on "Calling Jupiter" is pure, unadulterated, jazz-funk. Rich with dancing flute lines, live syncopated drums, squelchy bass and some searing guitar solos; with its laid back, lounge vibe you'll be nodding your head along as you sip beers on the porch.

    Perfection from one of the leading lights of the label. You need. 


    Matt says: More of a city-pop vibe here from Saucy Lady on Star Creature. It's a welcome detour, if not least for the ultimately dazzling vista of Minnie Ripperton shimmering through "Inside My Love" - genius!


    Side 1
    1. Delirious (4:46)
    2. Soul Amplified (4:45)
    3. Panorama (4:05)
    Side 2
    1. Inside My Love (4:28)
    2. The Garden (4:33)
    3. Calling Jupiter (Golden Bridge Remix) (4:28)

    XL Middleton / Saucy Lady


    Star Creature debut for XL Middleton! The G-funk producer from Pasadena, California finally drops some fresh boogie pressure on the highly regarded imprint and is joined by label stalwart Saucy Lady. Active for around 20 years, XL Middleton has previously released on Crown City Entertainment and his own G-House Recordings, amongst others.

    Here we get a fat and summery feel-good jam from the producer who drizzles lush synths and squidgy synth bass over a second slap bass line, snapping Linn drums and some dreamy pads. A tasty solo and string-led bridge sections also add to the musicality of this highly desirable track. If you're a boogie bod this is nowt but essential listening. Instrumental included too but I don't see why you wouldn't want the tasty vocal from Saucy Lady serenading your lug-holes. Recommended.


    Matt says: Highly anticipated label debut from XL Middleton on Star Creature. "Daydreaming" is dressed in pure sunshine; technicoloured goodness spewing from its stems. A stupendously strong release for this already champion label. Buy on sight!


    Side 1
    1. Daydreaming (4:05)
    Side 2
    1. Daydreaming (instrumental) (4:03)

    New Star Creature LP from Oakland's E. Live. Big Cali sunshine throughout; pumpin' with galvanized slap, gilded Strat, golden keys and pulsing pads; we're cruisin' down Shore Line Drive for an evening on Alameda Beach and the whole crew's invited! Meandering through power boogie, modern funk and city pop, E. Live stands alone as a unique figure on the modern funk scene; draped in West Coast flavour and swaggering with smooth style.

    The double album features a host of instrumental and vocal tracks; and is one of the strongest collections of new boogie we've heard for while. Reminds us a little of when we first heard Dam Funk but with a much more expanded instrumental palette and some really advanced groove constructions which drift into jazz-funk complexity in places (check "Friday Night Flight!"). A sterling effort no Star Creature fan will want to miss in their collections... Limited copies!


    Side 1
    1. You Got Me
    2. Slapadelic
    3. City Girl
    Side 2
    1. I Feel It
    2. Mood Swing
    3. Wise Up (feat Devaun Bantu) 
    Side 3
    1. Stranger Dayz
    2. Float On
    3. Last Dance
    Side 4
    1. Friday Night Flight 
    2. Cadillac Breeze 
    3. Traffic Jam 
    4. Mount Up

    Star Creature return with a tasty 12" from June Chikuma. It's a welcome divergence from the granted, high quality stream of bedroom boogie and modern funk usually dished out by the label; seeing as it treads a kind of esoteric-balearica / vapourwave-jazz swagger. A new-age soundtrack to a Martian poolside sit-com; its quirky vintage instrumentation (featuring keyboards and synths you presumed well discontinued) seeking to impose a fragrant and relaxed, albeit slightly surreal warmth onto the listener. Perfect for sun lounging in a sweltery midday sun; this is music to lap away the worries, cares and anxieties of the current reality. A suspended dream state free of any tension and drama whatsoever and one where the mind can wander through technicoloured beams of sonic indulgence.

    Highly recommended! 


    Side 1
    1. Alpine Plant
    2. Back In My Arms
    3. Midas Touch
    Side 2
    1. Still Life
    2. Le Train
    3. Something Is Technically Wrong

    Giovannia Damico

    Ashes / Milky Way

    Yet another bedroom boogie bonanza from the good folks at Star Creature who've enlisted the Italian stalion, Gionvanni Damico for their latest 7". The well decorated producer has already graced labels such as Lumberjacks In Hell, Bordello A Parigi, Kalakuta Soul and Faces with his slick and star-studded, fresh boogie sound!

    Lead track, "Ashes" rev's outta off the grid with ruged vintage drum hits, picked guitar lines, Strat chops and plucked bassline. Cue Damico with an inspired vocal, sung in half Italian, half English and a catchy as covid chorus synth refrain. It's stripped back, it's quirky, it's sexy; it's everything your late nite disco needs!

    "Milky Way" unpacks reverb heavy drums, vocodered vox and retro-future sci-fi leads for a cosmic funk system meltdown with lashings of Italo flavour!

    Full picture sleeve, limited import copies. Move quick!


    Matt says: Really strong release from the perma-funkin' Star Creature mob. Inspired city pop stylings with 'nuff Italo / boogie references for extra pleasure. You know what to do!


    1. Ashes
    2. Milky Way

    Kappekoff, Reggie Got Beats & Andre Espeut


    We told you Star Creature were properly 'on one', as we like to say here in Manchester. Well, the boogie bombardment continues this week with an all-star release from label stalwart Andre Espeut, who's joined by synth revivalists Kappekoff and Reggie Got Beats for the sweet, sparkly single: "Sugar". Ripe with squiggly lead lines, explosive slap bass, Jomox drums and soulful lead vocals from Esput. Comes with instrumental.

    Limited copies. 


    A. Sugar
    B. Instrumental

    The salvo of 7"s from the Star Creature bunker continues to rain down on us - with another two arriving this week! E. Live is back, adding his patented boogie shimmer to newcomer Gillies' lead track "What About Luv".

    Rich with Italo nuances, "What About Luv" is drenched in sensuality, a laser-guided, pheromone-fueled, late night mission into decadence and excess. The Bay Area boogie boss injects a playful, stripped back sensibility into the equation, mellowing it out into an early evening groover.

    Both tracks are winners for me, with two very different moods explored. Star Creature remain the most crucial force in modern funk! TIP. 


    Matt says: Are Brooklyn's Star Creature secretly challenging MCR's Red Laser to a battle of the boogie? Firing over an Italo-tinged missile at our Manctalo brothers, inviting a return fire bedroom boogie blast from Il Bosco and co.? The plot thickens in the boogie wars saga... stay tuned for more info.


    A. What About Luv (E Live Remix)
    B. What About Luv

    New Star Creature, new signing! First ever release from FUTVRST who drops a double header of fresh boogie flavours for the treasured stable. Two very different beasts, "Lustre" is a fluttery, dreamy, mid Summer gem. Nice Linn drum usage, pitch bent leads and a rugged bass all contributing to this galvanized spectacular!

    "Sun Phase" is a slow crawler, slack as you like and flicking the 100BPM mark. It's all about the live bassline on this beaut, combined with some rather special keyboard patches and pad washes which create a big swaying, after party friendly boogie bomb for all to enjoy!

    I know I said this after the last couple of 7" from the label - but this is some of their best stuff for a while, and certainly essential for anyone with but a passing penchant for the boogie...


    Matt says: Another week another Star Creature as the prolific label keep compulsive collectors busy clicking. Thankfully the content is always top drawer, and here are two tracks your boogie bin simply can't do without! Essential - no wonder they've give it a special sleeve!


    Side 1
    1. Lustre (4:10)
    Side 2
    1. Sun Phase (3:13)

    Adam Chini Featuring Zackey Force Funk


    Tasty 7" from the Star Creature stable featuring new signing Adam Chini who contributes a veritable slice of modern funk for the esteemed label.

    "Boomerang" comes in vocal and instrumental versions and pairs up sloppy synth work, blue-sky synth patches and shuddering slap bass. The infectious and clever vocal yearns for the return of a lover's desire - hence the title: "Boomerang".

    Limited copes and high demand as always....


    Matt says: Deeply personal bedroom boogie from the SC camp which should appeal to fans of PPU and the more lo-fi end of the spectrum.


    A. Boomerang
    B. Instrumental

    A Vision Of Panorama


    Third Star Creature outing this week and it's Piccadilly favourites A Vision Of Panorama who drop a killer slab of sky-gazing cosmic-boogie.

    Not abandoning their Balearic roots entirely, "Purple" drifts in on the tidal flow, a sparse, relaxed arrangement supporting a soulful female vocal part that's both elegant and sensual. A fruitful dub is provided if you just want to bask in that dazzling and soothing instrumental work without being distracted by the vocal part. It really gives the arrangement a depth and spaciousness that'll fall pleasantly onto the ears of all who hear it. 

    Top drawer stuff as always from the market leaders of new boogie and modern funk! 


    Matt says: One outta the latest salvo of Star Creature rockets to land in store. Ditching their Balearic leanings for summat more crunchy, A Vision Of Panorama contribute a classic slice of modern funk to the hallowed label.


    Side 1
    1. Purple (3:37)
    Side 2
    1. Purple (dub Mix) (4:12)

    New Star Creature LP and it's Ourra at the controls for a double disc excursion of high grade boogie and modern funk. Ouura is Simon Tappenden, located in West Bay down in Dorsit (not far from fellow boogie don Sven Atterton) and his tracks have been gathering serious momentum, getting plays on 6 Music and a variety of taste-making podcasts.

    Smothered in thick, effervescent synthlines and powered with those piston boogie drum hits synonymous with Star Creatures' sound, this is real deal, hardware driven, electronic soul music. There's a guest appearance by saxophonist Gary Barnacle. Moods and tempos vary, from Sunday afternoon downbeat jams to Italo-flavoured smoke machine tweakers; all executed with a sincere authenticity and inspired flair.

    As usual, more unmissable modern jams from the unbeatable Star Creature camp, market leaders at this shit since 2015! 


    Matt says: Star Creature's roster never disappoint. and for collectors of modern funk and bedroom boogie they're pretty much no. 1 market leaders. New LP from recent signing Ourra and it's a sparkly, technicolour jaunt into to the boogiedrome via some Balearic and Italo flavoured routes on the way. All aboard!


    Side 1
    1. The Climb
    2. Star Control
    3. Red Wave
    Side 2
    1. Take Me Home
    2. Night Glider
    3. Breaker Boogie
    Side 3
    1. Rekab's Azy
    2. Musk At Dusk
    3. Capri Memory
    Side 4
    1. Ghost Reflex
    2. Sea Green Eyes
    3. Game Over

    Our no. 1 source for imported US boogie, electro-soul and modern funk, Star Creature comes on strong once again with a debut LP from M. Hook.

    Veering slightly off-piste, though definitely skiing the same mountain range, M. Hook opts for a blue run of electronic jazz-funk, Balearic boogie and proto-library funk. Somewhere between Jeff Phellps, Dam Funk, KPM library records, Max Graef's Employee alias and the usual boxy drums and squelchy synths dispatched by the SC massive.

    It's intriguing, highly musical, and a little more laid back than the label's usual fare. Sure to be a big hit with home dwellers this Autumn and likely to draw more listeners into this incredible label’s bosom. Recommended!


    Side 1
    1. Downtown Visions (4:14)
    2. Bright World (3:44)
    3. Hand Style (3:08)
    4. Violet (4:42)
    5. New River (3:43)

    Side 2
    1. All Day (5:05)
    2. Thus (3:46)
    3. Shadow Twin (5:13)
    4. Vis A Vis (3:55)
    5. Adrift (2:50)


    Cruisin' / Sunset

    Debut 7" Double Sider from Italian Hybrid Nu Jazz Band "Leones". The A Side takes us on a mid tempo jazz romp around the coastal frequencies mild disco vibes, is there such a thing as Balaeric Detroit? While the A Side is for beach sand dusted dance floor, The B Side makes for a perfect soundtrack for late night coastal highway cruisings. Going to or heading home from the waves is up to you but this full moon vibes cut will provide the nicest wave to get you there.


    Patrick says: Star Creature in vintage form here, hooking us up with a perfect pair of sun blushed boogie moochers via the uptempo "Cruisin'" on the A-side and the slow, slanky and perma-stoned "Sunset" on the flip. RIYL Dam Funk, early Moon B and Penders.


    A. Cruisin'
    B. Sunset

    The Jack Moves Feat. Larry Hamm & The People Of Newark

    Horror Games

    New Star Creature 7" so if you're reading this it'll either be sold out or all the boogie-barrons of Manchester forgot to have their weetabix

    Jack Moves is joined by Larry Hamm & The People Of Newark for a informed but danceable slice of nu-boogie which touches upon current reasons of uncalm and unrest. 

    If the vocal is too poignant to digest then there's a full-loaded instrumental to get wild to with the poppers. 

    Limited quants as per so get them boogie-powered rocket-skates on you filthy turtle jerkers! 


    A. Horror Games
    B. Instrumental

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