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Love Contest / Everybody

The so-far anonymous Funtown outfit proceed with another top drawer double header on their own personal Hot Biscuit off-shoot.

"Love Content" has all the hallmarks of a classic Black Cock - big bolshy strings, syrupy vox, high powered octave bass and brass stabs that'll give you tingles. Where Funtown are sourcing these jams from is anyone's guess, but I'm sure the more clued up disco aficionado might, just might, clock this floorfiller.

"Everybody" is another high speed disco rocket - with instrumentation and energy that suggests a late 70s time stamp. Those hooky Strat licks, triple headed brass stabs and meandering saxophone hooks building up a fiery, coursing energy that the vocalist simply has to ride until the end of the track. Urging everybody on the floor to 'have a good time'; it's gonna be hard not to when the uplifting and unrelenting power of this peaktime disco roller hit home.

Too many unmissable jams coming from the Hot Biscuit camp at the moment! Keep 'em coming...! 


Matt says: Funtown return with another essential splice for the sizzling Hot Biscuit. Heavy stomping disco here for the Harvey heads and Theo fans. We're in the middle of a disco edits feeding frenzy at the moment!


A. Love Content
B. Everybody

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