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Bristol’s four-piece outfit Quade's debut album.

‘Of The Source’ opens in familiar territory for Quade, with distant drones and searching violin, before breaking down into perhaps the album’s most experimental track.

‘Nacre’ is the culmination of three years of work from the band, the blueprints of their songwriting and sound firmly established in the sprawling, haunting and yet hopeful record. Traipsing between gothic expansiveness and cosmic psychedelia, the record cannot be pinned down into one recognizable place. By the album’s close, the listener may be left wondering whether it was all a memory or a dream.

The recording and production of the record was collaborative, with the band drawing upon the services of Jack Ogbourne and Larry ‘Bruce’ McCarthy - two divergent pillars of Bristol’s music community - for engineering and mixing respectively.


The Balance
Piles Copse
Of The Source
Stretching Out

Clara! hits AD93 with a 6 track LP ft. productions from the SKY H1, Pearson Sound & Low Jack.

'"Pulso" is about sexual desire, my desire. Me as the subject, not only the object of it. I sing my pleasure and daydreams, because it's my body and my imagination, so I know what I like to feel."

Sonically inspired by reggaeton, a genre that is personally nostalgic and reminiscent of times spent at parties listening to the imported genre as a teenager in her home country, Spain. Clara! works with producers who don’t usually dabble in the genre - SKY H1, Pearson Sound and Low Jack - in order to mix their own, unique universes with it. 

It's another unwavering statement of intent from the anything-but-the-mainstream-goes, AD 93. 


Matt says: Hauntingly alluring soundscapes, neck-snapping tight beats and seductive Spanish vocals equal another winner from the AD93 camp.


Lluvia De Sal (Feat. El Manantial)
Elle ( Feat. Kabaeushé)
Te Llevo
Pulso Gotas
Pulso Charcos

"‘Blue Car’ is a collection of songs from Joanne's archive of unreleased solo recordings, similar to 2020's "Painting Stupid Girls" (released on Dean Blunt's World Music label). These tracks attempt to record the moment, and where she was at emotionally that day, similar to diary entries. The dates she wrote these songs is unknown, they span roughly a ten year period. It's another intimate glance inside the psyche of this Blackpool based fine artist / singer songwriter. 

Limited copies.


Matt says: Reverb-soaked, acoustic heart-wrenchers from Joanne Robertson. Unique finger pick combos and her own inimitable voice swamp this album with character and emotion. So good.


Blue Car
Band Sit Together
Take Me In
If It Feels
Street Empty
River Shock
Little Talkin Do You Know -

Lord Of The Isles & Ellen Renton

My Noise Is Nothing

‘My Noise is Nothing’ is the collaborative LP between Lord of The Isles and Scottish poet Ellen Renton. For the pair, both the poems and music came to them in a quick and concentrated period.

Renton's poems were written during 2020 and capture something of that time- that feeling of having no obstacles between ourselves and our emotions. Especially the feeling of anger, which is expressed by Renton as a feeling that is not wholly negative but complicated, necessary, unifying and even joyful.

Likewise, Lord Of The Isles’ dusky and unfurling production refuses obstacles- embracing experimental live recordings using pedals and vintage synths. It is warm and fuzzy, but most importantly organic, with all the imperfections and character of a living entity.


A1. Let The Colours Flood In
A2. A Discovery (feat. Ellen Renton)
A3. For A Burning World (feat. Ellen Renton)
B1. A Portrait (feat. Ellen Renton)
B2. Last Day
B3. Don’t You Ache (feat. Ellen Renton)
B4. My Noise Is Nothing (feat. Ellen Renton)

Composed, produced and arranged by Evangelia VS, the artist behind Abyss X, ‘Freedom Doll’ is the culmination of a year of emotional unloading through songwriting, offering an introspective journey into the ocean of her mind. Produced andorded between an artist residency near the Mayan jungle in Mexico and her Berlin home, the album chronicles transformations the performer tackled mentally during the writing process, tracing the rollercoaster of falling in love during the pandemic, as well as the pleasures and tribulations of womanhood.
‘Freedom Doll’ encapsulates the romantic escapade between her voice and the guitar. The amalgamation of seduction, sexual tension, vulnerability and assertiveness pulses throughout the entirety of the album, spiraling out of the cracks spawned from her vocal chords. From the twirling dance between her lush harmonies and the progressions of the acoustic guitar in tracks such as ‘Ascend’ and ‘From Hot to Cold’, to the explosive confrontation between the metallic and operatic qualities of her voice, the searing sound of the electric guitar in industrial rock / psychedelic anthems such as ‘Torture Grove’ and ‘Banyana’ and the cathartic momentum found in the gospel inclined chants in ‘A CHEW’ - ‘Freedom Doll’ untethers the dramatics and theatricality that defines Abyss X’s vocal performance and music production, while maintaining the sensual vibrations of her creative essence.

‘Freedom Doll’ is the encapsulation of the Minoan woman, the elusive harlequin tiptoeing her way through the circus of terror that is living and loving her way through womanhood. With this visual reference, Abyss X pays tribute to her ancestors and their groundbreaking ancient artistry. The back cover of the vinyl features a reiteration of depictions of bulls leaping found in Minoan frescoes; an inherently male cultural act that in the ancient Minoan times presumably gave expression to a tension that underlies man's somewhat tenuous mastery of nature. ‘Freedom Doll’’s artwork challenges this preconceived notion through an eco-feminist approach, bringing the Minoan woman slash Gaia in the seat of the bull leaper, taming the unhinged and predominantly male earth - threatening human force. 


Matt says: Another week another alluring and mystic synth-pop masterpiece from the outlying AD93 label. Abyss X has a yearning, pop sensibility which in my ears at least, has a little bit of Christine & The Queens about it. Not all the way through though - sometimes she dives down the industrial synth wormhole with completely contrasting results.


A1 - Ascend
A2 - A Chew
A3 - Torture Grove
A4 - Oceans Of Heat
A5 - Vacuum (feat. Juliana Huxtable)
B1 - From Hot To Cold
B2 - This Strange Asylum
B3 - Banyana
B4 - Feeling A Type Away
B5 - Never Apart (feat. Juliana Huxtable)

V/Z (Valentina Magaletti & Zongamin)

Suono Assente

World-renowned drummer-composer Valentina Magaletti teams up with music producer and multi-instrumentalist Zongamin in their East London studio to create an album of Dub / Post-Punk influenced material, featuring Vanishing Twin's Cathy Lucas, Coby Sey and Venus Ex Machina.

Dub postcards, east London boats, reflections in the eye of a cat, swallowing your tarot card, spitting echo from calming substances, yellow paint on our shut down local brunch spot, post-punk golden rules, shaking metal memories in a glass jar.

Absence of sound shaped in summertime 2022.

The album was mixed and mastered by Marta Salogni.


Suono Assente
Habadash Feat. Cathy Lucas
Bites Feat. Coby Sey
Nail Jar
Plants No Virtues Feat. Venus Ex Machina
Caffe Giallo
Candles Version

Whities changes its name to AD93 amid the current social wave of consciousness. This cutting edge, tastemaking label seems to go from strength to strength as it ushers in the new and unfounded. A various artists EP this one, kicking off with the sublime electronic glide of Bas Dobbelaer and their track "Diversion", which sounds perfect for the cold dark nights that lie ahead of us. Mucho Sueno proffer us a meditative, rhythmic hybrid that sounds like it’s suspended atop a great icy mountain while Martinou's "Let's Get Out Of Here" could well soundtrack the slow, steady journey down, encased in thick fog and snow blizzards. The amazing Sapphire Slows conclude proceedings with "Swirl", a dazzling and crystalline electro-pop ballad which fits perfectly with the slow, glacial aesthetic which seems to permeate through the whole EP. With records like this you don't need to fear the Winter....


A1. Diversion - Bas Dobbelaer
A2. Heart Of Glass - Mucho Sueno
B1. Lets Get Out Of Here - Martinou
B2. Swirl - Sapphire Slows

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