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Hot Biscuit continue their unrelenting grip of the discoball this week with another salvo of hot and hefty edits circulating amongst its key proponents. Mark Grusane should need no introduction to lovers of sliced tapes and disco music; and sticking to the label's doublepack formular he delivers six primo-grade sizzlers direct from the studio shelf marked 'EXCLUSIVE'. Pressed ultra fat and ready to roll at your local discotheque, these edits are a cut above the rest - possessing a wild and frenzied energy which could draw comparisons to Jamal Moss' "Members Only" series only with less fuzz and more buck! Seriously, these kick so hard you'll need a new pair of trainers when you're done dancing to them. In limited supply and flying out fast. Get those orders in quick!  


A1. Disco Phobia
A2. Jack’s Groove
B. Stay Close
C1. Spectrum Of Love
C2. How Y’all Doin
D. Disco In Outerspace

Jordan Fields

Let Me Dub You / Bongo Dub

Jordan Fields debuts on Hot Biscuit! "Let Me Dub You" is a frenetic, percussion-heavy disco jam with searing keyboard lines & syncopated bassline. There's a phazed hypnosis across a lot of the stems, emphasising the late night revellry which the track seems to probe at. "Bongo Dub" is an even experimental and percussive affair, akin to perhaps one of the wild experiments by Idjut Boys or even going back as far as Ron Hardy's lineage. It's skillfully done, never losing its grip on the hips as it marches through its wild and frenzied arrangement.

As usual, copies are limited so haste is encouraged if you want in on the action...


Matt says: Jordan Fields gets in on the Hot Biscuits, dropping two tasty treats for the ascending label. Unmissable, just like every other one!


A. Let Me Dub You
B. Bongo Dub

Pete Blaker

Harry’s Little Vocoder / Neverending (Cosmic Version)

More seriously high quality cosmic music from the rising legend that is Pete Blaker. You don't get hand picked by Harvey to supply exclusive edits for nowt; and since the then-unknown producer handed Harvey a clutch of internet-destroying snips a couple of years back the producer has become one of the most spoke about back street surgeons in the underground.

Two tracks on the killer Hot Biscuit - the first, titled "Harry's Little Vocoder" is an exercise in rampant, Harvey-esque disco-rock jubulence. You'll be dancing your little backsides off after hearing this melee of horns, bass and riotous strings converge on a classic disco groove with immense orchestration. 

"Never Ending (Cosmic Version)" is a more dreamy affair, a slowly building blisswave supported through a gentle arpeggio and 4/4 drum beat which gathers momentum before crashing euphorically onto our senses. Sunset or sunrise? I can't decide! Incredible....

Pete Blaker continues his flawless streak.. get those orders in quick! 


Matt says: Harvey heads take note! One of the DJ's favourite cut-n-pasters at present is this man Pete Blaker. One side, balls-out disco-rock decadence, with a tear-jerking multipurpose sunrise / sunset emotional tidal wave on the flip.


A. Harry's Little Vocoder
B. Never Ending (Cosmic Version)

More from the emergent and on trend Hot Biscuit label. This time its the turn of relatively unknown producer Toddsonic33 to deliver some vintage-style, Chi-town deepness. Although a bit more 'full fat' than the recent slew of stripped back jak trax from the Dirty Blends crew, you'll still find a lot of common ground between this and those releases - capturing that original spirit of the Muzic Box, Medusa et al, but with an updated sensibility. Hard not to mention the masters like Phuture, Poindextor, Lil Louis etc when talking about these tracks but there's definitely a fresh bite to proceedings. I especially like the way Toddsonic33 layers up menacing, grunting spoken word snips underneath these instrumentals - proper Ron Hardy-esque! Yessiree - real tackle for the real heads.


Matt says: Hot Biscuit hit us with another artist EP. Toddsonic 33 on hand with a thoroughly enjoyable escapade of Chi-town frivolities. From wigged-out acid tweakers to more refined deepness; its top drawer stuff all the way.


A1. Groove Magician
A2. That Track
B1. Enki
B2. Popcorn

DJ Nature returns to Newcastle's on-trend Hot Biscuit label with his second release of tastefully executed, obscure disco edits. Included on this super limited 12" are edits of Gata Barbieri, Rodney Franklin and Leon Ware - all smoothly cut-n-spliced for maximum dancefloor delectation. The source material is fresh and novel and as always, DJ Nature's hand is deft, stylish and calm. Superb edits that'll get any disco-leaning crowd whipped up into a frenzy.


Matt says: Another from the recent slew of Hot Biscuit releases. Long serving vet Milo coming through with three taste tweaks.


Edits Of:

A. Gato Barbieri - Poinciana
B1. Rodney Franklin - Endless Flight
B2. Leon Ware - Inside Your Love / Hungry

Hot Biscuit hit us with a super duper double pack from esteemed house royalty Rahaan. The Newcastle based label has unleased a strong mission statement across some key early releases making it quite a hyped label for those in the know.

You might wince at the price tag, but believe me when I say these limited edition Rahaan edits will probably sell for twice as much in a few months when these sell out. Proper top drawer tackle throughout as he takes on tracks by Carlos, Faja Dotie and Bebeto. It's his extension of the Quentin Tarantino-used and Neapolitan curio, Roberto De Simone's "Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie" that's really got me salivating in my chair however - a fiery leftfield nugget that never fails to raise hell on the dancefloor.

Extremely limited copies - cop now or cry later! 


Matt says: High pedigree Rahaan edits on Newcastle's in vogue Hot Biscuit label. Cut nice and loud at 45rpm and across two discs, these are an audiophile's dream ticket to leftfield disco abandon.


A - Edit Of Carlos - Big Bisou
B1 - Edit Of Faja Dotie - Mamoe Lowe
B2 - Edit Of Bebeto - Preto Velho
C - 77
D - Edit Of Roberto De Simone - Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie

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