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GAMM heads down under with prolific producer Inkswel aka Inxxxwel (on this project) for a tasty 7" crammed with deep hip hop, funk, soul and overall jazziness.

You'll hear reminiscence of Dilla, 90's R&B and on the opening track 'Chill' and a kinda 90's Jersey house / r&b track (pitched down) on the B Side track 'Hanna-Mi-Dia' (feat vocals from Blu & Ta'Raach).
If you're an open-minded hop hop or soul head...this should tickle your ears :)


A. Chill 
B. Hanna-Ma-Dia

GAMM is back after a short leave of absence with a grand disco rework (not edit).

Our friend Moplen definitely knows his way around the disco and here it all comes full circle as both music and vinyl artwork (full-color 12" vintage sleeve and labels) look and feel like the sound of New York City circa 1977.
"The Blackout Night" comes in a main extended +9 min long version and reprise mix (dub version), both are soaked in big strings, soulful vocals, and a thumpin' disco backbeat.

One for the for the dancers...


Matt says: Moplen gets his mitts on the stems of a well know slice of peak era disco courtesy of the Trammps, turning out one of his universally adored versions which sound as hot as the original takes.


A. The Blackout Night
B. The Blackout Night (Reprise)

Disco maestro Al Kent returns to GAMM with a follow up to his amazing 'Stranger Danger' 12" from earlier int' year. Just like its precursor, this is a highly personal release to Al Kent, as he not only created the musical reworks but also the full artwork from top to bottom.

As for the music, Al delivers as always with three solid tweaks starting with the Philly-styled "Welcome To The Dub" which I'm sure was the subject to an Ugly Edit many moons ago.  "Dubanova" is a nice tweak of Wood, Brass & Steel's "Funkanova" - a true dancefloor classic but given fresh legs by Al here.

Concluding with a truly amazing end piece entitled "Happiness & Peace'" that is both psychedelic and beautiful at the same time...our fave cut if you ask us and one of those perfect end-of-night warmers. Recommended! 


Matt says: Al Kent tastefully tweaks some underground disco classics to great effect. Injecting new life into these long serving lights of the dancefloor.


A. Welcome To The Dub
B1. Dubanova
B2. Happiness & Peace

From the deep south in Louisiana comes a new debut on GAMM from producer Koichi Toyama.

Over this four track EP Koichi has selected some of his favourite Japanese jazz-funk and jazz-fusion tracks from the 70's and 80s'. With tasteful editing skills, the tracks are re-arranged and sometimes remixed into hybrid club jams which would tickle the fancy of any house jock worth his headphones.

If you dug the Felipe Gordon 12"s on Local Talk and Nervous or enjoyed Plastic People-era Theo Parrish sets - this bad boy's definitely for you! 


Matt says: Defo a bit of a jazz dance resurgence going on at the moment. Koichi Toyama selects the finest bits from the Japanese vaults and re-packages them for our dancefloor enjoyment. Totemo yoi!


A. Samba Do Marcos - Koichi Toyama Edit
A2. Santa Monica - Koichi Toyama Edit

B. Gramma Grass - Koichi Toyama Edit
B2. Samba Chimba - Koichi Toyama Edit

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