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If there is one musician out there that has inspired Opolopo more than anyone else it's Herbie Hancock, so he of course had to make an EP solely dedicated to the jazz-funk demigod.

The two classic Hancock jams 'Butterfly' and 'Hang Up Your Hang Ups' have been remade with the Opolopo formula - funky, frenetic and faithful to the original yet absolutely bustling with house music energy. Two highly combustible cuts that should equally please both mature jazz-funk dancers and pilled up house kids. TIP!


Matt says: Another week, another imperative Opolopo tweak you just can't do without! I also never tire of typing Opolopo - try it it's fun!


A. Herbie Hancock - Butterfly (OPOLOPO Tweak)
B. Herbie Hancock - Hang Up Your Hang Ups (OPOLOPO Tweak)

After dazzling us with "Tweaks" for Local Talk, Opolopo returns with more "Tweaks" for the sister label GAMM! Ditching the Chi-town vibe and this with a homage to the Brazilian fusion sounds from the late 70's and early 80's. A sound that he's always been a huge fan of apparently.

On the A-side George Duke's cover of Milton's "Cravo E Canela" gets a lovely house bump, while on the B, Flora Purim's classic "Love Lock" (with G.Duke on keys) is tweaked into a melodic jazz-boogie number.

As always, Opolopo adds some of his own keyboard wizardries to make both tweaks just a little extra nippy! Expert stuff.. 


A. George Duke - Cravo E Canela (Opolopo Tweak)
B. Flora Purim - Love Lock (Opolopo Tweak)

Love Drop

Lebanon / Liberation

Love Drop returns with his third EP on GAMM and we dare to say that this is his best one so far. On the A side we're taken on a +10 minute long Lebanese inspired jazz-oriental-disco journey that perfectly blends east and west together...epic shit!

On the B, we take a trip to Brazil together with George Duke for a grand Brazilian-disco jam that has a huge sing-a-long anthem the summer all year 'round on this joint! 


A. Lebanon
B. Liberation

The Magic Twins

Gilles Tribute

This one's for all the jazz-fusion heads out there and a celebratory tribute to the undisputed king of anything jazzy, Mr. Gilles Peterson. It's mental how popular this sound has got with 'young folks' these days, but that's largely in part due to Petersons untiring representation of the genre and all it's developments.

And so Japanese duo The Magic Twins deliver a strong 3-track EP which is full of jazz-fusion reworks that would make the dancers at the legendary London Club Dingwalls swing just a little longer and harder in all directions! All three tracks are frenetic, high energy numbers and with a dare-I-say-it, light, skippy feel that reminds one that Summer might not be that far away after all! What really strikes is the detail in both the arrangements and the production, with a plethora of instruments recorded in beautiful high definition and sounding super lush and incredibly detailed off the record. Audiophile heads get your latest tackle round this record you won't be sorry! 


Matt says: GAMM enlist The Magic Twins for a suitably top drawer tribute to the UK's jazz authority Gilles Peterson. Not only that, the care and attention to pressing and mastering is second to known, so this'll sound grrrreat at your next high brow listening session / Klipshorn powered loft party.


A. Happy
B. Desde De Mar
B2. Wings

DJ Emanuel & Rahaan

Present Remixes From The Dungeon

    Edit supremo, Chicago royalty and all-star purveyor of good house and disco, Rahaan returns with fellow Chicagoan and close associate DJ Emanuel armed with two killer tracks for the institutional GAMM label.

    Side A sees Arthur Russell / Loose Joints’ "Is It All Over My Face” reinforced and ushered forward by some light garage house beats. Are those the original vocal stems? I'm not sure, I think they might be some newly recorded parts making this much of a COVER, than an EDIT. I'm not splitting hairs however and if you're after something with a bit more umph and urgency than the original then this'll defo do the job.

    Side B sees Phreek's "I'm A Big Freak" tastefully edited and also given a thumping great kick behind it. A certified nightclub rocket blast, there's very few dancers that haven't shaken their shit to this slice of Patrick Adam's-penned genius. 


    Martin says: Winter nights are drawing in and Boris' regime continues to disgruntle and anger. Better get myself some feel-good disco on then, the most relief one man can get without using his right hand...


    A. I'm In Love Dancin'
    B. Imma Freak

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