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Disco maestro Al Kent returns to GAMM with a follow up to his amazing 'Stranger Danger' 12" from earlier int' year. Just like its precursor, this is a highly personal release to Al Kent, as he not only created the musical reworks but also the full artwork from top to bottom.

As for the music, Al delivers as always with three solid tweaks starting with the Philly-styled "Welcome To The Dub" which I'm sure was the subject to an Ugly Edit many moons ago.  "Dubanova" is a nice tweak of Wood, Brass & Steel's "Funkanova" - a true dancefloor classic but given fresh legs by Al here.

Concluding with a truly amazing end piece entitled "Happiness & Peace'" that is both psychedelic and beautiful at the same time...our fave cut if you ask us and one of those perfect end-of-night warmers. Recommended! 


Matt says: Al Kent tastefully tweaks some underground disco classics to great effect. Injecting new life into these long serving lights of the dancefloor.


A. Welcome To The Dub
B1. Dubanova
B2. Happiness & Peace

Black Truffle

Black Truffle Edits 2

As Black Truffle returns for his second release on GAMM he loaded up three amazing edits for your dancing pleasure.

Continuing on his personal and distinctive approach, these tracks land somewhere between working man's disco-boggie and psychedelic, library jazz-funk...either way, it's on the left side of the dance music spectrum and sound deliciously raw and not over-produced.

Especially check out the A1 track "Aurora" which has had us rocking in our seat here at Picc HQ...what a jam!
But the two B-side tracks are also not to be overlooked, full-on disco assaults for dancers and DJs alike. 


Matt says: The second volume of GAMM edits from Black Truffle doesn't disappoint in the slightest as he mines some pretty leftfield source material with delightfully danceable results.


A. Aurora
B1. Milk & Honey
B2. Spa Dance

Another GAMM debut, this time it's Berlin's infamous Delfonic who comes thru with a supa strong four track EP.

Over both sides Delfonic offers the listener, DJ or dancer a wide range of styles ranging from piano-driven disco-jazz, classic rare grooves, proto-funk and high-energy funk-disco.

As often on GAMM, there's something for everyone here .


Matt says: Delphonic applies his deft jazz hands to some obscure dancefloor material with, as usual, sparkly and infectious results. It's classic GAMM kicking and bucking like a mule on too much acid punch.


A. Black Gammon (Delphonic Rework)
A. Warm Springs (Delphonic Rework)
B. Yes I Do (Delphonic Rework)
B. Your Life Is A Party (Delphonic Rework)

DJ Monchan

What Is Your Love Worth / W Wheeling

Japanese born but nowadays NYC resident, DJ Monchan is a long-time purveyor of disco edits and early house music, something you'll clearly hear on his debut release on GAMM.

The first track "What Is Your Love Worth" is a total dancefloor head turner and feet mover. Beginning with a vintage acid loop a la Adonis, before erupting into a high energy disco flavoured number, without missing a step! 
The B-side offers a bumpety, disco-house take on First Choice's 1979 disco hit - "Double Cross"; looping up the b-line and keyboard patterns, adding the gilded Stratocaster and teasing in the vox at will - this should appeal to anyone with a penchant for the Lumberjacks In Hell stuff as well as early Nervous and Moodymann joints. 


Matt says: Cerebrum tweaking acid-disco madness on side A. While on side B we get a tasty re-rub of First Choice's "Double Cross".


A. What Is Your Love Worth
B. W Wheeling

This is the debut release for Ludovic Llorca aka Art Of Tones on GAMM, and what a release!

Dedicated to the female aspect of disco, Ludo has chosen three of his all-time favourite tracks (their name a clue to the artist involved) to run through his AOT filter. The results are staggering - pairing the joy and jubulence of said tracks with a soundsystem wreckin' weight that'll have your trousers flailing in the bass winds! There's no fresher way to drop disco and boogie stylings; retaining all the soul and flavour but amping up the wattage! Yes sirrreeee! 


A. Barbara's Disco (aot Rework)
B. Marcy's Shaking (aot Rework)
B. Nina's Dance (aot Rework)

Love Drop

Journey Into You / Boogie Down

Love Drop is a frequent player on GAMM and returns with a classy two track EP.

Lead track "Journey Into You" is a bright disco-house re-interpretation of Leon Ware's classic modern soul jam. Emphasizing the bright strings and summery vibe, LD does an excellent job of buffing up this exceptional tune.

Flip the disc and Love Drop does a nice number on a classic and highly infectious Roy Ayers' number; looping up the relentlessly funking groove and sugary sweet female vox. Absolute gold. 


Matt says: Strictly GAMM business from Love Drop who tastefully dices up Roy Ayers and and Leon Ware for a double hit of jazz-disco-dance danger.


A. Journey Into You
B. Boogie Down

From the deep south in Louisiana comes a new debut on GAMM from producer Koichi Toyama.

Over this four track EP Koichi has selected some of his favourite Japanese jazz-funk and jazz-fusion tracks from the 70's and 80s'. With tasteful editing skills, the tracks are re-arranged and sometimes remixed into hybrid club jams which would tickle the fancy of any house jock worth his headphones.

If you dug the Felipe Gordon 12"s on Local Talk and Nervous or enjoyed Plastic People-era Theo Parrish sets - this bad boy's definitely for you! 


Matt says: Defo a bit of a jazz dance resurgence going on at the moment. Koichi Toyama selects the finest bits from the Japanese vaults and re-packages them for our dancefloor enjoyment. Totemo yoi!


A. Samba Do Marcos - Koichi Toyama Edit
A2. Santa Monica - Koichi Toyama Edit

B. Gramma Grass - Koichi Toyama Edit
B2. Samba Chimba - Koichi Toyama Edit

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