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Hailing from Chicago, Chrissy’s expertise knows no bounds and stylistically there’s few hats he won’t don, with productions appearing on labels as diverse as Planet Mu, Classic and Hypercolour to name a few.

For his debut on Super Rhythm Trax his wings remain characteristically unclipped as the tone veers from the massive acid wail of "Truth Bomb" (built upon an acappella from a house legend) through the ghostly dubbed out "Stumble" to the anthemic house of "We’re Movin" before finally resting on the 21st century new beat of "24 Hour Puppy People".

You know the score with Super Rhythm Trax - strictly limited firepower for the warehouse warriors and nightclub stalwarts. Don't fuck about. 

Acid fans may well be aware of DJ Arg (also known as Faceless Junkies Deluxe) and know that the man is a machine, literally churning out hundreds of the nastiest and most purist 303 based techno and house tracks and uploading them with alarming regularity to his soundcloud pages .

Nationwide lysergia merchants, Super Rhythm Trax present to you his first vinyl release, full of sick and twisted 303 abuse for lovers of the silver box. Attacking the more freakish and deviant angles of the warehouse / rave cave these four cuts hark back to that original 'gremlin' sound and should resonate with the old Kindergarten / Sequence crews here in MCR or more recently, those with a penchant for the "Mutant City Acid" series and London live act Paranoid London. Top stuff for all the goblins to enjoy! Get stuck in.

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Thanks for posting about it. It’s here until next Friday May 3rd btw.
Wed 24th - 8:58
Yes! Thanks @NME for the feature. Come and visit @ianbrown
Tue 23rd - 9:48
It’s great isn’t it?! Glad you liked it and hope your wish comes true.🤞🏻
Mon 22nd - 5:55
Thank you. Come back soon.
Mon 22nd - 3:49
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