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Two stoic nomads in sound, united in difference, emerge on Deep Cover with a brace of cranium rattling reanimations. Mission objective: body kinetics!

Two highly frenetic numbers that'll get arms flailing and hips gyrating as they venture deep into jacking zone on side A. Meanwhile on side B we get a space probing cosmic number with big gated drum splashes and hints of Italo dreaminess.  

12" with insert in stickered sleeve, limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.


Matt says: Deep Cover continue their crucial excavations of lost cosmic oddities, rare disco and minimal wave experiments. This one's a particular curio, leaving the more intrepid listener in a whole manner of confusion as to when and whence it came.


A. Stanton Carlisle
B. Navarone Again

Ólta Karawane

Deep Cover #6

New Deep Cover! Ólta Karawane ventures beyond borders once again, luring a pair of perfect peaches from the hands of two welcome wanderers who have strayed far from their homeland... Imagination is knee-deep at this, the dream station, though our companions in dub are around the corner.

Deep Cover's infrequent but mythical forays into the cosmic undergrowth continue to beguile and mystify! Join the cult.. 


Matt says: The cult collected, highly eclectic imprint turn their spotlight onto Cosa Rosa's 1983 German masterpiece. Whilst we also get an un-ID'd squishy, Molusc-dance number that's had us pulling funny shapes all afternoon. As always, something different from this illusive camp.


A. Galocher
B. In Freunde Mit Dub

Edits from a hole in the ground, a hole with unreasonable echoes, insane delays and a nose for a hit tune! Side A extends a French library musician called Yannick's crowning disco masterpiece; pushing the vibing piano stabs and hypnotic percussion to the foreground before spilling a good amount of synth bile over the master stems. Upbeat and intense and destined for the peak time. "Suspension bridge" sees Vera's 1980's soulful disco groover, "Take Me To The Bridge" undergo some subtle edit treatment. Also dissected at the end of last year by one Tee Mango, this is a killer groove and an overwhelmingly seductive vocal. Massive double A-side this to inaugurate the label, more Deep Cover's this way please!


Matt says: Back in stock for a limited time. I don't think this record's left my bag over the last six years. The slight reduction in pace of Vera's "Take Me To The Bridge" is nothing short of genius, and for me, supersedes the original utterance!


A. Never Ending Cocktail Peak Time Banger
B. Suspension Bridge

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