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Genre pick of the week Cover of Silent Thoughts by Good Call.
Super deep house issht from Cologne's Good Call (We Play House / Legend of Gelert) on Burnin Music.

The We Play House Recordings / Legends of Gelert / Frank Music artist serves up a classy 7-track LP that spans the sub-aquatic groove of ‘Prince Of Deep’ to the spacious funk of 'What Matters’ and the wobbly electro groove of ‘Let The Others Drink The Ocean’.

There is a sublime atmospheric acid on ‘Rapid Transit’, rugged Detroit synth washes and soulful, dreamy vocals on ‘The Participator’, bouncing deep house and soaring pads on ‘Memory Identity’ and, finally, a colorful synth workout on ‘Speramus Meliora’.

RIYL: Andras Fox, Jose Rico, Eden Burns, Roy Comanchero, Luv*Jam (and the whole Dream House / Crow Castle Cuts axis). 


A1. Prince Of Deep
A2. What Matters
A3. Let The Others Drink The Ocean
A4. Rapid Transit
B1. The Participator
B2. Memory Identity
B3. Speramus Meliora

Aigul Akhmetshina


    Aigul Akhmetshina is the fiery young mezzo taking the opera world by storm. In her debut album Aigul, the illustrious young opera singer Aigul Akhmetshina finds her voice in the role of Carmen and traces a path through her own remarkable journey. Her story is one of determination and perseverance against the odds, starting in a rural village in the mountains of Bashkortostan. She left home aged 14 to pursue her singing career. Despite facing rejection from a conservatory in Moscow, where she was told she lacked the right voice and appearance, at the age of 27 Aigul has already etched her name in history. She has become the youngest artist ever to take on the title role of Bizet’s Carmen at both the Royal Opera House and the Metropolitan Opera, both of whom have created new productions around her. Performing the role all over the world, Aigul feels an affinity with the character.

    Mikahl Anthony


      Hailing from the West side of St. Louis, Missouri, Mikahl Anthony’s sonic roots spread far across the global Alt-Soul / Hip-Hop scene. A highly soughtafter multidisciplinary artist (who has collaborated with the likes of Mick Jenkins, Chance The Rapper, Joey Purp, Smino & more), as well as being a founding member of Chicago’s THEMpeople collective, he now prepares to unveil his masterful full-length debut ‘MUSE’ via R&S Records.

      Accompanied by several beautiful, self-directed film pieces, MUSE is a record with storytelling at its core. Interspersed with commentary from a range of sources telling their stories to Mikhal, whilst collaboratively analysing their personal experiences, it speaks a candid and honest narrative, which reinforce the heartfelt lyrics within. With the project’s name anchored around a dual meaning acronym (1. Ms. Using sensual energy & 2. Making use of seclusion every day). The record is an audio version of docufilm, that creatively interprets the idea of self-therapy, an internal/interpersonal reflection of life experiences that serendipitously connect to Mikahl’s personal romantic relationships. Mikahl explains: ‘I wanted to use a unique style of songwriting, arrangement and filming with the intention of soundtracking my self-development/maturation process’.

      On the project’s lasting impression on the listener, Mikahl elaborates ’The exploration of inner truth and vulnerability is key to the future of good music. I want this project to act as symbolism that highlights the mantra that honest approaches and authenticity still has the most value. I also want people to see how important the use of community is when you can connect them to your subject matter...I'd like my audience to observe and engage in their own self-reflections, approaches by way of listening or interacting with the story.’

      Drifting to an elevated state of consciousness, ‘MUSE’ is a deeply intoxicating and engrossing listening experience from front to back. From the sliding, kaleidoscopic shadows of opening track ‘La Flare’, via the trepidation-laced atmosphere of ‘Polyamorous’ and the hazy, reverb drenched saxophone notes of LP closer ‘Eddie Kane’ - Mikahl channels moments of joy and pain, infused with spirit enriching instrumentation and gritty textures.

      Visual stimuli play an integral role within Mikahl’s music. His songs represent transparency and openness dipped in funk. Layers of soft velvety vocals emerge from jazz harmonies, trap rhythms, and social commentary sourced from voiceovers/excerpts. His creations are the musical representation of documentary films. His art is imagery embodied.


      A2.LA FLARE
      A3. DEEP AIN’T IT
      B2. CANDYMAN
      B5. SPACE BLUE

      LA-based trio ASHRR return with another sunkissed dose of cosmic new wave and indie electronica laced with psychedelic hues in the form of ‘Sway’. This time they’re joined by internationally renowned DJ and ESP Institute imprint manager ‘Lovefingers’ on remix duties, who supplies three genre-bending experimental dance gems perfect for summer terraces, pool-side parties or the dance floors of Pikes Ibiza. Lovefingers’ ESP Institute has dropped releases that have found their way into the bags of dance-floor heavy-hitters from Harvey to Weatherall and Moodymann to the legendary David Mancuso. His take on ASHRR original showcases dubbed-out oddities and psychedelic left turns in signature style. In addition to the Lovefingers remixes, ASHRR returns with their very own ‘ASHRR Soundsystem Version’ offering up a tripped-out feel-good cut for the dance floor.


      Matt says: ASHRR continue to make their mark with another 12" single graced by a stellar remix talent. "Sway" is a dubby-disco delight with coastal leanings, which Lovefingers manages to accentuate even further across his three varied versions. Top drawer stuff for boats and beaches.


      Sway (Lovefingers Rimini Remix)
      Sway (ASHRR Soundsystem Version)
      Sway (Lovefingers Lechuza Dub)
      Sway (Lovefingers Skeleton Dub)

      A nice n deep, doozy double here from Benedict who pairs warm, sultry house grooves with soulful, Sade-esque vocals and slightly spiritual leanings. Reversed strings, scintillating keys, warm bass and hugging pads, all adding to that sexy n sumptuous, after hours flavour.


      Matt says: Interesting one. Benedict released just four records between '94-'95. Then nothing until now. Thirty years later he's switched his machines back on and stroked out this effortless slice of deep house pleasure. A very mysterious cat indeed.


      A. Something
      B. Something Else



        Bodysync release their sophomore album NUTTY via their own imprint Buddies Inc. The record features twelve new belters, rooted in 90’s rave music but embracing all shades of dance music, alongside indie, and pop punk influences. In their own words– “it’s dance music by fans of DIY punk and Y2K pop, with a healthy dose of absurdity” Previous collaborations include Tinashe, Devin Morrison, Dazy, Nite Jewel, and Daniela Andrade, who returns as the only guest feature on NUTTY.

        Giving more context on the album, Bodysync share: “Keeping things a little nutty has just been like, the mantra. The discourse in electronic music is so enveloping and polarising. We just choose to focus on our legends- Todd Terry, Paul Johnson. There’s so much comedy in their stuff and that has really resonated lately, which shamelessly gets mixed up with the stuff we enjoyed at a young age- Venga Boys, Daft Punk and Mad Magazine.“

        A fitting acronym for Bodysync could be “Be Open, Do You, Say You’ll Never Change”– it’s for everyone, all ages, no gatekeeping. It has that optimistic feel good energy that was felt at the free party movement in the UK, and the desert parties in the US decades ago. The universal language of music remains the same– bring the people together, it’s best experienced communally.


        A1. Intro
        A2. I Want It To Be Real
        A3. Rock It
        A4. How To Be A Cowboy
        A5. I Can't Stop
        A6. Babies
        B1. Interlude
        B2. What Us Worry
        B3. 6 Million
        B4. Change Of Heart
        B5. Bailar (feat. Daniela Andrade)
        B6. Worldwide


        Stir EP - Incl. Jon Dixon & Byron The Aquarius Remixes

        Tetsu Shibuya, better known as simply Tetsu or Brisa is a Japanese producer and DJ known for works on the iconic Japanese Jazzy Sport imprint, King Street sub-label Nite Grooves and his own Brisa Music. Leading the EP is title-track 'Stir', in collaboration with Turbojazz Brisa delivers a classic slice of deep house built upon layers of bright stab sequences and loose organic percussion. Detroit's beloved Jon Dixon turns his hand to 'Stir' next, encapsulating the soul of his hometown in reshaping fragments of the original composition. The original of 'Reverie' opens the B-side, laying down a broken rhythm, low-pitched vocal hooks and elongated bass grooves for a more bruk tinged feel. Byron The Aquarius then extracts the core of 'Reverie' and spins it into bumpy, subtly nuanced house workout. Lastly the third original 'Flux' rounds out the release, shifting deeper in funkinfused realms with a playful plucked bass groove and heavily swung drums.


        Stir (feat Turbojazz)
        Stir (feat Turbojazz) (Jon Dixon Remix)
        Reverie (Byron The Aquarius Remix)

        woooahh there playboy, let's slowww things down a little - get a bit lOoSe..

        La Rama is one of those labels we go nuts for here at Picc HQ. Understated Canadian dance music made with love, sentiment and shunning and notable trends for something authentic, rock solid, and made to last. The equivalent of a good pair of shoes...

        Bunzinelli drops the second essential release on the label here with four tracks which stradle cosmic, EBM and fresh-as-you-like night club trickery in one succinct package. Excited? You should be.

        Immediately causing one Jason Boardman to purchase a copy upon hearing about 3 bars, "Call In Blue" is the club weapon you've always wished you had. Built around a beat n bass structure as impenertrable as an army bunker, these narcotic vocal chops are layered overhead in an effort to channel pure shamanic energy into the dance. Serious, if you're not wiggling to this after 30 seconds I doubt there's any circulation to your hips. Breathtaking, incredible, and coming in at under 110BPM to boot!

        "Godspeed" follows, a EBM-infused chugger charged with electrostatic and creeping forward with a tectonic force. "Nova" mixes said energy with a baggy flavour, keeping Andrew Weatherall and Baldelli fans equally engaged with with a mid-session roller that'll have the floor in a coital throb.

        Finally, Bunzinelli lets loose with a 130BPM techno rocket from inside the bunker. Machine gun snares and more of that highly charged electrical energy coursing through its stems. Sure to blast away all but the most ardent rave goblin come the witching hours of the morning....

        Bunzinelli has been personally involved in serving sonic treats to the world via his label and mix series Chambre Noire. He was also part of the team behind Cosmic Tones which in 2019 released "Montreal Pleiades" featuring his first musical outing alongside local major players Priori, Dust-e-1, URA, Temple's M. Salaciak & R. Weng (the wizard behind the first DJ Medallion release on La Rama Records).

        Trust me, if your job is to make a mass of people move in unison, you need this tool in your arsenal!


        Matt says: Unparalleled club tool that due to its restrained tempo should find favour across a variety of tribes. That A1 track man, "Call In Blue" - literally unmissable if you play in nightclubs.


        A1. Call In Blue
        A2. Godspeed
        B1. Nova
        B2. Yellow Feeling

        Killer, retrotastic journey into the original BLEEP sound by Dawn Of The Underground. As authentic as you like, it encapsulates that '88-'91 vibe: sub-woofer tweaking, dark, jacking machine funk. Originally pioneered in Sheffield by artists such as Unique 3, Nexus 21, Nightmares on Wax and Original Clique.

        All the delicious tropes are included and correct - deep square bass tones, eerie leads, manipulated vocal samples, occassional breaks; Dawn of The Underground have faithfully recreated the addictive sounds of the era; which somehow manages to still sound vaguely futuristic some thirty years after its original conception.


        Matt says: Essential record for fans of that original Sheffield bleep sound. Dawn Of The Underworld give you those Jive Turkey feels with five tracks that absolute nail this classic UK rave prototype style.


        A1. The Anniss Effect (Reincarnation Mix)
        A2. Warped Sequences
        B1. Arena
        B2. Arena (Spartan Mix)
        B3. The Anniss Effect (92 Revived Original Mix)

        Hatti Vatti


          One of Poland’s most innovative and singular electronic producers, Hatti Vatti, lands on Belgian giant R&S Records with a new instrumental album filled with unparalleled and experimental jazz electronica. Having released three other full-length albums, most recently 2017’s ‘Saum’, Hatti Vatti aka Piotr Kaliński returns with the breathtaking freeform sounds of ‘Zeit’. Featuring Rafał Dutkiewicz on drums, Paweł Stachowiak on bass and Piotr Chęcki on saxophone, the nine-track long player brings together a collection of eclectic compositions that defies genre classifications, with echoes of the Japanese ambient scene, krautrock, jazz and dubby UK-bass. Prepare to be dazzled with this collection of absorbing and left of centre productions from the label that brought the likes of Aphex Twin, James Blake and Gabriels to international acclaim.


          1. FROGS
          2. ZWIERCIADŁO
          3. UENO
          4. ZEIT
          5. BRIDGE
          6. MAKE SENSE
          7. LICHT
          8. FLAGI
          9. KYO

          Indian Man

          Gran’s House

            Bristol-based DJ/producer Jay Singh a.k.a. Indian Man has been a regular on the festival and club circuit for several years, bringing to the dancefloors his distinct blend of musical influences, from electronica to the Punjabi sounds of his Indian roots. Championed by the WOMAD festival, his first official release is a mixtape of tracks he has created with a truly international cast of collaborators he met on his travels with the global music festival from the UK to Europe and South America, including stars such as Emmanuel Jal, La Dame Blanche, and Dobet Gnahoré.

            Upon returning from his extensive travels, Indian Man honed his craft in the spare room of his grandmother’s house where he lived as a carer. He spent his evenings playing DJ sets and producing dance music on a midi keyboard left there from his father’s band, inspired by melodies his gran sang around the house. Packed with dance beats, playful melodies, and spin-chilling vocals, the result is 'Gran’s House' — both a tribute to the loving family and diverse cultures that made him who he is, and the bold coming-of-age of a rapidly-rising talent.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Gran’s House
            2. She Wolf (feat. La Dame Blanche)
            3. Earth Patch (feat. Diabel Cissokho)
            4. Maa (feat. Nyaruach)
            5. Dobet 909 (feat. Dobet Gnahoré)
            6. Dual Winds (La Perla Bogotá)
            7. My Friend Moussa (feat. Moussa Cissokho)
            8. Sudan Module (feat. Emmanuel Jal & Nyaruach)

            Inland Knights’ reputation for delivering groove-centric, melody-driven tracks has made them household names in the house music community. This collaboration not only serves as a nod to their contributions but also introduces their sound to a new generation of listeners through the vinyl revival.

            The tracks selected for this special vinyl re-issue are 'The Game,' 'Deep In Original Mix,' and 'Slumming It.' These selections are celebrated pieces within the house music scene, known for their groovy basslines, compelling melodies, and polished production, embodying the essence of Inland Knights’ impact on the genre.

            Adding a contemporary twist to the re-pressing, Housetown Records has also enlisted Jake Childs to provide a special remix, enhancing the release with his innovative touch. Childs, whose releases on Drop Music have garnered significant acclaim, brings a fresh perspective to the project, promising a unique listening experience that honors the legacy of the original tracks while pushing into new sonic territories.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Modern terrace standards from Inland Knights who achieve maximum canter across four techy house numbers. Very big in Ibiza right now!

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Slummin It
            A2. The Game
            B1. Deep In
            B2. Jake Childs - Deep In Rework

            GAMM heads down under with prolific producer Inkswel aka Inxxxwel (on this project) for a tasty 7" crammed with deep hip hop, funk, soul and overall jazziness.

            You'll hear reminiscence of Dilla and 90's R&B on the opening track 'Chill' and a kinda 90's Jersey house / R&B track (pitched down) on the B Side track, 'Hanna-Mi-Dia' (feat vocals from Blu & Ta'Raach). There's a smooth and sexy, head nodding bump to both productions that's truly tasty!

            If you're an adventurous hop-hop or soul head...this should tickle your ears :)

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Inkswell plugs into some vintage rap shit which I'm ashamed to say I'm not sure I'm familiar with. Both sides are super strong, with a kinda funky, Nas-esque jam on side A; and a more smooth rollin' West Coast flavoured joint on side B. Answers on a postcard pur-lease!

            TRACK LISTING

            A. Chill 
            B. Hanna-Ma-Dia

            Jose James has showcased his rich and graceful baritone voice through a series of unpredictable projects that have blurred the lines between traditional and contemporary jazz, soul, funk, rock, house, and other genres. Now, with a new collaboration on the "Saturday Night" remixes with Grammy winner Louie Vega, Jose proves his versatility and variation in his unique vocal ability, able to adapt to all types of grooves with ease. "Saturday Night" is a feel-good summer song penned by Jose James himself and seasoned songwriters/Grammy winners Talia Billig and Kaveh Rastegar, who have worked with Moby, Aloe Blacc, and Bruno Mars, to name a few. Taking it to the clubs, as we say in nightlife, Jose takes us on the dancefloor once again all around the world! Enjoy the Louie Vega remixes with long versions of each interpretation and the hot guitar dub on Vega Records, with license courtesy of Rainbow Blonde Records! 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Typical Louie Vega business here as he devotes whole sides of vinyl (that means extra bass, extra fidelity, maximum buzz!) to one artist's track. Four vibrant versions (gotta catch 'em all!) like those vintage house doublepacks of yesteryear. The kids won't gerrit! But your Defected / Southport Weekender crowd will find lots of wiggle room here.

            TRACK LISTING

            A. Saturday Night (Louie Vega Remix)
            B. Saturday Night (Louie Vega Remix Instrumental)
            C. Saturday Night (Louie Vega OG Remix)
            D. Saturday Night (Louie Vega Remix Guitar Dub) 

            Bartosz Kruczyński

            Dreams & Whispers

            We’ve always been careful not to call Balmat an ambient label, because we like having the freedom to move, to drift, to morph. But with our 11th release, we turn our ears—proudly, blissfully—to a strain of ambient at its most timeless. The appropriately titled Dreams & Whispers comes from Warsaw’s Bartosz Kruczyński, who has recorded under a number of guises, Earth Trax, as well as his own name. Over the years, he’s touched upon deep house, breakbeats, acid, techno, electro, IDM, and more; often, the throughline running through a given album is simply the refusal to remain in any one place for long—well, that, and his unusually nuanced ear for harmony and texture.

            Those qualities come to the fore on Dreams & Whispers, which might be the most focused encapsulation of Kruczyński’s atmospheric sensibilities to date.. Across 14 stripped-down tracks for shimmer and pulse, Kruczyński evokes overlapping styles in ambient—warm vibraphones, taut arps, massing strings, lonesome delay chains —but always with his own twist. Fitting the album’s title, the album is loosely divided into two distinct moods: The A-side, “Dreams,” is charged with subtle movement, rhythms spreading out like rings around skipped stones, while the B-side, “Whispers,” plunges into a zone of shadows and hush. The two complementary moods flow into one another like the faces of a Moebius strip, yielding an album that’s intuitively shaped and rich in emotion.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Dream I
            A2. Dream II
            A3. Dream III
            A4. Dream IV
            A5. Dream V
            A6. Dream VI
            A7. Dream VII
            B1. Whisper I
            B2. Whisper II
            B3. Whisper III
            B4. Whisper IV
            B5. Whisper V
            B6. Whisper VI
            B7. Whisper VII

            Kwengface X Joy Orbison X Overmono

            Freedom / Freedom 2

              A full artwork vinyl edition of this much hyped Kwengface track; with the hugely popular Joy O x Overmono version added for good measure. A fierce UK drill cut with razor sharp lyrics and killer delivery. Joy O and Overmono give it a bass n breaks rub-down which takes it directly to the clubs and festivals. 

              Cut loud on a limited 12" with full artwork.

              This one will fly out so get those orders in quick! 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: An absolute genius pairing that finally sees a vinyl release. Kwengface's biting drill track "Freedom" is transformed into a festival-friendly stadium-slayer via the deft hand of Joy O and Overmono.

              TRACK LISTING

              A. Kwengface X Joy Orbison X Overmono - Freedom 2
              B. Kwengface - Freedom

              Alex Andrikopolous AKA Lex (Athens) released his brilliant debut album Waving in 2022 on Leng and he now returns with an EP combining fine remixes of tracks from Waving alongside two new previously unheard cuts.

              The remixes are undeniably special. Fittingly, the EP begins with the first of these, a sensationally sun-soaked revision of one of Andrikopolous’s most Balearic moments – previous single ‘Punta Allen’ – by former Nuphonic fusionists and FAR label founders Faze Action. The Lee brothers’ take is one of those sunset-friendly workouts that wraps glistening guitar licks, steel pan style motifs, Lex’s gorgeous lead lines, hazy electric piano solos and life-affirming keyboard riffs around rolling nu-disco beats and a new rubbery bassline courtesy of Robin Lee himself. It has the feel of a pool-side anthem in the making.

              Just as potent is the typically quirky and hard-to-pigeonhole revision of ‘Prezend’ by Manchester maverick Ruf Dug. Here he offers up a genuinely revolutionary rework, re-imaging the track as a sparse-but-colourful fusion of vintage acid house bass, saucer-eyed piano riffs, dubbed-out synth sounds, jacking lo-fi drum machine beats and squelchy TB-303 tweaks. While fresh and undeniably contemporary, the remix has an alluringly nostalgic, retro-futurist vibe.

              Clustered around these two top-notch revisions is a pair of previously unreleased Lex originals. He joins forces with regular collaborator Locke once more on ‘Libre De Amor’, an infectious chunk of, low-slung dub disco marked out by weighty bass, jammed-out electric piano motifs, spacey pads, intergalactic effects and mazy synth solos. Dotted with additional percussion hits and echoing female vocal snippets, it’s one of the pair’s most potent dancefloor workouts of recent times.

              To round off a rock-solid EP, the Athens-based veteran blurs the boundaries between stripped-back, late-80s house nostalgia and nu-disco. ‘Super Awake’ boasts cowbell-sporting Chicago house beats and acid house inspired bass, on to which he’s layered all manner of colourful synth sounds, jangly piano stabs and spacey electronics. Throw in some typically immersive chords and progressively more psychedelic TB-303 motifs, and you have a genuinely triumphant conclusion to a formidably floor-focused EP.

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. Punta Allen (Faze Action Remix)
              A2. Libre De Amor (w/Locke)
              B1. Prezend (Ruf Dug Remix)
              B2. Super Awake

              Lilacs & Champagne

              Fantasy World

                The first new album from Lilacs & Champagne in nearly a decade. Features members of Grails, Om, Holy Sons, Zombi, and NickeL Plated.

                Nearly a decade after their last album, Lilacs and Champagne picks up right where that record, Midnight Features Vol. 2: Made Flesh, left off. With bizarre excursions into pillowy, sentimental made-for-TV music – and children's choirs incanting the blackest dread-filled music the band has conjured to date Fantasy World is both transcendent and traumatic.

                Despite sharing two founding members of Grails (multi-instrumentalists Emil Amos and Alex Hall) Fantasy World only peripherally resembles their core group. Lilacs & Champagne have exaggerated their early record's implications and accelerated their mercurial rearranging of music history by deftly incorporating live instrumentation and samples with equal amounts of deference and disregard. Previously existing primarily in a realm adjacent to instrumental hip-hop (J Dilla, Clams Casino, Madlib), Fantasy World exposes Lilacs & Champagne's deeper lineage as playful tape-collage culture jammers in the vein of legendary sound satirists, Negativland and Severed Heads.

                It embraces the effect of a child entering a dollar store: the immediate euphoria felt upon discovering the seemingly endless aisles piled impossibly high with novelty toys, utensils, party decorations, and toiletries eventually gives way to the overwhelming realization that they're actually just a tourist in a perilous mountain of colourful garbage. From those mountains, Lilacs & Champagne mold monuments to curiosity and confusion. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Ashley says: There isn't an Emil Amos project I don't love. Grails, Holy Sons, Watter, Om, I love them all. Obviously I was over the moon that sleazy b-movie outlet Lilacs & Champagne are returning, and bring with them another glitzy mix of found-sound glitchy electronica and lounge-adjacent horror pop. It's as mad and brilliant as it sounds.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Ill Gotten Gains (2:49)
                2. Rude Dream (3:13)
                3. Fantasy Land (2:19)
                4. Melissa (2:37)
                5. Betraying Yourself (2:44)
                6. Ready Rubbed Blue (2:03)
                7. Evil Has No Boundaries (2:42)
                8. No More Sherry (2:59)
                9. Gentle Man (2:31)
                10. Leprotic Phantasies (2:06)
                11. 144 York Way (2:40)
                12. Last Frontier (2:16)
                13. Dr. Why (3:14)
                14. Ordinary Man (4:08)

                Rock solid collection of Los Hermanos tracks pressed on fresh, high quality vinyl. Including the amazing hi-tech jazz anthem, "Central Nervous System" which was previously only available on a heavily warped record! "Remember Detroit" sees the strings converge for one of those soaring Los Hermanos flight paths. "Path Of Tranquility" takes us deep into introspective digital rainforests, while "Two Feet Up" utilizes suspended strings, concentric arps and slamming beats to create a heads down peak time Dee-troit techno belter! Don't sleep on this UR fans...

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Personal favourite for me this one... mainly cos I used to have to mix out of "Central Nervous Systems" after two mins as the warping would get worse as the record went on! Finally available on perfectly pressed 12" and sounding as good as ever.

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Gerald Mitchell - Two Feet Up
                A2. Los Hermanos - Remember Detroit
                B1. Los Hermanos - Central Nervous Systems
                B2. Los Hermanos Detroit - Path Of Tranquility


                Triple Point - 2024 Reissue

                  Completing Kranky's chronologically reverse reissue program of the earlier loscil albums on vinyl, the 2001 debut album is issued on the format for the first time with the addition of three bonus tracks from the same sessions that produced the original release.

                  ‘’Triple Point was my first full length album under the loscil name, and it was my first with kranky - a relationship now 25 years old. This reissue is as much about celebrating that relationship as it is about the music. I am extremely grateful for this journey. Arguably, none of it would have happened without this release.’’ 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Side A: 1. Hydrogen. 2. Ampere 3. Pressure 4. Zero
                  Side B: 1. Discrete Entropy 2. Fuel Exergy 3. Enthalpy
                  Side C: 1. Conductivity 2. Vapour 3. Third Law*
                  Side D: 1. Steady State* 2. P Motion* 3. Absolute
                  *bonus Tracks

                  MorkyMork / Tony Tobiason

                  Personality Edits #3

                  Personality Edits is back with a third thrilling offering and this time out it is Nordic warrior MorkyMork and Tottenham's Tony Tobiason who deliver the goods. 'All Engines Go' kicks off and is a wildly percussive, textural groove with toms, crashing snares, raw hi-hats and plenty of FX all budding the energy before a mad saw tooth basslines spray about the mix to raise the roof. On the flip is 'Bleep Bleep', which is another wild sound with uptempo breaks and bleeps sounding like nothing else out there. Drop these and the crowd cannot fail to lose their heads.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: Frenetic and percussive, wonky disco jams that should appeal massively to fans of The Idjut Boys.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  All Engines Go (MorkyMork Edit)
                  Bleep Bleep (Tony Tobiason Edit)

                  For its next outing, the Friends & Relations label has curated a mini best-of EP that serves up a quartet of tunes that have been unavailable on wax until now. Side A opens with 'Senza Parole,' featuring a weird and wonderful vocal sound and some loose hand claps under Italo-infused disco-funk drums. 'Let Me Be The One' is a nice tripped out and slow motion 90s downtempo jam and 'Funkbraska' is an homage to French Touch with filtered synth loops fizzing with sugar goodness over a characterful bassline, and last of all is 'Love + Hate', another low slung house groove that oozes cool and has a fantastic bassline propping it up.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: Deep house don Nebraska throws some dice at the edits game, offering up some intriguing excursions in electro-disco, downbeat and late 90s filter house.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Senza Parole
                  Let Me Be The One
                  Love + Hate

                  Toy Tonics presents the first EP by Paul Older. Italian hero of vinyl diggers and maestro of rare edits. Paul is known for doing some of the sickest versions of rare jazz funk and Italian disco around. Played by every important DJ of the scene.

                  4 mad tracks based on recording of real musicians and bands from the Sonoton catalogue that he reworked legally and created vibrant versions for the dancefloor. This is amazing organic dance music. Live bass, drums, guitars and keyboards... played in a Afro-American vibe turned into modern house and indie dance that will put every dancefloor on fire.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Matt says: Toy Tonics keep up to their consistently high standards, introducing the work of Italian Paul Older. It's that stylish mix of disco and house that the label do so well, executed in full force by this new addition to their roster. Impeccable.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1) Guapita
                  A2) Keep On
                  B1) I Like It, I Wanna It (Extended Version)
                  B2) Loop Story

                  Penguin Cafe

                  Rain Before Seven... - 2024 Reissue

                    Coloured vinyl repress of Penguin Cafe album Rain Before Seven… A sense of optimism infuses Penguin Cafe’s fifth studio album, not the braggadocious, overconfident kind, but more a blithe, self-effacing optimism in keeping with the national character. Even when all signs point to the contrary, it operates within the certainty that things are going to be alright. Probably.

                    The title comes from an old weather proverb with the rhyming prognostication — fine before eleven — hinting at a happy ending, irrespective of the science: “I found it in a book and I'd never heard it before,” says Arthur Jeffes, leader of Penguin Cafe. “It has faintly optimistic overtones and I quite like it. It's fallen out of usage recently but it does describe English weather patterns coming in off the Atlantic.”

                    From the widescreen reverie of opener ‘Welcome to London’ with its cheeky nod to Morricone to ‘Goldfinch Yodel’, the self-described “Maypole banger” at the denouement, there’s a welcome sense of sanguinity, always with an undercurrent of exotic rhythmic exuberance. Playfulness pervades, with a titular nod to A Matter of Life... from 2011, the last album title that concluded with an ellipsis. That Penguin Cafe debut is the bridge between the legendary Penguin Cafe Orchestra, led by Arthur’s father Simon Jeffes, and the much- loved descendent, led by Arthur.

                    “Stylistically it's really satisfying to get back to playful rhythms and instruments,” says the younger Jeffes, who kept the group’s debut from 12 years ago in mind when writing the new album. “Certainly when starting out, I became aware that we’d stopped using quite a few of the textures that had been there at the beginning—and it was certainly there in my dad's earlier stuff. So there's a lot of balafon and textures from completely different parts of the world, musically and geographically: ukuleles, cuatros and melodicas that you can hear.”

                    Encouraged by co-producer Robert Raths, the rhythmic elements of Rain Before Seven... have never been more to the fore and, at times, even hint at the electronic. ‘Find Your Feet’, for instance, is underpinned with more than just a pulse. Mixed by Tom Chichester-Clark, it brings to the musical melange what Arthur describes as a “near electronic feel”. He adds, excitedly: “There are elements of fun here which we haven't really done with the last three records.” Another ebullient highlight is ‘In Re Budd’, dedicated to the late ambient godfather Harold Budd, who Arthur discovered had died on the day he’d been writing the celebratory ear worm with a deceptively tricky syncopation. Played on an upright piano with some “prepared” felt to accentuate the bounce, Jeffes feels a track with an Afro Cuban Cafe vibe would appeal to Budd’s contrariness.

                    Pye Corner Audio shows off his love of acid on the first of two EPs for Emotional Response that drop simultaneously. This first one is his debut on the label and comes with a gorgeous cover that perfectly encapsulates the sounds within. 'Dust Acid' is a sparse cut with dusty drums and meandering basslines that slowly sink you in, then 'Magnetic Acid Two,' which like all of these was recorded live, is another expertly reduced brew of murkiness with plenty of frayed edges and vintage analog sounds. 'Wanna Show U Acid' is a late-night acid dream and 'Magnetic Acid Four' shuts down slightly more bite. Four timeless backroom cuts, make no mistake.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Barry says: Two stunning EP's of PCA acid mayhem. We've heard a little of his acidic excursions under the 'Head Technician' moniker, but this time has all of the bristling tension and building groove of classic 'cid with PCA's more recognisable saturated tape hiss business. 'Wanna Show You Acid' is particularly reminiscent of the Black Mill Tapes days. Amazing.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Dust Acid
                    Magnetic Acid Two
                    Wanna Show U Acid
                    Magnetic Acid Four

                    Two revered dance music institutions come together here as Pye Corner Audio steps up to Emotional Response with his debut EP for the label. What's more, it is a two-parter with the first half also available now. This one from Martin Jenkins finds him making an homage to the acid house he has always loved with opener 'Stegan Acid' starting with slow grocers and foggy moods run through with subtle 303 modulations. 'Magnetic Acid Three' is another deep and stripped-back sound with rumbling drums and bass coloured with soft acid contours and 'Thermionic Acid' gurgles a little more as the icy hi-hats cut through a mutant deep techno swamp. 'Magnetic Acid One' is one final meditation on acidic house depths.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Barry says: If anything, this is the more sonically downbeat of the two offerings, contrasting the perky hands-in-the-air acid of 'Acid 1' with a slightly more dubby set of slow-building crackly numbers and weird blissed-out crackle. They're both brilliant, and quite different to what he's done before. A perfect addition to Emotional Rescue.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Stegan Acid
                    Magnetic Acid Three
                    Thermionic Acid
                    Magnetic Acid One

                    Dutch House maestro Dennis Quin makes a welcome return to PIV this July with his ‘Treat You Right’ EP, comprising four originals, one of which features LA’s Cheshy on vocals. Over the past ten years Amsterdam’s Dennis Quin has moved from strength to strength and has become globally revered and respected for his raw and powerful productions, racking up releases on Cécille, Ibadan, Dungeon Meat, Eastenderz and of course the leading light of his hometown scene, PIV, where he returns with his latest EP.

                    Up first on the package is the original mix of title-cut ‘Treat You Right’ which sees Dennis team up with Los Angeles based Cheshy, delivering a composition that personifies the quintessential House sound, crisp 909 drums, fluttering stab sequences and a bumpy bass hook run in unison with Cheshy’s soulful vocal stylings, cinematic strings and shimmering synth lines. ‘Impressions’ follows next and showcases a different aesthetic with a swinging low-slung rhythm section, jazzy leads, marimba lines and bouncy subs to create a more Parisian deep house feel.

                    Further showcasing Quin’s dynamism as a producer ‘Touched’ then shifts up gears to a saturated skippy drum groove, vacillating synth stabs, a heavy dose of low-end drive and hypnotic vocal chants. Lastly to round out the release, Dennis offers up a ‘Classy Dub’ of the title-track, as the name would suggest stripping out a large portion of the vocals and reshaping the structure of some of the original elements and stirring some additional jazzy elements into the mix.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Bumpety, highly swung house beatz here that lovers of Prescription, Kaoz Theory, Cajual etc should dig. Nicely done, I'm feelin' that "Treat You Right" track especially.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Treat You Right Ft Cheshy (Original Mix)
                    A2. Impressions
                    B1. Touched
                    B2. Treat You Right Ft Cheshy (Classy Dub Mix)

                    Stefan Ringer & Marquinn Mason

                    Bounce Lesson

                    Stefan Ringer serves up his finest ATL house bounce on this stellar link up with Jazz musician and fellow ATLien Marquinn Mason, pushing their sound into new unchartered territories. Journeying through House, Broken Beat and even a lil' Latin Jazz, the two talents compliment each others styles beautifully. The EP joyfully creates a new dynamic, without skipping a groove or missing a beat. Impossible to ignore on Stefan's step by step instructional call to the dance floor on title track 'Bounce Lesson', a definite delight for the dancers. That bounce then rattles through the EP's other two tracks 'alltogethernow' and 'Lead Walk', where the grooves get even looser, deeper and more bugged out.

                    For those unfamiliar, Stefan Ringer is a pillar of Atlanta's electronic music scene and is a long time collaborator with house music OG and NDATL label boss Kai Alcé as well as with Ash Lauryn and Ben Hixon. Under his previous Rekchampa moniker he has released a number of classic EP's through the infamous Peoples Potential Unlimited label.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Bounce Lesson
                    2. Alltogethernow
                    3. Lead Walk

                    This is the highly demanded second edition of System Olympia's first release "Dusk & Dreamland" EP.
                    Originally pressed by a small Italian label in an unknown number of copies, this EP was the first appearance of System Olympia's very own blend of funk, melancholy and female sensuality that defined a whole new department in the Italo / nu disco scene.
                    Features two new original tracks never pressed on vinyl before, "Girl On Girl" and "Signal Your Love", and a new edition of the cover art illustrated by Pip Carter. Essential record for your home collection, club nights, late night car rides and bedroom entertainment.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Barry says: A sleek, sultry collection of dusky disco ballads and shimmering synth swells, some of it so impeccably produced that it grabs you right by the brain, and doesn't let go, while some of it sounds like it's been recorded onto a VHS and then pressed back on vinyl, in Italy, in the 1970's. All of it is brilliant. 11/10

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Call Girl
                    A2. Lamb
                    A3. Close To My Nebula
                    A4. Girl On Girl
                    B1. Night Rise
                    B2. 8
                    B3. Yoon
                    B4. Signal Your Love

                    It’s fair to say Wallace is one of those rare producers that has already amassed quite the reputable back catalog in a very short space of time. Let alone in 2023 having already released two albums and a handful of Eps with labels such as Rhythm Section, Mule Musiq and CWPT, he’s become a go-to producer for many DJs. To some it may seem like he’s at the beginning of his career but Wallace has been producing for over 10 years refining his sound.

                    On Loop label boss Moxie has been an early supporter of his, not only championing him in her DJ sets but also having him feature heavily on her NTS show. The pair are thrilled to be finally putting this release out into the world, showcasing why Wallace really is, the real deal.

                    The whole EP is filled with tons of percussion and rhythm, pulling the listener in. Tanzanite & M’bira in particular are undeniable groovers. Red Velvet on the other hand is something you might expect to hear played at 5am Fabric room 1, whilst Violet is a treat only for the vinyl heads and shows off how versatile Wallace really is as a producer, offering something on a slower tip.

                    Speaking of the release, Wallace says:

                    The A-side of Tanzanite is inspired by time spent in Africa when I was young. My dad used to make animal programmes & one time I tagged along for his jaunt around South Africa and Namibia. The 'M'bira' track uses the instrument of the same name which he picked up, when out there & the title track is inspired by a gem stone park we visited in Cape Town. The B-side takes inspiration from recent clubbing experiences. In this way, the EP is juxtaposed from the joyous, open air, playfulness of the A to the moodier, darker feel of the B.

                    *Early support coming in from Liv Wutang, Yu Su, Erol Alkan, Dr Banana, Kamma, Bradley Zero, Richard Sen, Axel Boman, Tom Ravenscoft, Dar Disku & more..

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Matt says: Rising star Wallace continues his flawless streak with four club ready weapons that contain contagious levels of tribal percussion, lysergic effects and explosive house energy.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A1. Tanzanite 
                    A2. M'bira
                    B1. Red Velvet 
                    B2. Violet 

                    White Noise

                    An Electric Storm - 2024 Reissue

                      Originally released on Island Records in June 1969, this re-issue faithfully
                      eplicates the original UK release and is pressed onto high quality 180g vinyl. A collaboration between David Vorhaus, Brian Hodgson and Delia Derbyshire, White Noise's 'An Electric Storm' is the very epitome of a cult album.


                      Derbyshire and Hodgson worked for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Vorhaus, a student at North London Poly, attended a lecture by them and wanted to fuse his ideas with their pioneering sound capabilities. By blending electronics, tape loops and vocals with live percussion, future sounds of the strange are embedded here Hawkwind, Tangerine Dream and avant garde noise collagists Throbbing Gristle all owe a debt. The vocals, delivered by three unknowns (Annie Bird, John Whitman, Val Shaw) are like untutored folk singers offering lullabies to the unknown, against beds of cries of ecstasy and pain distant thunder, car crashes and more.

                      While the first side offers moments of Beach Boy harmony and lightish relief ('Here Comes The Fleas' for example), phase II of the album 'The Visitation' and 'The Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell' is a bleak, chilling and exhilarating listen. White Noise's 'An Electric Storm' was the sound of the underground, a soundtrack to an unmade turn- of- the-70s horror film; a secret collection for insiders that continues to unnerve well into the 21st century.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1. Love Without Sound
                      2. My Game Of Loving
                      3. Here Come The Fleas
                      4. Firebird
                      5. Your Hidden Dreams
                      6. The Visitation
                      7. The Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell

                      X CLUB. is the production duo of Ben Clarke and Jesse Morath. Founded in Brisbane / Meanjin Australia’s warehouse scene and exported to London and beyond, their music is inspired by early 90s techno all the way through to future-facing drum’n’bass, with X CLUB carving out a space entirely of their own thanks to their authentic and eclectic take on high impact dance music.

                      With releases on labels such as Steel City Dance Discs, SPANDAU20 / CROWDS, 99CTS Records and Stay On Sight, X CLUB. have seen their records reach global audiences with frequent touring across the UK, Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

                      "New World Expression" by X CLUB. is the third release on their own label Hide The Junk, and finds the pair leaning more into house music than ever before, but still with the same distinctive X CLUB. edge. These tracks have been key moments to their sets over the start of 2024, going from demos in the studio to on the road club test in a matter of days, to being pressed onto fresh 12” wax for their most loyal fans within a matter of weeks. This EP is tried and tested house & techno that fans and DJ's alike have come to know and expect in X CLUB.

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Matt says: Peak time chest thumpers for those who like a fast techno romp. X Club have quickly concocted their own high energy formula which is addictive, energizing and quickly immerses you into their unique techno-pool. A record I imagine, is getting absolutely hammered by DJ Rush right now...

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. New World Expression
                      A2. 1000 Faces
                      B1. This Subwoofer Addiction Is Getting Out Of Hand
                      B2. You’re On My Mind All Day

                      Zy The Way / Mark De Clive Lowe

                      Ten Acres

                      Zy The Way hails from Taiwan and are a jazz ensemble that interlaces their dynamic sounds with ancient Chinese poetry compiled by Confucius. They also bring in more contemporary compositions which results in an utterly original sound and great gateway to some of the world's oldest literary works. They recently finished a debut full-length album and now the single 'Blue Collar' from it comes on limited edition vinyl. The track tells the ancient tale of young scholars in love with a powerful narrative and moving melodies. The one and only DJ Spinna steps up on the flip to offer his own classy deep-house remix.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      Side 1
                      Ten Acres

                      Side 2
                      Ten Acres (MdCL Remix)

                      A continuation of the extensive research project initiated last year between Sound Metaphors, Transmigration and surviving eye-witness/historian Ray Castle. An in depth analysis of the dancefloor landscape that developed in Goa during the 80s' and early 90's well before "Trance" became the unfortunate dirty word it is today. Before "trance" was even a genre, Goa was brewing a scene with unparalleled aesthetics, with a constant influx of dedicated collectors and DJs coming and going to this tropical underground dancefloor haven, filtering through vast amounts of emerging electronic music of the times and distilling only the finest of "Special Goa Music". Here is another compilation of our chosen most impactful tracks that would have been soundtrack to a very special and pure moment of freedom in dancefloor culture before the bastardisation of what we now know as "Goa Trance". A highly sought after selection of New Beat, Proto Techno, early Progressive/Trance, Industrial, EBM and House Music. Featuring photographs of the events presented in a double LP gatefold with poster and liner notes by Ray Castle himself. Re-mastered at Manmade mastering in Berlin. A generous body of research essential to any well rounded record collection.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. Shikasta - Self Indulgence
                      A2. Dance 2 Trance - Freaks
                      A3. Smoke Machine - It's Anything You Want It To Be, And It's A Gas 
                      B1. Eden Transmission - I'm So High
                      B2. Fatal Error - Fatal Error
                      B3. Scarecrow - ROE
                      C1. Industrial - The Gauntlet
                      C2. Eat Static - Almost Human Abduction Mix
                      C3. Pulse 8 - Radio Morocco (Mix 2 Youth Dub Mix)
                      D1. HNO3 - Doughnut Dollies
                      D2. Digital Connection - Heatwave (Hotter Mix)
                      D3. Axel F - Geronimo (Special Instrumental Mix)

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