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Genre pick of the week Cover of Sunsets & Sublets by Regular Fantasy.
Brand new from Vancouver's Regular Fantasy on Total Stasis and featuring guest touches from some of the Mood Hut family - DJ Silk, Bobo Eyes, Plush Throw and Lonely Flute.

Livy Lou continues to ply her blurred sonic dreams, soaked in that thick, BC ganja haze but dressed ready to dance and with a spring in her step. Decidely more 'clubby' than other excursions, tracks like "Text Me" and "Versace Towel" are sure to soundtrack the more classy dancing establishments on this and that side of the pond. The title track, "Sunsets & Sublets" perfectly epitomizes that chilled out 'Riviera' aesthetic - electronic, soulful and languishing in stoned abandon.

Guest touches by other Vancouver / BC stars, Plush Managements Inc, CZ Wang, Hashman Deejay, Neu Balance.

Mixed by CZ Wang & Sam Beatch
Mastered by Gabriel Schuman
Cover painting by Olivia Mee
Layout by Logan Sturrock


Matt says: Vancouver's finest have done it again. An allstar cast of talent bringing that 'Riveira' sound to our receptive head spaces for another outing of coastal bliss and THC-soaked radiance. BC essential!

Tuff AF hardware acid and industrialized dance music here from Chicago Floatation Device. The forth in their divisive series, this is hard edged music for surviving mutant attacks in the rave bunker.

Four tracks that hiss, crackle and thud in all the right places. Elements are forced well into the red, max'ing out the head room and resulting in that natural, tape saturated compression the freaks go nuts for. Mechanized drum patterns open and shut onto bubbling leads and reams of think analogue stinkiness.

RIYL: Cerberus Future Technologies, Power Vacuum, Muscle Records, Hieroglyphic Being etc.

Julee Cruise

Three Demos

    Three Demos is a very unique release, featuring the very first demo recordings for songs from Julee Cruise’s initial lp with David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti, Floating Into the Night.

    In 1985, Lynch’s obsession with This Mortal Coil’s “Song to the Siren” was at a fever pitch. Wanting to feature the song in Blue Velvet, the rights to the Tim Buckley cover proved problematic and prohibitively expensive. Lynch had famously just began working with Angelo Badalamenti, who had been suggested by producer Fred Caruso to coach Isabella Rossellini with singing “Blue Velvet” for the film. Faced with the “Song to the Siren” dilemma, Caruso again suggested his friend Badalamenti as a possible solution, encouraging Lynch himself to pen lyrics in order to come up with an original alternative for the film. “David reluctantly agreed to write a lyric, but he thought writing a new song was absolutely preposterous because ‘Song to the Siren’ was his favorite song of all time,” Badalamenti says. The result – “Mysteries of Love,” sung by Cruise – ended up forging a rich blueprint for not just one song, but two full-length albums.

    Two years after Blue Velvet was released, the notion of a full album of material took shape and three crucial demos were recorded to gain the confidence and financial support of a label. Early versions of “Floating,” “Falling,” and “The World Spins” were all roughed out in economic elegance, rendering distinctive snapshots of what could be if the formula of “Mysteries of Love” was spun into a larger body of work. They’re fascinating glimpses into the genesis of what became Floating Into the Night and the minimal key ingredients that made the material alchemize. An early version of the album opener “Floating” originally began with a stunning spoken-word intro later dropped entirely from the album version. A revelation in its overarching simplicity, the three-song collection is devoid of the lp’s additional arrangement flourishes, and yet still manages to present the same emotional depth charge with only voice, synthesizer, and lyric.


    Ltd 12" Info: Pink vinyl

    Lo-fi house superstar, DJ Seinfeld here debuting on new label, Lobster Fury, the new label from the Lobster Theremin omniverse. Further cementing / displaying his unique stylings - showing us the different moods and feels of the multi-dimensional producer as he takes us on a whistle stop tour through house music's mirrored doors and time portals. There's more than a nod to the M1-organ sounds of early nineties dance music, with a plethora of tasty breakbeats and Baby-D wannabee's to boot. Infact, the whole thing plays like a holographic refraction of the last 25 years of dance music; before being re-sampled, bit dithered and generally reassembled by today's modern machinery. The vibe is uptempo and the mood is bright; a childlike naivety permeating throughout the album that'll see it soundtrack as many teenage bedroom moments as it does nightclub peak hours. A tour de force by one of the leading lights of the so-called 'lo-fi' scene and surely one of house music's new saviors. Top stuff.


    Matt says: We ALL slept on this last year ('cept Syl who gets a Tufty Badge) - perhaps swamped by the seismic wave of what would become 'lo-fi house'; sometimes you need the dust to settle around a scene before you can pinpoint the landmarks. And this, my friends, is a mother fuckin BEACON. Timeless and innovative in equal measure; the blueprint and high watermark of the 'lo-fi house' genre. Don't miss it a second time!

    Felix aka Djrum is classically trained in the jazz tradition and influenced by the likes of Keith Jarrett and Alice Coltrane. Previously shy at the prospect of fans hearing his piano playing, his determination has paid off: delivering this new album that ditches the straight up dancefloor moods of before for a much more wide-screened, encompassing listen that traverses electronic, jazz and avant music styles with a poised finesse.

    Taking inspiration and solace from performance artist Marina Abramovic, Felix collaborated with cellist Zosia Jagodzinska and vocalist Lola Empire. Jagodzinska recorded several takes of improvisations over the track "Creature" which Felix would chop, pitch and layer into new melodic lines and seed throughout the album. Felix's new approach expanded to experimentation with field recordings, contact micing his beloved piano and purchasing his first hardware synth, all in service of enriching the personal, humane quality of the record.

    Anyone expected ten garage bangers will be sorely let down; however existing fans of his work will notice the meticulous attention to rhythm, frequency balance and sonic inventiveness; nodding quite effortlessly to the multifaceted universe of UK dance music - particularly sound system friendly vibrations.

    More artistic and cinematic than anything he's previously release it sees the esteemed garage and dnb producer move into the more esoteric and freeform realms - and is a welcome move for this wonderful artist.

    Dorian Concept

    The Nature Of Imitation

      Dorian Concept - the insanely gifted keyboardist, producer and collaborator with Flying Lotus, Thundercat and The Cinematic Orchestra - makes his debut on Brainfeeder and the result is refreshingly unpretentious: dizzying swells, cacophonous breakdowns and formidable rhythms are both expert and childlike, hyperactive and hyper-focused.

      For fans of Machinedrum, Lone, Floating Points, Cid Rim.

      Sounding a little like a lost Balearic / house treasure, only refracted back through a modern prism, George Earnest's EP here on Pear seeks to update templates laid down by proto- British House pioneers as much as it delivers paradisiacal music for the sunshine isles.

      After an ambient, coastal introduction we're flung into the lush driving house of "Organ Of Evening Calm" - with big pitch bent solos enthusiastically jumping from a bed of delicate rhythms and synthy flute licks. The perfect track to get lost in as the stars begin to shine across the outdoor arena. "Dreaming Island" hires in a bolshie breakbeat for extra bump while majestic keys paint a tantalizing picture of serotonin flooded fun. Cheeky, groovy and oh-so-nice this'll have the whole floor smiling at each other. The appropriately named "Mermaid Dive" sounds exactly as describes, as sonar bleeps and underwater bubbles cascade past our ears as we sink deeper and deeper into a swirling sonic world. Finally, another beatless, coastal excursion closes proceedings entitled "A Sea" and decorated beautifully with bird song. I love bird song. I love this EP! 

      First Floor

      You Dubn't Know

      Hitoshi Murakami aka First Floor debuts on long standing label Local Talk.

      Opening track "You Dubn't Know" has got a heavy bassline, deep chords and hypnotic textures and sounds like it was tailor-made for those dark and sweaty moments late on in the session when all that's needed is a bit of bump n rumble to keep the floor ticking along nicely.

      On the flip, 'Delight', shows a more exuberant mood. A piano driven house track with a great sense of melody that just keep giving - squelchy leads, rising synth-strings, bubbling pads; this baby's got it all! Maximum pleasure guaranteed! Mega. 

      Light of the Fearless, Hybrid's fifth artist album, brings together UK-based, Mike and Charlotte's passion for combining emotionally powered cinematic pieces with astute, intricate and intelligent electronic production. This long-awaited work is firmly based on the foundation of the principles and standards set by previous albums but here there's a clear development and evolution. Never wanting to write the same album twice, Mike and Charlotte have taken another step forward and have created a cinematic, electronic album with songs that stylistically borrow from their childhood soundtracks of soul, funk & hip-hop.

      With songs have been inspired by not only events in their own lives but also by movements such as the Heads Together campaign, March for Our Lives 2018 and the Women's March of 2017. The album provides a positive and confident stance on moving forward through adversity and regaining empowerment. This is "The Light Of The Fearless". This inspiration certainly hasn't led to an album encumbered by political statements, but instead gives all the summery buoyancy you'd want to hear at your next festival.

      Since their last album in 2010 the band have not only expanded their ever growing body of film score work (Fast and Furious 8, Interlude In Prague, Hercules, Dead in Tombstone, Take Down, Luther, X-men, Deja Vu ) but also saw the departure of band member, Chris Healings in 2015. The cinematic ethos is deep throughout the album with The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra performing on eight tracks. Unsurprisingly, the album as a whole works almost as a kind of score, and it's intriguing to be guided through the plot from the outset in the album's first track "We Are Fearless" through to the final track on the album. The expansive and unique cover of Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down". Hybrid certainly haven't lost their flair for combining cinematic soundscapes, electronics and breakbeats.

      Portuguese producer Kaspar has enjoyed plenty of shelf life here on our racks at Picc HQ. A mainstay of the Groovement label, his idiosyncratic productions epitomizes the beginning of the holiday house sound, full frequency, highly stimulating tracks made for the Function1's and the excesses of a dance music vacation.

      Now moonlighting on Lisbon based Percebes Música, the "Epicurismo EP" was conceived as an homage to the Greek philosopher Epicurus, who widely professed a personal mantra for happiness. The sounds contained within are refreshingly upfront and direct, as we've come to expect from this skilled soundsmith.

      "Brand New Meaning" is proper rollicking, party starting house music. Think Groove Armada or Sneak DJ'ing in their hayday - big acid b-line, shoulder dropped house beats and THAT vocal sample all combine to raise arms aloft and shake waists to the core and has already ensured a BUY sentiment from our in house passerine Kickin P.

      "Jacksteppa" is up next: deploying some gliding Reese bass onto a rugged soundsystem friendly beat and with added agro snares this is absolute fire for the big rigs and up-fer-it crowds. *gunshot noise* pee-ooowwm!

      "Got Connected" sees a side chained, pumpin house cut lashed with a sharp 303 line and bolstered through mid-shelved vocal fx and dramatic drops; the very essense of the mainroom distilled into one huge track.

      "T2P" it becomes apparent, means 'It's time to party' as Kaspar concludes the set with a wigged-out, DC-10 themed technoid banger. A twangy lead accompanies crunchy beats while THAT vocal refrain causes a whole manner of chaos through grain delays and sample manglers.

      All four tracks epitomize that big room, peak time sound and is tailor made with a good set of Function 1's in mind. Amazing stuff. 

      New, abstract and blackened techno stylings here from a fresh new face. We have very little info on this artist, but what we do know is that he / she makes great tunes!

      "Sun Melter" kicks us off with an inventive and experimental acid workout. A million miles from the mainroom slayers a la Posthuman, Artwork and the I Love Acid machine, this baby drinks from the same lysergic cup as Italy's La Beauté Du Négatif crew and favoures rich textures, head turning sonics and intricately plotted rhythms as opposed to speaker tickling fist pumpers for the peaktime.

      If you like to really get lost inside machine's inner circuitry, if standing next to the speaker stacks come 5am with your eyes wide shut is your thang, and if the thought of leaving industrial warehouse spaces covered in club muck and gremlin detritus fills you with joy, then this record my friends, is for you. Recommended.

      Anna Meredith


        Anna Meredith announces the release of Anno, a boundary-pushing collaboration with the Scottish Ensemble, in which original pieces of work by the classical-electronic composer are intertwined with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Released via Moshi Moshi, the project began as an immersive 360 degree live experience but will be available on double vinyl, CD and digitally for the first time from 17th August. After a recording process using the unusual ‘binaural recording head’ the project will also be available in an exclusive binaural recording – allowing the listener to experience the unique spatial aspects of the piece through headphones.

        Occupying a unique position of bridging both popular, experimental and classical worlds, Anna is a composer/producer and has made a name for her genre defying sound. In 2016 Anna Meredith released her acclaimed debut album Varmints via Moshi Moshi, which went on to win the Scottish Album of the Year award. Among countless achievements, she has been Composer in Residence with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, RPS/PRS Composer in the House with Sinfonia ViVA, the classical music representative for the 2009 South Bank Show Breakthrough Award and winner of the 2010 Paul Hamlyn Award for Composers. Anna has also scored forthcoming American comedy-drama Eighth Grade, written and directed by Bo Burnham, which took home the Audience Award at this years Sundance Film Festival: London. 


        Barry says: Anna meredith spreads her considerable talents into the realm of classical music with this stunning juxaposition of the old world of musical symphonies and the electronic influences of Meredith's previous work. A triumph, and further evidence that Meredith is at the forefront of today's musical landscape.

        Hidden Spheres' curated label Fruit Merchant makes the plunge with no. 3. Debut release by Native Cruise - a UK ahem, native who, through my own investigatory prowess MAY also DJ under the name Hollick - if I'm wrong please correct me!

        Anyway, the mysterious producer contributes four stoutly tracks to the fledging label showing that house music's anything but dead in Y2K18.

        "Purple Waltz" stands starring at the stars while "Plastic Mesh" inhabits the more rainforesty areas that saw HS explore on the first release. "Calypso Spring" and "Japanese Fantasy Taxi" are pure hardware house - nodding to boogie wit da snares and house music in the keys they possess that proto-everything naivety that Andras Fox and Low Flung also made their own.

        Another winner from team Fruit Merchant - yes lads! 

        Poolside began as a recording project in a converted Los Angeles backyard pool house in early 2011, producing sunny tracks of subaquatic indie dance music in this makeshift recording studio. Surfacing first in the form of a YouTube video for the catchy track "Do You Believe?" Poolside were soon gaining local and national attention, with DJs like James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, techno legend Derrick May, and disco don Todd Terje spinning these tracks at events and a growing online following. Throughout 2011 Poolside continued making waves with a sound called "daytime disco" through tracks like their cover of Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" and original tunes. In 2012 Poolside worked on a remix for longtime disco punks The Rapture and held fans over with a new single and video for a song called "Slow Down" as they prepared to release their debut album. That album, Pacific Standard Time, was self-released in July of 2012.

        After the album's release, remixes for artists like Matthew Dear, Little Dragon and Fool's Gold soon followed, as well as rehearsing and touring with a live band and doing DJ sets around the world. As thoughts turned to a second album, Poolside went on ice for a year to regroup, beginning to work in earnest on another album in the Fall of 2016. While still revolving around the sunny, laid-back disco sound of PST, these sessions yielded the additions of up-tempo dance songs and more guitars, and generally more fleshed-out arrangements. 


        Sil says: Glossy disco journeys for the discerning listening. This is the perfect soundtrack for your weekend away somewhere sunny with the ocean as a backdrop. Look at that gorgeous cover!

        In the third of the "Phobiza Trilogy" we are invited through the ethereal haze that separates our world from RAMZi’s flourishing kingdom. Guided always by the deity’s music, we are given passage through the arcane archipelago that RAMZi calls home, a place where animals, children and wild spirits share territories and cooperate in harmony in their plight to protect these ancient islands from the ceaseless threat of the Great Grey Invasion.

        With the night closely following us, we are welcomed to these lands in dusk’s light, with the warm tones of "Bibwel" (featuring Asaël Robitaille on synth) carrying us across 11 different islets, all with unique climates, flora and fauna. After travelling for many a sunrise and sunset we take pause at mid day on "Det Calash" isle (with some beats provided by Regular Fantasy). We end our journey with a final sunset, this time on the foggy island of "Warhasu" (recorded on Vancouver Island with Hashman Deejay).

        'Amor Fati' (meaning 'Love of fate' or 'Love of one’s fate' in Latin) comes as the inaugural release on Phoebé’s own FATi Records and is the new nesting place for RAMZi and its’ extended family. The record ends the "Phobiza" story, following "Phobiza Dia" on Total Stasis and "Phobiza Noite" on Moodhut.

        FireScope label head Steven Rutter joins forces with John Shima on this classy EP of emotion laden, space-aligned techno.

        The starry "Skywards" leads the way upwards with tenderly treated spacious drum programming and light-as-air atmospherics while darker and deeper cavernous tones create the yin-yang balance of lightness and dark. "Broken Spell" continues the enchanted and uplifting, almost heavenly vibe. Full of splashing snares and flanging electronics it nods to Derrick May whilst soundtracking an afternoon in some Romanesque baths on the planet Pluto. "A New Day" takes us thru into the midnight hours with its poking analogue b-line, reversed atmospheres and steady mechanized perc. As always, a slower number is provided; this time in the form of "Disjointed Rout" - a delicately formed, sophisticated sculpture of rippling electronics, gentle drums and angelic melodies. Top stuff and highly recommended. 


        Sierrra 01

        Taken with love straight from the heart of one of Guadalupe's most famous, Ti Celeste.

        'Pueblo' oozes Caribbean infused percussive house, vocals, choirs and a saxo solo that will make you smile even in the rainiest of days. To be played outdoors and enjoyed surrounded by homies.

        'Discoteca' is paying homage to some mysterious pioneers of Czech Electronic music.A  disco anthem from the 70s, it blends delightful disco samples with fat four to the floor beats. Total stormers on both sides. Buy with confidence!


        Sil says: Latin and disco vibes all over the place. Summer fodder for the beach chiringuito or urban pool party. Not bad though if what you are looking for is to get those hot beach bodies dancing like maniacs.

        ‘Unplugged Vol. 1’ is the first release in a new CD series by Ssaliva. This inaugural release contains 11 synthetic vignettes, a very stripped back affair, much more then we are used of this ever so elegant master of layering and kingpin of the lighter kind of electronic lasagna, digesting the latest flavors long before they get stale. Not on this one though. These are more skeletons of pop songs, bare and glassy, played on a fake nylon-stringed koto for an imaginary court of internet angels. 


        Patrick says: Ssaliva leads us through skeletal synth compositions here, capturing the bedroom misanthropy of C86 but in an entirely different style. Flavours range from the beautiful and pastoral "Ever Since" and "Fall W Me" to the queasy "Backfire".

        New label headed up by an artist named Stone Cold who resides in Berlin and kicks off a new imprint under the Streetman alias.

        Three ruff n rugged disco-house fixes that'll keep the Shir Khan, Karlovak and Lumberjacks In Hell camps more than bouncing with their slammin' kicks and funky licks. This is proper, well formed house music - thoughtfully & simply constructed with just a delicate peppering of vocal samples with all the emphasis placed on those deep grooves.

        Support across the board thus far, with most major players on the house scene getting in on the action.


        A Homage To Frankfurt – Farmacia

        A cross between Innervisions meets Age Of Love vibes with a twist of Isolee. Causing quite the stir in certain circles and now available on mysterious and anonymous white vinyl, "A Homage To Frankfurt – Farmacia" rotates around a twangy analogue b-line and these rising shard-like leads that sound like an exotic 'synth-flute' preset. I get the feeling just listening in my headphones it's gonna sound pre-tty f****ng mega on a big rig; possessing that trance-like quality everyone's going nuts for atm. Big ting. 10 out of 10.

        The Wire

        Issue 415 - September 2018

          Inside this issue:

          Low: Over 20 plus years Low have established themselves as unique song stylists. But what drove the trio to bury their songs beneath layers of electronics on their latest album Double Negative? By Abi Bliss

          Music And Mental Health: An innovative new project in South West England aims to help residential patients articulate their ideas of freedom through experimental approaches to sound. By Trevor Barre

          Klaus Schulze: As a member of Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel and Cosmic Jokers, and most crucially as a solo artist, the German synthesist has helped shape the sound of electronic music. By Phil Freeman


          Sarah Kenchington: The Scottish inventor and musician makes good use of her found objects. By Claire Sawers

          Fauxe: The Singapore rhythm master finds heat in cultural friction with Malaysia. By Josh Feola

          Tengger: The pan-Asian duo traverse meditative synthesized vistas. By Clive Bell

          Makaya McCraven: The Chicago percussionist plays cut ’n’ paste with time ’n’ space. By Phil Freeman

          Global Ear: Northern Egypt: A rave on the beach holds hidden gems from Cairo’s underground. By Maha ElNabawi

          Invisible Jukebox: Oliver Coates: Will the cellist and composer bow before the The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by Stewart Smith

          The Inner Sleeve: The Tapeworm’s Philip Marshall on Peter Gabriel’s Big Time

          Epiphanies: Poulomi Desai sails her own personal ocean of sound

          On Screen: New films and DVDs: Sami Sänpäkkilä’s The Goodiepal Equation

          On Site: Recent art events: Orgasmic Streaming Organic Gardening Electroculture, London, UK; AvantWhatever, Melbourne, Australia

          Print Run: New music books: Wayne Kramer’s life in rebel rock, the story of electronic music, video games and classical music, European folk, and more

          On Location: Recent festivals, gigs and clubs: Bastard Assignments, Supersonic, SEED Ensemble, Feldman At Sunrise, and more.

          If you only buy one* record today, vote for Pedro. Some beautiful coloured vinyl here featuring the Napoleon Dynami…
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          This weeks Sunday classic album club featuring Patti Smith @TheDoors The Durutti Column and @pinkfloyd
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          Still buzzing off last night’s @liamgallagher @LancsCCC gig but know there’s no a limit to how much of his music yo…
          Sun 19th - 12:28
          Just when you thought the summer was over! Our resident beach boy Patrick does his Balearic things for killer label…
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