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Unknown Artist

Artists Series (2)

Konsysttenzia caused a microcosmic cataclysm for our techno customers t'other week when the anonymous first volume, "Artists Series" dropped. Cloaked, stealth techno, it was a million miles away from the stadiums of Awakenings or the aircraft hangers of Sonar, but more an intimate, intricate and trickski style of production that keep people hooked without bathing in superfluity.

Well, it's back with another four tracks and they're just as hot as on that initial outing. Flecked with acid, propelled by split atomic particles and emanting a radioactive hum that should see it quaranteed for only the most bravest dancefloor digestion. Ready to twist craniums inside out at the after party, or just keep the backroom bubbling and covered in electronic voodoo; you'll get some much milage out of this EP you'll probably want to buy two copies...

Mega, mega label! Do not sleep! 


Matt says: 2nd instalment of this vital, mysterious techno series and there's no sign of the tension loosening as the anonymous artist delivers four more tracks of clocked, stealth techno for the deep heads. Highly recommended!

ALTA’s debut release, "Reasons" is the product of many long nights making music together in a back room at Hannah and Julius’ Brunswick home. It was self-recorded over 10 months, from January 2018 to November 2018, using midnight sessions, tape delay effects and a literal room full of wall to wall synths to carve out a world all their very own. 'It's a collection of songs written together in our home studio. No cowriters or anything, just us two experimenting making the music,' says the band. The album was later mixed by Seekae’s George Nicholas in Sydney and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound (Rihanna, Janelle Monae, Chvrches).

Thematically, the album’s title alludes to the sense of complacency that often sets in when people start making excuses for themselves. 'It’s this internal thing,' Julius explains, ‘always coming up with reasons why things did or didn’t happen, or reasons why someone else did something. Often it’s self-preservation but it’s also bullshit.'

"Push" follows on from previous singles "Figured Out", "Back On It" and "Twisted", which have just under 2 million streams on Spotify since their release and are receiving global attention, with spins on BBC Radio 1 and praise from the likes of The Line of Best Fit and CLASH.

"Reasons" is an intricate and emotional body of work that will see ALTA step out from Melbourne’s underground scene, and into the international limelight..

Apiento returns to World Building for another soulful journey!

Hot on the heels of the smash "Things You Do For Love" seven inch.

"Down That Road" features the ultra smooth vocals of Los Angeles' Harriet Brown. An intimate London by L.A. via D.C. connection.

Brown's contemplative lyrics meet Apiento's rainforest synths & massive low-end pressure. Patient dancers are rewarded halfway with a dope sunrise acid bass. Serious smiley face biz! Multiple mixes with a trippy ambient dub & a cute padapella.

World Building ensure they're talk of the town as the year draws to close with this essential twelve from Apiento. 


Matt says: Apiento are fast becoming the hottest thing in the blogosphere right now; counting Ruf Dug, Tom Nobel, Neil Diablo and many more as avid fans. This 12" shouldn't let anyone down whose previously dug their arresting, skeletal deep electronic soul.


Boss Rhythm / Niio Rhythm

UK techno stalwart Benjamin Damage makes his debut on Feel My Bicep under the name BDB - a collaborative alias with anonymous label mates. Two original tracks, a dub and a handy tool make up the 16th release on the label, which seem to be treading onto more techno-leaning pathways of late.

The 50Weapons star drops two full-side tracks, starting with the wailing and screeching tension of "Boss Rhythm", that drops into full-throttle flatline techno hum after its monstrous breakdown.

"Nilo Rhythm" loads unrelenting hi-hat patterns and emotive pads into the DAW; a long, powerful arc into late night decadence that'll make most sense being spun after the 3AM watershed.

FMB continue their majestic run of form.... Recommended!

Becoming Real

Mist Face

    Becoming Real is a UK electronic producer based in Copenhagen. ‘Mist Face’ finds him further exploring the influence of grime, vapour wave, cyberpunk and ambient dream music, paired with detailed and engrossing sound design that conjures fragmented ghostly scenes in empty future cities. It should appeal to fans of Arca, Burial, Four Tet, Varg, HKE, Murlo, Dream Catalogue and Actress. Since his first release in 2010 he’s dropped several well-received EPs and an album on Transgressive Records. His early promise earned him inclusion in The Guardian’s ‘New Band Of The Week’ and NME’s ‘Radar’ features, and saw him pick up radio support from Lauren Laverne, Huw Stevens, Mistajam, Rinse and Mary Ann Hobbs. Following the release of his debut album ‘Pure Apparition’, he took some time out of music to focus on the visual arts. ‘Mist Face’ is his most fully realised project yet.

    Regular Public Possession pal Bell Towers touches base again, treating all comers to a off-beat treat in the form of "Juicy Blend". As a DJ, digger and selector, Rohan's pop chops have been proven time and again, and here the producer serves us his slinkiest serenade yet, topped with his own vocal intonations. Stepping into the club wearing a synth pop shimmer, Balearic cardigan and some form of fetishwear, "Juicy Blend" is house in its loosest sense, sounding less like MAW and more like an '88 Frankie Knuckles mix of Flash & The Pan with Neil Tennant on vocals - and if that's not a juicy blend, I don't know what is. As well as the full vocal version, Bell T treats us to the mostly voxless Groove version on the B2, leaving more than enough run time for a pair of ace remixes. Leftfield stalwart Bullion brings the track to the peak time in the back room with electrohouse synthlines and a shuffling 4/4 for his more streamlined mix while alt-pop king Jaakko Eino Kalevi pairs percolating bass tones and snapping perx for a killer Streetsounds-style variant.

    "Tangerin" serves as a coda to the qualities that have established Celeste as one of the most instinctive and generous underground DJs in the current landscape of dance music. Beginning as a record store assistant at Idle Hands in Bristol and now a fixture of some of the world’s most acclaimed clubs and festivals, Celeste’s instincts and curiosity have forged a musical space that is very much her own. Here, whether in sweat-drenched basements or to vast numbers, she strikes a common cause between the melodic richness of the legacy of the music of Detroit, alongside the natural ease with which she carries across tempos that embody UK Soundsystem traditions. "Tangerine" is Celeste’s most fully-realised contribution thus far to this continuum of musical culture.

    More than that, Tangerine is an innate extension of Shanti’s self, telling stories beyond her record box and delving into her personal history. There is her manipulated voice serving as a bedrock in tracks. There's a kalimba, recorded at her father's home in Chile.

    There are, of course, her rich synthesizers that wrap her tracks like velvet cloaks, providing the familiar warmth and colour we know from her work so far on labels such as Idle Hands and Future Times. There’s even her characteristic paintings on the cover. Here, on her very own Peach Discs, the label she co-runs with goodfriend Gramrcy, Celeste naturally delivers her most impressive and wholly personal work.

    'When I made music for EPs, sometimes I felt restricted,' she says. 'I would think too much about creating the moments on the dancefloor I love - seeing visions of ecstatic people hugging, I didn’t give myself free reign to express all of myself. Writing an album made me feel free of all this because it seemed like an open-ended project. I could just keep creating until I felt like stopping'.


    Sil says: I love this producer. Real deal house music for the heads the like it deep, but still like to party and dance front left. She gets my vote.

    The final chapter in the D.K. trilogy has arrived adorned in a hooded cloak. Sword by his side, the warrior master is rising. This time taking a decidedly darker and determined approach, D.K. is here to fight the final battle - and make it out alive.

    The EP opens with the aptly titled "Storm Of Steel". An industrious cold front brimming with metallic clangs and resonant tubes. You can hear lightning strikes in the snares and thunder in the bass. In "Frozen Sword", the tropes synonymous with this trilogy are neatly tied together again as D.K. opts for glass tubes, gated snares and deep rhythmic baselines. This second track is an epic battle song, conjuring Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon / quasi-Matrix fight scenes.

    Racing the clock to crack the code in "Code Breaker", alarm sirens sound off in the background as if D.K.’s plans have been foiled. It’s not until a flute motif at 4:14 that you realise our protagonist, all along, had an ace up his sleeve. The EP’s closing and title track "Rising" is a melancholic/euphoric dance between D.K.’s warrior’s emotions of what was won, but also what was lost.


    Patrick says: In case you haven't noticed yet, D.K. only makes sick records, and this latest EP for Antinote is among his most infectious. Tribal rhythms, razor sharp breaks and voodoo drum machines intersect with metallic leads, synth flute and 16-bit symphonies, totally nailing that cyber-druid videogame vibe. Flawless victory!

    Originally out on Happy House in 1992, this Mad Mike produced vocal house tune has been an enduring anthem for nearly three decades. Reissued on Underground Resistance, featured on Laurent Garnier's famous Mixmag CD and lusted after by Detroit and garage fans alike, it's striking old school sound blows up whenever it's dropped. Sounding just as good as it ever did and joining other auspicious UR reissues "Riot", "Dookie Machine" and "World 2 World". Features extended club mix and shorter radio version. Back for a limited time... don't sleep!

    DJ Nobu returns to his own Bitta label, his personal playground for new musical projects with a focus on artists coming out of Japan. The label functions as a space for experimentation with the intention of instigating multiple styles by unexpected artists or pairing them with stimulating remixers. The unique chemistry created by these cross-genre connections results in an exciting catalogue carefully curated and directed by DJ Nobu himself. After recent outings on Rush Hour, Token and BleeD, the Japanese producer dives even deeper into a pure and adventurous techno journey with his most simplistic output to date. A DJ tool EP designed for the club, with four tracks of stripped down yet powerful dance floor workouts. All cuts have been tested and proven in Nobu's own DJ sets before now, so he decided to make them available for fellow DJs to play and experiment with.


    Patrick says: Though this quartet of DJ tools mght be simplistic, they are highly hypnotic, nailing the Robert Hood "Minimal Nation" style of immersive techno whilst exploring a more organic and psychedelic palette.

    Kicking off a brand-new Wolf offshoot label, celebrating the soulful sound of house music from the late 90’s & early 00’s, two DJ Romain classics get the remastered treatment straight from the DATs!

    "It’s The Spirit" became an instant classic when released in 2004 - it’s eyes closed business with a weighty bassline, buzzed stabs, spiritual organs and Darryl D'Bonneau’s impassioned vocals. A track that still holds up today, regularly played by the likes of Floating Points, Ben UFO, Kerri Chandler and others in the know, fetching up to £40 on the cogs.

    While digging through the racks in A1 Records in New York a few years ago, the Wolf duo came across "Piano Man" nestled on the B side of a Romain release from 1998. A peaktime burner, that never fails to ignite the dancefloor and one that always gets named checked whenever they let it loose.

    After contacting DJ Romain, who to their surprise knew of Wolf and was keen to work together, they set about giving these jams a new lease of life, digging back in the archives to recover the DATs from the original projects.

    This one’s not for the gurning fly catchers, it’s specifically for those that like to get down. 

    Gerard Hanson fans are currently enjoying a feast of new and old music from the electro stalwart, with Frustated Funk reissuing a double 12" a few months ago and now this brand new LP on Forgotten Future.

    One of the most revered and respected of the knob twiddlers, Hanson's aliases (Convextion, ERP), since 1995, have created some of the most unique and atmosphere-riddled pieces to have graced the techno and electro cannon. His scarce, quality-controlled output, coupled with his shyness towards publicity and an almost none existent touring schedule have earned his a diehard set of fans across the world, culminating in a now historical European debut here in Manchester in 2006 at the old Rampant Lion pub for (Wet Play precursor night), Detroit Public Radio - !!!

    Anyway, what's in store on "Exomoon" I hear you ask? Well, the most emotion-charged neon-lit futurescapes I've heard for a while. Imagine if you were piloting a drone around nocturnal Tokyo in the year 2055. The reduction in combustion of fossil fuels resulting in a serene, quiet and crystal clear environment. You're darting around at sky-scraper height, surveying the cityscape in your precision, hovering craft. These are the kind of images I get right through "Exomoon", but everyone will have their own interpretation - the common theme evoking lucid dreams of science fiction megaworlds; A.I.-induced calm and an omnipresent, highly sentient, alien-robot hybrid that governs over all.

    Highly, highly recommended! 

    In case you haven't noticed, your Piccadilly pals have been all over the Employee sound of late, regularly repping the narcotic machine experiments and next gen sound design of the Berlin duo. Here they join the recently reignited tradition of European's making digidub with five echo-drenched reflections on nine-to-five dilemmas plus a dizzy remix from OK Spirit co-founder DJ Neewt. Trading in sub tickling basslines, synth melodica and plenty o' tape hiss, the duo manipulate the genre conventions with twisted sequences and sick frequency adjustments while keeping the riddim at the forefront. Any house/electro DJs out there should check the percolating vibe of DJ Neewt's Psychic South Mix, which practically drips solder onto the turntable.

    Neka Neka' (on General Purpose) is the first solo release by multi-disciplinary artist, Ex Ponto (Ivan Mašic). Coming of age during the mid-90s Melbourne rave scene, Ivan was infected with music by the legendary Kate Bathgate on 3RRR community radio.
    Hearing music by the likes of Oliver Lieb, Will E Tell, HMC & and other producers of the time, an infection quickly turned into a music obsession that lives on today.

    In the following years Ivan would go on to manage one of Melbourne's longest running record stores (Dixons Records) and in 2005 built a recording studio, aptly named The Womb. From 2005-15, he produced and played on over 20 albums for improvisation collective, Council of Elders and experimental, no-wave band, Wunderlust.
    'Neka Neka' is a nod to ex-Yugoslavian experimentalists of the 80s (Rex Ilusivii, Kozmetika, Miha Kralj etc) and the thriving, late-night hedonism of Belgrade's Club 20/44.


    Patrick says: Excellent experimental electronics and wave here from lesser known Melbourne musical mainstay Ex Ponto. Amid the buzzing textures and immersive compositions, the humid "Straight To The Tropics" and Bush-of-Ghosts styled "Stuck In Oberon" sparkle particularly.

    Ultra limited 12" from Four Tet featuring an elite duo of remixers - San Fran house royality Avalon Emerson alongside emergent tech-bass megastar Overmono.

    "Teenage Birdsong" treads the heartfelt, holographic dreamworlds that we explored on "There's Is Love In You". With a slow, creeping dynamic decorated by a mellifluous synth-wind motif it conjures up futuristic images of augmented realty and a new Global Optimism throughout the homo sapiens network. Avalon Emerson adds vibrant drum breaks creating more drama than the slight serenity of the original.

    Rising stars Truss and Tessela, each with solo success under their belt, drop the next flawless addition to their fledging catalogue with a remix that's seems so quintessentially suited to Text you can almost see Keiran Hebden gleefully smiling in disbelief. Containing the expert, frantic drum programming the pair are fast becoming famous for plus taut atmospheres and tasteful flickers of dance music tropes from across the years, their remix of "Teenage Birdsong" is an epic piece in its own right.

    "Dreamer", a final flurry from Four Tet utilizes the same dreamy, celestial palette of sounds as "Birdsong" and adds the slippery, gliding 4/4 beats that fuel much his work. Delicate plinky plonk leads and glassy bell tones, combined with flutters of bird song make this truly hallucinatory, 'enchanted garden' type affair. As always, truly hi-tech and exhilarating stuff from this UK luminary. Recommended!


    Matt says: A trascendental and heavenly offering from our mam here on the buy-on-sight Text imprint. Two sterling remixes mean it's a bumper offering just in time for those stockings...!

    Groovin sublabel dedicated to vintage house and garage, Dark Grooves reissue this Joshua Michaels-penned deep house hit from 1996: "Happiness". The very first release on what would become the cult Chicago label, Guidance, this is old school mid '90s house music at its very very best. A favourite with DJs who've feverishly concealed its ID over the years, it's now available for one and all through the people's reissue label!

    "Happiness" is joy-filled, conga-fuelled, garage-leaning business with a killer vocal refrain, bright keys and a disco-informed bassline. "Nite Position" is a gritty sample-based jam with those patented Chi-town hats rolling around as digital keys stab and jab across a round electronic b-line. The EPs highlight for many, "More" is next. Gliding in on smooth subs, intricate drum programming and a stripped back, techy edge mean this one's had plenty of plays thru the years. Finally, "Otherworld Constructs" concludes with flailing sine tones, meeting dry bleeps and metallic stabs for a techno-leaning concludes that reveals funky MPC usage as it progresses through its captivating arrangement. Solid stuff rite the way through here folks - essential stuff for any deep house fan.

    Skinned alive by Prince Fumu from the zones of M16, the second time this prodigal new producer has graced Lister's cult imprint and it's an electronic battle cry with destructive tendencies.

    FUMU's grasp of sound is miles ahead of the pack. A producer whose studiously gone into the science of frequency and rhythm on the search for completely unique patches and patterns, Teaching himself vintage drum programming from the days of jungle, learning synthesis from Demdike Stare and honing his outboard, mastering and mix down techniques from the sorcerer's sonic handbook has resulted in a fierce and uncompromising sound that'll do more than put hairs on your chest - it'll clean wax the bumfluff rite off your arse!!

    Seriously, miss this shit at your peril. Especially relevant for anyone with a penchant for industrial, breakcore, noize and the various mutations of techno and bass that have occurred since '91.

    Highly recommended!


    Matt says: My boy Mike from Old Trafford knows how to mangle sound like no other! If you don't know - get to know. This cat is here to stay. One of the most skilled producers in the game rite now. CHECK!

    Function’s long career has seen him uncover a vast range of sonic identities, a mainstay through house, techno and industrial with collaborations with the likes of Regis, Damon Wild alongside his highly influential Infrastructure imprint. With influences deeply tied to pop art, rave and gay scenes, and early memories of block-parties emitting Kraftwerk and Strafe, he found himself seeking out the undercover illegal nights of the 90s on a quest of sexual unearthing, mixing the ever-yearning escapology mission of disco with the influential DJ sets of Jeff Mills.

    For his new album "Existenz", he marks a clear step away from the corporeal techno of his recent releases. Pivoting around themes of religion, sexuality, trauma and healing, it is a work expansive and celebratory, a clear liberation from a deeply internalized past. Formed from a collection of recordings made in a period from late 2016 to mid 2019, "Existenz" takes the form of a creative outburst in reaction to a number of traumas - recent, childhood and throughout Function’s life. Life partner Stefanie Parnow assisted the production process in its entirety, providing inspiration, spiritual healing and featuring vocal contributions.

    Cosmic synths soar and swoop in "Pleasure Discipline" through towering stacks of rhythm that stutter and creak to a halt before rebooting, a firm robotic response to human intervention. "Zahlensender" reflects a spatial tetris of urban life, as digitalization set within an XYZ matrix confronts the sprawling city. Constant arpeggiated meditations echo synaptic transmissions, a dissolution of boundaries. "The Approach’" recalls the unification of the self, a state of delirium non-subjective and smooth, as all connections and functions give way to simple intensities of feeling, crossing the threshold into spirituality. "Golden Dawn", featuring Stefanie Parnow, marks a further elevation of dubbed-out euphoria, as once more positive rays emerge. His ode to the effortless short-trip urban navigation "Kurzstrecke" finds Function in motion, upfront and bold, snapshots of conversation and flickers of light. "Ertrinken" finds metallic bass jabs swamping snipped synthetic voices, with hidden stores of emotion set as a nod to the history of vocoders as a tool for encrypted military communication. House icon Robert Owens features on "Growth Cycle" and "Be", entrenching a celebratory atmosphere over Function's clubwise leanings. Closing track "Downtown 161" reflects the unmistakeable filtered and squashed interjections of television, and sampled dance vocals - a sound for the curious, dreamers and dancers.

    With "Existenz", Function reveals an essential body of work, spread over 4LP - thought experiments on the role of identity and spirituality after a lifetime of upheaval and trauma. Leading up until the release date, Function will undertake an album promo tour with select dates - A/V shows at Berlin Atonal and Rural festival in Japan, and three dates as part of his Bassiani residency. 

    Manchester's most exciting, enthuastic and entertaining house upstart (FKA LOZ) Goddard kick flips onto Apparel for a four track EP featuring a hot collab with Harry Wolfman and a tasty remix from Jad & The. 
    As usual we're talking high def house business from the get-go here, starting with "Fourth Dimension", a frankly irresistible groover which sees the G-man tag team the studio gear with the aforementioned Wolfman. Aimed for peaktime deployment, the cut swells from cosmic filters and trilling arps into a total 4/4 shoulder roller packed with percussive nuance, NJ swing and a right rib rattline B-line. If you need a breather after that opening salvo, I'd suggest you luxuriate in the deep and jazzy "Signals", a smooth serving of relaxed house with plenty of syncopated percussion and subtle Rhodes. The fun continues over the road as Loz pays homage to the expansive melodies and tonalities of Norway with "It's Not Cold In Tromso", a spacey house jam which could easily be mistaken for the next incarnation of Torske, such is the quality of the cut. Aussie operative Jad & The joins in the festivities on the B2, employing junglist breaks and nanging acid lines where once there was fjordfunk. Bangers all round - big up Goddard!


    Sil says: Worth its money for the brutally good 'It's Cold in Tromso'. The track is not breaking any molds or establishing a new genre, and neither it is the title telling us anything we do not already know about Tromso. However, its melody and punch will make you move like a maniac. And just for that, it is worth its price in gold!

    Following on from his joint release on RNT white label last year, Colombian wunderkind Felipe Gordon moves over to the Reserve imprint with a 4-tracker of beautifully crafted sampled house.

    The record kicks off with "Those Quiet Eyes of Yours", skillfully blending a sunny, picked guitar lick around swung houz drums and a wobbly bassline. "There's A Part Of Me That's Always True" is up next, utilizing bright digi-keys, another wobbly b-line and phosphorescent drums.

    Side B's "Now That You Caught My Heart For The Evening" offers updates to the jazzy house blueprint, with a well known Tropicalia vocal indent in there for good measure. Finally, "That Night At El Bukowski" concludes with a deep, sublime, nocturnal jam that perfect eschews any overused house tropes for something inventive and considered. Top stuff. 

    Bafta Award-winning modern master of the soundtrack, David Holmes, working in collaboration with composer Brian Irvine. Set in Northern Ireland, directed by Holmes’ longtime friends Glenn Leyburn and Lisa Barros D’Sa (Good Vibrations, Cherrybomb), and written by legendary Irish playwright Owen McCafferty (whom Holmes has known for forty years), the film tells the extraordinary story of Tom (Liam Neeson) and Joan (Lesley Manville) - their life and love as they enter the uncertainty and upset of Joan’s cancer diagnosis. In a career rich in highly personal work, Ordinary Love is up there with the most affecting in Holmes’ canon. Recorded between Abbey Road and Holmes’ own Drama Studio, the soundtrack features input from some of his most trusted collaborators. Holmes states: “I worked on the score with Brian Irvine. He is a longtime friend and the first person I ever had studio experience with 27 years ago. It felt important to work with Brian on this as his father (Ronnie), Owen’s father (Gerry) and my father (Jackie) - all now deceased - were great friends through a shared love of Point-to-Point horse racing and their work as bookmakers. For the three of us to work together on this was an opportunity I couldn’t ignore.”

    There is also contributions from Holmes’ bandmates, Jade Vincent and Keefus Ciancia, who comprise the trio Unloved. The group’s sound has been central to the much lauded Killing Eve soundtracks, which saw Holmes and Ciancia pick up a Bafta in 2019. Vincent provides a stand-out performance - lending her haunting and smoky vocals to the albums centrepiece and final track - ‘Isn’t It So’. The score to Ordinary Love wasn’t inspired by any other soundtrack or even musical composition but by a mathematical theory called The Game of Life. Devised by mathematician John Conway in 1970, The Game of Life is not your typical computer game. It consists of a collection of cells which, based on a few mathematical rules, can live, die or multiply as the cells form various patterns throughout the course of the game. 


    LP includes MP3 Download Code.

    Hoshina Anniversary

    Sagano B/w Haru Wa Akebono

    Hoshina Anniversary is conquerer of the mind, creating the most beautiful sound, other than silence. This is his first offering for the ESP Institute. Side A’s 'Sagano' is fairly representative of the Hoshina sound — raw organic samples and instrumentation, of traditional Japanese origin, mercilessly bent and tweaked to suit the needs of his obsessively precise arrangement. Midway through the track, we’re bewildered by his demonic breakdown on the Rhodes, which daringly tags the bassline and strings into a synchronized trio of jazz-funk noodles, and he even throws in a key change before dropping us back into the main hook for the duration of the dance. It's a major flex, and indeed makes an impression. On side B’s 'Haru Wa Akebono', Hoshina displays an alternate and equally significant side to his songwriting, merging optimistic twinkles and arpeggios with slightly detuned dry percussion for an overall uneasy vibe, not dissimilar to early video game aesthetics or circuit-bent toys. Across both sides, there lies an unhinged overtone, such that we feel one small step from spiraling deep into a demented quicksand, a freak-out where hallucinations get the better of us. Initiating a breadth of releases planned with the ESP Institute, this single summarizes a few of Hoshina’s most compelling modes, and though there is a whole circus yet to unfold, we hold his cards close, no spoilers before the main act. These two songs will have you drinking moon juice and dancing naked at the Mardi Gras.


    Patrick says: Fans of boundary pushing house and oddball dance music might recognise Hoshina Anniversary from his breakout 12" on Safe Trip earlier this year. Here the Tokyo based producer cooks up a bouncy banger for the A-side and a proper cosmic cruiser on the flip, instantly attaining five mushrooms out of five in our new Piccadilly scoring system.

    J A surfaces on RUBBER with six disorienting wave tracks, reigniting the catalogue after a short hiatus. Crafted by Andrea Noce (Eva Geist, As Longitude) and Jonida Prifti (Acchiappashpirt, Opa Opa), these productions find elegance in their noir aesthetic and sketch-like composition, breathing filmic atmospheres of its creative process and the hedonist self alike. Straying away from the societal drift for efficiency and make belief, this record was produced over a timespan of five years, while shifting between Berlin and Rome. Dancing and loafing, mirrors were splintered and scattered shards reflected a new light. Here, Noce's serpentine sense of melody guides uncharted signatures of reverberating syncopated drums, while soundscapes move in and out as apparitions fogging the mind. The poetic spoken-singing of Prifti subdues the tracks, through a linguistic form where Albanian and Italian intertwine, channeling her scientific field into art. Cleverly processed, the vocals take on many shapes, blurring lines between instrumentation and recognition, creating meaning where language ends.


    Patrick says: Killer machine vibrations and wave preoccupations from Andrea Noce and Jonida Prifti here, who marry stuttering rhythms with sparse synthesis and fx-laded vox across six chilly cuts.

    Brand new release on Brothers From Different Mothers, after the first LP of J-zbel, Judaah's label deliver the first solo EP of Jonquera, half of The Pilotwings.

    It's a scuzzy take on sinister electro and more experimental electronix as our guides takes us through five very different sonic environments.

    "Umamami" is sludgy and lysergic, full of gated drums and swirling sfx; like if Adrian Sherwood decamped to the Red Planet. "Hell Reggaeton" also milks the 80s gated drum set, with a crossover freestyle beat and mangled to oblivion vox; it's galloping delays and discordant guitar chops only add to the sense of urgent disorientation.

    "Smegta" opens the flip with an arresting slice of aural manipulation; pulling and stretching a canvass of synthesized choir notes around a mechanized loom; it's like the ghosts of a cotton mill escaping out the woodwork.

    "Escroc Voice In My Head" concludes the trip with a stop-you-in-your-tracks slice of taut EBM. Highly strung and ready to implode at any moment, the elastic synths and dark stabs perfectly compliment the creeping, zombie-horror groove in what's surely one of the best closing tracks to grace an EP all year!

    From the Outplay camp comes their new sublabel 24 Carrot, designed as an outlet for stuff that's a bit more leftfield or simply not suited for the main label's programme. 

    The first on the label and it's familar faces Junktion and Fouk on the contribution. Junktion comes at you with "The Search", an uplifting piano & vocal disco tune which will be sure to make those feet move!

    The flipside is Fouk's turf. "That's Pretty Vague" amps it up as a groovy bassline house track, broken with toughened up synths.

    "Paahdy" concludes proceedings; straight up house with nods to Chicago, perfect for a most scenarious where dancing is the main priority...

    Direct from the Midwest, ace imprint Clear present us with four tenacious hardware workouts from Juzer. For the uninitiated, Juzer is the joint project of two artists central to the underground music scene in Chicago, Beau Wanzer and Dan Jugle. The work of both straddles the fault-lines between, noise, techno, industrial, EBM, and the more frenzied shades of house. 
    In theory the 12” starts slowly, with the 100 bpm rattle of "Old Reliable", although it’s fitful energy is anything but, while the following track "September" coils itself into a tightly wound circuit freak-out. "Busy Bees" and "We Work Hard We Play Hard" are the buildup and climax of the record’s machine driven anxiety, fit for a chase scene in a post apocalyptic megacity thriller.



      There's a lot to love about Voitek Taranczuk, not least the the fact that his nom de plume appears to be Polish for Ket! This latest EP on the producers own imprint comes chock full of floor pleasing goodness spread out across five multi-purpose jams. The opener (appropriately titled "Number One") doles out redolent guitar licks, exotic synths and the occasional reggae vocal over a mid tempo beat just polyrhythmic enough to prompt a sway from the most committed wallflower. Next up "Loca" launches electro drums (massive snare, heavy on the two) and pinging synth melodies like a lost Metro Area tool with maximum bite, minimum fucking around. For "Another Mindset" the Polish producer reaches into that hazy '03 - '07 era to blend Villalobos bleeps with a tuned tom bassline and clattering hand drums, adding the chopped "ethno" vox for added impact. Flip it for a right chug-a-thon in the form of "Lasai" - spine tingling trance lines laid upon a stiff space age rhythm grid - and the eerie deep house of "Tu I Teraz", a fine throwback to the sexier end of the late minimal techno era. Is Sankeys still open? Asking for a friend...

      Mutant industrial acid house from one member of the UK Mutoid Waste Company art and performers collective. The Mutate tracks where created in 1990 when Steffe Lewry, vocalist composer and producer from the UK, active since the mid 1970 (Gong, Planet Gong, Here & Now), was living with members of the Mutoid Waste Company - the legendary performance arts group founded in West London in the early 80s.

      Influenced by the movie Mad Max and the popular Judge Dredd comics, they specialised in organising illegal parties in London throughout the 1980s, driven at first by eclectic assortments of fringe music such as psychedelic rock and dub reggae, but then embracing the burgeoning acid house music movement by the late 1980s. They were famously described as "part street theatre, part art show and part traveling circus" in the 1986 LWT documentary South of Watford presented by Hugh Laurie.
      The group became famous for building giant welded sculptures from waste materials and for customising broken down cars, as well as making large scale murals in the disused buildings where they held their parties. 
      In 1989, after a number of police raids on their warehouse in King's Cross, they left the country and travelled to Germany where they became notorious for building giant sculptures out of old machinery and car parts, one of which was 'Käferman', a giant human figure with a Volkswagen Beetle for its chest, offering a Bird Of Peace sculpture that overlooked the Berlin Wall towards East Berlin and the regime of East Germany. They had a collection of scrap military vehicles, including a Russian MiG 21 fighter aircraft which 'followed' them around wherever they went, and a painted tank known as "the Pink Panzer".
      The 3 tracks where included in a video compilation of Mutoid art, “How The Mutoids Brought Down The Berlin Wall”, edited by film maker Jonathan Barnett. To make these tracks Steffe used a 4 track teac reel to reel, a Korg DDD1 drum machine and Fender stratocaster guitar.

      Daniel Lopatin returns with his latest score for the A24/The Safdie brothers’ film Uncut Gems which is out internationally on the same day as it hits theaters. The film screened to rapturous response from critics and stars Adam Sandler (in an outstanding career-best performance) as well as NBA star Kevin Garnett, Lakeith Stanfield, The Weeknd, Julia Fox and more. The hypnotic crime thriller follows Sandler’s Howard Ratner, a charismatic hustler always on the lookout for the next big score, in a twisted odyssey through the New York jewelry market. This is the second collaboration between Daniel Lopatin and the Safdie brothers following his highly acclaimed work for Good Time, winner of the Best Soundtrack Award at Cannes Film Festival 2017 and also for the Best Original Score for a Feature Film at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2017. His other film works include Ariel Kleiman’s Partisan (2015), and contributions to Rick Alverson’s The Mountain (2019) and Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring (2013). 

      Zoe McPherson & Rupert Clervaux

      Plafond 5

      Radically shapeshifting and surrealist, as spinning sonic prisms taunting the ears, 'Cercle Vicieux' and 'Cercle Vertueux' channel Fluxus artistry, straying past jazz-licked drones, avalanching low end and blood red scatting. Scenes both condescending and anxious -- this release is carried by its interwoven conflicts, where strange attractors reveal knots at each listen. The fifth Plafond is a special joint project tying the synchronicity of two contemporary minds. Both Zoe Mc Pherson and Rupert Clervaux are known to actively transgress art forms, reconstituting production methods through respective audiovisual and literary pursuits. The listener is relocated in their musical interzone, bordered by avant-garde experimentalism on one side, and bass-heavy club mutations on the other. This ambiguation lays out a gateway, one through which modern producers can re-adopt the revolutionary energy of those who unraveled conventions on music and sound in the first place -- a 'Cercle Vertueux', indeed. Comes in a hand printed sleeve with multiple tints grey and silver, including an Obi-strip, by the BAKK Interzone Alcazar.


      Barry says: Booming, sub-sonic bass and rhythmic sidechains take hold in one installment while the echoes of chamber classical instrumentation and reverbed vocals tear through the acoustic percussives and shadowy pianos. Hypnotic and entirely spellbinding.

      One of our favourite newcomers to the dance arena concludes what's been an absolutely stellar year with a tasty three tracker for new label, Original Schvitz. The Toronto native heads the lasers and the big rigs for a trusting mainroom anthem, "The Canadian Shield" is built around galvanized synths, buzzing leads and uplifted stabs - it's basically a totally playable techno bomb that few will find resist after a couple of garies with their mates...

      "Feed The Planetary Sharks" is more cerebral, showcasing the playful and exotic side that highlights much of Micay's output thus far. Jubilant and with a magic and highly transportative quality, it's the sound of a producer conjuring up his own sonic planes on which to inhabit.

      "I Like My Nudeln Fried" is deep n naughty; capturing the house heads with its highly swung drum beat but keeping the techno heads hooked with its big rumbling b-line and futurist synth washes. Micay's expertly processed drums sound particularly exquisite on this final number....

      A flawless year for this burgeoning producer who more than warrants your attention right now! 

      Karma Moffett

      Sitting Still Within / Sitting Still Without

      Sound has the ability to heal. This is the primary tenet that has been driving Karma Moffett for over 35 years. Pure tones, resonant harmonics, the sounds of the earth. At the dawn of the 80’s, as the burgeoning movement of privately-issued New Age was taking hold, Karma Moffett was a pioneer. Eschewing the use of synthesizers and other increasingly-available electronic technology, Karma crafted his meditative, introspective music using ancient instruments. Primarily utilizing Tibetan Bells, and Singing Bowls, Karma Moffett crafted sounds that led the listener on an inward journey.

      1982’s "Sitting Still Within / Sitting Still Without" is Karma Moffett’s earliest triumph. Combining the aforementioned Tibetan Bowls & Bells along with naturalistic field recordings, Karma’s first album is a testament to the power of minimalism and repetition. An ambient voyage that truly draws the listener inwardst, and outwards, "Sitting Still Within / Sitting Still Without" is music for healing.

      One of the best house reissue labels in our opinion, Power Music presents Mood II Swing's "Call Me" 12" - surely one of the act's finest moments!!

      Originally released on Earth Moon & Sun (Power Music parent label) in 2000, some of the remixes were released separately (and conversely, before the original release!).

      Fans of Mood II Swing's highly swung beats, soulful keys and punchy bass are gonna be in for a treat here - a crowning jewel of the duo's catalogue plus everything single remix here is highly effect and unique in its own way.

      A simply essential release for house heads! 

      Juan Moretti

      Cats Do Not Care About Glasses

      Summer might be fading away, but the good time grooves keep on coming courtesy of Hell Yeah’s next album project: Cats Do Not Care About Glasses is the latest from all round musical talent Juan Moretti, who fuses together jazz, hip hop, electronics, soundtracks, musical experimentation and much more into a freeform album of intoxicating sonic journeys.

      Moretti is a bassist, drummer, composer, arranger, visual artist, DJ, hard clubber and good food lover who has been plotting his own route since the early nineties. He is co-founder of the 3IO jazz band and Things Happen nu disco duo who has been involved with theatre shows, short soundtracks, visual installations, festivals, DJ sets, experimental art and more. Drawing on all that and heading off into the unknown, out of his comfort zone and into brave new sound worlds, he goes where the compositional process takes him without a view to any specific genre or style.

      That plays out across the seven suburb tracks, with opener ‘Flare’ managing to be a worldly ambient piece as well as a slow motion acid track, a blissful balearic trip but also a majestic melodic masterpiece. ‘Fahrenheit’ fuses cosmic Sun Ra jazz with glistening electronics that drown you in warm sunshine, and ‘Insane’ has a tropical feeling and gentle bossa rhythm, but intensely freeform synths that tie you up in knots.

      The midpoint sinks you into the breezy wind instruments, afro vocals and gently lilting guitar licks of ‘Fortaleza’ before ‘Claustrophonic’ is another celestial electronic jazz epic with withering sci-fi synths and live drums that constantly evolves. A swaggering dub beat and drifting sax line make ‘Moroboshi’ a low key beach club classic in the making, and finally ‘Backdoor (Mad The Cat)’ is a lush hip hop vibe awash with breezy licks and steamy chords.

      This is a brilliantly inventive album that brings together jazz, electronics and hip hop in truly magical new ways.

      A chance meeting in a New York club led to the conception of Mowgan’s debut album, in collaboration with renowned African Benin-born Nigeria raised singer and multi-instrumentalist, Kaleta (Leon Ligan-Majek) an ex Fela Kuti, Sunny Ade, Lauryn Hill cohort who also fronted Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble and presently heads up a 70s style afro funk band called Super Yamba based in NYC. The Frenchman was working at Lina Frey when he overheard a Beninese salsa singer called Laurent Hounsavi channeling Afro-centric vibes through his performance. He approached the singer and was put in touch with Kaleta, who lives in the Big Apple, too. What happened next was pure magic, as the two men got to work in the studio to bring their two worlds together.

      It’s the kind of mystical alchemy that only happens once in a blue moon; Kaleta was given carte blanche over Mowgan’s extensive collection of Africa-inspired electronic instrumentals. He selected his favourites and performed on each one, delivering an original vocal, and his own guitar licks, over the top. To stir up even more electrifying vibes, Kaleta also invited several of his talented friends to join the recordings sessions - they included vocalists Shade Myers Emmanuel, Justin Masters and Gbenga Wise, Freddie Deboe on sax, Mic Dada assisting Mowgan on synth pads and Takuya Kuroda, the infamous Japanese trumpet player from Kobe who specialises in neo-soul, hip hop and electronica.

      The result is ‘Karoussel’, a vibrant, dynamic, soul-enriching hybrid between electronica and deep African musicality that sets the standard for contemporary collaborations between western and African artists, and the first in a series of album projects from Mowgan on his fledgling label Mow Records...

      Nexus 21's 1989 classic "The Rhythm Of Life" LP is approaching its 30th anniversary.

      For the uninitiated the LP is a perfect synthesis of UK rawness and Motor City funk, b-boy nous and sunrise soaked acid euphoria. Nexus 21's sole LP "The Rhythm Of Life" is considered a classic for many reasons. Originally released in 1989 on the influential Blue Chip record label, and then purchased by Network when they signed Nexus 21 for (what became an iconic) career, the record ties all of the above influences and styles into a unique rugged sonic tapestry that caused a sensation with DJ's and dancers upon its release, and for the subsequent three decades to follow.

      Mark Archer and Chris Peat created an album that bore a handful of club classics, on both sides of the Atlantic. Their association with Detroit, and particularly Derrick May and Transmat, saw them go to the techno mecca to record some later material that will also be reissued in the wake of this three decade celebration of all things Nexus 21. "The Rhythm Of Life" is easily one of the UK's most influential techno records, it's style, sound and attitude has reverberated through dance music across the years and this timely reissue will undoubtedly excite the old-school heads and the new-school appreciators of the real deal techno sound in all its glorious forms.

      Repressed and remastered, and spread across two high quality slabs of vinyl, this essential reissue has been made with the full involvement of Mark Archer and the legendary Network Records with all tracks being sourced from the Nexus 21 DAT archive for maximum sonic playback quality. 

      Noema's last EP on his own, Magic Movement imprint was an absolute doozy, landing slap bang between shamanic house, cosmic and EBM flavours with a beguiling, mystic palette of sounds. He's back with some more music recorded on a recent trip top Sao Paulo and packing just as much punch as that previous volley. The title track translates a 90's Detroit house groove to the present day and adds cuica, berimbau and several other Brazilian drums on top. Riding the complex groove, you encounter eccentric synths, mysterious soundscapes and of course the horse, on this 11 minute long hack.

      "Minhocao" trades the horse for a racing car and takes you on a cruise on the same-named elevated highway that leads through the city of Sao Paulo. Surrounded by driving beats, guitar single-notes, massive synth-bass howls and a gritty Moog theme, this jam is a hell of a joyride!

      Khidja strips down the original title track to its core and creates a solely percussive version in a half-time groove. By adding a virtuoso qanon / saz-like sound the tune develops an arabesque flavour with a dubby bass as the cherry on the top.

      New Canoe and it's Nyra manning the paddles and he guides the vessel into the midst of a Belgium-themed warehouse rave! Two tracks that ride the arpeggios into a space disco oblivion ( "Every Electron" and "Atoms Of Joy" ), and two tracks that channel all the serotonin-flooding energies of a well synthesized ecstasy tablet ""Let's Trip Out", "Dusk Rider"), Nyra makes no effort to hide his influences.

      Instead, across four track he pays tribute to his favourite moments from the seedier recesses of dance music history. The result is a highly affecting EP that should keep the majority of club goers and DJ's more than happy in the later moments of the sesh. 


      Sil says: More Canoe to satiate your weekly fix of techno breaks and rave nostalgia that is so much in vogue now! Solid and likely to really annoy your neighbours if you are residing in a two up two down terraced house!

      Pan American

      A Son

        Legacy Chicago craftsman Mark Nelson’s latest offering as Pan•American is less a distillation or divergence than it is a return to his musical and spiritual beginnings. Spare, subdued, and largely acoustic, A Son unfurls like late summer dusk on the edge of town, expansive but intimate.

        Motivated by notions of “moving backward” and tracing roots – as well as a couple years of hammered dulcimer lessons – the album’s nine songs were written and recorded in his home in Evanston, Illinois, and honed during a recent solo tour in Europe. The emphasis on uncluttered arrangements and the centrality of the guitar and vocals reveal these songs as the most direct and emotional statement of his career.

        Nelson cites everything from June Tabor, The Carter Family, Suicide and Jimmy Reed as oblique inspirations, though his truest muse was creative self-inquiry: “What does music do, Where does music start? How simple can it be? How honest can it be?”

        After decades of mining post-rock pathways and latticework electronics in Labradford and early Pan•American, A Son strips away ornament and distraction in favor of a direct gaze into the heart of what is.

        Theo Parrish & Maurissa Rose

        This Is For You

          Theo Parrish coming correct just in time for festive season with the ultimate stocking filler for DJs and music lovers alike!

          "This Is For You" is incredible! Landing somewhere between "Galaxy Pt.1", his work with Billy Love and "Summertime Is Here" it's painfully emotional and drizzled in languid organs and heart wrenching chords, I'm pretty much in tears just sat here listening to this..

          No amount of superlatives is gonna do it justice, absolutely breathtaking, sublime and one of the most essential Sound Signature releases to date. A complete triumph you're gonna be gutted if you miss out on. 


          Matt says: Fuckin' ell Theo Parrish cruising right back into my number 1 slot here with a crushingly beautiful track that's literally the best thing he's done in years! Awwwww shit!

          The brothers Dewaele (of Soulwax fame) keep the Deewee bangers coming courtesy of he solo debut from their Brasilian buddy Phillipi. Earlier this year São Paulo duo Phillipi & Rodrigo dropped their beautifully uplifting debut album ‘Paciencia’, which scored all sorts of plaudits all over the place, including your favourite record shop (Ah-thankyou!). While ‘Paciencia’ pulsated with a euphoric beach party vibe, Phillipi’s solo project explores much darker territory. By uncompromisingly maximising the bass alongside a relentless beat, lead track ‘São Paulo’ is immediately oppressive and ominous. That intensity only amplifies as it’s blown open with tribal percussion, almost whispered vocals and glitchy synth stabs. ‘Vibe De Verao’ then takes a more progressive approach, with minimalist techno constantly evolving in surprising and inventive ways. 
          The EP’s second half extends Phillipi’s impossible-to-pigeonhole approach. In complete contrast to the preceding tracks, ‘9000’ is cinematic in scope and lighter in tone, feeling like the score to a lost ‘70s sci-fi cult classic that’s been reworked for 2019. And ‘Gelo Seco’ caps an unorthodox sonic adventure by setting a spliced, stuttered vocal simple around a dancefloor-friendly soundscape - making the title, the Portuguese phrase for dry ice, entirely appropriate. As with all DEEWEE releases, ‘Amadurecimento’ was recorded, produced and mixed at the label’s inspiring headquarters Ghent, Belgium.


          Sil says: Brazilian, playful and dancefloor friendly. It does not get hotter than this. And it has to be on the great Deewee label. You need this!

          Pina Edits

          Pina Edits Vol. 2

          The Berlin-based Pina collective drop their second seven inch to date. While the first one seemed focused on the magic of the re-edit / mash-up, volume two of their craft seems intent on delivering pumping mainline house music.

          Two tracks that should appeal to fans of Tiger & Woods, Shir Khan and Eddie C with their playful, loopy, sample-based sound.

          Limited quants - move quick! 

          After detonating a highly volitile batch of weirdshit with his debut LP "Changing Hands" earlier in the year, Juan Ramos returns to ESP Institute with the 'Oxford House' EP. Though his relationship with the label has already spawned four releases, the A-side here holds the track where it all started, "Fahrt Im Himmel", a hyperactive electro-house thumper caked in neon optimism. The folks at ESP first heard this jam in the midst of a packed dancefloor when Juan was at the decks, and have been patiently waiting to let this one loose ever since. On the flip "Oxford House" splinters freestyle, 91 house music and a pinging bassline into a sample-heavy dose of retro-raving primed for peace time detonation. If you ain't feeling the uptempo thump, wrap your ears around the "New York Metropolitan Area Mix", a bass heavy neck-snapper which could be a Black Moon instrumental. Mega!

          Brand new album from stand alone producer RAMZi whose totally unique and enticing sounds have garnered her some loyal support amongst the more ritualist and shamanic music adventurers.

          Latest LP "Multiquest Niveau 1: Camouflé", sees eleven different compositions that poke at the otherworldly and ethereal. Unusual melodic motifs clash with found sounds, AM radio chatter and a backdrop of stimulating frequencies - whether it be gentle, tuned subs or the pitter patter of celestial wind chimes. There's a holographic and hallucinatory nature to the whole piece, like you're looking through the dimensions of a philosopher's stone into events past, present and all-encompassing. RAMZI's allure is in the mystic and unspoken, in strange rhythms andsonic witch craft. "Multiquest Niveau 1: Camouflé" details the beguiling soundscape beautifully, and by the end of the release you feel like you've explored new lands...

          Highly recommended! 


          Matt says: RAMZi pours more heady & noxious content into her cauldron of sonic witchcraft resulting in an extremely transportative journey.

          Lyon based, Better Listen Records, connects Ethyène and Saint Paul, who unite for a split four tracker soundly in the tasteful, disco-house vein of their Moonrise Hill Material crew.

          Saint Paul takes care of side A, with Ableton-friendly renditions of modern disco-house that bang and twerk in all the right places.

          Ethyene takes the wheel for side B,with two pumpin' house jams that should appeal to fans of Shir Khan, Finn (2B Real) and vintage MAW. 

          More PRR! PRR! affiliated madness for the rave gremlins and warehouse dwellers. New music by Samuelspaniel with vocals and additional production on "Shoganaï" by Golin who you may or may not associate with DJ Dave Goblin, who incidentally, has designed the sleeve us his real name, David Coquelin. Struggling to keep up? So are we, if we're honest. But what matter here is that these cats are single-handedly creating some of the most maverick and uncompromising dance music in the world right now. Rightly getting hammered across the NTS network by in-the-know DJs, and strangely, even garnering some press from the Guardian newspaper!

          The sound? New reinterpretations of rave tropes utilizing classic breakbeats and advanced synthesis to create a mutant form of hardcore breakbeat that looks as much to PC Music, Sophie and Mr Oizo as it does to bassline, Swamp81 and Kode9... sound intriguing, it is. Get your head around this shit as it's destined for repeat plays throughout the next ten years. 2019? Fuck that's soooo last decade.

          Irmin Schmidt

          Villa Wunderbar

            Can founder's retrospective compilation album updated to include music from 5 Klavierstüke and released on vinyl for the first time. The compilation includes tracks such as Villa Wunderbar, Kick On The Floods and Bohemian Step, alongside remixes by Schmidt of two Can tracks, Alice and Last Night Sleep, as well extracts from his extensive soundtrack work. 


            4xColoured LP Info: Clear vinyl, limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

            4xColoured LP includes MP3 Download Code.

            Following the release of his debut album, "Sketches Of Transition", UK house devotee Seb Wildblood has curated a brand new collection of remixes, inviting a cast of artists to reimagine tracks from the LP - featuring contributions from Suzanne Kraft, Object Blue, Ciel and Jenifa Mayanja.

            Running Back and ESP Institute affiliate Suzanne Kraft opens into the collection, offering a typically atmospheric, Italo-inspired take on sombre pop cut "Amelia". Breakthrough experimental club producer and DJ, Object Blue, warps the easy-going pace set out in "Sketches", drawing focus to its woozy mood with muffled vocals and disjointed percussive hits. Swirling synths and a rich ambient tapestry make for an intoxicating rework.

            On the B-side, Bumako Recordings boss Jenifa Mayanja puts a percussive deep house spin on the technicolor minimalism of "Small Talk". A live bass groove pops beneath the track’s swaying synth beds and melodic chimes, making for the most classic dancefloor take of the bunch.

            Discwoman affiliate and DJ / producer extraordinaire, Ciel, bathes "Bahn" in fluttering psychedelic percussion. Invoking the likes of Orbital, Boards of Canada and The Black Dog, with an emotional candour shining through the foggy atmosphere.

            New LP from modern electronic stalwart Space Dimension controller, whose rise from fresh faced R&S signing to world-conquering techno king has been well documented here at Piccadilly.

            For his mother label the Belfast native has conjured up another star-gazing array of electronic tracks that skip through tempos and styles whilst always being accompanied by his trusty machines.

            Following the magnificent, self-released "Redemption Of The Cryonauts", the producer is exploring his new found confidence with an intrepid focus; wandering through slinky, electro-landscapes, hurtling through 5D techno and wallowing in rich soundbeds of synthetic textures.

            There's a narrative and cinematic quality to the album, as if you're exploring deep space with (real name) Jack in the cockpit and you as his trusty navigator as you cruise past disco, kosmische, boogie and electronica waymarkers, all ably reconstructed by the producer's arsenal of outboard. The refined and considered level of musicality is nothing short of breathtaking, and should ensure the album finds plenty of favour outside the immediate dance music / night club-centric worlds in which the producer / DJ has previously inhabited. An absolute masterpiece - recommended! 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: He's really finding his stride now. Turning his hand to myriad styles and tempos but always with a cohension and flair that'll be familiar to his followers. He's still got plenty more to give (judging by his fresh faced press shots anyway - Ed) so we're just enjoying the journey with this incredible artist.


            2xColoured LP Info: Purple vinyl.

            Sufjan Stevens & Timo Andres

            The Decalogue

              Oscar- and Grammy-nominated composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Sufjan Stevens releases his acclaimed score for Justin Peck’s ballet The Decalogue via his own label, AKR. Performed by the pianist Timo Andres, the recording is the first time the score, premiered during the New York City Ballet’s 2017 season, is available to the public. 

              The Decalogue is the third collaboration between NYCB Resident Choreographer Peck and Stevens, following 2012’s Year of the Rabbit and 2014’s Everywhere We Go. The piece was widely praised upon its premiere; The New York Times lauded the “beauty and charm” of Peck’s choreography as well as Stevens’ “romantically modernist études.”

              Brooklyn-based composer-pianist Timo Andres is a Nonesuch Records artist, who has written major works for the Boston Symphony, Carnegie Hall, the Barbican, the Takács Quartet, the Concertgebouw, and elsewhere. He performs regularly with Gabriel Kahane, and has frequently appeared with Philip Glass, Becca Stevens, Nadia Sirota, the Kronos Quartet, John Adams, Ted Hearne, and others. As a pianist, Timo has performed at Lincoln Center, for the New York Philharmonic, the LA Phil, at Wigmore Hall, for San Francisco Performances, and at (le) Poisson Rouge. Upcoming highlights include a curated program for the Cincinnati Symphony (featuring Dance Heginbotham and a performance of Andres’s cello concerto, Upstate Obscura), and a solo piano recital for Carnegie Hall. Previous work with Sufjan Stevens includes the orchestration of “Principia” for Justin Peck and the New York City Ballet.

              A singer-songwriter currently living in New York, Sufjan Stevens’ preoccupation with epic concepts has motivated two state records (Michigan and Illinois), a collection of sacred and biblical songs (Seven Swans), an electronic album for the animals of the Chinese zodiac (Enjoy Your Rabbit), an expansive EP in homage to the Apocalypse (All Delighted People), a full length partly inspired by the outsider artist Royal Robertson (The Age of Adz) and two Christmas box sets (Songs for Christmas, vol. 1-5 and Silver & Gold, vol. 6-10). BAM has commissioned two works from Stevens, a programmatic tone poem for the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (The BQE) and an instrumental accompaniment to slow-motion rodeo footage (Round-Up). Stevens’ Planetarium, a collaborative album with Nico Muhly, Bryce Dessner and James McAlister imbued with themes of the cosmos, was released in 2017 to widespread critical praise.

              2015’s highly acclaimed Carrie & Lowell explored his relationship with his mother in the wake of her death; a companion collection of outtakes, remixes and demos, The Greatest Gift Mixtape, was released in 2017. The songs “Love Yourself” and “With My Whole Heart” were released in 2018 in celebration of Pride Month, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the Ali Forney Center in Harlem, NY and the Ruth Ellis Center in Detroit, MI. Stevens also contributed three much-lauded songs to Luca Guadagnino’s critically acclaimed film Call Me By Your Name, including the Oscar-nominated “Mystery of Love.”

              Studio58 / Mandjou Kone

              Nick The Record Remixes

              DJ, collector & edit entrepreneur, Nick The Record launches another new label Natural House for showcasing new material & remixes from his nearest and dearest.

              Studio 58's "Birds Of Paradise" is a place where highlife meets house with a smile wider than its face.

              Mandjou Kone / hailing from Burkina Faso gives us "Wamian" which is perfectly pulled into the heart of the dancefloor with all manner of deftly deployed devices. Absolutely essential floor pieces from a man who knows.

              The Fibre Foundation

              Free Your Mind

              Groovin revisit more from the illusive Fibre Foundation archives here, the second excavation of material by the label of this mysterious trio of producers....

              From 1995, "Free Your Mind" was caned by DJs like Mark Farina & Homero Espinosa and therefore became a big hit on the burgeoning San Fran scene. The UK mix in particular, with its sultry vocals, highly swung drums and punchy bottom end would become huge on both sides of the Atlantic. Groovin' have included the other three hot mixes of the track on this 12" reissue, including the more Kerri Chandler flavoured, "NJ Mix" and the bumpety, Carter-esque, "Bonus Dub". So good!

              Underground Resistance

              Inspiration / Transition

                It was Mad Mike himself who produced this amazing 12" from Detroit's most uncompromising label. "Inspiration" is the next level in the jazzy, bleepy techno tradition of "Amazon", "Ambush" and the like. It could only be UR and Mad Mike! The flipside, "Transition", is well in my top three techno records EVER (- Matt) and should be more than familiar with anyone for a penchant for Detroit or techno and is also a staple at Wet Play here in MCR. Exceptionally funky techno with an infectious, mind-altering (and life improving!) vocal part, UR's urgent pace and grit coupled with one of the most cerebral-tickling lead lines ever written. It's sheer gold and had me running around the shop in excitement when I learnt I could replace my worn out, battered copy. Who knows how long this new fresh copy will last, but so long as UR re-issue this classic once every 10 years, that should keep us all happy I reckon. Essential.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: An Underground Resistance record is for life, not just for Christmas. Better make sure it's like, one of the best techno records ever made then eh?


                Get It Poppin’

                Another white label tech-house BOMB to fuel the masses. Decidedly 'un-instagramable', this vicious roller should smash thru all false-ego-fluffing on the dancefloor and instead result in melee of swinging elbows and pogo-ing bodies.

                Deep rumbling kick-bass-tom patterns, killer rap acapela, speaker-tweaking lead... it's all there to send hordes of drugged-up under 25s into ecstatic oblivion.

                Limited quants, move quick! 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Unlikely to make any sense unless you're 2 pills in at your next all nite dance party; but in the right environment I'm sure it'll gonna go off....

                Kobza Vajk is a Hungarian self-taught psychedelic folk musician who has been playing the oud and other obscure stringed instruments, like kithara or the lute for more than 15 years.
                His main influences are folk and ancient music of all kinds, which he unites with his contemporary approach of composing and the oriental technique he plays his instruments with.
                This release focuses on his original work from the late 2000's with a few reinterpretations coming from established e-music producers.
                The title track is a live recording from 2008, perfectly setting the mood for the whole EP: psychedelic shaman music with powerful oud chords and a hypnotic Middle Eastern atmosphere.
                In his remix Dutch producer, Perdu keeps one of the main patterns of the original but by adding some extra percussion he turns it into an entranced tribal banger. Next up is Multi Culti boss, Dreems, who revisited one of the most famous Hungarian folk songs creating a uniquely interesting piece with dubish subs and the twisted main melody. The final track is a more carefully tempered yet driving remix by Hungarian producer and Budabeats staple, Bete (aka Suhov).

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Matt says: Deep shamanic voodoo for our trusty section here as Hungarian musician Kobza Vajk is remixed by a top drawer selection of talent. Sacrifice of a farm animal is optional.

                Seminal club sounds from the legendary Strictly Rhythm catalogue, this is some straight 1994 heat. Armand Van Helden is a worldwide legend in house music - his discography is untouchable and "Witch Doktor" is easily one of the most classic and biggest jams in his catalogue. This is the sound of unbridled euphoria, huge soundsystems, packed out darkened dancefloors and an era of dance music that has passed but still reverberates today.

                The classic 'Dark Ages' version is reissued here and featuring two slamming brand NEW mixes courtesy of Serge Santiago and Illyus & Barrientos for 2019. Huge. This 12" comes with all original Strictly label artwork, snoozing not permitted!

                Cult label Belters storm the dancefloor one more time with a quartet of killers from their Lithuanian pal Zoé Zoe. Boffins may recognize "Kalista" from the label's Dekmantel podcast - it now getting its first vinyl outing.

                Octave bass, fx-soaked vox and heart swelling chords can only mean one thing - new Italo for the masses! Get yerself down to Bargin Booze and stock up on a crate of poppers - you're gonna need 'em when this one drops! Power thrusts for the midnight hour...."Quark" switches tact and deploys some dry Cornish acid a la Ceefax, RX-101, Squarepusher etc.

                The internet breaking "Kalista" kicks off side B, a deep space acid serenade for a sci-fi love story; while the clinking, clanking mechanical madness of "Hubble Deep Field", closes off the record with an intrinsic and trickski cosmic drug-chugger. Check! 

                Beyond Space And Time is the new record label from Japanese music festival, Rainbow Disco Club (RDC). RDC has been welcoming music loving people to Japan for over a decade. Throughout the festival's history, RDC have been fortunate to constantly encounter performers and DJs who've collaborated with them in establishing a beautiful dance floor year in, year out. These relationships have lead RDC to start their own label, and now gives them the opportunity to reveal one of the best-kept secrets: What is in a DJ's record bag?

                This time around, festival regular DJ Nobu kindly opens up his collection and shares the music he loves with us all. 

                ▼ DJ Nobu describes 10 tracks this way ▼

                A1. Laurent Garnier - Water Planet
                Highly respected French DJ/Producer Laurent Garnier has been releasing tracks for decades capturing the very essence of Detroit Techno and Breakbeat. He always manages to create something truly emotional. This is not his biggest hit, but it's my favorite.
                A2. Mono Junk - Beyond The Darkness
                This track represents the very early days of Techno with it's ravey atmosphere. It has a primitive feel, and the obscure mixdown sounds almost unbalanced. That said, this one really stands out when DJing. Very cool.
                B1. Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - The Valley
                It was always my intention to include this track in a compilation if were I ever to do one. It has a fat underlying groove, with some indigenous spices thrown in. The whole thing is put together beautifully. No complaints!
                B2. Melody Boy 2000 - Plenty Of Love
                I wanted to include a track that had Jacking feel to it - that is my definition of dance music. This track mixes well in both Techno and House DJ sets.
                C1. Drax Ltd. II - Amphetamine
                This is my all time favorite track by Thomas P Heckman. It asks questions and strikes down all the boring 'wanna be cool' techno tracks. It is obviously a well known tune already, but I include it here because I'm often asked for it's track ID from new kids in the game. This is a classic that should be passed down.
                C2. Dan Curtin - 3rd From The Sun
                Curtin's refined synth grooves and bass lines make this a true timeless classic. It do not get tired of listening to his rhythms and melodies - he always gets it just right.
                C3. Front 242 - U-Men.
                The originator of Electric Body Music. Their husky vocals, hard rhythms and strong synth basslines made the group very popular at the time, and they are still to this present day. To me, this track represents what the Belgian New Beat scene is all about.
                D1. The Prince Of Dance Music - E3 E6 Roll On
                This is the track I played the most up until around 2006. It is a genuine house track that cuts through trends in music. A hidden floor killer.
                D2. Pan Sonic - Lähetys / Transmission
                Electronic music has existed for decades, and if you are to choose some of the best from all scattered & hidden places, Pan Sonic's 'Lähetys / Transmission' must be considered. The track emerges beautifully - breaking structures and transcending the past. Every layer of the piece is produced with such delicacy and care, that as a whole it magically drags you into the world of the unknown.
                D3. Burial - Archangel
                This track merges melancholic emotions with technological prowess at the highest level, and deeply impacted the dance music scene on it's release. I recently played this track at the end of my set at the forward thinking Terraforma Festival in Milan. It faded out to huge applause from the open minded crowd. A moment to be remembered.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: In the finest genre busting tradition, Nobu’s dancefloor is a broad church, covering emotional techno, progressive house, classic jack, Love Parade slammers, EBM, club psychedelia and even a classic from Burial!

                Ever-reliable edit stable The Very Polish Cut Outs have already successfully branched out Soviet and Yugoslavian territories, and now head honcho Zambon casts his net across the whole of Eastern Europe, returning with a brand new EP of off-grid disco, Balearic, electro and funk. All 4 cuts have been re-edited by well-known and long-term label associates such as Old Spice, Beard In Dust (aka Lipelis), Kompleks and Krjuk. Their reworks give brand new life to the original tracks that come from Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and the USSR. Czech disco? Check! Serbian Punk funk? Check! Russian electro? Check! Estonian balearic house? Check! This is without a doubt a versatile 4 tracker, that you will spin 4 times at 1 party at different hours of your set. Eastern Europe might not be the future but the edits surely are excellent.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Patrick says: Those Very Polish peeps cast the net across the whole of Eastern Europe on their latest 12", serving us four fully under the radar heaters, retreated for dance floor success. Big new wave disco on the A1, sleazy and slow-jamming e-funk on the A2, punk funk power on your B1 and body popping bizzness to close - all killer, no filler folks!

                LA Club Resource enlist Chicago house legend Emanuel Pippin for a compilation of early Trax output taken from the embryonic period of Chicago house. Unreleased and rare tracks from Ron Hardy, Armando, Sean Hardonson, Paul Johnson and more.

                Kicking the record off with Sean Hardonson's "Crash". "Video Clash" is a house music standard, made popular by Lil Louis in 1989 on Dance Mania Records, although in circulation well before that. Hardonson's "Crash" is said to be the mythical version that started it all, finding its first time on wax here.

                To round out side one Pippin presents the original version of the house classic "House Nation" by Nick Non Stop and also fresh from the archives is the much sought after cult mix show cut the Martin Luther King Eulogy track by the late great Armando - "Gallop".

                On The B-side the spirit of legend Ron Hardy is alive and well in "Hardy Feet" a never before released straight to tape track made by the man himself thats sits somewhere between "Magic Feet" and "Video Clash"

                To finish out the record Paul Johnson and Emanuel Pippin join forces on this unique version of Chip E's "Its House" set to make the club go crazy.

                A must have for all Chicago House collectors and fanatics. Limited to 300 worldwide.

                Rush Hour announces their second artist compilation Patchwork, curated by one of the label’s most loved family members, Sassy J. The Swiss DJ is the very embodiment of passion and long-standing dedication to the craft of the DJing, but also to the community surrounding the music that she lives and breathes. For the past fourteen years Sassy J has run the Patchwork night in her native Bern and in London, with guests ranging from Theo Parrish and Little Dragon to Floating Points and MF Doom invited to share their respective musical visions. Her collaborative approach stands out in a DJ world that is too often weighted in favour of promoting the individual. This compilation grows out that unique sensitivity, foregrounding a theory of curation that centres on long-term bonds, articulated through Sassy J’s personal relationships with the contributing artists.

                Patchwork speaks to the grass roots values that Sassy J espouses, showcasing music by many of the artists that have joined her throughout the years in clubs, on the radio, and at home. It is an expression of Sassy J’s individual musical path that casts its gaze firmly in the future: Patchwork is made up almost entirely of new and unreleased songs that are exclusive to this collection. Patchwork captures a sound that has continued to evolve in its restless search for new musical directions. Across ten tracks we find forward thinking electronic music rubbing elbows with cosmic jazz and deep percussion workouts from Brazil and beyond.

                There are irresistible calls to the dancefloor: 2000 Black’s UK boogie, whilst the early rave of Nu Era and Aardvarck’s sub-rattling techno channel the grittier edges of the club experience. We find machine music imbued with humanity in Larry Heard’s deep house classic “Survivor” and in Ron Trent’s WARM project, whose gentle breeze points to a different side of the legendary producer. Patchwork also opens a more immersive listening space in which the radical indie soul of Georgia Anne Muldrow. Patchwork also includes Sassy J’s collaboration with veteran producer Alex Attias, marking her own place in a universe that is held together by her singular thread.

                Patchwork is compiled by Sassy J and features ten exclusive tracks. It will be released on 2xLP, CD and digital formats on december 9th, on Rush Hour Records.

                FORMAT INFORMATION

                LP Info: Limited gatefold edition of 500 copies, including bonus 7"

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