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Genre pick of the week Cover of I'll Do It Again by Omar S Feat. Simon Black.

Omar S Feat. Simon Black

I'll Do It Again

Omar-S introduces Detroit's newest diva on the scene, Simon Black with an X-Rated 12" for the real freaky types. In line with some of the definitive vogue house tracks of the past, "I'll Do It Again" will become a future ballroom staple. On the flipside, "Freaky Type" sees Black slows it down and steams it up with some nasty vox over a beat produced by FIT Siegel. High kicks and hand snaps all around!


Matt says: Mental good record here from the people's favourite pinball wizard and sports car hoarder. "I'll Do It Again" shows all the signs of becoming a mini-anthem across the global dance village. Get in on the action before everyone else and get this bagged pronto!

Focusing on low-slung IDM, Acid and atmospheric Electro with nods to Krautrock & Ambient sounds, Steve Hyland’s ATTRAKTTA project gets an extended outing on the FILM label. Across eight beautifully produced tracks, Hyland - one of the founding members of AI Records and subsequently Concrete Plastic, explores vibrant synthesis and intricate drum programming, with the music arriving at a sweet spot between home listening material & club-ready workouts for more intelligent dance floors.

Eschewing straightforward synth sequences in favour of blissed out - almost disharmonious sonics, Hyland transmits a curious psychedelia on his debut LP. Sounds pitch and warp organically, buoyed up by saturated low end and punchy drum machine percussion. There remains a decidedly accomplished precision to the work, though - with the music bearing all the hallmarks of an artist of some considerable experience - testament to the British producer & label head’s 19 years working in the industry.

A colourful, exquisitely composed LP that riffs on a timeless production aesthetic with considerable style, Echo Principle is a fantastic entry into the FILM Records discography.


Ltd LP Info: 140g vinyl, matt uv varnish.

Ltd LP includes MP3 Download Code.

A memorably bracing, momentarily pummeling highlight of ‘Song For Alpha’, Daniel Avery perfectly bridges the light and dark contrast of his influences on standout cut, ‘Diminuendo’. Uncompromising technoid drums establish genuine frenzy, matched by a pulsating industrial drone, ultimately collapsing into ethereal feedback, before one final round of frenetic rhythm.
On ‘Hyper Detail’, the intense acid lurking beneath the surface of ‘Song For Alpha’ is dramatically unleashed, easily matching the frantic energy of the previous track, and upping the potential for wide-eyed, rave-friendly electronic hypnosis. ‘Light Of Falling Rain’ is more severe and equally intricate, creating immediate enormous tension and re-lease with a barrage of snarling electro and expertly intertwined microrhythms.

Finally, on ‘Time Marked Its Irregular Pulse In Her Eyes’, the disembodied elements of Avery’s studio communicate something cryptic and unnerving as a farewell. The most uncompromising and purely physical batch of material to emerge in the wake of ‘Song For Alpha’, the ‘Diminuendo’ EP finds Avery on urgent and ruthless form.


Sil says: Wow... what a surprise. For me it is all about the behemoth 'Diminuendo', a hard techno tribal with acid flairs. A highlight on his album and now in its full glory on a 12". If you dig prolific Avery, this is a must have.

Claremont 56 continues to champion new, previously unheard talent with “Ready To Die”, the stunningly beautiful and catchy debut from Bel AKA Charlie Bell – a young, Liverpool based singer-songwriter, musician and producer who has a huge future ahead of him. “Ready To Die” is an emotion-rich chunk of catchy, loved-up Balearic pop with heart-aching, gut-wrenching lyrics about unrequited love, Bell’s debut is as catchy, infectious and heartfelt as anything the label has released to date – as proved by Lauren Laverne’s decision to champion the record on her BBC 6 Music show.

Such was his love for the song, Murphy decided to remix it for release, completing extended vocal and instrumental versions that enhance the track’s sun-kissed, glassy-eyed appeal. Both mixes are magical, with the vocal version in particular capable of making the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention. Bell’s impassioned vocal and breezy acoustic guitar playing naturally takes centre stage, with the track’s sweeping synth-strings, toasty bass and a few trademark Murphy flourishes – think well placed delays and fluid electronics – on hand to amplify the song’s bittersweet mood. The beautiful and beguiling quality of Bell’s musicianship and Murphy’s subtle remix comes to the fore on the equally beautiful instrumental version.



    Ten songs composed by Neil Arthur, and arranged, co-produced and mixed with Benge (Wrangler/Creep Show) at the latter’s Memetune Studios in Cornwall. This is the pair’s third album together following their Fader First Light album in June 2017 and they also collaborated on last year’s Blancmange opus, Unfurnished Rooms - described by Mojo as ‘detached, wistful, touched by computer-age unease.’ Wanderlust is focussed on similar themes but there’s a new energy to the approach - wistfulness turning to anger; dislocation morphing into a powerful desire to be somewhere else, and always a sense of someone fighting for forward motion, dreams, family and the joys of life while seeing, as Arthur puts it, ‘the pretence of a normal world being erased.’ This spirit is also in the music, which is vital, percussive, full of analogue machine-noise and chunky basslines. 


    Razor / Predators

    Borai, real name Boris English has snuck out quite a prolific discography since 2011 with about fifteen different releases on a plethora of modern labels. Reluctant to contribute to just one genre, his already impressive catalogue boasts house, breakbeat, jungle and dub-techno all conjured up with an authenticity and energy that's impossible to ignore.

    Two tracks from the esteemed producer inaugurate new label Higher Level. "Razor" is an opiated old skool jungle jam that's been slowed down to a crushing weight. Brain melting amens, foundation shaking sub and demolition ball hoovers all creating a manic piece of slow-mo grindcore jungle for the heads who like it heavy!

    "Predators" also hits up a vintage jungle vibe, contrasting vicious breakbeast and rupturing basslines with angelic chord sweeps and heavenly pads.

    Across both tracks Borai displays a classy, indepth knowledge of jungle's historic idents and programming traits; meaning these could both be mistaken for golden-era tracks when in fact they're brand new. Hats off son! 


    Matt says: Top drawer 95-flavoured new jungle kicks off this new label from an artist who's frequented more dance styles than I've been to raves (Ed: That's not true, Matt's been to A LOT of raves...)

    Boys Noize

    Killer (Feat Steven. A Clarke)

    Vinyl Factory keep their dance floor pressure in the red here, taking a brief diversion from Roisin and Maurice's killer space funk for a rave remake by German producer Boys Noize. A big fan of Adamski and Seal's "Killer" (who isn't) from his childhood, the Boys Noize often drops the soulful and slamming bleepfest as his last track, so maybe this was just a matter of time. 
    As Boys Noize says: “Being a ’90s kid I kind of grew up with this song which later became one of these tunes I’d play out at the end of the night. When I met Steven and heard his voice for the first time I immediately thought of that track and the idea of doing a cover version was born. It was initially just for fun but it turned banging and lit the dance floors wherever I’d drop it.”
    Adamski and Seal’s original represented something of a breakthrough for both the producer and vocalist, spending four weeks at the top of the UK Singles Chart in the summer of 1990.
    Speaking to journalist Dave Simpson in The Guardian in 2013 Seal explains the impact the song had on his career: “Within a week, I went from being a relative nobody – this weird guy at raves, with silver bits in my hair – to a household name.”

    Everyone's favourite French house producer takes a distinctly dark, techy and experimental route on the latest Atavisme joint - Pepe's own outlet for his productions.

    The four tracks on offer here show a man delving deep into the murk and swamp of his synthesizers, conjuring up a thoroughly alien and intoxicated collection of tracks that skirt around the 4/4 rhythms of the dancefloor whilst depositing a whole host of lysergic phlegm, refracted frequencies and cybernetic flux onto the master stems.

    It's a side to Pepe we're seeing more of of late, as the producer's ditches the accessible for the head-turning - and we love it! Favourite track here is the marching tekno squelch of "Ave Psychic" which in our ears gives Chicago's supremo sound mangler, Jamal Moss, an adequate run for his money.

    Top marks Bradock! 

    Wolf Music proudly present a fantastic reissue for those in love with the dancefloor.

    If there's one thing WOLF Music know a thing or two about, it's house music. So it's no surprise then that they've decided to reissue a golden 2003 deep house nugget in the form of BRS (British Rhythm Services) - 'Spring Dom'.

    Reissued from the original DAT tapes 'Spring Dom' is one of those timeless records that even 15 years on sounds as soulful as it did when it first hit the racks. Echoed sweeping stabs, chunky drum loops and powerful synth flurries alongside those mesmerising vocal refrains, all tied together with a driving bassline - this is deep, deep goodness of the highest degree. Reworking 'Spring Dom' for the present day, WOLF mainstay Medlar provides a rave tinged remix, chopping the vocals and reworking the synth lines to give it a peak time, dancefloor demeanour.

    The flip houses the other two tracks from the original '03 release - 'Clubtronic' with it's UKG flavoured beat, M1 pads and jazzy free flowing melodies and 'Miss You' combining a bumping groove, dynamic bass melody and stirring Rhodes chords.

    A much-welcomed reissue package from the WOLF camp and a chance to own this house treasure without feeding the sharks.


    Sil says: Monster deep house tune for all of you that sounds as fresh now as it did 15 years ago. It has aged superbly. Medlar ups the game revisiting it and adding roughness to it. 'Spring Dom' and 'Miss you' are two diamonds you totally need. This is by a mile my deep house record of the month!

    Dixon Avenue Basements Jams launches its sub-label Neutralizer, a new outlet for the dirtier end of their tastes (is that possible?! - ed), with four honkin’ jam rolls from Belfast’s own Carlton Doom, purported to be the adult alias of a feral child featured in the infamous 2002 documentary: Wild Child.

    The "!Dungeon Funk" EP at once references the dirty frolic of classic Hague / Glasgow manoeuvres, upcycling all that old shite to reflect a far more harrowing take on the desolate, post-sensible future we’re wishing into existence. BenzodiAcid and the rhythm of hard industry, stitched together with a dod of good ‘old fashioned mechanical funk and strong will to fuck it all off.

    It's great to see Dixon Avenue branch into new territories, as Martin and his trusty bunch of militant sound manglers present the new sound of the dancefloor - loud, wobbly and lysergic AF but with a slow, ever-evolving menace that alligns it with the current tribal-punk obsession. Catch a slice of the now and get ready to bend minds...


    Matt says: Fresh outta Glasgow and sounding more feisty than a Jack Russell with separation anxiety, Neutralizer and Calton Doom switch the mood of the dancefloor in tune with the seasons and bring the darkness. Check dis!

    Chaos In The CBD

    Global Erosion / Background Explorer

    South UK hotbed of dance music culture seems to nurturing a lot of talent at the moment. Fuck Berlin, if you've got an MPC and an idea head to Peckham! Yam Records are one of the increasing number of boutique labels to be emerging from the area, all with its own highly contextual sound - records informed by a multitude of cultures, influences and varieties of people. It's the 'IN' vote solidified in musical form, but let's not go there now shall we? Beans and Louis make the highest quality house music, which is perfectly demonstrated on this two¬?track EP. "Global Erosion" sees long¬?time collaborator Isaac Aesili contribute horn hooks and live percussion to this truly deep and emotional journey. On the flip, "Background Explorer" turns up the heat with an 8 minute heads¬?down transcendental percussion and drum workout, the surging chords and rainforest calls forcing the head to follow the feet.
    Being played by Benji B, Andy Blake, Bradley Zero and many more to come I'm sure! Massive! 


    Matt says: Biggest record outta Peckham for a while (well, a little bit anyway). Deep, Ron Trent inspired house vibrations on this tasty double A side.

    Neneh’s new record pointedly asks the question; how do we conduct ourselves in extraordinary times? In an era where the signal-to-noise ratio is more uneven than ever, what are the measures we must take to retain and remember our own personhood? It searches for answers, patiently and with great care, and with a fearlessness to acknowledge that sometimes the answers don't even exist. It’s a record that’s equal parts angry, thoughtful, melancholy, and emboldening, as Cherry and her collaborators continue to expand her ever-widening sonic palette to craft truly singular and potent music.

    Work on Broken Politics began as touring wound down behind Cherry's previous full-length, 2014's Blank Project, and she felt a drive to continue creating after collaborating on that record with Kieran Hebden (Four Tet). "That last album was much angrier and forceful, whereas this one is quieter and more reflective," she states. "I haven't always been so good at getting things out so quickly, and it still took a while—but that's okay."

    Cherry, writing partner Cameron McVey, and Hebden decamped to Woodstock, New York for a week-long recording session at the Creative Music Studio, a recording space founded by jazz pianist Karl Berger—who, in a stroke of providence, was a band member of Neneh's stepfather and Don Cherry as well as being friends with her mother Moki. "Being in a studio with them was like being in a familiar space. It was easy to reach into myself for the feelings I needed to be in tune with a song—and at night, Cameron and I would have dinner with Ingrid and Karl and they'd tell stories about my father. There were deep threads."

    "It was one of the best writing periods I've had in a really long time," Cherry continues while discussing the creative process behind Broken Politics. "I got out of the waiting room and into the inner sanctum.”

    "I'm very shy about taking on big themes with the airs that I've got a solution—who has the fucking solutions?" Cherry admits while talking about the album's title. "I like writing from a personal perspective, and the time we live in is so much about finding your own voice. People have been left feeling misheard, misunderstood, and disillusioned. What the fuck can I do? Maybe politics starts in your bedroom, or your house—a form of activism, and a responsibility. The album is about all of those things: feeling broken, disappointed, and sad, but having perseverance. It's a fight against the extinction of free thought and spirit."

    "I have a name. You have a name. We're not just these faceless mounds you can put in the ground," Cherry proclaims when talking about her worldly vision that seeped into Broken Politics. "We're human beings with lives and stories." Art can often remind us of how it feels to live in the moment, and it can also be instructive in helping understand how to preserve that moment. Broken Politics finds Cherry at her most generous and benevolent towards a world that is often anything but. She puts it best in the chorus of LP track "Fallen Leaves," in her own defiant way: "Just because I'm down/ Don't step all over me.”


    Barry says: Neneh Cherry's unmistakable vocal style and soulful leanings are harnessed here by the dreamy, otherworldly percussion and electronic momentum of Kieran Hebden (Four Tet) on production duties. His impeccable ear for sonic space only accentuates her flawless songwriting skills, making for a brilliantly listenable and absorbing outing.

    Midnight Drive present a long out of print and highly sought after NYC ambient techno classic - Code 6's "Untitled" EP from 1993.

    In the early 1990's, Code 6 was a side project by Joey Beltram. A name that is extremely well known and respected in the world of dance music, a true techno stalwart with a hugely impressive catalogue of music, including more than a few classics and with a DJ and production career that spans almost 3 decades. Recorded in 1993, this 4 track EP is a departure from the style Joey was most associated with during this time period, favouring a more ambient, breakbeat driven and esoteric aesthetic. Contained within is 4 wide-screen snapshots of sci-fi drenched emotion, a raw, melodic tour de force that leaves the listener wanting more. It's easy to make lazy comparisons with other sonic emanations of the time from Sheffield, Belgium, London and Cornwall in terms of feel, but the "Untitled EP" is very much it's own planet, a truly original set of short but effective techno-vignettes that still captivate today in 2018. All of the tracks on this reissue have been remastered from Joey's DAT archive, with the exception of "Tempest" which was transferred from his mint personal copy of the record. All efforts were made to respectively maintain the sonic integrity of this fantastic, lost record.

    Crotocosm (Willie Burns & Jordan GCZ)

    Setting The Scene For An Island Battle

    The latest instalment of Rush Hour's spectacular 'No 'Label'' series comes from the brilliantly named Crotocosm, who you may remember from their 12" on Second Circle. The occasional live jamming collaboration from renowned hardware mentalists Jordan GCZ and Willie Burns, Crotocosm don't make it onto wax that often, so when they do, you know it's an event. Here we get the wonderfully named "Setting The Scene For An Island Battle", a title which suggests we're in the realm of the shamanic, where waterfalls flow upwards, neon smoke drifts across the plain and froglicking is an every day activity. The evocative and experimental "Krazy Kalimba" introduces the EP with distant timpani, sweeping bleeps and a string of circular mallet patterns, all working their disorienting magic. Things move a little further into the light on the A2 as "Island Life" uses synth vox, soft focus sequences and off kilter bass pulses to find a slightly opiated cross section of Laurie Anderson and Visible Cloaks. "Pitter Patter" goes deeper and darker, all crepuscular movements and stalagmite drippings, a perfect precursor to the foreboding pads and scuzzy rhythm of "Incoming Fire". "Survey The Scene For Survivors" closes the set in ambiguous fashion, never really choosing either hope or despair, as the sprawling synths and subdued rhythms echo into the distance. 

    EP from the new blood of EU electro - Datawave. Miiiiles ahead of most other artists paying, ahem, 'tribute' to the old school electro genre - within bars of hearing Datawave's vibration you know you're dealing with an OG.

    "Hidden Outpost" harnesses a gruff low end growl and abstract, sci-fi beats to create a slice of barren, space station electro that's as cold as Neptune's moons.

    "Stellar Wind"'s drum programming is what really sets it apart as glowing pads radiate thru the highly kinetic riddims for some ratcheting, powerful electro laced with pure class.

    Not much else to say, slap it ont deck at your next robo-boogie and maximum pleasure is guaranteed! 


    Ltd 12" Info: Limited to 200 copies. No repress.

    Bristol's Milo Johnson aka DJ Nature has long been the man for those lowdown, dusted-out late night jams that simply ooze soul and atmosphere.
    Having released music on myriad quality labels including Jazzy Sport, Golf Channel, Future Boogie and more, he felt it was time to craft a solid platform specifically for his own sonic explorations. Well, FWD EVR is that platform, and this, the maiden voyage on the label sees us welcomed into Milo's sound-world, where we feel soul, deep house and hip-hop vibes across 4 beautifully crafted cuts. The syncopated Afrobeat of "Oyasumi" introduces the set, serving dusty samples, low slung bass and dreamy keys alongside an innovative rhythm for full scale hypno-dance. On the A2, "Bobbi" is vintage DJ Nature, all tear-stained jazz samples, thick bass and vinyl crackle, filtered into the kind of soulful club cut we fell in love with on "Return Of The Savage". Flip it for more deep and dreamy beatdown via two mixes of "Violet & Me". The original mix sees Milo's trademark drum pattern topped by tight tabla and rhythmic chants, all underpinning the gorgeous combination of strings and piano. The "Native Healing Reprise" spins those same ingredients into a cooler, calmer and more relaxed variation which should work for the warm-up / warm - down.


    Patrick says: I love me a bit of DJ Nature, and this four tracker of beatdown brilliance ticks all the boxes. Soulful samples, thick basslines and Milo's trademark rhythms on his new label of choice.


    Outer Space / Up 2 U

    DC's Dreamcast continues to effortlessly flow across 7" wax, following his stellar releases last Summer on PPU ("Liquid Deep") . He goes in again for Future Times, with Max D on production. "Outer Space" is a wistful electro cruiser and "Up 2 U" gives off visions of walking home really early in the morning, confused and happy. This second track in particular sees a different side of the producer - downbeat, sampled jazz licks, sincere vocal and brash breaks harking back to the crate-dug, soulful hip-hop of the late nineties. Still mega tho!


    Piece Of Class / Star Of The Disco

    Rain&Shine proudly present ENERGIZE, a band out of Marin County, California in 1979. Previously unobtainable even for top DJs due to rarity, Rain&Shine gives this double A side modern soul/disco 45 an official re-issue treatment. About ENERGIZE (words by Dan Hays - Guitarist, Songwriter):

    ENERGIZE came to age in a post-hippie era, where musicians went back to playing covers in bars. However Marin was still inexpensive and it was possible to pool money together to buy studio time.

    That's how ENERGIZE formed - working musicians led by the superb producer and guitar player, Archie Williams (son of Archie Williams Sr - a passionate educator, WWII air force pilot and 1936 Olympic champion) Dan Hayes - songwriter and guitarist, and John Isabeau - lyrics and our executive producer.

    John is now a successful Hollywood producer, Oscar documentary award winner, and resides in James Brown's former house in Las Vegas.

    The record also features a hugely successful blues vocalist who has asks to remain uncredited. Archie, John and I now have grown children and a few grandkids as well and getting a kick that 40 years later, our self-produced record has found an audience. Far Out.


    Sil says: Two mega high roller disco bombs with the label 'rarity' hanging proudly on them. This is a high caliber reissue and unfortunately we are not getting many so rush in!

    Damiano Von Erckert

    Recklinghausen EP

    It's the return of Damiano Von Erckert - yippee!

    The label head's had a busy year, with an extensive touring schedule alongside the day-to-day running of Ava - who if you didn't know re-released Move D's seminal "Kunstoff" LP early this year.

    Its back to the present on this outing here though, with four brand new tracks from the German-born, France-residing artist.

    "Marl" deposits a solid haul of synthesized elements onto a sturdy house beat, turning up the echo and reverb settings as a cascade of niceness spills outta the speaker stacks. It's straight away undeniably DVE - rich, powerful and sonically intriguing. "Recklinghausen" is named after the producer's place of birth and is somewhat darker and more introspective than the previous piece - perhaps hinting at some deep residual melancholy or perhaps not!

    Flip the disc and "Dortmund" should disperse any doubts about this being a geographically themed EP. It's a club-focused track with clever spoken word vocal and squishy, spongy kick drum that'll sound mint through a half decent rig - this is my jam baby!

    One more left on the starting blocks and "Essen" ignites a full frequency frenetic banger resplendent in twangy leads, gritty reversed vox and sublime drum sequencing. DVE's ability to create techy refrains and idents out of negligible vocal snips and artifacts perfectly demonstrated as the 'bbrrrr-yeh' vocal part cuts right through the stems on this beast.

    We heart DVE! - Totally recommended. 

    Exit North

    Book Of Romance And Dust

      Exit North Announces Lush, Atmospheric and Melancholic Debut Recording Book of Romance and Dust. New quartet featuring Japan co-founder Steve Jansen, Thomas Feiner, Ulf Jansson, and Charlie Storm traces the edges of darkness and hope across a nuanced, provocative song cycle Exit North’s Book of Romance and Dust is an uncompromising and unconventional debut album that explores the collective psyches and diverse influences of its renowned members. Over a 4-year collaborative timeline, Steve Jansen, Charlie Storm and Thomas Feiner have contributed in multiinstrumentalist capacities and Ulf Jansson has focused on piano and keyboards. All the instruments one associates with the world of rock are involved, but employed within an eclectic mindset. The recording also features trumpet, harmonium and a string quintet.

      Legendary jazz bassist Lars Danielsson contributes upright bass. Feiner’s deep, rich vocals are vivid and emotional. They pair perfectly with the recording’s spectral qualities, incorporating the ambient and orchestral, the meditative and kinetic. The album is one that rewards repeated engagement. Full of layers and complex lyrical turns of phrase, the record requires an investment to absorb. It also includes an instrumental in “North” that finds Jansson conveying melodic intrigue in the absence of a voice. “The group has a patience and attention to detail that I find rare to come across these days,” said Jansen. “Most people want to rush the process and find the nuggets as quickly as possible, but the years spent on this album have been well worth it. The recording reflects a constant pursuit for the best we can achieve without a concern for the time it takes. This type of music is timeless, so there is no bandwagon to rush towards. We each have great attention to detail and a determination to avoid superfluous musical and lyrical content. We wanted to dig deep and express our connections with music and make the type of album we felt represented a culmination of our years of experience.” A co-writing partnership first formed when Feiner worked with Jansen on his 2007 solo album Slope. Jansen sensed a kindred spirit and pursued a long-term working relationship. Feiner was already partnering with Jansson on other projects and brought him into the fold. The trio officially planted the seeds for a new group.

      Feiner then realised the potential of inviting renowned Swedish producer and engineer Charles Storm to join the group. The two met years earlier at a Jansen performance in Stockholm, so Feiner was aware of Storm’s appreciation for Jansen’s previous output. They also had a mutual friend in Jansson. Everyone felt a sense of trust, shared experiences and camaraderie that informed their sessions. “The creative process for us is successful because we can communicate progress in composition and structure without being too precious about personal choices,” said Jansen. “The tracks have been through a number of changes and this process of raising the bar was only achieved by never resting on our laurels or believing one person’s own way is the best way. It’s truly a collaborative band in that sense. It’s why we credit all the music to the entire group.” Exit North is truly about generating an aural gravity that pulls the best out of its participants. Those who admire Jansen’s instrumental, experimental solo output, as well as his song-based work with Japan and Rain Tree Crow, will find much to enjoy on Book of Romance and Dust. Similarly, the audience Feiner has cultivated with his group Anywhen and its acclaimed recording The Opiates, will encounter a related, spacious aesthetic. Jansson and Storm have also worked on countless sessions across myriad genres that have enriched the global mindset they brought to this expansive ensemble. 



        Pure-O, the new LP by Berlin-via-Norway musician Farao, is a prog-pop exposition on the curious dichotomy between beauty and destructiveness in sex and relationships. Where so much modern pop attempts to tug similar thematic threads only to succumb to naiveté and euphemism, Farao grabs these subjects and dives headlong into a neon pool of synthesizer, zither, drums, and soaring vocals without sacrificing maturity, complexity, or artistry. Musically, she references 90’s R&B, and the untapped goldmine of Soviet disco. But the most important pillar of Pure-O – its living, breathing, biological quality-- is entirely Farao’s own. To be sure, all of the electronic ingredients are in the exact right places on Pure-O.

        Soviet-made synth tones ripple out fr om an undefined center lik e a Frank Stella painting, with sharply angled lines of color buzzing with concentric, hand-painted ecstasy. Rolling vocal melodies carry descriptive turns of phrase to gratifying heights, echoing in listeners’ minds long after their ears. In the spaces between all this electricity, there are shimmering microcosms of Alice Coltrane-esque acoustics that provide the album with an unmistakably rich, tactile marrow. Perhaps, then, we’re hearing Farao’s early youth in Norway finding perfect equilibrium with her adulthood in Berlin on Pure-O.

        She says of the time she spent recording, “I was in the process of learning how to conduct myself while not getting sucked in to the whirlpool that is Berlin party culture,” and of her childhood “It wasn’t a place I felt stimulated creatively, and felt quite lonely there growing up, which made me turn to music as a language for a set of emotions I didn’t know how to release otherwise.” It’s precisely this relationship between quiet reflection and overstimulation that makes the album unlike anything of its genre. In an age when non-electronic pop seems like an outlier, Farao constructs a bridge of humanity from the organic to the inorganic, rounding out the hard edges and sharpening the soft ones, thereby transplanting a healthy, beating heart into modern synth-pop. 


        Coloured LP Info: Limited transparent vinyl.

        Coloured LP includes MP3 Download Code.

        Still riding the acclaim of "Pablo" - Pitchfork's 'Best New Music' and a candidate for the song of summer 2018 - Michael Greene aka Fort Romeo drops a three tracker for Ghostly’s Spectral Sound imprint that finds him in fine form.

        "Untitled III" pulses out from the onset, riding a serpentine melodic line into a haze of impressionistic house before its final demystified minute. The drama swells in the back half while never losing its resolute calm. “Organelle” slows the pace with twilight stabs and warm subs in check, claves echoing down the hall. “Empire” revs the tempo back up, all twinkling synths and gnarled bass, the cerebral, celestial sequence starts off as a night drive and ends well above the road. One of the most accomplished studio producers in dance music today in our opinion, and these three perfectly formed tracks should give you a taste as to why. Expert stuff. 

        Blair French returns to Rocksteady Disco after last year’s brilliant "Standing Still Is An Illusion" for another 12” of mind, body, and soul music. “Public Park” starts off the release, with flutes, guitars, and African marimbas abound, presenting itself as the song of the summer. “Spirit Guides” follows, taking listeners and dancers on a spiritual Afro-jazz odyssey. The flip features two versions of “Public Beach”, a communal ritualistic dance track cum Detroit jit / footwork cut (!!!) with a massive bassline, pulsing percussion, and harmonized chanting, bringing to mind Shangaan Electro's hi-nrg tribal offerings with an added element of urban edge. Mega!

        The Future Sound of London's long and varied history stretches back almost 25 years and as such a vast amount of unreleased material exists in the FSOL archives. "Archived 9" brings together another 12 such tracks; in some cases these are completed but unreleased songs from that time, in others the songs have been reconstructed or enhanced and then further mixed to form the journey. This album is not just a collection of random off-cuts. It is a fully realized album, worthy of sitting alongside the rest of the band's critically acclaimed work. Did you know - The Future Sound of London were the first band to distribute their music via the internet, in 1994. Did you know - The Future Sound of London were the first band to use ISDN technology to transmit their music via the internet and also to radio stations across the world - a system that has now been adopted by the radio industry worldwide. (No I did not; but as I often say, every day's a school day here at Piccadilly Records... - ed).

        Selected by Sky Girl co-conspirer Julien Dechery, Le Raccourci culls 15 tracks from Gandera's extensive cassette discography, discarded DAT recordings, and split CD with Lyon toy music project Klimperei. ...

        While Gandera's nostalgic melodies incidentally parallel with the piano key manoeuvres of Pascal Comelade, Robert Haigh and Dominique Lawalrée, Le Raccourci could only stem from the escapist desires of one Eric Morin.

        The impressionist landscapes of a sensitive soul self-reflecting, these miniature compositions alternate across a rudimentary set up of piano, field recorder, sampler and four track. Melancholic utterings hastily captured some 100km east of Paris.

        Classically trained by the same teacher as his parents, Gandera first began recording in the confines of his university dorm room, inspired by a C60 from friend and future collaborator Bernard Odot (A Gethsémani). Humbly existing without sparing a thought to music industry or career, Gandera's personal effects surfaced via the European and US cassette networks from 1988 to 1994. Impressively accomplished for the DIY scene they orbited, these tapes were issued in scant quantities, rendering his pieces as private secrets shared and duplicated in small concentric circles. Aside from a sole, avowedly traumatic performance, the material was never shared in a live context.

        These sentiently charged compositions only hint at his larger catalogue, but act as a compelling cross section of the artist's oeuvre. The identity is further detailed by archival images, Glen Goetze penned liner notes and original artwork from Perks and Mini's Misha Hollenbach.


        Ltd LP includes MP3 Download Code.

        Garagen Uwe


        "Balayage" is Garagen Uwe’s first release on the Berlin-based label Beatbude. It’s a two-hits-single that comes with stickers and a business card and is really quite good!

        Landing on some three dimensional, digital landscape the sounds are soothing and languid. "Balayage" sees the ancient rhythms of house music, opiated and re-delivered 66% slower than their original intention as dizzying and exotic synthwork paints a multi-coloured environment onto the sonic canvas.

        "Ombre'" re-packages instrumental bedroom boogie into a more beguiling and coastal-leaning idea. Delicate guitar picks jostling against thick analogue synths and twinkly Casio melodies to conjure up that perfect moment of horizontal bliss. Watch you don't get yer towel wet...

        Recorded at Miami Nice Studios (GER) and mastered by Kelly Hibbert (CRC) this comes fully endorsed by us here at Picc HQ. 

        House music's currently residing chairman Gerd returns to the Aus council with "The Prophetess EP", a four tracker that harnesses a peaktime mentality with a melodic sensibility as the much lauded superstar crafts four house music cruise missiles.

        If you're a fan of G's much loved NY Stomp & Geeeman monikers then this release should certainly be up your street. Think wild leads, slamming kicks, frenetic perc and a whole manner of darting, analogue based fx. Wunderbaa! 

        Boom! There's summat in the water this week (probably magic mushrooms at this time of year! - ed) as we get not one but TWO totally shamanic and esoteric new releases on our shelves.

        Alongside Andy Rantzen's LP for Ken Oath ("Blue Hour Vol. II"), Grrrr jump straight down the rabbit hole for Tax Free here, conjuring up a mini album / collection of creeping percussion rituals and spiritual rainforest excursions.

        The perfect (imaginary) soundtrack to Terrence McKenna's 'True Hallucinations' - it's hard not to be transported into a rich and varied flora of philosopher's stones and exotic species, whilst direct contact with the spirit realm is almost guaranteed.

        Truly out-there and magical stuff for sound shamans and aural entheogenic practicers throughout the cosmos. Recommended! 

        Motohiko Hamase


        Righteous expensive: Motohiko Hamase's 1986 album "Reminiscence" scores a decent prize at online vinyl selling platforms and it is worth every coin!

        It's a perfect 'refuge from nasty reality', as the glorious British 20jazzfunkgreats blog once said, and it comes from a man that knows his trade: bass play - an artisan on which he also already wrote many theoretical books in his more than four decades long career.

        In the 1970's Hamase was no stranger to Tokyo's vibrant jazz scene. Together with jazz pianist Tsuyoshi Yamamoto and jazz-rock guitar-ist Kazumi Watanabe he played in the Isao Suzuki Sextet and was part of their classic landmark jazz-funk album "Ako's Dream" from 1976.

        In the following years he also participated on records like Mikio Masuda's latin-funk-jazz gem "Moon Stone" or Japanese female jazz singer, actress, and essayist Minami Yasuda's last album "Moritato". In the early 1980's his work shifted from pure jazz to electronic and ambient spheres and he started to compose his own music around his deeply emotional bass play.

        From 1985 to 1993, Hamase released five solo albums. just recently Studio Mule dropped his first one, "Intaglio", in a new recording that sounds as stunning as the original release from 1986.

        Now the previously mentioned "Reminiscence", his second work for the celebrated defunct Japanese new age record label Shi Zen, follows in a fresh shape on Studio Mule.

        As the original, it features deeply touching moments of sheer pristine perfection and distributes Hamase's inner emotional landscape with a bewitching bass performance. a soothingly beauty of an album, that reflects Hamase's search for spaces of melancholy.

        A rhizome of soundscapes that capture, settle and sound elusive while simultaneously being awe-inspiring. As for "Intaglio", the 66-year old artist gathered again some befriended musicians, rented a studio, staged his gear and recorded most of the original "Reminiscence" material new, while keeping the moving musical story arc of the original album alive in a fresh wrapping.

        The result is a dazzling, blue mood seething, strongly hypnotic long-player, full of personality and hybrid ambient electronic jazz spheres that open doors to unheard sound universes and that perfectly work for all those stress-relieved souls that love the disclosure of the mind and seek for a 'refuge from nasty reality'.

        Hashim, born Jerry Calliste Jr. got his start in the music biz by infiltrating (read: cleaning) the offices of indie hip-hop label Tommy Boy; he went on to cofound Cutting Records (later home to 2 in a Room, whose “Wiggle It” went gold). His 1983 cut “Al-Naafiysh” conquered the Danceteria club scene as an epic six-minute b-boy anthem that made kids spin smoking bald spots into their heads. New York stations like WKTU blew it up, while hip-hop DJs used its vocoded imprimatur, “It’s time,” as a scratch tool. One of the finest electro records ever produced, this is every home should have one tackle...

        'This record is the last to be written in our humble bedroom studio in Edinburgh, it deals with the usual theme of two 20-something overgrown emotional sad boys. Stress, trust issues and of course, dirt from Hawaii. Outside of this odd, brotherly-love project, we have also made music under solo pseudonyms (DJ Küsse / Ami K) so keep your ears open for that. We’re going to keep doing what we do best in the hopes that it pleases you as much as it pleases us. Right now, bye now, keep ‘er lit.' - Hi & Saberhägen.

        If this marks the end of chapter one for Hi & Sab (as I've been inclined to call them), then it's one hell of an outro! Four tracks of neo-tropical-house music, highly electrified and purpose built for extended outdoor play. The duo's completely unique sound palette seems to have found its unobstructed creative flow as these track's permeate a whiff of poise, flair and integrity; leaving us gasping to hear what's in store from the maveriks as they make their transition. Top stuff!

        Igor B

        Aguas De Septembro

        Rocksteady Disco's second cut this week comes from Igor B who drops "Águas de Setembro" which apparently marks the transition from Summer to Autumn.

        The source material for these tracks comes from two classics of Música popular brasileirac - which Igor transforms into modern dancefloor bombs!

        "Ponteio" should be vaguely familiar with anyone with an interest in vibrant soundtracks and classic earworms; that fluttery, Summery flute melody capturing the soul of anyone lucky enough to hear it. Add rich strings, upright bass and a bustling percussion section and you've got yourself a slice of post-Tropicalia dancefloor fun that everyman and his dog can get down too. Surely coming to a Mr. Scruff / So Flute! / Banana Hill DJ set near you!!

        "Cisco Dois" is a more electronically powered upgrade; digital kicks and glassy arpeggios supplementing the organic material contained within. There's still a hefty dose of human perc and primal rhythms, but the overall feel is much more geared towards late night house music action.

        Jovonn returns to his Body N'Deep label for triple album "Timeless", his first LP since "Blaque House" was released on Code Red back in 2009 and jam packed full of hits.

        Focusing on the deeper side of house, Jovonn's trademark New Jersey drums, max swing, sweet piano parts and low bass characterize much of the album, with contributions by Patrick Mangan (violin on "Hesperia Soul") and Cassioware ("Turning Me Out"). Luckily for us there's no nonsense hidden amongst the three discs - Jovonn preferring to touch upon all corners of the house music playing field - soulful, deep, bumpin, frantic and jacking flavours all making their tastes known on the aural palette.

        Twelve tracks that radiate quality and deepness throughout - Jovonn's still at the top of his game. Recommended!

        Kyoto Jazz Sextet

        Mission - Inc. Jaxx Madicine Remix

        Second 10" release from Kyoto Jazz Sextet as Local Talk continue to mine the band's "Unity" LP for dancefloor hits and suitable remix fodder.

        "Mission" undergoes heavy treatment from Milanese trio Jaxx Madicine who roll out funky house flavours full of bolshie piano, wobbly leads and a frenetic MAW-styled drum attack. House music that's vibrant and full of life - still giving those skilled drum solos and jazz flecked passages enough space to shine through the duration.

        As per the previous release, "Mission" is included in its original form, spread out across side B in all its glorious detail - a focused and intense workout based around staccato piano lines, dynamic drum section and invigoration chord progressions. Top stuff!

        Kyoto Jazz Sextet

        Rising - Inc. Ron Trent Remix

        House music staple Local Talk present the first of two 10" releases featuring music by Kyoto Jazz Sextet.

        "Rising" is taken from their second album "Unity" released on Blue Note in 2017 and follows the deep rooted tradition of the label - rich in expression, improvisation and musicality as they offer sincere updates to the trad jazz cannon. Besides the accomplished original track, for the 12" release here they have included a stunning remix by the legendary Ron Trent.

        Delivering one of his meandering, jazz leaning, live-fuelled numbers, big Ron fills the mix with bustling brass, upright bass and a busy rhythm section to create a spiritual house masterpiece packed full of instrumentation - wonderful!

        Compilation of the works by MJ Lallo, weird harmonizing mantras layered with drummachine rhythms.. Very psychedelic compositions where she uses her voice to create all kinds of sound(scapes)

        Take Me With You is a revelatory voyage through the captivating universe of voice artist and poet MJ Lallo. The works on this 2LP compilation were all recorded in her home studio between 1982 and 1997, primarily using drum computer, synth and her own voice processed through a Yamaha SPX 90 digital effects unit. They range from wordless harmonizer mantras and primitive drum computer meditations, to psychedelic latin dance-floor anthems and synth-drenched end-of-the-nighters. Lallo has created her own inimitable galaxy of sound where the human voice, liberated from the constraints of language and abstracted using digital technology, is able to explore the outer realms of human expression, like Joan La Barbara with an Eventide and a new-age sensibility. Although Lallo’s flight path is distinctly her own, her journey converges with other travellers as diverse as Jon Hassell, Laraaji, Stereolab, William Aura, Laurie Anderson, Meredith Monk, Gertrude Stein and even Terry Gilliam (whose film Brazil was a big influence on Lallo). Like something beamed in from another planet, Lallo’s work is both fascinatingly strange and strangely familiar, and will leave a lasting impression for lightyears to come. Double gatefold LP, remastered DDM pressing.

        Jamal Moss here guesting on Seth Troxler & The Martinez Brothers’ Tuskegee Music

        Double pack release with one track pair side, hinting that Jamal's delivered some top drawer high grade for the label. "Salvation is the Cure" immediately sounds the alarm, gliding in at a quick tempo and with gurgling, frothy acid lines and an un-ignorable urgency, driven forward by raw piano lines and ghosted fx stabs.

        "The Bad Blood" is a skeletal yet majestic track featuring vacuumous toms, off kilter percussive sounds all backed by exquisite synth work that exudes a pained sense of soul. It’s loose limbed and dynamic, always evolving and featuring a deep set bass sound that should tweak the club's subwoofers wonderfully.

        "R-Spirits Will Not Be Broken" harks back to Afrikans With Mainframes-type techno. Knackered drum hits spitting well into the red as wooden 'donk' acid stabs ride fizzing arpeggios and biting hand claps. There's an underlying, ravey lead line too just in case you're spirits needed elevating any higher.

        Last of all, ‘The Low End Theories’ is six more minutes of impressively instinctive, scuffed up drums, hits and twisted cosmic melodies. It sounds like chaos at first, but over time patterns emerge and you cannot help but be consumed by the strange beauty of it all.

        This is a typically unique and expressive house offering from one of the most innovative names in the game - don't sleep! 

        Piccadilly-approved synth-dub-psych-popsters Peaking Lights drop their first release of 2018, joining the ever expanding ranks of the Dekmantel family. As long terms fans of the Californian duo might expect, it’s a kaleidoscopic melting-pot of dainty dub, experimental and leftfield beats, with wondrous sunny soundscapes that blend together the unconventional home-fashioned electronics, and windswept vocals that have defined Peaking Lights to date. 'Sea of Sand' is the band’s first record in three years not released on their own imprint. With six tracks, exceeding 30 minutes in total, the extended EP is a prelude to a forthcoming LP. With a DIY aesthetic and approach to analogue instrumentalism, Peaking Lights retro-digital sound is one that sits perfectly with Dekmantel.
        The record kicks off with the quirky, upbeat pop track 'Blind Corner', followed by slower Italo-like 'Hypnotized'. There’s a wavey-krautrock sound on 'Shift Your Mind'; a glowing romanticism on 'Read your mind'; and a celestial ambience embedded through 'Noise of Life. The record concludes with the sonically divine harmonic piano track 'Sea of Sand', perfectly setting the template for the EP. 


        Patrick says: It's been a little while since we heard from Peaking Lights, and it seems they've spent their downtime refining their take on hallucinogenic synthery. Dubby, dreamy and superbly psychedelic, "Sea Of Sand" is another analogue delight from our favourite synth duo.

        Edizioni Mondo as a label, has the goal to produce music that is descriptive of concepts, images and environments. Inspired by library music, a genre frequently used as theme or background music in radio, film and television in that very same period, the name MONDO has its roots in “MONDO MOVIES", an Italian movie genre born in the 60’s. Mondo movies are characterized by documentary-like content that addresses several topics from around the world ("mondo"). Numero nove comes courtesy of ROTLA. Also known as Mario Pierro and Raiders of the Lost Arp, “Waves” is his third contribution to Edizioni Mondo. Downtempo, trippy, playful and pardon us, balearic, it's the soundtrack to the fading summer or the one starting somewhere else in this universe. Accompanied by remix works from label head L.U.C.A. and balearic (again!) mastermind Mark Barrott with his Sketches form an Island Healing Hands, it's the most balearic (three's a charm) record you will hear this side of the summer (wherever you are).

        UK dance culture veterans James Priestley & Giles Smith epitomize the hedonism still found in modern house and techno music. Through their carefully curated and brilliantly realized parties and an impeccably programmed record label, combined with marathon DJ sets that fast become the stuff of legend, the pair symbolize all that is good about electronic music in this age.

        Their debut release for Mule Musiq and as such an exciting prospect indeed; the Japanese label reflecting much of the duo's energy and ethos on the other edge of the globe.

        "Cyber (House Pass)" is unfathomably sublime. A deep, driving, smooth house groove locking us into its spell for the first 3 or 4 minutes until a velvet rich string section bursts into life and injects new vitality into this electronic house masterpiece. Meanwhile "Cyber (Cosmic Slide)" introduces side B with an equally hypnotic jam, low tuned floor toms and gentle perc fluttering with indecipherable vox and trailing arps. Both tracks show how effortless good house music should sound; natural, flowing grooves that take no work to get lost in - truly excellent stuff here from two master craftsmen. Oh, yeah, and there's a nice ambient closer in to drift off into before the disc finishes....Perfect stuff here folks don't miss out.

        Shida Shahabi


          The beautiful, intimate and homespun piano of 'Homes' marks Shida's debut release from this young Swedish / Iranian pianist / composer, and the fourth in a row of new albums by female-fronted artists released on 130701 this year. In terms of influences, Shida cites the lyricism and rich harmonies of 19th Century Romantic composers like Chopin, Schumann and Debussy. Other ballpark reference points might include Erik Satie, Goldmund, Nils Frahm, Dustin O'Halloran, Aphex Twin's 'Druqks' album, and Ethiopian pianist Emahoy Tsegue Maryam Guebrou. Shida signed to 130701 in February, after the label were floored by the beauty of her recordings. In the wake of the success of the likes of Max Richter, Nils Frahm, Hauschka, Johann Johannssonn , etc there has been an absolute glut of pianists emerging over the past five to ten years.When our friends at Swedish label Sing A Song Fighter sent us Shida's album demos to check out, their sense of purpose and luminous lyrical quality immediately shone out as something genuinely special. There is a palpable depth and integrity in her work. It is not showy or smart, articulates no grand concept, but flows from its creator freely and true. From start to finish, there's a sense of honesty and humble warmth seeping through every note. Revealing a wonderfully fluid sense of touch and melody, it is simply beautiful, warm, homely music with a big heart.


          LP includes MP3 Download Code.

          Third release of Studio Mule’s new project with Miyako Koda aka Dip In The Pool. Following the cover versions of Ohnuki Taeko’s Carnaval & Mariah’s Shinzo No Tobira,we made the new version of japanese pop ambient classic ‘Face To Face’ by Yumi Murata. Extended edit on a side is full of the respect for the original version and ambient version on b side is simply emotional. The first album of Studio Mule is coming in the beg of next year. Stay tuned.

          As a delightful taster for his upcoming debut album called “Between A Smile And A Tear” on Music For Dreams, Danish artist Be Svendsen launches his new vocal driven - the weird and wonderful deep disco single ‘Drop The Gun’ World premiered by Pete Tong on BBC1, and already harnessing great momentum in Ibiza and the summer festivals, this crossover track is very likely to stick in your head. Produced, arranged, mixed, played and sung by Be Svendsen.

          Sprechen sie rhythm? It's time for a new dance...

          Welcome to the wonderful weird of Talking Drums - a home for poorly executed dance moves, misjudged vibes and narcotic bravery. Semi-Cosmic, way wonky and oozing grooves, this is music for the fringe class.

          The party starts with a tripped out tribute to an Italian inspiration. 'C60 Lato A' sees the crew pluck a couple of killers off a well worn Cosmic tape, leave them out in the sun a little too long then stick them back together with an experimental blend of UHU and fufu. Springy bass, spangled brass and mangled electronics make for a motherload of funk, fried just long enough to make the walls melt. Bendy....

          Over on the B-side the crew come through with a little bathsalt boogie, pitched down and loved up for all the slow dancers and romancers out there. Strutting like a stoned fox, 'Get Serious' wraps rubber-limbed bass around propulsive percussion, gets hooky with the horns then slaps you silly with its x-rated synth-smut. Pinched from the pound bin and taped over a CH 5 classic, this disco drooler will loosen up even the stickiest floors.

          Freshly dressed and pressed to impress, the Drums are talking....


          Matt says: MASSIVE off kilter disco business from a new local firm here. Afro-electronix and space walking boogie twisted into the kind of wobbly cosmic tackle that brings on peak time enlightenment... Get yer orders in!


          12" Info: Super limited white label repress imminent.
          Hand Stamped - No Messing.

          A spectral haze of subconscious, living rhythms & electronic prowess, A meeting of mind-tribes - Close, Kudo, Ruscha & Tripp. Hear now! - the discovery of TKIL.

          The quartet creates in a non-linear, multiple level, liquid sequence. Four individuals, their subtle personality's reiterating sonic textures to form cascading minimalist atmospheres, chimes and percussion - diffused harmonics of ethnic vortices descending endlessly. Acting as coordinates that search for their source, a purity of multiplicity is presented.

          Together these are focused experiments, raga-like meditations of precious expression from artistic connotation. Visionary; subtle; mysterious. Their essence an eclectic blend of composition, a natural but technical expression of cosmic minimalism and world music influence.

          The outcome is a magical encounter of artists finding a creative affinity, sweeping downstream on a rolling rhythmic magic muse, beyond a bizarre excursion to capture the thrill of modernism, moments that reach the soul of alienation and togetherness in equal, savant, infinity.

          Brand-new track "Reach Out" by Gerd Janson and Philipp Lauer enjoys a Permanent Vacation here and is joined for some fun in the sun by Hot Chip's Joe Goddard. Erol Alkan and Osborne show up half way through the trip and everyone's happy!

          In original form, "Reach Out" is anthemic and very now. A pop-house framework supporting catchy synth riffs and bright chord progression. It's destined for as much radio play as club play and is the perfect backing for Goddard's distinctive vocal delivery which he aptly adds on top.

          Superstar DJ Erol Alkan transforms the track into a gurgling, spitting acid burner that should enjoy extended plays at Homoelectric the next time he's in town while Oborne's interpretation is a decidedly skippier and lighter affair, Joe's vocal taking centre stage as another pop-house aesthetic eventually envelops the track. Full fidelity and hi-def this is a rich and emotive crowd pleasure that's destined for big things right across the world. 

          Chicago's Beau Wanzer returns to Ron-Mo's exquisite LIES label for more of his bizarro, crunched-out electronics.

          A certain cultish air surrounds this producer - whether that's through some choice live appearances at tastemaking institutions such as Bohemian Grove; or whether it's his infallible style in the studio that teases underground labels such Russian Torrent Versions and this one to eagerly seek out material from this elusive cat. Whatever it is it all adds to the mystique and intrigue surrounding this fearless sonic explorer.

          Kicking off with the vintage electro wiggle of "The Grim Whim", he leaves it till "Wick Hunny" to deploy a thick, gliding mid-bass hum garnished with creeping arpeggios in order to truly saturate our cerebrums. Comparisons with Terrence Dixon only add to the mystery I'm sure, as Wanzer imparts a more demonic darkness than his Detroit counterpart.

          "Moistures" sees more fine sound design, a wet, flapping, detuned oscillator piercing through knackered drum machine hits and a unfathomably dark, TCP-fuelled vocal menace while "Shitty Cough 3" concludes with more broken machinery chunnering out some lost industrialized communication path between vintage space age tools. Another sterling release from the Long Island team. 


          12" Info: comes with a huge 22x28 newprint poster in japanese sealed poly sleeve

          The Wire

          Issue 417 - November 2018

            This issue includes the latest Wire Tapper CD, free to all readers with The Wire 417 November issue

            Inside this issue:

            Windrush Vibrations: The arrival of HMT Empire Windrush at Tilbury Docks in Essex in 1948 marked a new era of Afro-Caribbean immigration that changed UK music for (the) good. With London’s Barbican marking the 70th anniversary in a Windrush concert this month, Jason Yarde, Lez Henry, Mykaell Riley, Anthony Joseph and others reflect on seven decades of black British music

            Mhysa: The alter ego of interdisciplinary artist E Jane strikes a tender blow for radical black femininity. By Tirhakah Love

            Guttersnipe: The Leeds duo process extreme emotions to undermine masculinity via noise, rhythm and patterns of interference. By Abi Bliss

            Bone Head: California raised producer keeps it kitsch. By Steph Kretowicz

            Anja Kanngieser: The sound artist and radio producer pits spoken word and field recordings against climate change. By Lewis Gordon

            Preacherman: The synth odysseys of Tim Jones hit back at a world of conspiracy. By Claire Sawers

            Hairbone: Chaos reigns for the New York City performance trio. By Kurt Gottschalk

            Global Ear Barunga: Indigenous art is thriving in Australia’s Northern Territory. By Marcus Boon

            Invisible Jukebox Nkisi: Will The Wire’s mystery record selection be met with a resounding NON? Tested by Meg Woof

            The Inner Sleeve: Weirdcore on Aphex Twin’s T69 Collapse

            Epiphanies: Musician and writer Anthony Joseph on Mighty Sparrow’s calypso

            3024 is back with a quintessentially unique and current take on the hardcore continuum with a brand new various artists EP featuring music by label head Martyn, advanced percussive science by Yak, midsummer melancholy by Baltra and avant-techno by the Manchester / Berlin duo Juniper.

            Vacuum packed beats, piston drums, intricate micro samples and unfathomably sumptuous textures - this EPs got it all...As futureproof and as cutting edge as a Victorinox Swiss army knife! Check!

            History revealing compilation project centering around the legendary Front Club in Hamburg Germany that existed from the 80´s - late 90´s - a leading club in terms of music selection, mixing technique, rave culture - in a very important period of time.

            Eponymous resident DJ´s Klaus Stockhausen and Boris Dlugosch take a close look back at that time, guide you through the history, the early beginnings and absolute key moments of house music club culture in Germany.

            37 legendary tracks make up the CD release - many of which have not been on sale forever and a day while the vinyl, set across two volumes, selected 16 of the hardest hitting numbers for an unmixed selection for the DJs and collectors alike.

            Hamburg’s Front club was already the stuff of legend, and the story is important now, 21 years later as not many peoiple know how house music infiltrated Germany to give techno some competition on the dancefloor. With Front you wouldn't have Robert Johnson or, to some extent, Parorama - house and disco simply were not celebrated in large numbers until Front, Stockhausen and Dlugosch opens minds and record boxes to the soulful sound. 


            2xLP 1 Info: LP Part One.

            2xLP 2 Info: LP Part Two.

            Happy New Music Friday everyone. Loads of great releases out today and we some new banners up too…
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