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Genre pick of the week Cover of Fusion To Illusion by A Vision Of Panorama.
Gotta say, I wasn't expecting this. Multifaceted producer AVOP - who's previously released on a wide range of labels - including Aficionado, Faze Action, Hell Yeah and many more - returns to one of his home stables with an album of Mediterrainian pleasure, touching on house, broken beats and Balearic boogie. It's a surprisingly house-orientated theme which guides the LP however, drizzled in a summer sun and blue sky aesthetic. 

For those seeking a musical experience reminiscent of the iconic Larry Heard, Ron Trent & Kerri Chandler, delving into the enchanting sounds of A Vision Of Panorama is a journey well worth taking. 


Matt says: The seriously talented AVOP drops a house flavoured album for Star Creature oozing with organic instrumentation, natural rhythms and radiant hooks. There's a bit of broken beat / jazz-funk flavour injected into proceedings too. Be sure to check if ya dig Maurice Fulton, Instant House, International Feel and the original deep house innovators.


1. Fusion To Illusion 05:04
2. Piano Sunset 04:31
3. Imagery 04:18
4. Blue Water 03:20
5. Lost In Palms 05:02
6. The Crossing 04:33
7. Sensitive 04:06
8. Outro 03:07

"The Ick" - a sense of sanity amidst the storm of information. This album by Archetype is an abstract scream for something quite fragile, a polarizing society, disruptive isolation, and the fading collective experience. Utilizing dramatic vocals, industrial trip-hop, and post-punk-leaning electronics, Archetype marks the new moniker by the ever-versatile Viennese Rotterdammer, Leonard Prochazka. Following his manifold of concept-driven, instinctive musical output, Archetype's "The Ick" follows "Strapazen und Genesung" as Geier Aus Stahl on Knekelhuis in 2022. 


Mental Is True
Minute After Minute
The Ick
I See Numbers
Final Chapter

Baba Stiltz

Shame On Dry Land (OST)

    Baba Stiltz has written and produced the award winning soundtrack for the Swedish Movie "Shame On Dry Land (Syndabocken)". Awarded the Guldbagge price for best feature film soundtrack in 2024, the music is dense, at times oppressive, than again light-Mediterranean, all perfectly accompanying the story's vibe. 

    Baba Stiltz moving between Stockholm & LA. A myth, a young legend. Writing music since the tender age of 13, not bound by genres or expectations. Used to do Skweee before he defined his own sound of tech-house - skipped that (temporarily?). Now moving on to more folkloristic styles: country, rock, indie… you name it. Good music.


    A1) Welcome Dimman
    A2) Kicki
    A3) Island
    A4) Shame On Dry Land
    A5) Follow Me
    A6) Fredrik’s Gone
    A7) Again
    A8) Body Drop
    A9) Moped Escape
    A10) Karema Goodbye
    B1) Voyeur
    B2) Follow Him
    B3) Standoff
    B4) Reconciliation
    B5) Love Theme
    B6) Dress Rehearsal
    B7) Kill Krum
    B8) Believe
    B9) Underwater Love

    Salvo De Luca, a dedicated enthusiast of house and disco music who goes by the moniker DA LUKAS, has delivered a stellar 4-track EP of Funky-House/Disco-Boogie on Groove Culture. The EP's standout track, 'Satisfy Your Soul,' is currently making waves as one of the most played tunes in clubs globally, even finding its place in the latest set by French DJ Folamour for Boiler Room in Australia.

    Additionally, the EP features a new project by Da Lukas named 'Supergood,' available exclusively on vinyl. This funk-infused cosmic delight promises to get you grooving to its unique and captivating vibes.


    A1. Satisfy Your Soul
    A2. Let Your Body Be Free
    B1. Supergood
    B2. Music Turns Me On

    DJ Agitated, the alias of a well known producer, first appeared on Steffi's "The Red Hunter Remix" LP and now joins the acclaimed Dolly TS series. The "Magic Overlooked" EP is music that lasts. Beautiful high quality, Detroit infused melodic techno for the soul. Much like Dolly's recent output, it joins the dots between early Motor City machine music, turn of the millennium tribalism and balls-out European clang. Absolutely storming techno music that's both feral and futuristic. Check!


    Matt says: Dolly's gotta be the hottest vinyl techno label at the moment. With each release proceeding the last under a trail of fire and chest-beating tribalism. Setting thrusters to overdrive DJ Agitated careers through the cosmos at full pelt with four highly kinetic peak timers.


    1. Phoenix
    2. DNTSTP
    3. Wat Dan
    4. Vallinote

    Egyptian Lover is celebrating 40 years of releasing music in 2024 and 'Emotions' is the first track from his upcoming album titled 1987. It's a classic 80s inspired west-coast electro style cut - a style that Egyptian Lover is pretty much responsible for creating, harking back to his classic material like 'Egypt, Egypt' and 'I Need a Freak', his use of the Roland 808 along with Kraftwerk and hip-hop influences making the artist synonymous with the origin of the electro sound. Also included is 'Emotional' which is the instrumental version of the title track. For the B-Side 'Dirty Passionate Yell' is featured, again along with the instrumental version (Dirty Music). Grab your cardboard and meet us on the dancefloor.


    Emotional (Instrumental)
    Dirty Passionate Yell
    Dirty Music (Instrumental)

    Recorded in the past 25 years in different parts of the world, "Encyclopedia Sónica Vol. 1" compiles the music and sounds of Leo Heiblum. Comes with insert.

    Since Leo Heiblum was a little boy, he always found music everywhere. Listening to the engine of his mother's car and hearing incredible rhythms. He always thought every sound we hear can be made into music, every sound that we hear can be heard as music and it can be felt and understood as music. Every sound has an attack, a decay; some have a pitch. What is more beautiful, the sound of a flute, a bird, a trumpet, a car horn, a violin or a mosquito buzzing? They can all be used to make music.

    Leo Heiblum believes that If we learn to hear all sounds as musical or at least to have the potential to be used to make music, we might look at the world and listen to the world more lovingly. That car passing by had a beautiful crescendo. That dog barking in the distance created a fantastic melody with an impossible-to- transcribe rhythm. Is there no creative intention behind those sounds? Can the listener give them an intention, can the listener transform them into art? Leo Heiblum is trying to organise them and use them in a way that will be musical for us. He hopes that the next time we hear an ocean wave breaking a bond, fire crackling, or a fly flying, we can enjoy the notes and the rhythms they are making. They are being created by something; who knows what the intention is, but some of the most unique beats he's heard come from rocks falling in cenotes or ice breaking down in a glacier. And the melodies he's heard from bats, dogs fighting, or a newborn dog are both haunting and beautiful. The timber from sounds such as the thorn of a cactus, the voice of a homeless person in the street or a mosquito buzzing can be used to create instruments as beautiful as any instrument. And they have a new sound or a familiar old sound used differently. A way that invites us to hear the music created by this planet.


    Matt says: Childlike, naïve, beguiling, but above all BATSHIT CRAZY. Completely singular found-sound madness from Heiblum which despite it's eccentricity, maintains a degree of mellifluousness and intrigue that should keep any modest sonic explorer hooked till the end.


    The Monk And The Elephant
    Chis Chis
    Las Pelotas De Riesman
    Shamani En El Metro De Mazunte
    Bebe Y Monos
    Oakland C
    Church And Branch

    More exquisite house music from Toytonics label boss, Kapote. Imbuing the fun and party ethos of the label, the producer drops four tracks that traverse sample-based disco-house, old skool 90s flavours, tuff Nu Groove styled thumpers and on final track, "The Slide" more contemporary flavours a la GAMM and Local Talk.

    It's a brilliantly dazzling and high gloss affair, with the veteran producer demonstrating no lack of skills behind the dials. But rather than get bogged down on EQ fidelity, the quest for the perfect kick drum, or synthesizing the latest cranium splitting sounds; he simply takes cues from the decades of party music that proceed it - disco and early house music, particularly from the US, and coalesces it into his own funky and friendly style. Don't let this irreverence fool you though - this is top drawer tackle for the club, disco, car, or after party; and well deserved of a place in your house section! Recommended. 


    Matt says: We get excited every time a new Toytonics drops. The label's quality control department do a sterling job of making sure there's absolutely no tripe across its catalogue. Kapote's on the dials for this latest joint and it's another sure fire winner for the house fraternity.


    A1) The Party (Extended Version)
    A2) The See Me (Extended Version)
    B1) The Come On (Extended Version)
    B2) The Slide

    Duo Lucas Brell and Marvin Uhde deliver fire-powered percussion to Osàre! Editions. Longtime friends and collaborators, they channel a liquid medley of drum menace that flips sideways, swiftly pivoting between wildly different tempos. As disorientating as it is formidable, "Purest State Confusion" offers up a fractal prism of ever-shifting beat patterns - an endlessly warping vortex of guttural, narcotic sounds. The titular number, a wormhole techno ordeal, builds steadily, layer upon layer. A crystalline dancefloor pleaser, it subverts classic four-to-the-floor with a delayed kick drum that punctuates every 8th beat. Like black oil diffusing in water, the bass creeps in menacingly to "The Disappearer", in hard and fast contrast with the sharp fluctuations of the amen break. Slamming in mercilessly, "Channeling Bryn Jones" opens up the B-side, its fluttering rhythms joining together with an infectious klaxon melody before the IDM stylings of "Brain Massage" closes out. "Purest State Confusion" was recorded at various locations in Leipzig and Berlin. Final touches and mixing assistance were performed by Mike Bierbach at the WSNWG studios. The pioneering techno producer inflects the record with his staunch taste for aerobic club rhythmics, teasing out the whirling tempos and
    pointillistic harmonics.


    Matt says: Future-proof breaks, bass and tek here from Kinzua who adopts an aggressive aesthetic to separate the wheat from the chaff.


    Purest State Confusion
    Rio Doro
    Channeling Bryn Jones
    Andreas Grotesk
    Brain Massage Happy End

    Leonidas & Hobbes

    Pockets Of Light

    "Pockets Of Light" is the first full release from the London / Edinburgh duo since 2021's acclaimed "Aranath EP" and Bill Brewsters 2017 ROTY the "Rags Of Time EP". 

    "Pockets Of Light" finds the duo deploying wavy, spellbinding neons for the suitably titled "Magik". Twangy leads and dipped red lights further the mellow enchantment as the tracks gentle propelled by classic electronic drum boxes. 

    "Reboot" begins with a more Detroitian flavour, with synth patches that'd make Martin Bonds blush hightened with an inviting spoken word snippet before dropping into a very Model 500 esque groove. A formular expanded on through next track, "Reality 2.0" which adds swirling dub delays to the mix and plays with drama and dynamics through stop-start arrangement with cinematic qualities and great textures throughout - a real winner that'll find favour in a variety of environments.

    "RSVP" deploys perfectly aligned bleep-n-squelch; in a nod to both Sheffield and Detroit but with its own unique squiggly flair. Again, there's some underfloor neons lighting the way; with some staccato leads and constantly morphing bass underpinning it all. A real tour de force of production prowess that's remained the Leonidas & Hobbes trademark throughout their discography. 

    "Keep Livin'" concludes with a nicely low-slung, syncopated beat and bass pattern accompanied by toybox piano melodies, blue sky synth licks and general sense of rising optimism to get us through these troubled times. It makes for a childlike, fairytale quality; sumptious and redolent of running across daisy-laden fields in the late afternoon sunshine as a carefree younger... or maybe that's just me! 

    Anyway you look at it - it's a delightful return from the treasured duo.


    Matt says: Pairing intricate programming and synthesis with captivating arrangements and a decidedly humane touch is no easy feet. But our sonic shamans Leonidas & Hobbes have done just that on their phenomenal new EP which plays like an enchanted garden of rhythm, texture and sentiment.


    A1. Magik
    A2. Reboot
    A3. Reality 2.0
    B1. RSVP
    B2. Keep Livin'

    Once regarded as an up-and-comer to watch, it’s fair to say that the past eighteen months have seen Dutch DJ/producer and live artist Locklead establish himself as one of the most in-demand artists emerging onto the global house stage. From his collaborative ‘Across Boundaries’ with close friend Chris Stussy to music via Dungeon Meat, Pilot, and Up The Stuss, the Utrecht-based talent has set his stall and is showing no signs of slowing. Adding to a first outing on sister label LOCUS two years ago, April welcomes a big debut appearance on FUSE as head honcho Enzo Siragusa invites him to the label for the first time to release his latest EP, ‘Kemickal Affairs’.

    Opening the record, A1 ‘Zero’s Delight’ is a funk-fulled and spacey ride armed with resonant chords and swirling leads, while ‘State of Peace’ is a blissful ride through rich yet driving house spheres and showcases the second of two heavily requested anthems that have been go-to records for the likes of Stussy and Siragusa over recent months. The flip sees title cut ‘Kemickal Affairs’ open the b-side with authority, as bumping kicks and slinking grooves go to work beneath swirling synth lines and hazy tones, before wrapping things up with more modulated goodness and off-kilter vocal snippets on the chunky and trippy ‘Morning Krew’ - expect this to come out to play in those weird and wonky early-hours afters!


    Matt says: He might be Dutch, but there's a distinctly UK flavour to Locklead's house manoeuvres that should find favour with fans of Ashley Beedle, Terry Farley and the original Back 2 Basics mob.


    A1. Zero’s Delight
    A2. State Of Peace
    B1. Kemickal Affairs
    B2. Morning Krew

    What does it mean To Belong? Cynthia Bernard aka. Marine Eyes only begins to scratch the surface of this question on her latest ambient record (yet leaps a great deal forward in wrestling with it nonetheless), following up her prior effort 'Chamomile' with a distinctly beauteous fortnight of forenoon drones, all of which spur the realization that "belonging is everywhere and nowhere". Belonging is indeed a kind of ephemeral longing of being that can only ever be partly grasped, attained. Through its looping washes of warmed, brackish, padded backwash - not to mention its many bass-undergirded angel choirs - the likes of 'Timeshifting', 'Bridges' and 'Mended Own' stand out as such revelatory highlights, all contributing to an incredible album of sonic diaristic reflection, in which every sound sticks out clearly yet plays its proper part in a humble, rose-smelling gestalt.


    To Belong
    Of The West
    Suddenly Green
    Mended Own
    All You Give (For Ash)
    Night Palms Sway
    In The Spaces
    To Belong (Reprise)
    Call & Answer

    The limited 7" edition of Marine Eyes' latest full-length ambient record 'To Belong' hears a distilling of the original fourteen-track record down to just four selections. Though every track on the digital version of the album works in its own right, the choice on offer here - 'Hushed', 'Of The West', 'Bluest' and 'Call & Answer' - are particularly deserving of the study on wax. Something static, nigh time-crystalline is achieved on the B2, with its held root note evincing something of the quality of an infinite dream; the A1 recalls some mix of DJ Healer, Malibu or David Motion with its three note tenor-pad lilt; the A2 gets at the best of both worlds, sounding like a paradisiacal bathhouse vision set in slow motion; the B1 is the tensest, opting for a moodier key, but its reversed guitar taps and sustained choir-synth working in a no less lachrymose aesthetic.


    Of The West
    Call & Answer

    Noir & Haze / Chicken Lips

    Classics Volume 2 - Inc. Moodymann / Solomun Remixes

    4 To The Floor is committed to delivering seminal house music to wax, making sought after heritage tracks readily available on vinyl for crate diggers to add to their collections. Classics Volume 2 kicks off with a slice of Defected 2012 goodness; ‘Around (Solomun Vox)’ by Noir & Haze. When Solomun took his turn at remixing this Ibiza anthem, it was heard everywhere from Hackney warehouses to Pacha Ibiza, and showed a different side to the heavier original. On the B-Side is the Moodymann Edit, where he makes subtle changes to Solomun’s mix by interweaving tribal drums and stripping back some of the techier elements, followed by Chicken Lips’ electro banger ‘He Not In’ which thunders through. An instantly recognisable record, even if they’re not aware of its name or who wrote it, with an unmistakable bassline that has truly stood the test of time.


    A. Noir & Haze - Around (Solomun Vox)
    B1. Noir & Haze - Around (Solomun Vox - Moodymann Edit)
    B2. Chicken Lips - He Not In 


    Orbital - 2024 Reissue

      Originally released on September 30, 1991, ‘The Green Album’ contains landmark Orbital tracks including their breakthrough 1990 single ‘Chime’, and the evergreen comedown classic ‘Belfast’. 

      Following the success of ‘Chime’, Pete Tong signed Orbital to London/ffrr Records, and Tong allowed the Hartnolls the freedom to record the album they wanted to make. Where their contemporaries on the rave circuit would knock out ten formulaic 4/4 piano bangers with guest vocalists and call it an album, for their debut Orbital wanted to explore wider textures, different rhythms, stranger mind spaces. “Our heroes were always Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire, the Severed Heads – people who made proper, satisfying, full albums,” explains Paul, “and we were like, yeah, that’s what we want to do.”

      It was this ambition that led to Orbital becoming giants of electronic music. The Hartnoll brothers would go on to redefine what dance music could do and the place it took within popular culture itself. Their music has influenced and inspired artists from Björk to Bicep and they have collaborated with minds as diverse as Madonna, Kraftwerk and Professor Brian Cox.

      Following The Green Album their second self-titled album – aka The Brown Album – cemented Orbital’s position as musical visionaries. A career of creative leaps quite unlike those usually seen in the fast turnover world of dance music followed, including creating soundtracks for Hollywood films including 1997’s Event Horizon, and most recently for Mike Myers Netflix series The Pentaverate.

      Alongside their boundary-pushing work in the recording studio, Orbital earned a reputation as one of the best live acts on the planet. This year marks the 30th anniversary of their legendary 1994 Glastonbury performance, often cited as converting the festival to dance music. 


      Double Vinyl Tracklisting:
      Disc 1
      A1. The Moebius
      A2. Speed Freak
      A3. Macrohead
      B1. Oolaa
      B2. Desert Storm
      Disc 2
      C1. Fahrenheit 303
      C2. Steel Cube Idolatry
      C3. High Rise
      D1. Chime (Live)
      D2. Midnight (Live)
      D3. Belfast

      4LP Vinyl Boxset Tracklisting:
      Disc 1
      A1. The Moebius
      A2. Speed Freak
      A3. Macrohead
      B1. Oolaa
      B2. Desert Storm
      Disc 2
      C1. Fahrenheit 303
      C2. Steel Cube Idolatry
      C3. High Rise
      D1. Chime (Live)
      D2. Midnight (Live)
      D3. Belfast
      Disc 3
      E1. Torpedo Town (PKA Untitled)
      E2. Satan
      F1. L.C.1
      F2. Belfast / Wasted (Wasted Vocal Mix)
      F3. Crime
      Disc 4
      G1. Fahrenheit 3D3
      G2. Open Mind Jam
      G3. The Other One
      H1. Satan (Rhyme And Reason Vocal Mix)
      H2. Midnight (Sasha Remix)

      2CD Tracklisting:

      CD 1
      1. The Moebius
      2. Speed Freak
      3. Oolaa
      4. Desert Storm
      5. Fahrenheit 303
      6. Steel Cube Idolatry
      7. High Rise
      8. Chime (Live)
      9. Midnight (Live)
      10. Belfast
      11. I Think Its Disgusting
      CD 2
      1. Torpedo Town (PKA Untitled)
      2. Macrohead
      3. Satan
      4. L.C.1
      5. Belfast / Wasted (Wasted Vocal Mix)
      6. Crime
      7. Fahrenheit 3D3
      8. Open Mind Jam
      9. The Other One
      10. Satan (Rhyme And Reason Vocal Mix)
      11. Midnight (Sasha Remix)

      4CD Boxset Tracklisting:
      CD 1
      1. The Moebius
      2. Speed Freak
      3. Oolaa
      4. Desert Storm
      5. Fahrenheit 303
      6. Steel Cube Idolatry
      7. High Rise
      8. Chime (Live)
      9. Midnight (Live)
      10. Belfast
      11. I Think Its Disgusting
      CD 2
      1. Torpedo Town (PKA Untitled)
      2. Macrohead
      3. Satan
      4. L.C.1
      5. Belfast / Wasted (Wasted Vocal Mix)
      6. Crime
      7. Fahrenheit 3D3
      8. Open Mind Jam
      9. The Other One
      10. Satan (Rhyme And Reason Vocal Mix)
      11. Midnight (Sasha Remix)
      CD 3
      1. Chime 12”
      2. Deeper 12”
      3. Omen - The Fool
      4. Omen - The Tower
      5. 2 Deep
      6. Open Mind
      7. Midnight
      8. Choice
      9. Analogue Test Feb '90
      10. Choice (I And Eye Mix)
      CD 4
      1. Synergy (Live):
      1.1. Satan
      1.2. LC1
      1.3. Chime
      1.4. Son Of Chime
      2. Mystery Gig 1991 (Live):
      2.1. Choice
      2.2. Fahrenheit 303
      2.3. Chime / Crime
      2.4. BIT
      2.5. Oolaa
      2.6. Speed Freak

      London-born-and-raised DJ and producer Parris has announced his new EP Passionfruit, via his own co-founded label can you feel the sun. Following his stand-out 2021 album Soaked In Indigo Moonlight, described as a “masterful” take on the pop genre (Crack Magazine), Passionfruit continues Parris’ affinity for polyrhythms and bouncing synths, but diving deeper into his love for clubbing and UK soundsystems, the result is a heady house compilation.

      Each track on the EP is in contention with the one before it, a counterpoint to a sonic argument; melodic bubbly pop against heavy drum and bass, morning rays of sunlight against dark and swampy rhythms. Where the title track “Passionfruit” was described by Parris as imagining the “early morning of a set with the sunrise coming through the shutters”, the very next track “Slipping, Falling, Crawling” is much like the title suggests: a sludgy, percussion-heavy track which has fun with creating melody from the beat itself, stripped back and raw intent.

      “Why Can’t Rabbits Wear Cowboy Boots” and “Underwater Fantasy” are almost alternate universe club classics. “WCRWCB” takes a club-formed structure, and uses it to explore the limits polyrhythms, layering chaotically over eachother, and building through the first half of the track, until it peaks with the introduction of an explosive bassline. “Underwater Fantasy” on the surface is the straightest-sounding track to come from Parris, but the disco-style vocals fight with the beat, pushing and pulling at eachother.

      Parris (aka Dwayne Parris-Robinson) has dedicated himself to club culture from an early age, never missing a week at FWD>> (the club night where a generation of bass and techno DJs made their names), and was constantly tuning into Rinse FM. Immersing himself into the distinct sound of London built the foundations of the productions we hear today, with grime and drum & bass bubbling alongside slick pop references.


      Matt says: Tricksy, playful tech-house vibes here from Parris who recalls a bit of Madteo, Sotofett and Julio Bashmore as he injects bucket loads of fun into the dancefloor.


      Why Cant Rabbits Wear Cowboy Boots
      Underwater Fantasy
      Slipping Falling Crawling

      Purple Disco Machine Featuring Roosevelt

      Higher Ground

      Purple Disco Machine has been setting the world on fire for years, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. He has teamed up with German artist Roosevelt for their latest collaborative single, 'Higher Ground.'

      'Higher Ground' sounds straight out of the 80s. It’s a club banger with an infectious synth loop that will keep you sweating on the dance floor.


      A1. Extended
      B1. Instrumental

      Random Factor's 'On The Air' EP is a hugely sought-after classic by those who know. It came on Ralph Lawson's ever-reliable 20/20 Vision and now, as it turns 25 years old, he has decided it is the right time to get it remastered and reissued. 'On The Air' is first up on this fine EP from Carl Finlow and it has serene synths that bring to mind Detroit techno soul over pulsing bass and slick drums. 'Lockdown' has a raw vocoder vocal over punchy drums and twitchy synth stabs and 'Undercurrent' is another weapon that has more than withstood the test of time as it bumps along on funky drums and is overlaid with more playful synth patterns. 'Disconnect' is a crunchy and 8-bit closer with pixelated synths and screwy acid lines. Superb.


      On The Air

      Parisian producer Franck Roger lands on Nu Groove with Cosmic Tree EP, a four-track outing of deep house perfectly at home on the legendary NYC label. An established DJ, crate digger and label boss of Real Tone Records, Franck is known for his loop-based approach to sound, with his focus on beats earning the respect of house heads and underground selectors worldwide. This latest offering demonstrates his distinct style flawlessly; ‘Part Of My Soul’ features Detroit tastemaker and radio stalwart Rimarkable, showing two trusted authorities at their best as Rimarkable’s vocals, combined with Franck’s production, add a cool downtown feel to the future classic. Franck goes solo for the next three, with ‘The Music’ carrying deep club weight, while ‘Radik’Hall’ brings with it a certain percussive groove as only Franck can. ‘Cosmic Funk’ is a love letter to the genre with synthy basslines, vocoder rhythms and spacey trebles combining in hypnotic bliss, completing this collection of modern deep house excellence with flair.


      Matt says: I remember Franck Roger from his output on Carl Craig's Planet-E. This new quadruplet for Nu Groove sees him venture towards e-soaked house flavours in fine style.


      A1. Part Of My Soul
      A2. The Music
      B1. Radik’Hall
      B2. Cosmic Funk

      Claire Rousay


        claire rousay is a singular artist, known for challenging conventions in experimental and ambient music forms. rousay masterfully incorporates textural found sounds, sumptuous drones and candid field recordings into music that celebrates the beauty in life’s banalities. Her music is curatorial and granular in detail, deftly shaped into emotionally affecting pieces. sentiment is a meditation of the poignant emotional terrains of loneliness, nostalgia, sentimentality, guilt, and sex. The album’s narrative arc is guided by delicate musical gestures and artistic vulnerability, audaciously synthesizing disparate and unexpected influences. rousay crafted the songs in various homes, bedrooms, hotels, and other private places, the feeling of time and energy spent alone radiating from each passage. The album is a collection of heart-rending, incisive pop songs that explore universal feelings with subtlety and remarkable vision.

        rousay’s vocals and guitar take center stage on sentiment. Her intimate, diaristic lyrics contrast with her mechanical-inflected vocal effects, emphasizing a powerful desire for connection, a deep yearning and a lingering sense of separation. The spare guitar playing and laconic tempo both drive the songs and exude a sense of resignation. Her delicate mastery of nuance draws on her explorative musical past that she, with sincerity and admiration, seamlessly interweaves into her adventurous textures and distinctive compositions. “I want to belong to the worlds and communities I look up to. Same as someone using a Fender guitar or dressing like Kurt Cobain. Emulate your heroes,” says rousay.

        From a sprawling math-rock duo, to an array of emo-inflected rock outfits to a hired hand in evangelical worship bands, rousay worked as a percussionist for over a decade before shifting her focus to the solo collage work she’s known for. sentiment folds those experiences into her compositions. rousay explains, “As the drummer in an evangelical rock band, it’s your job, with the singers, to manipulate the crowd. You start building on the drums and you know it’s one bigger chorus and then we’re out and you can see the tears, people just start crying. I still feel a version of that when playing my own shows now.”

        The album balances the poetic soul of her influences with a documentarian heart, rousay capturing moments of her life while living alone in houses across the country, learning to play guitar, and reconnecting with pop music. “I have been on a quest to communicate my feelings and ideas as clearly as possible lately. Pop seemed like the way to do that this time,” says rousay. The confessional nature of sampled fragments of conversation give her pieces a specificity and sense of intimacy that is both immediate and curious. rousay’s innate ability to conjure pure feeling from sound derives from her delightful embrace of pop forms, the vulnerability found in field recordings, minimalistic arrangements and innovative sound choices. The resulting songs of sentiment are as anthemic as they are breathtakingly personal. sentiment is blissfully, achingly melancholic, and an undeniably sensual listening experience. 


        1. 4pm
        2. Head
        3. It Could Be Anything
        4. Asking For It
        5. Iii
        6. Lover's Spit Plays In The Background
        7. Sycamore Skylight
        8. Please 5 More Minutes (feat Lala Lala)
        9. W Sunset Blvd
        10. Ily2 (feat Hand Habits)

        Sophomore release from Toronto dream-duo Joseph Shabason and Ben Gunning, this time a more cosmopolitan affair, mapping fragmented cityscapes from bent electronics and late-night FM jazz transmissions. The boys are back in town. After recording their debut in a remote cottage in Northern Ontario, the duo relocated their jams to Shabason’s Toronto studio where they gained unlimited access to a virtual cornucopia of analog and digital gear and had the time to really push those instruments to the brink. In the crisp autumnal sessions the duo consciously set out to make "Ample Habitat" with a fresh slate; not a single melody or patch was smuggled in on a USB stick. Fueled with off-brand club soda, the ethos was to infuse the sessions and the music itself with a sense of discovery. Another perk of the new locale was being closer to friends and neighbours; TO music-scene luminaries Kieran Adams, Bram Gielen, and Thom Gill dropped in, rounding out a full jam band for the convivial B-side surprise “Is Jubilee.” Although the album calls on a wild menagerie of digital voices, the heart is warm and human, favouring performance and play over presets and quantization.


        Barbeau Peak
        Sea Ices
        Measure Of Fog
        Crystal Fake
        Ample Habitat
        Is Jubilee
        The Shore Instead

        Two house staples from the minds of Soulfuric founders Brian Tappert and Marc Pomeroy appear on wax alongside remixes from DJ Fudge and Micky More & Andy Tee. Brian Tappert and Marc Pomeroy’s impact on house as a genre is undisputed, nurturing the Soulfuric label from cult favourite to renowned powerhouse through their tireless commitment to creating and reinvigorating classics. Collectively the two have released under many monikers including Jazz-N-Groove, Urban Blues Project and Soulsearcher - the name associated with Defected Record’s debut and UK top 10 hit ‘Can’t Get Enough’. Now ‘Feelin’ Love’ by Marc Pomeroy’s Soulsearcher project and Urban Blues Project’s ‘Your Heaven (I Can Feel It)’ are spotlighted by this special vinyl release. On the A, longstanding French selector DJ Fudge’s 2023 remix of ‘Feelin’ Love’ features alongside the original Club Mix from 20 years prior. Next up, Groove Culture’s Micky More & Andy Tee’s celebrated remix of an Urban Blues Project classic, ‘Your Heaven (I Can Feel It)’ featuring Pearl Mae appears with the 1996 original.


        A1. Soulsearcher - Feelin' Love (DJ Fudge Remix)
        A2. Soulsearcher - Feelin' Love (Soulsearcher Club Mix)
        B1. Urban Blues Project Presents Mother Of Pearl - Your Heaven (I Can Feel It) (feat Pearl Mae - Micky More & Andy Tee Remix)
        B2. Urban Blues Project Presents Mother Of Pearl - Your Heaven (I Can Feel It) (feat Pearl Mae - Soulfuric Dub) 

        On side A, Adam Stegemann presents a stunning new mix of a timeless classic. Stegemann’s No Control Mix is a nine and half minute sing-along party starter and end of night club burner. A Brooklyn based producer, key player and disco DJ since 2006, Stegemann was coaxed out of semi-retirement in 2019 spurned largely by the purchase of a used Ensoniq Mirage sampler. He is currently producing under aliases Video Burnout and My Left Speaker among others yet to be revealed.

        Universal Cave brings up the B side with two dubby, downtempo, disco groovers perfect for when any ray of light feels too bright and the walls are starting to move. Up All Night is dedicated to Philadelphia’s legendary Making Time parties, and Too Much is a nightlife testimonial for the ages.


        A1. Self Control (Adam Stegemann’s No Control Mix)
        B1. Up All Night (Universal Cave’s Making Time Edit)
        B2. Too Much (Universal Cave Edit)


        Couldn't Hate You / Open Ended

        Digwah is back with yet another standout release, showcasing two new rollers that expertly fuse timeless late '80s vocals with an infectious tech house rhythm and pulsating synth lines.


        Matt says: The trusty Digwah label returns with more exclusive, vinyl-only white label business. A techy outing this one, laced with the ghosts of Ian Brown and Sade.


        A1. Couldn't Hate You
        B1. Open Ended

        Adam Wiltzie

        Eleven Fugues For Sodium Pentathol

          The latest suite by composer (and Stars Of The Lid co-founder) Adam Wiltzie took shape following a move north from Brussels into the Flemish countryside, although it was initially inspired by a recurring dream wherein “if someone listened to the music I created, then they would die.”

          The album uniquely evokes and evades the allure of oblivion, keening between beauty and ruin, forever unresolved. Wiltzie cites the barbiturate of the title as both muse and sacred escape: “When you are sitting face forward on the daily emotional meat grinder of life, I always wished I could have some, so I could just fall asleep automatically and the feeling would not be there anymore.”

          Recorded at Wilzie’s home studio, with strings added in Budapest at the old Hungarian National radio facility (Magyar Radio), the tracks feel simultaneously intimate and infinite, unfolding vistas glimpsed in an inner space.

          Robert Hampson of English drone rock icons Loop mixed the album, further lending the music a sense of cinematic expanse and oblique hypnosis.

          These are fugue states as much as fugues in a literal classical music sense-smeared epiphanies of uncertain memory and spatial dislocation, coaxed from the unconscious and set aloft.


          Barry says: There are incredibly few things that Adam Wiltzie or Dustin O'Dalloran put out that I won't buy (or Brian Mcbride for that matter), and that's obviously not going to stop at this impeccably conceived album by one of the most important composer in the modern-classical sphere. It's *beautiful* and every bit what you'd expect, with a little of what you wouldn't.


          1. Buried At Westwood Memorial Park, In An Unmarked Grave, To The Left Of Walter Matthau
          2. Tissue Of Lies
          3. Pelagic Swell
          4. Stock Horror
          5. Dim Hopes
          6. As Above Perhaps So Below
          7. Mexican Helium
          8. We Were Vaporised
          9. Don’t Go Back To (Boogerville)

          Favorite Recordings and Lea Lisa present "Many Shades of House": a personal selection of house music tracks that have a very special place in Lea Lisa's heart and in her record box.

          Amongst this selection, "Many Shades Of House" includes many very rare and hard to find titles, mostly never reissued on vinyl until now.

          Lea Lisa (Phonica Records, Wolf Music…) is a DJ, producer & vinyl addict who never stops digging and hasn’t since she first started in 1995. House music is so rich and varied that she naturally felt the desire to show and share this diversity. 'Through this compilation I wanted to present artists and records that have greatly influenced me throughout my career. Whether through the strong messages they convey or through the emotions I felt discovering each of these vinyl.' said Lea Lisa.

          Carefully packed with long-forgotten US house gems (Transient's groove keeper "Higher" and a 1997 NYC House tune from Kerri Chandler in his garage house days), iconic early house/techno treasure (Mark Goddard's "Truth"), intensive journeys (Passion Dance Orchestra) to atmospheric soundscapes (Pure Science), soulful grooves (Ron Trent's boogie infused "Can't Change Me") and timeless deep house gems (Slowhouse, Abacus).

          Created in 2005, Favorite Recordings presents a rich catalogue combining the productions of new artists with reissues of forgotten masterpieces all along the wide groove music spectrum, from soul / funk, jazz, disco, to reggae, hip-hop, house or electronic genres. Before launching Favorite, Pascal Rioux, founder and label honcho, started in the mid-90s with the house music label Rotax Disques. In 2014, following his meeting and affinity with French house DJ Jeremy Underground, they quickly collaborated on a series of compilations ("My Love Is Underground") curated by Jeremy and reissuing some of his finest underground house music hidden gems. Today the story starts again with Lea Lisa with this finest compilation for house music lovers…


          A1. Kerri Kaoz 6:23 Chandler - Be There (Kerri's Club Mix)
          A2. Slowhouse 2 - Untitled
          B1. Truth - Emotional
          B2. Passion Dance Orchestra - Inner Dance
          C1. Abacus - Blax Thanxs
          C2. Transient Feat Sherman Benton - Higher (Club Mix)
          D1. Pure Science - Ekeyz
          D2. N'Dambi - Can't Change Me (Ron Trent Remix)

          Various Artists

          Sounds From The Flightpath Estate (GLS017)

            The Flightpath Estate in association with the Golden Lion have compiled a double vinyl album.

            'Sounds From the Flightpath Estate'

            9 exclusive tracks plus a previously unavailable Two Lone Swordsmen track. An exclusive cover of 'Smokebelch' by Andy Bell plus one-off recordings by Hardway Bros, Timothy J. Fairplay, Justin Robertson, Richard Sen, Sons Of Slough, Rude Audio, 10:40 and a world renowned Belfast based DJ and producer.

            The Flightpath Estate is a Facebook group dedicated to the music, art and work of Andrew Weatherall. It began life in 2013 and has become a virtual home to his fans, friends and family. It is also the host of the Weatherdrive - thousands of hours of recordings of Andrew Weatherall’s DJ sets, mixes and radio shows.

            'Sounds From The Flightpath Estate' is a compilation celebrating people and places, the outlook, aesthetic and music Andrew Weatherall was known for, and the sense of community and love of music centered around The Golden Lion.

            The sounds are forward thinking, created with a deep understanding of the music of the past but future facing, dance floor oriented and made with love.


            Limited edition double black vinyl, 500 copies only. Gatefold jacket with notes.


            Mastered by Andrew Liles

            Sleeve art by Personality Crisis

            Labels by Walter Russ

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: The first full length compilation to arrive from the creative hub / musical ashram that is The Golden Lion in Todmorden. Working with Andrew Weatherall’s friends, family and collaborators (plus two large online communities), the compilation even includes an unreleased Two Lone Swordman track and will likely be one of the most sought after releases on this incredibly strong and prolific label.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1 - Two Lone Swordsmen - The Crescents
            A2 - Sons Of Slough - Red Machine (GL Soundcheck)
            A3 - Timothy J. Fairplay - Centurion Version

            B1 - Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33's - Curtains Twitch On Peaks
            B2 - Richard Sen - Tough On Chug, Tough On The Causes Of Chug

            C1 - Rude Audio - Running Wild
            C2 - 10:40 - Three Rings

            D1 - Hardway Bros - Theme For Flightpath Estate
            D2 - The Light Brigade - Human : Remains
            D3 - Andy Bell - Smokebelch II

            Nice selection of modern noise box shamans, synth wizards and midi SYNC sorcerers joining forces for the Bakk label. A triple disc delight which glows with high voltage currents throughout. There's familiar faces like Legowelt, Aurora Halal and Don't DJ; new school legends like Raff and SFV Acid plus a few other cats defo worth taking a deep dive into.

            Shunning the more obvious and commercial end of the dance spectrum (you won't find any 'instagram-breakdowns' here); it's a deeper, more cerebral affair conjured up by our roster of producers which finds favour in more intimate recesses and dimly lit basements than it will the terraces of Ushuaia or Pasha.

            TRACK LISTING

            01 Legowelt - Bos Ochtendmist
            02 Aurora Halal - Spiral
            03 Antenna - Break Flute
            04 Sfv Acid - Urbanfury
            05 M.s.l. - Hydrolic
            06 Raff - Radiant
            07 Tala Drum Corps - Gargoyle
            08 Gen-y - Skystalker
            09 Oceanic - Dala
            10 Dont Dj - Nos E Care
            11 Haron - De Papaverparade

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