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Genre pick of the week Cover of Flute Loops by Admin.
Boogie Cafe arrive at their fifth release with some double strength, overproofed goodness from up and coming producer Admin, who loads up the sampler and lays down the fine ass "Flute Loops EP". Hailing from the buzzing city of Bristol (The Manchester of the South West), Adam carefully draws musical influences from soul, disco, jazz and much more to respectably invest into his own, soulful, astral and progressive productions. Primarily concerned with the DJs and dancers, Admin introduces the title track shuffling percussion and buttery bass, eventually allowing the slow build to erupt into a Latin tinged triumph of fluttering flute, tape mangled guitar samples and Hispanic vocal snippets. A dynamic arrangement keeps the tension high throughout, squeezing the maximum disco juice out of those fresh ingredients. Calming things down a tad, "No Problemo" opens the flipside with a summery sway, jazzy percussion and the mellifluous flute referencing the glory days of broken beat. A limber double bassline keeps things organic, while the producer's expert use of filter and arrangement should set your hips swinging from start to finish. The set closes with the dreamy "Drifting Away", an uptempo gem which sets filtered vocals, muted brass and celestial chimes over a club ready 4/4, making for the kind of summertime house which sounds perfect pumping out of a terrace system. Around for a good time, not a long time, this is one disco companion you can't live without.


Patrick says: Man of the moment Admin makes an appearance on Boogie Cafe with a trio of jazzy, latin tinged grooves packed with summery sway and lithe flute. As classy as they come, this set should be a hit all across the house/disco/Balearic spectrum.

Four new loose and beautiful metropolitan house grooves from prolific NYC producer J Albert aka Jio Albert whose fast becoming a bit of a mainstay here at Piccadily HQ. In addition to the grime beats he’s been releasing on Soundcloud under the DJ Osom alias, Jio has also explored other genres with a recent Black Opal release and a 12” on his own Exotic Dance Records imprint. “Strictly J”, though is his scruffy take classic house and zones into the Hot Music-Soho vibes. Characterized by busy percussion, off-kilter downtown beats, stops and starts, scattered breaks, and weirdly breezy melodies; these tracks reek of stifling yet intoxicating Summer heat. Perfect for soundtracking your outdoor dance party but packing enough grit and bite for extended club play too. J. Albert should be your new favourite house producer. Recommended. 

After whetting our appetites with a superb taster 12” earlier in the year, Music For Dreams now bring us the full double vinyl release of ‘Volume 1’, the hotly-anticipated debut LP from Ambala aka Phil Mison, the original Cafe Del Mar DJ, collector extraordinaire and all-round Balearic don. Ambala continues Mison’s extremely fruitful 15-year plus relationship with Kenneth Bager’s Music For Dreams label which has seen him release material both as Cantoma and Frontera. This brand-new project was recorded in collaboration with Danish musician and engineer Volmer across a series of weekend sojourns in the scenic streets of Copenhagen and showcases yet another side of prolific producer Mison. He says: "Ever since I first met Kenneth Bager at Roskilde Festival in 1992, where I recognised his outlandish dress sense from photos I’d seen in i-D magazine, we have been friends. It was the start of a long musical relationship, where we eventually started working together. My first Cantoma album was recorded for Music For Dreams in the early 2006. The Frontera project with Pete Herbert was realized a couple of years later. Last year we decided it was time for something new, which led to recording Ambala over the past year in Copenhagen together with Thomas Volmer Schulz.” This 10-track album reflects Mison’s renowned eclectic tastes with a wide variety of sounds including the magical summery Caribbean house of ‘Calypso Beach’ (the first single); slow African chugger ‘Bambari’; 80s Italo-disco inspired ‘Alla Vita’; quirky old-school house in ‘Sergio’s Dance’; vintage sunset ambient ‘Last Swimmer’; eighties soul infused house groove ‘Union’; Cantoma-style chilled Balearic track ‘Zarago’; ‘High Line’, an Italo-house style funky organdriven groove wrought out of old school drum machines and soulful keys; ‘Sol Serra’ featuring classical Spanish flamenco guitaristJacob Gurevitsch; the cool deepness of ‘Distant Island; plus a wonderful vocal cameo from Danish legends Laid Back on ‘Walk With The Dreamers’. A perfect soundtrack to summer and beyond - don’t miss this limited vinyl edition.

Daniele Baldelli

Cosmic Temple Chapter 2

Sequencers set to stun, Afro-cosmic originator Daniele Baldelli leads us through another trio of ceremonial space dances as we reach the second Chapter of his Cosmic Temple series. Our journey starts with the progressive and propulsive "Kreb Cycle", an immersive italo-disco stomper which sees pulsating rhythms power spaced out Moog solos past the Milky Way and back again. Vocoded vocals and slap bass add their own retroist touch, but it's the untethered synths which steal the show here - bravo! If you're after something a little more nebulous, have a go on B-side opening Afro-cosmic masterpiece "Zircaloy". Incorporating everything which makes those Cosmic tapes essential, this shoulder rolling cut combines a pitched down "Underwater" bassline, African percussion, sci fi sequences, brain twisting fx, odd funk leads, and clattering synth drums, before opening out into an orchestral disco masterpiece in the latter stages. Things get slow and low on the B2 as D.B. drops the tempo right down for the sequencer led chug of "Afelio", a wicked bit of wormhole funk which sits right between Italian prog, synth pop and dark disco with its strolling 4/4 and endless synth solos. Remember folks; all these tracks are recorded at 45rpm so can be played at the smacked-out Cosmic speed of 33rpm!

Beyond The Wizards Sleeve

The Soft Bounce / Third Mynd - Daniel Avery / BTU Remixes

Taken from the acclaimed debut LP 'The Soft Bounce', Phantasy is proud to present expansive remixes of two album tracks.

Daniel Avery ramps up the atmosphere of the album's title track with an airy, drifting electronic mantra, pulsing with gliding motorik propulsion perfect for late night escapades.

On the flip side, BTU, an amalgamation of Phantasy producers Babe Terror and U, take album closer 'Third Mynd' and recast it as a mind opening sixteen minute collage of found sound, drone and atmosphere, a psychedelic opus befitting Jon Savage's otherworldly speech.

Two very distinct trips into the outer reaches of electronic sound. Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore…

Usually the go-to-destination for deep and melodic dancefloor business, Blank State shake it up a little bit here, hitting us with a red hot 12" from Ithaca Afro-beat troupe Big Mean Sound Machine. The twelve piece ensemble tour 150 days a year and have built up a large and dedicated following up and down the East coast, while still eluding the attentions of the wider musical community. Well, I reckon that's about to change, thanks to this sublime and summery piece of pure Afrobeat brilliance. Opening cut "Triple Bacon" (possibly named after Matt Ward's favourite burger topping) sees the Sound Machine come out swinging, laying down shuffling percussion, sprawling keys and sharp horn blasts while the limber bassline carries everything along at a pant swinging 120 BPM. Fusing everything great about Afrobeat with punchy production and pristine mastering, this cut is built for club play. "The New Filth" takes us deeper, stripping things back to trip us out with space echo, tape delay and the occasional hit of dub techno synthwork. A melting pot of everything that's hot right now, this hypnotic head nodder sounds like Ruf Dug remaking Disco Dub Band on a 1080p compilation. "Sharks" closes the A-side with driving percussion, jazzy sax and relentless bass, tripping the light fantastic like the latter stages of a live Floating Points freak-out. The B-side sees a couple of regular Blank Slate affiliates enter the fray to contribute their own versions of the A-side originals. First up to the plate Mirko trims any excess fat from "Triple Bacon", instead serving up a lean, toned and totally propulsive dancefloor arrangement which should slip perfectly into your next house, techno or disco set. Last but not least, René Audiard deconstructs "Sharks" into an expressive and atmospheric techno transmission perfect for the depths of the session.

Post millennium techno demi-god Blawan kick-starts a new alias Bored Young Adults, following collaborations with Pariah as Karenn, and Surgeon as Trade. "Shy Dancers On Bungalowdorf Beach" sees him return to the blood-drenched scene of his heinous "Why They Hide Their Bodies". Slower and ominous in contrast to the more banging, industrialized techno we're used to; the heavily mechanized sound that characterized every Blawan release is still fully in effect and sounding fiercer than ever. A-side title track glides through a deserted power station in search of any useful remnants of sonic ore. Metallic acidic shards ricochet through the mix while the sludgy factory-line percussion whirs and hums. "Check Up From The Neck Up" proceeds through the next stage of audio processing - all the raw sonic ore gathered up from the previous session now channelled and freebased through some ancient yet space-age machinery. You get the idea now but for completion sake "But We Need This Bench" finishes off spitting out the nastiest, luminous green engine phlegm and BYA struggles to tame the beasts he's set into action. Heady and completely forward thinking stuff here from this fearless pioneer who isn't afraid to push sound and frequencies in directions but familiar to us mere humans. Recommended. 

Conga Radio

Right Beside You / Party Smokes

Conga Radio, the Canadiana club collab of producers Jex Opolis and Roberto, offers two smooth and jazzy house cuts designed for the heart, mind, foot and soul. The A-side of "Right Beside You" features melodic vocals and smooth chords, while the B-side "Party Smokes" plays out with space, atmosphere and groove. A tag team not to be missed!

Repress of this stone cold classic of the last fifteen years. When an unsuspecting Paul Cottam reworked Bola Johnson's under-the-radar album track, "Lagos Sisi" I'm sure he had no idea just how big it was gonna be. Oh-so-simple it left most of us crying into our porridge wondering why we hadn't thought of it sooner, but that's usually the case with great ideas! Cottam takes the infectious bass and brass riff and loops it up, adding subtle but crisp drums and allowing the loop to find life of its own as he stretches it out 10 minutes+ of pure pleasure! Honesty, I've been after this track since the day I heard it, seven years ago and after it had become a staple at Manchester's Wet Play through Wayward Craig's sensual warm-ups. Unmissable stuff. On side A Angie Stone gets looped and chopped as "Pissed Off" gets an early slo-mo rub-down, bubbling and wiggling across another mightily long arrangement. When the full vocal part drops in it's a perfectly executed slice of sophisticated dancefloor precision and should find favour right across the board with this much soul packed into its grooves. Better be quick then! 


12" Info: *REPRESS*


Moog For Love EP

The Brothers Lawrence hit us with another of their out-of-the-blue bonus EPs, dropping three essential, brand new tracks for the dancefloor. On side A we get the peak-time nu-garage banger 'Boss', a bass-bouncing, filter vocalled winner all the way. Heading in the other direction BPM-wise is the slo-mo shuffler 'Feel Like I Do', which samples the honeyed tones of the legendary Al Green, adds some retro needle crackle and grooves all the way to the dancefloor. Summer anthem alert! Eats Everything's Daniel Pearce is the collaborator on the title track, a filter house bomb sampling George Benson's 'Moody's Mood for Love'. Again, another surefire dancefloor filler. Limited 12" pressing!

The wonderfully titled Ten Pills Mate offer up their third release to date. One DJ Plant Texture mixes the classic sounds of break hardcore and sound system culture into a house-friendly tempo and slightly softer, more ethereal approach. "Meeafi" kicks things off with a well known breakbeat embellished with some rude boy announcements, tuned 808 subs and glacial melodies. "Wefi" hits the accelerator for some side-chain pumpin', uptempo 4/4; slightly hazy and full of psychotropic goodness through and through. "Lowfi" completes side A with more drum machine (ab)use. A nicely programmed beat ricocheting around glowing pads before a fierce amen break comes charging in. Side B kicks off with the jacking "Lowfi"; treading similar lines to Sleep Archive at first but then expanding on the idea with synthesized drum effect and the occasional synth refrain. Finally "Afi" lets the breakbeats roll out with abandon, incessant cowbells and mountainous pads propelling everything forward with a slow but determined pace. Unique, head turning business from DJ Plant Texture.

DJ Python is arguably NYC’s first deep-reggaeton artist. Here we get a wonderful showcase of his unique sound; Proibito being the perfect label to display these out-there vibrations. "Tranquila" kicks things off in a style attributed to its namesake. Gentle but stimulating, tropical and lysergic in equal measure; and not a million miles away from Mr. Assister's recent hit, "Arland Rain". "Cuidado" turns the lights down low and gets all tribal with its incessant conga rhythms, deep bass and hushed voodoo chants. "Sunset Drive" completes the set with rich plumes of bass underpinning some abstract dancehall rhythms and ethereal atmospheres. All in all a wonderful EP of completely fresh sounds to get your head and feet around. DJ Python says - 'this will be a huge open-air record'!!


Matt says: Sweaty, narcotic, 'open air deep reggaeton' on the phenomenal Proibito records. Both head turning and body moving in equal measure; the kinda record that can make or break an intense session under the Sun.

Gazelle Twin’s 'Unflesh' (Anti-Ghost Moon Ray / Last Gang, September 2014) was one of 2014’s most acclaimed, independent electronic albums, highlighted by the New York Times, NPR, The Quietus, The Guardian, Dazed & Confused and recently dubbed ‘a classic of our time’ by BBC Radio 3’s Max Reinhardt. Following its 2-year worldwide tour and off-shoot film and performance project with Carla MacKinnon,‘Out Of Body’ (2015), the Blue-Hoody chapter of Gazelle Twin culminates in the remix LP 'Fleshed Out' - with autopsied and re-animated tracks by 10 exceptional producers in a double-gatefold vinyl package, released on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray and Last Gang Records on 29 July 2016. Perc's brutally stark rework of 'Anti Body’ blows the collection open and is paired with the inventive, dub treatment of ‘Guts’ by unsigned, 19yr-old producer - Don’t Look. Legendary Throbbing Gristle duo, Carter Tutti (Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter), give ‘Unflesh’ a surprisingly gentle treatment, and Wrangler’s previously released version of ‘Anti Body’ (Anti Body EP, May 2014) contrasts the unmistakable snarls of Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire) with production by Benge (John Foxx and The Maths) and Phil Winter (Tuung). Vanishing (Tesla Tapes) featuring Gareth Smith’s vocals alongside members of Gnod and Warm Widow, deliver a staggering re-vocalisation of ‘Still Life’. Moving into clubbier modes, Disc 2 spins into Dave Clarke’s high-energy mix of ‘Exorcise’ (also released on ‘Charcoal Eyes’ on N.E.W.S in April 2016), and Polish producer, Zamilska, chills ‘Belly of the Beast’ right down to its knuckles. Blanck Mass’ eastern-tinged remix of ‘Still Life’ winds the tempo down further into I Speak Machine's (Tara Busch) shimmering, analogue re-imagining of ‘Anti Body’ (also previously released on Anti Body EP), before Lone Taxidermist’s (Natalie Sharp and Phil Winter of Tunng) version of ‘Premonition’ delicately snuffs out the flame.

Peter Michael Hamel

Colours Of Time - Re-interpreted By Wolfgang Voigt & Deepchord

Peter Michael Hamel emerged from the 70s Krautrock scene dreaming of 'the blue flower growing between the milestones on the road to a future world music'. A truly visionary artist who worked and studied with John Cage, Morton Feldman and Terry Riley, his 1980 "Colours of Time" LP - an epic, sprawling, 22-minute saga - was hailed by The Guardian’s Rob Fitzpatrick as 'an absolute masterpiece of skull-bursting, synth-led ambient minimalism'. Thirty six years on, Astral Industries reinterpret Hamel's original vision with remixes from two contemporary heavyweights - Wolfgang Voigt and Rod Modell (aka Deepchord). Each expansive interpretation invites you to step outside of reality and into an alternative imagination of Hamel's future world, spiralling into the colours and slowly out of time itself. Original artwork by Theo Ellsworth and a massive thanks to Peter Michael Hamel & Eckart Rahn. Anyone with a penchant for non-linear mind exploration should find plenty to get stuck into here with both producers offering a very different take on the experience. Recommended.

Rhythm Section International’s 12th release comes from another Mancunian called Tom, this time going by the name of Hidden Spheres. You might know Tom if you're a frequent visitor to the shop. He's always here bending our ear about great music whilst also holding down an inspiring job working with up-and-coming young talent at Manchester music education institute - SSR. We are issuing a *FEEL-GOOD HIT OF THE SUMMER* alert for the title track, "Well, Well", - a certified, yet sophisticated banger, ready to send that festival crowd one step closer to transcendence. Unfathomably rich, textured and radiant, the restraint and attention to detail Spheres displays with the track is second to none. "Too Soon" is the lights-down-low, backroom burner; understated, sexy and with nothing to prove. "Sleeping Eyes" comes complete with very seductive percussion, cowbells, congas, finger snaps and bongos all coming together for a joyful yet slack and sluggish groove. "Your Effect" fires up the deep house vibes for a bumpin', soulful exercise in dancefloor release which you'll find most of Manchester's DJs going crazy for over the next few months. Finally, "Land" allows the EP to bring us down gently, a super relaxed sub 90BPM beat easing us along while buzzing sawtooth bass, melancholic yet beautifully rich brass and the odd vocal snippet converge on the track. A great show of Tom's stupendously high musical prowess, this is pure jazz, through and through and puts a lid on all these wannabe pretenders with their Ableton presets and music-by-numbers sequencing. Ridiculously good EP and with Hidden Spheres being a bit of a Manc legend at the moment, we don't expect this to hang around long. Get those skates on and bag on the most essential records of the Summer. TIP!


Matt says: So nice to see one of our friendliest and most enthused customers hit pay-dirt on one of our favourite London labels. Big ups Tom!

Melbourne label Momentary Records' first release features a pair of deep and driving house tracks from label founder & up and coming producer Ben Houghton, who's joined by fellow Australians Harvey Sutherland and Inkswel on remix duties. A heady blend of crispy 808 funk and luscious synths, title track "Beta Blocker" is a stripped back late night burner; equally effective on the dancefloor or cruising the streets on the car stereo. Sticky bass and overheating drumboxes come together to deliver an infectious rhythm section while the soaring sine waves and filtered pads keep your synapses firing off throughout. "Softly Spoken" straightens us out to a slamming 4/4, balancing the rib rattling kick against hissing hats and claps, all clothed in a straight to tape scuzziness which only aids the neck snapping effects. Rhythm section on point, Houghton cycles through textured stabs, solar sirens and cosmic lead lines, blasting us off into a whole new dancefloor dimension. On his B1 remix, long time friend Harvey Sutherland adds his signature clattering hi hats, percussion and disco claps to a booming 4 on the floor kick, crafting a 6 minute session of limb-flinging dancefloor excitement. Stripping the track back a touch, Sutherland makes enough room for that squirming bassline to wriggle up your trouser leg before adding those trademark celestial keys and dreamy chord progressions which always make his productions stand out from the crowd. Finally, boogie hot shot Inkswel swings by with a Jomox under one arm and a Space Echo under the other and sets about tripping "Beta Blocker" out into a properly leftfield percussion voyage complete with deep dub fx and wonky bass tones. Introducing the label with a bang, Houghton & co drop an all killer, no filler set which typifies the spectral sound of the Melbourne underground right now.

Dave Aju, Alland Byallo, Kenneth Scott and Marc Smith joined together as Kamm. The quartet have created a six track EP / mini-album called 'Kick Drunk Love' for Marcel Vogel's Amsterdam based label Intimate Friends. Taking influences from early 90s Mo'Wax era laid-back beats, the EP features a mixture of samples and live instrumentation. Barrite, Byallo and Scott contribute vocals, with Smith on guitar, Byallo on trumpet and Scott on Moog synth.

'Sidewalks' opens with the sound of bird song and children playing in the distance setting the scene for squelchy Moog, shimmering keyboard chords, loose claps, trumpet and wonkoid rhythms. 'Where's Ralf?' offers more of those wet claps but over a simple 4/4 kick. 'No Grace' swings in tumbling 3/4 time as the track slowly uncoils. On the flip 'Pigmy' goes straight for the Detroit beatdown niche. There's polyrhythmic kalimba style sequencing on the more up-beat 'Stage Left', while the EP closed with the drunken 'Leaving', a woozy wobble through a haze of beats, horns and synth washes.

Mall Grab

Steel City Dance Discs Volume 1

Another hot new producer who's making waves and piquing interest here at Piccadilly. Mall Grab inaugurates Steel City Dance Discs with a double A-side of pure Summer heat. "Can't Take It No More" is just a straight up anthem, no doubt. Catchy vocal hook - check, infectious brass motif - check, pumpin' house beat - check! You're bound to hear this at all the cool club nights and festivals over the next few months and is 100% crowd pleasing goodness whilst still maintaining credibility throughout. The flip side, "Father" doesn't change up the formula- it doesn't need to! Another banging house beat complete with totally infectious vocal sections and a beautifully produced mix. Both tracks are gonna sound super sumptuous through any good quality rig and I give you my word the kids are gonna lose their shit to this stuff. Working DJs - you need this record in your life! Highly recommended and we ain't got many so get them orders in quick sharp folks.

Marvis Dee returns to In My Dreams with "Dreams Of A Future Metropolis", a boogie-tinged 5-track EP of late-night 80’s house and slow groove-soaked beats. Drawing from the magical influence of the conga-a-plenty TR-727 drum machine, along with stomach rumbling basses and glistening synth romanticism conjured from the Juno 6 synthesiser, the EP is a divergence for the young Dutch producer who usually makes a electro and techno under his Jeremiah R alias. This second instalment of his retroist EP series kicks off with the deep and dope house thwack of "Testarossa", a body moving, spirit lifting dancefloor cut which sounds like an overtaped cassette of Dream 2 Science and Murk going b2b. Solid bassline, hazy pads and clattering percussion, you know the score. If the A1 was all about sweltering nights on the terrace, "Tonight Is The Night" is an altogether chillier affair, serving up wintery chord progressions, Italo-inspired bass and the kind of brooding, cinematic darkness which usually soundtracks a stakeout on the docks. I can only assume the drug bust was a success, since "You & Me" finds our protagonist kicking back, sipping cocktails in the morning sun. Shimmering synths, funk-heavy basslines and buoyant boogie grooves all sail out on a cool breeze. The B-side opens with "Vision Of The Third Eye", a deep house banger of the late 80s vintage which sees Marvis add Larry Heard style drum programming to Virgo Four synthesis to create a proper peak time roller. Last but not least, "When The Night Comes To An End", does exactly what it says on the tin, fusing all those dreamy 80s influences into a bongo led end-of-nighter of mind altering proportions. The strolling bassline carefully steps around the precise percussion, carrying the tender pads ever onwards, before a killer Jan Hammer styled synth harp riff utterly flips the script. Two releases in and Marvis is still to put a foot wrong, roll on number three!

They say all good things comes in threes, and Nachtbraker's 3rd release for Heist confirms this universal truth all over again. Maurits Verwoerd flexes more dancefloor muscle than ever before, showing a great development of his sound. The unconventional drum patterns and deeper house motifs remain but find themselves reinforced with filtered funk and killer keys. "Gotta act to react" drives into town on a saturated bassline, a hypnotizing guitar lick and some seriously loose hi-hats, but really delivers once those hard to place filtered hits come in. "Pollo con Pollo" is potentially Nachtbraker's most clear attempt at a straightforward groove, with a lovely dreamy guitar loop running throughout the track. Add his loose sense of arrangement and changeovers, and it's still anything but straightforward. The B-side gets nice and weird with 2 versions of "Intermezz(l)ow", the one being a lovely textured interlude and the other a rough drum workout built around the same theme. Keen to take to the match ball home, Nachtbraker delivers his own remix, coming up trumps with a great dubby acid-tinged flip of "Gotta act to react" which should have dancefloors shuffling and smiling in no time.

Octave One Feat. Ann Saunderson

Just Don't Speak

    Still riding high off the success of their last album but never ones to sit still, titanic techno duo Octave One are back with a hot new single. Featuring their long time collaborator Ann Saunderson on vocals and coming with three different mixes, ‘Just Don’t Speak’ it is sure to be a summer anthem.

    Ann Saunderson also collaborated with Octave One on their massive dance anthem ‘Blackwater’ (released in 2002) and has worked with a list of who's who, in the dance music arena. Also featured on ‘Just Don't Speak’ are the Urban Soul Orchestra (USO) who also collaborated on‘Blackwater’, adding a unique twist to the track with their contemporary string ensemble.

    ‘Just Don’t Speak’ is a barrelling house cut with subtle but joyous piano chords rolling above fat bass. Ann’s vocals are typically elastic and emotive and love fuelled. They soar as the pressure below builds and are sure to leave crowds in raptures. An instrumental version places even more focus on the uplifting and driving groove, and a dub version strips things back to the infectious percussion and bold drum lines, making for a more macho and physical cut. A radio edit is also included in the package and ensures that all bases are covered in great style by the ever essential Burden brothers.

    The Orb

    Alpine Diskomiks (Sin In Space Pt. 2) - Prins Thomas Remixes

    Hot on the heels of the 'Moonbuilding 2703 AD Remixes / Sin In Space Pt. 1', pioneering duo The Orb receives a royal remix treatment by Prins Thomas: for 'Alpine Diskomiks / Sin In Space Pt. 2', the Norwegian disco king reworked the cut 'Alpine Evening' from The Orb’s most recent release 'Alpine' and infused it with his trademark floor magic, turning the psychedelic stomper into a well-oiled, highly energetic dance machine. It’s not the first time that Prins Thomas revisits material from Kompakt artists (following his excellent work on Justus Köhncke and Vermont), but it certainly ranks among his very best (and most propulsive) efforts to date. The main Diskomiks gets backed by two versions on the flip side: the 'Simpler Tool For DJ Fools' scratches that string itch, while the 'Short Yoga Break Version' drops the beats altogether for extended atmospheric immersion - a perfect way to close this round of remixes for The Orb.

    As industrious as he is unconventional, Trevor Jackson dons his Playgroup moniker and follows up the multi format release of, well, "F O R M A T", with this new "Previously Unreleased" series. Conceptual as ever, the project will be spread across nine 12" singles, released one a week for the next couple of months.

    The first instalment introduces the series in typical Playgroup style, paying homage to the diverse sounds of the late 80s dancefloor with the head nodding house of "Move My Body". Armed with a shuffling percussion groove and a real roller of a bassline, this floor filling cut takes us down to the basement via Kraftwerk style synth motifs, mysterious lead lines and soulful vocals borrowed from Robert Owens and Ron Wilson. Next up, Trev teams up with synth funk all star Ed DMX for the bass led "I Want To Believe", a proper heads down banger with crisp 909 drums, echoing vocal samples and not a lot else - simple but so effective. Things get a touch weirder on the B2 with the slow (comparatively) and sexy "Play The Music", an electroid anthem which sounds like the whole of an Electrifying Mojo show rolled into one track. Bleepy keys, acid tinged bass, sleazy vocals and just enough funk to make your body pop - perfect. Roll on Volume 2. 

    As industrious as he is unconventional, Trevor Jackson dons his Playgroup moniker and follows up the multi format release of, well, "F O R M A T", with this new "Previously Unreleased" series. Conceptual as ever, the project will be spread across nine 12" singles, released one a week for the next couple of months.

    We step into Volume 2, then leap straight out the airlock, losing the plot to the cosmic nonsense of "Doin' It Right". Slow and smacky, this Baldelli-styled slice of mind altering chug finds Jackson wigging us out with a wrong speed re-edit of Donna's masterful "Sunset People". Gone are the instrumental flourishes and saccharine vocals, leaving us to space walk freely to that mechanised groove #SpaceJunk. The flipside stumbles into gear with the rewired boogie of "Flyte Mode", an off the wall house cut assembled out of the wreckage from Dam-Funk's Delorean. Pumping and pulsing electronics sit inside a phonky little rhythm pattern, forming the perfect setting for the fx soaked vocal samples which should have all the hands aloft. Practise your transitions before you take B2 beast "Live At The Funhouse" on the road, the syncopated rhythm's gonna give you all sorts of bother! Scattershot drum boxes bounce and bump over a squirming bassline while field recordings and sampler abuse treat us to all the fun of the fair. 


    Power Dance / Power Beats

    Powerdance is a collective of like minded dance music enthusiasts that joined forces as a sonic dance floor experiment. Tired of identikit dancefloor tracks and uninspired edits, the crew hit the studio in search of something new and original, a retro-influenced bit of forward facing disco which should bring a smile back to mirrorballs everywhere. The journey starts with the self titled "Power Dance", a constantly evolving cut which sees a driving disco rhythm section topped by a revolving cast of wah guitar, dubby trumpet, cooing male vocals and sassy female chat. Druggy fx and 80s informed production techniques call to mind everything dope from the Wag Club to Studio 54 - from Koala Bears to Will Powers, without ever falling victim of pastiche. With the B-side playing host to a percussion heavy 'Beats' mix I'd say there's plenty of two copy potential here - make no mistake, it's nu disco of the DFA vintage!

    Secret Squirrels

    No. 11

    Why do squirrels swim on their back? To keep their nuts dry!!! That's right, our re-edit rodents are back with two more floor-filling workouts primed to move your body straight to the party. On this 11th episode they continue to disrespect boundaries as they criss-cross Italy, from disco to house music in order to do their dirty deeds. Temperatures soar on the A-side with a hypnotic Italo house powerball built out of echoing piano chords, bubbling bass sequences (hello Gino Latino!) and the odd bit of FM synth brass! Well placed bongo patterns add a dope disco vibe to proceedings, lending the track a cross genre appeal. Skip to the flip and prepare to enter machine mode, working your chrome body suit to some proper mechanised chug. The zero gravity sequence rolls and drags liked a pitched down "I Feel Love", locking us into heads down hypnosis before proggy synth washes, fusion piano licks and triumphant melodies propel this one directly into the Beppe Loda school of Italian space disco. 

    Selvagem & Kiko Costato / Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco

    Barefoot Beats 02

    Those Bahia inspired boogie lovers Barefoot Beats return with 2 more Brasilian gems to light up your dancefloor, this time enlisting the talents of Selvagem, Kiko Costato, Pete Herbert and Dicky Trisco to bring the carnival to your turntable. Selvagem, who graced the first release on the imprint alongside Eric Duncan, return once again this time with Kiko Costato and drops a chunky, funky, samba laced bomb of a track, which goes by the name of "Afoxe". A shuffling percussion groove gets up close and personal with deep and resonant bass tones before cheery tropicalia vocals open the track out into a chant-along stepper perfect for pool parties, summer slams and terrace sets. Meanwhile over on the flip, Disco Deviants Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco work a catchy Brasilian number to the bone with truly discotastic results. Looped up guitar licks and a steady bassline keep the rhythm on lockdown, while free and easy flute and sweet vocals twirl away on top. Pure vibes on both sides and cut onto limited edition 10" vinyl. VAMOS!!!

    Polish wunderkind Selvy inaugurates No Bad Days with the "Pops EP", four tracks of tropical & grandiose house music perfect for shaking a leg to on a summer's eve. Making a bold statement from the start, the Transatlantyk acolyte hits us with "Wishing Well", a peaktime epic with a sort of Disney-via-John Carpenter vibe. Precise drum programming and neat bongos invite a collective shuffle while brooding Snake Plissken bass forms a delicious contrast to the swooning synth strings, digital panpipes and DX7 chimes which could easily soundtrack a night on the peace pipe with Pocahontas' older, wilder sister. Following that is the most playful of the tracks within, the pinging future funk of "Basics". This syrupy cocktail of bouncy synth melody, groovy bassline and dreamy pads should have your hips wiggling and your bits jiggling faster than you can say 'Choon!' On the flip, "Bump Pump" is arguably the most energetic helping on the EP, a percussive workout with gongs and all. If Crash Bandicoot was to make house music, this is close to how he’d sound. Bubbling sequences and "Moskow Diskow" style vox-vamps sit on top of a dubby bassline, throwing serious shapes before slipping into the background so the mystical mallets can work their magic. Totally off its box and utterly brilliant, this track also packs a punch Badarou style if you drop it at 33rpm - #DJtips. Sticking with the weirdo vibe and rounding the release off in style is title track "Pops", the most original and subtle track in the set, an oddball house number complete with colourful VHS synths, percolating bongos, house pianos and all sorts of strange sounds pinging across the mix.

    Shackleton's most expansive, ecstatic and hallucinatory music to date. Four longform pieces developing the free-flowing compositional aesthetic of his recent 'Deliverance' series and Powerplant performances: fiery rhythmic-melodic turbulence channeling Congotronics way to the east - with an aura of restrained mania reminiscent of the feral pomp and gallows humour of Coil's moon-musick phase - all earthed by dubwise bass.

    The pairing with Tomasini - whose history spans experimental theatre, cabaret and collaborations with Julia Kent and David Tibet, among many others - is a match made in heaven. With his four-octave voice swooping from deep growl to piercing falsetto, Tomasini's presence both heightens the taste for the theatrical that’s always been integral to Shackleton’s music, and makes explicit the latter’s kinship to the occult energies of the UK’s post-industrial underground.

    As the title suggests, these are shadowy songs rich with allusions to bodily ritual and psychic exploration, with Tomasini’s lyrics framed by luminous whirls of hand-struck drums and synthetic gamelan, bells and tumbling organ melodies. 'You Are The One' escalates from delicate choral chant to full-bore psychedelic organ freakout; 'Rinse Out All Contaminants' is a slow incantation, to purge all negative thoughts; the melodies of 'Father You Have Left Me' are smudged like early Steve Reich, then burned out by snarling subs; and the magnificent 'Twelve Shared Addictions' balances elliptical melodies like spinning plates, gradually unfurling into a breakneck storm of voice and hammered keys.

    A remarkable collaboration that also, crucially, hints towards new emerging futures in the work of one of this decade’s pioneers in electronic sound and rhythm.

    Irish electronic duo Solar Bears - fresh from releasing their critically acclaimed third album ‘Advancement’ earlier this year - receive the remix treatment from seminal DJ, producer and IDM techno forefather Andrew Weatherall. 

    Reimagining ‘Separate From The Arc’, ‘Advancement’s’ climactic, swirling and masterfully cathartic closer, Weatherall delivers a leftfield, darker-toned re-shift that preserves the track’s central energy whilst propagating and expanding its percussive elements via glitched-out rhythms and syncopated nuances.

    Drawing off the sound of his earlier work, the "Space Loop EP" mashes together the more ambiguously low pass-filtered style of ambient house with the thumping and ratcheting sounds of space station maneuvering, interstellar mechanics and cloud-skimming high-altitude plane excursions. Locked in a rotating motion all of it's own, "Space Loop" builds layers of space dust, Earth-beamed transmissions and AM frequency NASA ramblings alongside distorted rhythmic hat work and throbbing kick 'n' bass. "RV Jam" occupies a similar territory but busies up the mix with some nagging acid fragments and skitty drum programming. Finally "Filter Dub" occupies the whole of side B and is an expansive, all-encompassing trip into the deep house wormhole. Lots of subtle nuances pepper the mix while a rich, gliding groove transports us deep into the outer galaxies. Plenty of those electronic dub artifacts to keep both the mind and body stimulated while the arrangement is expertly constructed to keep you hooked until the very last beat. Excellent.


    The Law Of The Three Trees: Motus

    Um:Bros was an Italo electro-dance / synth disco / new wave outfit circa 1984, featuring Alessandro Costantini, Kissmealice and Vincenzo Viceversa. They mainly played live during mid-eighties at one of the first italian electronic clubs, Suburbia, in Perugia. They signed to Carlo Favilli's legendary Italian label House Of Music, but the tracks they recorded for this album didn't come out at the time due to the short life of the label. Now released on the reborn House Of Music imprint, these tracks finally see the light of day. A must for all Italo / minimal wave fans.

    Interior Groove traveler, and recent resident of Canada’s 'Left Coast', Unknown Mobile joins the illustrious ranks of the ASL Singles Club with his first 12-inch record. A self confessed agrarian idealist, Levi Bruce hails us with a trio of hearty cuts which hike through rolling levels of melodic foliage and avarian interaction, feeling the low-end rumble of resonant harmonies underfoot. "No Motion" strolls through the haze of textured pads into the heart of the rainforest, seeking out a sacred spot and begining a deep bongo meditation. Chiming synths vocalise the moments of enlightenment, soon becomming one with the animals of the forest. A2 cut "Rhododendron" swaps the tropics for the suburbs, sipping green tea and looking out onto a verdant garden. A masterpiece of Feng Shui ambience, this unusual beauty invites to step into the roji and join in the chanoyu. While "No Motion" and "Rhododendron" induce a state of calming limbo, “Mantra” offers a celebration of dance. Percussion is sparse yet carefully woven into the fluid patterns which perfectly augment the serene synth washes, simple bassline and abstract sonic architecture which decorates the track. The perfect accompaniment to last year's Slow Riffs on Mood Hut or the recent Valentino Mora on IDO, this is a truly stunning release from the Canadian producer.


    Patrick says: Relative newcomer Unknown Mobile makes his first appearance on 12" with a three tracker of Feng Shui ambience and deeply dreamy house music. Perfect for tea ceremonies, landscape gardens and spirit dances.


    NYC Loft Trax Unreleased V5 - Mysteries Of Dub

    The NYC LOft Trax peeps are back, back, back! For volume 5 in their series of retro house rhythms based on old school New York garage and Ch-town house oldies. 'Vibe Instru' is pure NY garage, with hissing cymbals, stabby keyboard lines and a swinging rhythm. 'Chaka's Dub' gets on a DJ Sneak-style filter-disco house tip, pushing a Chaka Khan OG loop right back in the mix, while the funky house 4/4s lead the way to the dancefloor. 'Love' takes inspiration from Larry Heard's classic 'Mystery Of Love', but upping the BPMs for a funky house style remake. 'Piano' marries jazzy piano with a simple, swinging drum machine rhythm - it's like a Casio keyboard demo for 'Jazz House'! Lastly 'Nusoulove' goes back to the Mr Fingers flavours, with a springy acid line and syncopated beats.

    Vakula has been a Dekmantel label member ever since the very early days. The Ukraine based producer now drops his album 'Cyclicality Between Procyon And Gomeisa' on the label.
    “This album is about cycles, repetition and interaction”, says Vakula, whose 'Cyclicality Between Procyon And Gomeisa' is the third of a series of albums and reflects a dashing experimental record that evokes the endless and captivating potential of electronic music. It creates a mesmerizing journey through various music genres, exhibiting a singular sonic experience, whilst he works through a process of improvisation and refinement.

    Once again the mastermind proves to be capable of creating complex, yet diverse musical pieces beyond genres and trends. The result: an audio adaptation of his fascinating mind. “There are two parallel processes that come together in my work: me writing music and working on the sound I want to achieve, and the energy from outside that flows and transforms into thoughts, correlations, and actions.”

    The track titles relate to the source of Vakula’s inspiration and connect the dots between his obsession for the vastness of our universe and electronic music. ‘‘To wonder about the universe and to dig into mythology and scientific research discovering at least some of its secrets is what keeps me endlessly motivated as a producer.’’

    This is awesome. Think Moodymann producing Donald Byrd, in Stereolab's studio and you are somewhere close to the psychediscojazz bomb that is on the A Side of this EP, Linkwood Family's "Piece Of Mind" features an astral choir, Byrd-esque bassline, Love Unlimited strings and dubby Moodymann bassline, add in the ridiculously good edits (deck stops, backwards bits, skewed vocals), and you have THE underground hit of the summer. There will not be a club this won't work in, absolutely ACE. Over on Side-B Linkwood gives us "Hear The Sun", a beatdown house thing in a similar vein to Theo or KDJ. A deep sparse spiritual house workout that puts me in mind of Sun Ra's 'Angels & Demons'. Lastly there is Fudge Fingas & His Fidgety Friends "Aksman" a nifty little reggae tinged outro, that'll serve well at the end of your mix tape. Essential repress of this iconic Scottish dance music relic.


    Matt says: Back in stock for the first time since 2007! Game changing business from this now institutional Scottoish camp.

    The idea for the Late Junction collaboration sessions is to pair people from different musical backgrounds, who have never previously worked together, and put them into the studio for a day to work jointly on new pieces of music.

    Curated by Nick Luscombe and Darrel Sheinman, this album gathers a selection of unique recordings from this ongoing series of exciting collaborations, the majority of which were recorded all analogue at BBC Maida Vale Studios. They represent part of an incredible body of work by a wide variety of musicians from all around the world.


    2xLP Info: Double vinyl pressing in die-cut gatefold sleeve.

    Includes MP3 Download Code.

    Sweden bringing the Balearic vibes on these summer bangers #itshotinherebeacuseofbrilliantrecordsandalsotheweather
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    Blaring some sunshine Saturday boogie on the player. #sunshinesounds
    Sat 30th - 10:05
    Easing us into the weekend, here's Norma White. Sing it Norma...
    Fri 29th - 1:07
    The Bluestones' Mark Morris @TheQuill has just been in to buy the Cliff Martinez 'Neon Demon' soundtrack!
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