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Feel The Rush - 30th Anniversary Edition

30 years (32 if you're being picky - Ed) after it was originally released, Salford City Record reissue "Feel The Rush" by M.A.N.I.C with all the mixes, on fresh 180g green transparent vinyl.

Another killer relic from the era of piano house, smiley faces and high speed dodgems, "Feel The Rush", like many tunes of the time, captured the hedonistic, ecstasy-soaked feeling that was coursing through clubland at the time in novel and unique ways! Melanie McHaffie provides the empassioned vocal delivery, whilst Kieron Jolliffe & Lee Hudson (who'd also go under the alias Bonemasters) provide an electric, piano driven house groove with early 'donk' bass and synth sax licks. 

Whilst the club and vocal mixes retain much of the same characteristics, the 12" mix sees the track get taken to the dark underbelly of Bowlers - with added rave elements such as hoovers, dark 'Timebase' bass and pitched up vocal squeals; nearly transforming it into a pure hardcore track. Meanwhile, the 'Techno Mix' is a neat amalgamation of Sheffield bleep, hardcore breaks and early jungle mindset as it deploys a tight rhythm and bass pattern alongside soundbwoy shoutouts and stuttered rave stabs. Inside! 

Another key moment of UK dance history beautifully excavated and presented by the good folks at Salford City Records. Recommended! 


Matt says: Hardcore-indebted piano house here from MANIC who took the sugar coated hooks of the era and injected a degree of proto-jungle urgency and grit into proceedings. A fine example of the development of early-mid '90s rave music.


A1. Club Mix
A2. Vocal Mix
B1. 12 Mix
B2. Techno Mix

Salford City Records continue to resurect the golden days of piano house through their tasteful reissues and, more recently, these new releases inna retro-tinged style!

Label stalwarts Project D and James Sempie certainly know how to rouse an e-soaked spirit or two on this new one - "Movin Now", featuring Pierre Feroldi captures the spirit of hardcore and piano house with all the catchy sampling, galloping bassline, gated vox and laser guided melodies you need for a night buzzing your tits off on the waltzers or at the industrial park. A real top drawer offering from the label which, if you wanna blag your mates, you could pass off as a lost piano relic from '92. 

The same formular is deployed on second track, "30 Mins" - with a proper eurodans bass and hip-house vocal sampling while a real Moving Shadow sqealing lead brings the hardcore feels. This one's got a proper vocal part too (uncannily sounding like Michael Jackson), and is produced in extra dizzy fashion for extended waltzer damage. 

Onto side B and "The Beat Is Working" utilizes the classic 'pumpin' jumpin' sample from Chris & James whilst adding dreamy piano chords and vamping sax. "The Only One" closes off the fun with hard sax blasts, glistening arps, and more whoops, wails and cries of ecstasy from need within the groove.

Really nice to see Salford City Records actually adding to the cannon of vocal piano house, as well as reissue the choice hits to our receptive lugholes. Nice work cru. Checkit massive! 


Matt says: Waltzer-ready, arms aloft, breezy piano house that blows in off the Mersey / Irwell winds and straight to Bowlers industrial estate. Serious stuff for the old skool. Whistle cruu insiiide!


A1. Movin Now
A2 30 Mins
AA1 The Beat Is Working
AA2. The Only One

Rhythm Foundation

Let The Whole World Know - 30th Anniversary Remixes EP Part 1

Rhythm Foundation was the duo of James Lightbown & Peter Oldroyd, responsible for just one firecracker of piano house power in 1991. "Let The Whole World Know" was released on the Eastern Bloc-related M.O.S Records and became a big spin for one world leading DJ at the time - Sasha.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this monumental record, Salford City Records have released an EP package with four fresh remixes of the track. Opening with the Rhythm Foundation vocal mix which is as true to the original vibe as you're gonna get. That epic vocal line soaring over vamping piano lines and the occasional 'woooo' to devastating effect.

Rob Tissera & Steve Luigi contribute an electrified and highly kinetic offering which places it alongside the proto-proggy sounds that would begin to be hammered by the likes of Sasha and Digweed and soundtrack wild nights at Shelly's.

On side B, Andy Cain perfectly bridges the gap between the original piano house sound and what would later become trance, injecting 16-bar drum rolls, rising strings and hands-aloft energy into proceedings.

Stu Chapman drops a tastefully executed breakbeat refix, juxtaposing those happy piano chords and jubilant strings with odd blasts of rave stab tension and hardcore bass. 


Matt says: Just when you thought you'd heard the last of Salford City Records they finish the year off with an exceptional set of (new?) remixes of the '91 piano house anthem "Let The Whole World Know".


1 RF Vocal Mix
2 Rob Tissera & Steve Luigi Remix
3 Andy Cain Remix
4 Stu Chapman Remix

Another retrotastic trip on the waltzers, raves and adult playgrounds of yesteryear as Salford City Records continue to mine that e-soaked period of hedonism from '92 - '97. 

Though sounding familiar to that era, this new 12" from DJ Neli is actually a new release from a new producer addicted to the sugar rushed pianos and soaring strings of rave's halcyon times. 

In original form "Sweet Life" is a high-nrg blast of fairground house. With nods to handbag in its feel-good vocal and eurodans bass. The Dream Frequency remix is littered with vamping piano lines, deep Juno b-line and strings that put a rocket up your arse. Seriously, if you've not a smile as wide as the warehouse after side A then I fear you may be beyond help.

Onto side B and Stu Chapman ramps up the energy levels till we're almost verging on happy hardcore. Hyped up breaks, buzzsaw leads, pitched up vox - it's almost totally bOnKeRs! But defo still nodding to that classic Bowlers / Dreamscape / Maximes tape packs of the mid 90s.

Finally, SCR regular DJ Welly concludes the set with an M1-guided, proggy refix that slows down proceedings to a Digweed / Sasha-esque chug, complicates the arrangement with some (dare-I-say-it) more sophisticated elements and smothers the vocal in sfx and reverb.

Another winner from the crew! Limited copies...


Martin says: Salford City Records sees out the end of 2023 with a brand new track from resident DJ Neli who, sticking to the remit of the label: revisits the waltzers, raves and adult playgrounds of yesteryear with another e-soaked offering of pianos, strings and overactive handclaps.


A1. Sweet Life (Dream Frequency Remix)
A2. Sweet Life (Original Mix)

B1. Sweet Life (Stu Chapman Remix)
B2. Sweet Life (Welly's Dark Matter Remix)

Salford City Records treat us to a various artists EP of new originals that fall remarkably in line with the rest of the label's piano house and rave reissues that they've faithfully dished out to us over the last 12 months.

Featuring producer MiTM aka Eddie Taylor, and singer songwriter Shelby Carmel - both from Leeds - the EP features three original tracks plus a mash-up style remix of eurodance project JK vs. Nicole J McCloud cleverly entitled "You Make Me Rock The House".

MiTM opens with the rampant piano riifs and fruity vox of "Nasty'er" - which seems to combine Fantazia-era handbag house stylings and the fairground qualities of happy hardcore into a dizzying sugar rush of enjoyment.

Next up, MiTM is joined by James Sammon aka The Pianoman - responsible for Maxime's classics such as "Cast A Spell", and "Tribute To Asha" - for a ingenious mashup which features Nicole's "Rock The House" vocal over JK's "You Make Me Feel Good" instrumental - an instant piano house anthem and one of the crowning glories of the series so far!

Side B sees MiTM hit the accelerator with "Loving You" - utilizing JX's "Son Of A Gun" vocal to devastating effect whilst a jubilant and funky piano and bass groove ensure arms aloft and spirits high. Finally, Shelby Carmel concludes the EP in mighty fine style with an exceptional cover of True Faith's "Take Me Away" - singing the vocal herself, adding fizzy synth stabs and switching up the original's breakbeat for a more 4/4 pounder which flips into an cheeky bassline / 4X4 drop after the breakdown; adding her own personality onto this bona fide rave anthem.

Absolutely top drawer stuff from start to finish. Relive the feels of that golden 90s period with the Salford City Records massive! 


Matt says: One of my favourites from SCR - not least due to that amazing JK vs. Nicole mash-up. Although retrotastic in nature these are relatively new cuts from the crew - for those with a Maximes, Bowlers or Angles itch they need to scratch.


A1. MiTM - Nasty'er Original Mix
A2. JK VS Nicole - You Make Me Rock The House (Pianoman MITM Bootleg Mix)

B1. MiTM - Loving You Original Mix
B2. Shelby Carmel -Take Me Away

Yet another lost gem from the halcyon days of rave, hardcore and piano house gets reissued by the rigorous Salford City Records massive. The "Void EP" by Void (Paul Welding, Daniel Nolan & Dave McBurney) was originally released in 1991. Beginning with "Orcana" - a tough slice of swampy breakbeat, analogue fx swirls and occasional fog horn blasts - the kinda track that would make little sense until you were a double of Mitsubishi’s deep into the fun at Bowlers; whence it would transport you to a hellish rave utopia. As per the original release, it's the DJ Welly Warehouse mix featured here.

On the flip, "Addiction (The Tunnel Mix)" is a more celebratory and buoyant number than its darker cousin over on side A. Sugar-rushed female vox pairing beautifully with rising pads, flanging perx and frenetic arpeggios. A real fairground treat, with perfectly timed drops and breakdowns; pulsating with that day-glo ecstasy energy throughout.

Officially licensed, 180g vinyl pressing. 


Matt says: As we near the end of Salford City Records' frankly commendable and thoroughly extensive piano house reissue campaign there's still some gems to unearth. Void's tracks have featured previously in the series but now the label gift us the two most regarded mixes of "Orcana" and "Addiction". A huge one for the Angels / Bowlers / Thunderdome crowds of the 90s.


A. Orcana (Wellys Warehouse Mix)
B. Addiction (The Tunnel Mix)

Another piano house classic from the early 90s is excavated from the vaults for our dancing delectation by the good folks at Salford City Records!

Originally released under the DJ Roy Silver moniker, the track is actually credited to one Nick Hussey - half of Awesome 3 who penned the bona fide hardcore classic - "Don't Go". The record was released on Rhythm Of Life and regular fetches over £50 2nd hand.

"Emotion" takes an eternity to drop; utilizing the first few minutes to create a shuddering proggy soundbed that really ratchets up the tension ahead of that huge piano line - which doesn't actually occur until halfway through the track. This has early Sasha written all over it. Hard electric dance music with that rushing euphoria tailor made for going right at it after a couple of garies.

"We're On The Move" is a tougher number, led by speaker-busting sub bass and plenty of hardcore tropes as it conjures up its frenetic electric groove. When the pianos start circling overhead it's the perfect moment of tension release; allowing serotonin to flow richly through our bodies and into the collective consciousness of the dancefloor..

Side B contains two mixes of a really nice downbeat number - perfect for keeping the vibe alive at the after party when energy levels have resided slightly. The original mix of "Promised Land" utilizes more of a hefty breakbeat while the ambient mix just hints at it - allowing the bass, vox, and twinkly synths to really hit home.

Killer reissue from the label - one of the best so far I reckon! 


Matt says: A lesser known alias of Awesome 3's Nick Hussey. Salford City Records continue to excavate choice moments of Northern 90s naughtiness.


A1. Emotion
A2.We’re On The Move
AA1. Promised Land Original Mix
AA2. Promised Land Ambient Mix

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