Schmoltz / Bogdan RA / RFX / Outra

Good For Dance II

Image of Schmoltz / Bogdan RA / RFX / Outra - Good For Dance II
Record Label
Craft Music

About this item

Craft Music's Good For Dance series continues with its second instalment and this one has been curated by none other than DJ Craft himself. Joining him are talented pals Schmoltz, Bogdan Ra, Romain FX, and Outra, also known as Joutro Mundo. These deep diggers are celebrated for their prowess in unearthing hidden gems and transforming them into dancefloor anthems and that's what they do here as each artist brings a unique flavour to the mix. Schmoltz's 'Luv The States' is a peak-time percussive disco jam, Bogdan Ra brings some slap-funk drums and glossy Italo synths and 'Tell Me Why' has crunchy drums and jagged synth stabs before a camp closer in 'Colosso'.


Mine says: Disco and italo lovers rejoice! If the clips are anything to go by then this record is going to be a lot of fun (and most definitely good for dance)! Brilliant stuff from Schmoltz and co.


Schmoltz - Luv The States
Bogdan Ra - Italocombo
Tell Me Why (RFX Edit)
Colosso (Outra Edit)

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