Back in stock Cover of You Who Are Leaving To Nirvana - Half Speed Remastered by Midori Takada.

Midori Takada

You Who Are Leaving To Nirvana - Half Speed Remastered

Recorded at The Premises Studio (London) and in Tokyo in 2019, "You Who Are Leaving To Nirvana" is a majestic work combining a suite of six Buddhist liturgical chants and a musical creation by Midori Takada. The Buddhist chants come from three types of repertoires: shomyo ("Teisan", "Unga-Bai", "Sange", "Taiyo"), but also goeika ("Kannon-Daiji") and mantra ("Hannya-Singyo").

After supervising the recording of the Buddhist chants, Midori Takada added her own compositions, with subtle layers of percussion and the melodies of her beloved marimba, giving full life to the sacred texts.

Reverend Syuukoh Ikawa explains: ‘Shomyo is a form of declamation of sacred esoteric texts, inherited over many generations. The power of words goes far beyond their mere pronunciation. I think there is something that words alone cannot really convey. If I recite prayers in a musical way, the feeling transmitted will be even stronger than if I say it normally, in everyday language. I think that the musicality of a work carries a hidden power that cannot be expressed in words alone. The setting of the music has an additional power for you and for those around you who listen to it. The words of a song are not just words set to music. They carry an additional hidden power that cannot be expressed in any other way. Listening to Midori Takada's musical performance, the words truly seem to come alive.’

Original recordings of the Buddhist chants are held in the International Archives of Folk Music (IAFM) at the MEG Museum in Geneva.

The album sleeve features an artwork by famed Japanese sculptor Katsura Funakoshi selected by Midori Takada.

The album comes with in-depth liner notes that include an interview with Midori Takada, a point of view by Zimbabwean scholar, musician and activist Forward Mazuruse, and background information on the project by Isabel Garcia Gomez and Madeleine Leclair from MEG Museum.

The sleeve features an artwork by celebrated Zimbabwean painter Portia Zvavahera.


Side 1
1. Teisan (0:58)
2. Gyatei Gyatei (Drumming) (6:21)
3. Unga-bai (4:49)
4. Sange (4:50)
Side 2
1. Taiyo (11:10)
2. Hannya-Singyo (3:46)
3. Kannon-Daiji (5:50)

Back in stock Cover of Habibi Funk: An Eclectic Selection From The Arab World (Part 2) by Various Artists.

Various Artists

Habibi Funk: An Eclectic Selection From The Arab World (Part 2)

    This compilation of songs is not meant as a historic reflection of popular music of the "Arab world." It is a very personal selection of songs we grew to like at Habibi Funk. It is music that historically never existed as a unified musical genre. We think it's important to make this distinction and to have the listener understand that the majority of the music on this compilation does not come from the highly famous names of the musical spectrum of North Africa and the Middle East. Instead, the final body compiled for this record consists of some – at least for us – nichey pearls and often overlooked artists; resulting in a diverse range of styles from Egyptian organ funk, disco sounds from Morocco, an example of the lively reggae scene of Libya, political songs from Lebanon, soundtrack music from Alge- ria, a musical union between Kenya and Oman, and much more.
    The photo we chose for this cover somehow could be seen as an allegory of the sounds we feature on the label. It depicts Algerian composer Ahmed Malek at an ice cream bar during his stay in Japan for the World Expo in Osaka, 1970. He later said that his visit to Japan and especially the manga culture left a distinctive mark on the way he created his own compositions. With this in mind, it feels as a suiting visual representation for the music on this compilation.
    Accordingly, the compilation you are holding in your hands offers a much wider range of music than just funk influenced sounds. Sure, it brings back Fadoul, who we have already dedicated a full length album to. He was the mystical Moroccan singer who - influenced by the sounds of James Brown- created his own musical vision full of energy but also still very intimate. Another artist we have featured before is Ahmed Malek, the grand Algerian soundtrack composer, whose music is largely connected by a distinct feeling of melancholic beauty or Hamid Al Shaeri, the Egyptian hit producer whose track "Ayonha" was probably the most widely appre-ciated track off our first compilation. But we have also learned that this format of a compilation can serve as a medium to introduce artists to our audience, who we are planning to dedicate full length releases to in the near future, such as Ibrahim Hesnawi. Hesnawi is the father of reggae music in Libya - a genre still widely popular in Libya - and whose presence in the country is commonly connected to the rhyth- mic similarities of reggae with some form of Libyan folkloric music. Nahib Alhoush is another Libyan artist, whose musical output we will spotlight in the near future. In the 1970s, he was the co-founder of Free Music, one of the first Libyan bands introducing western influences into their music. After the band stopped performing together he started an at least equally successful solo career under his own name. When I got into Arabic music around five or six years ago, I knew pretty much nothing about it. Realistically, I still know very, very little about it and I'm by no means an expert. I just had the opportunity to visit the region frequently, trying to learn about music I might like. Most of the bands, I happen to enjoy, were fairly obscure and therefore a lot of the music on this compilation seems to be largely forgotten. After sharing many of the old records and tapes online through mixes, I have realized that there is a huge disparity between the interest in the music on the one hand and its availability on the other.
    All tracks on this compilation are fully licensed, most directly from the artist or in the case of artists, who are deceased licensed from the artist's family. There are two exceptions: Hamid Al Shaeri's track was licensed from SLAM! as the label is still active under the name Sonar. Zohra's "Badala Zamana" from the great Belgian label MTMU, who has reissued this track under license from the producer on 7" format before. As a European label dealing with non-western artists we try to be aware of the responsibilities that derive within the making, regarded from a post-colonial point of view by demanding on ourselves not to reproduce exploitative economic patterns. We split all of the profits from our releases equally with the artists without deducting any costs that are not directly related to the release (e.g. we pay for our research to find an artist as well as all travel costs from our share of the profit). Our agreements are licensed deals with limited terms after which the rights fall back to the artist or the artist's family. The master rights stay with the artists, we just license them. We do not include publishing rights in our deals. We think it is important in today's reissue market, where too many shady business transactions happen, to be transparent about our licensing policies. We are always available for any questions, requests as well as more detailed information.


    1. Douaa - Haditouni
    2. Magdy El Hussainy - Music De Carneva
    3. Fadoul - Ahl Jedba
    4. Sal Davis - Sultan Qaboos Song
    5. Munir Khauli - Heik Ha Nishtghil
    6. Ouiness - Zina
    7. Najib Al Housh - Ya Aen Daly
    8. Zohra - Badala Zamana
    9. Ahmed Malek - Casbah
    10. Aït Meslayene - El Fen
    11. Hamid El Shaeri - Reet
    12. Hamid El Shaeri - Tendme
    13. Tony Benn Feghaly - Free Blow

    Back in stock Cover of Fletcher Moss Park by Matthew Halsall.
    Manchester based trumpeter, composer, arranger and band-leader Matthew Halsall is one of the rising stars of the UK jazz scene. His unique sound was brilliantly described as "Rain-streaked spiritual jazz from Manchester" by the Independent On Sunday and previous albums have found Halsall exploring the modal jazz of John and Alice Coltrane or paying heartfelt tribute to the hard bop of the late 50s and early 60s, but on 'Fletcher Moss Park' he offers his most personal statement yet.

    Written and recorded over the last couple of years, 'Fletcher Moss Park' is inspired by one of Manchester's most beautiful places. A rambling, multi-tiered park of walkways and dreamy gardens that offers the contemplative Halsall a place of peace and respite from the city, a meditative space to think and write in. The stillness and beauty of the surroundings have steeped into his beautiful compositions for this album. Elegant and sincere, Halsall's compositions draw on his love of spiritual jazz, modern dance music and even his work with the award-winning Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band earlier this year. Halsall who has recently been exploring his music in a stripped-back, electronica influenced, trio (featuring Taz Modi and Luke Flowers who also appear here) as well as the 12 piece Gondwana Orchestra has always favoured an earthy honestly and direct communication over tricksy arrangements and it is this deceptively simple openness that gives his music such a unique flavour as the young composer and producer seeks to express his feelings and thoughts with his music.

    'Fletcher Moss Park' opens with three tracks featuring saxophonist Nat Birchall, harpist Rachael Gladwin and pianist Adam Fairhall alongside bassist Gavin Barras and drummer Gaz Hughes all long running members of Halsall's sextet. The beautiful 'Cherry Blossom' opens with a nod to Alice Coltrane before exploring it's own contemplative trajectory, the title track features a gorgeous opening from harpist Gladwin and one of Halsall's trademark slow but foot tappingly catchy grooves, Mary Emma Louise is an elegant tribute to someone special and features some beautifully wistful playing from the composer. 'Sailing Out To Sea' and 'Wee Lan' offer a change in mood, two short interludes for violin (Holly Simpson and Davinder Singh), cello (Adrianne Wininsky) and double bass (Barras), Halsall chose not to play here feeling that the brief musical sketches caught his intentions perfectly. Finally the album closes with the two most recent compositions, the reposeful 'Sun In September' which features fine work from flautist Lisa Mallett, alongside pianist Taz Modi and drummer Luke Flowers and the uplifting 'Finding My Way', which with its compelling groove and fine drumming from Flowers (best known for his work with Cinematic Orchestra) offers a nod towards Halsall's love of contemporary electronic music as well as a hint of future projects. But as with the writing here you can be sure that wherever Halsall's muse takes him his music will remain heartfelt and life affirming in its elegant directness as he explores his own unique musical terrain that stretches from the bucolic stillness of 'Fletcher Moss Park' to a world far beyond!


    Ryan says: A favourite of mine from our own local Jazz mastermind. Fletcher Moss Park explores a 50's, 60's sound channeling the likes of Coltrane. As you can imagine this album flows beautifully from beginning to end, almost as good as a stroll through the park itself.


    1. Cherry Blossom
    2. Fletcher Moss Park
    3. Mary Emma Louise
    4. Sailing Out To Sea
    5. Wee Lan (Little Orchid)
    6. The Sun In September
    7. Finding My Way

    Back in stock Cover of SAM Records Extended Play - Vol 3 by Various Artists.
    SAM Records was one of the labels at the forefront of the disco genre when the format was at its creative peak. This was the late 70’s and early 80’s, when the producers and artists involved were all using top notch professional recording studios with live instrumentation and their focus was on songs and rhythms that would make the dancefloor move. Sam Weiss the founder of SAM was involved with various aspects of the music industry in addition to his role running the label, but the Sam Records imprint was his greatest passion, and that energy comes through in the songs that make up the catalogue. In this compilation Nervous have engaged with some of the world’s premier producers of modern disco. They have used their talents and appreciation of the genre to mix, edit and master these classic jams into newly polished, disco inspired productions that are fully equipped to ignite DJ sets and dancefloors worldwide; keeping the flames of this timeless genre burning bright in 2022. A brilliantly curated release that offers some super strong updates to these glitterball anthems. Check!


    Matt says: Everyone loves (and has) a bit of SAM in their collection. Here, the original disco boogie label lets a team of current producers loose on the stems of some of the label's classic hits. The results are glitterball-tastic!


    A1. Gary's Gang - Keep On Dancin' (Dr Packer Rework)
    A2. Lucy Hawkins - Gotta Get Out Of Here (Dorothy’s Fortress Remix)
    B1. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - Up Jumped The Devil (Moodena Remix)
    B2. Komiko - Feel Alright (Dr Packer & Michael Gray Remix)
    C1. BBCS & A - Rock Shock (Dr Packer Remix)
    C2. Steve Shelto - Don't Give Your Love Away (Patchouli Brothers Edit)
    D1. K.I.D. - It's Hot (Take It To The Top) (Mark Lower Remix)
    D2. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - Bourgie Bourgie (JKriv Errybody Rework)

    Back in stock Cover of Put Your Face Away by Payfone.
    Always innovative - the reliably inspiring Payfone are back once more pushing the envelope with a sonic statement addressed to the late-night populous.

    After a series of acclaimed releases on Golf Channel, Leng and Defected records, Payfone now deliver on their own Otis Records imprint.
    A dirty punk-funk bass guitar and kick drum combo kick off this 120 BPM party piece before a vintage drum machine steps in to take the track into warehouse territory, like Murk covering Liquid Liquid.

    Smoke and sweat dripping from walls cling to your clothes as you melt into the sexually fluid vocals from an international array of vocal talent featuring Kyd Nereida (Dominican Republic) Philissa Williams (Washington D.C.) and Jo Harris (N. Carolina)

    Raking in at 9 minutes, the B side is an extended dub version for those moments when time loses all context...


    Matt says: Filthy BDSM / leather-clad house music for the punx, pole dancers and late night disenfranchised. Our Tim is loving it, the dirty rascal!


    A. Put Your Face Away
    B. Put Your Face Away (Extended Dub)

    Douglas MacIntyre And Grant McPhee

    Hungry Beat The Scottish Independent Pop Underground Movement (1977-1984) - SIGNED EDITION WITH FREE 7"

      Signed with a 7 inch vinyl single featuring the first Josef K release on Postcard (Radio Drill Time) on one side, and a track (Everything’s Roses) from the debut release by Fire Engines on their Codex Communication label on the other side.

      The definitive oral history of Scottish postpunk, from Glasgow to Edinburgh, the Postcard label and Fast Product Description.

      The immense cultural contribution made by two maverick Scottish independent music labels, Fast Product and Postcard, cannot be underestimated. Bob Last and Hilary Morrison in Edinburgh, followed by Alan Horne and Edwyn Collins in Glasgow helped to create a confidence in being Scottish that hitherto had not existed in pop music (or the arts in general in Scotland). Their fierce independent spirit stamped a mark of quality and intelligence on everything they achieved, as did their role in the emergence of regional independent labels and cultural agitators, such as Rough Trade, Factory and Zoo.

      Hungry Beat is a definitive oral history of these labels and the Scottish post-punk period. Covering the period 1977-1984, the book begins with the Subway Sect and the Slits performance on the White Riot tour in Edinburgh and takes us through to Bob Last shepherding the Human League from experimental electronic artists on Fast Product to their triumphant number one single in the UK and USA, Don't You Want Me. Built on interviews with Last, Hilary Morrison, Paul Morley and members of The Human League, Scars, The Mekons, Fire Engines, Josef K, Aztec Camera, The Go-Betweens and The Bluebells, Hungry Beat offers a comprehensive overview of one of the most important periods of Scottish cultural output and the two labels that changed the landscape of British music.

      Full Moon Ensemble Featuring Claude Delcloo

      Crowded With Loneliness

      Comet reissue this cult French free jazz LP from 1974, “Crowded With Loneliness” by Full Moon Ensemble. Produced by Claude Delcloo it’s an absolute masterpiece of free jazz which veers confidently into spiritual realms on more than one occasion. Check the classic “Samba `Miaou’”, like a lost Pharoah Sanders tune mixed with politically-engaged French poetry! The whole LP is varied throughout, pushing the envelope of what was expected of a jazz long player at the time. It’s very, very good and this high quality reissue is likely to become as collectable as the hard-to-find original. Don’t sleep!


      Matt says: Absolutely stunning free / spiritual jazz album here from France. If ya dig Pharaoh, Pyramids, Sun Ra, Coltrane etc - get yer lugholes around this!


      43 W. 77 Street Sur Mémoire De Guerre
      Samba Miaou
      43 W. 77 Street Sur Peut Etre
      W. 85th Street
      King Kong

      All Nations Records comes back again with a 12" composed and mixed by established sound system and rising producer Agobun out of Lille, France. It features the sweet voice of Jacko, well known by the French sound system followers, here singing in his unique style, about the constant efforts and works that man and woman shall do all their life to be a better person. In a pure sound system tradition, this record comes with two dub cuts and a mesmerizing guitar cut for maximum playability in the dance.


      All Life Long
      Dub Life
      Dub Action (Guitar Cut)
      Dub Reaction

      KC And The Sunshine Band

      I'm Your Boogie Man - Inc. Todd Terje Edit

        The second of two TK treats this week, this 10" sees the long awaited official release of Todd Terje's classic edit of KC & The Sunshine Band's "I'm Your Boogie Man", backed with the stone cold original of course. This KC & The Sunshine Band classic has been written into dancefloor DNA over the past forty years, with everyone from Greg Wilson to Armand Van Helden pitching a little bit of the irrestible groove to make their productions pop. Superb percussion, a killer piano and bass duet, divine rhythm guitar and hot brass all support the super cool funk vocal, making for an all time disco funk classic. The flipside sees Terje doing his thing with aplomb reworking the track with the kind of floor filling, set killing arrangement you'd expect from the Norse god of the dancefloor. If you're after white noise filters, disco donks and gimmicky fx then take a walk buddy; our man Terje keeps it classy with a good old fashion extension that'll get the crowd working overtime. 


        I'm Your Boogie Man
        I'm Your Boogie Man (Todd Terje Edits)

        KC And The Sunshine Band

        I Get Lifted - Inc. Todd Terje Edit

          Oooh Weee, something special from the TK Disco vaults here as the Miami label unleashes the underground, formerly unofficial Todd Terje edit of KC & The Sunshine Band's "I Get Lifted", backed with the original version of course. The original sees the unparalleled disco troupe reimagining George McCrae's funk soul classic with a little more groove and some borderline Balearic guitar riffing. Terje applies some classic edit pressure on his rework, pushing the vocal adlibs front and foremost into the killer loop which forms the introduction to the track. Additional percussion hits hard as we drop into the main body of the track and then Terje just lets that shit roll on and on until the dancefloor are caught up in a mindless boogie.


          I Get Lifted
          I Get Lifted (Tood Terje Edit)

          Back in stock Cover of Fusion Global Sounds (1970-1983) by Various Artists.
          Favorite Recordings and Charles Maurice proudly present a brand new compilation series: “Fusion Global Sounds”. 9 rare and hidden tracks produced between 1970 and 1983 in various parts of the world.

          This time, recordings come from Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, New Zealand, Uruguay, Spain and France, from artists and bands mostly known in their local scenes. You'll hear here the best elements of the fusion and jazz-funk genre: breezy vocal arrangements, sweet and virtuosic Fender Rhodes (kind of common thread of the comp), melodic spiral-shaped fuzzy synthesizers leads, or irresistible basslines, altogether bringing a unique groove to life.

          "Buster" is taken from the first and only album of the Swedish band, Sundance. The band from Gothenburg was formed around US trumpet player Stephen Frankevich (notably playing with Mahavishnu Orchestra) after he moved to Sweden. Cosmic, with razor-sharp rhythms, it naturally brings you to the second title, "Hello Mr. Ancuvis" by Renato Anselmi. One of the key players of the Swiss Jazz scene during the sixties and the seventies, Renato also had the chance to play with Harvey Mason or Alphonso Johnson. Funky, jazzy but still a bit breezy, here again sweet vocals nicely blend with uptempo Rhodes part. Also included is another title from Renato Anselmi, "Quiet Fire", a mellow Rhodes-driven ballad with funky accents, wide strings and guitar arrangements.

          "Tropical Island" by Zane Cronje, a South-African composer and arranger, was initially a track from a music library catalogue: dreamy, soaked in thorough synthesizers, we're only attached to the earth by the Guiro groove. You'll also hear this cosmic vibe in "Astral Dance" by French-American drummer and jazz musician/composer Daniel Bechet, taken from “Songs To My Father” LP, dedicated to his father the famous sax / clarinet player Sydney Bechet. In this 4 minutes dope jam, keys, guitar and percussion will elevate your mind to another level of consciousness: deep!
          The 1860 Band was hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, playing mostly in bars, cafes and pubs - their name is taken from a tavern where they had an extended afternoon residency keeping the clients entertained. Their sole LP, now rare and sought-after, was a nice mix of jazz-funk and disco grooves. Their amazing and groovy cover of "Keep That Same Old Feeling" by The Crusaders, brings the best of their playing.

          Otroshakers was formed around Hugo and Osvaldo Fattoruso, as a tribute project to their former band Los Shakers, some sort of copycat band of The Beatles with great success in Latin America. Listening to "Siempre Tu", you can almost hear The Beatles' psychedelic vocal of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Later joining Ringo Thielmann in the US, they formed the band OPA together, after having recorded for Airto's seminal album “Fingers”. Blending jazz, South-American musical elements and funk, their fusion quickly gained the respect of the NY musical scene.
          "Despertar" by Spanish drummer, singer and actor Pedro Ruy-Blas, is taken from Luna Llena, his great first jazz-funk album. The track is a funky piece with wah-wah expressive Rhodes, ending with a beautiful flute solo. "Prologue" by Dutch-French pianist Majoie Hajary (sometimes called the "Hindu pianist"), can be found on La Passion Selon Judas, a very unique religious album blending her own style with psych, funk and jazz elements.


          Matt says: Avant, left-of-centre, spiritual-leaning jazz-funk cuts that'll captivate your ears! No idea where they're plucking these from - but everything seems pretty uncomp'ed thus far. You'd wish they'd compiled another disc but the time it gets to the end of side B. Such is the quality of the offerings presented here.


          Sundance - Buster
          Renato Anselmi - Hello Mr. Acuvis
          Zane Cronje - Tropical Island
          The 1860 Band - Keep That Same Old Feeling
          Otroshakers - Siempre Tu
          Daniel Bechet - Astral Dance
          Renato Anselmi - Quiet Fire
          Pedro Ruy-Blas - Despertar
          Majoie Hajary - Prologue

          Cult South Asian new wave! Naya Beat is proud to announce its second release, "Tere Liye", the highly sought after and impossible to find new wave album by the unsung pioneers of the British Asian music scene, Pinky Ann Rihal. Remastered for vinyl by multi Grammy-nominated Frank Merritt at The Carvery and available for the first time since its limited 1985 release, the album is as fresh and relevant today as it was 37 years ago.

          South Asian new wave. Four words that you will rarely see together. Pinky Ann Rihal were the brainchild of two London-based Punjabi immigrants and progressive rock musicians - Harry Rihal and Jati Sodhi - at a time in the UK when progressive rock musicians were almost exclusively white and Punjabi musicians were almost exclusively making Bhangra. Encouraged by their friend and disco pioneer Biddu (yes, that Biddu!), they cut "Tere Liye" - a one-off Hindi-language new wave album with producer John Hamilton and vocalists Pinky Rihal (married to Harry) and Anne Barrett (married to John). It is an album that exemplifies the cultural collaboration and musical synthesis of the time. Complementing the rich, cosmic and layered synths and drum programming of Hamilton and the distorted guitars of Rihal and Sodhi are the Hindi lyrics of vocalists Pinky and Anne. The result is an amazing one-of-a-kind South Asian New Wave album. Nothing like it has come out before or since.

          Stymied on its original release by bungled distribution, poor marketing and plenty of bad luck, this incredible album seemed destined to be lost to history. With Asian electronic music in the UK seeing a rebirth and capturing imaginations around the world,"Tere Liye" can finally take its rightful place as one of the pioneering albums of the Asian underground.

          This is Naya Beat’s second release in a series of reissues, reworks and remixes, and compilations dedicated to uncovering electronic and dance music from the overlooked ‘80s and ‘90s South Asian music scene. Their first release "Naya Beat Volume 1: South Asian Dance and Electronic Music 1983-1992" was named by the Vinyl Factory as the Number 1 reissue of 2021.


          Side 1
          1. Tere Liye (3:24)
          2. The Indian Dance (3:49)
          3. Teri Yaad (2:55)
          4. Jabse Dekha Hai (4:57)
          Side 2
          1. Jagee Raat (3:42)
          2. Party Tonight (2:55)
          3. Meri Bahon Mein (2:57)
          4. Tu Aaja (3:45)

          Djeuhdjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson

          Pas Si Vite

          The funky French duo is back with a new 7"! Once again, DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson push the boundaries of the traditional 'French song' to make the world dance. Two effervescent numbers, the first rich with boogie instrumentation seriously catchy vocal parts. Our two contributors are the self-heralded leaders of Créolité & Afropeanité, and the song "Pas Si Vite" champions deceleration and positivity during our trying times! 

          "Caipirinha" is a soft tribute to Bossa Nova, acoustic drums and guitar gently bolstered with electronic bassline and (I think) extra kick drum for the weight. 

          Recorded at Le Triangle des Bermudes, the home studio of Lieutenant Nicholson, Horns, live drums, percussions and vocal choir were recorded at Bastille village at the label basement, e
          Mastered by Frank Merritt at The Carvery.  


          Pas Si Vite

          Roger Damawuzan

          Fine Fine

          Since his introduction in the 60’s, Roger Damawuzan has lit stages on fire, whether it be with The Rickers Orchestra or with The Melo-Togo Orchestra (taking home 2nd place for the first National Festival of Tologese Music). His first 7" vinyl "Wait For Me" is a holy grail for diggers all around the world. It was such a hit that Togolese music is and will forever be stamped by Roger Damawuzan. He was principal in introducing Gazo, Akpesse and Kamou rhythms to modern day soul music. Relentless and unstoppable, Roger Damawuzan is now making a comeback with a heavy funk 7 inch!

          This release contains an unreleased single from the album "Seda". Such a force of nature, this album could have been only captured, if not mastered, by one studio. Such mission was accomplished by the legendary studio OTODI (Office Togolese of Disks) by utilizing solely analog equipment to translate and to breath all of Damawuzan’s soul into this album. Roger Damawuzan could have been supported by only one group. Led by Peter Solo, the members of the Vaudou Game and Lomé’s most talented musicians are at Damawuzan’s disposal for this new record. 


          Fine Fine
          Red Light

          As well as knocking out killer edits on 7" - French producer / DJ Moar is also an absolute dab-hand at making sick hip-hop beats. Revisiting that original boom-bap flavour, and with a host of vocalists including Guilty Simpson, Raashan Ahman and Sadat X, "Back To The Boom Bap" travels back in time when rappers wore baggy jeans and freestyled on basketball courts. There's a real rose-tinted vintage hue to the LP that old school heads are gonna adore. Famed for his classic aesthetic utilizing the MPC2000 and SP1200, Moar's instrumentals are unhurried, head-noddingly delicious and full of dusty soul samples: the perfect tapestry for the rappers to do bars of damage across this jam packed long player. Highly recommended!

          RIYL: Apollo Brown, Danger Mouse, Endemic, Statik Selektah etc. 


          My Pen My Mic With Ls Brigandes & Raashan Ahmad
          Destroying The Track (Remix) With Sadat X & El Da Senseï
          Taylor Made (Moar Remix) With Guilty Simpson
          L.O.V.E. With Raashan Ahmad
          Gone With Dizraeli
          Hot Style With Insight & Ls Brigandes
          Make That Change (Remix) With Emcee G Roc Gayle
          L.O.V.E. With Aïma The Dreamer
          Seasons Change (Remix) With Raashan Ahmad
          Party People With Rita J

          Mato’s back with on Stix with “Jazz-Funk Dub Tribute”, a new project by the French producer with exclusive dub versions of some of the most famous jazz-funk, soul-jazz, funk & fusion tracks.

          After the amazing success of his “Summer Madness / Maiden Voyage” single, respectively covering Kool & The Gang and Herbie Hancock, Mato got deeper within the American black music repertoire. He worked on tracks that can be considered as serious classics of the jazz-funk scene.

          We all remember the melodies from Eddie Henderson ("Inside You"), WAR ("The World Is A Ghetto"), Weather Report ("Black Market"), Deodato ("Caravan"), Grover Washington Jr. ("Loran's Dance"), Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra ("Midnight Groove"), Herbie Hancock ("Maiden Voyage"), The Meters ("Cissy Strut") or Lonnie Liston Smith ("Visions Of A New World"). Imagine them reworked and tailored by the modern dub master. Needless to say, Mato, who’s playing most instruments and synthesizers, did a fantastic job and you’ll be blown when hearing these versions.

          Starting his reggae production career in 2006, Thomas Blanchot (aka Mato) has released music through various projects on EDR Records, Big Singles or Makasound... In the meantime, he developed a real trademark: taking over classic French, hip-hop, OST, classical or pop songs, into roots reggae-dub new versions. Besides, since 2010, Mato has built a solid reputation thanks to his hot remixes of hip-hop classics on Stix Records. Last year he also released “Scary Dub”, which focused on scary movies' soundtracks.


          Summer Madness Dub (Album Version)
          Inside You Dub
          The World Is A Ghetto Dub
          Black Market Dub
          Caravan Dub
          Loran's Dance Dub
          Midnight Groove Dub
          Maiden Voyage Dub
          Cissy Strut Dub
          Visions Of A New World Dub

          Cutting edge label Incienso is hyped to announce the next release of 2022 from one of the UK’s most interesting and distinctive producers, Shiken Hanzo.

          While known primarily for his hybrid halftime d&b and techno sound, Shiken switches it up with new diversions in tempo and rhythm throughout "Eternity of Echoes", all the while maintaining his idiosyncratic blend of dystopian soundscapes, industrial drums, and pulsating, deep basslines.

          It's got that thick, claustrophobic fog hanging over it like much of DJ Python's catalogue yet with a more much technologically focused dissection of rhythm, atmosphere and movement. It'll work alongside grime, cumbia, dembow, techno and UKF extremely well and should intrigue both club goers and home listeners with its punishing yet exquisite sound design. Recommended! 


          A1. Darkest Entities
          A2. Eightfold Blessings Of Amaterasu
          B1. Eternity Of Echoes
          B2. The Reaping

          Back in stock Cover of LOVE / Just Like We Never Said Goodbye by Sophie.


          LOVE / Just Like We Never Said Goodbye

            After 'Lemonade's' bouquet of ephemera concealing a secret firecracker within, the musical marmite of Sophie returns to our shop. It's hard to think of an artist that splits opinion so much, which is perhaps why I like her (- Matt). So far I've managed to convince about half our customers that this is 'the shit', but none of our staff. Anyway, I'll let you make up your own minds. Abstract, post-millennial electronics on the A-side, "LOVE" just buzzing and squealing through a cannon of VST-pluggins you probably can't even own yet while Sophie spits a plethora of one-letter snips onto this radioactive hue. One of those head-turning soundbeds to immediately change direction in a set, or even as the first tune to play when taking charge of the controls. As usual, we get one experimental piece and then, shall we say, one warped-chipmunk-in-wonderland take on pop music, set in the 23rd century. And that's what "Just Like We Never Said Goodbye Is". A post-break up tune for 15 year old aliens when we traverse to the next inhabitable galaxy. Honestly, this could reduce a cyborg to tears. Heartfelt, naive, childish lyrics about love, lust and yearning set to the most euphoric fidgety, futureproof and all encompassing of instrumentation - and there's not even any drums! So powerful, for me personally, it works; so, so very well. After playing this TWICE during a recent DJ set (I never play tunes twice) and multiple listens at home it still sends synthetic, MCAT-flavoured goosebumps down my arms and fires me with an intangible energy from deep inside the pit of my stomach. It's hard to place, but its there if you feel it, and who cares if the youth like it as much as you. There's not much else I can say about it - just have a listen and please do mail in your opinions (or don't - Ed).

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Available once again. The first four Sophie EPs have become cult artifacts of leftfield-dance-pop. Last chance saloon if you missed 'em the first time!

            TRACK LISTING

            A. L.O.V.E
            B. Just Like We Never Said Goodbye

            From a shared love of electronica, aquatic techno funk and tribal rhythms comes this collaboration between Varial regular Mat Carter and the legendary Radioactive Man.

            Recorded at The Cube, raw electronics and warm analogue sounds flow and almost breath with life as synths spray atmosphere over washed out stabs which swing from one note to the next. Layered effects sit alongside glitches and heavily distorted breaks perfectly suited for the rumbling subwoofers of soundsytems. It's got that cybernetic B-boy swagger throughout, as well as possessing some of the most stimulating and texturized synth patches you're likely to hear all year! 

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Morph Ball
            A2. Morph Ball Stripped
            B1. Phase 4
            B2. Ancestral Charge

            Garagen Uwe’s debut studio album on Beatbude Records. Nine springy instrumentals with features by Ralph Heidel and Sebastian Alexander Gieck. Styles traverse early morning Balearic sunrises, late night boogie jams, sunlounger funk and beachball house. Displaying expert yet reserved synth work, exquisite drum programming and a delicious grasp of harmony mood and rhythm.

            RIYL: Turqoise Summers, Dam Funk, Andras Fox & Art Wilson.


            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Low Lights
            A2. Perm
            A3. Root Stretch
            A4. Natural Shading
            B1. H2O2
            B2. Dip Dye
            B3. French Cut
            B4. Foilayage
            B5. Tortoiseshell


            The cultishly adored Huntleys & Palmers’ new release comes from super fresh talent Sophie, who you might recall from his rapturous remix of Auntie Flo’s "Highlife". His debut release has been a particular highlight at the H&P parties and it’s no surprise that he counts support and approval from the likes of Actress, Jackmaster, Kode9, Jimmy Edgar, Skream, Spencer (Numbers) and Auntie Flo. "I try to make music which is fun to dance to - that should be the loudest voice talking. I think it would be extremely exciting if music could take you on the same sort of high-thrill 3-minute ride as a theme park roller coaster." - Sophie.

            "Nothing More To Say" gets 'dubbed' by Jackmaster and is ridiculously infectious. So much so even men with extremely long beards will be seen sneaking in a little shuffle to this one; while the less pretentious on the dancefloor will probably be swinging from the rafters and wigglin' that booty like no other. On the flip "Eeehhh" a technicoloured feel-good anthem of the highest order. Using a sound palette of completely synthetic, phosphorus melodies and drums makes the track sound futurist while the catchy licks, optimistic chord structure and superb drops make it totally accessible for a vast majority of dancefloors - this one will blend through the genres like a chameleon. Another massive 12" from Huntleys & Palmers then - essential tackle for your all night tropical discotheque.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Much needed repress of the FIRST EVER EP from Sophie: the era-defining innovative artist and musician who sadly passed away in 2021. Out of print since its release in 2012; you can hear the singular artist's voice and direction slowly come into focus throughout this, now infamous release.

            TRACK LISTING

            Nothing More To Say (Vocal)
            Nothing More To Say (Dub)

            Back in stock Cover of The Ektachrome Dawn by Tarotplane.
            *NOTE - Cheaper price due to slightly damaged sleeve

            The second release on Tonight’s Dream Records is delivered by Baltimore-based ambient and new-school Kosmische guitar musician PJ Dorsey, better known as Tarotplane. "The Ektachrome Dawn" follows on from the stunning "Horizontology" (12th Isle) and "Light Self All Others" (Impatience). He describes the album as a collage of work collated since 2017. Drawing in on inspirations from guitar-oriented psych and modern ambient music, using elements he values and revere in older 70’s head records and mixes it with modern techniques and influences. The tracks fuse traditional rock music, ethereal ambient textures and downtempo electronica, blended together seamlessly to create an engaging and unique listen throughout.

            The artwork has once again been designed by Tonight’s Dream Art Director Jonny Edmund-Jones. The circular sun collage was formed from various textures and curves collected over time - a similar idea as each of Tarotplane's tracks, starting as separate pieces. When the collage curves are viewed together, they create a whole/circle/sun, like the completed album.

            The album has been mastered by prolific producer and mastering engineer Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio who has worked on album for artists such as Inhmost, Juliana Barwick, Grouper, Steve Hauschildt, Loscil, Telefon Tel Aviv and Tycho amongst hundreds of others. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Meeting somewhere between Manual Gottsching and Steve Reich, Tarotplane’s harmonious repetition and minimalism; drifting between blissed out kraut rock and dreamy ambience, is a soothing balm for our troubled times. Transcendental escapism for muddled minds. Unreal.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Regular Magic
            A2. Traveling By Sound
            A3. Dissolve Into Sun
            A4. A Holographic Conversation
            B1. A Symbolic Gesture
            B2. Disguised As The Sky
            B3. While Mapping Mountains
            B4. Allowing For Space
            B5. Ektachrome Dawn

            Pseudopolis returns to Redstone Press with Eris Drew for a remix under her Bassbin 23 alias!

            Label co-boss Pseudopolis touches down on Redstone Press for the third time. If you’ve heard the last two you know the drill.

            Taking no prisoners from the outset, “High For Life” establishes the mood of the EP, combining unrelenting breaks, bouncing basslines and a big-room energy that acts like a pressure release after many nights making music with no clubs in sight, a track that doesn’t loosen its grip throughout.

            "Euphoria Inc." keeps the room at boiling point with Pseudopolis expertly fusing climatic rave energy, broken breakbeats and a murky Reece bassline into an equally euphoric yet foreboding warehouse tool.

            “Haze Runner” continues with the ruffneck breaks but raises the bpms and dread level, sounding like something that would soundtrack your teenage weed psychosis or your current 6AMs spent in front of your favourite jungle sound system’s bassbins.

            Speaking of which, Eris Drew hits up the label under her new guise Bassbin23. Years of dancing, rejoicing and playing dusty warehouse raves have informed this rendition of “High for Life”, stripping it back to a fun filled 4x4 rave weapon. 

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. High For Life
            A2. Euphoria Inc.
            B1. Haze Runner
            B2. High For Life (Bassbin23 Remix)

            12” reissue of the sought-after 1986 freestyle gem by the well-known Exposé’s member Laurie Miller and produced by Michael Morejon in Miami. Playful and yearning, containing drum hits that would characterize the genre and a squelchy boogie bassline to boot; it almost epitomizes the ethos of freestyle.

            Includes the dub mix and the extended version by Skyrager. Restored from the original master tapes, licensed directly by the artist. Originals were getting close to the £100 mark before this official reissue surfaced!

            This release is the result of the collaboration between Presagi (Paesaggi Records sub-label) and Laurie Miller’s Xica Productions. 

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Love Is A Natural Magical Thing
            A2. Dub To Love Is A Natural Magical Thing
            B1. Love Is A Natural Magical Thing (Skyrager Edit)

            Adelle Stripe And Lias Saoudi

            Ten Thousand Apologies : Fat White Family And The Miracle Of Failure

              SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER'The story of a band that's always on the brink: of stardom, of madness, of brilliance, of disgrace' Miranda Sawyer, Observer'You begin to wonder why more biographies aren't tackled with such invention' Record Collector'This book is a rarity' Mark Lanegan'One of the finest music books in aeons' Kevin BarryFrom the mountains of Algeria to the squats of South London via sectarian Northern Ireland, Ten Thousand Apologies is the sordid and thrilling story of the country's most notorious cult band, Fat White Family. Loved and loathed in equal measure since their formation in 2011, the relentlessly provocative, stunningly dysfunctional "drug band with a rock problem" have dedicated themselves to constant chaos and total creative freedom at all costs. Like a tragicomic penny dreadful dreamed up by a mutant hybrid of Jean Genet, the Dadaists and Mark E.

              Smith, the Fat Whites' story is a frequently jaw-dropping epic of creative insurrection, narcotic excess, mental illness, wanderlust, self-sabotage, fractured masculinity, and the ruthless pursuit of absolute art. Co-written with lucidity and humour by singer Lias Saoudi and acclaimed author Adelle Stripe, Ten Thousand Apologies is that rare thing: a music book that barely features any music, a biography as literary as any novel, and a confessional that does not seek forgiveness. This is the definitive account of Fat White Family's disgraceful and radiant jihad - a depraved, romantic and furious gesture of refusal to a sanitised era.

              Jennifer Otter Bickerdike

              You Are Beautiful And You Are Alone : The Biography Of Nico

                A redemptive, myth-shattering biography of one of the twentieth century's most underestimated creative and artistic forces.

                'What I have in common with Nico is the understanding of her furious frustration at not being recognised.' - MARIANNE FAITHFULL

                The real story of Nico is one of determination, self-destruction and belief in one's artistic vision, at any cost. Nico was an ever-evolving myth, an enigma that escaped definition. Born Christa Paffgen, Nico grew up in war-torn Berlin before being scouted by a fashion photographer in her early teens. At age twenty-seven, she became Andy Warhol's newest Superstar, securing the position of chanteuse for the Velvet Underground. Though she is primarily remembered for contributions to their seminal debut album - and her relationships with Brian Jones, Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison - her own artistry and influence have often been overlooked.

                Nico spent most of her career as a solo artist on the road, enduring empty concert halls, abusive fans and the perilous reality of being a drug addict. Yet beneath the superficial denigrations and one-dimensional myths was a complicated visionary determined to make art that was truly her own. In You Are Beautiful and You Are Alone, defying the sexist casting of her life as the tragedy of a beautiful woman losing her looks, youth and fame, Jennifer Otter Bickerdike cements Nico's legacy as one of the most vital artists of her time, inspiring a generation of luminaries including Bjoerk, Morrissey and Iggy Pop.

                Containing over a hundred new interviews and rare archival material, this is an empowering reappraisal of an underappreciated icon.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Javi says: One of the most enigmatic, problematic, and chameleonic figures in alternative music's history, who finally gets the biography she deserves. Iconic - Controversial - Nico.

                Cosey Fanni Tutti

                Re-sisters : The Lives And Recordings Of Delia Derbyshire, Margery Kempe And Cosey Fanni Tutti

                  From the acclaimed author of Art Sex Music comes a vital meditation on womanhood, creativity and self-expression, and a revelatory exploration into the lives of three visionary artists. 'A fascinating tale of the interlinking lives of three legendary trailblazers.'SALENA GODDEN'Re-sisters emanates an enthralling power.'JUDE ROGERS, MOJO'Cosey Fanni Tutti has lived the life and has the stories to tell: not just hers, but those of two other still unheralded female pioneers.'JON SAVAGEMyself , Delia and Margery - a trinity of the sacred and profane , sinners and saints of a kind. Three defiant women with our individual, unconventional attitude to life.

                  Untameable spirits, progressive thinkers living within the inherent societal constraints of our times. In 2018, boundary-breaking visual and sonic artist Cosey Fanni Tutti received a commission to write the soundtrack to a film about Delia Derbyshire, the pioneering electronic composer who influenced the likes of Aphex Twin and the Chemical Brothers. While researching Delia's life, Cosey became immersed in Derbyshire's story and uncovered some fascinating parallels with her own life.

                  At the same time Cosey began reading about Margery Kempe, the 15th century mystic visionary who wrote the first English language autobiography. Re-sisters is the story of three women consumed by their passion for life, a passion they expressed through music, art and lifestyle; they were undaunted by the consequences they faced in pursuit of enriching their lives, and fiercely challenged the societal and cultural norms of their time. 'An impeccably researched meditation on womanhood as viewed through the lives of three firebrands.'FIONA STURGES, GUARDIAN'Awe-inspiring.

                  Read these revelatory portraits: this book is for anybody who wants to discover the work of three women who, without fanfare, have enriched our world.'ROBERT WYATT'Passionate, original and fiercely defiant.'RUPERT THOMSON

                  James Brown

                  Animal House

                    Music, Magazines & MayhemBetween 1994 and 1997, James Brown's loaded magazine became the must-buy and must-be-in publication of the decade. It won every award going, year after year, and came to define not only its audience but also a generation. Bright, loud, funny, provocative, ambitious and careless, loaded was read from the barracks of Afghanistan to the England dressing room at Euro '96.

                    It captured a hedonistic lifestyle of alcohol, cocaine and more. The last great hurrah before the end of the century. It was the biggest noise in the golden generation of magazine publishing, rocketing from zero to half a million sales in a matter of months.

                    What MTV had been to the 80s, loaded was to the 90s. ANIMAL HOUSE follows James Brown's remarkable career from a high school drop-out fanzine writer with few qualifications to NME features editor aged 22, and loaded founder at 27. In between, his mother died in tragic circumstances and gradually his own drug and alcohol use began to take over.

                    Loaded's unexpected success legitimised (and paid for) James's lifestyle, and it wasn't until he crashed and burned at GQ, and went through rehab, that any sense of perspective kicked in. Recuperating on the island of Mustique whilst plotting his return with Oz founder Felix Dennis, James was asked by neighbour Lord Patrick Lichfield: "How on earth did you manage to sell so many magazines whilst taking so many drugs?"This book is his answer.

                    The Wedding Present

                    The Hit Parade - 30th Anniversary Edition

                      2022 marks the 30th Anniversary of the original Hit Parade single releases, where The Wedding Present released a limited edition 7” single every month throughout 1992 with each making the UK Top 30, equalling the then record of Most UK Top 30 Hits in a year set by Elvis. An original Gedge composition on the a-side of each single was accompanied by a cover version on the b-side encompassing a wide range of artists from Neil Young and The Go-Betweens to Isaac Hayes and Elton John.

                      We are releasing a 2LP vinyl set collecting together the A and B-Sides of all 12 of the 7” singles. The vinyl package also includes CDs of all 24 tracks. The newly configured artwork drawing on the original 7” sleeves has been put together by Hitch, the original designer, and the whole project has been overseen by the band’s leader David Gedge. In addition to the 2LP release we will also be releasing an updated version of the 2CD product with the new artwork.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      SIDE A 
                      1. Blue Eyes 
                      2. Go-Go Dancer 
                      3. Three 
                      4. Silver Shorts 
                      5. Come Play With Me 
                      6. California 
                      SIDE B 
                      1. Flying Saucer 
                      2. Boing! 
                      3. Love Slave 
                      4. Sticky 
                      5. The Queen Of Outer Space 
                      6. No Christmas 
                      SIDE C
                      1. Cattle And Cane
                      2. Don't Cry No Tears
                      3. Think That It Might
                      4. Falling
                      5. Pleasant Valley Sunday
                      6. Let's Make Some Plans
                      SIDE D
                      1. Rocket
                      2. Theme From Shaft
                      3. Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family
                      4. Go Wild In The Country
                      5. U.F.O.
                      6. Step Into Christmas

                      Future Disco present the "Mirrorball Motel" - a shimmering nocturnal world of dancing pleasure. A 19-track exploration of the now, by artists like Digitalism, Cinthie, Bondax, Reflex, Roosevelt and more. 

                      This bumper collection features five exclusive new tunes. Daisybelle & Tasty Lopez's "Starlight" (Future Disco Ballroom Dub) has a classic disco feel from the two first ladies of the green. Italoconnection - "All Over" (Future Disco Edit) brings an eighties vibe that reminds us of Ibiza venue Pikes, whilst the mysterious Clive From Accounts 'You Understand' impresses with its soaring strings and house bassline. The final two exclusives are Charlie Hepworth's 2It's Satisfaction" with its full thrill house drums and acid flashes, and Boys Shorts's "Suburban Love Affair" (Brian Ring Remix), which sounds like summer on the shores of Los Angeles in 1989.

                      Elsewhere is the simple but effective future disco of Bondax, a Brazilian via French disco cut from PPJ, and exciting and intricate grooves from the trio of Breakbot, Irfane & Yuksek. There is euphoric 90s house from Saison, challenging yet reassuring vocal work from the legendary Roisin Murphy as remixed to perfection by the wizard that is The Reflex and much more besides.

                      "Future Disco: Mirror Ball Motel" is a wide-angle view of an idealistic dancefloor, all served up with that famously characterful and vibrant Future Disco style. If you've ever danced under the stars with your eyes wide shut, then this one's for you. 

                      TRACK LISTING

                      VINYL TRACKLISTING:
                      A1 Róisín Murphy - Incapable (The Reflex Revision)
                      A2 Daisybelle & Tasty Lopez - Starlight (Future Disco Ballroom Dub)
                      A3 Roosevelt - See You Again (Lazywax Remix)
                      B1 Saison - Rocinante
                      B2 Breakbot, Irfane & Yuksek - Taqa
                      B3 PPJ - Primavera
                      B4 Bondax - Don’t Want It (feat. Tara McDonald)
                      C1 Boys Shorts - Suburban Love Affair (Brian Ring Remix)
                      C2 Italoconnection - All Over (Future Disco Edit)
                      C3 Elder Island - I Fold You (Kassian Remix)
                      C4 Digitalism - Offline
                      D1 Clive From Accounts - You Understand
                      D2 Storken - Think Happy Be Happy (Dorothys Fortress Remix)
                      D3 Gilligan Moss - Ultraparadiso
                      D4 Kosmo Kint & Kapote - Strangers

                      CD TRACKLISTING:
                      01) Róisín Murphy - Incapable (The Reflex Revision)
                      02) Daisybelle & Tasty Lopez - Starlight (Future Disco Ballroom Dub)
                      03) Roosevelt - See You Again (Lazywax Remix)
                      04) Saison - Rocinante
                      05) Breakbot, Irfane & Yuksek - Taqa
                      06) PPJ - Primavera
                      07) Boys Shorts - Suburban Love Affair (Brian Ring Remix)
                      08) Bondax - Don’t Want It
                      09) Clive From Accounts - You Understand
                      10) Elder Island - I Fold You (Kassian Remix)
                      11) Charlie Hepworth - Its Satisfaction
                      12) Italo Connection - All Over (Future Disco Edit)
                      13) Cri - Love Spirit (Cinthie Remix)
                      14) Mix & Fairbanks - Messenger
                      15) Digitalism - Offline
                      16) Storken - Think Happy Be Happy (Dorothys Fortress Remix)
                      17) EYNKA - Ascendance
                      18) Gilligan Moss - Ultraparadiso 

                      Various Artists

                      End Of The Road Presents: Between The Music

                        Each year, in the weeks that follow End of the Road, the festival’s founder, Simon Taffe, receives a flurry of emails. There are notes of thanks, of course, and the tying up of festival business, but in amongst them he will find numerous messages asking urgent questions such as: “What was that song playing two songs before Mac DeMarco came on?” It was in answer to these persistent queries that End of the Road decided to launch the first of what will be an ongoing compilation series: Between the Music.

                        “A compilation based on all the tracks that I play in between bands on all the different stages. It’s not really necessarily bands that play End of the Road, it’s more like my whole record collection.”

                        Taffe has distinct memories of going to festivals that hadn’t given much thought to the music playing between performers; the repetition of it, the sudden jolt of it. When End of the Road first began, he was determined that his festival would not make the same oversight.

                        Before the first ever End Of The Road, Simon sat up all night with a friend, burning songs to CDs, considering every stage and every track in detail. He has continued this approach ever since, always finishing his playlists at the eleventh hour, always spurred on by the thought of what song will you have as the first song opening the main stage.

                        “I still get really excited to make a compilation, even though it’s a lot bloody harder these days because everyone’s heard everything on Spotify,” he says. “But I love sharing music with people and love introducing them to songs.”

                        To listen to Between the Music is something akin to spending a short while in Taffe’s company, or perhaps a long weekend at his festival. There is the sheer exuberant love for music, the sense of discovery, the delight in the unexpected rhythmic turn. Above anything, there is the feeling that Between the Music is a compilation series that could just play on forever.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1 Lifes To Short - The Lafayette
                        A2 Drip Drop - Dion
                        A3 Observeatory Crest - Beefheart
                        A4 Fallin Rain - Link Wray
                        A5 I Got A Name - Jim Croce
                        A6 Hey I Know You – Monzos
                        A7 Anchin Kifu Ayinkash - Hailu Megia Dahlak Band
                        A8 Im So Depressed - Abner Jay
                        B1 Have You Been Good To Yourself - Johnie Frieson
                        B2 Khala My Freind - Amanaz
                        B3 Looking For A Home - Al Kooper And Shuggie Ottis
                        B4 She Turns My Radio On - Jim Ford
                        B5 Any Other Way - Jackie Shane
                        B6 Any Day Now - Chuck Jackson
                        C1 Cripple Creek - Alexandra Skip Spence
                        C2 Sweet Memories - Micky Newbury
                        C3 Blue Vein - Lael Neale
                        C4 Mothers Last Words To Her Son -Washington Phillips
                        C5 I Stole The Right To Live - Michael Hurley
                        C6 Cold Bitter Tears - Ted Hawkins
                        C7 Child Of God - Josphine Foster
                        D1 Lucky Strikes And Liquid Gold - Jeff Cowell
                        D2 Clay Pigeons - Blaze Foley
                        D3 You Got Me - Crow Johnson
                        D4 Glücklich. Traurig. Seltsam - Die Wellttaumforscher
                        D5 Jesus Give Me Water - The Soul Stirrers
                        D6 Lazy Bones - Paul Robeson
                        D7 Please Stay - The Cryin Shames

                        The Soft Moon


                          “The whole point of this record was to share every emotion that I feel,” says The Soft Moon’s Luis Vasquez. “No two songs are the same. It’s about existing in the world as a human being and experiencing many emotions and experiences throughout life.”

                          And so hence the title Exister, a record rooted in the ecstatic joys and crippling lows that life can throw up and how just hanging on and existing is sometimes all we have. “Exister is my way of saying ‘I’m here, deal with it.’” Vasquez says.

                          Sonically, this expression is a vast, expansive and potent one. The opening ‘Sad Song’, which unfurls with a dense brooding atmosphere, Vasquez describes as almost a ballad, while tracks such as ‘The Pit’ capture the opposite end of the musical spectrum, exploding as a thundering piece of industrial techno complete with gut-churning levels of bass.

                          ‘Monster’ - a song that follows a human metamorphosis into an unrecognizable and destructive being - seamlessly combines a deeply melodic, almost electro pop, vocal hook with a slow build atmospherics to create something equally beautiful and unsettling. ‘Become the Lies’ explores the devastating consequences of being lied to by your own family and is a post-punk stomper, merging charging basslines, pummelling drums and snaking guitars, all of which combine explosively. Elsewhere the album runs the gauntlet of everything from ambient to dark wave - features ferocious guest contributions from fish narc and Special Interest’s Alli Logot on ‘Him’ and ‘Unforgiven’ - all while retaining that distinct tone that unmistakably The Soft Moon.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1.Sad Song
                          2. Answers
                          3. Become The Lies
                          4. Face Is Gone
                          5. Monster
                          6. The Pit
                          7. NADA
                          8. Stupid Child
                          9. Him (Feat. Fish Narc)
                          10. Unforgiven (Feat. Alli Logout)
                          11. Exister


                          Gold - 2022 Reissue

                            All the bangers on one double vinyl set.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            Side A
                            Dancing Queen
                            Knowing Me, Knowing You
                            Take A Chance On Me
                            Mamma Mia
                            Lay All Your Love On Me
                            Side B
                            Super Trouper
                            I Have A Dream
                            The Winner Takes It All
                            Money, Money, Money
                            Side C
                            Voulez Vous
                            Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
                            Side D
                            Does Your Mother Know
                            One Of Us
                            The Name Of The Game
                            Thank You For The Music

                            Cousin unleashes some modern sorcery on Nummer. Jackson Fester, hailing all the way from Sydney, concocts a suitably shamanic offering for our favourite late nite spellbook. Five meticulously crafted slices of modular dance ritual that channel both the ancient wisdom of the rainforests, the mystique of the deep ocean and the infinite knowledge of the cosmos. Humbling and healing, a stream of universal conciousness harnessed by a skillful soul and transmitted through a finely tuned selection of modern technology. Transcending past and future trends and existing solely in the now. Unfathomable greatness from a true wizard. You need! 

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Matt says: Our shamanic section's been looking a bit thin of late. Cue Cousin with his electro-dance-rituals that'll rouse your inner 5-D avatar.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            A1. Patrol Shrimp
                            A2. Moon
                            A3. Homing Loop
                            B1. Locked
                            B2. Nemo’s Dream

                            Acid Tongue


                              Acid Tongue is an American-bred garage band heavily influenced by AM-radio soul, folk and psychedelic rock. The band is composed of Guy Keltner & Ian Cunningham perverted in their youth by adolescent exposure to mind-altering substances and strange, spiritually-driven parenting techniques.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. Home
                              2. Ordinary People
                              3. Take Me To Your Leader
                              4. Facts Of Life
                              5. All Out Of Time
                              6. Rock ‘N’ Roll Revelations
                              7. Suffering For You
                              8. Won’t Walk Back
                              9. The World’s Gonna Fuck You

                              Back in stock Cover of Tongue Tied by Gemma Cullingford.

                              Gemma Cullingford

                              Tongue Tied

                                ‘Tongue Tied’ is the sophomore album from Gemma Cullingford (Sink Ya Teeth). Written and produced from Gemma's humble home studio in Norfolk, ‘Tongue Tied’ blends many styles of electronica from 70's experimental and new wave, early 80's electro, acid house and techno to noughties electro clash, topped with her own vocal style to produce a unique and fresh sound. It explores relationships and the different emotions they can bring, from paranoia, yearning and helplessness to lust, shyness and just downright wanting to dance.

                                ‘Tongue Tied’ is a progressive follow up to her debut ‘Let Me Speak’ which garnered support from the likes of Steve Lamacq, Amy Lame, Nemone, Chris Hawkins, Jamz Supernova, John Kennedy and James Endeacott, plus glowing reviews in Mojo, Uncut and Electronic Sound.

                                For the cover artwork on ‘Tongue Tied’, Gemma has collaborated with visual artist Kelda Storm who shares Gemma's love for bright, contrasting neon colours and minimal bold designs. She uses the iconography of feminine lips across her work as a symbol of speech and voice.

                                RIYL: Sink Ya Teeth, Lonelady, A Certain Ratio.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                Side A
                                1. Accessory
                                2. Tongue Tied
                                3. Bass Face
                                4. Holding Dreams
                                5. Mechanical
                                Side B
                                6. New Day
                                7. No Fail
                                8. Chronicle Of Sound
                                9. Red Room
                                10. Daisy

                                Back in stock Cover of A Light For Attracting Attention by The Smile.
                                Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood are joined by Tom Skinner of Sons Of Kemet fame, and it's amazing how transformative his presence can be. While there are elements of the sombre avant-electronics of Radiohead (obviously), Skinner's frenetic drumming morphs the whole sound into the peripheral realms of modern Jazz. We get surprising progressions, soaring orchestration and glimmering pop all at once. As expected, a thoroughly stunning listen.

                                The 13- track album was produced and mixed by Nigel Godrich and mastered by Bob Ludwig. Tracks feature strings by the London Contemporary Orchestra and a full brass section of contempoarary UK jazz players including Byron Wallen, Theon and Nathaniel Cross, Chelsea Carmichael, Robert Stillman and Jason Yarde.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Barry says: Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood are joined by Tom Skinner of Sons Of Kemet fame, and it's amazing how transformative his presence can be. While there are elements of the sombre avant-electronics of Radiohead (obviously), Skinner's frenetic drumming morphs the whole sound into the peripheral realms of modern Jazz. We get surprising progressions, soaring orchestration and glimmering pop all at once. As expected, a thoroughly stunning listen.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                Side A
                                The Same
                                The Opposite
                                You Will Never Work In Television Again

                                Side B
                                The Smoke
                                Speech Bubbles

                                Side C
                                Thin Thing
                                Open The Floodgates
                                Free In The Knowledge

                                Side D
                                A Hairdryer
                                Waving A White Flag
                                We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings
                                Skrting On The Surface

                                Originally from Auckland, NZ and now London based Louis Anderson-Rich, known amongst the dance world as Manuel Darquart, makes his return to the inimitable favourite white label Semi Delicious. With two appearances on various artist compilations in the past, and a slew of releases since 2017 on labels including Wolf Music Recordings, Infinite Pleasure and Seb Wildblood’s Coastal Haze imprint – the time has come for Manuel to deliver his unquestionably chic sounds with a larger-than-life Italo-house EP entitled ‘Turbo Shandy’.

                                Tangling the roots of Italo-house from yesteryear with a forward thinking, dynamic approach to his arrangements and mix, Manuel Darquart steps off the precipice with the title track ‘Turbo Shandy’. A constantly rolling and evolving piece of synth laden ecstasy with reverberating snares and metric hats for an authentic 90’s feel. ‘For You’ follows, a rhythmic groove with Roland toms and crunchy hats setting the stage for swathes of rompler style SFX and a carefully-building progression that brings swirling synth pads and bold lead lines throughout.

                                The percussion-party continues with ‘In The Club At 5am’, a perfect perker to perk up the dance in the wee-hours. Soothing sore rave joints and ecstatic muscles while the sun rises outside; tremulating basslines join cascading chord phrases for a final surge of late night energy.

                                The EP is closed down with ’89 When Things Were Fine’, a triumphant closing piece that’s joined by a superb remix from label boss Demi Riquísimo. Both combining punchy basses and splashy, immersive drum grooves at contrasting paces, each with their signature touch.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A1 Turbo Shandy (Original Mix)
                                A2 For You (Original Mix)
                                A3 In The Club At 5am (Original Mix)
                                B1 89 When Things Were Fine (Original Mix)
                                B2 89 When Things Were Fine (Demi Riquisimo Remix)

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