Mr. Fingers' highly anticipated second part of the "Around the Sun" series! The esteemed Chicago produer continues on the path from last years "Around the Sun part 1". Encompassing all his influences from jazz, r&b to house, techno and ambient; these lush tracks eminate with a warmth and feel that no one else expresses quite like him. Like before, featuring his own moody vocals; there's a couple of tracks featuring other musicians but generally it's fully composed and created by Larry Heard himself. Sequenced to perfection, the LP slowly submerges you into its sonic environment, and once there it gently but deliberately takes the mind and body on a deep and pleasurable journey. No need to further elaborate... Larry Heard at his finest.


Were Drowning
Love To You
Country Rhodes
Touch Of Love
Rustling Leaves
The Icy Air Of Night
Supa Kool

Back in stock Cover of We Were The Robots (A Disco Pogo Tribute) by Daft Punk.

Daft Punk

We Were The Robots (A Disco Pogo Tribute)

    Daft Punk featured often in the formative years of Jockey Slut magazine (including their first front cover). This tribute to the duo collates all the interviews and photos from the seminal magazine - covering their early days on Soma up to the release of Discovery. Further articles cover the rest of their tenure as one of the globe’s most furtive, influential electronic acts right up to their unexpected split in February 2021.

    - Their first ever interview, for Jockey Slut in 1994.
    - Oral histories on their early years on Soma and the making of Homework and Discovery.
    - Their first unmasked cover shot and interview for Jockey Slut in 1996.
    - A Fax interview from Jockey Slut in 1995 including their doodles and handwriting.
    - Long reads on Human After All, Random Access Memories and their Coachella performance.
    - Vintage features from writers including Alexis Petridis, Emma Warren and Ben Cardew.
    - A History of Roule records and the duos' extra curricular activities.
    - Exclusive Interview with Tony Gardner, the man behind the robots.
    - Daft Punk in film: Interstella 5555, Electroma and Tron.
    - Daft Punk was playing in my house - an exclusive interview with LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy.
    - An exclusive interview with Pedro ‘Busy P’ Winter and Together’s DJ Falcon.
    - Daft Punk superfans.

    The book has been a labour of love since the band split but we are finally ready to share it with the Disco Pogo community and beyond.

    Two years after his acclaimed ‘Darkos LP’, Jonquera is back to Charlieu’s surrounding vales for his second album on Bamboo Shows.

    Through ‘La Croix des Cros’, the French Musician delivers a loner-folk eclogue about the fantasized inner demons of a country dweller. Just like clay, audio recordings here are a malleable substance, slowly reworked over a year, following a sinuous production process where all mishaps are welcomed as breaches to step into.

    Far from the spaghetti western myth of the reckless bounty hunter, riding his faithful horse in the great outdoors to spill blood; this 14-track album is the grieving lament of a wistful cowboy, longing for a simple patch of peace where one’s free to cultivate the earth and noodle on the guitar.

    Heldon’s cosmic space-rock, Badalamenti’s Twin-Peaksesque foggy jazz or Morricone’s glorious soundtracks, so many references to portray another fertile imprint by Jonquera, available from February 13, 2023 on a 12” vinyl.


    A1. K Est Un Sociologue
    A2. Chemin De La Croix De La Rivière
    A3. Tsource
    A4. Myope
    A5. Cracovie
    A6. Le Dormeur
    A7. Danse Des Idoles Sans Tête
    B1. Court Dialogue Avec Une Porte
    B2. Chemin Des Planètes
    B3. Autour Du Cro
    B4. Le Dernier Coco Du Village
    B5. Lacets Des Écharmeaux
    B6. Dzar Bleu
    B7. La Colline D'En Face

    Natural Sciences Recs and Harsh Reality Music team up for the first reissue of Henry Hektik's Motion P. Music, booted up as a 12" sampler for DJ's not yet consumed by the candyfloss.

    A figure who collaborated with M. Finnkreig and active in the 80's German underground and tape trading circuit, he disappeared off the grid, leaving few documents of his music behind, with the handful of remaining tapes swallowed by mould or fried in electrical accidents. What is left is true unhinged tracks from the edge, with six cuts of jacking proto-house (Haiwasa, T.B.A), night-stalker surveillance wave jams (Hong Kong Wedding Night), Black ops narco paranoia (Private Apocalypse) and static knuckle-dragging workouts (Here Comes Escape). A snapshot into a man on the edge!!

    Limited to 300 copies worldwide with insert and fanzine.


    A1. Haiwasa
    A2. Private Apocalypse
    A3. T.B.A
    B1. Hong Kong Wedding Night
    B2. Nightwatch
    B3. Here Comes Escape

    Two completely under-the-radar but highly engaging house and techno cuts from the mid-to-late 90s.

    “Annoked” is a dizzying, organ led cut with conga heavy percussion and rising energy. A real treat for house heads who like it deep and funky.

    “Can’t Hold It” is a slamming, acid-flecked jam which transforms into a fist-pumping, smoke-n-strobe late night mega-anthem.

    Charles Ostrov - Annoked © 1998 World Of House
    Blueberry - Can't Hold It © 1996 Orange Records
    Compiled by Rey Colino.
    Mastered and Cut at 45rpm by Marco Pellegrino.
    Design by AJAM.


    A1. Charles Ostrov - Annoked
    B1. Blueberry - Can't Hold It

    The horses are out of the barn…and it’s time to trot. Introducing Mortar & Pestle: a union between two of Canada’s dance bandits at large. D. Tiffany & Maara come together to bring you pure delicious magic. These tracks are fresh out the skillet and piping hot on your plates. Dip us in maple syrup and throw us to the lezzies!

    What do you get when you stir the pot…or grind the pestle? Wet, bubbling, sticky, throbbing bangers that make you lose your mind. Two’s company, but three’s a party. Sweetheart Hannah Karpinski hops in with her provocative Polish vocals, ready to ignite the freak fire and desire in this world and beyond. Unhinged, raw, and chaotic, burning the whole barn down. Enjoy this 4-track offering of hypnotic indulgence. Mortar & Pestle: Pound or be Pounded? Whatever you fancy, you’re in for a treat.


    A1. Pound Or Be Pounded
    A2. Wet On Sight
    B1. Girls Night Out In Berlin
    B2. Delson Psychosis

    Max Watts is a young, up-and-coming DJ and producer from Tennessee. He co-runs Limited Network, a white label techno imprint and crew of young producers dedicated to making savage DJ tools. Watts’ energy and enthusiasm shines on "Primal Spirit", his tribute to tribal techno. This debut release on BANK is a testament to his dedication to the medium of vinyl DJing - no fanfare, just supremely crafted, untitled tracks for any set. This record features a remix from Force Placement out of Los Angeles. Recommended if you went to Tribal Gathering at Sankeys between 1999 - 2003, listened to any of Richie Hawtin's 'Decks FX & 909' mixes; enjoyed Jeff Mill's iconic 'Exhibitionist' mix. What else - think DJ Rush, turn of the millennium Carl Cox, Oliver Ho, James Rushkin. Basically, that fruitful era for techno when it went really fucking tribal! A monstrous release not to be overlooked - big TIP.


    Matt says: Phwwaoooor! 'Ave some of that! Real deal tribal techno excursions with that millennial fire coursing through their stems. For the feathers and face paint brigade and the OG DC-10 mobsters - this is the absolutely dogs bollox.


    A1. Untitled
    A2. Untitled
    B1. Unitled
    B2. Untitled (Force Placement Remix)

    Another curvall from Omar S' FXHE label. This album shows Alister's diverse of sounds; touching on beatdown soul, electro disco and jerky house music with a heartfelt, sincere approach which sees him eek plenty of sentiment and feeling out of his modest range of drum boxes and synthesisers. 

    Working with John F.M. Mitchell Yoshida,Super Cool Wired, Troi Alexis,Tyesha Blount and many more. Produced, lyrics, mixed and engineered by Omar S. I have to say I'm really enjoying Omar S' slight deviation of sound direction of late! Recommended. 


    1. Grasslands
    2. Visions Of You
    3. Car Dates W/ Tyesha Blount
    4. Slide W/ Billy Lotion & John FM
    5. Keeping Me Waiting W/ Troi Alexis
    6. Growing Old W/ Amir Hasan
    7. Total Recall
    8. Selihno Na Calchinha W/ Mauro Refosco, Alexia Bontempo
    9. Morning Ride
    10. Saturn Eats His Young W/ Supercoolwicked

    5 track debut EP from artist David James Drume. Hailing from Chicago this young musician has expertly tailored a sound of techno that is unmatched by most. TIP!!!

    Words from the producer: ‘When I set out to write these five tracks, I was intent on working within a style of Techno music that had reached its apex during the early years of the new millennium. The progenitors of this style made extensive use of samples and prerecorded drum loops, and did so to an almost unprecedented degree. Their novel production techniques, in part made possible by the advent of the DAW, yielded a fascinating result - sonic maximalism that hitherto could only be produced by recording a large ensemble of musicians performing together. Now, dozens of such recordings could be digitally composited together, resulting in dense walls of diverse timbres. I have for a long time been captivated by this sound, and at their core, these five tracks are an earnest expression of my passion for this sonic aesthetic.’
    -D.J. Drume

    Hard edged tribal techno tracks which DJ Bone makes the foundation of his stadium-destroying sets. No disco samples, very few melodies, just unrelenting, all encompassing tribal polyrhythms. Rhythms. Feral, swingin’ off the rafters type-a shit that brings out all the techno soldiers! Don’t sleep! 


    A1. Atacama
    A2. Remain
    B1. Combat Dancer
    B2. Diegesis
    B3. Pistolero

    Thee J Johanz

    Declassified Vol.2

    Glasgow's Work For Love have once again descended deep into the cellars of Thee J Johanz early 90’s DAT recordings and pulled a companion selection to 2017's "Declassified EP".

    This time they've come back up the ladder clutching a sultry yet sturdy triple-tracker, a little snapshot detailing the full spectrum of house and techno hybridisation that was rife in the rave at the time. The EP kicks off lovingly lamenting the second summer of love with the proto house jam of "Tender Tales" which features Johanz himself giving his best Sleazy D impression on vox whilst masterfully tickling the 303 to several squelchy climaxes.

    Flip over for "Desire", a curled-lip 4am weird and wonky warehouse destroying techno leviathan that captures the stark minimalism of yer best Axis records and ads a real touch of John Carpenter esque menace to the affair. Bringing things to a close is the refreshing twinkly pulse of "Prophet" to say goodnight.


    A1. Tender Tales
    B1. Desire
    B2. Der Prophet

    Seminal EBM-techno outfit Code Industry surfaces on Dark Entries with a reissue of their "Structure EP". Detroit-based musicians Rob Myers, E.N. Sevy, Kyl Crys, and William Keith formed Code Industry in 1989 following their previous project, Code Assault. Among the few Black artists working in the idioms of EBM and industrial during their time, Code Industry tackle issues of racism, the media, and the hypocrisy of patriotism. 

    The band’s frigid synths and menacingly whispered vocals display their affinity for European EBM acts like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb, but their adventurous production and high-tech grooves situate their work equally within the Detroit techno continuum. The "Structure EP" was originally released in 1991 via the legendary Antler-Subway label. On its six tracks, Code Assembly expand upon "Method of Assembly", their debut album from the year prior, while presenting striking new work hinting at the development of their sound. On “Behind the Mask (Image Mix)”, the band reworks one of the hits from "Method of Assembly" into a leaner, more kinetic form, finely sculpted for maximum dancefloor impact. The instrumental “Fury” shows the outfit pushing harder into the then-nascent Detroit techno sound, with spare synths and disembodied vocal snippets. Meanwhile, brooding downtempo cuts like “Ail” and “Crimes Again the People” imbue their cyberpunk aesthetics with politically-charged rage. Code Industry illustrates the depth of techno and EBM’s mutual entanglement while addressing political struggles that still embroil us in 2023. This reissue of "Structure" includes a double-sided insert with lyrics and liner notes by Pen Jackson aka E.N. Sevy. 


    Behind The Mirror (Image Mix)
    Behind The Mirror (Release Of Anguish Mix)
    Dead City
    Crimes Against The People

    HOLLYSPLEEF is an Italian electronic music producer, shaping his way through the early 21st Century. He spends his late evenings and early mornings making live recordings with a bunch of analog gear from his hidden studio on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. On one end pulling from R&B, house and dub / reggae, and on the other richly layered ambient and future-jazz. He creates sonically smooth music that rises and recedes like the tide, fitting for the next great surf film soundtrack or a packed club at 2am. Maintaining a steady hold on timeless dance music when he's up in the DJ booth playing the hits and the new classics, HOLLYSPLEEF is a soulful artist whose styles bend time and space with particular groove.

    “Paradise Seeds” is about roads, roots, paths and emotions, the ones you’re not used to feeling everyday. But most importantly it is about change, about the inner force one discovers when forced to transform. After finding out he had to move out his beloved Resonance Jungle Studio, Hollyspleef decided he had to make one last album before the big move. Exploring his inner self through R&B, jazz, trip-hop, footwork and trap he delivers yet another gem of a record. A multidimensional and ambitious record that’s perfect for 2023. Recommended! 


    A1. Space W
    A2. Twist (feat. Arya)
    A3. Primavera
    A4. Cautious (feat. Sianybby)
    A5. G4laxy Shake (crispy Cbd)
    A6. Ca$hm3re
    A7. Joel (ft. Loren)
    B1. !nfinity Lo°0o°0o°p
    B2. Explosion Mirror
    B3. H:d
    B4. Meteora (ft. Godblesscomputers)
    B5. Flashb4ck
    B6. Yïįn Young
    B7. R(e)d

    Gacha Bakradze releases his third album on Lapsus entitled "Pancakes", and while the name may appear conventional at first glance, it actually contains esoteric philosophical concepts.

    The Georgian producer perceives the making of pancakes - a transformative and healing parental activity that he loves to partake in with his son- as a metaphor for alteration, metamorphosis and change. A reflection that also accentuates the importance of balance during each process of preparing a simple recipe, which in turn highlights key human attributes such as patience, attention to detail and willingness to adapt to shifting circumstances.

    On a sonic level, Gacha’s new album embodies precisely that: the contextual reworking of his music, while maintaining the essence of his previous work. "Pancakes" provides the typically melancholic yet vibrant genetics already recognisable in his music, but also embraces new genres, including his unique and personal take on hyper-pop and trance. It is an album of contrasting elements, where bucolic interludes make way for heavier tracks that are more suited to a club environment, an aural universe that hybridises IDM, electro, bass music and cutting edge techno, and once again demonstrates that trying to pigeonhole Gacha Bakradze's sound is a somewhat fruitless task.


    A1. Boredom
    A2. Opi (album Version)
    A3. Overtime
    A4. Tainted
    A5. Backup
    A6. Attention
    B1. Presence
    B2. Morning Chatter
    B3. Last Escape
    B4. Ff31warning
    B5. Terror
    B6. Echoes Of Silence

    Back in stock Cover of Flammer - 2023 Reissue by Flammer Dance Band.
    Energized by the funky sounds of 1970's West Africa but existing in a very modern space, Flammer Dance Band introduce their hybrid sound on new label Lyskestrekk Records. Packed with hip-shaking grooves, uplifting vibes, vibrating synths, screaming saxophones and crispy drum breaks all recorded in a warm and stuffy shack in Oslo and bolstered through some intricate but totally sympathetic electronic elements, "Flammer" is a charming and soulful homage to an era with a unique and rich sound: a truly raw and authentic sounding Afro-funk LP which brings new life to the existing cannon through some skilled and inspired musicianship and some brilliant writing. Fela eat your heart out! A precursor to, I imagine, an ambitious tour schedule; I'm already craving to see these perform live. With dreamy artwork to boot this is a lovely piece for Afro fans old and new - highly recommended!


    A1. Din Ting
    A2. Leverer Litt Sjel
    B1. Lonsj Pa Gronland
    B2. Lordag Kveld
    B3. Slikker Sol

    Back in stock Cover of Behind The Groove Present Victor Simonelli The Early Years Vol. 2 by Victor Simonelli.

    Victor Simonelli

    Behind The Groove Present Victor Simonelli The Early Years Vol. 2

    In the words of Bill Brewster - DJ History

    ‘At the turn of the 1990s, there were few more successful New York house producers than Victor Simonelli. Under a dizzying array of aliases - Solution, NY’s Finest, Groove Committee, Critical Rhythm and Cloud 9 being amongst the better-known - the Brooklyn-born DJ / producer delivered a string of underground club hits during the city’s early ’90s house boom.’

    Launching the first Behind The Groove collectors edition vinyl series is New York’s finest Victor Simonelli with ‘The Early Years Vol 1 & 2’ double Vinyl releases. Featuring seminal house tracks such as Cloud 9’s ‘Do You Want Me’, Solution’s ‘Feel So Right’, Instant Exposure’s ‘Wanna Be With You’ and rare mixes of Raiana Page and EZ-AL, this collection brings together classic and rare Victor Simonelli cuts that reflect the early raw energy and buzz of the New York House scene. With ‘Vol 2” scheduled to follow shortly after, this is the most comprehensive collection of rare Simonelli cuts that firmly establishes his esteemed role in 90s House Music as well as introducing new fans to his inimitable sound.

    Victor Simonelli is one of the early kings of NYC sampling in house music. The real deal - Victor danced at the legendary David Mancuso’s Loft sessions and developed a serious appreciation for good music. He interned for Arthur Baker at his renown Shakedown Studios (where Arthur worked with the iconic Afrika Bambatta on the seminal dance floor ’Planet Rock’ track) and went on to release hugely influential releases on seminal NYC labels 4th Floor and Nu Groove. Victor’s music was championed by the hugely celebrated iconic house music DJ pioneers, Larry Levan and Tony Humphries at Paradise Garage & Zanzibar / WBLS / Kiss FM respectively.

    Revered as a New York house heavyweight and prolific producer since the turn of the 1990s, Victor Simonelli grew up in Brooklyn, NYC, nurtured by a music loving family, with an avid record collecting father who also worked as a local party DJ. He took music lessons in piano, drums, guitar and bass, before discovering his first love, tuning into NY’s Radio Mix Shows on WBLS, WKTU and WRKS,98.7 Kiss FM) where he discovered the art of mixing and in his own words, ’I just simply got lost in the music’.

    Graduating from NYC’s Centre For Media Arts, Victor got an internship in the legendary producer, Arthur Baker’s Shakedown Studios. Soon graduating to editing, mixing and then producing he worked for artists David Bowie, Quincy Jones, Debbie Harry, Sinead O’Connor and Talking Heads. Teaming up with fellow NYC producer Lenny Dee to become the Brooklyn Funk Essentials, they released records ‘Critical Rhythm’ and ‘Subliminal Aurra’ on 4th Floor before Victor went solo as Groove Committee releasing the classic ‘I Want You To Know’ on the legendary Nu Groove Records. Paradise Garage legend, Larry Levan broke ‘I Want You To Know’ rocking 2 copies on his last tour of Japan whilst King of NY House Music,Tony Humphries broke Victor’s new ‘Feels So Right’ across New York on his WBLS/Kiss FM Mastermix show and at his legendary Zanzibar club sessions. It was only a matter of time before Victor’s name became synonymous with quality House music ensuring a worldwide platform for his productions.

    In the early 90s alongside his own productions, Victor Simonelli worked on high profile projects, including James Brown’s album, “Love Overdue” BeBe and CeCe Winans single featuring Mavis Staples “I’ll Take You There” and Quincy Jones’ “I’ll Be Good To You” featuring Chaka Khan and the legendary Ray Charles. Never straying too far from his clubland roots, Victor worked with Danny Tenaglia on his classic “The Harmonica Track”.

    DJ gigs across the world started flooding in and Victor found himself recording for a dizzying array of labels including Tribal America, Sub-Urban, Bassline, King Street Sounds and Vibe, under a wide range of aliases. He also produced, wrote and remixed for artists such Nile Rodgers (Chic), Afrika Baambata, Hall & Oates, Frankie Knuckles, Kerri Chandler, Madonna and Michael Jackson. Famed for his own productions “It’s So Good” by Creative Force, “I Know A Place” as Sound Of One - the first release on Roger Sanchez One Records -, “Dirty Games” as well as the “Street Players Vol 1 EP”, Victor went on to set up Suburban Records with Tommy Musto and Bassline Records with two other partners. Notable releases on this label include “Do You Feel Me”, Connie Harvey’s gospel inspired, “Thank You Lord”, Urban Blues Project’s “Deliver Me”, Colonel Abrams “Not Gonna Let”, and Mone’s “Better Way”. Never ceasing to produce, DJ, run his own label and host radio shows like Groove Lift, Victor has worked with virtually every NYC producer and has nurtured a next generation talents including Angel Moraes, Jazz ‘N’ Groove, Urban Blues Project, Harlem Hustlers, Jay Jay and Julius Papp. Victor’s releases have also been used on M&S’s “Salsoul Nuggett” hit and Eddie Amador’s underground smash ‘House Music’.

    In the late 90’s Victor launched his new Westside Productions, notable for the “Latin Impressions 1 & 2” releases, opened up a studio in Italy as he found himself increasingly working in Europe and now divides his time between New York and Italy. Suffice to say his unique sound of uplifting and spiritual music has kept him at the forefront of House Music and he is credited as one of its leading exponents with his string of classic releases and remixes.


    A. N.Y's Finest - Do You Feel Me (Club Mix) 
    B1. Groove Committee - Dirty Games (Victor Simonelli Club Mix) 
    B2. Street Players Vol. 1 - Make It Thru The Night 
    C. Sound Of One - I Know A Place (118 BPM Mix) 
    D1. Inner Faith - I've Been Changed (Club Mix) 
    D2. International Connection - I Can't Help Myself (Previously Unreleased Instrumental Mix) 

    Incredible return of Jodey Kendrick who might possibly be the most vicious and cranium-splitting drum and bass mangler on the scene. Menacing destruction of familiar breaks interspliced with growling subs and atmospheres that sound like your skin is being ripped off. It's not as horrid as it sounds though - Kendrick's highly advanced drum programming and synthesis skills are the real treat on display here - I can't think of anyone who mashes it up with as much aural dexterity!

    No amount of superlatives can do the EP justice - just strap in and prepare for some of the most provocative and darn right sinister jungle biznis you're ever likely to hear - protective head gear advised!


    1. Dunstable
    2. _o Ixed __mpo
    3. DBLE

    'Exegesis I' is the debut EP from Uncoiled, a new record label focusing on productions made with the Colundi Sequence, a non-standard tuning system created by Grant Wilson-Claridge and popularized in recent years by Aleksi Perala. In a departure from the familiar tonality exemplified by Perala's work, Lonefront delivers the label's inaugural offering through an extension of the Colundi Sequence with his interpretations based on community research. Tracks '6' and '21' balance the holistic deployment of calculated parameters with techno idioms focused on connecting to dancefloors. Tracks '19' and '29', a collaboration between Lonefront and UK-based artist FLAWS, express a fluidity of affect as it weaves between heads-down cogitation and twilight sentimentality.

    If the above makes little to no sense - rest assured these are seductive techno rhythms and highly interesting sound design pieces that both the DJ, dancefloor and home listener are going to thoroughly enjoy. 


    1. 6
    2. 19
    3. 21
    4. 29 (feat Flaws)

    DJ Surgeles has a longstanding collaboration with Detroit legend Jeff Mills. Connected through music, DJ Surgeles learned the inside tricks off Jeff. You know, that space age voodoo shit that sounds like your talking to aliens. DJ Surgeles has also collaborated exclusively with Jeff Mills on the concepts "Something in The Sky" and "STRMRKD" and produced a special Axis Records 10 years The Bells DJ mix back in 2007.

    You can hear it right through "Triglav" - almost a continuation of Mills' "Something In The Sky” series. Monophonic discord, squealing sine tones, machine-code percussion; taut, tense and rubbery; certainly not of human origin.

    It's a pleasure to see this baton of production prowess passed from Jeff Mills to a newer generation producer - and from what we know about Jeff Mills - he must regard DJ Surgeles in high esteem to trust him with this technology! An absolutely mega record, essential for fans of Jeff Mills and Axis’ later output and especially the "Something In The Sky Series". Highly recommended!


    1 Beginning Of A Journey
    02 Donkere Ruimte
    03 Triglav
    04 Time Tombs
    05 Star Gods
    06 Baten Kaitos
    07 The Intruder
    08 M13
    09 Hadar Or Agena
    10 Way Of The Spectrum

    Wait, what? A new Quince? Call the newspapers! It has been YEARS since the Dutch techno producer from Utrecht found the peace of mind to actually release something. In fact, the "Anthology of Interest EP on the illustrious NOWHERE series is his first proper record in eight years. His daytime job as a medic kept him rather occupied. You might remember those times when there was a pandemic around? We missed Quince, even though his sound is rather timeless. Fluid Detroit infused techno with pulsating rhythms, alluring keyboard stabs and sultry basslines, like on "Ghost In The Machine" and the extremely funky "The Butterjunk Effect". Opening track "Meanwhile" has that hazy peak time feel you love so much while dancing with your eyes closed. But the winner of this very versatile EP may just be "Space Pilot 3000". A futuristic and jumpy electro-track where the worlds of Drexciya and Juan Atkins collide in a blinding orange supernova.


    Ghost In The Machines
    Space Pilot 3000
    The Butterjunk Effect

    Lord Of The Isles

    Night Of The Endless Beyond

    'Night Of The Endless Beyond', the sophomore album by Lord Of The Isles AKA Neil McDonald for the ESP Institute, had almost become a mythical piece of work. The tracks very slowly crept into formation from the lowest depths of 2021, and once the completed album finally made the leap from creation into manufacturing, an entirely new onslaught of follies and delays awaited at the pressing plant. We began to laugh, for not only did Mario Hugo’s otherworldly sleeve artwork visually translate this music so well, but it was an uncanny premonition to the album being lost in space, falling through a black hole, evaporating into the aether like a dream that never really happened. But, at long last, ground control has confirmed contact! It did happen, it will arrive, and it’s not a myth.

    Listening to 'Night Of The Endless Beyond' now feels like the return of a strayed friend, one whose distance left us pining for an embrace. Although this techno relies on unassuming means, there is a remarkably complex and persuasive emotional statement embedded here, insisting we learn to endure the long game and allow ourselves patience to investigate and appreciate the minutiae contained not only within the notes, but their negative space. From its introduction, through its mellow crests and valleys, there is a conveyance of restraint - subtle dynamics that quietly beg for attention, repetition so hypnotic that imaginary melodies are inescapable, transient peaks so deliberately scaled that we mourn the subsequent decay. In accordance with Neil’s ESP debut, 'In Waves', we never feel attacked by instrumentation but shielded from sharp edges, able to step inside the music, breathe the air it occupies and know its true intentions, whether bright or bleak.

    Just prior to the album close, a film dialogue excerpt summarizes everything quite honestly by proposing, “The truth of the universe is waiting … the truth of what is … it’s all going to go away … everything … into blackness … the void … and nobody is in charge.”

    “…and what do you do with that?”

    We stare long into the 'Night Of The Endless Beyond' and answer… “You smile.”


    Matt says: Really nice, deep and varied LP from our Scottish synth maestro. Veering between isolated ambience, dreamer's techno and wholesome analogue tapestries - it conjures up images of the producer's surroundings whilst hovering between reflective inner gazing and reveling in the beauty of nature and landscapes.


    A1. Endless Beyond
    A2. Isolarian
    B1. Strato
    B2. Together
    C1. Light Nights
    C2. Quadralogue
    C3. Otherness
    D1. Truth
    D2. Wonder
    D3. Postdrome

    Back in stock Cover of Mellotronique by J-Walk.
    J-Walk's (Martin Brew) superb Mellotronique gets a much needed vinyl pressing from the fledgling imprint headed by Jason Boardman of Aficionado records fame. 

    If you know Brew's work from the highly lauded 'Limelight Nights' or 'Mediterranean Winds', then you'll know that his sound is a synth-heavy distillation of topical Balearic grooves and snappy disco percussion. This latest outing sees the musical polymath shift his focus slightly more into the almost-tailored-exactly-for-me saturated 8-bit grooves of 90's videogame soundtrackery. 

    Kicking things off, 'City Slicker' matches a swung percussive groove against phased chord stabs and rolling synthetic bass, providing a perfect starting point for the wonderfully vivid landscape that is to come. 'Hypercruiser' brings in the most understated saw-wave bass (with *just* enough short reverb on to come popping out of the mix) before launching into a soaring, euphoric lift into one of my favourite pices on the whole collection, the wonderfully evocative portamentoed swing of 'Underwater Galaxy'. 

    Both 'A World Someplace' and 'Winter Moon Rendezvous' hold their place perfectly, tactfully seguing between slowly pulled synth chords and twinkling dreamlike bliss. The former swims with a machine-funk groove, reminiscent of an 8-bit cityscape while the latter takes this established groove and slows it down, reducing to a few perfectly pitched elements.  It's this restraint that really sets J-Walk apart from the rest, with his keen production ear coming across perfectly in the finished product. 

    Laters, both 'Chill Bien' and 'Equinox Desire' usher in hints of tropical groove, with the syncopated stabs of bass fading into a sea of reverb and bit-crushed guitars before pulling all the elements seamlessly into a perfect culmination of melodic drive and lysergic relaxation. 

    We finish with the massive duo of 'Fait Accompli' and 'The Night Machine', the former bringing the latent Italo elements into the mix before the latter slams them home with an uncompromisingly crunchy, filter-manipulated freak-out. 

    It's a stunning collection of tracks, and further evidence that J-Walk is indeed here to stay, thank f*ck. 


    Matt says: The second release on Jason Boardman's (Aficionado) new labour of love and it's no other than Martin Brew dropping electro-funk-balearo-science! Electrified throughout, it exists as a concise and really quite singular piece conceived by an artist in full creative control. We've waited all year for these BiD records but it's been worth the wait. Buy on sight! Who knows if there'll be a second press...


    A1. City Slicker
    A2. Hypercruiser
    A3. Underwater Galaxy
    A4. A World Someplace
    A5. Winter Moon Rendezvous
    B1. Hologram Jam
    B2. Chill Bien
    B3. Equinox Desire
    B4. Fait Accompli
    B5. The Night Machine

    Terr’s debut LP 'Consciousness As A State Of Matter’ arrives on green and orange split double-vinyl, limited to a pressing of just 400 copies, housed in a sleeve of hallucinatory artwork from designer Sebastian Ofuszak.

    Across eleven tracks, Terr continues a long, fulfilling journey in electronic music with a visceral, vulnerable, full-length statement inspired by tireless and timeless innovators in the history of electronic music such as Giorgio Moroder, Wendy Carlos and Phil Oakey. Achieving a delicate, wide-eyed chemistry between the catharsis of the dancefloor and the ever-renewing promise of pop, 'Consciousness As A State Of Matter’ includes and expands upon the vision of singles ‘Only For Tonight’, ‘Tale of Devotion’ and ‘Layers’. Tracks have been hammered upfront by the likes of Sean Johnson and Erol Alkin; it’s got a top drawer pedigree which should see Terr ascend a steep trajectory as 2023 unfolds… Recommended! 


    A1. Tale Of Devotion (Sunny Version)
    A2. Only For Tonight
    B1. Warp Drive
    B2. Energy Sync
    B3. Time Crystal
    C1. Wings Of Time
    C2. Layers
    C3. I Am Here You Are There
    D1. Imagination
    D2. Final Dance (with Coloray)
    D3. States Of Mind 

    French producer Timothee Milton debuts on Local Talk with a killer EP that fuses electronic rhythms and soulful vocals in a way that's typical of the long standing label. Written by Angela Johnson, "Love's Gonna Get you" is a deep but big room, vocal house jam that's got some hints of the 90s Jersey sound about it as well as subtly being a bit of a voguing anthem on the sly.

    To give the package an extra edge, deep house connoisseur Hugo LX and boogie-house maestro Art Of Tones are enlisted for remixes. The former strips things back to a more delicate groove; aquaplaning syths and pads all combining with the gently shaking perx to create a more sublime and serene version of the OG. The Art Of Tones remix is equally strong but goes for a more uplifting approach and puts the funk, boogie and soul front & center, with live sounding disco drums and a much more organic palette guiding proceedings. Top stuff as always from the Local Talk mob! 


    A. Love's Gonna Get You (Hugo LX Underwater Mix)
    B1. Love's Gonna Get You (Art Of Tones Remix)
    B2. Love's Gonna Get You (Main Mix)

    Based in Berlin Max Newton & Matalo have delivered percussion heavy funk and gritty Nuyorican rhythms on both GAMM and Take Away Records. Their new release on Omena LTD continues on the same path and adds deep house and breezy Latin flavours.

    "U-Bahn At Midnight" sets things off sounding like a classic MCDE house jam with ringing melodies and sharp horns. "Walkin' On" uses the classic Freddie Hubbard sample we all know and love and adds some gently grooving percussion, flappy kick drums, fluttery arps and electronic bass.

    On the flip "Pao De Acucar vs Vesuvius" is a slowly unfurling, summery house track; primed for daytime festival play. Finally "Brooklyn Survivor" ends things and lands somewhere between Glenn Underground and DJ Koze, with warped vox, rising strings and beautifully plotted drums.

    A mighty fine way to close the Omena LTD series.


    A1. U-Bahn At Night
    A2. Walkin' On
    B1. Pao De Acucar Vs Vesuvius 

    A Good Christian

    I Love You / Free To Be Me

    Another much-needed repress from Surfin In Kansas. This one hanged ten just under three years ago and has since become one bodacious and highly sought after slice of beach grooving joy.

    "I Love You" samples The Gap Band's "Big Fun", extending the percussive breaks, doing away with all the smoochy vocal bits and upping the tempo jussst a tad before adding smatterings of extra piano goodness.

    On side B, Johnny Bristol 's "Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me" is reduced to a dubbed out vox and hefty raregroove lick; the Strat part chiming away over a foundation shaking b-line and manly horns. A hefty slab of soul which is perfectly snipped and tucked by A Good Christian.

    This repress won't hang around long - you have been warned! 


    A. I Love You
    B. Free To Be Me


    Love Makes Magic

      Who is Jim?

      A kaleidoscope of harmony vocals - as Crosby, Stills and Nash might have sounded with a funky back beat. Delicate acoustic fingerpicking, warmed by a swell of brass before a drama of electric unfolds. Guitar band music, delivered with the sensibilities of someone who knows how to make you dance. Sun-kissed blue-eyed soul, reminiscent of Ned Doheny, but emanating from a beach far from California.

      These are the sounds of Jim, as heard on debut album 'Love Makes Magic'.

      Debuting in 2021 on the folk-informed 'Falling That You Know' EP, Jim is the latest alias of songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and renowned DJ Jim Baron. Famed as co-founder and musical director of festival-stunning favourites Crazy P, his latest Jim project is a musical journey unlike anything he has done before. 


      Martin says: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Jim! Love this so much!

      Andy says: What a brilliant LP. Beautiful melodies and grooves proliferate on a journey through space and time. From the Laurel Canyon to Levenshulme via, of course, Ibiza, the clue is in the title and this is gonna be the sound of the summer.


      1. Across The Street
      2. A Life Inbetween
      3. Where The Leaves Are Falling
      4. Oxygen
      5. Still River Flows
      6. The Ballad Of San Marino
      7. Phoenix
      8. Sea Of Unbelonging
      9. Then We Do It Again
      10. Love Make Magic 

      On ‘33 Tours Et Puis S’en Vont’, Laurent Garnier’s first solo LP in 8 years and his most dancefloor-oriented yet, a total mastery of house, techno, and beyond, is on full display. Club-leaning cuts from ‘Liebe Grüße Aus Cucuron’ through to ‘Granulator Bordelum’ all distil his years of warehouse, club, and festival experience into thrilling expressions of musical tension and release.

      Vocal-led tracks tastefully borrow from a range of genre influences; from the hip-hop inflected ‘In Your Phase’ with 22Carbone, an incendiary number that will be firmly burnt into the memory of any attendee of Garnier’s recent DJ sets, to the punk of ‘Saturn Drive Triplex’, which features vocals from the late Alan Vega, of influential duo Suicide notoriety. Elsewhere, sprinklings of broken rhythms appear in the leftfield downtempo cut ‘…et puis s’en Va!’ and drum & bass experiment ‘Sado Miso’, offering listeners a further view into his wide-ranging taste. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from him - but boy is it nice to have the man with the red face back amongst us! 


      3x12" Tracklisting
      A1. Tales From The Real World (version Instrumentale)
      A2. Liebe Grüße Aus Cucuron
      B1. Reviens La Nuit (DJ Edit)
      B2. On The REcorD (part 3)
      C1. Saturn Drive Duplex [Feat. Alan Vega]
      C2. Closer To You [Feat. Scan X]
      D1. Sake Stars Fever
      D2. Cinq O Clock In Le Matin
      E1. In Your Phase [Feat. 22Carbone]
      E2. Give Me Some Sulfites
      F1. Au Clair De Ta Lune
      F2. Granulator Bordelum
      Download Zip

      7" Tracklisting

      A. In Your Phase (Feat. 22Carbone) 22Carbone Remix
      B. Saturn Drive Triplex (Feat. Alan Vega) Liminanas Remix

      C90 Mixtape (Includes How D’ya Like Your Beef, Crispy Bacon Remix)

      01. Tales From The Real World [Feat. Alan Watts] (vocal Version)
      02. Liebe Grüße Aus Cucuron
      03. In Your Phase [Feat. 22Carbone]
      04. Reviens La Nuit (original Mix)
      05. Saturn Drive Triplex [Feat. Alan Vega]
      06. Sado Miso
      07. Au Clair De Ta Lune
      08. Sake Stars Fever
      09. Multiple Tributes (to Multiple People, For Multiple Reasons)
      10. …et Puis S’en Va!

      Back in stock Cover of Yasiin Gaye - The Return: Side Two by Mos Def Vs Marvin Gaye.

      Mos Def Vs Marvin Gaye

      Yasiin Gaye - The Return: Side Two

      Amerigo Gazaway is the son of jazz trumpeter, trombonist & composer Gary Gazaway. He does computer and film soundtracks, scores for documentaries and DJ mixes. From 2010 he seems to have been totally getting away with mashing up some of the biggest rhymes from hip-hop, with some of the choicest bits of funk and soul.

      Here the producer liberates the second installment in his highly praised Soul Mates blend project, bringing together Brooklyn rapper Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) and soul legend Marvin Gaye for a dream collaboration aptly titled “Yasiin Gaye” for a second hip hop soul outing. Building the album’s foundation from deconstructed samples of Gaye’s Motown classics, the producer re-orchestrates the instrumentation into new productions within a similar framework. Carefully weaving Bey’s dense raps and Gaye’s soulful vocals over his new arrangements, the producer delivers a quality far closer to Gaye’s famous duets than that of a mash-up album.

      'Yasiin Gaye. The Return: Side Two' gives us 18 new mash-ups of Mos Def and Marvin Gaye classics.


      A1 Intro Theme (The Return) 
      A2 Travellin' Man Pt. II (Distant Lovers Mix) 
      A3 Undeniable
      A4 Ghetto Rock
      A5 Sex, Love & Money 

      B1 Re: Introduction
      B2 This Means You
      B3 Anna's Love Song 
      B4 Living For The Funk

      C1 Modern Marvel Pt. I
      C2 High Drama
      C3 B Stands For Beef 
      C4 A Message To The People 
      C5 There Is A Way 

      D1 Climb (Interlude) 
      D2 Modern Marvel Pt. II
      D3 Umi Says 
      D4 End Credits
      D5 Ms Fat Booty Feat Ghostface Killah (Part 2)



        Afrosound’s third full-length LP is a sought-after collector’s record because it’s full of funky, crazy tropical afro-psychedelia with a reputation for being one of Discos Fuentes freakiest releases of the 1970s. With vintage synths, fuzz-wah guitar and Fruko’s heavy bass, “Carruseles” is a wild carousel ride of cumbia and salsa that has now been lovingly reissued in replica form for today’s Colombian music connoisseurs to rediscover.

        First time reissue. 180g vinyl.



          Sumos debut album "Surfacing" is the follow up to their home-recorded EP 'Weird Summer' in April 2020. Sumos are a scuzz-pop band from Manchester, UK. They began as a bedroom recording project between Joel Sloan (Guitar, Lead Vocals) and Kyle Tarbuck (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals) after a hiatus from playing together in a previous band. They then became a four-piece, adding Kyle's sister Siobhán Tarbuck on Bass and Andy Kilroy on Drums.

          The album contains nine catchy songs with jangly guitars and sweet summer harmonies that tend to stick in your mind.

          Various Artists

          Sabroso Go Go

            'Sabroso Go Go' brings together fourteen musical mixes created in the recording studios of Manuel Antonio Guerrero (MAG), in which music directors combine rhythm with alchemy in a quest to find the philosopher's stone of the dance. Exotica, ye-yé cumbia, guaracha infused twist, rock’n roll mambo, Spanish rumba, boogaloo beat, tropical garage and other unexpected bastard genres are featured in this compilation.

            Various Artists

            Saoco Vol. 1

              A comprehensive look at the fascinating music variety of Puerto Rico during the 50s and 60s, which would lead the way to the subsequent salsa scene worldwide. The selection focuses on the rhythms of bomba and plena, island traditions that reached tremendous popularity and enriched the field of tropical music with a clearly Puerto Rican character.

              Extensive liner notes by compiler Yannis Ruel illustrated with original artwork and memorabilia.

              Elia Y Elizabeth


                Elia y Elizabeth were a sister duo who in a brief yet dazzling career during 1972 and 1973 achieved great success in their native Colombia. Their concise and natural mix of styles sways between soft-pop with a touch of tropical-pastoral funk, singer-songwriter sweetened by the subtle perfume of Caribbean music and gentle psychedelia. Following the acclaimed release of their compilation "La onda de Elia y Elizabeth" on Vampisoul, we present a very special double A-side split 7" featuring 'Alegría', one of the highlights from that collection.

                Top tier tackle from Heels & Souls Recordings for their fourth reissue as they let loose a much anticipated double header, Gold In The Shade’s 'Over You' backed with 'Shining Through'. Rough, tough, straight-from-the-heart ‘90s street soul, coming courtesy of TSR bossman Robert Roper and the Gold In The Shade ladies Arletta Davis and Sonia Johnson. One of the most sought-after cuts of this scene, it encompasses much of what made street soul special - heavy bass, gritty breaks, emotive chords and off-kilter vocals, marrying together to form a snapshot of a raw DIY scene with optimism at its heart.

                The trio’s first single from 1990, ‘Shining Through’ is a no nonsense, bassbin-rattling love song from the underground, seeing long-term friends Sonia and Arletta pulling on the heartstrings from the mic as Robert works his magic behind the studio controls.

                Lovingly remastered from the DAT by Cicely Balston, if only ‘Over You’ had been so easy. Two years of endless searching for the tape and subsequently a clean copy of the record, Heels & Souls even went to the lengths of having the multitracks restored so that Robert could attempt to recreate the original mixdown in the studio – but the magic of ‘91, unfortunately, can’t simply be conjured at the drop of a hi-hat.

                After all but losing hope, Sean P (by way of Backatcha’s Aiden Leacy), came to the rescue with a mint condition copy of the record that he had from running in the same circles as Robert and Duval back in the day, ripping and restoring it with a precision he’s rightly famed for. And so (finally!) here it is: distorted samples, low-fi hits, speaker rumbling bassweight and all. Raw to the core, but that’s the point – pure, unbridled emotion from the depths of North West London.

                Fully licensed from Robert Roper, 20% of profits from Heels & Souls Recordings and Prime Direct Distribution will be donated to Lives Not Knives, a youth-led London-based charity, working to prevent knife crime, serious youth violence and school exclusions.

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Over You
                A2. Over You (Mix 2)
                B1. Shining Through
                B2. Shining Through (Dance Mix)

                Back in stock Cover of Spring Green Tote Bag - Royal Blue Print by Piccadilly Records.

                Piccadilly Records

                Spring Green Tote Bag - Royal Blue Print

                  Royal blue print of the Piccadilly Records logo on a super fresh Spring green tote bag.

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