Back in stock Cover of Shake's On A Plane by Dan Shake.
Past Mahogany affiliate, Dan Shake, reasserts his bond with the Lumberjack family following his contribution to the "From Hell With Love" comp. Three original tracks grace this EP, fresh with his loopy, feel-good party vibe. "Magic Marcel" takes a sugary disco loop and galvanizes it with extra house beats and some EQ tweaks. Guaranteed to whip the floor into a salivating frenzy, "The Bee Won" sees disco and perc loops spiral into a crazy house banger as Shake toys with the hi-pass filter throughout. Finally, "Wake, Bake & Shake" takes elements from some bumpety funk business and skillfully integrates it into some backroom burning, basement house jive. Excellent! 


Sil says: The usual tackle by Dan Shake. Serious house beats, catchy disco samples and the ever present French filtering. The formula works so why not? Guaranteed results.

Za Talent (Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft)

Za Talent

Za Talent is a fresh alias from regular collaborators Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft. While their previous outings were unashamedly ambient and horizontal in nature, this 12" for Animals Dancing is deliciously dancefloor-focused - even if there trademark rich chords and glassy-eyed electronics do feature prominently. On the A you'll find "Telex", a quirky chunk of laidback electro smothered in fax machine electronics, bubbly melodies and punchy drum machine hits. Flip for "The Whale", where intergalactic police sirens weave in and out of spacey electro motifs, gently pulsing electronics and a rhythm track that can't decide whether it's broken, jazzy or just plain weird. It is, though, really rather good.

Back in stock Cover of I Only Did These For Myself But Now It's For Everyone by Lipelis.


I Only Did These For Myself But Now It's For Everyone

Animals Dancing takes another swipe at the dance floor with a dope double A-side from Russia's king of weirdo disco and tripped out house Lipelis. Plucked from his private arsenal of over-powered club cuts, "Children's Song" and "Video Track" are further examples of the producer's penchant for edit-not-edit / sample-based bangers, first evidenced on his L.I.E.S. Black release or recent Beard In Dust 12" on Bahnsteig.
Lipelis brings the party to the village square with the fireside antics of A-side cut "Children's Song", fusing a grooving proto-house rhythm section with field recorded chants and addictive mallets. It's techno-tropical pop at its finest, and should find favour with open minded house DJs, the weirdo disco fringe and the acid house survivors on the Balearic dance floors. The B-side sticks with the African inflection, offering village chants and and sanza psychedelia atop a tough b-boy rhythm. Everything we've ever had from the producer or label has flown out the door, so get on this one ASAP.


Patrick says: Personal favourite Lipelis lets a couple of his secret club cuts slip into the collective consciousness with a dope two tracker on Animals Dancing. Tropical and tribal, but with plenty of nods to vintage funk and proto house, these cuts are destined for the setlists of all your DJ heroes. Buy now or spend double in six months...

Back in stock Cover of Sleeping Beauty (2017 Repress) by Sun Ra And His Myth Science Solar Arkestra.

Sun Ra And His Myth Science Solar Arkestra

Sleeping Beauty (2017 Repress)

One of the more delicate recordings of Sun Ra's 28-strong Arkestra, 'Sleeping Beauty' drifts in on a cloud of cosmic dust, sounding unlike anything before or after. With drummer Luqman Ali keeping the narcotic funk, but with dreamy solos from other key Arkestra players like John Gilmore, Michael Ray, and Marshall Allen, no Sun Ra collection is complete without this LP. Inspired space-age lullaby music. 


Matt says: One for foggy afternoons starring out of condensated windows across the Manchester suburbs. Dreamy, contemplative beauty here from the master.

Back in stock Cover of Passive Aggressive by Jonny Nash / Suzanne Kraft.
After sharing a split 7" and splitting the Melody As Truth release schedule between them, kindred spirits Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft conjure up their first collaborative long player for the former's faultless imprint. Unwinding over the course of eight meditative compositions, "Passive Aggressive" finds the intercontinental duo exploring space, time and beauty through tonal purity and velvetine texture. Nash's considered, calming piano recalls the calmer moments of the Jarrett catelogue, while Kraft's FM synthesis and cleansing drones could have graced any IC classic. Dexterous double bass provides hints of cool jazz and 80s avant garde on "Refractory Cafe" and "Hanging Glass Structure", while the electronics take the lead on the cinematic "See Yourself Out Of The Way". Carrying the weight of expectation with shrugged shoulders and yogic chill, "Passive Aggressive" signs off with two minutes forty five seconds of pure beauty, "Time Being". 


Patrick says: The first collaborative release from Messers Nash & Kraft finally makes its way into the Piccadilly shelves and it's ever bit as good as I hoped. Delicate, dreamy piano, swelling, soothing synthesis and organic notes of double bass and guitar combine into the perfect slow listening experience.

Back in stock Cover of Galaxies Like Grains Of Sand by Hampshire & Foat.
Multi talented UK Jazz Pianist Greg Foat has teamed up with Mercury Award nominated "The Bees" member and multi instrumentalist Warren Hampshire to collaborate on a new LP drawing on their diverse musical influences. Classic British library music, 60s Italian soundtracks & lost Americana combined with touches of modern classical, minimalism, Jazz and Folk. Featuring many members of Greg and Warren's previous bands and one of the U.Ks finest Jazz drummers, Clark Tracy, the LP also features an Edinburgh orchestra and soloists hand picked and scored by the boys. Recorded all analogue onto 2" multitrack in Edinburgh, mixed down by Mattias Glavå at his studio in Gothenburg, Sweden then mastered and cut in Helsinki, Finland, it's truly a European affair. 


Issue 56

    Shindig! is an eclectic cornucopia overflowing with obscure TV and film, psychedelia, folk, garage rock, folk rock, progressive rock, funk and soul. Contributions from its team of international expert writers ensure that new and intriguing tales about influential artists fill every issue. Shindig has established itself as a cutting edge forum and critique of the glories of 60s and 70s music, film and culture.


    Issue 81

      Shindig! is an eclectic cornucopia overflowing with obscure TV and film, psychedelia, folk, garage rock, folk rock, progressive rock, funk and soul. Contributions from its team of international expert writers ensure that new and intriguing tales about influential artists fill every issue. Shindig has established itself as a cutting edge forum and critique of the glories of 60s and 70s music, film and culture.

      For its third release, Chuwanaga goes back in the past with the reissue of “(Where Is The) Sunshine” by Kalima, a rare 7” originally released in 1981 and produced in Baltimore by Afro-American pianist and producer Derrick Amin. Part I on the A side and part II on the B side form a real journey, a beauty in its own style fusing jazz, soul and spirituality as well as political values.

      Back in the mid-seventies Derrick Amin brought together young musicians from his Afro-American Muslim community in Baltimore. He told them that “all black music in America is a response to racism and slavery” and “(Where Is The) Sunshine” was their own answer, “a plaintiff query of one immerse in darkness. The darkness of lies, lies that deny the humanity, justice, and equality of people. It’s the impetus of this song”. 
      With its splendid vocal parts (thanks to vocalist Sabreen Shareef), a unique major-to-minor chord progression, subtle synthesizer melodies in the chorus and amazing electric piano and sax solos, it really is a very special release. It’s been discovered in a Motor City Drum Ensemble’s jazz set with Gilles Peterson at the J.A.W. Family Reunion in Berlin back in 2016. Still, one must not forget its yet poetic still political message now shared once again with the world. The question asked by Kalima sadly still remains as relevant in 2018: Where is the sunshine?


      Patrick says: Oooof! Big reissue here for the MCDE / Gilles / Floating Points crowd, as Chuwanaga excavate and recreate this spiritual soul / jazz fusion gem from Kalima.

      Producer, DJ, NTS radio host and label head, Finn is at the spearhead of Manchester’s burgeoning new dance scene - one with its eyes ever-forward, constantly looking to innovate & excite.

      "Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough" sees Finn's youthful, energetic formula expanded upon - at 135bpm it creeps closely up to the booty bass and juke tempos - two of Finn's highly celebrated influences; while the sped-up, 'chipmunked' vox is a stylistic ident found throughout his body of work thus far - and likely to continue in doing so. Playing directly into the hands of the festival crowd; its saccharine vocal and unrelenting beats should see hordes of under(and over)-25s pogo-ing manically as this bursts outta the stacks. Yes mate!! Gathering over 2m (that's TWO MILLION) Spotify streams on its initial release via Tom Lea’s London imprint Local Action, the track also received radio support from the likes of Annie Mac, Skream and Monki and support from DJs as diverse as TQD, Diplo and Martin Garrix. The appeal is universal and the execution is perfect, making this the kind of life affirming record that 2018 needs. Limited 7" press via Defected records - a true future classic! You need. 


      Matt says: Top lad Finn hits pay dirt with this release. You gotta admit, it musta been joyfully hilarious seeing this go from a small-scale digi-release on Local Action to Defected sniffing on the studio door looking to license it... and it then taking off the way it has done. Finn's time is now!

      Dawit follows up his recent Future Times' "Dawit & Dolo" single with a stunner of an EP on his own label. Stretched out soul, dizzy hand drums and silky vocals abound across the whole, otherworldly, but highly infectious EP. Gravity flexes, New Life bops, sufferation dubs & gliding bass; set on a higher, alternative dimension which seems to reflect tropical environments and sunny, woozy climates. Really quite shamanic in its execution but without losing itself down the rabbit hole... Basically, this is ace!

      Back in stock Cover of A Parade by Loidis (Huerco S).
      New twelve on Hank Jackson's Anno label by Loidis aka Huerco S. aka Pendant aka The Royal Crown of Sweden.

      The producer has quickly ascended the showbiz ranks of dance music to become one of its brightest stars. With a murky, slightly psychedelic aesthetic with nods to dub-techno and ambient music, Huerco S has dropped various game changing 12"'s and a career-defining long player (released on Proibito).

      Here are three tracks, undeniably HS through and through. The buoyant, tape drenched aquatics of "A Parade" opens the EP as darting strings and tumbling waves crash over dancing chimes and a splashing beat. "In A Place Where I Sit" sees thick static and angelic vox strewn out across a flat futurescape; an environment well trodden by the intrepid sonic adventurer. Finally track, "The Floating World (And All It's Pleasures)" is another classic blueprint from the producer as gentle beats propel thought provoking piano notes and steadily simmering, suspended string sounds. Music to get completely lost in, whether its eyes-wide-shut next to your favourite speaker stack or swathed in ganja smoke blacked out in your bedroom. Amazing.

      For over a decade now the Melbourne, Australia based producer Kloke has been dropping releases across pretty much every electronic music genre imaginable: from garage to dubstep, acid to IDM, techno to house.

      Last year he decided to try his hands at producing a couple of jungle cuts, which landed him a spot on Diamond Life's roster of talent. Both “Artificial Memories” and “Other Worlds” will take you right back to 1995, an era when jungle music was morphing into D&B proper, whilst still retaining its choppy breakbeat roots.


      Matt says: Myor sub-label Diamond Life bring more nineties rukus with this ravey double-header from Kloke.

      Soul Clap enlisted certifiable diva legend Nona Hendryx to voice "Shine" on their self-titled 2016 album. Now Ray Mang has got his mitts on the parts and turned out three versions for his own Mangled label - the classic combination of extended vocal, instrumental and radio edit versions. Whichever cut suits you best, the vibe is the same; a bold and bright summer party track splashed with horns, keys and plenty more besides, although the smart money is on Hendryx's legendary vocal, which soars as though no time has passed since her days working with Material in 80s NYC.


      Sil says: Dub, reverb, echo, edit? Sold. That is me. That is how I like it. Veteran Ray Mang does not go wrong. Massive edit here very much in the likes of Idjut Boys et al. Absolutely essential bar the radio version. Why is it there?

      Back in stock Cover of Concrete Jungle Dub (feat. Riley All Stars) by King Tubby.
      Take heed dub fans! Rare-as-hen's-teeth, 1976 dub album, considered by many to be one of the holy grails of the genre and certainly a high watermark in both Winston Riley and King Tubby's catalogue. Consisting of robust Techniques rhythms, produced by Winston before being dismantled and reconstructed by King Tubby, it was originally released as an edition of only 300, making it one of the most sought after trad dub albums in history!

      Re-issued with all the love and care we've come to expect from Dub Store, Japan, this is a truly breathtaking set, showing just how pioneering Winston and Tubby where - laying down the foundations for another 40 years of dub. Recording and mixing techniques used here make the vinyl sound years, if not dimensions ahead of its time; the hats fizz and crackle, the bass booms and rumbles and delicate tape delays gust around the recesses; vinyl never breathed so heavily until now! It's perfect in every way - don't delay!

      Orbiting somewhere between the interplanetary funk of Sun Ra and the cinematic experimentation of Floating Points lies the new album Earth from the spiritually awakened Brit-jazz collective Emanative. Led by drummer and producer Nick Woodmansey, Emanative have created a cosmic strand of multi-cultural UK jazz with African, Indian and Middle Eastern influences unlike any other act on the UK scene. Following on from their previous record on Gilles Peterson's Brownswood label back in 2015, Earth celebrates the diverse backgrounds of its galaxy of contributors, which includes Idris Ackamoor of US spiritual jazz legends The Pyramids, Afrobeat legend Dele Sosimi(previously of Fela Kuti's Africa 80), key protagonist from Manchester's jazz scene Nat Birchall, India-raised Ninja Tune artist and Shabaka Hutchings-collaborator Sarathy Korwar, Ibibio Sound Machine player Ben Hadwen, Benjamin Page from RocketNumberNine, The Heliocentrics' Malcolm Catto and Flying Lotus collaborator Ahu. Initially Emanative was an output for Woodmansey's more beat-led productions which he began releasing in 2008. Over the course of a decade and a multitude of singles and three full-length albums, the project has morphed – emanated – into a collaborative, jazz-influenced, outward-facing globally-inspired collective. 2015's The Light Years of the Darkness album release was a key turning point and a record that saw Woodmansey work with a stellar cast of contributors featuring amongst others Keiran Hebden aka Four Tet and trumpeter Ahmed Abdullah. All profits went to the Steve Reid Foundation, a charity which Gilles Peterson set up of which Woodmansey is a trustee – all in the name of the legendary jazz-drummer to help musicians in crisis as well as to support new talent.


      Millie says: Emanative have their own unique sound, the album has been filled with inspiration and contributions from a whole range of talented artists and this really has produced a stunning album.

      Yazmin Lacey emerged onto the new jazz scene with her beautiful sound, her new release When the Sun Dips 90 Degrees is on First Word Records.The EP follows on from her two recent singles, '90 Degrees' and 'Something My Heart Trusts', both of which are included here, along with three previously unreleased tracks, 'Heaven', 'Body Needs Healing' and 'Burn & Rise'. This set illustrates again Yazmin's candid songwriting delivered in her uniquely laidback soulful style, whilst a glorious fusion of neo-soul and jazz performed by Pete Beardsworth and her trusty band rides throughout. Initially a Brownswood 'Future Bubbler' graduate, Yazmin self-released her debut EP, 'Black Moon', last year. This lead to a Maida Vale session late 2017 with Jordan Rakei, Moses Boyd, Oscar Jerome and now label-mates, Children of Zeus. She kicked off the year with a performance at the Worldwide Awards with Skinny Pelembe, and has recently done shows with artists such as Ezra Collective, Tall Black Guy and Fatima. Yazmin has a UK tour scheduled for later in the year, as well as several festival appearances across Europe locked in. There's a lot more to come from this Notts-based Londoner yet. In Yazmin's words: "'90 Degrees' is about that time of the day / night when there's a shift in pace and energy. When you decide to lock off from the 'outside' world and create your own atmosphere, take some time to give thanks for what's breathing love into your life and smoke off the fuckeries. Everyone needs a little routine for self preservation."


      Millie says: Beautifully warm vocals layered on top of relaxed neo-soul vibes and jazz elements has created this perfect sound that I’ve fallen in love with.

      The third release on Alma Negra Records is dedicated to the music of Eritrea, a small (in African terms, that is) country nestled in between Sudan and Ethopia on the south end of the Red Sea. Drawing from its native spiritual roots as well as the christian and islamic influences of conquering factions, this multiethnical country is home to an amazingly diverse plethora of cultures and musical styles.
      The Swiss outfit showcase the music of the Saho People from the Region of Zula, which is located in between the coastal lowlands close to the Dahlak archipelago. The word "Saho" roughly translates (translated?) as "Nomad", pointing towards a lifestyle where tradition and culture is being passed on orally over generations. The exact source for these edits of the Saho Sound are thus lost to the murky depths of history, as they are based on traditional folksongs.
      Complete with that global clarion call of partying it up, the ululate trill (google it), A-side offering "Haleto Late Lalo" is a spiritual house stomper which sees a call & response vocal pattern ride a somber backing track. Exploring a deeper, jazzier mood, the crew added moody piano chords and a balafon, with a subtle but big bassline and some hefty 808-thud holding everything together. The B-side packs a previously unreleased edit of the band SOL.The cut starts life as a minimalist percussion belter, driven along by an eerie vocal-loop which ratchets the tension throughout. Finally a male vocal introduces a main melody that eventually bursts into a full call & response chant with a female choir. Never underestimate the power-combo of nothing but drums and vocals. No more words needed, feel for yourself.


      Patrick says: Stunning, stomping and spiritual, the third edition of Alma Negra's new series is nothing but Afro-house fire. Certain to sell out, I'd recommend you nab a copy asap.

      This Hampshire & Foat project should not come as too much of a surprise to those familiar with Greg & Warren's music, influenced heavily by not just Jazz but the library sound of the 60s and 70s along with film soundtracks from the same golden era. Greg& Warren are avid collectors of this music, Greg sends me links night and day to LPs he has picked up digging on his travels. This constant search sends him down new musical pathways and often sparks a whole new concept for projects. Warren and Greg are both fiercely creative talented individuals which means we have to keep them working, a challenge for us all, but the music rewards the effort many times over. Side one is five tracks in very distinct styles, musical paintings for the big screen. The vast sound of the Japanese influenced Jasmine, The Spaghetti Western melancholy of Mariposa Lily, the call to action that is Antonio's Theme, The Breezy Vintage sports car in the sun that Coastal Drivepaints, and Lost in Nostalgia, a late night Poirotesk piece.


      Millie says: Hampshire & Foat have yet again created a captivating album, this one is clearly packed with things that have influenced that and the result is a beautiful mix of ambient and folk.

      First vinyl release from the Deep:Hus camp. Previous releases have existed digitally via the bandcamp engine but have showed much promise! Two, side long tracks that engage the user in some deep rooted tribal minimalism.

      A-side track contains glassy polyrhythms and classic conga patterns resulting in a hypnotic house track that just simmers away beautifully. Side B pushes deep dub facets to the foreground, with a heartbeat pulse and epic crashing stabs that reverberate off into nothingness this is sure to appeal to the Chain Reaction / Basic Channel camps with its pitch black techno dread. 

      Back in stock Cover of Playland by Johnny Marr.
      Last year saw Johnny Marr enjoy a rapturous start to his solo career following the critical acclaim (included the honour of being named as NME’s Godlike Genius) greeted to his Top 10 debut solo album ‘The Messenger’. Meanwhile his shows were celebrated for his ability to combine the best of his new material with select highlights from The Smiths plus others from his extensive back catalogue.

      Johnny Marr’s upwards trajectory continues unabated with the release of his second solo album ‘Playland’. Work on ‘Playland’ commenced in London in the Spring as soon as the year of touring in support of ‘The Messenger’ came to a close. It finds Marr continuing the creative connection that was forged on ‘The Messenger’ with collaborator and co-producer Doviak as well as the other musicians who performed on the album and accompanying tour.

      As Johnny states: "When The Messenger came out I kept on writing. I liked that the band had a momentum going on tour and a connection with the audience, and I thought that energy would be good to capture on the new record."

      Written around a common theme of “songs that move at the speed of life,” ‘Playland’ captures much of the spirit that made ‘The Messenger’ so memorable with energetic, post-punk songwriting complemented by Johnny Marr’s characteristic guitar style, thought-provoking lyrical ideas and poised vocal phrasing. "It's important to sound like your environment and on this record that's London and Manchester,” he adds. “The feeling of the cities and the people make it into the music."

      The title ‘Playland’ is inspired by ‘Homo ludens’, a 1938 book by the highly influential Dutch cultural theorist Johan Huizinga which explores the concept of play as a precursor and principal element of cultural development.


      Andy says: Even better than his debut, Johnny rips up the rule book with an impossibly vibrant, melodic follow-up album that once more draws on his post-punk/new-wave pop roots. Bottle up and EXPLODE!!

      Jah Mel is a recording artist, songwriter and musician from Jamaica. Beginning his career as a performer on the stage shows of the Twelve Tribes Of Israel of which he has been a member since his youth, Jah Mel made his debut sharing the stage with artists such as Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Freddie McGregor, Sugar Minott, Brigadier Jerry & Denroy Morgan. His writing credits include songs written for Marcia Griffiths, Cecile, DaVille, Itana & Jah Mali for whom he also produced tracks on his debut album "El Shaddai". As you'd expect, Mel has worked with the creme of JA's riddim section: Sly & Robbie, Steely & Cleevie, Earl Chinna Smith, Steve ‘Lenky’ Marsden & Donovan Germaine to who’s Penthouse label Jah Mel was signed.

      Seeing himself as a musical bridge between the original reggae sound & the dancehall sound of today, representing what he calls the real dancehall revolution, merging the spirituality of the old school & the energy of the new school. "Guiding Star" and "Stand Up To It" are the perfect examples to reinforce this direction. Both songs were produced by Roydale Anderson and released slap bang in the middle of the 80s on his own, Andy's Records.

      "Stand Up To It" pairs a bubbling rub-a-dub riddim to sharp off-beat keys while Jah's sufferers vox is evocative and fluid. The dub pushes all that clean 80s digital instrumentation to the foreground, and isn't a million miles away from the Jammy's dancehall sound only with much looser, wilder dub inflections like flailing tape delay and big reverb splashes.

      "Guiding Star" instantly turns heads with its meandering piano line, while Mel sounds empowered and riotous on the vocal version. The dub, or 'Dance Mix' is another skilled display behind the dials, with more expressive tape delay and snappy reverbs creating a shuddering, heady dub that's worth the entrance fee alone.

      Originals of this release fetch upwards of £300, if you can snag a copy. Jamwax continue our love affair as they officially license this true holy grail of 80s reggae for us all to enjoy... Get in! 


      Matt says: Jam Wax really do the do here, re-issuing some mid-80's holy grail type shit. Phenominal!

      Back in stock Cover of Bones You Have Thrown Me And Blood I've Spilled by Kathryn Joseph.

      Kathryn Joseph

      Bones You Have Thrown Me And Blood I've Spilled

        Kathryn Joseph released her debut album "bones you have thrown me and blood I've spilled" in January 2015; what started as an album "kickstarted" by dedicated fans has quietly and organically become a much loved, critically acclaimed album of 2015 and in June became the winner of Scottish Album of the Year (the longlist included Young Fathers, Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai and Paulo Nutini)

        Prior to her debut release  Kathryn Joseph was regarded one of Scotland's best-kept secrets; prodigiously talented and criminally underrated her voice possesses the other-worldly quality comparable to Ms Newsom and Björk; but she is by no means of an ilk. Better compared with Anthony Heggarty; she is an artist in every way; unique and soulful, and at the core a beautiful unnerving truth.

        Kathryn Joseph's debut album "bones you have thrown me and blood I've spilled" paints a delicate moving, at time visceral but always intricately beautiful description of her life until now. Lyrically compelling and sonically stunning, her album evokes a stark, cinematic journey. Written in a period during which life took Kathryn between northern bothies, east coast beaches, the forth bridges and ultimately the east end of Glasgow where she recorded the album.

        It was captured predominantly live in just a week by Scottish music industry veteran Marcus Mackay at the diving bell lounge (Frightened Rabbit, Snow Patrol, Trembling Bells, Alasdair Roberts, Sparrow and the Workshop).

        Kathryn's on record, and sometime-live collaboration with Marcus offers an unmissable, heart heavy and gut wrenching but understated performance. Those lucky enough to catch her at one of her rare performances are sure to be captivated, moved and perhaps a little disturbed.

        "Harmonies" is the new long player from underground super-producer Lord Echo. While his growing legion of fans clamoured for new material, Lord Echo descended into obscurity in the industrial backwaters of New Zealand where he lived alone and went completely insane trying to complete the record.  The new album solidifies his already distinctive mutations of reggae and rock steady with disco, African soul, techno and spiritual jazz. In other words, the Lord has returned from the wilderness with a bounty for his followers. Eat of the bread of life and enjoy access to his crazy World of Sound.
        “I generally only work with people I know quite well personally - so this included Tony Laing (Fat Freddy's Drop), who is a long time friend and collaborator, Leila Adu - a fantastically versatile composer and songwriter, the excellent singer and producer Mara TK (Electric Wire Hustle) who I was living with at the time and of course the fabulous Lisa Tomlins, whose rendition of Thinking Of You by Sister Sledge was such a hit off the last record.”


        2xLtd LP Info: Double vinyl DJ friendly edition.

        New album from Darling on Safe Trip records - Young Marco's psychedelically aligned label based in Amsterdam.

        Sonically, it allies itself with Andras Fox, Moon B, Vakula & Dream House - delicately constructed, fathoms deep and with a tantalizing, humanoid palette which, though often electronically powered, prefers dusty retro sound boxes than the most up-to-date, speaker-crushing VST plug-ins.

        It's playful in parts, naive in others, but seductive and caressing throughout. It fits perfectly with the Safe Trip ethos - fundamentally creating a rich and stimulating sonic environment in which to journey inwards, outwards and across dimensional barriers. Take the trip!


        Matt says: This one took me by surprise. Delicate and serene with big nods to Melbourne's box twiddlers; Darling has conjured up a heart felt, electronically powered album that traverses mood, genre and style effortlessly. A mini-masterpiece!

        Infinite Music

        A Tribute To La Monte Young

          Infinite Music is an entrancing drone experience. A breathtaking live collaboration between Spacemen 3’s Sonic Boom, Zombie Zombie’s Etienne Jaumet and Celine Wadier, a master of Indian Dhrupad singing and tanpura. Recorded live at Teatro Maria Matos, Lisbon in September 2017, the performance is released on magenta vinyl. Young was an inspiration on John Cale and original Velvet Underground drummer Angus MacLise, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, George Harrison, Brian Eno, Jarvis Cocker, Stereolab and the classic Spacemen 3 album Dreamweapon. La Monte’s influence in the hands of this eclectic trio is timeless and beautifully evocative. “I’m not suited for these times but I am suited for the world I created.” La Monte Young. 


          Coloured LP Info: Limited Magenta colour vinyl LP, download card included

          Jonny Greenwood

          You Were Never Really Here: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

            Oscar-nominated Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood’s score for the new Lynne Ramsay and Joaquin Phoenix film ‘You Were Never Really Here’.

            Greenwood once again displays both beautiful and harrowing string arrangements performed by the London Contemporary Orchestra and experimental string player Olly Coates (‘Under The Skin’), married with experimental synthesisers, drum machines, recorders and guitars.

            This will appeal to fans of Greenwood’s previous work, including scores to ‘There Will Be Blood’, ‘Inherent Vice’, the Oscar-nominated ‘Phantom Thread’ and, of course, to fans of Radiohead.


            Coloured LP Info: Amber marble coloured vinyl.

            From the simmering harmonised opener, 'Hanging On' with it's pitch-perfect vocal swirls and snappy percussive backdrop, it's clear that The Happy Soul mean business. Songs like 'The Rules Of Love' and 'I Heard It Said' ooze sleazy charm, with slide guitars and swaying surf-rock solos, while the more mellow latter-half of the LP brings you down from the almost euphoric upbeat nature of the earlier pieces, with the closing couplet of 'Don't Say Goodnight' and 'Like Newly Born Stars' rounding things off beautifully with a well-measured and balanced juxtaposition of optimistic drive and mournful poignance. 

            The Patchouli Brothers

            Edits Vol. 2

            The Patchouli Brothers strike back with a second edition of their edits for Basic Fingers. On the A-side we get a big dancefloor bullet with piano luxury, euphoric vocals and 110% party vibes as "Shout On" delivers a feel-good funky nugget for the floor. On the flip there's more of that uptempo business that stylishly straddles the disco and proto-house borders. This one includes THAT timpani solo (as made famous by one Daniel Wang) alongside some catchy vocal hooks and bright, rising strings before opening up into a foot stomping, hi-octane disco frenzy. Excellent!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Patchouli bros are at it again. Two mega edits here. 'Shout On' is a more a disco funk affair with prominent vocals. 'My Love' on the flipside is my favourite, a fast paced trip with a catchy bassline and couple of breathtaking breaks. Do not be put off by the 'patchouli' in Patchouli Brothers. Their edits will help you look further from their name. Me thinks.

            Prescription Pricing Authority

            Song For You / Green Machine

            The PPA duo outta London is back with another red hot 7" on the nation's favourite Gamm. Like the previous release, they source some great jazz-funk source material, before bolstering with extra instrumentation and tweaks in the edit.

            "Song For You" (by Popcorn) has got a real nice, early boogie funk feel, with thick B-line and optimistic chords and vox. Though it sounds like it could come from the UK, it's actually a rare Florida production.

            "Green Machine" is a jazz-funk original by O'Donel Levy but here it's re-tweaked and with vintage clavinet and percussion added over the original track.

            Another PPA home run!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Tasty 7" release on Gamm full of funky flavour which is perfect for your next discerning bar-room DJ set.

            Michal Turtle Feat HOVE

            Middle Of The Road Less Travelled

            "Middle of the Road Less Travelled" is not only the debut release by Michal Turtle on Light of Other Days, it is also his first new material released since the amazing reissues put out by Music From Memory in recent years. The three tracks on this EP were written and produced by Michal in 2017 with additional production and guitar playing by Light of Other Days’ very own HOVE.

            The two met back in 2016 when HOVE contacted Michal after he heard the 12“ "Are you Psychic" and was blown away. As it turned out Michal was living in Basel which is only a short train ride away by train from the Light of Other Days home base in Zurich. The two started meeting and playing music together. Soon after, they put together a live-show for Michal’s music which had its debut show at Phono Festival in Denmark in 2017. During this time, they started working on new music together as well. The result is this EP.

            The music on "Middle of the Road Less Travelled" is a continuation of Michal’s musical exploration into other-worldly territory. Michal is a master in building hypnotic textures from repetitive rhythms that collide with trippy and atmospheric synthesizers. The delayed and dubby guitar lines by HOVE were recorded during rehearsal sessions in Michal’s living room in Basel and the last track of the EP "Agallo (Real)" ends with vocals performed by Lucianne Lassalle. Besides playing in local bands with Michal back in the 80s, Lucianne also performed and co- wrote early Michal Turtle tracks like "Phantoms of Dreamland" or "Village Voice" from his first record "Music from the Living Room".

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Exquisite release on the superb Light From Other Days exploring Michal Turtle's Reichian side: repetitive, minimalist compositions featuring staccato, tuned instruments and humanoid electronix. A masterpiece!

            Cobby & Moore

            Left-handed Books - Inc Ashley Beedle Remix

            Two titans of North England dance music join forces for a brand new single, whilst a naughty southern rascal with plenty of credentials sneaks in on remix duties...

            Do Danielle Moore and Steve Cobby need introducing to Piccadilly customers? I think not; the former Manchester-raised, globally adored songstress and superstar has seduced us with her voice for near enough the last two decades whilst the latter, deeply rooted in Hull, is one of the Balearic scene's prized curveballs and a true artistic maverick.

            Together, they have produced "Left-handed Books", a laid-back, summery house jam perfect for lazy nights or gentle saunters. It's a glossy, cushion soft production rich with delicate piano trills, a typically low-slung bass and gentle, prodding synths. Dani's vocals drift and bob in a coastal, oceanic manner; music that reflects the crystalline blues and sharp gilded edges of the Adriatic coast; a location that the two are more than familiar with as long term baton bearers paradisiacal island musica.

            As remixer, DJ, producer and label owner, there's very few aspects of dance music culture that Ashley Beedle hasn't been involved in. Here he applies a very sympathetic hand to Cobby & Moore's original, keeping with the coastal, holiday house flavour as he adds subtle instrumental flurries and a sweeping, tidal wind through the stems. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Two personal heroes (blush!) deliver a superbly relaxed tickler for sumertime beach maneouvers - it's a doozy!

            Robin Van Velzen (Bambi Davidson)

            Robin Van Velzen

            After thoroughly pleasing our ears with a little woodland Balearic and motorik folk as part of Bambi Davidson, German musician Robin Van Velzen arrives on 9pm with a gorgeous solo debut. Stripped back and strung out, the self titled set boasts eight cryptic guitar ballads, as in debt to the gloomy poetry of Leonard Cohen as the sultry dub production of Lee Scratch Perry. Atmospheric, evocative and intimate, this moonlight music comes from a true bedroom troubadour.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Andy says: Beautiful, reflective, late night vibes permeate this gorgeous record from the Bambi Davidson guitarist and singer. The perfect blend of mood and melody.

            John Swing

            Unreleased House Dubs Vol.2

            John Swing's steadily been doin' his thang, based out there in Berlin, sometimes conjuring up fiery pieces of late night house music voodoo, other times keeping it stripped back with functional, mechanized DJ tools and rhythm tracks.

            "Unreleased House Dubs Vol. 2" sees some truly hot shit from our main man, and I'm gonna stick my beak out and say this is some of his finest work to date folks!

            "Desire" kicks us off with a dusty and saturated nod to Larry Heard and Boo Williams - radiant, grooving deep house with optimistic chord progressions and bustling beats; decorated wonderfully with the odd spoken word passage. John's layering up of different yet perfectly intertwining rhythms gives him the edge over other producer's that just run out a preset sample pack rhythm across the masters..."I Say House" has got our resident Pigeon flapping his feathers already as John skillfully dissects a bass line from classic disco (track ID to follow! - ed) and loops it up over delicate beats and this sexy AF female vocal sample. Pure house bliss! "I Like It" gets those elbows out as rollin' beats accompany some DJ Sneak-esque vocal hooks and gliding low-pass filtered bass. This EP just keeps on giving! - closing up on the rambunctious stomp of "Keep Moovin'". Rough-as-a-bear's-arse but absolutely loving life at every possible moment, this is house music done as it should be. John Swing's back in our hearts, and in our record boxes! - Recommended!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: John Swing's best record to date bar none! This is the real deal folks - 100% OG house spirit, alive and kickin' in 2018. Essential stuff.

            A few short months after volume 1 blew everybody's mind (limited repress copies still in store..) Cult Edits returns with more secret weapons from the stage hypnotists and voodoo priests of the international DJ scene. This time round Inigo Vontier, Pletnev, Dreem Lion and Alexis Le Fan run the rituals, hitting us with the best in rhythmic weirdshit. 
            Cloaked and hooded, Inigo Vontier lights the ceremonial pyre with the stomping EBM of "Cha Cha Cha", a dislocated scream of afterlife chants, trancey keys and Belgian drum programming, before Lithuania's Pletnev knuckles down for some polyrhythmic wrongness via the mallets, militaristic percussion and frazzled chants of "Nathan". Skipping onto the flip and Dreem Lion inject a little acid thrust and techy percussion to Roberto De Simone's finest hour, while Piccadilly favourite Alexis Le Fan goes full tribal rite with the jungle rumble of "Mambo Jambo". 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: Channelling the unbridled intensity / insanity of Mad Mel's Apocalypto, the Cult Eds crew come through with a killer 12" of head twisting tribalism. Very voodoo, clatter and chant...


            Give It Up - Inc. Medlar / Christophe Remixes

            Ibizan legend and chillot chief Steve Miller looks to build a bridge to the dance floor, with a pair of remixes released on a 12" with one of the lead singles ahead of the album. ‘Give It Up' gets the treatment from two of the underground's current finest. WOLF Music's Medlar changes up the percussion and gives it a more tropical flare, all the while using the main arpeggiated elements of the original, adding his own airy synth work and groovy bassline that's just bound to set dancefloors on fire. The second rework comes from Futureboogie's mainstay Christophe. Choosing to work with atmospheric strings and vocals, this version utilizes plenty of the producer's own groovy ingredients. Managing to inject some funk into his take, the bassline and disco toms give it a fresh, playful vibe that pleasantly contrasts the original.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Tropical vibes and Balearic spirit are all embedded in these three cuts. Medlar oomphs the bassline, whilst Futureboogie funks things up a notch. It is, however, the original that got my attention. Give it a good listening because it is a guaranteed future classic.

            Second release on new LA based Pleasure of Love label, Barcelona's Pau Roca on editorial duties. Soulful disco grooves and rare south african funk are subtly retooled, teased out, and extended to perfection for DJ use. Born out of a dingy basement club in Hollywood, Pleasure of Love has grown from anything goes disco house party to adventurous re-edit label. Reworks reflect the spirit of the party and limited pressing of 300 matches the capacity of the venue that holds it each week. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Set of edits to kickstart your party in style. You get a bit of disco, world music and an instrumental funky banger all beautifully crafted and retouched for the modern DJ that you are.

            People's Choice

            Here We Go Again / Jam, Jam, Jam (All Night Long)

            A classic slice of Philadelphia funk from People's Choice, officially remastered and reissued for 2018. "Here We Go Again" is a definitive, feel-good disco stomper combining a full frontal bassline, infectious keys and staccato guitar licks that effortlessly build and build throughout the track. Cries of 'Here We Go Again' ring out at its peak epitomising the feeling that this groove could last forever. Keeping up that perpetual good time groove the B side houses the mighty 'Jam, Jam, Jam (All Night Long)'. A track doused in the funk, from the rugged vocals to the addictive hooks, it'll worm its way into your head for weeks.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: A-grade disco-funk here from the mighty People's Choice, brought back to the racks by Philly International. On the A-side, "Here We Go Again" is the kind of raw, rugged and relentless peak timer that just don't quit, while B-side burner "Jam, Jam, Jam" hits you with a stone groove.

            Two Berlin underdogs and a Detroit ravemaster. A driving force in the very early Frankfurt electronics since the late 80s, to hardcore acid in Brooklyn in the early 90s, producing legends as Carlos Peron among many others along his way, ADSX aka Andre Fischer might sound new to many but has been an active part of the underground electronic movement for the last 30 years. Benji DF aka Hanoben is no newbie to the scene either and might have soundtracked your night if you were to be found at clubs like Tresor or Snax in the late 90s. Together they recorded an ode to aural sex, its acid counterpart, and a genius sketch of a club banger.

            When label honcho Capablanca heard the latter had little doubts about commissioning an extended mix to Motor City's Special Forces Gen. Sharif Laffrey aka thee Activator, who needs little introduction to the discerning raver ears as the man behind instant acid classics Turn It Up and Always, among others. After countless studio days and nights and endless versions (we stopped counting at 56th) Sharif delivers what is possibly his best work to date, an unstoppable 12 minute dancefloor annihilator. To wrap such special release we asked legend Alan Oldham aka UR's Minister of Information aka DJ T-1000, (also responsible for label designs for Transmat, Djax, Submerge, Pure Sonik and a long etcetera) to create one of his classic artworks. Capablanca deconstructs his center pieces for the fully printed sleeve, and everybody S.C.R.E.A.M.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Mega dancefloor tunes here made by people who has been in the game for a very long time. Slow paced dark acid techno is on the table. Expect top draw quality. All killers.

            Ebo Taylor

            Yen Ara Remixes Part 1 - Inc. Ron Trent / Natureboy Flako / Nick The Record Remixes

            Those reliable folks at Mr Bongo hit the shelves with the first 12" in a series of remix packages curated from Ebo Taylor's brand new album 'Yen Ara'. The 81-year-old composer, arranger, guitarist and vocalist has been a key figure in the evolving afro-funk sound since the Seventies, working with the likes of Apagya Show Band, CK Mann and Pat Thomas. For the first in the series, the Bongo crew enlist production experts Ron Trent, west coast talent Flako, and disco connoisseur Nick The Record. Chicago OG Ron Trent kicks the set of with an extended A-side mix of "Krumandey", adding hard hitting percussion, shades of his jazz-funk experiments and system ready sound design to Allen's Afro-beat original. Over on the flip West Coast beat freak Natureboy Flako brings sunkissed synth licks, warming psychedelia and sultry echoes to "Mumudey Mumudey", while London digger "Nick The Record" twists the same track into a hypnotic proto-house / dub disco stomper perfect for Idjuts / Harvey play back in the day.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Here is a true summer record. If only summer was really summer in this island. You get three cuts. A house mix by Nick the Record - tropical vibes are there. And two broken beat / world music combos that are funky, warm and even if it is totally overcast, they make you feel alive. Ace release.

            Angelo Ioakimoglu

            The Nireus Years (1995 - 1997)

            Into the Light continues its journey to unearth and update overlooked Greek music. This time out the focus is on a smooth, warm, youthful yet intelligent work that finds effortlessly its place in the tiny Greek electronic scene of the mid 90's. "The Nireus Years" is a rare selection of eight unheard home recordings produced between 1995 and 1997 by the then 16-year old Angelo Ioakimoglu in Athens. The album encompasses his most special productions ranging from bucolic new age to dubbed out midi electronics, jazzy r&b to Mediterranean ambient trance - in other words, it's as Balearic as Moonboots' sandals.

            Angelo was born and raised in Zografou area of Greece's capital in 1981. It was there where his father had a typical 80's electronic lab and it was that specific environment where Angelo spent most of early childhood. A first attraction for electronic musical equipment was developed that very soon became a passion for hunting down used pieces of gear soon to form the basis of his well equipped bedroom setup.

            During his teens, his connection with music was either practicing the piano at home or listening to the most recent dance hits at his uncle's place who happened to be a professional DJ. Big part of Angelo's demos around that period is driven by those two aforementioned worlds. But there were moments of escape. Moments where the music went for the unexpected. Leaving the producer following a solitary path where he could express his teenage dreams and fantasies...through extensive midi programming, live keyboards mimicking string, brass and steel instruments and sampled portions of his live percussion burst.

            Angelo's work, which can sometimes seem naive or surrealistic, is supported by his unique and surprisingly energetic approach, one that gives us the courage to continue something different. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: Into The Light dig deep into the Greek underground to turn up this ace set of smooth and sensual electronics from the then teenage Angelo Ioakimoglu. Combining downbeat, new age, R&B and the most mellow house imaginable, Iokimoglu sounds like a Mediterranean Larry Heard - how's that for Balearic. Check "Slide Break" and tell me I'm wrong...

            Already a well-established presence on the outlandish fringes of experimental, alternative and dance music, celebrated Israeli duo Red Axes make a surprise left-turn onto Phantasy with a three-track 12”, ‘Sipoor’. Unsurprisingly, the results are as pleasingly out-there as the occasion requires. 
            Following on from last year’s self-released LP, ‘The Beach Goths’, ‘Sipoor’ immediately announces the Axes’ uncompromising return to the front and centre of the dancefloor with the raw, provocative ‘Bad Time Story’. Brazen, brash acid triggers this particular tale, as Red Axes briskly modulate their way through a ruff, tuff but never less than musical landscape of 303s and 808s.
            ‘Sipoor’ takes a more gradual approach to building offbeat rave tension, featuring an unknown male using his native tongue to request some kind of house, some kind of techno and some sort of release. His wish (and we hope, yours) is the Axes’ command, as the music goes deep before seamlessly unfolds around a throbbing bassline and a playful, familiar keyboard sample, beckoning feet to the dancefloor and perhaps tongues ever so slightly to cheeks.
            Concluding the 12”, ‘Teroof’ takes each of Red Axes’ signature ingredients - deeply rhythmic EBM-inspired drums, spiralling electronics, unapologetically odd vocal distortions - and reconstructs them amid what sounds like the Monaco Grand Prix, as high-velocity motors speed past the soundscape, kicking up some serious dust.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: Israeli masters of the dark wired sound, land at Phantasy with a three tracker of off-beat heat that would have killed it at Trash or Barbed Wire Kisses back in the day. Post-punk, acid, EBM and electro all go in the blender, emerging in their most concentrated form.

            After their Butterfunk EP from last year, Fouk are back again with their new offering 'Mating Call EP'.  As the name suggests, this three track EP is made for the hot & heavy moments while dancing away, during those infinite summer days. The title track 'Mating Call' is a funky beast, driven by a very infectious bassline and live instrumentation, edging the line between disco and house, as has we have come to expect from the duo. The next track on the flip furthers the fact that this release is all about the groove. Housey vibes with a classic hint, Rhodes floating on a solid rolling funk bass. 'Just Feel Good'? Yup! Finally we come to 'Down Below'.
            You might wonder what's down below?. Well, there you can find a dreamy thumper, driven by te compact kick, repeating drone and deep bassline, while the synth pads in the middle tie it all together.
            All in all, a great essential DJ weapon of mass destruction that you tots need. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Funky, playful, accessible, happy and positive. A feel good, let your hair down and non-pretentious music affair here. Surprisingly good house music.

            Instalment three of the highly popular and sought-after Dolo! Dolo percussion. Expect intricate beats on this beast because it is all about percussion as the title rightly hints. 
            A1 or Dolo 9 is a warmer up, works well when heating up the dancefloor. By the time you hit 'Dolo 10' you are entering Trilogy Tapes territory head first. Things become a bit more challenging and intricate. Atonal melodies accompany the already crowded beats here. Not bad. 
            Turn this vinyl over and you get 'Dolo 11', it sound like made with a Casio in a good way. Dark? Yes. Playable? Yes. And the triangle in here is sweet and friendly. My favourite track here. Again pure unadultered percussion tools here, folks. 
            And closing act is 'Dolo 12', this is perhaps the one that deserves the adjective of 'banger'. It is a bad boy. A simple one but effective it is. Seductive and dark at times but dead good and you will get a reaction. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Here it is number three of my favourite percussion tools that have been released in recent times. Four tools that will not dissappoint with a banger in disguise. Total destruction.

            What a nice way to start your working week. Pre listening to this thumping and infectious yet warm and elegant deep house twelve. 
            This is an atmospheric affair, subtle bubbles of sound pop around and without noticing they disappear. Gorgeous melodies pop up from nowhere and they are all joined together by the cosy bassline. This is the narrative underlying the four tracks here. Pleasant deep house of the highest calibre. My choice got to be 'Nearly There' on B1. Playful beats, groovy bassline and some piano keys. Kind of reminds me of the best Chicago's Guidance records from the late 90s.

            B2 is perhaps the most dancefloor oriented track here. Well made deep house that will turn heads. Again, amazing bassline and playful melodies are the fuel that pumps this vinyl to the top. Get it fast because honesly, this will fly when it arrives. 

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Sil says: Astonishingly good 12" this one. Deep house of the highest standard for the discerning dancer. It sounds as good out there on a club and at home. Great horizontal dancing.

            Informed by a love of repetition, rhythm and the transcendent power of dance, Berlin's DISK finds a kindred spirit in Jakarta's DIVISI62, a collective who draw from the rich musical heritage of Indonesia whilst also embracing global club culture and bass-music. This collaborative EP sees three of DIVISI62's leading lights deliver four cuts of mind-bending rhythm hypnotism showcasing their unique approach to sound and structure. 
            Marsesura opens the set with the polyrhythmic pulse of "Asmoro", a slow and low sway through twisted field recordings, ritualistic sound design and exotic synthesis. Uwalmassa follows suit with the post gamelan clatter of "Untitled 10", an otherworldly assault of rhythmic intricacies, warped mallet sounds and disorienting effects. Staying in the hotseat for the B1, Uwalmassa serves up the stand out cut with "Untitled 6", a shoulder rolling hit of unpredictable rhythms, warped vocal snippets and hallucinatory sound scaping that finds the middle ground between Tolouse Low Trax and Mala. Last up, Wahono weaves a loose, wall melting spell with the gradually unfolding "Pakar Gula Gending", a post-minimal, machine funk freakout which incorporates all the sounds of a traditional Indonesian orchestra into a totally spangled DMT trip. 
            All of this adds up for the most intriguing listening experience: Strange virtual spaces mixing with all-too-real ones, creating a hyperreal spacial feel in which musical structures unfold in a highly unpredictable and deeply entrancing way!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: Totally unhinged, off kilter rhythm business from a trio of top Indonesian producers. Taking the hypnotic rhythms of gamelan and soaking them in a massive vat of LSD, the DIVISI62 crew serve up exactly the kind of club weirdshit I can't get enough of.


            12" Info: All artworks were delivered by DIVISI62, the covers were silkscreen-printed in Bandung, Indonesia and the inner sleeves are stamped in Berlin.

            As regular customers can attest, we love a bit of shamanic shit here at Piccadilly, and this latest dose of ritualistic rhythm has me ready to dust off the DJ Froglicker moniker. After a couple of years spent honing his new sound in the studio, French producer Bambounou leaves the mainroom maulers of his 50 Weapons days behind. The music on Parametr Pureskja has a strong and original characteristic which fits exactly DISK’s style: Crisp beats interlocked in edgy grooves shaping a hypnotising drive with a dark tension. Opener "Dernier Metro" fuses the off kilter rattle of organic percussion with eerie synth tones, locking us into a late night mushroom ritual. Bambounou continues his pagan preoccupation with A2's "Kosovo Hardcore", syncing a swinging, lopsided drumbeat with the disorienting melodies of clockwork chimes. Over on the B-side the relentless pulse of "VVVVV" pushes the dance floor ever onwards, entangling one and all in its infectious repetition. Three techno-tribal sounds for psychedelic dancers - buy on sight!

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Patrick says: France's Bambounou lands at DISK with a trio of mesmeric, shamanic club cuts, aimed as far from the mainroom as is humanly possible. Dark, tense and way off kilter, this is A-grade mushroom shit.

            Dubheart Feat. Brassika Horns

            Cool Under Pressure

            Brand spanking new roots, dub & reggae from southern England. Dubheart spread tradition and heartfelt messages of peace, love, unity and resistance through a heady stew of contemporary roots reggae, delivered on live instruments with a hefty dose of dub in the mix. "Cool Under Pressure", their latest offering, is a ‘showcase’-style album where every vocal track is followed by its dub counterpart, and the vital contribution of the Brassica Horns - from rising London ska band Chainska Brassica - is another intriguing element that makes this album race ahead of the alro-rans.

            Drawing on the foundations laid by Jamaican stalwarts such as Burning Spear, Dennis Brown and Culture, dub pioneers like Scientist and Jah Shaka, plus newer vanguards such as Tarrus Riley, Groundation and Conscious Sounds, Dubheart has crafted a distinctly appealing style that is very much their own, based on the organic presentation of their musical vision. Indeed, this fully self-contained five-piece is firmly engrained in the neo-roots movement of the present, with a sound that faces ever forwards.

            The south coast-based band was first formed back in 1999, and slowly built a following through their intense live performances, which always harnessed a live dub element. Their first EP, “The Solid Foundation Rhythm,” issued on their own Karnatone label in 2011 and featuring dub mixes by Russ D of the Disciples, became a regular part of Jah Shaka’s live playlists. It was followed by the 7” 45, “We Chant,” featuring the band’s charismatic Bristol-based lead singer, Tenja (who originally hails from France), the track becoming an underground anthem in Japan (via Rob Smith, aka RSD). Dubheart’s first album, "Mental Slavery", was released in 2013, a momentous year that also saw the band win the European Reggae Contest staged by Rototom Sunsplash, leading to a European tour with festival appearances at Summerjam (Germany), Reggae Sun Ska (France), Overjam (Slovenia), Sudoweste (Portugal), United Islands (Czech Republic) and the Sardinia Reggae Festival, as well as Rototom in Spain. Then, in 2015, Karnatone issued the dub companion to "Mental Slavery", mixed down in a heavy dubwise fashion by drummer Gavin Sant, otherwise known as Fullness; the band was then invited to participate in the BBC television show, The UK’s Best Part-Time Band, leading to their EP of cover tunes, 2016’s “Full Time Pressure,” again with dub versions from Fullness. Part of the band’s appeal lies in its tightness as a recording and performing unit; when you see them live, you understand that this band of brothers is on a higher mission, united in their wish to use music as a means of upliftment. And that sentiment is entirely evident on "Cool Under Pressure". The melodic bass grooves of Mark Shepherd act as the perfect buffer to the furious rolls and expressive drum patterns of Fullness; David ‘Daddy U’ Mountjoy adds scintillating melodies on keyboards, including some delightful Wurlitzer lines, and Richard Ramsey’s guitar licks tend towards the understated, aside from the occasional solo pyrotechnics, as heard here on “Rocky Road.” And on songs like “Can’t Wait,” “Watcha Gonna Do” and the title track, the Brassica Horns add further melodic depth through fanfares of treble brass texture. With the rhythms laid entirely through live recording sessions cut at Fullness’ home studio in Bournemouth (with horn and Wurlitzer overdubs done elsewhere), "Cool Under Pressure" reveals Dubheart as a band on the rise, heading for unstoppable heights.

            The dub deconstructions on the disc allow the listener to hear the exceptional quality of their playing, emphasizing each member’s individual talent, while the lyrics tackle subjects we can all relate to, with “Watcha Gonna Do” addressing social inequalities, “Can’t Wait” alluding to the refugee crisis, “Rocky Road” imploring everyone to hold strong in trying times, and “Rise Up” calling for direct action against the unjust system that rules our lands. Overall, the outstanding title track “Cool Under Pressure” really sums up the band’s ethos: the system may burden us with the stresses of censure and control, but our obligation is to stay true to ourselves and resist. And the music can help us to achieve this.

            Super, super limited repress of this deep jungle roller from 2014. Originally released on clear / purple vinyl and feverishly collected by those in the know - cop this under-the-counter, black vinyl repress before it gets sealed into the vaults of hard-to-acquire jungle gold standards!

            Four tracks with nuff Reese bass, amen choppage and layered samples arranged with a refreshing dexterity placing it up next to modern productions from the likes of Amit, Killing Sound, Myor Massive etc. Leaning towards the darker side of the spectrum but milking the dopamine and serotonin glands through skilled gated vox, searing strings and cataclysmic drops. All in all a pretty powerful listen! Don't sleep! 

            Back in stock Cover of La Contra Ola - Synth Wave & Post Punk From Spain 1980-86 by Various Artists.
            Switzerland's Bongo Joe continue to shun extravagant PR strategies and drawn-out, multi-volume campaigns for a succinct and widescreen picture of underappreciated musical microcosms. The fruitful synth wave and post-punk scene of Spain is next to be inspected. Specifically from 1980-86, "La Contra Ola" covers the striking DIY diversity that swept the country during this time. A blossoming time of creativity, with new technologies and digital instruments striking their mark across moods ranging from paranoid and claustrophobic to sleazy, sexy and the darn right ridiculous. If you've enjoyed some of the Dark Entries output and the minimal wave scene of San Fran, then you need to move your attention over to these European pioneers. Much like the Italian scene, there's obviously SO much to discover here, and even just scratching the surface of some of the bands mentioned reveals a wormhole of digging and further exploration required. Basically, if you like your circuits scorched and your mind bent and the impending sense of society's collapse makes you want to ruin machines, then this is surely the compilation for you! 5 stars!

            Future-focused DnB / footwork / jungle hybrids here on the wonderful Astrophica. Bass stalwart Om Unit with a new alias and fresh sound! Mixing gurgling acid lines, tuned 808 subs and a plethora of vintage breaks + new school beat programming and throwing tradition to the wind as he blends footwork and hi-nrg techno into the cut-n-splice jungle aesthetic. Chicago's DJ Spinn makes a sterling guest appearance while the rest of the EP doesn't waver in delivering infectious, complex and totally engrossing musica. Recommended!

            Ahead of the release of Honey Dijon’s upcoming remix album ‘Xtra’, Maurice Fulton, Ashley Beedle, Derrick Carter and Horse Meat Disco step up to remix records from Honey’s debut full-length work ‘The Best Of Both Worlds’. On the A-side is Honey Dijon featuring Joi Cardwell ‘State of Confusion’, Maurice Fulton giving it a New Jersey-esque lilt and allowing Joi’s voice to resonate. Next up Ashley Beedle ups the tempo and the energy on his mix of ‘Burn’, Honey’s collaboration with Tim K featuring Jason Walker. Derrick Carter cranks the pressure on ‘Catch The Beat’, crunching out the bassline for an extended industrial backdrop to Cakes da Killa’s rap vocals. In stark contrast, the final B-side is a Horse Meat Disco mix of Honey and Tim K’s cover of Aquarian Dream, ‘Look Ahead’ featuring the voice of Sam Sparro. With all the warmth of a sunny afternoon in the city, the London collective funk the cover all the way up, adding horn blasts for more of a house strut. Giving a glimpse of what’s to come from the full-length ‘Xtra’, this is the ultimate vinyl fix from Honey and friends to tide you over.

            In ancient LDDLM times, BLDDLM even, Belgium could well have been the freaky house and ecstasy center of the world. If only someone could remember all the lost hours… But after all, as the Brussel saying goes: “it’s Friday, tomorrow is Tuesday”.
            But Les Disques De La Mort try not to reminisce, and they here they look to the future, welcoming Arthur Johnson into their non-fold, a young producer from Liege via Marseille and La Dame Noir.
            AJ is amongst those ever mutating artists, his u-turns slowly composing a real personality, and one fitting our contrarian attitude. In a way "Perfect Stranger" reminds us of a good 90’s Farley/Heller remix, not so much camp Fire Island than almost sweaty late night trancer. Long time family friend Cosmo Vitelli beams this stranger up through the axis into some kind of romantic italo-german anthem. "Ballada" and "Secretary Discordia" show a different side of AJ, a dub march echoing Dif Juz and a percussive machine funk number.

            Animals Dancing follow up their debut release with a super cool three-track EP from Dude Energy, the latest project from LA's Diego Herrera (AKA Suzanne Kraft). Focusing his attention on texture and rhythm, we get three quite esoteric tracks that feature a plethora of percussion from around the world set amongst an intricately constructed sonic fabric, rich with colour but also technologically advanced. It's playful and ear-catching in equal measure and sure to appeal to today's youth and their meticulous pursuit of wide-spectrum sounds.


            Second release on Hidden Spheres' Fruit Merchant imprint and he's opted for some re-issue gold to keep us on our toes (the first release was a solo affair from the man himself...).

            "Destination Heaven" by Earth Boys was originally released in 1997 on Undaground Therapy Muzik. The A-side exemplifies why, when deep house is this, it's truly sublime. A simple three chord piano lick, gently swung house beats and a heads-in-the-clouds vocal refrain; hell, there isn't even a bassline and this still kicks! Dreamy and blissed out, it's hard not to lose yourself in this track - stunning!

            On the flip, "Star Struck" glides in a bit quicker, shiny pads reflecting bright lights of its silver surface. Then them bell keys come in and everyone gets excited. This one's pure hydrofoil; floating top of a crystalline ocean at 150 miles per hour.

            Fucking mega release, just in time for heady Summer evenings. Limited copies too so move quick folks...

            Slikk Tim, the multi-instrumentalist behind Gary Gritness (Clone/ Hypercolour) and DopeGems (Traveller/ Heavenly Sweetness) strikes back with his new persona on Arcane - Morris Mobley.

            The album is a mix of strong modern soul flavors, razor sharp vocals, and Grant Green-tinted guitar licks; served with shiny, luxurious synths, and a pounding 808. Includes distinct nods to Houston rap and Chicago house whilst covering the likes of Don Blackman and Steely Dan.

            Built upon solid personal compositions and a strong lyrical sense, backed by suave rhythms and sophisticated chords. Morris Mobley ventures into a sharp, neo-noir vibe, paying tribute to the Johnny 'Guitar' Watson tradition; ranging from nostalgic love to nocturnal moods throughout this eight-tracker he single-handedly produced. Essential for the global village of bedroom boogie / DIY soul obsessees currently making a racket across the hype-o-sphere and dance music community. 

            As a special edition for the 25th release on Balkan Vinyl - six tracks selected from the label’s back catalogue – four of them having never before released on vinyl, the remaining two from highly sought after out-of-print releases.

            Includes the last ever track released by LFO "I Love Acid", Global Goon’s acid anthem “Craehzrhd” from the very first Balkan release in 2010, and the opener from the late Andreas Gehm 12” on I Love Acid “Heaven and Hell”. Luke Vibert, B12, and Plaid round off the EP with tracks that were previously only available as part of a digital download from the label itself (never in shops until now).

            This is a vinyl-only release, super limited, and likely to sell out on pre-order.... don't say we didn't warn you!


            The Shakedown Feat. The 22Archestra

            ‘The Shakedown’ is Ed ‘Tenderlonious’ Cawthorne’s debut LP and features a dream team of top talent he named the 22archestra, who he leads seamlessly throughout. Listeners are exposed to the full breadth of Cawthorne’s technical and compositional skills, ranging from subtly meandering jazz, to hip hop, Afrobeat, Latin and exhilarating free form jazz.

            The groups includes former Yussef Kamaal member Yussef Dayes on drums, Ruby Rushton bassist Fergus Ireland and producers Reginald Omas Mamode IV and Jeen Bassa on percussion.

            The tracks include “SV Disco”, a nod to the mighty Slum Village, is a chunk of sensually-contorted disco vibes that brings on full party mode instantaneously, with the slinky bass licks and pitch-bent synthesiser recalling Roy Ayres’s blissed-out funk.

            ”Maria” showcases Ed’s roots as sample-based producer, pulling influence from around the globe to create an undulating piece of flute-led Brazilian fusion that fans of Ruby Rushton will find familiar. The eastern-inspired embellishments raise the temperature further, whilst former Yussef Kamaal member Yussef Dayes’ sizzling cymbals and shuffling snare work propel the track forwards, locking down a signature 22a groove.

            ”Yussef’s Groove” kicks off with driving drums, and each of the 22archestra enter steadily, fully utilising their virtuosic power, switching between low-slung bass, chic open piano solos and hazy electric piano. The 22archestra was conceived after Tenderlonious was invited to record at Abbey Road Studios. The whole crew was rounded-up and the album was recorded during a single 8 hour session - a testament to their musicianship and ability to nail a take.

            Personnel: Ed ‘Tenderlonious’ Cawthorne (flute & synth), Hamish Balfour (keys), Fergus Ireland (bass), Yussef Dayes (drums), Reginald Omas Mamode IV, Jeen Bassa, Konrad (percussion)

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Millie says: Jazz with an innovative twist filled inspired by many people and places over the world, and this definitely shows in the style and production. The collaboration is overflowing with talented people who are absorbed in the world of everything jazz.

            Aleister Crowley

            Original Wax Recordings - Reissue

              Reissue on LP some of the only known recordings from the infamous occultist, mystic, magician, poet, novelist, sexual deviant, and all-around misfit, Aleister Crowley. Recorded onto wax cylinder in the early 1910s, and later transferred to 78 RPM discs. The tracks include Crowleys recitation of the first two Enochian Keys, original poetry, incantations, and songs. An absolutely essential piece of occult history reissued on LP. 

              Pink Floyd

              BBC 1967

                Performing on 4 different dates in 1967, the year they released their first album, Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, this is Pink Floyd at their early, psychedelic, and raw best. Their showing in May of that year, for the program "The Look Of The Week", was probably the earliest live video recording of the group and includes amazing versions of "Pow R. Toc H." and "Astronomy Domine". Two more recordings for the program "Top Gear", which showcased the underground hipster scene of London, and one for "Tomorrow's World" round out this amazing collection of early Floyd, including great versions of "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun", "Flaming" and "Vegetable Man". Essential live recordings of Pink Floyd during their greatest era! Limited edition splatter vinyl LP.


                BBC 1966-1967

                  Clapton, Bruce, and Baker are responsible for some of the most classic BBC live recordings of the 60s. Recorded for several different programs between November '66 and October '67 there are raw versions of classics like "Strange Brew", and "Tales Of Brave Ulysses", as well as great blues covers and a fascinating series of interviews with Clapton, these are essential live sets for any serious Cream collector. Limited edition splatter vinyl LP.

                  Although for the longest time she has been a Chicago resident, Ruby Andrews’s wonderfully dramatic vocals sounds like straight from the deep south of the USA. Actually, that is where she was born in Hollandale, Mississippi, in 1947. She recorded at least six albums that are each highly treasured by soul and funk fans all over the world.

                  "Black Ruby", the brilliant second LP from this marvelous soulsinger first appeared on the Zodiac label in 1972. Just one minor nationally charted hit came off the LP. But as a whole it is even more revered than her hit-laden predecessor among soul aficionado’s. It’s considered an exemplary classic of a deep- and Chicago-soul album.

                  The music has re-appeared some times in one form or another but the LP was never before fully reissued on high quality vinyl! A true gem indeed. 

                  This extremely well crafted LP from 1970 is like a holy grail for sixties soul lovers. Just a few hundred promo-only copies were pressed on the Sundi label at the time and clean originals now fetch at least four figure sums. Singer-songwriter Alexandra Brown has worked extensively as a back-up singer with Ray Charles as member of the Raeletts and Monk Higgins with whom she wrote and recorded many tracks for his albums and soundtrack projects. Higgins also arranged, conducted, produced and co-wrote this amazingly great LP, incredibly Alex’ one and only solo album. It comes in pristine sound quality drawn from the best known original sources. 

                  Ace spiritual experimental jazz record on New York's Strata-East label from '74. The title track is a gorgeous 13-minute Lonnie Liston Smith style cosmic jazz piece, but also check the amazing "From Within" - an eleven minute piece for two bowed acoustic basses. Imagine a funkier sounding Lonnie Liston Smith and you'll get the idea (super-nice!). Limited US reissue. And this latest reissue is the best vinyl version ever since it first appeared almost 45 years ago! 

                  Örtmek comes back round, digging deep into the crates to turn out another trio of top notch Turkish delight for a vinyl only pressing. Following the raw, percussive experiments of the first release. Opening track 'Özil Dans' rains down crashing cymbals and freak-out-worthy wah guitars, maintaining an irresistible and authentic groove that doesn’t falter for five minutes of Eurasian hypnosis. 'Dokuz Sekiz' weaves traditional string elements alongside bursts of wild chanting. Finally, 'Mozart'in Davul' stitches a frantic, dense rhythm from the fuzz and feedback of an unknown slab of Turkish psychedelia.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Patrick says: Ortmek swings through with volume 2, twisting our melons with more tripped out Turkish tackle. Packed with far out FX abuse and twisted sound design, the three cuts boast tough funk breaks, wild guitar licks and hypnotic bass. It's everything you need to turn a dancefloor inside out!

                  Smoove & Turrell

                  I Feel Alive / Mr Hyde

                  Smoove & Turrell's second single outing from their album 'Mount Pleasant' is a double helping of up-tempo dancers for those that like to shake it… Never one's to stop experimenting and pushing their musical boundaries, this single is a perfect example of exactly that, featuring two tracks with massively contrasting styles but with a quality of song writing and production that these guys have got down to a fine art in their years together. 'I Feel Alive' is a tasty electro disco cut inspired by a hedonistic night in Paris. It's the perfect blend of Smoove's trademark groovy productions with Turrell's sweet tones and honest relatable lyricism. Keys man - Mike Porter gets a chance to engage the arpeggiator function on his synth collection as he and the rest of the band create a host of spacey sounds to form the backdrop of this catchy number.
                  On the B side is 'Mr Hyde' - a beast of a track that opens with energetic live drums and a memorable guitar riff that form the backbone of a rocking tune that sees John Turrell manically singing through a distortion effect delivering the lines "I'm Jekyll and baby you need to hide" in a suitably menacing style…Fusing garage rock, psyche, northern soul and pop sensibilities it's a Frankenstein's monster of a track that works on multiple levels with the lyrical subject matter.

                  Sharif Laffrey

                  Tangier / Everything Is Nice

                  Sharif Laffrey can charm the snake out of any basket. This is his first offering for the ESP Institute. Side A’s Tangier is a long drawn-out exercise, an endurance test of the highest order. Over the span of some thirteen minutes, elements bob and weave intermittently and layers overlap haphazardly - the type of exciting dynamic that's born out of restriction - as if putting down a live jam without enough hands to work the console, yet Sharif perseveres. As touch and go as this arrangement may be, there is something that undoubtedly glues it all in place; the combination of his massive rolling 16th-note bassline and his tough-as-nails drumkit is so good that, upon first listen, we spat out our tea and insisted on its release. On side B, Everything Is Nice carries on with loose arrangement, dirty production and layers of inexplicable spoken- word samples (a Sharif calling card by now) but this time we're lead to a melancholy place, the blue comedown to Side A's antagonistic trial. With his ESP Institute debut, Sharif leaves you mentally unhinged, as if you’ve smoked something interesting and arrived bewildered in some Saharan labyrinth. These two songs will guide you through the medina to score the black meat.

                  The Shapeshifters Feat. Teni Tinks

                  Try My Love (On For Size) / When Love Breaks Down

                  The first ever 7” vinyl release from Glitterbox Recordings is a very special double whammy from The Shapeshifters featuring the undeniable voice of Teni Tinks. The double single features the brand new track ‘Try My Love (On For Size), a re-imagining of the Sharon Redd disco anthem from 1980. With fresh horns, strings and arrangements produced by Simon Marlin of The Shapeshifters and a sublime new vocal recorded by Teni, it’s as life-affirming and uplifting as a dancefloor belter can get. Teni is a session vocalist and arranger who has worked with the likes of Rudimental, Quincy Jones, The Jacksons and Emeli Sandé, and has recently been bringing down the house with live PAs at Glitterbox. Working initially with The Shapeshifters on ‘When Love Breaks Down’ – the second single on this 7” package – in late 2017, this release showcases in full the stunning results of their collaboration.

                  Conjunto Jovens Africanos

                  Nhu Djon / Volta Pa Terra

                  Continuing Ostinato's series of Cape Verde 45s showcasing diasporan bands that are staples in Europe's Cape Verdean communities, Ostinato Records presents timeless dance music for the summer by Conjunto Jovens Africanos, founded by Ze Orlando, a respected producer originally from São Tomé. Formed and originally based in Lisbon, the band fused raw Funaná rhythms from the Cape Verdean island of Santiago with syncopated electric guitars, raucous synthesizers, relentless percussion, and addictive vocals that kept their compatriots on their feet across little known Krioulu nightclubs in Europe's major cities. First released in 1984, Conjuntos Jovens Africanos' "Nhu Jhon" and "Volta Pa Terra" are stellar representations of modernized Funaná's endless energy.

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Millie says: Energetic percussion makes this upbeat seven inch on fire!

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