Back in stock Cover of Nippon Psychedelic Soul 1970-1979 by Various Artists.
The follow-up compilation to Time Capsule’s "Nippon Acid Folk", "Nippon Psychedelic Soul" takes myriad pathways into the tripped-out undergrowth of 1970s Japan. Finding their feet at home and looking for inspiration abroad, the musicians featured here were engaged in the communal soul-searching that followed the breakdown of the 1960s protest movements. Some made it big, others drifted into oblivion. The music they left behind shimmers with intensity.

At the core was Happy End, the first project of YMO’s Haroumi Hosono, whose distortion-heavy guitar and crisp back-beat laid the foundations for Japanese lyrics that flipped the paradigm of Japanese rock music on its head. With it came a new found sonic ambition, such as in the bold Philly-soul style arrangements of producer Yuji Ohno, whose work with occult wandered Yoshiko Sai shares some of the bittersweet grandeur of Rotary Connection or David Axelrod.

Then there was Jun Fukamachi, a pioneer of Japanese synthesis, whose debut album was a carnival of orchestral funk, euphoric horn lines and rich production, complete with soaring guitar solos, psychedelic organ and a truly cinematic finale. The first and only time Fukamachi would sing on record, "Omae" rips like the ultimate end-of-nighter.

Influenced by giants of the US soul scene, maverick composer Hiroshi 'Monsieur' Kamayatsu (otherwise known as ‘the Brian Wilson of Japan’) went one step further, enlisting Tower of Power to play on "Have You Smoked Gauloises?" The B-side to Monsieur’s biggest-selling single, it coasts with sophisticated cool - a liquid bassline and suave keys comping under a roaring trademark ToP sax solo. No surprise it found favour once more on the acid jazz dancefloors of ‘90s London.

Such was the spirit of experimentation that big studio productions and private press releases sat side-by-side, with the likes of Momotaro Pink and Kazushi Inamura, taking their hopes of success into their own hands with the resources available to them. More reflective but no less robust, theirs was a heavy, fat-backed drum sound, soaked in dramatic, soulful psychedelia.

If some were dreamers and others space cadets, none were further out than sci-fi writer, musician, activist and self-made scientist Tadashi Goino, who transformed his own fantasy novel Messenger from the Seventh Dimension into an operatic prog odyssey with few discernible musical reference points – a majestic and completely bonkers outlier even among company as strange and brilliant as that which is collected here.

Less a compilation of a scene, as a compilation of a sentiment, "Nippon Psychedelic Soul" is a wild ride from start to finish, shattering the narratives of the Japanese folk and rock tradition into a million tiny pieces.


A1. Hiroshi Kamayatsu - Have You Smoked Gauloise?
A2. Happy End - Haruyo Koi (Come, Spring)
A3. Yoshiko Sai - Aoi Galasu Dama (Blue Glass Ball)
A4. Tadashi Goino Group - Jikan Wo Koero (Go Beyond Time)
B1. Jun Fukamachi - Omae (You) 4
B2. Momotaro Pink With Original PINKS - Hachigatsu No Inshow (August’s Impression)
B3: Vol.1 Chap.100 - Heya No Naka (In The Room) 

Austere Recordings are back with their 10th release, having always favoured quality over quantity. LAAK feature once again on a 200 limited hand stamped EP, serving up their usual high calibre tracks. Deep, moody house with intrinsic details and a real ear for melody and warmth. Understated, sexy as hell, house music like it should be... TIP!


A1. One Sec
A2. Norm-alise
B1. Natural Selection
B2. Obsolescence

Back in stock Cover of Edits, Reworks & Sounds - Chez Damier Unauthorized by Unknown.


Edits, Reworks & Sounds - Chez Damier Unauthorized

Unauthorized Chez Damier edits by some cheeky chappies admitting to their wrong doings but making no apologies for making us dance! "Classic Piano" kicks things off in pure tribal mode, hypnotic conga rhythms weaving through the track beautifully as rich piano stabs and rumbling subs fill the sonic canvass. Sheer power for your deep house dancefloor and one that should unite house heads the world over. DEEEP! The B2 comes untitled and has more uptempo bounce but is equally as deep with its dub-echo stabs and gliding b-line. Halfway through we're treated to one of Damier classic female vocal parts, full of soul and energy. Flip and we get the epic afro-house jam of "Jabalou", mixing horns, live drums and the occasional spoken word into a melee of house goodness that'd you'd catch all the greats working into an extended trip of house pleasure anytime from 1992 right up to the present day. Mega! Finally, "Mix Masters" see a big number from Chez's vaults represented in all its dilated glory. Reach for the lasers! 


Matt says: Yowzers! It's naughty but its oh so good! Self-proclaimed 'rebellions' actually apologize for their Chez Damier-mining antics but state that it's all in good will - and who are we to argue!


A1. Jabalou
A2. Mix Masters
B1. Classic Piano

Nearly 10 years out of print, recut and remastered from the analogue tape masters from Alchemy's pristine mastering work; focusing and enriching every finite detail into pure analogue bliss! This remastered edition features epic reworks of cv313's now classic, "Seconds To Forever" released back in 2010. The first track is a reshape by intrusion, dubbed out live in the mix from the original 8 channel analogue tapes as to summon the spirit of King Tubby. There's also two beautiful remixes from the brilliant Rod Modell (DeepChord). Those touched by his recent output will have a lot to love here. Gorgeous plumes of sound envelope the listener into near hypnosis, subdiving deeper than even the original work could. Sublime and beyond gravity, another exquisite excursion transmitting from the other side of the galaxy. Pressed onto 150 gram crystal virgin blue wax. 


A1: Seconds To Forever [intrusion Dub]
A2: Seconds To Forever [deepchord Mix I]
B: Seconds To Forever [deepchord Mix II]

10 Year anniversary edition, recut and remastered from the analogue tape masters from Bazza's Alchemy Mastering in London; focusing and enriching every finite detail. This EP features 2 new pieces of sonic meditation residing somewhere between space and time, somewhere in the cosmos. With the title track, "Beyond Starlit Sky", vaporous atmospheres emerge from the distance, while ghostly apparitions and analog modulations rise to the surface of a truly hypnotizing rhythm, submerging the mind deep into an analog world. With the "Live" version a mixture of themes from "Fading Lights" and "Beyond Starlit Sky" find an engaging syncopation, resting somewhere in the ether. Those who loved Echospace's "The Coldest Season" on Modern Love will have plenty to adore here, timeless in all senses of the word.


A: Beyond Starlit Sky [remastered] 9:22
B: Beyond Starlit Sky [live] 16:28

Back in stock Cover of Dance-Punk - 33⅓ Genre Series by Larissa Wodtke.

Larissa Wodtke

Dance-Punk - 33⅓ Genre Series

    Beginning in the late 1970s as an offshoot of disco and punk, dance-punk is difficult to define. Also sometimes referred to as disco-punk and funk-punk, it skirts, overlaps, and blurs into other genres including post-punk, post-disco, new wave, mutant disco, and synthpop. This book explores the historical and cultural conditions of the genre as it appeared in the late 1970s and early 1980s and then again in the early 2000s, and illuminates what is at stake in delineating dance-punk as a genre.

    Looking at bands such as Gang of Four, ESG, Public Image Ltd., LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, and Le Tigre, this book examines the tensions between and blurring of the rhetoric and emotion in dance music and the cynical and ironic intellectualizing associated with post-punk.

    London outfit Kassian continue their broadly-evolving yet highly detailed journey through and beyond sound towards something ever more expansive. Their second release for !K7 Records comes in the wake of creating a dedicated hardware-forward studio in a Northeast London container complex, where they have the freedom to interlink their machines. This renewed focus brought them to "Supercontinent EP", named for the ancient geological era when Africa and South America were joined as Pangea.

    A reformulation of rhythmic ideas inspired by South African amapiano and South American baile funk governs the two hemispheres of the record. The pair examine and deconstruct dancefloor material, eschewing 4/4 for interlocking shaker patterns, searing acid lines, cracking breakbeats, and vocal samples in Zulu and Brazil Portuguese.

    The immediacy of the restless rhythm and bass-led funk of “Yena” (the word Yena translates to ‘he/him /man’)forms a sweet spot where double-time and half-time can coexist. “Yami” (‘mine’ in Zulu) is a slinkier proposition which sheds prominent percussion in favour of a weighty, fluid, acid-informed bassline undulating from below.

    An ascending percussive riff marks the arrival of “Pulgueiro”, followed closely by break beats and the nostalgia of distinctly British acid electro; it is an intentionally future-forward retelling of a vintage sound, replete with a mind-melt breakdown of rave pads.

    A dubbed-out groove dominates the bottom-heavy “Sistema” - a groovy, steady roller that chugs and propels and chugs with head-nod hypnotism through an intricately minimalistic approach.


    A1. Yena
    A2. Yami
    B1. Pulgueiro Baile
    B2. Sistema Baile

    Braindance / hyper-pop / PC Music that's mad as a box of frogs but possess that wavy futurism that made Sophie's first utterances so desirable. A killer album from one of Glasgow's unsung heroes - Joe Howe. 

    Following on from his previous two KPM-esque library music releases for the label ("Plastic Thought" & "Wyped Out") "Debossed" sees Howe ramping up his sound into more rhythmically expansive weirdo club-music territory, taking in everything from footwork, drum & bass, electro, juke and breakcore. The Japanese jazz inspired melodic phrasing is as present as ever, which is paired with affectionate nods to Dreamcast gaming & skate video soundtracks, making for a very fun, fresh and generous listen.

    RIYL: Sophie, PRR! PRR!, DJ Dave Goblin, Luke Vibert, AFX etc. 

    'A master of tricksy computer music.' - The Wire

    'The return of Glasweigian, Joe Howe: a prolific noise maker who you may have otherwise known as Ben Butler & Mousepad & Germlin. He’s been doing wonderful things for many years and there’s a whole world of Joe Howe if you want to get involved!'. - Tom Ravenscroft (BBC 6 Music)


    A1: Radio Korea
    A2: Wild Juke
    A3: Neoprene Chukka (Vibram Upgrade)
    A4: Fruit (Hyper)
    B1: Dongle
    B2: Liquid Polymer
    B3: Grip
    B4: Debossed (Rebossed)

    Pub emerges from the mists to follow the 'Autumn' EP with his first album of new music in over a decade. 'Process The Wise' LP.

    A selection of tracks that are deeply lustrous and magical, equally measured yet wandering, with complimentary harmonics & scattered chaos.

    An inexplicable vibe, liquid feelings for endless summer nights. 


    A1. Pussykeys
    A2. Hearts Conduct
    A3. The Water In Magic
    A4. Humble Be
    B1. Resist The Escalator
    B2. Waves Across
    B3. Walking On Footprints
    B4. Joyus
    B5. Done?

    New from Jan Jelinek - a 36-minute language and sound collage devoted to the dark forces of phishing. Strange but f*cking great!

    "Social Engineering" brings together thirteen text fragments from so-called phishing emails. Using speech synthesis, they are spoken, sung, and/or transformed into abstract textures. The result is a 36-minute language and sound collage devoted to the dark forces of phishing.


    1. Social Engineering 1 (The Narrative Of The Heritage)
    2. Social Engineering 2 (A Mystery Wants To Be Disclosed)
    3. Social Engineering 3 (ALERT!)
    4. Social Engineering 4 (A Mystery Wants To Be Disclosed, Progressed Version)
    5. Social Engineering 5 (The One-off Opportunity)
    6. Social Engineering 6 (Medical Frivolities)
    7. Social Engineering 7 (A Vague Allegation & The Concrete Blackmail)
    8. Social Engineering 8 (This Is Not A Joke! 1)
    9. Social Engineering 9 (Sad Self-optimization)
    10. Social Engineering 10 (Incoherent Translation Algorithms)
    11. Social Engineering 11 (BUSINESS)
    12. Social Engineering 12 (This Is Not A Joke! 2)
    13. Social Engineering 13 (The Polite Threat)

    Ren Schofield’s long running electronic project Container returns with his first release since the Creamer EP in 2021. Rolling straight out of the pandemic Schofield has since played a large number of live shows all over the planet, rilling up audiences with a heady mix of method and mania. Now is the time to unleash a new studio offering.

    Yacker presents what is undoubtedly an electronic record but one imbued with a spirit more aligned with rock music. Always hijacking the electronic music scene for his own unique and twisted path here we see a further extrapolation on his original blueprint for DIY noise techno adding a more physical and muscular edge to the standard hysterical proceedings. The drums retain an almost human, somewhat muscular feel with a sweaty and suggestive ‘real drums’ feeling.

    Schofield cites inspiration on Yacker as the Nirvana song ‘Oh, The Guilt’, the Mindflayer album ‘It’s Always 1999’, and the Rah Bras song ‘Sooop Toe Pump Girls’. Container has always danced the absurd space between serious and stupid, with Yacker all elements are turned up to eleven as he delivers a pristine field guide to furious frenzied fun.

    Yacker strikes an even balance between heavy, relentless, joyful, silly, and sloppy. Think Lollapalooza 1996 held at Berghain 2006 and you are somewhere on the way to formulating this fresh new insanity from one of the contemporary electronic music scene's more playful pioneers.


    1. Abrasion
    2. Eraser
    3. Spray
    4. Aerator
    5. Drooper
    6. Yacker
    7. Cone
    8. Bonkers
    9. Onion
    10. Spritzer

    Little Beat More drop a two-track EP by Turist, a Vienna based psychedelic Dembow project, founded to combine the energy of a live band with the tightness of an overdub session. Turist made it their mission to revive handmade music from the 60's and 70's aiming for the dancefloors of today!
    The two tracks demonstrate how they interlace heavy basslines, colorfully echoing guitars and driving drums, drawing inspirations spanning from Ghanian highlife to Peruvian cumbia.

    “Skeet”, on Side A, is the band’s manifesto with their special blend of Caribbean dance rhythms and Californian surf music psychedelia. Side B's "Ez Up" is a straightforward champeta song, the Afro-Colombian style that fuses sweet soukous guitar lines with uplifting soca rhythms, making you want to immediately look for the nearest Pico Soundsystem.

    Set off on a rhythmic journey following Turist in their musical nomadism with us!


    Ez Up

    After a five year hiatus Luke Slater reanimates his L.B. Dub Corp alias for a dynamic, vocal-led ode to the club featuring Robert Owens, Paul St. Hilaire, Miss Kittin and more.

    Slater is responsible for some of the most enduring electronic music of the past 30 years, including his grandiose ambient techno project The 7th Plain and the trailblazing machine funk of Planetary Assault Systems. He debuted the L.B. Dub Corp alias in 2006 as an outlet for a broader, looser kind of club music. His third LP the name, ‘Saturn To Home’ also marks his first appearance on Dekmantel.

    The result of more than a year’s exacting work, here we find Slater reflecting on his formative influences and funnelling them into eight incisive tracks that range from the feverish passion of ‘Your Love’s infectious chord stabs to the star-scraping breakbeat techno of ‘Only The Good Times’ via the smoky soundsystem tendrils of ‘Golden Star’ and the elastic drums and mutant synth funk of ‘Krank’. As well as celebrating the intersectionality of club culture and the vibrant vocals of his invited guests, it’s also the first time Slater has committed his life-long love of playing drums onto a record — just listen to the sizzling rhythmic tension of ‘Cloak And Dagger’ and you’ll instantly understand where he’s coming from.

    From every syncopated groove to the spine-tingling rush of the melodic hooks, Slater tells the story of his life in music, which means his life overall, without ever being stuck in the past.


    Saturn To Home Ft. Kittin
    You Got Me Ft. Robert Owens
    Your Love
    Golden Star Ft. Baal Mortimer
    Only The Good Times
    No Trouble In Paradise Ft. Paul St. Hilaire
    Cloack And Dagger


    The Night Institute, the legendary cult club night at the forefront of Belfast's thriving electronic music scene, announces eponymous new record label.
    Spearheaded by scene stalwarts Timmy Stewart of Black Bones fame and Jordan Nocturne, known for his contributions to labels like Correspondent and Polari, this new venture aims to showcase Belfast's true independent club scene on a global scale.
    The Night Institute has long been synonymous with cutting-edge music, providing a haven for the city's electronic music aficionados.
    With the label, the vinyl and digital project features tracks by both resident artists as well as global artists who've played at the party.
    The inaugural release boasts a stellar lineup.
    Alongside Night Institute residents Timmy Stewart (Ft. Northern Irish vocalist Megan Sylvan) and Jordan Nocturne, the record showcases guest appearances by Justin Cudmore, resident of New York's renowned The Bunker and regular contributor to Phonica Records, and Hifi Sean, who has been making waves with his collaborative project alongside David McAlmond while working with icons like Ce Ce Peniston and Yoko Ono.

    The label aims to capture the essence of Belfast's underground electronic music scene, while joining the dots with global collaborators across four tracks of acid, odd-ball house and dance floor electronics.

    Good Vibes for Uncertain Times


    A. Hifi Sean - The Beat
    A. Jordan Nocturne - C'mon
    B. Justin Cudmore - Arcade Rhythm
    B. Timmy Stewart & Megan Sylvan - Kintsugi

    A very welcome return to the Bitter Ends with an incendiary new 4 dimensional sonic assault!

    Genre-wrecking, top spec machine funk as always. With a particular nod to John Shima / B12 / Firescope on this outing. Basement buggin', hi-tek e-soul; limited and loud. Don't sleep!


    A. U Up
    A. U Dancin'
    B. U Perfect
    B. U Burnin'


    Canned Heat (Dimitri From Paris Remixes)

    After a brief hiatus, the illustrious Dimitri From Paris' Le Edits imprint makes a triumphant return. By now, we trust you're familiar with the hallmark of this label: a curated collection of sumptuous, fresh renditions of deep soulful disco and timeless club classics. Each track is meticulously remixed, remastered, and pressed onto virgin vinyl plates by the industry's finest, encased in top-tier old-school tip-on heavyweight sleeves adorned with captivating artwork. It's a level of care and attention to detail that sets Le Edits apart. Once again, Dimitri From Paris and Le Edits infuse "a little Chic" into the music landscape.

    True to form, Dimitri scours the archives to deliver essential new mixes. This latest offering continues his streak of hits, as the French maestro revisits one of his beloved acts, the UK's own purveyors of jazz-funk grooves, Jamiroquai. This time, their 1999 hit 'Canned Heat,' from the album 'Synkronized,' undergoes a transformative journey deeper into the funkmosphere, emerging as a euphoric disco odyssey of epic proportions. Utilizing only the original studio master tapes, this reimagining showcases both the band's unparalleled talent and Dimitri's knack for crafting dancefloor sensations from classic records.

    The A-side boasts an extended, nearly 9-minute vocal version of 'Canned Heat,' complemented by a stellar Dubstrumental rendition on the B-side. Rest assured, all mixes are fully authorised and developed in collaboration with the artists, rights holders, and Above Board Distribution. These releases are unequivocally official and, therefore, indispensable. This isn't an underground operation; Dimitri and Le Edits are dedicated to restoring quality and sophistication to the re-edit game with unwavering integrity.

    With a no re-press guarantee, each Le Edits release is a testament to uncompromising quality. From the highest-grade tip-on heavy-duty sleeves to outer protective covers, every detail is meticulously crafted, affirming our commitment to prioritising quality over quantity.


    A. Canned Heat (Dimitri From Paris Remix)
    B. Canned Heat (Dimitri From Paris Remix Dubstrumental) 

    Back in stock Cover of Rebel Girl: My Life As A Feminist Punk by Kathleen Hanna.

    Kathleen Hanna

    Rebel Girl: My Life As A Feminist Punk

      An electric, searing memoir by the original riot grrrl and legendary frontwoman of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre Hey girlfriend I got a proposition, goes something like this: Dare ya to do what you want. Kathleen Hanna’s rallying cry to feminists echoed far and wide through the punk scene of the 1980s, ’90s, and beyond. Her band, Bikini Kill, embodies this iconic time, and today their gutsy, radical lyrics of anthems like ‘Rebel Girl’ and ‘Double Dare Ya’ are more powerful than ever.

      But where did this transformative voice come from? In Rebel Girl, Hanna’s raw and insightful new memoir, she takes us from her tumultuous childhood home, to her formative college years in Olympia, Washington, and on to her first years on tour, fighting hard for gigs and for her band. As Hanna makes blindingly clear, being in a ‘girl band’, especially a punk girl band, in those years was not a simple or a safe prospect. Male violence and antagonism threatened at every turn, and surviving as a singer who was a lightening rod for controversy took limitless amounts of determination.

      But the relationships she developed during those years buoyed her – including with her bandmates Tobi Vail, Kathi Wilcox, and Billy Karren; her friendship with Kurt Cobain; and her introduction to Joan Jett – and they were a testament to how the true punk world nurtured and cared for its own. Hanna opens up about falling in love with Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys and her debilitating battle with Lyme disease, and she brings us behind the scenes of her later bands, Le Tigre and The Julie Ruin. She also writes candidly about the Riot Grrrl movement and its decline, documenting with love its grassroots origins but critiquing its later exclusivity.

      In an uncut voice all her own, Hanna reveals the darkest, hardest times along with the most joyful – and how it all fuelled her revolutionary art, from the 1980s to today.

      Back in stock Cover of Krautrock - 33⅓ Genre Series by Marshall Gu.

      Marshall Gu

      Krautrock - 33⅓ Genre Series

        Krautrock is not a music genre. Krautrock is a way of life. Its sonic diversity and global reach belie the common culture from where it emerged. This is a band-by-band history.

        In May 1945, the Allies defeated Nazi Germany, putting an end to the European front of World War II and the Third Reich. In the immediate aftermath, German youth were tasked to create their own culture. Krautrock is this unlikely success story, as hundreds of bands-including Kraftwerk and Can-seemed to sprout overnight in the early 1970s, forging a unique and experimental sound that was different than American or British rock. The major innovation of krautrock is not only its motorik beat, the steady click-click of Can's Jaki Liebezeit or monolithic stomp-stomp of Neu!'s Klaus Dinger, but also how the musicians relate to each other. In krautrock, no musician is given more focus than any other, and listening to these bands is to witness interplay common in jazz music. Thus, krautrock represents German politics reflected in music: a dictatorship replaced by democracy.

        Krautrock explores the history and methodology of the genre, charting its influences and innovations, its more mainstream acts (like Faust, Kraftwerk, and Can) as well as the less universally known (including Harmonia, Popol Vuh, Embryo, and Ash Ra Tempel), and how the genre developed in post-war Germany and what it means to today's listeners.

        Back in stock Cover of Sixteen Again : How Pete Shelley & Buzzcocks Changed Manchester Music (and Me) by Paul Hanley.

        Paul Hanley

        Sixteen Again : How Pete Shelley & Buzzcocks Changed Manchester Music (and Me)

          Back in stock Cover of Travels Over Feeling: Arthur Russell, A Life by Richard King.

          Richard King

          Travels Over Feeling: Arthur Russell, A Life

            The music of Arthur Russell defies classification. Across a twenty-year career he created a body of work which ranged from his pioneering compositions as part of the New York avant-garde alongside artists including Philip Glass and Allen Ginsberg, to his genre-expanding disco and art pop productions, to his posthumously released folk songs. Travels Over Feeling is the result of extensive research by author Richard King, curating the ephemera and documentation found in both Arthur's and other private archives, and consists of hand-written scores, lyrics, photos, letters and drawings.

            Throughout, King has conducted wide-ranging original interviews with Arthur's collaborators, contemporaries, family and friends. The resulting book reveals a true picture of one of the most distinctive artists of the last fifty years.

            Back in stock Cover of Freaks Out! : Weirdos, Misfits And Deviants - The Rise And Fall Of Righteous Rock 'n' Roll by Luke Haines.

            Luke Haines

            Freaks Out! : Weirdos, Misfits And Deviants - The Rise And Fall Of Righteous Rock 'n' Roll

              The followers - this book is not for you. The salt of the earth - this book is not for you. The worthy - this book is not for you.

              The ideologists - this book is not for you. Hedonists and bohemians - this book is not for you. The middlebrow - this book is not for you.

              The highbrow - this book is not for you. Dilettantes - this book is not for you. 1970s middle school RE teachers - this book is not for you.

              The England football team (women's and men's) - this book is not for you. The litanists - this book is not for you. Gatekeepers - this book is not for you.

              Gamekeepers - this book is not for you. (Not even for the poachers...)The curators - this book is not for you. The left, the right - this book is not for you.

              The list-makers - lists are for shoppers not rockers, and this book is not for you. This is not a list - this is a manifesto, and this book is for ... the Freaks.

              Musician and author Luke Haines embarks on an odyssey through the ages, exploring how the 'freaks' infiltrated modern culture - and almost won the rock 'n' roll wars - only to lose to the rise of Cool Britannia and TV 'talent' shows that turned the strange and the outsiders into fodder for laughter. In this ultimate celebration of freakdom, Haines tells the story of pivotal freaks - including Johnnie Ray, Gene Vincent, Hank Marvin, Syd Barrett, the Incredible String Band and Big Youth - through the prism of rock 'n' roll and explains how freaks infiltrated wider culture through history in the form of the Cathars, the Ranters, Hells Angels and the Yippies. Part memoir, part manifesto, Freaks Out! is a righteous alternate history of rock 'n' roll.

              Back in stock Cover of Welcome To The Club: The Life And Lessons Of A Black Woman DJ by DJ Paulette.

              DJ Paulette

              Welcome To The Club: The Life And Lessons Of A Black Woman DJ

                In Welcome to the club, Manchester legend DJ Paulette shares the highs, lows and lessons of a thirty-year music career, with help from some famous friends. One of the Haçienda’s first female DJs, Paulette has scaled the heights of the music industry, playing to crowds of thousands all around the world, and descended to the lows of being unceremoniously benched by COVID-19, with no chance of furlough and little support from the government. Here she tells her story, offering a remarkable view of the music industry from a Black woman’s perspective.

                Behind the core values of peace, love, unity and respect, dance music is a world of exclusion, misogyny, racism and classism. But, as Paulette reveals, it is also a space bursting at the seams with powerful women. Part personal account, part call to arms, Welcome to the club exposes the exclusivity of the music industry while seeking to do justice to the often invisible women who keep the beat going.

                Back in stock Cover of Ginzu Edits #1 by Jaycee Indamix.
                The 1st 12" from Chicago DJ / producer Jaycee Indamix and his label, Ginzu Edits. Side A features a sizzlin’ soulful house re-edit of "Sweet Summertime Livin" alongside a grimy edit of Janelle Monae's "Phenomenal" On the flip side are two lush and soulful 4/4 edits of Gil-Scott Heron and Lalah Hathaway. You might remember the Omar and Incognito remixes he did many many years ago, but I'm pretty sure this is the first we've heard from this illusive producer for some time. Big one for the soulful house heads!

                RIYL: Dave Maze, Glenn Underground, Peven Everett, Karizma etc.

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Lalah Hathaway - I'm Coming Back
                A2. Diana Ross - Summertime Livin 
                B1. Janelle Monae - Phenomenal 
                B2. Gil-Scott Heron - Grandma's Hands 

                Back in stock Cover of Dream 2 Science EP by Dream 2 Science.
                Rush Hour bring us this official re-release of this 'lost' 6-track mini album by New Yorker Ben Cenac (of Newcleus fame). Originally recorded and released in 1990, it's an absolute gem of a record - very much in the vein of Larry Heard's best recordings. Now available again for the first time in 22 years, with remastered sound and full artwork.

                'A truly, dreamy, beautiful classic deep-house mini-album from the golden-post-Larry Heard era. New-yorker Ben Cenac, who was also member of electro pioneers Newcleus (and part of Sha-lor, who had a cool jazzy garage-house hit in the late 80s), shows a great sensibility and delicacy here in following mr Heard's path. His approach is perhaps slightly more sci-fi in the synths and pad sounds, and perhaps a tad less crafted and mercurial in production than the master (IE; less timeless), but this adds in realness and charm.

                So, past the classic deep-garage dream "My Love Turns To Liquid" (in the vein of these sultry garage productions from Peter and Vanessa Daou), the rest of the record shows constant quality, with song titles that could have been (or actually have been) used by Mr. Heard himself, and a content oscillating between warming deep-house, sweet acid, lush garage and relaxed space-jazz piano parts, the whole thing also evoking the Beloved's better 'rave' moments ("The Sun Rising" etc).

                TRACK LISTING

                Side 1
                1. My Love Turns To Liquid (5:25)
                2. Breathe Deep (5:36)
                3. Mystery Of Love (5:20)
                Side 2
                1. How Do I Love Thee (7:44)
                2. Liquid (4:46)
                3. Dream To Science (4:42)

                Back in stock Cover of Mellow Magic Worldwide Pt 1 by Gold Suite / Visions Of Eden / Murrin.

                Gold Suite / Visions Of Eden / Murrin

                Mellow Magic Worldwide Pt 1

                Be Strong Be Free debuts a new series here, Mellow Magic Worldwide, which will offer up a series of DJ weapons that have been produced by "worldwide studio buds." The first one opens with some superb tackle from Gold Suite whose brilliant 'Crush' is a slow-burning 80s jam and emotive rollercoaster that has made a real impact during road testing experiments. On the flipside is the mysterious Mancunian Visions Of Eden who debuts on vinyl with a lush deep house jam 'When It Has Past' that has a subtle Balearic charm. Lastly comes Murrin who heads up the Puca Sounds label and co-runs Berlin party Fandango. His 'Maybe Tonight' is a late-night cosmic delight.

                TRACK LISTING

                Gold Suite - "Crush"
                Visions Of Eden - "When It Has Past"
                Murrin - "Maybe Tonight"

                Back in stock Cover of Big Mood - Incl. Justin Van Der Volgen Edit by Exo Fender.

                Exo Fender

                Big Mood - Incl. Justin Van Der Volgen Edit

                The always hard working Emotional Rescue now unveils the electronic disco project Exo Fender, helmed by esteemed New York producer Eric Calvi and featuring the legendary Steve D'Acquisto. The remastered songs 'Big Mood' and 'Music In My Mind' span two new EPs, with updated edited versions by NYC producer Justin Van Der Volgen. Calvi's journey from Paris to New York's music scene in the 1980s when he engineered hits for artists like Cameo and Africa Bambaataa, and laid the groundwork for Exo Fender. Inspired by clubbing friendships, the project's infectious grooves and tongue-in-cheek nature gained club play and collector's acclaim, with Van Der Volgen's remix enhancing their timeless appeal for today's dancefloors.

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Mine says: One of two Exo Fender releases this week and this one does what it says on the tin... if you're in need of a mood booster look no further!

                TRACK LISTING

                Big Mood
                Big Mood (Justin Van Der Volgen Edit)

                Back in stock Cover of Music In My Mind - Incl. Justin Van Der Volgen Edit by Exo Fender.

                Exo Fender

                Music In My Mind - Incl. Justin Van Der Volgen Edit

                This is the second of two releases from Emotional Rescue that looks to the music of Eric Calvi who headed up the collective Exo Fender, a project that brought together a bunch of friends, producers, and studio amigos. This one is a live boogie jam with Brooklyn DJ and producer Steve D'Aquisto. He was a regal at The Loft and a friend of Arthur Russell so all that bears out in the music - a loose-limbed disco groove with languid percussion and big vocals. A Justin Van Der Volgen edit rounds out the 12".

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Mine says: Exo Fender - via the ever reliable Emotional Rescue - deliver an addictive disco jam that had Ryan get out the (air) keytar just now... bag a copy now or forever hold your peace.

                TRACK LISTING

                Music In My Mind
                Music In My Mind (Justin Van Der Volgen Edit)

                Brand new album from electronic titan Kieran Hebden who continues his futuristic creation of sound across eight elegant and fantastic tracks. Utilizing a now well versed palette which seems to effortlessly merge organic instrumentation and hybridized vocals into digitally processed pastoral soundscapes. All the usual Hebdenian traits are audible on album opener "Loved" - from his well loved live drum breaks to the slightly melancholic piano lines. Quickly ushering in a more liminal experience, "Gliding Through Everything" is a crystalline waterfall that reimagines H2O as a 4D particle cascading through your fingertips. "Storm Crystals" quickly soothes with twangy mallets, downbeat groove and healing tones; the moment you quietly settle into your seat, expectations met and suitably zoned in for the rest of the LP. Hebden concludes side A with the accelerated pace of "Daydream Repeat"; which doesn't drift too far from themes explored throughout the side but ups the bpm and buoyancy.

                Side B slows us back down, ready for the second half of the trip; emotive guitar lines picked from the ether as angelic vox are gently smudged and diced before our ears - a sonic trademark the producer has previously used on tracks such as "Love Cry" and "Baby". "31 Bloom" bounces out of the mainframe at another slightly increased tempo, glitched arpeggios and highly sequenced piano fragments beautifully coalesced into a moment of transcendental ascension. Penultimate track, "So Blue" allows us a moment of reflection, stark elements imparting such strong emotions - there's few producers who can squeeze so much human feeling out of their machines. Finally, "Three Drums" concludes in suitable form - a slowly spiraling semi-orchestral fury into a white hot, retina-scorching sun'; almost hallucinatory in its saturation yet carried along at a languid pace; allowing the listener to unwind into a paradisical dream state of Hebden's own creation.

                Have to say he's done it again. It's nicely succinct and sequenced to perfection, with the four tracks on each side perfectly 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Barry says: I've always been a massive fan of the ol' Four Tet, and while I think the more recent outings share characteristics with the glitched melodies and syncopated percussion of Pause or Rounds, it's a far more relaxing affair in all, owing a lot more to ambient music than the dancefloor-focused outings of the past. 'Three' is possibly his most focused and enjoyable work to date, and that's really something for a man with such a stellar discography.

                TRACK LISTING

                01 Loved 4:03
                02 Gliding Through Everything 4:08
                03 Storm Crystals 6:40
                04 Daydream Repeat 6:09
                05 Skater 4:16
                06 31 Bloom 5:52
                07 So Blue 5:30
                08 Three Drums 8:16

                Priceless Bodies

                Happy Wife, Happy Life

                  25 years after the first electroclash boom, the refined modern take on that storied movement takes hold, with Priceless Bodies' 'Happy Wife, Happy Life'.

                  Priceless Bodies are self-taught multi-instrumentalists and sisters Vivian and Bianca Pencz, Vancouver-born but Manchester-based. Their music embodies their experience as working class women artists living in a culture and class war. They experiment with sprechgesang vocals, textured guitar, analogue synths, vintage samples, and electric percussion.

                  It's got all of the casio-centric groove and snapping instrumental precision of the original Electroclash but where the industrial punk influences leeched out of Munich in those early iterations, Priceless Bodies' sound is swimming with  modern influences. It's a brilliant combination, and one that will be sure to see this talented duo go far. 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Power
                  2. Mother, Look What They've Done To Me (Amanda Lear Cover)
                  3. Alphabet / I'm A Bag For Life
                  4. Pepsi Cola Addicts (ft. Núria Prat-Ortillés)
                  5. Pop Death (Public Image Ltd Cover)

                  This whole text about a compilation of legit chill slippers could be over with one quote of drummer Aaron Sterling. The John Mayer band member and studio guru called Basso (our compiler) the 'ECM of chill wave'.

                  As we all know, even if some words may be hollow, good quotes help to tell a story. And that is definitely a great quote and if someone has a good story to tell, it is Basso. Best known for his label Growing Bin, he is one of those miraculous figures in music or record culture who can be called a true believer.

                  "Sitting in Trees" for International Feel is a sampling demonstration of this commitment. Devotees of his previous compiling efforts "Proper Sunburn" (Music For Dreams) and "Lucky Are Those Who Hear The Birds Sing" (Growing Bin), know what to expect: some of the best songs you have never heard before, some you would probably never hear without this and even some that you did not know you would even like. Even self-proclaimed record diggers might not recognize more than "Mystery Voice" by smooth jazz new agers Dancing Fantasy. It is a world of merry music that, pretty much, is boundary- and genre-free, and includes the sunshine stepper Beau Michael’s "Move Away"; Patrick Jahn’s and Erobique’s previously unreleased "Moonlight Shuffle" (the soundtrack to a lost Schimanski Tatort) and Christian Ch. Kneisel’s impossible-to-find Balearic digi gem "Jungle Connection".
                  All contextualized, explained and wonderfully described with meticulous liner notes by the king of record descriptions himself: Basso. But what else would you expect from a DJ turned trip-hop-producer turned artiste turned record sommelier? Magic moments galore that won’t make you move away!

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1. Edwin Schimscheimer - Bon Nuit Michelle
                  A2. Dancing Fantasy - Mystery Voice
                  A3. Peak Of Normal - Hava
                  A4. Christian Ch. Kneisel - Jungle Connection

                  B1. Beau Michael - Move Away (Extended)
                  B2. Summer Vee - Judas
                  B3. Patrick Jahn & Erobique - Moonlight Shuffle
                  B4. Ikee Largo - After The Storm

                  Joseph Capriati is firmly established as one of the greatest techno DJs in the world, but growing up in Naples his first connection with electronic dance music was actually in the house music genre. “Peace And Blessings” feat. Arnold Jarvis is Joseph’s very personal tribute to this genre, where he produced a track that he felt encompassed the vibe and spirituality of house music. He wanted a song and vocal performance that would equally represent all the best qualities of the genre, and joined with one of the industry’s most iconic and legendary vocal talents Arnold Jarvis to write lyrics and deliver a vocal performance that perfectly complements Joseph’s percussion and synth driven track. Bushwhacka! on board as Mix Engineer on The Groove Mix.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A. Peace & Blessings (Main Mix) 
                  B1. Peace & Blessings (JC's Groove Mix) 
                  B2. Peace & Blessings (Accapella) 


                  Shape The System / River Art

                  Research return on vinyl with two tracks of punk-funk / lysergic-boogie from their catalogue, with 21 years separating the tracks.

                  Bearfunk's Stevie Kotey gives the overall mix of 'Shape The System' a jump up with 'River Art' adding some nice dub effects to the mix, both tracks benefitting from Streaky's remastering.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Shape The System
                  2. River Art


                  Militant Dub / In The Beginning

                  Another Whodem 10" relic from the archive. Strong and fierce, industrial steppers by Cessman who touches on proto-dubstep stylings via the A-side's "Militant Dub". Characterized by tuff snare hits, aggressive bass, and an urgent groove that wouldn't sound out of place on a DMZ record.

                  On the flip, "In The Beginning" treads a similar path - somewhere in between the eeriest utterances of dubstep and the most futurist of steppers dub. Military snares, eerie melodica licks, rastaman vox and digital brass stabs make for a track that'd sound at home on Deep Medhi as much as Aba-Shanti's pivotal "Jericho Walls Verse III" LP. Big ting! 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A. Militant Dub
                  B. In The Beginning


                  Feel The Rush - 30th Anniversary Edition

                  30 years (32 if you're being picky - Ed) after it was originally released, Salford City Record reissue "Feel The Rush" by M.A.N.I.C with all the mixes, on fresh 180g green transparent vinyl.

                  Another killer relic from the era of piano house, smiley faces and high speed dodgems, "Feel The Rush", like many tunes of the time, captured the hedonistic, ecstasy-soaked feeling that was coursing through clubland at the time in novel and unique ways! Melanie McHaffie provides the empassioned vocal delivery, whilst Kieron Jolliffe & Lee Hudson (who'd also go under the alias Bonemasters) provide an electric, piano driven house groove with early 'donk' bass and synth sax licks. 

                  Whilst the club and vocal mixes retain much of the same characteristics, the 12" mix sees the track get taken to the dark underbelly of Bowlers - with added rave elements such as hoovers, dark 'Timebase' bass and pitched up vocal squeals; nearly transforming it into a pure hardcore track. Meanwhile, the 'Techno Mix' is a neat amalgamation of Sheffield bleep, hardcore breaks and early jungle mindset as it deploys a tight rhythm and bass pattern alongside soundbwoy shoutouts and stuttered rave stabs. Inside! 

                  Another key moment of UK dance history beautifully excavated and presented by the good folks at Salford City Records. Recommended! 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1. Club Mix
                  A2. Vocal Mix
                  B1. 12 Mix
                  B2. Techno Mix

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