Public Possession favourite Anton Klint gets collaborative with Edvin Edvinssom, dropping a trio of cheeky edits on their brand spanking new Tryck & Ton imprint. The mood's hazy, lazy and loose as the duo work the controls on three horizontal dancers from right across the genre spectrum. Totally nailing the dreadlocked vibe of a languid Mediterranean morning, the Swedish producers treat us to a ridiculously groovy Italian reggae number in the form of "Sunday Morning". Built around a foundation of nimble bass and lilting drums, the cut drifts through choral vocals, funk guitars and breezy horns, all naturally wrapped in a thick cloud of dub delay. Flip the pancake and lick those lips, "She Couldn't Dance" is about to balance your palate. Sweet as sugar and sharp as lemon, this summery disco number pulls off smooth and sassy like a 70s pin-up. A limber bassline rides the pitched down disco beat while dreamy organs, crooned vocals and the occasional guitar lick soundtrack add a real touch of class. What's next? It's the return of the B2 show stealer as Balearic bopper "Æ" completely blows us away. Naive and brilliant, the combination of simple drums, a two note bassline and those jaunty keys could play on forever without losing their appeal, and as for that sultry sax - wow! Don't sleep, or this beauty will haunt your dreams.


Patrick says: Public Possession associate Anton Klint and countryman Edvin Edvinssom deliver a trio of sunkissed edits for the Balearic crew. It's this year's "Cocktails By The Pool"!

File under: Disco, African, Boogie, Go Karts! PMG are at it again, hitting us with a killer reissue from one of the queens of African music. Mary Afi Usuah trained as an a opera singer at the prestigious St Cecilia Academy in Rome and spent 13 years touring Europe with artists like Duke Ellington and Deep Purple. She matched vocal chops with Robert Plant while performing with Led Zeppelin and blew away the top names on the Lagos scene when she returned to Nigeria. She also broke a few hearts with her killer smile, if some accounts are to be believed. “African Woman” marshals these experiences into an exceptionally powerful and diverse album. From the Tina Turner stomp of “What’s A Woman To Do”, to the Aretha-style musings of the title track, Mary takes everything she learned on the road to tell her story about her continent in a distinctly African manner. The boys from Akwassa were on hand in the studio to ensure that everything was kept extra tight and funky, while Mary did her thing – brilliantly. Mary Afi Usuah only released two albums but she is undeniably one of the greatest female singers the African continent has produced. African Woman serves as her legacy, along with the remarkable number of Nigerian female singers she mentored and inspired.

Get on down! PMG reissue a true African masterpiece here, taking us all the way back to 1976 with BLO's "Phase IV". Originally released on Afrodisia in the height of their all conquering mid seventies period, "Phase IV" saw Berkley Jones, team up with Laolu Akins, Lemmy Jackson, Mike Odumosu once again for some proper dancefloor badness. There you are just minding your own business, lost in the groove of opening cut "Trace Of Suicide", when the hottest analogue synth solo EVER enters the scene and rocks you into next week. The slower, steadier "Scandi Boogie" showcases the full scale brilliance of Berkley Jones' guitar work, while the extensive and expansive "Music Makes You Happy" is the kind of spiritual jazz-funk masterpiece you'd hear Harvey play as the sun comes up. If you're into heavyweight militant funk, then head straight for "Move Up", a proper head nodding, fist clenching number you'd expect to hear Theo play for about 9 days. All in, it's all killer, no filler Afro grooves from Berkley and the boys!

Full scale Afro-disco heat here on reissue machine PMG, opening with the mindblowing title track. Benis Cletin’s dog-rare 1979 cut “Jungle Magic” lays a warped synth over a lethal bassline and a slow Afro-disco groove, topping the whole thing off with a unique homage to Donna Summer... Originally released on Afrodisia records in 1979, the result sounds like the the confused love-child of a time-travelling Derrick May and a Nigerian disco queen - timeless eccentricity that you won't be able to resist. From there we traverse through Moog topped funk, village disco and hypno groove, all fusing the organic African sounds with the electronic. If you're looking for that wonky early doors cut to get the crowd moving in the most peculiar way, I'd suggest you turn your attention toward the oddball, AORfro funk of "Fireman". 


Patrick says: If you're looking for a psychedelic stormer which sounds a bit like a Nigerian cover of "House Of The Rising Sun" but with squirmy Moogs and Donna Summer style vocals - then you're in luck. "Jungle Magic" is a gorgeous LP of dreamy African textures led off by that massive title track!

Austria's PMG keep on keeping on here with another pristine reissue of a pricey and nicey Afro-disco holy grail. After calling time on the Aktion Funk Ensemble, multi instrumental maestro Renny Pearl stepped aboard the good ship Tabansi, and with the encouragement of label boss Uncle T. recruited Angolan guitarist Klaia Nzavutonga and Cameroonian duo Ghombi Myris & Oscar Hot Cooler to form the mighty Stormmers! Working with the legendary Jake Sollo as producer and session player, this truly united African group began to lay down a rhythmic and rocking Afro-funk sound they liked to call "Frisco Music". Rattling polyrhythms, bubbling basslines (courtesy of bass playing band leader Renny Pearl) and serious synth work lock into some of the hottest grooves you've ever heard. Opening with the bright and breesy Afro-disco of "Lover's Song", the group then shimmy through deep and percussive shoulder roller "Love Or Money" and the slow and spaced out boogie of "Super D. Jay", packing the A-side with maximum dancefloor power as they go. There's no let up as we trip out to the flip, blasting off from the get go with "Sexy Woman". A completely batshit fusion of Yello-styled electronics, upbeat highlife guitars and loved up vocals, this odd offspring of Hot Chocolate and the Gap Band should prompt dancefloor conga-lines and wide eyed delight. Things take a turn for the coastal with the carefree boogie of "Atlantic Breeze" before the bass-led head nod of "Be A Lover" offers us some well informed bedroom advice to a sizzling 4/4 beat. Hot stuff!


Patrick says: I'd like to share a dream with you. I'm dressed like Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now and going back to back with Baldelli at Cosmic in 1982. I'm playing "Love Or Money" at -8 and the resultant dancefloor explosion solves all future energy crises and saves the human race. Boss!

"What's that Discogs? One copy for sale for £4,495.86? Fuck that! I'mma get this official reissue on the rather marvelous PMG if it's alright with you..."

Second hand piss-takery aside, this late 70s slice of groove heavy Afro-funk regularly changes hands for a monkey, so your bank manager should be thanking those fine folk in Austria. Drawing on reggae, disco and funk, Mr Pino gets up, down and all the way around across six party starting, largely instrumental offerings. Any record which starts with a buoyant reggae-disco ode to Barry's favourite plant life ("Ganja") is gonna be dope (ahem!), but when we're then taken through a bordering on ludicrous Afro-funk rendition of Beethoven's 5th, you know we're in safely wasted hands. You could easily assume this discoid arrangement would be whack, but you'd be better served throwing some shapes to the buzzing Moogs, chiming keys and wild wah guitar which make this beast purr. Things straighten out for the full steam ahead funk of title track "Boogie Fever" before "Dance For Love" opens the flip with a weirdo reggae lilt. If you're looking for the best party of your life condensed into five and a half minutes, then you should probably cast an ear over "African Hustle", crack your knuckles and dive into air piano ecstasy. After that Moog-led madness, there's just enough time to spark one up to the Afrobeat-meets-reggae of "Shake Shake Shake" before the run out groove reminds you it's time to pick the kids up from school. Killer!


Patrick says: Switching between lilting cannabinoid anthems and Moog topped funk bombs, Mr Pino's "Boogie Fever" is as dope as they come!

From the Cannabinoid anthem which opens the set, through the Moog funk mayhem of the title track and "African Hustle", to the Caribbean styled closer, this

Studio OST


    According to White Material pair Galcher Lustwerk and Alvin Aronson, their first collaborative album under the Studio OST alias contains a mix of "breezy electro, aquatic dub, high speed jit, and shimmering atmospherics". While clearly tongue-in-cheek, it's a fairly accurate description. Certainly, there's a fluidity, moodiness and palpable sense of atmosphere at the heart of Scenes, which casually drifts between hard-edged club workouts, hazy post-club fare and dreamy, horizontal experiments. It was apparently recorded over a three-year period, during jam sessions at various New York studios. It's the spontaneous aspect of its' creation that has the biggest effect, and makes the whole thing feel like fleeting snapshots of moments in time.

    Back in stock Cover of The Transformed Man by William Shatner.
    “The Transformed Man” is the debut album of William Shatner, originally released in 1968, while Mr. Shatner was still starring in the original Star Trek TV series. Since that time he has gone on to star in many Star Trek movies as Captain James T. Kirk, to write Star Trek based books and to record more spoken word albums.

    “The Transformed Man” features poetry and popular songs including the legendary tracks "Theme From Cyrano/Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Spleen/Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" spoken in Mr. Shatner’s inimitable vocal style. This cult classic is now reissued in a limited edition of 1,000 red vinyl copies from DBK Works.


    Ltd LP Info: Limited edition red vinyl LP 1000 only!

    It's always a sunny day when a completely legit, remastered reissue of a £400 record drops into your lap - and friends, this is one of those days. Operating at the crossroads of boogie, disco, jazz-funk and Afrobeat, Aleke Kanonu lent his considerable talents to a veritable who's who of America's jazz scene throughout the late seventies, before laying down this mindblowing four-tracker on Arcana in 1980. The set kicks off in shoulder rolling fashion with the extended, low slung groove of "N'Gwode", a bass heavy disco funk cut topped with Aleke's passionate vocal delivery. The serious Afro-funk vibrations only get heavier on the fierce "Keep New York Clean", a bad mother with echo laced vocal yelps, burbling synths and pimped out horns. Over we go, and the B-side opens with the startlingly beautiful "Mother's Day", an emotive builder, boasting piano 7th chords, rattling polyrhthms and Aleke's heart wrenching vocals. A favourite down at Brownswood and a certified Theo Parrish life-changer, this is the real deal! The set closes with another full scale floor worker, as Aleke gets deep and rhythmic with the jazz-funk of "Home Sweet Home". Featuring the virtuoso skills of Wynton Marsalis on Flugelhorn, the track leaves our cosmos and heads off in search of a whole new place to play! Music this good doesn't come around that often, so when it's here, you just gotta grab it. 


    Patrick says: Proper Afro-funk badness on this once in a lifetime reissue from PMG. Aleke Kanonu goes in deep across four deep and diverse shoulder rolling cuts reminding us exactly why this is a holy grail!

    Whyte Horses

    Astrologia Vintage Sign T-shirt (White)

      Whyte Horses have made 50 t-shirts (25 large, 25 medium) to promote the band's ace 'Pop Or Not' album. The white t-shirt features an 'Astrologia Tarocchi Mano' (tarot / palm reading) vintage sign on the front.

      Whyte Horses

      Pop Or Not Logo T-shirt (White)

        Whyte Horses have made 50 t-shirts (25 large, 25 medium) to promote the band's ace 'Pop Or Not' album. The organic cotton white t-shirt features the 'Pop Or Not' logo along with the band name in Japanese script on the front.

        Hotter than a Channel 4 dating show right now, Copenhagen's Music For Dreams follow up the dope Ambala double pack with another twin disc winner, this time from Sweden's Prins Emanuel. Released in double vinyl format, Emanuel’s first full length solo project is a concept album revolving around the medium of the record itself. With a functionalist’s attitude, each of the vinyl records can serve a different purpose. Translated from Swedish, the album title literally reads "Work/Leisure Time" and the contrasting moods of the two discs reflect the different activities. So on a Friday evening, you might tell your girl or boy to put on the A/B sides as you're getting ready to bust some moves that night. And on Sunday evening, you tell him/her to put on the C/D sides as you're relaxing and topping up a bath. Although this is a multi-instrumentalist’s vision, the fact that Prins is primarily a drummer is clearly evident in the masterful hypnotic grooves that form the base on which the whole album stands. And while elements of dub, boogie, afro, house and new age flicker by as we ride along on these motorik rhythms, the balance between warmth and repetition provokes an irresistibly tickly tension. The young Swede won many a fan with his earlier output on Fasaan and Chalice, but this debut long player sees him taking his craft to a whole new level.


        Patrick says: Fasaan favourite Prins Emanuel drops a conceptual double pack on Music For Dreams, fusing dub, afro, new age and boogie into a groove heavy masterpiece perfect for nights on the tiles or days on the sofa. If you dug on Studio's "West Coast", then you'll be all over this!

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