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A Jazz Dance Favourite that Jazz Room Records Head Honcho Paul Murphy was hepped to by Brownswood and 6Music Jazz Supremo Gilles Peterson at the 20th Birthday Bash of London's most Underground of Clubs: Shiftless Shuffle.

Murphy: "I'd quite forgotten all about it, but when I saw the reaction on the dancefloor it was "Mental Note Time, get on the case for a full investigation and let's see some Vinyl re-issue action!"

The head of the original Danish Label, Pick Up Records, later reminded Paul that he was selling the originals in his original Jazz Record Shop "Fusion Records" when the original was released and that he, Peter Littauer, had actually delivered them personally on a trip to London. Synergy in action!

The music is a mixture of 100mph Latin Jazz (Girl With Three Faces/747 To Rio/From Dusk Towards Dawn) and Funky Rhodes driven workouts (Travelling/Circles In The Air), plus the vocal pyrotechnics of Hawaiian singer Lei Aloha Moe who guested on two of the tracks.


1. The Girl With Three Faces
2. Black Wing
3. Circles In The Air
4. Would You
5. From Dusk Towards Dawn
6. When I Close My Eyes
7. Travelling
8. 747 To Rio

The A Side of course is just one of the biggest tunes from the grunge era and is given a Jazzy Funky Groovy version by Blue Mode of Nirvana's Biggest Hit. It turns out that they were influenced by everything from the Gap Band to Louie Louie and a fair smattering of 80's indie and this production by Chip Wickham mixes together a Swinging '60's Blue Note Vibe with the Acid Jazz sound and brings it bang up to date with the Nu-Jazz Experience. First time on 45 and is already a DJ favourite after being included in the Paul Murphy set "Jazz Room" on BBE Records.

Side 2 is a Boogaloo Latin Jazz version (produced by Paul Murphy Live in the studio in Budapest when he was living there) of the Lonnie Smith track "Hola Muneca" beloved of the Acid Jazz era DJ's and previously released on a now impossible to find 7 inch single that goes for crazy prices.


1. Smells Like Teen Spirit
2. Hola Muneca

Takumi Moriya Black Nation

Shakey Jake

Paul Murphy: Jazz Room Records. "The first time I heard this I said "I gotta sign it!" as not only was it featured in one of the maddest and most memorable scenes on one of my favorite TV Shows "Severance" from Apple TV, but it's also on one of my favourite albums anyway, "Nation Time" by Joe McPhee."

Takumi Moriya's version Is as funky as it gets and is truly way up there and meeting the high as a kitemark standards of "Defiant Jazz" (What a Niche Genre to be in!) This is going to cause some serious Defiant Jazz Shake on a dancefloor near you! Break out the Maraccas!"

A limited vinyl 45 release and it's release number 30 on Jazz Room Records so ultra special.


1. Shakey Jake
2. Night Dream

Mike Dogliotti


Very groovy Latin Jazz from the amazing Mike Dogliotti featuring two Funky Afro-Uruguayan versions of big 1970's Jazz Funk Fusion hits in "Hagalo" originally by New York/Panama crossover group Mandrill and a stomping version of Herbie Hancock's Headhunters Classic "Chameleon", both cuts full of Funk Grooves and Afro-Latin Percussion. Never before released on a 45 single this is a Jazz Room Release that is going to fly out of the stores and into DJ record boxes.


1. Hagalo
2. Camaleon

Hideo Shiraki travelled to the US from Japan in 1962 and was bowled over by Horace Silver and the Bossa Nova Craze happening at the same time. When he returned to Japan he went straight into the studio and cut this Blue Note inspired Japanese Jazz Masterpiece.

With a selection of tunes ranging from the 1940's stylings of "Tico Tico" through to the samba infused "Orfeo Negro" and arriving in Silversville with "Sayonara Blues" Hideo Shiraki has hit all the sweet spots!

With sleeve notes translated into English for the first time and laid out in the Blue Note Style this release is going to be seen as a landmark re-issue.


1. Tico Tico
2. Besame Mucho
3. Deux Step
4. Gypsy Blue
5. Sayonara Blues
6. Orfeo Negro
7. Groovy Samba

Eric Ghost is well named as he is indeed a mystery man. A contemporary (and best friend) of 1960's Funky Jazzman Jeremy Steig his self published Private Press albums are much coveted and difficult to obtain and command high prices.

This Psychedelic Jazz masterpiece was recorded in 1975 and features Dave Valentin bassist Lincoln Goines in his studio debut as well as Jim McGilveray who went on to record with Paul Horn and The Cult.

If you're a fan of The Blues Project "Flute Thing", Paul Horn's more esoteric offerings or indeed the aforementioned Jeremy Steig then this album is for you. The music is intense and demands your attention, it's both Funky and Spiritual from the first note of "Orangeland" to the last notes of the Eastern influenced "Bizarre Bazaar".

Eric was involved with the Counter Culture from his time in Morocco in the early 1960's (while serving in the US Army, kind of like a Hip Elvis) until shortly after this album was recorded when under his real name, Richard Barth Sanders he was convicted of LSD Manufacture (he invented the blotting paper method of LSD distribution so could be entitled to say he was the world's first Acid Jazzer) and sentenced to 7 years in a Federal Prison.

The album is re-issued with the original cover artwork with the correct track order for the first time.


1. Orangeland
2. Pakakrakatoa
3. Oliver Snagnasty
4. Moab (After The Rain)
5. Secret Sauce
6. Bizarre Bazaar

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