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Harlem Bound / Dancin' The Mambo (The Reflex Revisions)

Welcome to the first instalment of a new collaboration between The Reflex’ DISCOLIDAYS label and Because Music in Paris, remixing gems from the Zagora catalogue.

Created in 1975 by producer Daniel Vangarde (father of Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter), the Zagora label created some of the most exciting disco music in France, ranging from cult underground artists Who’s Who and Starbow, to massive international hits by the Gibson Brothers, la Compagnie Créole and Black Blood. Unearthing the multitrack for obscure cuts, The Reflex shifts the focus on the great studio musicians involved in these recordings (Wally Badarou amongst others) and delivers stunning revisions of ‘Harlem Bound’, a 131bpm jazz-funk disco powerhouse cut (1977) and ‘Dancin’ The Mambo’, a 122bpm Chic-esque meets early piano house monster laced with that unmistakable French sound, originally released in 1980.

Both first time-ever remixes from the stems, released on 180g vinyl with custom artwork on card sleeve designed by Al Kent / Million Dollar Disco.

Three more releases will follow, to complete the 4 x 12” vinyl and digital package spread over several months in 2024.


Matt says: You can almost smell the revelry in the air when this one plays. Both sides expressing the charismatic sides of disco at its best. Whether its the jazz-funk footwork of "Harlem Bound" or the hand-aloft party streamers erupting out of "Dancin' The Mambo"; it's irresistible fun all the way from another prize modern editsmith.


A. Harlem Bound (The Reflex Revision) 
B. Dancin' The Mambo (The Reflex Revision) 

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