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Sweet Linda Divine

I’ll Say It Again

    Dynamite Cuts is proud to be able to press for the first time on 7” vinyl the explosive and super funky “I’ll Say It Again”, with super funky cover art work, heavy funk rock groove and the powerful uplifting vocal from the wonderful Linda Tillery aka Sweet Linda Divine. This track is the back-bone groove for the Black Sheep hip hop classic “Choice Is Yours”.


    A I'll Say It Again
    B Same Time Same Place

    Reuben Howell / The Magic Disco Machine

    You Made Your Bed

    Dynamite cuts, has put together the all time B-BOY dancer and for the first on 45 the vocal version which is by Reuben Howell “You made your bed” This ALL time banger is a must have double. Perfect Djs tool, includes one of the greatest drum bass breaks of all time!!! 


    A1. Reuben Howell - You Made Your Bed
    B1. The Magic Disco Machine - Scratchin'

    Forty Seven Times It's Own Weight

    Cumulo Nimbus

    Fable is a small independent record label started in Austin, Texas in the early 1970s by a young trombone player named Michael Mordecai. In autumn 1975 he debuted a trio of albums on Fable by Austin bands 47 Times its Own Weight, Steam Heat and Starcrost. With only 1000 of each pressed, and each carrying a different emphasis on soul, funk or jazz, all 3 have gone on to become highly sought after by collectors and DJs around the world.

    This 7” serves up two Jazzfunk gems from the rare 47 Times Its Own Weight LP on the small format for the first time.


    A1. March Of The Goober Woober
    B1. Cumulo Nimbus


    Frozen Tundra Lady

    WOW…. Those fine folks at Dynamite cuts gives us two funk and soul gems from the mega rare find Texas funk LP by Steamheat, appearing for the first time on 7”. Originally released in 1975 on Fable records, "Frozen Tundra Lady" and "Since I Met You" have been in regular rotation for any reputable Northern Soul DJ, and now find themselves on the genre's format of choice!


    A. Frozen Tundra Lady 
    B. Since I Met You

    Bernie Senensky

    Lolito's Theme

    Great Canadian jazz re-issue on Dynamite Cuts from Bernie Senensky, recorded in 1975. The title track is a piano-led number with frenetic and skill instrumentation and some heavy upright bass support.

    "Beloved Gift" on side B is more cerebral with a long extended, psychedelic intro before dropping into some seriously funky jazz-funk fusion, with that omnipresent upright bass twatting away nicely.

    If you like your jazz brimming with highly accomplished instrumentation and flair - this one's for you baby!


    Side 1
    1. Lolito's Theme (4:01)
    Side 2
    1. Beloved Gift (4:56)

    The latest heat from the Dynamite Cuts imprint sees the funk and jazz specialists hit us with the Library breaks, dropping a double 7" of breakbeat killers from the Freesound label. 1975's Philopsis LP saw Francis Personne, Jackie Giordano, Ode Ronronnière, Serge d'Usson and Yan d'Ys hit the studio to turn out a mind melting set of jazz, funk and electronic sounds, voted as the third best Library LP of all time by Shawn Lee and Johnny Trunk. The Dynamite Cuts crew pluck the finest breaks off the original LP and give them a nice loud double 7" press.


    A1. Steel Mongoes (Breaks)
    B1. Magolia (Breaks)
    C1. Screw On (Breaks)
    D1. Fluid Man


    Mademoiselle / Tena's Song

      "Mademoiselle" is a rare groove club classic and a favourite amongst DJs! With its grooving swing and snapping slapped bass taking the lead role behind the smoother than silk vox beneath. Flip over and we get "Tena's Song" providing the more upbeat counterpart to the slow, sashaying vibes of the first half, string stabs and flickering guitar working away beneath the three-part vocal harmonies and beautifully balanced piano. A Must have 45!


      A1 Mademoiselle
      B2 Tena's Song

      "I Can See Through You" is a club classic in its own right. A massive rare groove dancer that gives you all the vibes and feels! "Chicken Yellow" is a heavy mid-tempo groover with a classic heavy drum break sample. A long awaited 45 release!


      A1 I Can See Through You
      B2 Chicken Yellow

      Norman Connor

      Slewfoot Collection

      One of the outstanding Jazz fusion albums from the late 70s includes timeless classic and Jazz dance anthem is an obvious winner, Norman Connor. Dynamite Cuts releases a quality limited edition double pack release which gives you 4 of those masterpieces, all are first time on 7”. Be quick on this one as the Dynamite sevens don’t hang around.


      A1 – Slew Foot 
      B2 –Back On The Streets 
      A1 –Chuka
      B2 –Mother Of The Future

      George Semper

      Pretty Lady / Universe

      Two gems from the vaults of the Semper camp. Taken from the mega rare “Themes for television, sport and Aerobics” released on the Pixie Records. Dynamite Cuts is releasing these two as a limited edition.

      Track A - “Pretty Lady”wonderful synth vibe with a whole lot of soul, no drums or heavy grooves, just a rare touch of smooth sunshine on a 45.

      Track B - “Universe(Exterritorial Search Contact Tones)” Its all about this beauty, a magic moment in time. So much soul in such a short track. Has Hudson and Duke vibe, never before on 45 vinyl must have vinyl


      A : Pretty Lady

      B : Universe

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