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Soursop & Mango / Straight Forward Side Steps

    2000BLACK returns with two slices of '23 grooves.'Soursop-Mango' is afro beat house funkified the mr ranks & mr mensah way.Whilst 'Straight Forward Side Steps' is the minimal techno runnings that dj's love to ride in the mix.


    1. Soursop & Mango
    2. Straight Forward Side Steps

    'Earth Is Not For Humans' is the funk definition of its not a God given right! The interstellar groove brings the outer world timing to the third planet.Be warned humans you are merely temporary visitors on the miraculous terraferma.What can be deemed more different than 'Uniquely Fresh' a jazz fusion boogie combination set in the year 2055.Lastly Shokazulu warms us down with Seeing Is Believing only Shokazulu Will Protect You.


    1. Uniquely Fresh
    2. Earth Is Not For Humans
    3. Seeing Is Believing

    "Resonance" is the latest offering from K15, arriving on 2000Black. Resonance opens with a meditative chord arrangement that gets subtly layered with percussion and programmed drums, creating a song of depth and richness.

    Within Reach is the most playful track on the record. An uptempo ride, filled with class and flair and demonstrates K15's evolution of ambition and composition.

    The EP closes with the militant groove that is Resistance. The heavy bass, the wall of synths and the floating shakers create a track pulsing with life. "Resonance" is filled with life and rhythm, making it a fitting addition to the 2000Black catalogue.


    1. Resonance
    2. Within Reach
    3. Resistance

    Kaidi Tatham returns to 2000BLACK with R&B and boogie offerings in his own distinct style. 'Galaxy' features Lola who soulfully sings about escapism and hope through the stars. 'A Message From Above' sounds like the gods themselves have passed on a message to Mr Tatham to tell us all. Take heed to the sound of jazz boogie via Jamaica. The Ep is signed off with 'Ergonomic Structures' the sound of a hip-hop / 2-step tune that we all wish existed in '87 (soundman know wha we a chat)


    Matt says: One of the great OGs of broken beat, Kaidi Tatham quickly traverses styles and flavours on this new one for 2000Black - all the time keeping it distinctly stylistic of his deft handiwork.


    1. Galaxy (feat. Lola Violet)
    2. Galaxy (Upbeat Mix) [feat. Lola Violet]
    3. A Message From Above
    4. Ergonomic Structures

    Monsters are the result of the sleep of reason" said Goya, and today we live with its complete absence. Murder and grief, destitution and corruption surround us. War. Democide and the madness of the lies that adorn it - a casual dispersal of humanity and lives put to the fire. Where is joy? Where is hope? Music and Art are all that remain to salve the spirit, yet they are done. A Twentieth-century devotion that now only exists as an outfit, a thin layer worn as social currency. What was previously a mountainous range for pilgrims to climb is now a warehouse stacked high, lit by LED, every last shadow removed. Served online as a superficial ghost, reanimated by computer in St.Vitus dance - those warm corners where we used to reside now stark and scratchy - no place left to hide, no orange glow to spark cognisance. Right against the wall, held by the throat, we are only free in dreams. Yet Music still lives here - in reverie amongst the world of spirits and memory, recharging and recuperating, awaiting rebirth. So let the psalms of decades past instead serve as armour - dress yourself with these plates and reside here while storms rage outside. Here are 12 dreams to serve as armour. Take hope with lord and dego, sit here with us in the warmth and dream again, for in the words of Hughes "if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly


    1. Metonymy And Synecdoche
    2. Intention Not Action
    3. I Wish You Knew
    4. Autumn-Winter 3033
    5. The Fire This Time
    6. PMI
    7. Non Negotiable
    8. Faith Must Have Reason
    9. St. Vitus Dance
    10. Democide
    11. Massive Underdogs (feat. Domu)
    12. Dirty Sea

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