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Genre pick of the week Cover of Version Girl by Rhoda Dakar.

Rhoda Dakar

Version Girl

    Rhoda Dakar is back with her first solo album in seven years with Version Girl, a collection of reggae and ska covers by artists and songwriters she admires. Rhoda Dakar began her musical career as lead vocalist with all female 2Tone band, The Bodysnatchers. They only ever released two singles, 'Let's Do Rocksteady' and 'Easy Life'. After a year together they split and Rhoda went on to guest with The Specials in Europe and the USA, having featured on their second album, 'More Specials', for which she won the first of her seven gold records. After their demise, and before joining Jerry Dammers' new project, she recorded The Bodysnatchers' first original song, 'The Boiler', a harrowing tale of date rape, which was inevitably banned. The Special AKA spent the next two years recording 'In The Studio', spawning a top ten hit with 'Free Nelson Mandela'.


    Barry says: Dakar takes these classics and gives them all a deep makeover into grooving Reggae, laid-back ska and swooning Lovers Rock reworks. Topped with Dakar's perfectly fitting vocal accompaniments.


    1. Version Girl
    2. Stop Your Sobbing
    3. Everyday Is Like Sunday
    4. What A Wonderful World
    5. Hangin’ ‘Round
    6. Song To The Siren
    7. Walking After Midnight
    8. The Man Who Sold The World
    9. Comme Un Arbre
    10. As Tears Go By
    11. Love Hurts
    12. Peace, Love And Understanding 

    Prince Jazzbo


    Death Is Not The End's 333 returns to follow a reissue of the sub-label's eponymous 45 by Prince Jazzbo, with another crucial shot from his Ujama catalogue - a much-needed reproduction of the original Replay 45, complete with vocal & version. Fully licensed from the late great foundation deejay's family. A must.


    Matt says: Hen's-teeth rare dancehall deejay tackle here date of origin unknown! I'd hazard a guess at mid 80s, due to its primitive digital production but don't let that detract from its speaker busting soundsystem potential. This is underground as fuck! Mega reissue. Don't sleep!


    1. Replay
    2. Replay Version

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