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Genre pick of the week Cover of Jamaican Fruit Of African Roots by Sheila Rickards.
"Jamaican Fruit of African Roots" is the lost vocal cut to one of King Tubby's most dramatic and devastating dubs from the 1970s. It was never released in Jamaica, but housed on an obscure compilation released only in Toronto in tiny quantities during the mid 70s.
Heavyweight tune & powerful vocal from the little known Jamaican songstress, Sheila Rickards. Stirring rise up business!! 12" repress version.

** Now comes with a glorious gold fingered flute dub from modern master, Diggory Kenrik.
BIG BIG Record!

'This release is the culmination of a 10 year obsession to try and find out more about the song's enigmatic singer Sheila Rickards. It all started in a musty Canadian thrift store with the discovery of an incredible 10 cent record credited to one Shella Record. The singer's voice was unlike anything I had ever heard in reggae before and sparked an international quest to find the lost siren. Beginning in Toronto where the record was pressed by local label Monica's in the mid 70s, I quizzed producers, collectors and reggae artists, all of whom were as mystified as I was. I travelled to Jamaica and tracked down legendary producer Bunny Striker Lee who recorded the song in 1975 with a full line up of Aggrovators, some of the most prolific and talented musicians who ever worked on the island. Bunny revealed that Shella Record was in fact Sheila Rickards, a Greenwich Farm jazz singer from the Mento era who began performing as a child with artists like Lennie Hibbert and Carlos Malcolm.He had not seen her since she vanished in 1975 after they worked on this song at Harry Js and later voiced the track at King Tubby's infamous Drumillie Ave studio.

Despite tracking down many of the musicians who played on the song, Jamaican Jazz artists from the era and even Sheila's family, Sheila's whereabouts remained a mystery. Hearing rumours of her relocation to Los Angeles or New York, I travelled the States desperate to find out what happened to this remarkable diva. Every clue led to a red herring which led to a dead end. Now working with a private detective with a sideline in ghost hunting I hope to have more answers soon. The search has been filmed from the outset and will culminate in the documentary film Shella Record, A Reggae Mystery. ' - <<< 'kin ell!!! 


Matt says: Mythical status dub here that's been uneathered by an nothing-short of obsessive character. The story is something to behold and, thankfully, so is the record...

In case you haven't noticed, your Piccadilly pals have been all over the Employee sound of late, regularly repping the narcotic machine experiments and next gen sound design of the Berlin duo. Here they join the recently reignited tradition of European's making digidub with five echo-drenched reflections on nine-to-five dilemmas plus a dizzy remix from OK Spirit co-founder DJ Neewt. Trading in sub tickling basslines, synth melodica and plenty o' tape hiss, the duo manipulate the genre conventions with twisted sequences and sick frequency adjustments while keeping the riddim at the forefront. Any house/electro DJs out there should check the percolating vibe of DJ Neewt's Psychic South Mix, which practically drips solder onto the turntable.


Badmanboogie / Killdemsound

A match imagined in ganja dreams, Seekers International and Future Times team up for a squishy and blasted disc of digital danchall laced madness. The Vancouver-based JA-futurists hold no punches when delivering their noxious blend of transient dub rhythms and THC-fuelled sound collages. There's literally no-one on the planet that sounds like these cats, and their unique sound is constantly garnering new fans and followers. A perfect addition to Future Times' catalogue, and a great introduction to perhaps the most out-there evolution of dub to have existed thus far. Recommended.


Matt says: Everyone knows I'm a HUGE fan of SKRS & Future Times - so what delight when I found out my favourite dub futurists were releasing a 7" on one of my favourite labels. Hot Chocolate!

It was well deserved and thank you for the support 🙏 @whlungmusic @MelodicRecords
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