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Genre pick of the week Cover of Jazz-Funk Dub Tribute by Mato.
Mato’s back with on Stix with “Jazz-Funk Dub Tribute”, a new project by the French producer with exclusive dub versions of some of the most famous jazz-funk, soul-jazz, funk & fusion tracks.

After the amazing success of his “Summer Madness / Maiden Voyage” single, respectively covering Kool & The Gang and Herbie Hancock, Mato got deeper within the American black music repertoire. He worked on tracks that can be considered as serious classics of the jazz-funk scene.

We all remember the melodies from Eddie Henderson ("Inside You"), WAR ("The World Is A Ghetto"), Weather Report ("Black Market"), Deodato ("Caravan"), Grover Washington Jr. ("Loran's Dance"), Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra ("Midnight Groove"), Herbie Hancock ("Maiden Voyage"), The Meters ("Cissy Strut") or Lonnie Liston Smith ("Visions Of A New World"). Imagine them reworked and tailored by the modern dub master. Needless to say, Mato, who’s playing most instruments and synthesizers, did a fantastic job and you’ll be blown when hearing these versions.

Starting his reggae production career in 2006, Thomas Blanchot (aka Mato) has released music through various projects on EDR Records, Big Singles or Makasound... In the meantime, he developed a real trademark: taking over classic French, hip-hop, OST, classical or pop songs, into roots reggae-dub new versions. Besides, since 2010, Mato has built a solid reputation thanks to his hot remixes of hip-hop classics on Stix Records. Last year he also released “Scary Dub”, which focused on scary movies' soundtracks.


Summer Madness Dub (Album Version)
Inside You Dub
The World Is A Ghetto Dub
Black Market Dub
Caravan Dub
Loran's Dance Dub
Midnight Groove Dub
Maiden Voyage Dub
Cissy Strut Dub
Visions Of A New World Dub

All Nations Records comes back again with a 12" composed and mixed by established sound system and rising producer Agobun out of Lille, France. It features the sweet voice of Jacko, well known by the French sound system followers, here singing in his unique style, about the constant efforts and works that man and woman shall do all their life to be a better person. In a pure sound system tradition, this record comes with two dub cuts and a mesmerizing guitar cut for maximum playability in the dance.


Matt says: Modern sound system pressue from this French talent. Deliciously rootsical yet poised with a modern prowess.


All Life Long
Dub Life
Dub Action (Guitar Cut)
Dub Reaction

Jimmy London

It Ain't Easy Living In The Ghetto

    'It Ain't Easy Living In The Ghetto' 1980

    Produced by Phil Pratt

    Vocals: Jimmy London

    Bass: Aston 'Family Man' Barrett & Robert 'Robbie' Shakespeare

    Drums: Carlton Barrett & Lowell 'Sly' Dunbar

    Lead Guitar: Bertram 'Ranchie' MacLean

    Rhythm Guitar: Radcliffe 'Dougie' Bryan

    Keyboards: Ansell 'Pinkie' Collins & Bobby Kalphat

    Tenor Saxophone: Tommy McCook

    Alto Saxophone: Felix 'Deadly Headley' Bennett

    Trombone: Vincent 'Don D Junior' Gordon

    Percussion: Christopher 'Sky Juice' Blake, Noel 'Scully' Simms & Uzziah 'Sticky' Thompson

    Recorded at: Channel One Recording Studio, 29 Maxfield Avenue, Kingston 13, Jamaica

    Engineers: Ernest Hookim & Oswald 'Ossie' Hibbert


    It Aint Easy
    Rock And Roll Lullaby
    Jimmy Say Hello
    You Know What I Mean
    Running Wild
    Got To Change Your Ways
    Family Man
    Moving On
    Peggy My Love
    Loving You

    The Slickers

    Run Fattie / Hoolla Bulla

      This is a licensed release of the impossibly rare and very much in demand Run Fattie by The Slickers. It was initially released in 1969 on Trojan Records. It has never been released on a single since and it is simply not on sale anymore. This is yet another exciting song that combines Rocksteady harmonies with a mid-tempo early Reggae beat plus rather cryptic lyrics about the poor Fattie running all over town… Cracking! The B-side is a licensed reissue of the very rare 7" vinyl single track Hoola Bulla. It was originally released as the B-side of Run Fattie on the 1969’s 7inch vinyl single and it has never been repressed on 7” until now. This lovely “hot shot” combines an infectious rhythm infused with Caribbean percussions along with sweet group harmonies, an instant and unstoppable hit. A perfect flip for this killer double sider.


      Matt says: Another rare-as-hens-teeth rocksteady double header from 1969 Jamaica. Again, following the genre's development into reggae, these never before reissued tracks are stupendously important figureheads in the history of Jamaican music.


      Run Fattie
      Hoolla Bulla

      Toots & The Maytals


        Reissue of 1997 album on 180 gram RED vinyl by Toots & Maytals

        Lead Vocals: Toots Hibbert

        Background Vocals: Raleigh Gordon, Jerry Matthias

        Guitars: Hux Brown, Carl Harvey, Rad Bryan

        Keyboards: Winston Grennan

        Bass: Jackie JacksonProduced by: Toots Hibbert

        Executive producer on tracks 2,3 & 4 Wayne Chen

        Track 1 produced by Peter Simon

        Mastered by: Dale Ashley at Grace Note Productions


        Back To The Island
        One Eyed Enos
        Judge And The Corporal / Irie
        Woman Liberation
        54-46 That's My Number
        Loving Spirit
        Koo Koo
        Pee Pee Cluck Cluck
        Love Gonna Walk Out On Me
        I See You

        The Versatiles

        Lu-Lu Bell / Long Long Time

          This is a licensed release of the very rare and very much in demand Lu-Lu Bell by The Versatiles. It was initially released in Jamaica in 1969 followed by Amalgamated in the U.K. in 1970. It has never been released on a single since. Only one copy is presently on sale at USD 1200. Beside its rarity and monetary value, this cracking song combines suggestive lyrics with a cheerful call-and-response tune delivered on a frantic rhythm with the chorus strongly reminiscent of Ray Charles’ “What I say”. Rock on! The B-side was originally released as the B side of Lu-Lu Bell on the 1969’s 7inch vinyl single on the Amalgamated label. This song has never been repressed on 7” vinyl until now. This lovely gem is another great example of the popular Rocksteady/Reggae hybrids with its sweet harmonies on top of an infectious Reggae beat. A brilliant B-side and a perfect flip for this killer double sider. Long long time indeed!


          Matt says: Hens-teeth-rare rocksteady from 1969 Jamaica which shows the early development into reggae. The kinda shit collectors would give their right arm for - never before reissued.


          Lu-Lu Bell
          Long Long Time

          Various Artists

          Adrian Sherwood Presents: Dub No Frontiers

            Dub No Frontiers is inspired by and features female vocalists that Adrian Sherwood and the On-U Sound label knew from the UK or had met while travelling around the world. Many of the singers said they felt the dub and reggae arena was a bit of a male preserve and a little intimidating even, so Sherwood decided to invite artistes to perform a song of their choice, all in non-English on his rhythm tracks. Vocalists include Likkle Mai (singing in Japanese), Rita Morar (Hindi), Kerieva (Romani), Neyssatou (Arabic) & Yehaiyahan (Chinese).

            The album is dedicated to the memory of both Ariane ‘Ari Up’ Forster and Lincoln Valentine ‘Style’ Scott with whom the project started.

            Peter Harris’s cover painting of Afeni Shakur Davis sets the visual tone of the record and both the LP and CD come with a 12-page booklet featuring more of his paintings of inspiring women from the world of literature, politics, law, civil rights and medicine, such as Claudia Jones, Flo Kennedy, Barbara Jordan, Claudette Colvin and Mary Seacole.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Yehaiyahan — Love Hurts [3:11]
            2. Likkle Mai — Haste Makes Waste [4:12]
            3. Rita Morar — Meri Awaaz Suno (Hear My Voice) [3:15]
            4. In Temi Oyedele — I Dupe (Thanks Giving) [4:21]
            5. Neyssatou — War [4:15]
            6. Maria Wenda — Okama Werek Halok [3:42]
            7. Kerieva — Chavale [3:52]
            8. JaGodDa — Krysztalowy Aniol (Crystal Angel) [3:57]
            9. Saba Tewelde — Semarulay Daqey [2:36]
            10. Nadya Ostroff DR.NO — Little Cosmonaut [4:31]

            Various Artists

            Soul Jazz Records Presents - Disco Reggae Rockers

              ‘Disco Reggae Rockers’ features wicked reggae disco versions of funk, soul and disco classics.

              This new album follows on from Soul Jazz Records’ earlier highly successful ‘Hustle: Disco Reggae’ and features reggae covers of classic songs by Earth, Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson, The Isley Brothers, Candi Staton, Curtis Mayfield and more, as performed by Derrick Harriott, Devon Russell, Hortense Ellis, Glen Adams, Dave Barker and others.

              The most straightforward definition of ‘Disco Reggae’ is to describe it as American disco and soul songs covered by reggae artists. But the relationship is binary – this is no mere subservient island appreciation of North American dominant culture but instead an example of the interweaving thread of Jamaican and American music that travels back and forth between the major cities of Kingston, London, Toronto, New York, Chicago and Philadelphia.

              TRACK LISTING

              Devon Russell - Move On Up
              Crashers - Flight To Jamaica
              Valerie Harrison - Fool’s Paradise
              Bill Campbell - For The Love Of You
              Risco Connection - It’s My House
              Dave Barker - Glow Of Love
              Derrick Harriott - Caught You In A Lie
              Hortense Ellis - Young Hearts Run Free
              Ed Watson And Brass Circle - Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
              Devon Russell - We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue
              Seventh Extension - Reasons
              Derrick Harriott - Brown Baby
              Ed Watson And Brass Circle - Let’s Groove
              Pete Campbell & The Sunshine Girls - Don’t Let Love Get You Down
              Webby Jay - In The Rain
              Glen Adams Affair - Just A Groove

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