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Atomic City

    Atomic City’, the brand new track from U2, is produced by Jacknife Lee and Steve Lillywhite and comes ahead of the band’s upcoming run of dates at Sphere in Las Vegas. This Limited Edition Photoluminescent Transparent 7’’ Vinyl, includes the original song, alongside an etching on the B-Side.


    Side A: Atomic City
    Side B: Etched

    English Teacher

    The World's Biggest Paving Slab

      The World's Biggest Paving Slab' on limited press 7" vinyl. In words on Lily Fontaine, "“I wrote and recorded the demo in my bedroom in one day, during my final year of university in 2018. Moving to a city for university forced me to reflect on how my experience of growing up in and around Pendle, how witnessing the social, economic and political issues that exist around there in juxtaposition with the beauty of the landscape and the characters that live within in it, has shaped me into the artist and person that I am. These semi-rural stories leak into most of my writing; in particular, this song tackles delusions of grandeur and inferiority from the perspective of a small town’s local celebrities. It’s split into two halves."


      Side A: The World's Biggest Paving Slab
      Side B: The World's Biggest Paving Slab (Demo)

      Yard Act

      The Trenchcoat Museum

        The Trench Coat Museum is  on limited edition black vinyl, signed by no one and definitely not numbered, hand printed, stamped, and comes with no bonus prints, stickers or postcard
        All well and good, but, what does it actually sound like!? Basically  this brand new track feels like something of a step up for this superb band. More propulsive and percussive with dare I say a funkier feel, frontman  James Smith spins a typical yarn about, well......find out for yourselves!

        The A side is a whopping 8 minuts long but flip it over and there's an Arthur Baker ( yes, THE!) remix which makes the whole 12 a most desirable package,, no hand print, poster, sticker or number notwithstanding !!!


        Andy says: A brilliant step forwards for one of our favourite bands Love it!


        A-Side – The Trench Coat Museum
        B-Side – The Trench Coat Museum (Arthur Baker Remix) (!)

        The Last Dinner Party

        Nothing Matters

          The Last Dinner Party present their debut 7" vinyl. Limited to only 1000 copies worldwide, this exclusive release features a stunning debossed cover sleeve and two captivating tracks. From the hauntingly beautiful "Nothing Matters" on the A-side to the ethereal "Prelude to Ecstasy" on the B-side, this record showcases the band's unique sound and undeniable talent. This version won’t be repressed!


          A: Nothing Matters
          B: Prelude To Ecstasy

          Ben Howard

          Is It?

            In March 2022, Ben Howard was sat in his garden when he found himself unable to think clearly, form sentences or speak for almost an hour. A month later, after the same thing happened again, the Ivor Novello Award-winning singer-songwriter learned he’d suffered two TIAs (transient ischemic attacks - known as mini-strokes). “It was out of the blue,” says the 35 year-old. “It was a confusing time.”

            That June, after a month of inconclusive hospital tests Howard and his band returned to Le Manoir de Léon recording studio in south-west France, where they’d previously worked on his acclaimed third album ‘Noonday Dream’.

            “We went in and put down ten songs in ten days, then spent the rest of the year tinkering with them”. The record was produced by Bullion, known for his work on Westerman’s ‘Your Hero Is Not Dead’ and Orlando Weeks ‘Hop Up’. Howard says, “We worked through the heatwave, the air conditioning broke, after what had happened I was so tired in the afternoons that I slept a lot. We just played solidly and slept, they was no time for retrospection”.

            The result is ‘Is It’, a lush, sonically splintered album which captures Howard working through those moments of seismic shift. “I found it impossible not to dwell on the absurdity of it, that with one tiny clot, one can lose all faculties. It really ate into the writing of the record”.

            The songs range from the peaceful quotidian Days of Lantana, to cut up samples and driven beats of Walking Backwards, the formers’ pitched and warped Linda Thompson chorus reminiscent of Malcolm Mclaren´s ‘Madame Butterfly’.

            Moonraker, a song about climbing in the Guadarrama mountains touches on the meditational, while in the cyclical Richmond Avenue Howard talks of shared childhood moments with his father.

            There are colourful, left-field production choices throughout- a staple of Bullion - but with a twist

            “We really bonded over records in the studio” he says. “Nathan has an incredible ear and catalogue of sampled beats and rhythms which quickly became the bedrock…There were contributing factors also. Our mainstay drummer Kyle lives in Seattle and as we made the record on the fly we just leaned into drum-machine world, and really left almost all of that side of things up to Nathan.”

            “We also did a session at Real World Studios and put most of the record through an echoplex”.

            That session featured additional instrumentation from Raven Bush (violin, viola) and Mick Mcgoldrick (flute, Eileen pipes) as well as Howards mainstay band of Mickey Smith (Bass, guitars, percussion) R.D. Thomas (synths, keys, harmonium) and Nat Wason (guitars).

            “It’s actually mostly a guitar record, but there are some nice additions. We bought an old harmonium at the beginning of the trip which made its way onto most tracks. I was very much stuck in stuttered delay and synth led guitar patterns. Mick McGoldrick came in to play on Richmond Ave and straight away played Liam O´Flynn lines from the Mark Knopfler record ‘Cal’ which is a long favourite of mine and a big connection to my Dad who had it on tape. That was a beautiful moment, perhaps one of my favourites moments in the studio ever.”
            “It was a refreshing way to record, unweighted by the past”

            The change is evident on ‘Is It’ - an album which represents a further creative evolution from an artist known for never repeating himself throughout his already-storied career.

            ¨I was so aware of the overwhelming information coming from everything, almost like my brain couldn’t filter what was happening and had to start again. So we just pushed forward, lyrically it seems obvious to me in parts, It’s about sitting there wondering what the hell is going on.”

            Yet with each listen it feels like more than that. A characteristically onion-layered record which rankles like a series of questions, or a series of vignettes throughout Howard´s life, perhaps best distilled in the whirling chorus on ´Spirit´.

            ‘What’s mine anyway?
            My feelings seem to be arranged.
            What´s mine anyway?
            Spirit? Is it?´

            ‘Is It’ stands quite starkly on it’s own, buoyed by the circumstances of its creation. “Just to be playing music in the studio felt like a real privilege and a luxury,” says Howard. “It was probably the best studio session we’ve ever had.”


            TRACK LISTING

            1. Could Not Make It Up
            2. Walking Backwards
            3. Days Of Lantana
            4. Life In The Time Of Captivity
            5. Moonraker
            6. Richmond Avenue
            7. Interim Of Sense
            8. Total Eclipse
            9. Spirit
            10. Little Plant

            Jack Johnson

            In Between Dub

              In March 2020, Jack reached out to Lee “Scratch" Perry to produce a dub remix album based on Jack’s most loved recordings. On 8/29/21 the project was brought to a halt as Scratch departed this physical world. In ‘22 Jack and Subatomic Sound System, Perry’s band of the last decade, connected directly and discovered they had all the pieces to bring Lee “Scratch” Perry’s 3 creations to completion. The LP also features dubs from Dennis Bovell, Scientist, Mad Professor, Nightmares on Wax & more.


              The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte

                The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte marks Sparks’ first release on the venerable Island Records label in close to five decades, following such classics as 1974’s landmark Kimono My House, highlighted of course by the indelible hit single ‘This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us’. The new album is described by Ron and Russell Mael as a record that is “as bold and uncompromising as anything we did back then or, for that matter, anytime throughout our career.”

                The album includes such instantly intriguing new musical vignettes as ‘Mona Lisa’s Packing, Leaving Late Tonight’ and ‘Nothing Is As Good As They Say It Is’, songs which once again display Sparks’ seemingly ceaseless ability to craft complete, intricately detailed stories within perfect three-and-a-half minute pop masterpieces. Both characteristically timeless and unequivocally modern, The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte once again affirms that, after more than a half century making such masterpieces, Sparks remain inimitable, ingenious and, as ever, utterly one of a kind. 

                STAFF COMMENTS

                Barry says: The sound of Sparks is uniquely theirs, bold pop chorus' and snappy vocal hooks, blooming from subtle and minimalistic to grand and orchestral without batting an eyelid. The title track is particularly enjoyable, showing both innovative groove and classic, Sparks melodies.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte
                2. Veronica Lake
                3. Nothing Is As Good As They Say It Is
                4. Escalator
                5. The Mona Lisa's Packing, Leaving Late Tonight
                6. You Were Meant For Me
                7. Not That Well-Defined
                8. We Go Dancing
                9. When You Leave
                10. Take Me For A Ride
                11. A Love Story
                12. It's Sunny Today
                13. It Doesn't Have To Be That Way
                14. Gee, That Was Fun

                Easy Life

                Live From Abbey Road Studios (RSD23 EDITION)


                  Beautiful 4 track picture disc recorded in studio 2 of Abbey Road as part of their spectacular immersive visual world performance event for the launch of their new album Maybe In Another Life on 7th October 2022. It features Growing Pains, Basement, Memory Loss and Fortune Cookie

                  Yard Act

                  100% Endurance (Elton John Version) (RSD23 EDITION)



                    Limited Edition Orange 7”, exclusive to Record Store Day. Featuring Elton John. B-side features Yard Act’s cover of Tiny Dancer


                    Songs Of Surrender

                      Including ‘One’, ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’, & ‘Pride (In The Name Of Love)’. 

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      Martin says: I'm famously a massive fan of U2, and this epic collection sees them reworking (upcycling?) tons of their older tracks, but stripped back to a reasonably unadorned core instrumental skeleton. Once again, a clear sign of a band still in control of their craft.

                      Nia Archives

                      Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against Tha Wall

                        Following an unforgettable and era defining “Summer of Jungle” that saw Nia Archives playing all over the world from All Points East to Glastonbury, Los Angeles to New York, Rio De Janeiro to Australia, this rising star continues to command the unwavering attention of the UK scene with her first solo single since the breakout EP Forbidden Feelingz, “Baianá”. Most recently off the back of her record breaking debut Boiler Room, she continues to reframe the jungle narrative on “So Tell Me...”, a warm and utterly timeless jungle roller that speaks volumes on Nia’s incredible talent not only as a producer but as a vocalist and songwriter. Having been given the seal of approval from Rolling Stone, NME, TheFace, Danny Howard (TOTW), Jack Saunders (TOTW), Zane Lowe, Mary Anne Hobbs, Matt Wilkinson and more.

                        An artist on the rise and poised to soon be one of the world’s most recognisable names, in the last year alone, Nia has won a MOBO award for ‘Best Electronic/Dance Act’, the NME Award for ‘Best Producer’, been hotly tipped by BBC Radio 1 Dance as a ‘Future Star’ and Spotify as their ‘Our Generation’ cover star. With additional accolades such as #3 in the BBC Sound of 2023 Poll and a Brit nomination for the ‘Rising Star award’. Alongside her cover debut on one of the world’s most prestigious dance music publications, Mixmag, Nia Archives has been given the seal of approval from tastemakers across the board from British Vogue, Pitchfork, The Fader, i-D and CRACK.

                        Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against The Wall is that feeling when you’ve been at a afters and you’re in someone’s kitchen, all these thoughts running through your head, the sun comes up and it’s the most disgusting feeling ever with an element of bliss at the same time, all you wanna do is bang your head against the wall and teleport home.

                        Across the EP Nia is broadly talking about growing up as a person, reaching new levels of maturity, love and loss, rejection, estrangement, the come up and the come down. Nia says that “It’s the most exciting project I’ve made yet and It’s window into the future and the kind of artist I want to become. It’s six tracks with six different moods soundtracking the recent chapter in my life.”

                        The Lathums

                        From Nothing To A Little Bit More

                          Having lived their rollercoaster ride to the top of the charts and main stages inside just two years, The Lathums state their intentions to supercharge their continued rise with the release of 'Say My Name'.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Struggle
                          2. Say My Name
                          3. I Know Pt. 1
                          4. Lucky Bean
                          5. Facets
                          6. Rise And Fall
                          7. Sad Face Baby
                          8. Turmoil
                          9. Land And Sky
                          10. Crying Out
                          11. Understanding

                          Sports Team


                            Second studio album via Island Records.

                            Signposting a bold and ambitious new era for the band, Sports Team explain that ‘R Entertainment’ explores “The packaging down of all human experience into entertainment, prompted by the infinite scroll through social feeds and the manic formlessness of the images we are hit with every day. Graphic news interrupted by ads for season 17 of The Bodyguard, news as a rubbernecking, passively waiting for the next drop of horror as we flick through recipes.”

                            Sports Team are Alex Rice (lead vocals), Rob Knaggs (rhythm guitar + vocals), Henry Young (lead guitar), Oli Dewdney (bass), Al Greenwood (drums) and Ben Mack (keyboard + percussion). Formed in 2016, the band released two EPs Winter Nets and Keep Walking! before sharing their debut album Deep Down Happy in June 2020 to widespread critical acclaim, praised by The Times for their “indomitable spirit and a refusal to take things too seriously” and The Guardian for their “sharply observational lyrics skewering the mores of suburbia”.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            The Game
                            The Drop
                            Cool It Kid
                            R Entertainment
                            Kool Aid
                            Getting Better
                            Light Industry

                            Easy Life

                            Life's A Beach

                              easy life have today announced details of their much-anticipated debut album ‘life’s a beach’, which will be released on Island Records on May 28th. The record is introduced by its powerful opening track ‘a message to myself’, and includes standout singles ‘nightmares’, ‘daydreams’, and more future-classics from the Leicester five-piece; who have already charted in the top 10 (on the ‘Junk Food’ mixtape), won ‘Best New British Act’ at the 2020 NME Awards, and amassed a huge live audience around the world with their unique brand of optimism !

                              The leaders of the pack" NME
                              “Properly original, easy life slide into your consciousness and immediately put down roots” Sunday Times
                              “Imagine what would happen if Alex Turner, Kaytranada and Loyle Carner collaborated, and you’ll get something fairly close to easy life’s indefinable sound” GQ
                              "Vibey, laidback...comically surreal" Fader
                              "One of the most buzzed about bands...undisputed bops" Wonderland. 

                              TRACK LISTING

                              A Message To Myself
                              Have A Great Day
                              Ocean View
                              Life’s A Beach (interlude)
                              Living Strange
                              Music To Walk Home To

                              Disclosure are brothers Guy & Howard Lawrence. This year marks 10 years since they released their debut single ‘Offline Dexterity’. In that decade (they are still only 28 and 25 respectively) they have released two number 1 albums (‘Settle’ 2013 & ‘Caracal’ in 2015) and clocked up 4.5 billion streams, 4.5 million album sales, sold 500k tickets to their headline shows and topped festival bills all over the world (including the Other Stage at Glastonbury) – something they do with ease whilst also enjoying playing to packed out sweaty clubs whenever they can. They have been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, BRITs and five Grammy’s.

                              ‘Caracal’ is a muscular and nuanced record, with a depth to it that will pin it to the canon of dance music history. It’s crunchy and gets under your skin. A proper album album, you might say. A number of exciting collaborator names appear on ‘Caracal’ including The Weeknd, Sam Smith, Lorde, Miguel , Gregory Porter , Nao, Lion Babe, Kwabs , Jordan Rakei & Brendan Riley. . These guest features sit perfectly alongside ‘Jaded’, ‘Echoes’ and ‘Molocules’ which are written and performed by Howard Lawrence himself. 

                              TRACK LISTING

                              Disc 1 - Side A

                              Nocturnal (ft. The Weeknd)
                              Omen (ft. Sam Smith)
                              Holding On (ft. Gregory Porter)

                              Disc 1 - Side B

                              Hourglass (ft. LION BABE)
                              Willing & Able (ft. Kwabs)
                              Magnets (ft. Lorde)

                              Disc 2 - Side A

                              Good Intentions (ft. Miguel)
                              Superego (ft. Nao)
                              Masterpiece (ft. Jordon Rakei)

                              Disc 2 - Side B

                              Moving Mountains (ft. Brendan Reilly)

                              Sports Team

                              Deep Down Happy - Picture Disc Three

                                LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                “Recalling the rambunctious spirit of Blur and Pulp”, Sports Team’s raucous debut, Deep Down Happy, has been making waves in the indie guitar scene since its release this June. The album (featuring singles ‘Here It Comes Again’ and ‘Here’s The Thing’) has already been named one of the Official Top 10 biggest debuts of 2020, and is now available to experience for the first time on picture disc. There are three unique versions of the picture disc to collect, designed exclusively for Record Store Day 2020.

                                PJ Harvey

                                To Bring You My Love - Demos

                                  10 track collection of previously unreleased demos of all songs from the third studio album by PJ Harvey – To Bring You My Love – from 1995. Includes demo versions of the singles ‘Down By The Water’, ‘C’mon Billy’ and ‘Send His Love To Me’. Audio has been mastered by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering under the guidance of longtime PJ Harvey collaborator John Parish. Features brand new artwork with previously unseen photos by Maria Mochnacz.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  Side A
                                  To Bring You My Love - Demo
                                  Meet Ze Monsta - Demo
                                  Working For The Man - Demo
                                  C’mon Billy - Demo
                                  Teclo - Demo

                                  Side B
                                  Long Snake Moan - Demo
                                  Down By The Water - Demo
                                  I Think I’m A Mother - Demo
                                  Send His Love To Me - Demo
                                  The Dancer - Demo

                                  To Bring You My Love - Demo
                                  Meet Ze Monsta - Demo
                                  Working For The Man - Demo
                                  C’mon Billy - Demo
                                  Teclo - Demo
                                  Long Snake Moan - Demo
                                  Down By The Water - Demo
                                  I Think I’m A Mother - Demo
                                  Send His Love To Me - Demo
                                  The Dancer - Demo

                                  PJ Harvey

                                  4-Track Demos - Vinyl Reissue

                                    Vinyl reissue of 1993 collection of demos written and recorded at Polly Harvey’s home in 1991-1992.

                                    It includes eight demos of songs from the album, Rid of Me, released earlier in that year along with six demos of additional songs.

                                    Reissue is faithful to the original package, with vinyl cutting by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    A1 Rid Of Me 3:42
                                    A2 Legs 3:47
                                    A3 Reeling 2:59
                                    A4 Snake 1:56
                                    A5 Hook 4:31
                                    A6 50FT Queenie 2:48
                                    A7 Driving 2:38

                                    B1 Ecstasy 2:56
                                    B2 Hardly Wait 2:48
                                    B3 Rub 'Til It Bleeds 5:10
                                    B4 Easy 3:16
                                    B5 M-Bike 2:43
                                    B6 Yuri-G 3:53
                                    B7 Goodnight 4:17

                                    11 track collection of demos of all songs from the debut studio album Dry by PJ Harvey, available for the first time since 1992, and previously unreleased as a standalone album.

                                    Features brand new artwork with previously unseen photos by Maria Mochnacz.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    Side A
                                    Oh My Lover (Demo)
                                    O Stella (Demo)
                                    Dress (Demo)
                                    Victory (Demo)
                                    Happy And Bleeding (Demo)

                                    Side B
                                    Sheela-Na-Gig (Demo)
                                    Hair (Demo)
                                    Joe (Demo)
                                    Plants And Rags (Demo)
                                    Fountain (Demo)
                                    Water (Demo)

                                    Sports Team

                                    Deep Down Happy

                                      Here’s the thing…Sports Team are a band of six singular characters who have been variously described as one of the most raucous, electrifying and chaotic acts in the UK. Today the band announce their debut album Deep Down Happy. The highly anticipated record, out on 3rd April, follows the acclaimed EPs, Winter Nets and Keep Walking!, and is their first release on the legendary Island Records label.

                                      Sports Team came up on the back of word of mouth live hype, drawing round the block queues to chaotic early gigs at The Five Bells and Moth Club before releasing any music. Recording their first EP (Winter Nets) in a converted Timberyard in Hammersmith, the band have consistently set themselves apart from the acts they came up playing with, showing an intoxicating ambition, and their debut album Deep Down Happy, looks set to deliver on all bold claims, and confirm their place at the head of a group of young guitar acts.

                                      Talking about the record charismatic frontman Alex Rice says: “I don’t think we were conscious of doing it but the album maps the journey of moving in together in Harlesden, moving back to home towns to sleep on floors for 18 months, then coming back to London, weighing up whether being in a band with your mates, being young in London is still the best thing in the world. I think it probably is.”

                                      STAFF COMMENTS

                                      Darryl says: Ace raucous indie-pop, London based six-piece Sports Team finally release their debut album after a plethora of singles, and it doesn't disappoint. Spiky indie guitars, furious driving rhythms and off-kilter melodies.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Here It Comes Again
                                      Going Soft
                                      Camel Crew
                                      Long Hot Summer
                                      Feels Like Fun
                                      Here’s The Thing
                                      The Races
                                      Born Sugar
                                      Stations Of The Cross



                                        The sprawling 25-track affair features unreleased Michael Jackson vocals on the track "Don't Matter To Me," a song which appears to be built around previously unreleased music: Paul Anka is listed as a co-writer on the track. Scorpion also included appearances from Static Major, TY Dollah $ign and Jay Z. On "That's How You Feel," Drake samples Nicki Minaj's song "Boss Ass Bitch" and Future appears on "Blue Tint." No I.D., DJ Premier, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Tay Keith, Boi-1da, and Murda Beatz are among the producers credited on the album.

                                        Spring King’s second album. A Better Life is both a stunning evolution from their 2016 debut, Tell Me If You Like To, and a primal, joyous, generational demand for no less than a better world. For the first time in their six-year existence, the Manchester four-piece have fully collaborated, a band no longer looking to the talismanic Tarek Musa (vocals/drums) for the central sound. A thundering procession of party-hard anthems from the newly invigorated, sonic northern powerhouse!

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        Barry says: It's a pretty good week for the punk revival isn't it? First with Idles' second outing and now this sleek thumper from Macc's own Spring King. Snapping snare drums and roaring overdrive pedals overlaid with two-part harmonies bound to get even the most staunch of heads bobbing. Brimming with attitude and the skills to back it up.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        1. Static - Intro
                                        2. Animal
                                        3. Ready For War
                                        4. Let's Drink
                                        5. Paranoid
                                        6. The Hum
                                        7. Lightning - Interlude
                                        8. Us Vs. Them
                                        9. Echo Chamber
                                        10. No More
                                        11. Radioactive!
                                        12. Have You Ever Looked Up Into The Sky?
                                        13. Thicker Skin
                                        14. Thunder



                                          Enter, Aquilo.

                                          The duo Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher share their debut album 'Silhouettes'. From the outset, the title track is a resplendent and delicate balance of bass, strings and angelic sweeps, constructing harmonic monoliths before breaking them down into their constituent parts. It is this sort of constructive insight that changes the tracks from their individually stunning building blocks into a breathing lenticular construction, layered, deep and multi-dimensional. 

                                          'Almost Over' begins with a stunning organic synth swell, before being joined by pitch perfect vocals and a softly tickled piano riff, adding weight to the airy and inauspicious beginnings before blooming into a full-force orchestral odyssey. 

                                          'Never Seen You Get So Low' beginning with the words 'Slow Down' is perhaps the most apropriate beginning for a piece wholly constructed from 80bpm beats, gloriously emotive Rhodes and two-part harmonies. A graceful and triumphantly constructed slice of hopeful melancholic writing, and following this with the stunning  'Low Light' ; Shining delayed guitars and throbbing bass, topped with heavenly vocal refrains and soaring arepggios. 

                                          As the album moves on, it becomes clear that Higham and Fletcher have a delicate and unique sound, mournfully visceral, triumphantly hopeful and resolutely beautiful. 

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          Barry says: A beautiful collection of delicately balanced instrumentation, mournful but hopeful vocals and heart-wrenching orchestral interludes. A brilliant introduction, and a band to watch out for.



                                            Life as and RnB revelation, hip hop saviour and meme sensation can get pretty tough, and our man Aubrey isn't afraid to admit that. His fourth album finds him in peerless form, switching effortlessly between the lovelorn balladeer, blinged up hustler and laid back superstar. Laying his smooth, soulful and ever so slightly robotic flow over production from 40, Nineteen85, Maneesh Bidaye, Kanye West and Jordan Ullman, Drake topped the chart for the majority of the year, working his way into everyone's ears with the Timmy Thomas sampling "Hotline Bling". 

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            A1. Keep The Family Close
                                            A2. 9
                                            A3. U With Me?
                                            A4. Feel No Ways
                                            A5. Hype
                                            B1. Weston Road Flows
                                            B2. Redemption
                                            B3. With You FT. Partynextdoor
                                            B4. Faithful Ft. Pimp C & DVSN
                                            B5. Still Here
                                            C1. Controlla
                                            C2. One Dance Ft. Wizkid & Kyla
                                            C3. Grammys Ft Future
                                            C4. Childs Play
                                            C5. Pop Style
                                            D1. Too Good Ft. Rihanna
                                            D2. Summers Over Interlude
                                            D3. Fire & Desire
                                            D4. Views
                                            D5. Hotline Bling (Bonus)

                                            Beach Baby

                                            No Mind No Money

                                              Beach Baby will release their much-anticipated debut album, 'No Mind No Money', on September 2nd. The band will be supporting Beaty Heart around the US in September, before playing their own series of headline dates across Europe Additional festival slots are still to come at Reading & Leeds and Festival Number 6, with across-the-board support at Radio 1, 6Music, Radio X and Spotify. Captured vividly across ‘No Mind No Money’, London four-piece Beach Baby have built up a tightly-sealed, vaguely surreal world of their own. Beach Baby’s touchstones have now evolved to include seminal acts on both sides of the Atlantic –from Parquet Courts and Mac DeMarco to Ariel Pink and cult lo-fi artist Cleaners From Venus. They each supported themselves throughout this creatively-intense period with make-ends-meet jobs, which included working in burger joints, ‘charity muggers', and - in perhaps the oddest of odd jobs - working as a script reader for production companies like Icon.

                                              The aptly-titled ‘No Mind No Money’ touches frequently on those less-glamorous uncertainties of post-campus life: apathy, escapism, and the distance between your own future and the iconic bands or movies you grew up on. “One of the best new bands in Britain” Sunday Times Breaking Act. “Make no mistake, Beach Baby have every means of triumphing in the big leagues” DIY. “Captures the best of several genres – post-punk, baggy, shoe gaze, grunge –without sounding like a mess” Guardian. “That aching, inexplicable magic of college innocence is all here” Stereogum. “You’ll fall for this London foursome” i-D

                                              Spring King

                                              The Summer

                                                After years of hard graft, releasing a number of thunderous and catchy songs, and constant touring supporting the likes of Slaves, Wolf Alice and Courtney Barnett, Spring King’s journey has only just begun as they release their debut album Tell Me If You Like To.

                                                The new album was recorded and produced by lead singer, drummer and songwriter, Tarek Musa. It features their breakthrough track City, energetic single Rectifier, and this, their newest release The Summer which showcases the band’s ability to pen huge festival-worthy anthems.

                                                Spring King

                                                Tell Me If You Like To

                                                ASK IN STORE ABOUT OUR EXCLUSIVE TICKET BUNDLE PREORDER OFFER!!!

                                                Whipping up a frenetic, fun-filled brew of surf pop and garage rock, this Manchester quartet have been creating quite a stir with a handful of great 7" singles and high octane live shows over the last few months.

                                                "Tell Me If You Like To", is their debut album and it's choc full of garage-punk gems (including their three 7" single tracks) as you'd expect - think The Ramones covering The Beach Boys, OD-ing on Haribo's!
                                                "the most promising band of 2016" (NME)

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                Barry says: Rousing and anthemic rock from the sunny shores of Manchester. Gnarly hooks and 3-part harmonies permeate the churning rhythm section. Pounding, triumphant punk-tinged rock and roll. A superb outing from Spring King, and if only an insight into what's to come, a bright future is ahead. Great stuff.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                1. City
                                                2. Detroit
                                                3. Who Are You?
                                                4. It's So Dark
                                                5. Take Me Away
                                                6. Demons
                                                7. Rectifier
                                                8. Tell Me If You Like To
                                                9. The Summer
                                                10. Heaven

                                                Bonus Tracks - Deluxe CD Only
                                                11. Let's Ride
                                                12. Better Man
                                                13. Mumma
                                                14. They're Coming After You
                                                15. Let's Ride - Live At Maida Vale

                                                Taking the boom of British bass culture and marrying it to the sweet slickness of classic American R&B, AlunaGeorge - aka Aluna Francis and producer George Reid - drop their eagerly awaited debut album ‘Body Music’.

                                                If you fell in love with the duo after 'You Know You Like It' on underground imprint Tri Angle, then you'll also love 'Body Music'. Citing the Neptunes and Timbaland as influences, AlunaGeorge producer Reid also packs the duo's sound with UKG (fresh from their 'White Noise' Disclosure smash), footwork and electro-pop touches, creating the perfect backing for Francis's sweet and saccharine Aaliyah-meets-Lily Allen style vox.

                                                Like Disclosure's 'Settle', 'Body Music' is packed with catchy choruses and big pop hooks, providing us with an antidote to the X-Factor balladeer blandness and electro-brostep-folk nonsene that's clogging up the charts at the moment. A joy!

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                1. Outlines
                                                2. You Know You Like It
                                                3. Attracting Flies
                                                4. Your Drums, Your Love
                                                5. Kaleidoscope Love
                                                6. Bad Idea
                                                7. Diver
                                                8. Lost & Found
                                                9. Best Be Believing
                                                10. Superstar
                                                11. Just A Touch
                                                12. Body Music
                                                13. Friends To Lovers
                                                14. This Is How We Do It

                                                Mumford & Sons


                                                  The waist-coat loving quartet are back with their second studio album.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  1. Babel
                                                  2. Whispers In The Dark
                                                  3. I Will Wait
                                                  4. Holland Road
                                                  5. Ghosts That We Knew
                                                  6. Lover Of The Light
                                                  7. Lovers Eyes
                                                  8. Reminder
                                                  9. Hopeless Wanderer
                                                  10. Broken Crown
                                                  11. Below My Feet
                                                  12. Not With Haste

                                                  Of Monsters and Men began as the solo project of Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir however it quickly grew with the additions of friends Ragnar “Raggi” Þórhallsson (co-singer/guitarist), Brynjar Leifsson (guitarist), Arnar Rósenkranz Hilmarsson (drummer), Árni Guðjónsson (piano/accordion player) and Kristján Páll Kristjánsson (bassist)

                                                  Crafting epic songs inspired by their amazing homeland, fairy tales and personal history, the band went from battle of the bands winners to the breakthrough act at this year’s Iceland Airwaves and SXSW festival. The bands self-released, first single ‘Little Talks’ to date has sold an impressive 400,000 copies and received 3 million views on YouTube.

                                                  Of Monsters and Men continue to make waves among fans and tastemakers alike. ‘My Head is an Animal’ has already enjoyed huge success in Iceland and Europe. Mirroring that feat in America ‘My Head is an Animal’ entered the iTunes alternative chart at #1 and album chart at #2 however went on to top the album charts one week later. And in Germany the album debuted at #4 on their official album chart.

                                                  Along with a penchant for crafting rising epic pop numbers ‘My Head is an Animal’ has beautifully delicate moments and signal a fully-fledged band destined to win the hearts of musical lovers worldwide.

                                                  STAFF COMMENTS

                                                  Ryan says: A stern bit of icelandic pop right here, it's a bit folky but they manage to turn humble folk into a collection of sing-out-loud anthems. It's brilliant!

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  1. Dirty Paws
                                                  2. King And Lionheart
                                                  3.Mountain Sound
                                                  Slow And Steady
                                                  5.From Finner
                                                  6. Little Talks
                                                  7. Six Weeks
                                                  8. Love Love Love
                                                  9. Your Bones
                                                  10. Sloom
                                                  11. Lakehouse
                                                  12. Yellow Light

                                                  Love her or hate her, you can't deny that La Roux has come up with some super-catchy electro-pop tunes this year. "Quicksand" is another one that's sure to make a run up the charts. With snapping 80s electro-dance beats, a dirty bassline and a big hooky chorus, this has 'hit' written all over it.

                                                  The Rumble Strips

                                                  Welcome To The Walk Alone

                                                  The Tavistock five piece return with their second album, recorded and produced in New York by none other than Mark Ronson. "Welcome To The Walk Alone" shows the Rumble Strips in a much more widescreen light than their previous offering with parping brass toned down and the FILMharmonic orchestra of Prague drafted in by Owen Pallet (The Arcade Fire, Final Fantasy) to fill this album with incredible cineramic textures and epic arrangements.

                                                  The Rumble Strips


                                                  Taken from The Rumble Strips forthcoming album "Welcome To The Walk Alone". This song has been a staple of the band's live sets over the last 12 months. Produced by Mark Ronson and arranged by Owen Pallet.



                                                    Hot on the heels of 1997's "Portishead" album, "Third" has a lot to prove in order to reclaim fans of "Dummy" 14 years down the line. The last 10 years seems to have been well spent amassing a whole new trove of influences to draw upon, making sense of their choice of acts at the All Tomorrow's Parties weekend. Boris, Ladytron, Kling Klang and Om have replaced valium-slow Isaac Hayes samples and vinyl scratching as reference points this time around, while primitive synthesizers and Adrian Utleys' take on the US drone rock movement dominate on many tracks. Lead single, "Machine Gun" is something of a curveball, taking no prisoners with its' juddering avant-electro update of "Blue Monday"'s drum pattern before the mood settles with the introduction of chanteuse Beth Gibbons. For those who enjoyed the Beth Gibbons "Out Of Season" album from 2002, there are similar forays into chilly nu-folk. While there's little point in wondering whether this will have the same impact as either of its predecessors, one thing is for certain, they haven't let the grass grow under their feet.

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    Silence 5:01
                                                    Hunter 3:59
                                                    Nylon Smile 3:20
                                                    The Rip 4:31
                                                    Plastic 3:31
                                                    We Carry On 6:28
                                                    Deep Water 1:33
                                                    Machine Gun 4:46
                                                    Small 6:47
                                                    Magic Doors 3:32
                                                    Threads 5:48

                                                    Rogue Wave

                                                    Like I Need

                                                      Scooping glorious chunks out of their own 'Bay Area' harmonies with addictively wilful grooves of chiming guitar, bass and drums, Rogue Wave lay down the blueprint for forthcoming album "Asleep At Heaven's Gate", on this 7" single.

                                                      PJ Harvey

                                                      Rid Of Me

                                                        "Rid Of Me" was PJ Harvey's second album, circa 1993, but her first for major label Island. The set features the same line-up as the "Dry" sessions (Polly doing vocals, guitar, violin, cello and organ, Stephen Vaughan on bass and Robert Ellis on drums, vocals and harmonium), but the extra money shows in the much slicker production to the album's predecessor. Recorded by Steve Albini, this forceful sophomore effort veers from hoarsely quiet to ferociously looming in one beat.

                                                        Nine Inch Nails


                                                          This is very much a complimentary release to the critically acclaimed "Year Zero" and the latest remix album from Trent Reznor since his last effort, 2000's "Things Fall Apart". This time around Reznor 'reached out to heroes, friends and strangers' whos efforts are compiled on these releases. Remixes are of tracks taken from the "Year Zero" album and featured remixers include Phones (Paul Epworth), Ladytron and Stephen Morris (Joy Division/New Order).

                                                          Nine Black Alps

                                                          Bitter End

                                                            New single from the Manchester based rockers Nine Black Alps. Taken from their forthcoming album "Love Hate"; "Bitter End" is a powerful yet melodic three-minute pop song drawing influences from the likes of The Lemonheads, Nirvana and Blind Melon.


                                                            BBC Sessions

                                                              After self-releasing several well-received singles, Tindersticks became darlings of the mainstream British and alternative American press with the 1993 release of their eponymously titled debut album. Moving from classically-tinged ballads, chaotic rockers with plenty of cacophonous dissonance, and simple, yet captivating pop gems, the band proved that an album with twenty songs could maintain a consistent vision without becoming repetitive. Where their contemporaries were often direct and to the point, Tindersticks were obtuse and leisurely, crafting dense, difficult songs layered with literary lyrics, intertwining melodies, mumbling vocals, and gently melancholy orchestrations. Essentially, the group filtered the dark romanticism of Leonard Cohen, Ian Curtis, and Scott Walker as filtered through the bizarre pop songcraft of Lee Hazlewood and the aesthetics of indie rock and with each successive record, the band upped the orchestral ante without compromising melody, subtlety or mood. This double CD contains 25 of their BBC In Session recordings made between 1993-1997, selected by the band. The artwork was designed by Stuart Staples and sleeve notes written by David Boulter.

                                                              Josh Pyke

                                                              Middle Of The Hill

                                                                Debut UK release from Australian singer-songwriter Josh Pyke. "Middle Of The Hill" is a rather lovely rambling pop song, with an endless stream of cute, funny story-telling lyrics about his childhood, that Josh reels of hardly pausing for breath.

                                                                Luke Toms

                                                                Peace By Myself

                                                                  Whether or not you believe he was raised by pheasants following his birth in 1904 as his Myspace page purports, a glimpse of the refined, debonair and charismatic Luke Toms leads you to think he may just believe it himself. Equally influenced by Hercule Poirot (moustache, pre war fascination) as Freddy Mercury (moustache, consummate showman) and with a Bowie-esque performance on this hazily rich new single "Peace By Myself", Toms really is quite unlike any other singer songwriter in the UK today.

                                                                  Nine Inch Nails

                                                                  Year Zero

                                                                    "Year Zero" (also known as "Halo 24") is the title of this brand new studio album comprising of 16 tracks. This is a concept album (part 1 of 2) that is set some 15 years in the future. In short, it is a vision of the future, a cautionary tale of a world we could be living in if current world events stay on the path we are set on. The album was written and performed largely on a laptop during the "With Teeth" 2005/6 tour, produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, mixed by Alan Moulder and mastered by Brian 'Big Bass' Gardner.

                                                                    Scott Matthews

                                                                    Passing Stranger

                                                                      Another stunning single taken from the album of the same name. Delicate guitars and a gorgeous voice that's part Jeff Buckley, part John Martyn and part Elliott Smith.

                                                                      Amy Winehouse

                                                                      Back To Black

                                                                        Three years on from her debut "Frank" and all the acclaim she got back then, 2006 sees Amy Winehouse back at the centre of media attention with its follow up, and especially inspirational new single "Rehab" which kicks things off here too. Bracketed in with the nu-soul singers back then, Amy always had more of a jazz edge to her songs, and especially her voice which sounded like it should be coming from a 50-year-old black American singer, not a skinny white Londoner. With "Back To Black" she takes a trawl through the sound of 60s soul, girl group pop and the kind of laid back torch song crooning favoured by the mafioso of old, all given a totally modern twist by her smart confessional lyrics. This all comes backed by The Dap-Kings and features lush orchestration too, with production by Mark Ronson and Salaam Remi. ESSENTIAL!!!

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        Rehab 3:34
                                                                        You Know I'm No Good 4:17
                                                                        Me And Mr Jones 2:33
                                                                        Just Friends 3:13
                                                                        Back To Black 4:01
                                                                        Love Is A Losing Game 2:35
                                                                        Tears Dry On Their Own 3:06
                                                                        Wake Up Alone 3:42
                                                                        Some Unholy War 2:22
                                                                        He Can Only Hold Her 2:46
                                                                        Addicted 2:45

                                                                        DJ Shadow

                                                                        The Outsider

                                                                          Called "The Outsider" beccause he has never fitted into any particular clique, DJ Shadow's new album is eclectic as ever. There's songs with samples and songs with no samples. There's very dark stuff and very light stuff. Fast and slow. Simple and complicated. Vocal and instrumental. Hip hop, blues, crunk, soul, hardcore punk, psyche, breaks - it's all here, making for another satisfying stew of sounds. Guest vocalists include Kasabian's Sergio Pizzorno & Christopher Karloff, Q-Tip & Lateef The Truth Speaker, The Heliocentrics (Malcolm Catto and pals), Chris James (Stateless), David Banner, Christina Carter (Charalambides), Phonte Coleman (Little Brother) and many more.


                                                                          Is It Any Wonder

                                                                            The first single to be taken from their "Under The Iron Sea" LP.

                                                                            John Martyn

                                                                            London Conversation - Remastered

                                                                              John's debut solo album from 1967 has been digitally remastered from the original master tapes and now comes complete with the previously unreleased bonus track "She Moved Through The Fair". The enhanced booklet also contains sleevenotes by John Hillarby.

                                                                              Nine Black Alps

                                                                              Everything Is

                                                                                Nine Black Alps release at last their hugely anticipated debut album. The product of their LA recording sessions with Beck and Elliot Smith producer Rob Schnapf, "Everything Is" includes their long deleted debut single "Cosmopolitan" along with recent singles "Shot Down" and "Not Everyone".

                                                                                Having already gained an underground following with his US releases on Hollywood Basic, his own Solesides label and via the ultra-hip Mo' Wax imprint, the arrival of the 1995 recorded (hence the tenth anniversary deluxe edition reissue) and 1996 released "Endtroducing..." saw DJ Shadow gain plaudits across the globe. With his crate diggers magpie-like sample finding ability, Shadow took hip hop's blueprint of building breaks from old records to another level, creating an often psychedelic, tripped-out, but still funky selection of instrumental tracks that totally reinvigorated the 'trip hop' scene and inspired many artists who followed. Our (and so many others') record of the year for 1996, "Endtroducing..." still sounds as fresh as ever in 2005!

                                                                                Fairport Convention

                                                                                "Babbacombe" Lee

                                                                                  Digitally remastered with bonus tracks, "Farewell To A Poor Man's Son" and "Breakfast In Mayfair", enhanced packaging and extra sleeve notes.

                                                                                  Nick Drake

                                                                                  Pink Moon

                                                                                    His third and final studio album is a fittingly stark and sombre collection of songs, featuring just guitar and voice (bar a piano on one track). Shorn of the usual lavish arrangements, the songs lose none of their lustre, instead the songs themselves are pushed to the fore. A magnificent swansong.

                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                    Pink Moon
                                                                                    Place To Be
                                                                                    Which Will
                                                                                    Things Behind The Sun
                                                                                    Free Ride
                                                                                    Harvest Breed
                                                                                    From The Morning

                                                                                    The Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster

                                                                                    I Could Be An Angle

                                                                                      The second single to be taken from the eagerly anticipated second album by Brighton's finest.

                                                                                      Nick Drake

                                                                                      Five Leaves Left

                                                                                        This 1970 debut is surely one of the most accomplished in pop history, marking the young singer songwriter out as more than another folkie. Jazzy instrumentation and sweeping string arrangements give the record a sumptuous feel that is undermined by the brooding melancholy of "Fruit Tree", "Way To Blue" and the haunting, magisterial "River Man". A classic that has reached such disparate souls as Elliott Smith, Paul Weller, Terry Callier and Gilles Peterson.

                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                        Time Has Told Me 3:56
                                                                                        River Man 4:28
                                                                                        Three Hours 6:01
                                                                                        Day Is Done 2:22
                                                                                        Way To Blue 3:05
                                                                                        'Cello Song 3:58
                                                                                        The Thoughts Of Mary Jane 3:12
                                                                                        Man In A Shed 3:49
                                                                                        Fruit Tree 4:42
                                                                                        Saturday Sun 4:00


                                                                                        The Story Of Simon Simopath

                                                                                          The classic 60s group Nirvana get the remastered treatment with bonus material and enhanced packaging.


                                                                                          To Markos III

                                                                                            First time on CD, this classic 60s group's rare third album is remastered with enhanced packaging.

                                                                                            Fairport Convention

                                                                                            What We Did On Our Holidays

                                                                                              Fairport Convention are rightly regarded as the greatest band to originate from the British folk rock scene of the 60s. Over the course of their first three albums they shaped a new, unique style by drawing on traditional folk tunes and contemporary American songs as well as the songwriting talents of Richard Thompson, Ashley Hutchings, Simon Nicol and Ian Matthews. A crucial change had taken place since the release of their debut album when Alexandra Elene MacLean Denny (known as Sandy) joined the band. Sandy Denny was the greatest female folk singer of her generation and "What We Did On Our Holidays" opening song "Fotheringay" is a Denny classic - her achingly beautiful and penetrating vocal adding an extra dimension to a band already overflowing with talent. 1969's "What We Did on Our Holidays" is one of their finest albums with its mix of traditional folk songs, their best self-penned songs to date and wonderful cover versions of Dylan and Joni Mitchell tracks.

                                                                                              Frou Frou


                                                                                                Debut album from the hotly-tipped duo of Imogen Heap and Guy Sigsworth, AKA Frou Frou. Sigsworth has produced and made music with loads of people, including Bjork, Madonna, Bomb The Bass and Talvin Singh amongst others. He provides a 2002 mix up of musical styles (electronica, downbeat, breaks drum 'n' bass etc) for Imogen Heap's folk-soul vocal to weave in and out of. This CD is the Moby "Play" or Goldfrapp "Felt Mountain" for 2002 - perfect sofa music! Lastly, sorry there's no MP3 clip to listen to - the CD has an enhanced section of visual content, which means none of our PC recording systems work when you put the CD in! Doh!

                                                                                                Ocean Colour Scene

                                                                                                Songs For The Front Row - The Best Of...


                                                                                                  Tons Of Sobs

                                                                                                    One of the greatest rock bands of all time with their classic debut. Now remastered with eight rare bonus tracks, full of youthful vitality and a sense of invulnerability, listen to Kossof on "Goin' Down Slow" to get a real idea of what blues-rock guitar is all about.

                                                                                                    Nine Inch Nails

                                                                                                    Things Falling Apart

                                                                                                      New album from Trent Reznor. Includes an Adrian Sherwood / Mark Stewart produced track, and a cover of "Metal" by Gary Numan.


                                                                                                      All That You Can't Leave Behind

                                                                                                        Brand new album from Bono and the boys, back to playing straight forward rock songs.

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