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Stefan Braatz & Virgo Four / Rheji Burrell

Everyman Jack / XTC

Nu Groove delivers another sublime 12” with Stefan Braatz & Virgo Four and Rheji Burrell in the hot seat. Kicking off the A-Side with ‘Everyman Jack’, a melting pot of Stefan Braatz & Virgo Four’s disparate influences, European techno toughness merges with warm house rhythms on the original, while the stripped-back Rough Dub takes a more minimal approach for the deepest recesses of the dancefloor. On the flip, Nu Groove OG Rheji Burrell opens with ‘XTC’, unmistakably Burrell in its composition with an irresistible 4/4 groove and R&B style vocal. The sunshine soundscapes and sugar-sweet keys of ‘Gimme Ya Luv’ close out the EP, with all the nostalgia and lovesickness of a 90’s NY classic.


Matt says: The Nu Groove juggernaut powers on, with an all-star cast of house technicians on hand to rejoice in the spirit of jack.


A1. Stefan Braatz & Virgo Four - Everyman Jack 
A2. Stefan Braatz & Virgo Four - Everyman Jack (Rough Dub) 
AA1. Rheji Burrell - XTC 
AA2. Rheji Burrell - Gimme Ya Luv 

The first to release on the relaunched Nu Groove in 2021, NYC pioneer Jovonn is an artist whose musical philosophies align intrinsically with the beloved label. Now he returns to the imprint with a four track EP that continues to demonstrate his innate musicality and deep seeded roots in club culture. From the deep, minimalistic grooves of opening track ‘RAISE UP (Raise Up High)’ and driving melodies of ‘Sunday Ride’, to the chunkier ‘WHAT’ and the big room bass and plunging sub of closing cut ‘Let The World Dance’, this is another unmissable package from the rebirthed Nu Groove, from a true house master.


Matt says: Another week another Nu Groove it seems like at the moment! But it's a pretty special one this one. Jovonn at the controls and it oozes class and style. Check out that "What" track if you need convincing. Essential.


A1. Raise Up (Raise Up High)
A2. Sunday Ride
AA1. What
AA2. Let The World Dance

Pioneering NYC house label Nu Groovekeeps up the pressure with an EP from Italian born Ibiza favourite Tuccillo entitled "Sunshine City". Known for manual mixing and modulating loops from hardware, Tuccillo has refined his timeless and deep signature sound over the last 20 years. Throughout the title track, the hard beat of the city is juxtaposed with breathy pads evoking the sun’s rays streaming against the concrete. ‘It’s Not Over’ is equally as bold; syncopated synth stabs are accompanied by soulful yet distorted vocals, achieving a blur of sonic textures over the consistent bassline. ‘Let’s Do It’ features a wetter percussive sound over a deeper and more sonorous bassline, whilst ‘I Believe’ (featuring vocals from Howard Perry) sets up a chunky beat before peeling away thick sonic layers to reveal rhythmic complexities with ease.


Matt says: Nu Groove are properly on a roll now. Delivering fresh new house music in their delectable style on an almost weekly basis. The New York institution has matured more stylishly that many other labels birthed around the same time and should be rightfully celebrated for such feats.


A1. I Believe Ft. Howard Perry
A2. Sunshine City
AA1. It's Not Over
AA2. Let's Do It

Following their standout debut on Nu Groove (‘Remote Area’) enigmatic Berlin duo Acid Jerks return with another solid EP on the long running and essential label. Continuing to demonstrate the two selectors’ breadth of influences and musical knowledge, the ‘Counter Balance EP’ showcases Acid Jerks ability to genre-bend. The A-Side traverses from the classic, piano house of the title track, to the tougher, industrial sounds of ‘Distant Power Plant’. On the flip the chugging, rolling sounds of ‘A Thousand Kisses’ opens, before the organ stabs and buttery synths of ‘Organ Grinder’ close out the EP, making for another unmissable release on a label deserving of its cult status.


Matt says: Urgent, deep and impenetrable jack tracks / acid musica from Acid Jerks on the rejuvenated Nu Groove. High grade club sounds for the more discerning jocks.


A1. Counter Balance
A2. Distant Power Plant
AA1. A Thousand Kisses
AA2. Organ Grinder

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