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J. Robinson Feat. Darien Prophecy

Stand Firm

Another week, another archival release from leading modern roots, dub n bass label Whodem Sound. As usual, it's J. Robinson on the dials, joined this time by vocalist Darien Prophecy for a slice of riotous spiritual steppers. "Stand Firm" imparting a message of resiliance, despite what troubles our world throws at us. Set to a heavy skanking instrumental filled with deep place plumes and phazed offbeat keyboard stabs, it's a certified soundsystem banger and certain to cause more than a rukus at your local clash. 

As usual, we get a hazy, ganja-soaked dub version on side B with the red-eye level set to heavy zonk as J-Rob sends us into a THC-laced zone-out full of neverending delays, rattling reverbs and ever increasing bass saturation.


Matt says: Loving these Whodem plates, each one's a bass bin wrecker with nuff roots and culture to keep the rastas noddin'. Especially like a dubwise 10", and the dub on this one is K I L L A !


A. Stand Firm
B. Dub


Militant Dub / In The Beginning

Another Whodem 10" relic from the archive. Strong and fierce, industrial steppers by Cessman who touches on proto-dubstep stylings via the A-side's "Militant Dub". Characterized by tuff snare hits, aggressive bass, and an urgent groove that wouldn't sound out of place on a DMZ record.

On the flip, "In The Beginning" treads a similar path - somewhere in between the eeriest utterances of dubstep and the most futurist of steppers dub. Military snares, eerie melodica licks, rastaman vox and digital brass stabs make for a track that'd sound at home on Deep Medhi as much as Aba-Shanti's pivotal "Jericho Walls Verse III" LP. Big ting! 


Matt says: One of my favourites from the recent Whodem salvo. Modern steppers dub which seems to have cross-pollinated with the early dubstep prototypes from Digital Mystikz, Loefah et al. Agro bass, neck snapping snares, jump-up energy.. proper fierce.


A. Militant Dub
B. In The Beginning

More from the Whodem vaults and a particularly special 10" dubplate from Jah Warrior featuring Peter Broggs. "Lef Babylon & Come" is a digi-dancehall monster; with riotous horns, wubbing bass and heavy percussion elements. Defo built with carnival and big rigs in mind, it's the perfect mix of roots, bass and culture. On the dub, Jah Warrior gets busy with the tape delay and spring reverb, teasing in and out elements of the vocal and echoing out the pianos inna typical dub stylee. I have to mention the bassline again - which is pretty much verging on dubstep with its hefty WUB... absolute madness!

On the flip, "Come To Conquer" is another perfect exercise in digi-dub technologies combined with a rootsical approach - both paying tribute to the masters like Scientist and Jah Shaka but utilizing a new rhythm heavy on the keys, vibraslap and woodblock. Again, a dub with extra space echo and reverb keeps things vibing in a traditional, but inventive manner. Essential tackle for sounds, clashes, dances and BBQs! Limited copies. 


A1. Lef Babylon & Come
A2. Lef Babylon Dub
B1. Come To Conquer
B2. Come To Dub

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