Project D & James Sempie

Movin Now EP

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Salford City Records

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Salford City Records continue to resurect the golden days of piano house through their tasteful reissues and, more recently, these new releases inna retro-tinged style!

Label stalwarts Project D and James Sempie certainly know how to rouse an e-soaked spirit or two on this new one - "Movin Now", featuring Pierre Feroldi captures the spirit of hardcore and piano house with all the catchy sampling, galloping bassline, gated vox and laser guided melodies you need for a night buzzing your tits off on the waltzers or at the industrial park. A real top drawer offering from the label which, if you wanna blag your mates, you could pass off as a lost piano relic from '92. 

The same formular is deployed on second track, "30 Mins" - with a proper eurodans bass and hip-house vocal sampling while a real Moving Shadow sqealing lead brings the hardcore feels. This one's got a proper vocal part too (uncannily sounding like Michael Jackson), and is produced in extra dizzy fashion for extended waltzer damage. 

Onto side B and "The Beat Is Working" utilizes the classic 'pumpin' jumpin' sample from Chris & James whilst adding dreamy piano chords and vamping sax. "The Only One" closes off the fun with hard sax blasts, glistening arps, and more whoops, wails and cries of ecstasy from need within the groove.

Really nice to see Salford City Records actually adding to the cannon of vocal piano house, as well as reissue the choice hits to our receptive lugholes. Nice work cru. Checkit massive! 


Matt says: Waltzer-ready, arms aloft, breezy piano house that blows in off the Mersey / Irwell winds and straight to Bowlers industrial estate. Serious stuff for the old skool. Whistle cruu insiiide!


A1. Movin Now
A2 30 Mins
AA1 The Beat Is Working
AA2. The Only One

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