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From the psychedelic soaked streets of Stretford and the mind of Lewis Olsen aka Psychederek comes his next Sprechen E.P. as everyone's favourite cosmic cosmonaut returns with ALT! 4 tracks of spaced-out sound collages where electronic & rock music meet in the middle to create an explosion of avant-garde hypnotic rave soundscapes.

Title track ALT! has a massive doff of the cap to the driving forces of Krautrock, where Lewis' vocal soars atop stacks of guitars & synths and a solid drumbeat keeps you on track.

'Nowhere To Nowhere' breaks out of the gate with a full spin of the private psychedelic reel, a track that seemingly has no beginning, middle or end but which draws you in from the get-go with stacked guitars & synth lines, a thumping one note bass line, snappy percussion, and a totally far out vocal breakdown.

'Hapi' is a stunning stripped-back big bag of blissfullness with soaring synths & arp lines buddy up with a heart tugging 4 note key lines & guitar plucks alongside a reverb drenched vocal sound from heaven.
Coming across like the soundtrack as you reach the pearly gates whilst also harking back to the true balearic sound of the 70's. There are not enough sunsets in the world would do this justice.

What better way to finish things off than with a cover version of what is probably one of THE staples of the acid house 2nd Summer of love era as Psychederek gives the 808 State classic a full psych rework!
A fave from his live performances, the Manchester anthem is ripped right up to deliver a swoosh filled assault on the senses where pads, synths, guitars & even more synths all stacked and set firmly to 'wow man!' and kept tightly on track by the sublime drumming of Donald Johnson from A Certain Ratio.


Matt says: Already causing a big stir on the local scene with DJs gifted upfront promos. It's all about that cover of "Pacific State" - absolute genius from this wildcard Stretford maverick. Get them orders in quick!


A1. Alt!
A2. Nowhere To Nowhere
B1. Hapi
B2. Pacific State

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