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Here's something bubbly and beautiful from [Emotional] Especial, hipping the world to the wonderful sound of Akio Nagase. Throughout the 00s, Nagase released a string of dub-themed records, but this record comes seemingly out of nowhere after a considerable spell of silence. The title Global Acid actually tells you pretty much all you need to know about this record, which takes the 303 on a joyous journey around the world, touching on different musical cultures with a tender, loving gaze and creating upbeat and open-hearted dance tracks with an acid focus. If you're an acid nut who craves fresh and distinctive takes on the tradition, this is exactly the kind of record you should be copping.


A1. Jurassic Shanghai Acid
A2. Mongol 303
B1. Okinawa Yunta
B2. Saigon Acid

Especial introduced the well respected Phil Gerus to its famed halls. "Still Blind" welds boogie, electro and proto-house music into a emotive, cosmic dancefloor stew that should find favour right across the board.

Electric enough to be nocturnal, soulful enough for the discotheque and arranged perfectly, "Still Blind" has A N T H E M subtly written into its fresh grooves. I wouldn't be surprised to hear synth-jizz extraordinaire Il Bosco reaching into his pockets and shelling out for this new explosion!

So good it leaves the rest of the record for remixes, Philip Lauer & Jamie Paton conjure up very contrasting versions...Lauer opts for a more Italo-tinged edge to proceedings, but keeps those classic 80s drum machines and synths firing on all cylinders. Jamie Paton meanwhile throws a digital blanket over the source material, bringing in right up to date with a minimal house / late night Balearic feel that again, should find fans in a variety of music camps.


A1. Still Blind
A2. Still Blind (Lauer Remix)
B1. Still Blind (Jamie Paton Remix)
B2. Still Blind (Jamie Paton Dub)

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