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Since its inception in 2016, Isle Of Jura has joined the elite ranks of Music From Memory, Stroom, Growing Bin and Left Ear, treating us to a string of essential reissues as well as the finest in original Balearic, ambient and bedroom boogie productions. After killer reissues of Escape From New York, Holy Ghost Inc., Q and Brian Bennett and the ace "Transmission One" compilation of rarities & edits, Kevin Griffiths launched the Temples of Jura sub-label with a split 12" of original music from Len Leise and himself. Now the label head returns to his Jura Soundsystem moniker to give us an extended EP / mini album of Balearic beat, dreamy dub, future primitive funk and medicated boogie. 
Griffiths opens the set with the percolating bassline, naunced percussion and mythic vocal of "Carafe Denim", a hypnotic bit of proto house which I imagine plays nicely next to the aforementioned Holy Ghost Inc. Next up, "Mamma Capes" grooves top down along the coast road, all synth mallet circles, bongo laced percussion and headband guitar riffs #WellBalearic.
After the spirit lifting palate cleanse of ambient interlude "Monster Skies", we skip to the B-side, soaking up the squelching bass, well tempered synth lines and e-funk flavours of "Boogie Tune", a future facing hit of retro...boogie in tune with the recent sound of Naples. I can't get enough of the shaker-laced drum-box shuffle of "Parrot Rhythmic Space Jam", a slow rolling bomb with rubbery bass, spaced out electronics and a hint of the tropics which reminds me of those early Andras Fox productions. Harnessing the finest ingredients of 80s esoterics, "The Lantern Story" brings the curtain down with a swell of muted trumpet, acoustic guitar and immersive delay - an audio massage for modern life.

After curating a slew of totally essential reissues, Adelaide's Jura crew kick off a new offshoot, Temples Of Jura, catering for original artist material from a variety of genres. Their inaugural 12" brings us an intergalactic journey into dubspace piloted by Melbourne sensation Len Leise and the Jura Soundsystem themselves. Bouncing out the A1 with a boing of spring reverb and a swirl of space echo, "Dear Adrian" is Len Leise's tribute to On-U soundbwoy and dub pioneer Adrian Sherwood. Though the track grunts and moans like a Sherwood classic, Len's trademark blend of sunny melody and organic texture moves things in a more Balearic direction. Jura Soundsystem make their debut with a dub tryptich, spinning "Udaberri Blues" into three distinct versions. Rootsy and grooving, the track boasts a gorgeous psychedelic guitar line, echo drenched vocals and trippy fx, which truly come into their own on the uber-Balearic and entirely beatless "Space Mix". First among equals however is the MASSIVELY baggy, pilled up pump of the Dub Version, an immersive chugger in tune with Holy Ghost Inc.'s "Walk On Air". 


Patrick says: Isle Of Jura take a break from their expert reissue program with a four track grand slam of sonic excellence, served on a dub tip. Len Leise gets loose with the pedal board, paying homage to UK dub king Adrian Sherwood, while the Jura Soundsystem steal the show with Balearic smash "Udaberri Blues". Expect to hear the "Dub Version" rip 'Nado apart in the very near future.

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