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A remix 12” of three Jura Soundsystem classics featuring interpretations from Quiet Village, Tapes and Good Block.

'Having released a few EPs and an LP it felt like a fun thing to get some remixes. I’ve ticked off a few musical bucket list items with this 12”, Quiet Village being the big one. I’m a bit of a fanboy and Joel & Matt have not disappointed with a remix that sounds simultaneously futuristic and classic. Tapes brings his unique brand of dub house and Good Block round off the party with a 90’s influenced slice of Balearic house [we say baggy breaks! - Ed]”. (Kevin / Jura Soundsystem).

3mm spine Kraftboard sleeve with sticker, designed by Bradley Pinkerton.


Matt says: Quiet Village follow up their brand new single with an equally arresting remix of Jura Soundsystem. Joined by Tapes who gets on a deep, tribal dubby house slant; and Good Block who goes all free party downbeat. Super strong turn out by all!


Carafe Denim (Quiet Village Remix)
Udaberri Blues (Tapes Remix)
Linn Fun (Good Block Remix)

Temples of Jura enlist long serving Croatia polymath Ilija Rudman for his ninth LP entitled ‘The Great Beyond’. The concept of the album is the afterlife with words from Nikola Tesla, Slavoj Zizek, Jim Morrison, JF Kennedy, Charles De Gaulle, WH Auden, Azar Nafisi and Eleanor Roosevelt woven together to tell the story of ‘The Great Beyond’ and what may lie ahead for us all. The voice itself was created by AI (let’s call him ERIC) and is set beautifully to music that has a timeless cinematic quality. Ilija only uses pure analogue equipment in the creation of his music, resulting in a rich tapestry of basses, drums, chords and lead sounds. He’s been a prolific producer for over 20 years now with a discography that runs deep with more than 100 vinyl EP releases and 8 studio albums, but we feel he’s reached the pinnacle with this concept album. We’ll leave the final word to ERIC “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.”


Matt says: Philosophic musings merge with AI and lush, dreamy instrumentals in an ambitious concept album from Rudman. I'm sure there's some Timothy Leary titbits in there...


Anas Theme
River Cant Wash My Tears Down
In The End (Intermezzo Theme)
Heroinas Atom Heart
Dreams (Part I)
Dreams (Part Ii)

Earthtones With Kevin Nathaniel

Meditations For Synthesiser + Mbira Nyunga Nyunga

Earthtones is the musical identity of Serge Bandura, an electronic artist, former jazz musician, meditation teacher and ritualist based in LA. Kevin Nathaniel channels sound as a universal healing force through traditional African instruments and is a former student of legendary master musicians such as Ephat Mujuru and Chief Bey K. Sending files back and forth during the pandemic, the two artists deepened a musical friendship and began a dialog between the Mbira Nyunga Nyunga, the Kalimba and analog synthesizers. Their music is offered in the spirit of peace + healing for all. ‘Of The Earth’ (Full Meditation) is 21 minutes long and the B side offers 25 minutes of music.


Matt says: Chakra re-alignment therapy for troubled souls or those who are simply fuming about our lack of real summer. With a modest collection of instruments and sound devices Earthtones and Kevin Nathaniel achieve some miraculously trascendendant results.


Of The Earth Meditation
Of The Earth
Slow Emotion

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