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SOLO 500

SOLO 500

1-2-3 / Glass (Edits)

SOLO 500 is back on their own self-titled label with the third entry in Galaxy Sound Company's series and again it digs deep into jazz-funk to turn out some killer breaks. Up first is the main theme from 1974's subway hijack movie The Taking Of The Pelham One Two Three and it is one with a funky, jazzy, high-octane sound that has been sampled by Company Flow, Mix Master Mike and many more. On the backside is an edit of a tune from Manfred Mann Chapter Three's self-titled 1969 LP. This one has been famously sampled by The Prodigy. Another great little 7".


Andy says: Manfred Mann's "One Way Glass", which is the glass in question, is just one of those incredibly infectious, groovy late 60's classics with the greatest horn riff and coolest bass. Don't wanna spoil it by saying that you'll know it from samples and adverts, but I just have and you surely will. Doesn't make it any less brilliant though!


1-2-3 (Edit)
Glass (Drum Breaks Edit)

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