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Nicola Conte & Gianluca Petrella

Sun Song / Nigeria

Nicole Conte and Gianluca Petrella are exactly what you’ve been missing in your life! For those who love digging into the dancefloor world but haven't discovered the pleasure of Detroit Nu-Disco and Afro Spiritual Funk yet. Written down sounds like an unusual combo but this just works so well. Their brand new 12-inch ‘Sun Song / Nigeria’ are irresistibly good and provide an upbeat persona of pure Nu-Disco Funk goodness. 


Millie says: A twist on a party anthem? This is just so catchy and free-flowing, definitely one to check out!

Three years in the making, "Lead The Way" is Soulstance's fourth album for Schema and sees the Lo Greco brothers refining their method of blending melodies with rhythms; at times in a swinging jazz-bop style with Latin-house shades, at others more on a melodic samba tip. Some moments are spiritual and modal; others are more atmospheric. Enzo and Gianni Lo Greco are joined by five other musicians and singer Alice Ricciardi for a mix of Latin-jazz harmonies and percussive dancefloor grooves, full of flowing improvised instrumentation. Substantially is the mere natural evolution of a music language, which starts from solid grounds, gets contaminated by multiple experimentations in various directions, to then go back to great music of the past. Soulstance's objectives are to fill with emotions and involvement the listeners; either they are connoisseurs or complete strangers to the broadest horizons of sound (well, that's what the Schema sales notes say anyway...).


Millie says: Bright Latin-Jazz paves the way to be a standout record in any Jazz collection, energetic grooves with a mixture of soft swaying percussion makes this a lovely listen.

It's easy to like records like this when the ambient temperature in work is approaching 90 degrees. Stick this on and you're not evaporating in front of your computer while the passing buses make Oldham Street as hot as Mumbai. No, when you put S-Tone Inc on, you're sipping a Caipirinha on Impanema beach, the soft breeze from the Atlantic taking the edge off the tropical sun as it it makes its lethargic way down to the horizon.

So, if you want to create a little piece of Brazil in your living room, throw away the 'Portuguese For Beginners' you've been meaning to get started on and open your arms to S-Tone Inc, it's the best balearic record I've heard this year, impressionate, as they probably wouldn't say in Rio.

The Invisibile Session are Luciano Cantone (one of the two founders of Schema Records), producer of the project as well the main lyric writer, Paolo Fedreghini and Marco Bianchi, who (along with Cantone) composed, arranged and performed the album's music. After months spent together making music, sharing their own understandings, the three decided to let their conceptions flow into an album. Once a common inspiration was found, it became the guiding light to an 'invisible music session', whose outcome is "The Invisible Session" (sorry, I think a lot of this has been lost in the translation from Italian...). Featuring the excellent soul-jazz vocals of Jenny B and Mika, the album blends gospel and blues while hard-bop accompanies rhythm & blues and spiritual jazz meets bossa nova.

Rosalia De Souza

Samba Nova - Gianluca Petrella Remix / Bossa 31 - Gerardo Frisina Remix

Another two excellent reworks taken from her remixes CD (due late October 2004). Gianluca Petrella gives "Samba Novo" an epic Italian nu-jazz feel, rolling out house tempo samba beats and adding an extra flute solo by Paolo Porta. There's even a samba drum breakdown two thirds into the track. On the flip Schema's other main player, Gerardo Frisina, supplies some lush, dreamy bossa nova, again with extra instrumentation, on "Bossa 31".

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