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Little is known about Sun Atlas. The group members are hidden behind masks and costumes to keep their identities secret and to put the focus entirely on the music and oneness. A sense of community and universal spirit as an alternative to idolization and individualism is heavily reflected in their eclectic musical style.

The sound of Sun Atlas is mystical and cosmopolitan, combining afrobeat, cinematic soul, spiritual & ethio jazz with space sounds, hiphop-breaks and a garage funk vibe.

Their cryptic first 45 single "The Mystic Parade" b/w "Grand Theft" sold out immediately after release and has often been mistaken for either "lost" hiphop samples, 70s habibi funk or another project in disguise from the inner circles of the Mocambo, Big Crown or Daptonefamilies (which it is not).

Return To The Spirit picks up where Sun Atlas' first single leftoff, with everyone wondering where the journey might lead. With the door to a colourful universe opened, the full-length format gives time & space for further exploration.


1. Return To The Spirit
2. 12th Dimension Caravan
3. Wandering Around Haccika
4. Message From The Snakes
5. The Source
6. Cure The Sick
7. Phases Of The Moon
8. Intergalactic Medium
9. Sky World
10. The Renewal Of Sunface Mirror

The Sound Stylistics

The Message B/w Freedom Sound

Unreleased, "lost" 7 inch off the Bruton library music album "Deep Funk". Two killer cuts by the Sound Stylistics: The Message is a piece of heavy soul featuring the vocals of late great UK soul singer Noel McKoy, Freedom Sound is a space funk groove with moog synth on top. Officially licenced from BMG Zomba Production Music in 2007, manufactured and forgotten. These 45s have just been unearthed from the pressing plant's storage room after more than 15 years.


1. The Message
2. Freedom Sound

Kraut synth funk explosion from the sci-fi, library & soundtrack specialists.

DIY funksters break into museum, steal modular moog and record proto-electro-punk with dusty live drums, wild percussion and out-of-control analog synth sequencing onto Tascam 8-track tape.

Following their debut 'Space Voyage' for Warner Chappell's music library and the outernational soundtrack LP 'Occhio Occhio', the U.K. based trio return with a darker, heavier edge on their new full-length 'Synchronization'.

The soundtrack to a strange and mysterious dystopian future Immersed in the sounds of arpeggiated vintage synths, full fat drum breaks and fuzz guitars. At times the album is reminiscent of post punk with hints of boom bap hip hop and as the album progresses the listener is transported to the dance floors of Berlin's underground raves. In an age that sees AI increasingly omnipresent, Eleven76 take control of the technology, creating a hybrid, genre spanning, production style that could only come from their hive mind.

The trio surrounded themselves with an enviable array of vintage synths and modern classic studio toys, with Paul Elliott and Anthony Donje at the helm of patching, connecting and bringing these analog beasts to life, while Timmy Rickard continued to lay down the grooves as the heart of the rhythm section. The result is SYNCHRONIZATION, of synth and drums, pictures and sounds, man and machine – and of your heart and brain if you're ready to get synchronized.


1. Annatar
2. Canyon Chase
3. Duosynchronic
4. Knock Out
5. Wolf At The Door
6. Josie Said
7. Kreuzer Weight
8. Step Off The Ledge
9. Minster
10. The Inverted Jehnny

Carlton Jumel Smith

Keep On Swinging B/w Hope

Original soul man Carlton Jumel Smith and the infamous Mocambo crew hook up for a double sider 45 of the highest order. The A-side "Keep On Swinging" is a slab of tough street funk with real-life storytelling about persistance and not giving up, hitting heavy on the one. Carlton's message of and positivity and encouragement continues on the flip side, "Hope", an uptempo sweet soul hitter with a strong gospel vibe over urgent breakbeats.

Recorded on 8-track tape featuring members of the Mighty Mocambos and Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, this single is equally at home at breakdance battles as it is at soul allnighters, and whether you're in a gangster limousine or in church – turn it up! "Long live soul music".


1. Keep On Swinging
2. Hope

Stunning outernational funk for the psych breaks dancefloor featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Ukrainian jazz singer Mona. Sung in her mother language, "Moya Vode" is about the "ancient ritual to put a spell on water and remove all negativity through its power".

Mona and MC Fame, a well-known Ukrainian hiphop producer and activist, both left their hometown Kyiv last year and found a new home in the Hammerbrook district of Hamburg, Germany, where they quickly connected with the lively funk scene of the city. Together with the Mocambo crew they set off to work out some magic by combining universal funk grooves and Ukrainian folklore.

Mona's mystical soulful vocals are backed by the "Hammerbrook Sound Machine", a group featuring members of Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band and the Mighty Mocambos, with instruments like the Tsymbaly or Drymba added on top. The "folk-funk" continues more electronically on the instrumental flip side when MC Fame takes over the lead on Moog synthesizer. Dive into this spell!


1. Moya Vode (Part 1) [Vocal]
2. Moya Vode (Part 2) [Instrumental]

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