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Ah! Kosmos

Beautiful Swamp

    2nd longplayer and Compost Records debut album from Başak Günak known as Ah! Kosmos - a musician, composer, producer born in Istanbul who works from Berlin, Germany. She uses experimentation with found sounds, analogue and electronic compositionand earned an MA in Sound Design & Engineering before releasing her debut EP in 2013.

    Ah! Kosmos – has created a wonder that she holds us in the middle of. Also known as Basak Günak, a sound designer, producer and multi-instrumentalist born in Istanbul, her tracks open up a space that draws the listener into a state of flow.

    In her second album – “Beautiful Swamp” – she combines crackling percussions with melodic soundscapes. Deep in the fabric of her tracks are also fears, rapture, bliss, and gloom. Günak’s music captures what she has processed and overcome in her life between Istanbul and Berlin. The listener not only explores soundscapes but multi-layered emotions each layer drawing them further into the swamp.

    Even with her first LP “Bastards” Günak proved to be a border crossing producer, oscillating blissfully between avant-garde and gloomy post-rock. With her new album “Beautiful Swamp”, which was created in Berlin and Istanbul in 2017, Ah! Kosmos continues challenging genre boundaries. Günak uses polyrhythms and folktronic instruments to build a mystical world of sound into which one can sink and be carried away. On this album, she has further revealed her own voice, becoming even more tangible as a person.

    Her music is physical and carries graceful traces of clashes. The aptly named Swamp, perhaps also a primordial soup from which all things emerge and perhaps return to, is neither dark nor light but holds the potential for everything: beginnings, endings, growth, pain…

    Ah! Kosmos primarily works alone. But when Günak collaborates with others, it is even more intense – like the one with the jazz singer Elif Çaglar, heard in the song “Beyond Dreams”, or with the guitarist Özgür Yilmaz on the track “Wide”. Additionally, Selen Ansen, one of the most important Turkish intellectuals of her generation, has written a poem for Günak’s new work, entitled “In The Dark Woods”.

    When Günak performs live, the music reacts directly to the mood in the floor. At each of her performances, her soundscapes take on a new form. Performing solo or accompanied by a guitarist, she has already supported acts such as Sigur Rós and Jonny Greenwood’s Junun Project (Barbican Hall) and has starred at important festivals, including: at the Sónar Festival Barcelona, Venice Electro Festival, Tokyo Electronic Music of Arts Festival, Prague Quadrennial and ARENA Theater Festival Nuremberg.

    She also composes for contemporary dance and theater productions, short films and performances. In the spring of 2018, she participated in the project “Sonár Calling GJ273B” and sent her disembodied voice singing “I do not belong here” into space. You probably feel very connected to her sound, out there.

    After their sensational debut LP "Oracle" last year (2017) , the German jazz - supergroup Web Web successive with an amazing new album. “Dance Of The Demons” is a furious dance with the demons – from positive spirit soul jazz "Land Of The Arum Flower", while the melody reminding to Ethopian Jazz of the Sixties, to the mad, outstanding "Sandia", or beautiful weird "Safar" WEB WEB have had an intense year, they’ve played dozens of live concerts, where they proved their professionalism, closeness, power and spirituality once more.

    As a nice but ideal step, Web Web could thrill the well-known singer and Gembri-player Majid Bekkas from Rabat, Morocco, who joined the group into the studio. Tony Lakatos was working with Majid and Joachim Kühn in the last years, also Roberto Di Gioia played with Majid and Klaus Doldinger. This brilliant musician with his north-african roots enriches the rough and bluntly concept of Web Web jazz. In „Maroc Blues“, a solo performance by Majid Bekkas, you can hear the warm vibrant Gembri, an instrument like an upright.bass or lute with three strings. Majid’s marvelous voice, which, reflecting the centuries-old tradition of the Berber tribes, perfectly underpins the great improvisation and spirituality of Web Web.

    Majid Bekkas is one of the most famous musician and representative of Gnawa-Music, which has its domicile in the south of Sahara. Majid Bekkas studied at the Conservatory For Music & Dance in Rabat, while playing since 1975 classical acoustic guitar and oud. For example, he played with Archie Shepp, Louis Sclavis, Peter Brötzmann, Hamid Drake and lot of others in the world of jazz and world music.

    "Dance Of The Demons" (as well as the debut "Oracle") was recorded live in Munich, engineered by Jan Krause (Beanfield, Poets Of Rhythm), produced by Roberto Di Gioia and Michael Reinboth. The next, third Web Web album recording session are already scheduled for November 2018 with an outstanding famous guest musician, too.

    Wow, a new chapter of this legendary series. This and the very first time it’s not compiled by Michael Reinboth, rather by Benjamin Fröhlich and Tom Bioly, the founders and masterminds behind Permanent Vacation.

    Why? Simply because they both are very close friends of the Compost famlee, with an amazing musical and DJ-like tastefulness, with the knowledge-based trust of music in the vein of vibrant, jazzy electronica hybrids. And they are from Compost Records’ hometown Munich, too.

    Maybe Volume 14 differs slightly to what the previous 13 brought up music-wise, but that’s the score, idea and open mindedness of this series, as it was by the compilers, and last but not least a great time for a change, too. So we welcome this, we very much appreciate and like their selection. We are sure, this will convince you.

    28 tracks, 3 exclusive tracks. Enjoy! 


    Shanghai Money/C.O.W. EP

    C.O.W. 牛 are a German electronic act & digital art project. Wanting to breakout of the stagnating German pop-culture, C.O.W. 牛 was founded in December 2015. Not only should their music – but also their appearance and form – reflect a new zeitgeist. The identities of their members (experienced producers and musicians from Munich, Berlin and Beijing) dissolve into the artistic persona C.O.W. 牛
    They produce and play mostly instrumental electronic music, which spans from obscure jazz interludes to electrified club beats. Their music is accompanied by a strong visual concept. Performing behind 8bit-pixel-masks and utilising their self-made visuals they provide for a rich live-experience and unfold the strong persona of C.O.W. 牛
    Bold, cheeky and extravagant, these artists created their own genre. It is not easy to label C.O.W. 牛but if you must you can place them between Flying Lotus and Hudson Mohawke. However, we recommend a special place for exceptional art and sick music!


    Patrick says: Though it wins the title for most vaporwave sleeve of the week, this ten track set is actually an unlikely blend of wonky hop beats, neon bleeps and 8bit trap.

    Debut album from Web Web; raw, live and direct featuring an all-star cast of musicians. A rich spiritual jazz album recorded in one day and (apparently!) one take! Musicians involved are -Roberto Di Gioia (Piano, Synth, Percussion), Tony Lakatos (tenor and soprano saxophone), Christian von Kaphengst (upright bass) and Peter Gall (drums). With guests like the famous and unique Gembri-player and multi-instrumentalist and singer Majid Bekkas from Morocco. Engineered, recorded and mixed by Jan Krause (Beanfield, Poets Of Rhythm). 'Tony was tuning his soprano too high, and his (overdubbed) tenor way too flat! My synthesizers were somewhere in between…HA! We exactly had the sound we had in our minds, we had it exactly there were we wanted it: a bit of Sun Ra here, a bit of Horace Tapscott there. On some tunes Tony’s soprano just sounds like a trumpet, since due to his weird tuning the soprano develops different frequencies in relation to other instruments.'

    Darshan Jesrani and Dennis Kane join forces once more for their Siren project. Featuring vocals from Devi Mamboka, "Lulu" fits into the Compost aesthetic beautifully - rich, electronic house music, highly textured and with buckets of soul. Mamboka's vocals paint an exotic, haunted picture as undulating strings sweep against delicate flamenco guitar flurries and waves of cascading fx. Basically, it's a completely essential addition to the Compost catalogue and will make wonderful listening for anyone with a penchant for Ame, Dixon or Schwartz (the producers not the fictional law firm I've just invented in my head....). Cosmic maestro Daniele Baldelli is joined by fellow Italian Marco Dionigi for a chuggy, galactically aligned remix which highlights the inescapable intoxicity of the vocal section. Siren offer up an alt version (or remix as labeled), reducing the track to electronic marimba, throbbing bass and snippets of vocal - conjuring up a highly stimulating dub which could be used alongside the OG in extended and inspired DJ sets. Finally, "Paradise" ends with another luscious and tantalizing sound palette delicately and deliberately poised to take us into heavenly abandon. Ahh it's been a while since we've had house music this textured and detailed - but then Compost and associates are some of the leading exponents of the style. This is a prime example. Get it bagged. 

    As usual FSOJ is compiled by Compost head honcho Michael Reinboth with a solid sense of leftfield tracks, punchy floorfillers, ghostly, cinematic, Balearic, frazzled, bitter-sweet or mind-shaking hybrid tunes. Several magazines voted FSOJ as the one of the best compilation series of all time. With this series starting 1995 the term Future Jazz became a genre landmark. "FSOJ 13" including some exclusives, sought-after tracks and previously unreleased tracks. Amid all the audial excellence within are these selected highlights - Ripperton's blissful remix of Van Hai's "Dernier Amour", the Piccadilly approved voodoo funk of "Wu Du Wu" by German duo Montezumas Rache, Karim Sahraoui punchy Transmat tech-er "Father's Legacy" and an exclusive creation by downbeat hero Peter Kruder! Diverse and different it may be, but Michael Reinboth shows dexterous skills to unite these disparate tracks into an immersive set of deep listening. 

    As a member of pioneering German hip hop group Blumentopf, Sepalot has released various Top 10 and Top 20 albums, in his home country. Luckily for us, all the preconceived ideas about what a German hip hop album could sound like is instantly dispelled on "Red Handed", which offers up some totally wicked electroid slip-sloppin' wonky-hop. The album features guest like Detroit boys Frank'n'Dank, Fat Freddy's Drop singer Ladi6, Germany's nu-soul diva Miss Platnum, funkateer OlivierDaySoul and LA's MC Blu. Definitely worth checking.

    Marbert Rocel, a duo from Thuringen in Germany consisting of Marbert and Rocel, are new signings to Compost Records. "Beats Like Birds" is their debut for the label, on a similar vibe to music from Herbert's classic "Bodily Functions" album. The pair combine deep minimal house and jazzy electronica with beautiful vocals and some Theo Parrish and vintage Charles Webster influenced thrown in for good measure. The twelve also includes a remix by Douglas Greed, aka Freude Am Tanzen of Combination Records.

    In 1993 Munich's Into Somethin' crew started a clubnight entitled 'Maiden Voyage', dedicated strictly to classics and undiscovered gems from the soul / boogie era. Here the Into Somethin' members Rainer Truby, Theo Thoenessen and Roland Appel pick out 13 favourites from those nights, all sought after titles, by the likes of Cameo, Toto, Roy Ayers, Alicia Myers, James Mason, Debra Laws, Raw Soul Express, Xavier etc.

    As you can see from the catalogue number, this is release number 250 from German label Compost. After 13 years and over 1700 tracks delivered this imprint is still going strong. Here they round up some recent highlights from their output, including tracks by Nova Dream Sequence, Alif Tree, Marsmobil, Jean-Paul Bondy, Soil & Pimp Sessions, Muallem and more. There are also remixes from Carl Craig, Moodymann, Todd Terje and Robag Wruhme.


    CD Info: CD comes in printed clear plastic round-cornered box.

    Back comes Florian Keller, one of the world's top funk and rare groove DJs, with part two of his "Party-Keller" series. The compilation features 12 super dope funk related tracks – old Vs new – from Lefties Soul Connection's cover of DJ Shadow's "Organ Donor" and Orgone's cover of Beginning Of The End's "Funky Nassau", via Discoconductor, Sidewinder (the underground smash "Ego Riot") and on to Natural Self, Pnu Riff and a fantastic reggae version of "(Am I The) Same Girl" by Charmaine Burnette. All Keller, no Feller!

    Following the Munich disco era, which has influenced a whole generation, the Isar city's creative surge has never stopped and is experiencing a new wave of interest. Celebrated in the international press long since, Munich's quality productions (on labels like Gigolo, Compost, Gomma, Erkrankung durch Musique, Disko B) have now conquered the dancefloors of their home country Germany. "Isar Gold" combines previously unreleased material, cult classics and hitherto undiscovered gems - a special mix which presents a survey of Munich's dynamic label and production scene.

    Compost reach another milestone: Eleven years of releases and catalogue number 200! To celebrate they bring us the CD only "Freshly Composted - Compost 200". It features Whignomy Bros, Domu, Justus Kohncke, Laurent Garnier, Henrik Schwarz, Maurice Fulton, Carl A Finlow, Truby Trio, Ben Mono, General Electrics and more, most on CD for the first time.


    CD Info: CD comes in printed round-edged plastic case with spin sticker.

    The Compost Radio Show is presented weekly by Michael Rutten and broadcast on 12 radio / internet stations worldwide. This compilation includes 14 hand picked tracks from Soulpatrol, Break Reform, Henrik Schwarz, Benny Sings, Franck Biyong, Pascal Rioux, Sleepwalker, Basic Soul Unit, Build An Ark and more - three of them exclusive!

    Minus 8


    Great new Minus 8 LP, it takes in everthing from the mellowest nu-bossa to angular nu-jazz, drum 'n' bass, deep house and soul-jazz. Billie helps out on vocals, and there's a gret mix of their single "Badman & Throbbin'" too.


    CD Info: CD includes bonus Doctor Rockit remixed track.

    Various Artists

    Dig It - One

      Limited edition CD-only compilation on Compost of recent 12"-only tracks or unreleased mixes. Includes Minus 8, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Truby Trio, Fauna Flash, Beanfield etc.

      Worldless People

      El Primitivo / I Won't Let You Down (Glance Remixes)

      More jazz funkin' bounding 4/4 grooves from our favourite German label. The original of "I Won't Let You Down" is an afrobeat-tinged percussive groove, while the glance mix is on a house tip.

      Various Artists

      Compost One Hundred

        To celebrate their 100th release, all the Compost artists have recorded exclusive tracks for this compilation. To say that this is a must have is an understatement - your collection won't be complete without it!! Includes sleevenotes from Gilles and a big poster too. Lovely.

        Various Artists

        Compost Community

          Compilation of recent singles from our favourite nu jazz label. Includes exclusives from Fauna Flash, A Forest Mighty Black and Procreation. Brilliant stuff.

          Wordless People


          A slight excursion into downbeat from Compost - dead lush 'n' groovy. On the flip, normal service is resumed with two cool jazzy numbers (both still pretty lush tho').

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