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Canaan Amber

CA - 2024 Reissue

    Tracked in the decade after Duster went on hiatus, Canaan Amber’s debut solo EP CA demonstrates the California-born guitarist’s affection for San Francisco jangle and Santa Cruz surf. Crawling at a banana slug’s pace, Canaan wraps the loneliest one-string guitar solos around a cluster of hollow rhythms and ghostly mumbles. The original 2012 five-song CD has been expanded to include six other demos plundered from the prolific songwriter’s vault. More Wolf Moon than Black Moon, CA continues to explore and map the hidden galaxies that make up the Duster universe.


    SIDE A
    Create The Scene
    Days Rewinding
    Gold Hills
    No Way

    SIDE B
    Turn On
    Everything Is All In Place
    Wander Off
    Ghost Girls
    Take Off Your Face

    Tony Palkovic

    Born With A Desire - 2024 Reissue

      A trailblazing amalgam of elevator-friendly R&B and synth-forward smooth jazz, Tony Palkovic’s 1986 debut goes down easy as a huff of dentist-issued nitrous. Born With A Desire’s silky grooves and bursts of drum machine 1.0 endure as an ’80s vision of future earth where 8-bit graphics and pastel palettes swath a synthesizer Shangri La.


      SIDE A
      Born With A Desire
      True To Yourself
      Breath Of Sound

      SIDE B
      Better Than Before
      Day To Day
      Electric Heart
      Hoping For A Better World



        Set your shoes to gaze mode and rip into this king size cloud of ethereal dream pop. Inspired by the spate of Brits leaning into swirling distortion and punishing volume, San Jose’s Ozean played just two shows in their brief existence, dissolving before the Scene That Celebrates Itself ever broke the silicon barrier. The quartet’s 1993 self-titled demo cassette has been remastered and pressed at 45RPM, a timeless document of late adolescent wonder and experimentation.


        Liam says: Never ever thought this would see the light of day... Absolutely ESSENTIAL bit of shoegaze history right here. Ozean only ever played two gigs and released this as a demo cassette back in '93. However it is one of the best releases in the whole of the genre, proper ethereal gazy goodness! Copies of the extremely scarce and inferior 2017 press go for upwards of £330 on discogs, so make sure to get your mitts on this!!!


        A1 Scenic
        A2 Fall
        B1 Porcelain

        Marissa Nadler & Happy Rhodes

        Where Do I Go

          Ethereal dream gloom from a voice so unique they had to create an entirely new genre to contain all four octaves.

          Mixing classical music with synthesizer and acoustic guitar, Happy Rhodes’ ‘ecto pop’ never quite broke outside upstate New York, but that didn’t stop gothic Americana queen Marissa Nadler from reinterpreting ‘Where Do I Go’ in 2018.

          Both the original and cover have been paired here, housed in an elegant black and silver sleeve, with embossed braille lettering for the visually impaired.


          Marissa Nadler ‘Where Do I Go’
          Happy Rhodes ‘Where Do I Go’

          Various Artists

          Eccentric Soul: The Tragar & Note Labels

            Atlanta’s original Eccentric Soul labels - Jesse Jones’ Tragar and Note - captured critical regional R&B, soul and funk from 1968-1976.

            Compiling 34 tracks and sprawled across two LPs, this 15-year anniversary deluxe edition appears on vinyl for the first time.

            Featuring rare-as-hens’-teeth 45s by Eula Cooper, Tee Fletcher, Richard Cook, Frankie & Robert, Tokay Lewis, Nathan Wilkes, Chuck Wilder, Bill Wright, Sonia Ross, Sandy Gaye, Four Tracks, Young Divines, and several others the label can’t fit on a hype sticker.

            TRACK LISTING

            Tee Fletcher - Down In The Country
            Bill Wright - You Got A Spell On Me
            Eula Cooper - Shake Daddy Shake
            The Knights - Tipping Strings
            L. Daniels - Nitecap (inst)
            Frankie & Robert - Sweet Thing
            Franciene Thomas - I’ll Be There
            Richard Cook - Somebody Got’a Help Me
            Frankie & Robert - Love (It’s Been So Long)
            The Knights - The Hump (inst)
            Chuck Wilder - The Clown
            Tokay Lewis - Who Wants Me Now
            Nathan Wilkes - Now That I’m Wise
            Langston & French - Tumbling Down
            Eula Cooper - Heavenly Father
            Tokay Lewis - What Can The Matter Be
            Richard Cook - Love Is So Mean
            Bill Wright - You’re The Only Thing I’ve Got Going For Me
            Sonia Ross - Every Now And Then
            Sandy Gaye - Watch The Dog That Bring The Bone
            Bobby Owens & The Diplomats - Messing Around
            Bill Wright - How Can I Hit The Ball
            Tee Fletcher - All Because Of You
            Eula Cooper - Standing By Love
            Four Tracks - Charade
            The Young Divines - Deep In Your Heart
            Eula Cooper - I Need You More
            Chuck Wilder - Why
            Sonia Ross - Let Me Be Free
            Eula Cooper - Try
            Young Divines - Ain’t That Sharp
            Franciene Thomas - Too Beautiful To Be Good
            Sonia Ross - Breaking My Heart
            Four Tracks - You Mean Everything To Me

            Light Touch Band & Magic Touch

            Chi - C - A - G - O (Is My Chicago) B/w Sexy Lady (Radio Edit)

              Chicago’s Magic Touch label gets the Numero treatment. This Windy City Holy-Grail 2-sider featuring early Boogie Rap on the A Side and stone cold rare groove disco killer on the flip. Available on 7” for the first time and housed in Official Magic Touch Double Disco Smash 7” Company Sleeve. One listen and you’ll be checking for flights and hotels because Chi-C-A-G-O (Is My Chicago) shows that the Second City produced First Rank funky soul jams.

              TRACK LISTING

              A. Chi - C - A - G - O (Is My Chicago)

              B. Sexy Lady

              Andy Crown & Magic Touch

              Why Do I Love You B/w Why Do I Love You

                Chicago’s Magic Touch label gets the Numero treatment. Legendary rare groove selector & DJ Red Greg’s edit of Disco Holy-Grail “Why Do I Love You” is now available on 7” for the first time and housed in official Magic Touch Double Disco Smash 7” Company Sleeve. This tune has been making waves in the DJ community for years only after Red Greg introduced his crucial edit eliminating the studio fluff and dialing in the raw disco meat. Certified Floor Filler with a groove guaranteed to answer all questions on love.

                TRACK LISTING

                A. Why Do I Love You (Red Greg Edit)

                B. Why Do I Love You (Instrumental)

                Various Artists

                If There's Hell Below

                  Thirteen wah-drenched acid-fried Hendrix-worshipping blown-out free love-fueled black rock jams that’ll change your life.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  SIDE A
                  1. Three Days Ahead LPF - Rolling Love [Part 2]
                  2. Little Ed & The Soundmasters Band - It’s A Dream
                  3. The Basement - Funky Music (Messin’ With My Mind)
                  4. Directory - World And Creation
                  5. Stone Coal White - You Know
                  6. Creations Unlimited - Chrystal Illusion
                  SIDE B
                  8. Solid Gold Ft. Alexander Love - Message To Planet Earth
                  9. Iron Force - Sweet Poison
                  10. Sir Stanley - I Believe
                  11. Flying Wedge - I Can’t Believe
                  12. Muse - Sunshine Road
                  13. Iron Knowledge - Show-Stopper
                  14. The Young Senators - Ringing Bells (Sweet Music) [Part 2]

                  Charlie Megira & The Modern Dance Club

                  Love Police - 2023 Reissue

                    Provocative post-punk from Israel’s undercover goth prince. Megira’s lone album with the Modern Dance Club showcased a grimier, more driving vision of his brand of trashy no wave. Spread across 31 tracks and two LPs, Love Police schizophrenically mixes industrial soundscapes, surf ditties, hardcore, swamp pop, bubble grunge, screaming, ecstasy, and enough fuzz to warrant a needle check.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    SIDE A
                    1. The Return Of The Russian Frogmen That Died And Came Back To Life As
                    Strange Looking Radioactive Creatures
                    2. Sababa One
                    3. Rhythm Of Hate
                    4. At The Elvis Inn
                    5. No Wave Exercise
                    6. Existence
                    7. The Wall Of Death
                    8. U.S.F.

                    SIDE B
                    9. And Now I Wanna Drown In Your Dark Dreamy Eyes
                    10. Boo
                    11. Beach Bums Must Die
                    12. The Strange And Bizarre Tale Of The Boy Who Had One Testicle Too Many
                    13. 333
                    14. (Used To Be...) Psychic Youth
                    15. Elvis Is Not Dead
                    16. Smack Dab

                    SIDE C
                    17. Beneath The Underground
                    18. Valley Of Tears
                    19. Mao/Mao
                    20. Here Comes Your Mama
                    21. Ode To A Cocksucker
                    22. Homesless Body
                    23. Sababa?

                    SIDE D
                    24. Freak Junior
                    25. Psychic Youth-2
                    26. Another No Wave Exercise
                    27. Street Machine
                    28. Da Homogreaser Stomp
                    29. All Tuned Up And Ready To Go
                    30. Je Ne Parle Pas Francais
                    31. Dead Girl Blues

                    The Chieftones

                    The New Smooth And Different Sound Billed

                      Billed as “Canada’s All Indian Band,” the Tsimshian Nation garage band The Chieftones stormed the U.S. in the mid-’60s with their own brand of native rock n’ roll. More Buddy Holly than Link Wray, The New Smooth and Different Sound compiles their debut single for Wisconsin’s lauded Cuca label and adds a dozen previously unissued demos from their brief time in the Driftless region.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      SIDE A
                      1. Don’t Let It Bother You
                      2. Don’t Dare
                      3. Indian Wedding
                      4. You’re My Angel
                      5. I Need Your Lovin’
                      6. I Won’t Be Around
                      7. Do Lord

                      SIDE B
                      8. I Shouldn’t Have Did What I Done
                      9. The Sun Is Shining
                      10. Ebony Eyes
                      11. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
                      12. Cutie From The Beauty Shop
                      13. You Don’t Need Me Anymore
                      14. Don’t You Leave Me Behind


                      Stratosphere - 25th Anniversary Edition

                        Best listened to from inside the womb, Duster’s 1998’s debut Stratosphere simultaneously capped off and reinvented the slow core’s first wave. A four track dreamscape that will wake the neighbors and then lull them back to sleep. Hazy, arpeggiated guitars layer over a deliberate drummer with no real place to be, as semi-inaudible vocals warn of millennial malaise and subtly encourage the listener to “rock out, rock out, rock out, rock out.”

                        TRACK LISTING

                        SIDE A
                        1 Moon Age
                        2 Heading For The Door
                        3 Gold Dust
                        4 Topical Solution
                        5 Docking The Pod
                        6 The Landing
                        7 Constellations
                        8 The Queen Of Hearts

                        SIDE B
                        9 Two Way Radio
                        10 Inside Out
                        11 Stratosphere
                        12 Reed To Hillsborough
                        13 Shadows Of Planes
                        14 Earth Moon Transit
                        15 The Twins/Romantica
                        16 Sideria
                        Bonus Track: Echo, Bravo *CD Only


                        Complete Studio Recordings

                          Crashing at the unlikely intersection of posthardcore, slowcore, and jazz-rock, Karate spent a dozen years producing peerless recordings in their adopted hometown of Boston.

                          Collected here are their six albums - ‘Self-Titled’, ‘In Place of Real Insight’, ‘The Bed Is In The Ocean’, ‘Unsolved’, ‘Some Boots’, ‘Pockets’, plus the ‘Cancel’ / ‘Sing’ and ‘In The Fish Tank’ EPs, singles, and split 7”s, a whopping 69 tracks spread across eight glorious compact discs.

                          Leor Galil’s career spanning essay is illustrated with dozens of period-appropriate photos in the accompanying 80-page book.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          CD1 - ‘Self-Titled’, ‘Death Kit’ Single, ‘The Schwinn’ &
                          ‘Cherry Coke’

                          If You Can Hold Your Breath
                          What Is Sleep?
                          - - -
                          Bad Tattoo
                          Every Sister
                          Caffeine Or Me?
                          Death Kit
                          The Schwinn
                          Cherry Coke

                          CD2 - ‘In Place Of Real Insight’ & ‘Operation: Sand’ /
                          ‘Empty There’ Single

                          This, Plus Slow Song
                          New Martini
                          Wake Up, Decide
                          It’s 98 Stop
                          New New
                          The New Hangout Condition
                          On Cutting
                          Die Die
                          Today Or Tomorrow
                          Operation: Sand
                          Empty There

                          CD3 - ‘The Bed Is In The Ocean’
                          There Are Ghosts
                          The Same Stars
                          The Last Wars
                          Bass Sounds
                          Up Nights
                          Fatal Strategies
                          Outside Is The Drama
                          Not To Call The Police

                          CD4 - ‘Unsolved’
                          Small F Ires
                          The Lived-But-Yet-Named
                          The Roots And The Ruins
                          Number Six
                          One Less Blues
                          The Halo Of The Strange
                          The Angels Just Have To Show
                          This Day Next Year

                          CD5 - ‘Cancel’ / ‘Sing’

                          CD6 - ‘Some Boots’
                          Original Spies
                          First Release
                          Ice Or Ground
                          In Hundreds
                          Baby Teeth
                          Remain Relaxed

                          CD7 - ‘Pockets’
                          With Age
                          “The State I’m In” Aka “Goode Buy From Cobbs
                          Creek Park”
                          Tow Truck

                          CD8 - ‘In The Fishtank 12’
                          Strange Fruit
                          The Only Minority
                          Tears Of Rage
                          Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
                          Need A Job
                          This Ain ’t No Picnic
                          A New Jerusalem


                          What About The Lonely?

                            Captured direct from the mixing board at a stop on Codeine’s November 1993 swing through the Midwest opening for Mazzy Star, What About The Lonely was recorded at the group’s live zenith. The trio of Stephen Immerwahr, John Engle, and Doug Scharin are joined by Gastr Del Sol’s David Grubbs on two of this album’s eight songs, cutting through a crowd of chatty midwestern 120 Minutes fans at Chicago’s notorious Lounge Ax.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            Side A
                            Loss Leader
                            Pickup Song

                            Side B
                            Smoking Room

                            Native Nod

                            This Can't Exist

                              An antidote to the tough-guy hardcore spreading from CBGB’s, emo outliers Native Nod’s unique genre juxtaposition of damaged art-rock, daring/naive songwriting, and raw, poetic vocals have set them apart from the glut of early-’90s post-hardcore. Compiled here are the band’s trio of seminal 7” EPs for the Gern Blandsten label, with liner notes by Jenn Pelly and scores of unseen photographs and ephemer a.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              Side A
                              High Tide In Alaska
                              Back To Mimsey

                              Side B
                              Lower GI Bleed

                              Michael A. Dixon & J.O.Y.

                              You're Everything B/w You're All I Need

                                Former Mind & Matter bandmates James “Jimmy Jam” Harris and Michael Dixon teamed up for 1978’s gospel-boogie banger “You’re All I Need” b/w “You’re Everything” on the private Mad label.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                A. You’re Everything
                                B. You’re All I Need

                                Various Artists

                                L80s: So Unusual

                                  The tenth volume of Numero’s elaborately packaged Cabinet of Curiosities series, L80s finds the group exploring the far-flung corners of the global downtempo underground. This 12-song mix tape weaves icy hot coldwave, Sausalito seafood jazz, Glaswegian goth, makeshift Madonna, Sade spoofs, and Brat Pack balearic into a high-waisted, party-ready pair of danceable denim.

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  SIDE A
                                  1. Cheryl Glasgow - Glued To The Spot
                                  2. Dianne Mower - The Secret Sign
                                  3. Phoebe Cates - Feels So Good (Feels So Right)
                                  4. Isabelle Antena - Naughty Naughty
                                  5. Nika Rejto - More Than Just A Dream
                                  6. Crow Johnson - You Got Me
                                  SIDE B
                                  7. Terry Garthwaite - Me To You
                                  8. Suse Millemann - Patterns
                                  9. Vazz - Breath
                                  10. Elisa Waut - Being Strong
                                  11. Antoinette & Jeff Phelps - Hear My Heart
                                  12. DeMonica Flye - Someday You’ll See


                                  Birds In The Ground

                                    While Duster went into hibernation in the year 2000, Clay Parton’s four-track never stopped rolling. Recorded alone at home over several years, Birds In The Ground is an album of 30-something, post-9/11 malaise. Under his Eiafuawn (Everything Is All Fucked Up And What Not) acronym, Parton hides beneath layers of fuzzy and clean guitars, his hesitant, cottony vocal disappear into noise. 

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    Side A
                                    1. Bunny
                                    2. No More Like That
                                    3. Birds
                                    4. The Voice Of Music
                                    5. Bees
                                    6. The Coffin Was So Light I Thought It Might Float Away

                                    Side B
                                    7. Good God Y’all
                                    8. Secret Gypsy Language
                                    9. On A Peoplemover
                                    10. Two Thousand Twelve
                                    11. The Drunk Pilot And The Romantic Passenger
                                    12. Modulator Hustle


                                    Set You Free - 2023 Reissue

                                      In late 1996, after two years of persistent touring, Chisel was eager to document its quickly evolving sound. Decamping from their native D.C. to Brooklyn’s Rare Book Room, the power trio of Ted Leo, Chris Norborg, and John Dugan teamed with engineer Nicolas Vernhes and came away with Set You Free, a remarkable, but largely overlooked, classic of the era. Originally issued on the venerable Gern Blandsten imprint in April 1997, Set You Free presaged the turn of the century 60s rock revival, providing a counterpoint to second-wave emo. This deluxe 25th anniversary edition has remastered and expanded the original’s 17-song track list with five period alternates and rarities, plus a booklet of lyrics, photos, and an essay by Jes Skolnik. Get ready for the invasion.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      SIDE A
                                      1 On Warmer Music
                                      2 All My Kin
                                      3 It’s Alright, You’re O.K.
                                      4 The Mutable Mercury
                                      5 The Town Crusher
                                      6 The Unthinkable Is True

                                      SIDE B
                                      7 River High
                                      8 Every Is A Good Trip
                                      9 Do Go On
                                      10 Privileged & Impotent
                                      11 Oh Dear Friends

                                      SIDE C
                                      12 An Amateur Thief
                                      13 In Our Time
                                      14 Morley Timmons
                                      15 The O.T.S.
                                      16 Rip Off The Gift
                                      17 The Last Good Time

                                      SIDE D
                                      18 The Guns Of Meridian Hill
                                      19 The Town Crusher (live)
                                      20 Morley Timmons (early Version)
                                      21 Every Is A Good Trip (extended)
                                      22 The O.T.S. (early Version)

                                      Isabelle Antena

                                      En Cavale - 2023 Reissue

                                        After Belgian electro-samba wunderkinds Antena split at the end of 1985, singer Isabelle Antena immediately shed her cold wave crown for a sophisticated pop princess tiara.

                                        On 1986’s Martin Hayles-produced ‘En Cavale’, echos of Madonna and city pop abound, with a lipstick stain of L80s Euro dance and spilled cosmopolitan’s worth of bossa nova stirred in for good measure.

                                        This elegant second chapter of a French pop diva has been expanded to include Antena’s shelved Island Records demo, adjacent B-sides and rarities, plus an expansive essay and previously unpublished photographs.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        Isabelle Antena - Play Back
                                        Isabelle Antena - Easy Street
                                        Isabelle Antena - Seaside Weekend
                                        Isabelle Antena - Ten Minutes
                                        Isabelle Antena - How Can They Tell
                                        Isabelle Antena - Be Pop
                                        Isabelle Antena - Magic Words
                                        Isabelle Antena - Booby Trap
                                        Isabelle Antena - Life Is Too Short
                                        Isabelle Antena - Mummy’s Not At Home Tonight
                                        Isabelle Antena - Don’t Think About It
                                        Isabelle Antena - Time To Work
                                        Isabelle Antena - Blow The World Away
                                        Isabelle Antena - Behind The Door
                                        Antena - Be Pop (12” Mix)
                                        Antena - Life Is Too Short (New Dance 12”)
                                        Antena - Mummy’s Not At Home Tonight (1983 Island Demo)
                                        Antena - Achilles (1983 Island Demo)
                                        Antena - Be Pop (1983 Island Demo)


                                        C - 2023 Reissue

                                          Rex’s seminal 1996 sophomore album C , now on deluxe double vinyl for the first time. Every one of C ’s 66 minutes is a delightful exploration at the intersection of slowcore and alt- country, weaving heartfelt Americana, stately strings, progged-out rhythms and crashingly heavy climaxes into captivating epics. Remastered from the original analog tapes, C has been given a second life beyond the CD- era, and comes housed in a tip-on jacket with restored artwork from guitarist Curtis Harvey

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          SIDE A
                                          1 Morning
                                          2 Ride Home
                                          SIDE B
                                          3 New Son
                                          4 Critella
                                          5 Audrey La ‘Mort
                                          SIDE C
                                          6 Jubin
                                          7 C
                                          SIDE D
                                          8 All Waves
                                          9 Porcelain
                                          10 New Dirge / Farther Along

                                          Allan Wachs

                                          Mountain Roads & City Streets

                                            Cosmic American Music from the far flung reaches of rural Oregon. Issued in 1979 on Allan Wachs’ own True Vine imprint, Mountain Roads and City Streets gathers a decade of songs written while hitchhiking up and down the west coast. Screeching pedal steel, lilting flute, and tingly dulcimer are peppered throughout Wachs’ tales of brief affairs, invisible dogs, and getting lost in a changing America.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            SIDE A

                                            1. Adventures Of The Invisible Dog
                                            2. Least Of My Strangers
                                            3. Anna Lena
                                            4. Pretty Face
                                            5. Dancer

                                            SIDE B

                                            6. Mountain Man Breakdown
                                            7. The Lord Will Provide
                                            8. Travelin’ Light
                                            9. Mountain Roads
                                            10. Northwest Passage

                                            Charlie Megira

                                            Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow / Tomorrow's Gone

                                              On his 2000 debut, Da Abtomatic Meisterzinger Mambo Chic , Megira channels the optimism of post-war America, narcoleptic surf, and the Twin Peaks soundtrack into a lo- fi lo-rider masterpiece all his own. Sung in both Hebrew and English, Mambo Chic moves at a deliberate pace, unconcerned by the traffic of the modern world and wrapped in a blanket of Tascam 4-track hiss. On “Tomorrow’s Gone” Megira achieves the feat of being so far back in time that he’s somehow living in the future and waiting for the rest of us to arrive. Hear our 2 favorite cuts in back- saving, crate-flavoring 7” format ripe and ready the dive bar soundsystem hosting your favorite BYOV night.

                                              Charlie Megira Und The Hefker Girl

                                              Charlie Megira And The Hefker Girl

                                                In 2006, Israeli garage-nik Charlie Megira took a sonic turn while partnered with Israeli multi- instrumentalist Michal Kahan. The duo wasted no time forging a new path, swapping Megira’s trademark reverb for echo, and guitar-noir for new wave. Charlie Megira Und the Hefker Girl is an unabashed continuation of gothy ’80s archetypes employed by Joy Division, JAMC, and The Cure. Originally self-released on CD-R, we’ve remastered the 12-track disc for maximum Crosley crush.

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                SIDE A
                                                1. Till I’ll Break Again
                                                2. Nothing
                                                3. Fear And Joy
                                                4. Kiss Of Death
                                                5. Direct Exercise No. 1

                                                SIDE B
                                                6. Psyche And Apollo
                                                7. The Vally Of Tears (Drum Pattern)
                                                8. Thrown Key
                                                9. Song No.8
                                                10. Saturn Return
                                                11. Another God
                                                12. Tower Of Tongues

                                                Cheryl Glasgow

                                                Glued To The Spot

                                                  It's always summer somewhere, but especially so wherever Cheryl Glasgow's carefree clubber "Glued To The Spot" plays. An absolute ear worm from its first nylon strums, Glasgow's Sade-adjacent, jazz vocalese sweeps into a warm-up tempo groove and l never quite breaks a sweat. Issued on Ross Anderson' short-lived, London-based Live label. “Glued To The Spot" swept through the club scene briefly in 1987, disembarking for warmer shores when the season changed.

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  A1. Glued To The Spot (Club Mix)
                                                  B1. Glued To The Spot (Instrumental)

                                                  Dan Boadi & The African Internationals

                                                  Money Is The Root Of Evil B/W Duodu Wuo Ye Ya

                                                    "After receiving regional praise for his 1976 debut Abrabo, Dan Boadi set his sights on leaving Ghana and bringing his highlife sensibilities to an American audience. Recorded at Paul Serrano namesake studio on E. 22rd St. in Chicago, Boadi's U.S. debut showcased the true scope of his musical range weaving in and out of funk, highlife, afrobeat, and reggae. The title track immediately demands the listener' attention with a chugging drum lead by The African International's King Tuch setting the pace for Boadi's colorful orchestration to follow. Money Is The Root of Evi claims t's own space as a musical melting pot and reflects the excitement Boadi waslearningto harness as a musician in his newfound home of Chicago."

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    A1. Money Is The Root Of Evil (Edit)
                                                    B1. Duodo (Edit)

                                                    Various Artists

                                                    Bound For Hell: On The Sunset Strip

                                                      Heavy metal? Glam? Hard rock? Make your own fuckin’ call, you poser. We’re not gonna do it for you. Bound for Hell is early ‘80s L.A. rock as it actually was: a California cataclysm of drunk and horny headbangers, dressed in sharp, shiny, leather androgyny and fire, kicking crowds in the teeth to clear the way to that one big shot. This set delivers 21 tracks by 21 artists detailing the Sunset Strip’s most razor-sharp heathens. Drumsticks burned. Hands were severed. Faces bled. Heavy was HELL for a half decade and it was a long, long way down.

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      SIDE A
                                                      A1. Going To The City - Stormer
                                                      A2. Cocaine - L.A. Rocks
                                                      A3. Bound For Hell - Max Havoc
                                                      A4. Rock ‘N’ Roll Ain’t Pretty - Jaded Lady
                                                      A5. Ready To Explode - Steeler
                                                      A6. No Time To Lose - Lizzy Borden
                                                      SIDE B
                                                      B1. On The Run - SIN
                                                      B2. Give Em The Old 1, 2, 3 - Black ‘N Blue
                                                      B3. Damnation Alley - Bitch
                                                      B4. Feeling To Rock - Romeo
                                                      B5. Savage Kind Of Girl - V.V.S.I.
                                                      SIDE C
                                                      C1. Up From The Depths - Hellion
                                                      C2. Blade Of Steel - Angeles
                                                      C3. Cold Reception - Knightmare II
                                                      C4. Cinderella (In Black Leather) - Witch
                                                      C5. Liquid Lady - Reddi Killowatt
                                                      SIDE D
                                                      D1. Lesson Well Learned - Armored Saint
                                                      D2. We Came To Kill - Leather Angel
                                                      D3. Take It Or Leave It - Rough Cutt
                                                      D4. Fool Of Lies - Lisa Baker
                                                      D5. Judgement Day - Odin


                                                      Yesterday's Tomorrow Is Not Today

                                                        Screaming suburban blues straight from the pages of HeartattaCk magazine, Current exploded out of the early-’90s Midwestern emo scene in a fit of D.C. hardcore-inspired rage. Spread across three LPs, Yesterday’s Tomorrow Is Not Today compiles the quartet’s lone album, two EPs, split 7”s with Indian Summer and Chino Horde, miscellaneous compilation debris, and nine previously unissued alternates, including the infamous KLXU radio show. Remixed and mastered from the original tapes, Current’s complete discography is annotated in Leor Galil’s exhaustive survey, illustrated with period photos, flyers, and cut-n-paste sleeve art across 24 pages.

                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                        Side A
                                                        1 Representation
                                                        2 Dial
                                                        3 Pave
                                                        4 Bag Of Threads
                                                        5 Two And A Dime
                                                        Side B
                                                        1 Ruin
                                                        2 Outside Is Better
                                                        3 Coliseum
                                                        4 She Can’t Write
                                                        5 Hark
                                                        6 Member
                                                        Side C
                                                        1 Basis
                                                        2 Repetition
                                                        3 Continued Rantings
                                                        4 Leech
                                                        5 Bastille
                                                        6 Frayed Ends
                                                        7 Overbearing
                                                        Side D
                                                        1 Member (Demo)
                                                        2 A Place
                                                        3 Past Time
                                                        4 Key
                                                        5 Monument
                                                        Side E
                                                        1 Could I
                                                        2 Slivered Lead
                                                        3 Come Down
                                                        4 Left At The Right
                                                        5 Happy As I Am
                                                        6 The River
                                                        Side F
                                                        1 Chairtied
                                                        2 Bag Of Threads (Instrumental)
                                                        3 Hark (KXLU Session)
                                                        4 Key (KXLU Session)
                                                        5 Monument (KXLU Session) 

                                                        Express Rising

                                                        Fixed Rope II

                                                          The fourth Express Rising LP (and second featuring the expanded lineup of William Suran and Kevin Blagg, in addition to leader Dante Carfagna) finds the trio largely eschewing percussion in favor of twelve concise, three-minute-or-so-long bittersweet excursions that nevertheless retain the restrained, measured, and highly melodic scaffolding of their previous work. There’s more than a bit of Santo & Johnny at their most somnambulant here, slightly glazed, definitely reverb’d out, mysteriously bottling the flaring, saturated light of the desert at dusk.

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          1. Smooth False Foxglove
                                                          2. Canary Folded
                                                          3. Area Man
                                                          4. Drawing Of A Lake
                                                          5. Mansion
                                                          6. Asunder

                                                          1. Focus Puller
                                                          2. No Trace Of You
                                                          3. Unfamiliar Lights
                                                          4. Pass From View
                                                          5. The Apache Door
                                                          6. Touch Of Goodbye

                                                          Various Artists

                                                          Bobo Yéyé: Belle Époque In Upper Volta

                                                            Bobo Yéyé: Belle Époque in Upper Volta From his studio in central Bobo-Dioulasso, photographer Sory Sanlé documented a nation’s transformation from colonial foothold to cosmopolitan oasis. Bobo Yeye: Belle Epoque in Upper Volta provides an intimate look into the landlocked nation’s pop culture explosion of the 1970s. A melange of community elders and emboldened youth spill from the brightly lit confines of Sanlé’s Volta Photo into the dimly lit nightclubs of Upper Volta’s cultural capital. Accompanying this hardbound monograph are dozens of rare and evocative recordings spread over three discs by Bobo-Dioulasso’s musical titans: Volta Jazz, Dafra Star, Echo Del Africa, and Les Imbattables Léopards.

                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                            1. Volta Jazz - Air Volta
                                                            2. Volta Jazz - Bi Kameleou
                                                            3. Volta Jazz - Fitri Mawaly
                                                            4. Volta Jazz - Djougou Toro
                                                            5. Volta Jazz - BB Peyrissac
                                                            6. Volta Jazz - Mama Soukous
                                                            7. Volta Jazz – Fintalabo
                                                            8. Volta Jazz - Wêrê Wêrê Magni
                                                            9. Volta Jazz - Nâgô Fâla
                                                            10. Volta Jazz - Mousso Koroba Tike
                                                            11. Volta Jazz - Dounya Te Soyé *
                                                            12. Volta Jazz - Beni Djarabi *
                                                            13. Volta Jazz - Chérie Nawa *
                                                            14. Volta Jazz - Ma Douce Ledy *
                                                            15. Volta Jazz - Djougou Malola *
                                                            16. Volta Jazz - Na Dalo *
                                                            17. Dafra Star** - De Nwolo 
                                                            18. Dafra Star - Sie Koumgolo19. Dafra Star – Dounian
                                                            20. Dafra Star - Si Tu Maime 
                                                            21. Dafra Star – Tjiranama
                                                            22. Dafra Star – Yafamma
                                                            23. Dafra Star – Foli
                                                            24. Dafra Star - Ram Passomayé 
                                                            25. Dafra Star - Bombossi *
                                                            26. Dafra Star - Sondja Magni * 
                                                            27. Dafra Star - Limaniya *
                                                            28. Echo Del Africa – Gentlemen Doromina
                                                            29. Les Imbattables Léopards - Bissongo Lebguinw 
                                                            30. Les Imbattables Léopards - Dja Tigui Kie 
                                                            31. Les Imbattables Léopards – Milaoba 
                                                            32. Echo Del Africa - Yiri Wah 
                                                            33. Les Imbattables Léopards - Néné 
                                                            34. Ouedraogo Youssef - He Ya Wannan 
                                                            35. Idy OIdrissa - Arindo 
                                                            36. Les Imbattables Léopards – Ne Toumdé *
                                                            37. Les Imbattables Léopards - Boudou Nyida *

                                                            * Available On CD Only 

                                                            ** Full Band Name Is Coulibaly Tidiani & Dafrastar

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