Groove Magician

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Hot Biscuit

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More from the emergent and on trend Hot Biscuit label. This time its the turn of relatively unknown producer Toddsonic33 to deliver some vintage-style, Chi-town deepness. Although a bit more 'full fat' than the recent slew of stripped back jak trax from the Dirty Blends crew, you'll still find a lot of common ground between this and those releases - capturing that original spirit of the Muzic Box, Medusa et al, but with an updated sensibility. Hard not to mention the masters like Phuture, Poindextor, Lil Louis etc when talking about these tracks but there's definitely a fresh bite to proceedings. I especially like the way Toddsonic33 layers up menacing, grunting spoken word snips underneath these instrumentals - proper Ron Hardy-esque! Yessiree - real tackle for the real heads.


Matt says: Hot Biscuit hit us with another artist EP. Toddsonic 33 on hand with a thoroughly enjoyable escapade of Chi-town frivolities. From wigged-out acid tweakers to more refined deepness; its top drawer stuff all the way.


A1. Groove Magician
A2. That Track
B1. Enki
B2. Popcorn

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