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Birth Control Pill

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Speed Dealer Moms, the combustible live electronics duo comprising John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Aaron Funk (Venetian Snares) is over a decade into their idiosyncratic run. On "Birth Control Pill," the duo's third release, the parameters of the chaotic and elegant project come into focus.

If there are virtuosos patching modular synthesizers and slicing up breakbeats, then they were in the room when these two tracks were recorded. The epic title cut is perhaps the most "functional" track the duo has ever recorded. This is ruffneck dnb business, but it's also the Speed Dealer Moms, so there is the requisite descent into chaos. The track's precise melodies are unceremoniously dunked into Funk's signature, ripping breakcore, the drums picking up speed until the crash test dummies hit the wall—a thrilling, extratone breakdown.

More madness lurks on the B-side, "Benakis," which seemingly nods to the visionary Greek composer. With its unconventional time signature and intricate melodies, this song cycles through breakcore and hard techno before eventually giving the listener a reprieve with a dreamy, beatless outro.

Speed Dealer Moms drive their own, crooked road built on friendship and a telepathic musical connection—the collaboration and encouragement of Funk ushered Frusciante into the dense world of hardcore machine funk. The results of these sessions don't sound quite like anything else, they are electronic records made in fearless pursuit of the new. Funk and Frusciante follow ideas to an illogical endpoint, and this hurtling approach has now resulted in the best and most concise Speed Dealer Moms record yet.


Matt says: Hahah this is a madness! As if Red Hot Chilli's John Frusciante and Venetian Snares have got together to make a modular jungle tear-outs EP?! It slams hard - think Ceefax, Brainwaltzera, Vibert, AFX etc; but with plenty of its own ingenuity. What a curveball!


1. Birth Control Pill
2. Benakis

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