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Change Da System / Knights

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A two-track 12" with fresh artwork and a nice heavyweight pressing, with one side taken by each artist. Sy Sez kicks off 'Change Da System' with dub-wise vocals which then make way for a tight, taught, bouncing house groove with fat bass. Things are utterly different on the flip with Leeds legend and sometime Nightmares on Wax collaborator offering the deep house delights of 'Knights' with its soulful vocal whispers, intimate late night chords and warm, candle-lit vibes.


Matt says: "Knights" had me hooked - a bassline to die for, and vocals to claw your heart out to. The chunky house of "Change Da System" means there's a bit a punch for the club too, if that's your thing.


Sy Sez - Change Da System
Comfy Bella - Knights

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