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Stereo:type is keeping busy with a number of releases already lined up from the young and auspicious label. It is UK artist Risk Assessment that has been behind the first couple and is again back in action here with number three. This one kicks off with a slightly deeper disco cut that has a seductive vocal and rousing chords then 'Dreamz' is a nice blissed out roller with magical melodies bringing the richness. 'Someone Like You' is denied by the voice of the one and only Barry White - his buttery baritone riding over loop and funky drums and bass and 'Power' then brings a touch of house to close out.


Mine says: Risk Assessment follows up EP 1 and 2 with number 3 within less than 6 months and continues his signature style of pumping disco house on this 12" series on Stereo:type - as suitable for a sweaty basement as for your next pool party.


Someone Like You

The fledgling Stereo:type label is back with a sizzling second release and it is the UK's Risk Assessment at the buttons. Once again here his sophomore vinyl outing is all about soul drenched and peak time disco cuts with plenty of passion and character. 'Welcome' has all the funky loops and neat keys you need to get you going, 'I Hear Music' is a real stomper with freaky guitar riffs and '5 O'Clock In The Morning' brings some big diva vocals and plenty of lush strings. Last of all is the steamy hot disco funker 'Disco Night' with its slick filter work and rich bass. Another delicious EP, then.


Matt says: Nice to see an editor get frisky on the filters and loop cutter, injecting some urgency into these lesser known disco bits. Star studded glitter ball treats all the way from Risk Assessment...


I Hear Music
5 O’Clock In The Morning
Disco Night

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