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Absolutely buzzing to see Manchester's Kerrie on Tresor - one of techno's first spiritual homes, A real coup, but totally deserved as the Irish producer has carved out her own uncompromising brand of wreckin' ball techno that's totally in spirit with the iconic label. Aside from releases on her own Dark Machine Funk, this has got to be the most extensive and complete formation of her sound to date - raw, throbbing, serpentine techno that sounds like your blasting a new tunnel out of concrete some ten meters deep.

Nagging synth lines, reverbed and reversed stabs, snares that snap and crackle, a bottom end that'll knock the wind outta ya, and hats that rattle around your cerebrum like a loose pinball - this EP has it all. 

Four tracks on the vinyl - pressed beautifully loud and high fidelity - and three digital exclusives (only available to those who buy the vinyl so nerrr to all the digi-only-DJs). 

A true local techno legend in the making - massive props to Kerrie, let's hope there's plenty more in the scuba tank! 


Matt says: Yes Kerrie! Fierce, tunnel-boring, hammer-drill techno from the Manchester stalwart which sees her finally grace the heady heights of Tresor. Bound to set this star on an upward trajectory - look out for her demolishing aircraft hangers and steel girded warehouses near you very soon.


A1 Machine Alliance 05:38
A2 Symbiosis 05:25
B1 Technopoly Dream 05:21
B2 Ode To The D 05:13

Digital Bonus:
DX1 Replicants 04:55
DX2 System & Structure 05:08
DX3 Human In The Loop 04:35

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