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Kashkaval EP

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This EP encapsulates DJ 3000's evolution, weaving a narrative from his Albanian heritage to pure Detroit techno.

This intention is perfectly demonstrated on "Kashkaval" which, at first listen, sounds like classic-era Metroplex electro. However DJ 3000 also mixes is a spoken word narrative from his Albanian father (discussing cheese at length, which is the title of the track in Albanian).

"Constant Sorrow" has breath taking sound design. With a full fat frequency spectrum that'll have sound systems throbbing but equally sounds almost transcendent on headphones. I gotta say, the vocal part might be a bit marmite for some people, so I'm hoping DJ 3000 does an instrumental of this seriously advanced electro tune.

"From The Ashes" recalls vintage UR - squelchy machine funk with a dark, sinister edge. Those compressed 909s jumping out the mix while a rubber band lead bass has us gyrating left and right.

"Crown Royal" concludes with a steady, 4x4 pulse decorated with colourful arps and driving chords - a bit Carl Craig if you ask me. And sounding very nice for it.


Matt says: Fancy some Detroit electro with an Albanian twist? Look no further than DJ 3000. Displaying a strong proficiency in sound design, as well as honouring the blueprints laid down by Juan Atkins, Drexciya, Aux88 et al.


A1. Kashkaval
A2: Constant Sorrow Featuring Keith Caden
B1: From The Ashes
B2: Crown Royal

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