Potatohead People

Paradise (feat. Diamond Cafe)

Image of Potatohead People - Paradise (feat. Diamond Cafe)
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Bastard Jazz Recordings

About this item

Nick & Astro are reunited as Potatohead People on this sweaty teaser 7" for their latest album 'Eat Your Heart Out'. On "Paradise", the boys have hotly tipped Canadian artist Diamond Café on for vocals. Diamond delivers a stunning vocal performance on this early 80s influenced slice of digital sex funk that comes in somewhere between Sade, El Debarge and Prefab Sprout. The man describes his music as "bathing in a cloud of honey on a very foggy night", and we couldn't agree more.On the flipside, Nick Wisdom dubs out the original, flexing the bassline's muscles with additions of swirling synth work and little bites of keyboard funk.


1. Paradise (feat. Diamond Cafe)
2. Paradise (Nicky's 1 Nite Only Dub) [feat. Diamond Cafe]

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