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Brazilian-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer Terr makes her Phantasy debut
with the sensational single, ‘Tale of Devotion’.

Arguably one of the catchiest moments in Phantasy’s musical history, Terr
delivers a wide-eyed vision of sincere synth pop pleasure, backed by a sublime Prins Thomas Diskomiks.

Undoubtedly indebted to the visionary modulations of Giorgio Moroder, Phil
Oakey and Wendy Carlos, ‘Tale of Devotion’ flawlessly captures the romance,
ecstasy and opportunity throbbing at the heart of dancefloors for the past fifty
years. No mere nostalgia trip, Terr delivers a soaring vocal performance that
proves to be the warm, ambiguous heart of the track, driven by bubbling, cosmic electronics and flashes of orchestral melodrama.

Prins Thomas establishes a contrasting groove for the latest in his beloved
legacy of ‘Discomiks’ reworks. Somewhat dialling in the conscious hi-NRG of the
original production, the Norwegian maestro’s undulating, percussive edit places
Terr’s wistful vocal journey centre stage, while branches of halcyon disco
blossom around her.

Gabe Gurnsey

New Kind (Extended Dub / Fall Forward Dub)

‘New Kind’, one of the more direct moments of dancefloor pleasure throughout Gabe Gurnsey’s acclaimed debut album, ‘Physical’, is expanded on for this digital package. The ‘Extended Dub’ stretches out the original’s tight groove in a pleasingly baggy fashion that recalls the experimental club dubs pioneered by Trevor Horn, Martin Rushent and Shep Pettibone.

Back to the future, and enigmatic new producer Fall Forward delivers a smooth, rave tinted rework that is guaranteed to thrill the strobe-lit, sweat-drenched club crowd that inspired the original LP. An additional dub of the remix places the focus squarely on it’s clean, irresistible acid bassline.


12" Info: White label 150 copies only

Daniel Avery

Song For Alpha Remixes : Two - Inc. Luke Slater / Obscure Shape & SHDW / Richard Fearless Remixes

Daniel Avery broadens the exquisite sonic universe established on last year’s critically-acclaimed sophomore LP "Song For Alpha", presenting the collected B-sides & remixes. Showcasing cuts from the album’s writing and recording process as well, Avery also invites a number of his contemporaries and some of the most vital underground producers in the world to rework his original material, with transformative results.

Luke Slater takes care of the album’s high-tempo centrepiece, "Diminuendo", the obvious choice to take an already pummeling rave highlight in a direction that arguably hits even harder without sacrificing anything cerebral; Slater’s dense, swarming synths wrap around the original with catharsis.

German duo Obscure Shape & SHDW twist "Projector" into an irresistible, warehouse-tooled rave weapon, transforming the understated source material into a groove-focused anthem that recalls the no-nonsense spirit of nineties rave.

Avery’s studio neighbour and partner in PSSU, Richard Fearless offers up the most brooding cut with his take on "Days From Now", delivering a texturally rich and boldly minimal deconstruction that oscillates between industrial gristle and weightless suspense, ultimately shining light on a creeping, patient melody.

Erol Alkan

Spectrum - Inc. Mano Le Tough And Baris K Remixes

Though he's been pleasing dancing feet and techno heads non stop through his killer DJ sets and excellent Phantasy Sound imprint, Erol's "Spectrum" EP was his first original solo material in FIVE years! Crazy shit...Well the Trash-man delivered big style with the hydraulic technoid somersault that was "Spectrum", and now he extends the ecstacy thanks to a pair of trademark reworks from Mano Le Tough and Baris K. 
Ireland's king of melodic techno and synthetic house Mr Mano Le Tough works his familiar magic on the A-side, leading "Spectrum" through glittering solar flares, galloping sequences and an irresistible Moroder style bass sequence. Harnessing the full power cosmic, this one leaves space time billowing in its wake. Flipping the disc we find famed Istanbul digger, DJ and edit king Baris K in imperious form, hauling Erol's original through a dense web of Turkish lysergia. Twisting "Spectrum's" playful percussion into a living, breathing groove, Baris adds Anatolian rhythm guitar, blobby bass sounds and all manner of aquatic electronics to create an epic excursion into the psychedelic fringes of disco and house.


Patrick says: The Erol remix roadshow continues, this time stopping by Ireland and Turkey with Mano Le Tough and Baris K. If glistening, melodic house is your thing then Mano's your man on the A-side, while fans of dancefloor psychedelia will flock to Baris K's dope mix on the flip.

Daniel Avery

Song For Alpha Remixes : One - Inc. Manni Dee / Anastasia Kristensen / Patrick Russell Remixes

Daniel Avery broadens the exquisite sonic universe established on last year’s critically-acclaimed sophomore LP Song For Alpha, presenting the collected B-sides & Remixes. Showcasing cuts from the album’s writing and recording process, as well, Avery also invites a number of his contemporaries and some of the most vital underground producers in the world to rework his original material, with transformative results.
The frosty melancholy of Citizen // Nowhere is reworked by London producer Manni Dee into something altogether monstrous. Introducing itself with a kick drum powerful enough to level a warehouse, and only getting more urgent from there forward, Dee’s remix blends a knowing rave glint in the eye with a nonetheless uncompromising stance.
The Copenhagen-via-Moscow producer Anastasia Kristensen immediately justifies her status as a rapidly rising talent on the scene, locking into a delicate yet no less powerful groove for her sparkling remix of Glitter. Seamlessly heightening the almost meditative qualities of Avery’s original, she weaves a blissful rhythmic trip, taking in razor-sharp percussions and spectral dub techno.
A longstanding fixture on the Midwest US rave scene, Patrick Russell applies his typical grit to ‘Song For Alpha’s firmly dancefloor focused centrepiece, Diminuendo. In subtly shifting the focus to the track’s passages of overwhelming feedback, he sculpts a black hole of snarling electro and piston-like breaks, sure to prove an inviting wormhole to those willing to surrender further, deeper and darker.


Sil says: Avery gets the perfect remix treatment album for those who did not have enough of his techno and wanted something a bit faster and a bit harsher. Here it is for all you thirsty ravers.

Erol Alkan invites two of electronic music's most exciting producers to expand on both sides of his first solo single in five years, ‘Spectrum’ and 'Silver Echoes'. Techno-mastermind Matrixxman adds serious pressure to 'Spectrum' on his remix, upping the tempo and utilising the original’s halcyon synth line to create a high-energy version with moments of pure sensation. Techno at its best with ideas of Tresor flying around when spinning this bad boy.

Machine Woman , on the B side, delivers two contrasting reimaginings. Going deep and psychedelic on the ‘Minimal Machine Woman Remix’ of ‘Silver Echoes’, and then on the ‘True Machine Woman Remix' reversing the tempo entirely, reinventing the melancholy cut as a erratic freakout.


Sil says: Pretty sure you know the deal with Phantasy and Mr. Alkan. No surprises which is a good thing for the devoted follower. Just to say that the A side with that Matrixxman mix is a techno belter in its own right. Machine Woman on the flip will not leave you untouched either!

Red Axis return to Phantasy are a mega debut for the label. The Israeli duo are one of the most credible acts in dance music right now, with an impeccable catalogue; but these three tracks find them in even more confident form, harnessing the power of electronic music like no one else out there.

"Sound Test" opens via a well executed robo-vox intro, counting down into a upward spiral of bleeps, rising sine tones and shattering glacial synth patches, when the final '1' announces the arrival of the track Red Axis flip the track into a bass-driven juggernaut the plumes outta the speakers like dragon's breath. Gradually, the layers of percussion build up again, with ripples of intensity equal to that of a high dose psilocybin trip. "Shabak Shalom" opts for a more shuddering and thrusting take on mid-tempo techno framework with a plethora of perc hits attacking a pulsing two-note bassline while an arsenal of dizzying synthwork and plucked melodies converge on the track. Constructed with an unfathomably level of intricacy, is really highlights the Red Axis team as skilled and inspired producers. "Kookoo Papa" concludes with a kind of modern EBM power track that I'm sure Weatherall and Fairplay are just dying to utilize at one of their ALFOS parties and sure to work its way into MCR jocks Jon K and Annabel Fraser's repertoire.


Matt says: Truly out-there but reeking of the right now, Red Axis conjure up a black-leather goth-dance masterpiece for the heady industrialists populating the more leftfield dancefloors in 2019. Check!

Erol Alkan

Spectrum / Silver Echoes

Erol Alkan returns to his home at Phantasy with "Spectrum" and "Silver Echoes", his first original solo material in five years; two pure dancefloor cuts which perfectly embody Alkan's charismatic, psychedelic tinged and singular approach to DJing and production.

"Spectrum" opens with gated synth lines shuddering into focus over a wash of electrostatic. Reminiscent of the sounds you might well hear in seminal London club Trash (which he founded), it rises in intensity, with Alkan's skilled synthesis morphing the leadline around various stylistic points and melting your face clean off in the process!

On "Silver Echoes" Alkan bridges melancholia and dischord into slowly developing euphoria - something he does very, very well. Diving immediately into the heart of a powerful melody that gradually flourishes, the track increases in energy with every rotation until you're swamped in a fizzing mess of synthesized elements.

A perfect summation of both past and contemporary influences, as well as a lifelong open-minded stance, "Spectrum" and "Silver Echoes", each capture a side of Alkan's always-evolving energy and technique, mixing his studio prowess with a timeless instinct rooted within the communal potential of the dancefloor.


Matt says: Ever-reliable Erol, that's what we call him here at Picc HQ. The producer who's presence across clubland rarely fades, comes correct with two late night juggernauts.

Following the release of his Projector EP earlier this month, Daniel Avery has enlisted revered London producer Four Tet aka Kieran Hebden for a remix of "Quick Eternity", taken from the former’s long-awaited second album "Song For Alpha".

Hebden flips the warm, undulating synths and crystalline percussion of Avery’s original in his own inimitable style, building shimmering, skittering flourishes before a pneumatic final half.


Sil says: Like climbing a mountain and descending it by flying on a paraglide. That is Four Tet's vision of this monster track by man of the moment Daniel Avery. Killer build up, breathless climax, gorgeous finale.

Taken from Gabe Gurnsey’s upcoming debut solo LP, "Physical" (also out on Phantasy), "Eyes Over" zones in on techy, intricately constructed electronic groove; comprised of interwoven synth stabs, a growling analogue snarl and darting elasatic lines. Gurnsey's vocal reminds me of Green Velvet - all drugged out and warbling; and sounding super paired next to these narco-beats.

The stripped back, jugular hitting, "Extended Dub" takes more precise aim at the dancefloor, allowing each disparate, analogue element more room to attack across that bassline throbb. Specialist tackle from Gurnsey here...

Five years after his critically acclaimed debut Drone Logic, London-based producer Daniel Avery announces his highly anticipated second album Song For Alpha, set for release on March 9th 2018 through Phantasy. The album is preceded on January 19th by a 4-track limited edition 12” vinyl EP titled Slow Fade.

The new long player, on which the track ‘Slow Fade’ will appear, follows 2013’s incendiary debut Drone Logic. Upon its release the latter was called “A mesmerising debut" by Mixmag, “Exceptional” by the Times and "A benchmark for so many other dance albums to aspire to" by Dummy, while Pitchfork proclaimed “Avery owns this space.” “Underground dance music with this sort of ambition hasn’t been heard in quite a while", noted Resident Advisor, and Q hailed  "The arrival of a new left­field dance superstar."

In the years since, Avery has helmed a DJ-Kicks mix CD, resided over a monthly radio show for NTS Live, curated an extensive remix compilation and collaborated on a series of side-projects including a recent collaboration with Nine Inch Nails synth specialist Alessandro Cortini; he has toured relentlessly, cementing a reputation as one of the defining techno DJs of the decade. He has also worked studiously on what he wanted to say next as a producer. 

With newfound energy and time to develop, Avery’s sonic vocabulary has expanded. Here, the booming sound of the big room is brilliantly countered by the music of the small hours. Where celestial ambient lullabies ‘First Light’ and ‘Days From Now’ sit perfectly next to the mesmeric techno assault of ‘Diminuendo’ and ‘Sensation’; where both ‘Projector’ and ‘Clear’ evoke early rave records, only ones engulfed by waves of beautiful cyclonic distortion. William Basinski, Warp’s Artificial Intelligence, Brian Eno plus his own excursions with Alessandro Cortini all serve as touchstones for a record that sees Avery take his signature psychedelic-electronic sound to new dimensions, a sound that plays to the head as much as the body.


Barry says: Delicately presented electroacoustic compositions, supported with a finely honed backbone of melodic suggestion and hypnotic rhythmic pulse, Avery once again proves he is one of the masters of his craft.


2xLP Info: Double 180 gram vinyl.

2xLP includes MP3 Download Code.

Cowboy Rhythmbox

Tanz Exotique Remixes - Inc. Red Axes / Marvin & Guy Remixes

Initially described as 'superlative 25th century electronic exotica' by Cowboy Rhythmbox themselves, the fourth EP from Phantasy’s in-house trouble and hitmakers received support from top jocks including Dixon, Jackmaster and Marcel Dettmann. Now, it’s dynamic lead track is rejigged, expanded upon and shot through with analogue energy by two equally inventive producer pairings.

Israel’s finest, Red Axes take the first turn, coaxing the cosmos out of the original and allowing the bewildering vocal samples to lead the way through waves of more than pleasurable cosmic tension. Soon, with the timing just right, feet to pedals and strobe to hand, the pair unleash a series of distorted guitar licks that blow dust off the stacks, even throwing in a sharp blast of their trademark surrealist vocals for extra freaky FX. On the flip, Marvin and Guy zone out and hone in on the original’s EBM-indebted elements to contribute a trippy, wave-riding electro rework that oscillates irresistibly. Teasing listeners with a playful, almost naive synth line, the mood shimmers instead with uncompromising acid, as the pair ultimately push the modulars into strange and hypnotic territories to get lost in.

Daniel Avery

Slow Fade EP

    Daniel Avery returns to Phantasy for a 4-track limited edition 12” vinyl EP, Slow Fade, featuring the title track and first single from his much-anticipated sophomore LP, upcoming in April via Phantasy.

    A prelude to the LP’s sonic exploration of the twilight world of a personal, transient life spent between clubs, hotel rooms, airports and home, Slow Fade captures the expanded foundations of Avery’s sonic palette. Arresting club moments linger under the surface, but the focus is on the smudged ambience that underpin Avery’s grasp on rave euphoria.

    As a re-entry into a broader musical universe, ‘Slow Fade’ is immediately compelling, combining neo-acid, feedback loops and pure atmosphere at a patient but restrained pace. Meanwhile, ‘After Dark’ alters this aesthetic to it’s raw, pensive elements, stripping Avery’s distinctive drums completely, revealing a meditative, ambient fog.

    ‘Radius’ announces itself with industrial intent, before unfolding seamlessly into a wistful electronic hymn, the perfect soundtrack to brooding London skies, and eventually evolving into slow-motion motorik. Closing the EP, ‘Fever Dream’ finds Avery at club tempo, but in a somewhat agitated state, on this occasion focusing on a paranoid rhythm that emerges clean from eerie, even paranoid territory.

    Close your eyes, press repeat.

    Includes heavy weight vinyl / download codes


    12" Info: One copy in stock

    Various Artists

    Erol Alkan Reworks Vol. 1 - Limited Edition Box Set

      Phantasy release ‘Reworks Volume 1’, a comprehensive collection of remixes from prodigious DJ and producer Erol Alkan.

      ‘Reworks Volume 1’ is a musical overview of what makes Erol Alkan one of his generation’s most iconic remixers. Framing a corner of his career in perspective - a success in taking on any source material and melding it into something of his own. Alkan’s philosophy towards a remix is to ‘re-produce’ work as if the original never existed. Avoiding methods like the transplanting of a vocal on a contemporary dance beat, or adding a four-to-the-floor 808 kick drum underneath a rock band, Alkan instead takes a considered approach to build something new that offers a fresh and divergent take on the music in front of him.

      This collection of reworks illustrates that his distinct style of remixing is just another layer in what makes Erol Alkan unique to dance music. Unpredictable but equipped with a Midas touch - you never quite know what’s coming but you can count on it to be special, a quality shared between both his DJ sets and his production work. Erol Alkan is a dance music artist with an alternative sensibility, a psychedelic approach and a punk outlook - what makes him stand apart in dance music is what makes him one of the genre’s most enduring and influential artists.

      The vinyl box set includes ten classic reworks remastered and spread across five pieces of vinyl, an exclusive interview and download code to the full digital album containing a further 10 reworks. The box is covered in linen with a red foil print.

      Trip. A simple arrangement of four letters that has many associations: a trip to the seaside, a drug trip (and so a journey into the unknown), a trip is to suddenly fall.

      "The Soft Bounce" is a trip album in the widest sense: containing nearly 45 minutes of carefully programmed music, it sets off into to the unknown, it contains pleasure and pain, doubt and transcendence, and it ends somewhere that is different from where you started.

      Beginning with expansive synth washes and "Love To Love You Baby"-style oohs, "Delicious Light" is immediately uplifting: we’re off on a switchback journey that will pass from light through darkness and confusion and pain to transcendence and acceptance. Darkness of a sort is forged in explosive motion ("Iron Age") before passing through sunshine pop ("Creation"), first wave UK psych ("Door To Tomorrow" with its invocation of "Emily", beloved of both the Pink Floyd and the Piccadilly Line), and the blissful Balearic emotion of "Diagram Girl". This passes into the American Gothic of "Black Crow" - that traditional avian harbinger of doom - and then we’re down the rabbit hole.

      “Tomorrow, Forever" begins in the sound of nothingness and slowly unfolds into beatless cloud reveries that are at once solemn and hopeful. Weightless, blown with the wind, you come down to earth with the skipping afro beat of "The Soft Bounce": a soft female voice pleads for connection, but she is almost swamped by the stinging, shocking guitar reverb. The positive moods of "Finally First" and "Triumph" put everything back together before the all-out acid assault of "Third Mynd": from life to death to rebirth, ‘you throw the sticks up in the air, and they come down in a different pattern.’

      “Is it the history of human kind or a personal, individual odyssey? With guest appearances from Blaine Harrison (Mystery Jets), Euros Childs (Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci), Jane Weaver, Holly Miranda and Hannah Peel, Erol Alkan and Richard Norris have constructed an album that is both highly enjoyable and on a deeper level, perceptual and psychological. Growth is necessary, as is adaptation to change: neither are achieved easily or without some kind of sacrifice. Operating on a level that can be verbal but is more often non-verbal, music can ease that passage.” - John Savage.


      Barry says: This is indeed a trip. Melodic but psychedelic rock music to get up and dance to. Anthemic choruses and stoner guitars hide behind swirling synths and softly delivered vocal harmonies before smashing into the foreground with a riotous burst of distortion and glam. Exciting and groovy, gleefully nostalgic ('Emily' he sings, I was fully expecting Barrett to walk in and tell me about how she plays), but resolutely modern. A trip through all the best bits of all the things you should like. Ace.

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