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Making his Dekmantel debut with a flourish of symphonic, transcendental techno, Sepehr takes us into a fictional metaphysical zone he calls the "Genesis Domain". Over the past 10 years NYC-based Sepehr Alimagham’s versatile club music practice has taken in techno, D&B, electro, EBM and acid on a suite of scene-leading labels. This new EP builds on the pseudo-spirituality he explored on recent LP "Fall From Grace" with an exploration of an imagined space 'where your reality can be reinvented at any given moment.'

On the A side, the title track sets the pace with a throbbing, sparkling-yet-spooky trip that allows a touch of trance into the mix, while "Delicate Senses" explores snappier, broken beat rhythms and edgy atmospherics with a distinctly moody outlook.

The mystical electro shades of "Twisted Solstice" and "Planet Lonely"'s melancholic 4/4 pastures strike a note between contemplative introspection and anthemic main stage energy. "Queen Of Demons" is the consummate EP closer, leaning on brooding low end and snaking, intricate beats with a healthy dose of shimmering beauty up top.

Consistent with his versatile approach since day one, Sepehr proves any blend of tempos and rhythms can be folded into his vivid, evocative sound world - the results will draw you in close until his vision becomes yours.


Matt says: Upfront techno-breaks with dark rooms and big subs in mind. Defo got a bit of a Berghain vibe going on, with some highly detailed low end production.


Genesis Domain
Delicate Senses
Twisted Solstice
Queen Of Demons
Planet Lonely

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