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30/70 are the latest collective to emerge from the buzzing Melbourne scene, more specifically the suburb of Northcote. "Elevate" is a sublime statement; at once a cry for help and a call to arms, it balances delicate poetry and potent aggression with ease - all of this done with a beguiling pop sensibility and a laid-back, jazz / soul informed aesthetic that perfectly segues into days spent skateboarding and playing basketball in the suburbs of Victoria.

This collection of songs for Rhythms Section is their second studio effort after their debut LP, "Cold Radish Coma". It sees the accomplished collective roll out a succinct and highly engrossing set of SONGS. Not tracks, not jams, not meandering studio scrapings; fully realized, original arrangements with amazing vocals by Allysha Joy and skilled instrumentation by the rest of the band (Zeke Ruckman, Henry Hicks, Thomas Mansfield and Jarrod Chase - though they sometimes open up into a nine-piece). It's so ridiculously Giles Peterson friendly that I'm surprised we haven't already heard much more by them - although it's always pleasantly reassuring to get on summat this good early on in the their career! This mini LP'll end up being marked out as a classic of neo-soul in 2017. Do yerselves a favour and grab a copy now! 

"Joy, Ease, Lightness" is the new EP from the Rhythm Section camp. A 4 track label debut from Dan Kye aimed squarely at the dancefloor, with a meditative awareness and rhythmic sensibility that reaches far beyond the club. "Change" opens proceedings with a quick paced beatdown house track, full of soulfoul vocal stylings, frenetic percussion and a bumpety, basement house approach. "Like You Wanna" rolls out guitar licks and smooth vocal snips over occasional piano flurries, funky bass and very Moodymann-esque drums. It's worth noting that the whole EP has that smoky, sexy vibe that the aforementioned Detroit DJ would often feature in his DJ sets. Onto side B and "Toile" features infectious, summery bass, pulsing synth and more tumbling drum beats. It's deep house at its finest and most organically pleasing; perfect for dancing away the sunset hours. Finally, "Ligo" teases the speaker stacks with thick wooden bass fragments, rattling the subs as another sensuous deep house lick ripples out the speakers with lashings of soul. Yet another stellar release from the Rhythm Section International Crew, grab it while you can.


Matt says: Another week, another Rhythm Section record makes it into our best-of list. The Peckham camp continue to cement their unique sound with a plethora of new exciting artists at their core.

Yowzers... outta nowhere comes Rhythm Section International with a f-f-f-frresh new release for 2k18! The SE stable has been somewhat of a go-to for the last few years, a big proprietor of what would become 'the Peckham sound', it's branched out of late with releases from Melbourne and Manchester and now this new release coming from Paris. The record itself takes cues from the broken-beat-centric sound of London while paying homage to the Parisian house dance scene. Largely sample based, but also employing much more live instrumentation than ever before, Neue Grafik’s music is informed by movement and in turn offers so much for dancers to respond to. It sits perfectly on RS Int, but also offers a full and expansive vision into this producer's inner mechanics. Somehow timing its arrival for the onset of Spring (I guess you get some sway over pressing plants when you're Bradley Zero... ;) ) this is beautifully optimistic music but weighed down with the languidity of a changing season. It's lacks the balls out hedonism of Summer and carefully treads into new beginnings. Expert stuff. 


Matt says: Bradders and his crew showing just they are an essential force in 2018. With BZ hosting his own 6Music show, it was only a matter of time till the rest of the country / globe got on board. We've been with 'em since the start - what label!

Coming straight out of Melbourne with plentiful attitude, Producer / multi-instrumentalist Silentjay teams up with fellow Hiatus Kaiyote backing vocalist, Jace XL to present "Sacrifice", a mini album of epic proportions. At once sincere and heartfelt, the songs do not shy away from the playful influence of 90s RnB - a sound that is a defining influence on this EP, which despite clocking in at just under 30 minutes, attains a level of artistry and conceptual cohesiveness that many artists could only dream of. Another VERY serious record, from an impossibly fertile Melbourne Scene that is quickly becoming the envy of the world. 


Matt says: Rhythm Section have done it again, cementing the hazy, sun-scorched sound of Peckham's Summer before it's even broken - by enlisting two artists from Melborne! I can imagine myself stolling down Rye Lane with the sun leaping between gaps in buildings around 4PM in the afternoon; on my way to watch Bradley Zero DJ in someone's yard. Not a care in the world and with music on my mind. Exceptional stuff from this now institution UK label.


Ltd 12" Info: Mini LP + download code

Al Dobson Jr. returns to Rhythm Section International with his debut full length LP. Spread over 28 tracks and clocking in at just under one hour, this body of work provides a glimpse into the mind of one of the UK’s most talented, enigmatic producers. Al Dobson’s debut mini album ("Rye Lane Volume 1") marked the inauguration of Bradley Zero’s fledgling label back in 2014, proving to be a breath of fresh air to the London scene with its loose, indefinable sound and unique approach to production. As a newcomer, Al Dobson Jr.’s music didn’t remain a secret for long, with major global tastemakers such as Gilles Peterson, Theo Parrish, Dego, Alex Nut and Osunlade being early adopters. As with other key releases on 22a and Izwid, it didn’t take long for "Rye Lane Volume 1" to go from obscure debut to cult classic, propelling the artist and the label onto the international platform. At once a continuation and evolution of the sound, "Rye Lane Volumes II & III" offers a deeper exploration into the Al Dobson Jr universe, moving with ease through tempos and textures but never losing that effortless magic that makes ADJ stand out from the crowd. Like the last jaunt, rich, live-played conga lines remain the constant, over which ADJ plays keys, layers up vocal samples and gives the whole thing a classic jazz feel, cohesive throughout with a 'sun-blushed day getting stoned and jerking chicken in Peckham' kinda feel to proceedings. It's arrived, make haste! 

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