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30/70 and Rhythm Section team up once more to deliver their most ambitious remix package to date. Call outs to friends and family of the label and collective offered up a selection of some of the most exciting electronic music producers in the scene and the fruits of the collaboration have arrived.

The remix package continues 30/70’s practise of rebirthing their music in a contemporary club sound but this time takes that intention a step further, veering into unexpected and more experimental territory for the band, calling in a new era for their musical endeavours.

The record opens with a duo that need no introduction, label legends Chaos In The CBD work their magic on TLF, playing on Josh Kelly’s drawn out noir-esque sax notes and Allysha’s whispering tones to create a sultry and sophisticated house number in their typically infectious style.

Next up Utrecht native Carista enters with the sound of the Netherlands for a new wave electro trip fresh off her BBC Radio 1 residency.

Tornado Wallace takes us straight to a hot pink sunset on the long lost festival floor with his Red Face Mix of Tastes Like Freedom.

Closing out are the cerebral and ethereal sounds of Yu Su’s Midnight Blossom Remix, where the Kaifeng-born composer, DJ and sound artist continues her exploration of ‘fourth world’ ambience and left-field dance music.

Over the last few years, 30/70 have become something of a supergroup: with Allysha Joy, Ziggy Zeitgeist, Josh Kelly and Matthew Hayes all soaring as solo artists and band leaders. Individual talents aside, there’s nothing quite like the 30/70 collective united as one unstoppable force; and the synergy is
palpable in this tantalising tour-de force.



Vels Trio reap their jazz-fusion crop with a stellar 11-track debut album ‘Celestial Greens’ on Rhythm Section International. Wandering through their versatile musical vision, the LP represents the amalgamation of London’s finest jazz players; Jack Stephenson-Oliver on keys (Poppy Ajudha), Dougal Taylor behind the drum kit (Emma Jean- Thackray) and Cameron Dawson on bass (Puma Blue). The end result: 40 minutes of high-fidelity worthy audio elation, destined for the album of year lists.

Incorporating bona fide sleeper hit ‘The Wad’, alongside new singles ‘May As Well Be’, a dreamy jam with funk indebted bass, and ‘Pop Stuff’, a melancholic and potent composition that dissolves into pitched down slowcore. The album soars through psychedelic synth progressions, deep arrangements and finessed groove sections. Recorded mostly in Kate Bush’s personal studio in Welling, Wicker Studios, Vels Trio went through numerous versions of each track until settling on the right take to build the composition from, always considering the album format first and foremost. This arduous process has gilded the record, elevating their musicianship to unseen heights. ‘Celestial Greens’ represents an exploration of a new vision of modern progressive music, consolidating their influence on the emerging UK soul and RnB scenes, whilst creating a sound that’s idiosyncratic yet accessible to any fan of electronic music.


A1. Dormant Daze
A2. The Wad
A3. A Space For Mates
A4. Mcenroe
A5. May As Well Be
B1. Pop Stuff
B2. 40.2
B3. The Winter Games
B4. Quick Zeus
B5. Ceegee
B6. Celestial Greens

Rhythm Section proudly announce a new compilation, "Shouts 2021", revealing the new sounds and direction taken by this fiercely independent and innovative UK label. Split across two volumes, volume 2 focuses on squarely on the dancefloor, informed by the unique sounds and flavours heard at their highly regarded London-based clubnight.

Another six artists grace the 12", revealing a list of rising talent you're unlikely to know much about right now. Big props to Bradley's adventurous and risk taking A&R as plenty of labels would have settled for some average offerings off some big names to sell their compilation but here we get some hot shit off of some relatively unknown artists which is what it's all about really isn’t it?

Anyway, Soso Tharpa drops a feisty, elbows-out UKF mutation, buoyant and spacious with brilliantly programmed perx. Tom Esselle updates broken beat with a gliding garage-informed movement on "Lou's Groove" that'll have pale faced students and old school garage heads nodding in equal appreciation with it's perfectly formed, nicely swung antics. Pookie hits half-tempo precision and closes off side A via "Beast Mode", decorated in a streetwise rap and distorted soundsystem ruffage.

Side B sees tricksy late nite voodoo executed with a day-glo 90s aesthetic on "Hella Mega Drive" by Hassan Abou Alam before Adam Pits his the 4x4 thruster and powers through with the bassline-indebted "Cluster Funk". Finally, Kareem Ali sees optimistic light beams and a hands-aloft mood sweep over the driving, end-of-night anthem, "Black Futures". Incredible stuff here from a true shining light of British dance culture. Rhythm Section we salute you!


Matt says: Second part unveiling new artists to the Rhythm Section roster. A dancefloor-centric 12" which continues to push the envelope as the label have done from the beginning.


A1. Soso Tharpa - Milo Is Back
A2. Tom Esselle - Lou's Groove
A3. Pookie - Beast Mode
B1. Hassan Abou Alam - Hella Mega Drive
B2. Adam Pits - Cluster Funk
B3. Kareem Ali - Black Futures

"Joy, Ease, Lightness" is the new EP from the Rhythm Section camp. A 4 track label debut from Dan Kye aimed squarely at the dancefloor, with a meditative awareness and rhythmic sensibility that reaches far beyond the club. "Change" opens proceedings with a quick paced beatdown house track, full of soulfoul vocal stylings, frenetic percussion and a bumpety, basement house approach. "Like You Wanna" rolls out guitar licks and smooth vocal snips over occasional piano flurries, funky bass and very Moodymann-esque drums. It's worth noting that the whole EP has that smoky, sexy vibe that the aforementioned Detroit DJ would often feature in his DJ sets. Onto side B and "Toile" features infectious, summery bass, pulsing synth and more tumbling drum beats. It's deep house at its finest and most organically pleasing; perfect for dancing away the sunset hours. Finally, "Ligo" teases the speaker stacks with thick wooden bass fragments, rattling the subs as another sensuous deep house lick ripples out the speakers with lashings of soul. Yet another stellar release from the Rhythm Section International Crew, grab it while you can.


Matt says: Repressed to coincide with Jordan Rakei's new LP. This alter-ego of the multitalented genius, released on Bradley Zero's Rhythm Section in 2016, shows the artist in a laid back and loved up mood. If you liked his other stuff you NEED to check this out ASAP!


Like You Wanna

Yowzers... outta nowhere comes Rhythm Section International with a f-f-f-frresh new release for 2k18! The SE stable has been somewhat of a go-to for the last few years, a big proprietor of what would become 'the Peckham sound', it's branched out of late with releases from Melbourne and Manchester and now this new release coming from Paris. The record itself takes cues from the broken-beat-centric sound of London while paying homage to the Parisian house dance scene. Largely sample based, but also employing much more live instrumentation than ever before, Neue Grafik’s music is informed by movement and in turn offers so much for dancers to respond to. It sits perfectly on RS Int, but also offers a full and expansive vision into this producer's inner mechanics. Somehow timing its arrival for the onset of Spring (I guess you get some sway over pressing plants when you're Bradley Zero... ;) ) this is beautifully optimistic music but weighed down with the languidity of a changing season. It's lacks the balls out hedonism of Summer and carefully treads into new beginnings. Expert stuff. 


Matt says: Bradders and his crew showing just they are an essential force in 2018. With BZ hosting his own 6Music show, it was only a matter of time till the rest of the country / globe got on board. We've been with 'em since the start - what label!


A1. Innervision (featuring Wayne Snow)
A2. Dance To Yemanja
A3. To Peckham Rye
B1. Barbes Interlude
B2. Why You
B3. Aulnay’s Tears

Duke Hugh


    Bradley met Duke Hugh in Amsterdam, when he handed him a green USB stick after a show. He played the promos in the empty club and the first track immediately grabbed his attention - he knew it was something special. When he remembered the hook to "Green Leaf" the next morning he signed the release almost instantly. Each song has its own essence, there is absolutely no filler and the entire double pack sits together as a perfect whole. Flirting with aspects of broken beat, jazz, hip hop and dreamy electronica - Duke Hugh winds together a most idiosyncratic release equally at home on the peak time dancefloor as it would be for a long road trip. Being on Rhythm Section, it's got that rich Peckham flavour present throughout, with a melting pot of cultures and styles the area's ident, Duke Hugh sets at collating said influences and sounds into one pot, the resulting brew something that distills all these elements into a raw, freebased funk. "Canvas" is a big statement from an artist who's here to stay.


    A1 Butterflies 2:12
    A2 Greenleaf 4:31
    A3 Church In The Wild 1:16
    B1 Home 5:37
    B2 2005 3:53
    C1 Loft Nights 3:40
    C2 Your Number 5:06
    D1 Believe 3:48
    D2 Canvas

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