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Nice Town

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Ninja Tune

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Metronomy are undoubtedly one of the defining alternative acts of the 21st Century, renowned for their perfectly crafted electronic pop songcraft and electric live shows, that has seen them dazzle audiences at festivals and headline stages across the world. After releasing album seven Small World in 2022, Metronomy are now beginning their next chapter as they sign to Ninja Tune in 2024.

To celebrate the new relationship, their first offering from the label, “Nice Town”, will be released on a special limited edition vinyl - featuring the eclectic rapper, jazz musician and MD for Iggy Pop Pan Amsterdam, and including special remixes by Metronomy and Alain Ogue.

It's not what I was expecting at all - an alluring, coastal shanti with breezy, optimistic vibes; that trumpet motif alone should be enough to keep you beaming for the entire day. And it's bossa nova drum palette (featured on the Metronomy remix) is a bright and funky direction towards movement. The electro beats and rap from Pan Amsterdam is laid back and charismatic - yes - everythings perfectly in place for an evergreen anthem that I reckon has enough legs to see it through to the end of the year lists. Perfect pop! 

Flip side sees a more housey remix by Alain Ogue who swamps the trumpet motif in echo, gets busy on the filters, affects the vocal with a kinda AM radio distortion and generally makes the track available for your clued up London indie-dance crowd. Top stuff! 


Matt says: Two truly infectious takes on one scrumptious trumpet theme. Guitar guitar licks, seaside organ, clever vocal. This has got has got HIT written all over it without being over in a flash.


A1. Nice Town (Original)
A2. Nice Town (Metronomy Remix)
B1. Nice Town (Alain Ogue Remix)

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