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Tinariwen, the pioneering, Grammy-winning Tuareg collective, share a new limited edition picture disc vinyl. It features the four bonus tracks that originally appeared on the deluxe edition of their acclaimed ninth studio album Amatssou. Lead single ‘He Layla’ is inspired by a traditional song from the Djanet region (where the Amatssou album was recorded). In typical Tinariwen fashion, the song tells the story of the past when the Sahara was under the French colony – poetry using metaphors of the wild life of the desert.

In the two decades since Tinariwen emerged from their base in the African desert to tour the globe, they have got to know many renowned country, folk, and rock musicians from the USA including Kurt Vile, Stephen O'Malley, Jack White, and Wilco. Tuareg nomads and cowboy drifters. Camel trains and mustang horses. The timeless horizon of the endless Sahara and the wild frontier of the Old West - several thousand miles of ocean may divide the desert blues of Tinariwen and the authentic country music of rural America but the links are as palpable as they are romantic.


Side A

A1. Tiwyaghe Falam Fakra
A2. He Layla

Side B

B1. Mayssasnan Imanine
B2. Emalinine

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