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Genre pick of the week Cover of Czarface Meets Ghostface by Czarface.
12 brand new tracks produced entirely by The Czar-Keys (7L & Jeremy Page). Fresh off 2018’s collaborative LP with the enigmatic MF Doom, “Czarface meets Metal Face”, the adventure continues as Czarface now faces off with Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah. "Czarface meets Ghostface” brings strictly mind melting beats and bars as 3 emcees clash like villains & heroes in the Savage Land.

Czarface, a hip-hop & comics force comprised of Wu-Tang Clan's General Inspectah Deck, Esoteric (who recently penned an X-Men comic for Marvel) and super producer 7L team up with Ghostface aka Iron-Man aka Tony Starks for murderous mayhem! Czar commando's Rebel INS & Esoteric trade lines such as 'follow in my footsteps might tear your Achilles,' & 'flow customized got that Dapper Dan touch' with Ghost on the assist 'chain is off the cooler, charm look like a shrunken head'. With track titles like "The King Heard Voices", "Mongolian Beef", "Czarrcade '87", "Masked Superstars" & "Powers and Stuff" expect nothing short of a super charged collaboration! 

Interesting release here. Why? We do not get many electro records. Why? Well, it is not a 'major' genre we sell loads of or it could also be that our customers do not feel the warmth of electro enough. Good news is I do feel the warmth of electro - when it is how I like it and this D.I.E. guy, although oozing dark energy with such alias, his music is the ideal soundtrack for a stroll in the paradise discotheque. 'Never Ending Beats 2' is a very inviting, soothing, pleasant on the ear 'soft' electro number. Once you are in, 'R U Married' kicks in with some odd questionnaire dropped onto some lady on this considered Detroit legendary track. Funny. Odd. Funny really. It is electro and a bit techno in a way, but not as obvious as what you hear on the flipside. 
Things get a bit harsher on 'Not R Fault Live Version'. In fact, imagine playing Missile Command on the NES and this is your soundtrack instead of the crappy 8bit one that this game comes with. Perfecto booster for your shooting orgy.
Closing act is 'My House'. I thought it was going to be a homage to the house genre. It is not. It is electro with great vocals and a punchy bassline. 
That is all folks. That is my reading on this one. Definetly one to give a listen to!


Sil says: Great electro record here with some surprises and with a bit for everyone. Softer side and harsher side of the genre are reflected on this 12". Worth a listen. Hopefully you will concur.

Now one of the leading lights in the UK’s new generation of soulful, genre-fluid artists, the Leeds-born and now London-based 12-piece collective Nubiyan Twist have created their finest recordings to date, effortlessly weaving together elements of jazz, soul, hip hop, African styles, Latin, dub, hip hop and electronics in a flow of thought-provoking and life-affirming music.

Recorded at the band’s own self-built Henwood Studio in rural Oxfordshire, the album effortlessly moves through different voices from the band’s circle. The inimitable, timeless vocals of Nubiya Brandon lead the way on the album’s title track about breaking preconceptions and promoting equality, “Where you from? I’m from wherever I be.” Saxophonist Nick Richards vocals the killer first single from the album about inner turmoil and a search for the truth, ‘Tell It To Me Slowly’ while rising Ghanaian star K.O.G. appears on the Afro jams ‘Basa Basa’ and ‘They Talk’. Percussionist Pilo Adami (Nina Miranda / Afrosamba) voices the infectious bossa-jazz jam ‘Borders’. The band also draft in two African legends for guest duties with the original Afrobeat maestro Tony Allen on ‘Ghosts’ and Ethio jazz pioneer Mulatu Astatke contributing vibes on the sinuous ‘Addis To London’. “The depth of talent and ideas that every member of this group has brought to the table for this album is incredible,” says producer and orchestrator Tom Excell. “Conceptually, ‘Jungle Run’ is all about connecting different people and cultures whilst exploring the journey of individuals. This album is the pinnacle of everything we have done to date and to collaborate with the godfathers of Afrobeat and Ethio Jazz and celebrate their music in a modern context was very humbling.”

Yo yo yo. Sucker Mc's was the B side to the first ever Run DMC single, 'It's Like That' released on Profile records in ninety eighty muthf***** three.
Ignoring their disco sampling, fancy dress wearing predecessors, Run DMC, looked and sounded exactly like their audience, dressing 'down' in Adidas tracksuits and keeping their sparse beats pared back to their brutal essentials.
You could say that in this respect they had more in common with the British punk scene of 1976 in that they made normal people think, hey! I could do that and boy did they...


David says: What is there left to say about this epic jam that hasn't been said better by better people than me? Hip Hop doesn't come any better than this, people...


7" Info: Limited to 300 copies.

Schoolly - D

What Does It Mean

    Ok ok - "B.I.G. is making this cream, bitches always say what the hell does that mean?"
    No? ok... "Woke up quick, at about noon, just thought that I had to be in Compton soon."
    Ah shit, it's "6 in the morning police at my door, fresh Adidas squeek across the bathroom floor"...

    That's not it. Before Biggie, Eazy and Ice T, there was another mother fucker running the game - a true O.G. and undisputed badman who started all this gangsta shit. His name was Schoolly-D and this record started it all. Take a militant and minimal 808 beat, a titular nod to notorious gang the Park Side Killers and a groundbreaking rap style and you've got a hit son. Cited as a major influence by everyone who matters, this track changed the game back in 85, paving the way for Public Enemy, KRS One and NWA. Classic!


    Patrick says: You might not realise it, but Schoolly-D invented gangsta rap right here. Ripped by Ice T, Easy E and B.I.G. amongst others, "What Does It Mean" is the blueprint for the whole movement. Time to get educated.

    The band was formed in Bristol, England and consists of 3 members; Simiah (MPC), Dan Somers (keys), & Craig Crofton (tenor & soprano sax).

    The album is a collection of jazz inspired, hip hop instrumentals with MPC drums and live instrumentation. Simiah is well known for his live double MPC show cases and has performed alongside other live musicians so this new project is like a studio album of what he does naturally on stage. The unique sound has been developed through a monthly residency at Bristol's Gallimaufry bar where the band has improvised new material and fine-tuned ongoing compositions while welcoming special guests from the local jazz scene to sit in.

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