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Genre pick of the week Cover of Rising by Greentea Peng.
South London singer and songwriter Greentea Peng releases her new release, "Rising", following 2018’s acclaimed debut EP "Sensi" and the simmering viral hit "Downers", released in summer 2019. Featuring the blissful, Earbuds-produced "Mr Sun (miss da sun)" that sets the tone for a bright, bold EP which weaves a myriad of genres, all anchored by a mesmerising old-soul vocal. On the clattering title track "Risin'", Peng announces 'woke up today, brand new morning' over an insistent, handclap- supported beat, before adopting a half-spoken wordflow. Elsewhere, over the densely layered hip hop beat of "Sane", she sings a low-slung, effortless hook: 'come make me feel sane, baby.'

Greentea Peng is dark and light, half soul-searcher and half wise-cracker. In a constant explorative state, she is honest and frank, her inner battles channelled through the rhythms and flows of her music. Her energy beams bright whether she’s touching on darker matters or happier moments. Visually Peng is a living, breathing piece of art - effortlessly cutting the figure of a true British original. So much so, Vivienne Westwood street cast her for her recent ‘Youth Is Revolting’ cover of Dazed.


Coloured Mini LP Info: Green vinyl.

Ground & Water, Blu and Damu The Fudgemunk have released yet another standout project as part of their already-incredibly noteworthy catalogues. But this time, they’ve done it together. After collaborating in different ways over the years, the two joined forces for a release that’s every bit as dope as you’d hope considering who’s involved. From the Los Angeles rapper’s tight-as-ever rhymes to the Washington, D.C. native’s crunchy production, Ground & Water captures exactly why Blu and Damu are so revered. For Damu, that meant diving into the storied discography of his new partner-in-rhyme. While the producer always thought highly of the emcee’s talents, he says he realized that Blu’s much greater than people give him credit for.

That led to the excitement of creating Ground & Water, because Damu knew he’d get to tell a story through a cohesive release. The story is one that treads personal, introspective territory that Blu delivers like only he can. On standout track “Share The Love,” Blu and guest Raw Poetic (one of Damu’s frequent collaborators) tackle the dusty, meditative production with thoughtful raps about wanting to see the world in a better place with inspirational lines like, "Stop being so tight, and be more lovable/ I guarantee more opportunities open up for you." Similarly, Blu bares his soul on instant highlights “Feet on the Ground,” “Rhymes & Gemstones,” and “Grey Heaven." His verses take a deep dive into relatable topics like faith, guilt, spirituality, humility, and so much more, proving that his pen game is as sharp as ever. “When you listen to the lyrics and digest the subject matter, there's a lot of depth in his words,” Damu says of his collaborator. “I wanted to provide a similar depth in the music.” To say he matched Blu’s efforts would be an understatement, which you could find out for you 


Millie says: Collaborating to make this incredible hip hop album is Blu & Damu The Fudgemunk. Amazing production and beats, not to mention the impacting lyrics which hold so much depth and relevance. This needs your attention!


Coloured LP Info: Blue Vinyl LP.

The Geto Boys and Rap-A-Lot Records have a successful history dating right back to 1986. "Trigger Happy Nigga" is taken from the 1989 album, "Grip It On That Other Level"; while "Scarface" is taken from the 1990 album, "The Geto Boys". Both are excellent examples of proto-gangsta rap, with fine breakbeats, tight AF scratches and great lyrical content. Infact, what caught me by surprise was the line on "Scarface" - 'started small time, dope game, cocaine" - which the avid hip-hop will recognize Freddie Gibbs as biting on the track of the same title of the "Pinata" LP....

Nice 7" pressing ready for the club... Vintage rap on wax! Only 250 pressed.

Kojaque and Luka Palm have dropped their new collaborative project, ‘Green Diesel’. Additionally, Kojaque has been confirmed to tour with slowthai across Europe in October.

Describing how the pair’s ‘Green Diesel’ project came about, Kojaque says: “we started out wanting to make a short project, 4 tracks or something, but the more we worked together the more the tunes piled up, until we had like 11 tracks together, we kept working on um and finessing then and chose the ones that flowed together the best. The project is all energy, we pushed each other to make it and to get it to a place we’re both really happy with. I think you can see a lot of passion in the project and some bangin fuckin tunes.” The mixtape sees production from New Machine (Phoenix), the Soft Boy label’s peers - Kean Kavanagh (Date Night, Airbnb + more), Matt Finnegan (Spit Dat Out) and a special feature from Scottish MC ‘CHLOBOCOP' on ‘Chew Toy’.

2019 has already been a remarkable one for Kojaque, whose ‘Deli Daydreams’ project continues to take him far beyond the city of Dublin that inspired it. A conceptual tape based around a week in the life of a Deli worker, the project became the first of its kind to be nominated for the prestigious Choice Music Prize in Ireland (following an outcry from critics and fans alike at its initial eligibility). Along the way, Kojaque has built an impassioned global audience (all totally DIY): from a rack of sold-out headline shows – including the likes of XOYO in London – and worldwide festivals (SXSW, Glastonbury, Longitude) to being invited to tour with Slowthai and Lana Del Rey (in Dunlin’s 30,000-cap Malahide Castle). Kojaque was also recently selected for YouTube Music’s ‘Foundry Programme’ alongside the likes of Omar Apollo and Flohio (previously shortlisted artists include Rosalia, Dua Lipa and Dave) as he continues work on his next solo album this year.

A fellow Soft Boy alumni, meanwhile, Luka Palm is a Swedish-born rapper from Stockholm who grew up in Dublin, and has been a staple of Ireland's underground hip-hop scene since the release of his track ‘Pink Lady’ in 2015. Currently a member of Kojaque's live show and a close collaborator on previous tracks such a ‘Politiksis’ and ‘Date Night’, it was a natural occurrence for them both to collaborate and create a record together.


LP Info: Green marbled vinyl.

After detonating a highly volitile batch of weirdshit with his debut LP "Changing Hands" earlier in the year, Juan Ramos returns to ESP Institute with the 'Oxford House' EP. Though his relationship with the label has already spawned four releases, the A-side here holds the track where it all started, "Fahrt Im Himmel", a hyperactive electro-house thumper caked in neon optimism. The folks at ESP first heard this jam in the midst of a packed dancefloor when Juan was at the decks, and have been patiently waiting to let this one loose ever since. On the flip "Oxford House" splinters freestyle, 91 house music and a pinging bassline into a sample-heavy dose of retro-raving primed for peace time detonation. If you ain't feeling the uptempo thump, wrap your ears around the "New York Metropolitan Area Mix", a bass heavy neck-snapper which could be a Black Moon instrumental. Mega!

Snoop Doggy Dogg / DJ Quik

Gin & Juice

Two more classics from the storied history of hip-hop, presented on fresh 7" wax with one killer track per side.

On side A it's one of Snoop's unanimously celebrated finest moments, the 1993 stone cold classic that is "Gin & Juice". Seriously, I know kids younger than this tune that can cite all the lyrics back at me - not to mention Jonny Dub's grandma!!! Ont other side, DJ Quik's early concious hit "Jus Lyke Compton" highlights the early rise of gun violence in the scene that would later go on the dirty hip-hop's reputation in the media and press. But on this joint, Quik's smooth, faultless flow & inspired lines draw attention to the problem in funky fresh form! Add a highly musical backing track, decorated with plenty of jazz-funk nuances and you'll see why this track has barely aged in nearly thirty years!

Another one of those 7"s I can't help but think every home needs on their shelves. 

Ukokos & Jabco

Keep Rising All Night Long (Sunday Service Mix)

GAMM have only dropped two of their 'battle weapons' previous to this - tracks so illusive and powerful they have to be released in short supply under strict embargos.

For the third installment, Ukokos and keyboard wizard Jabco lay down some Dilla(ish) hip-hop beats and piano action over that incredible live video clip that went viral with Kanye West's Sunday Service band doing a combined live gospel / soul cover of "Keep Rising To The Top" and "All Night long". 100% guaranteed to get Tarquin and Esme runnin' over to the decks eagerly requesting a track I.D....

Limited quants! 


Sil says: Gospelian funk drenched in soulful vibes courtesy of G.A.M.M. Perfect heart warming tackle that will fly off the shelves!

B Boy Records was a significant player in the development of hip-hop in the 1980s, but a very short lived label shrouded in mystery. This double LP selects the best of the independent label, from the beginning of the label to including past icons and future legends, hard-hitting drum programming, synthesize and sampled beats overlaid with fierce battle rap swagger. This is a snapshot of hip-hop history. The label is best known for issuing the hugely influential Boogie Down Productions LP "Criminal Minded", which features twice on this release with ‘The Bridge Is Over’ and ‘South Brox’. Other highlights include JVC Force’s enduring classic ‘Strong Island’, DJ Scott La Rock (founding member of BDP) & D-Nic and all-female rap Sparky D, 5 Star Moet.
The double vinyl LP packs in 16 tracks, presented on 180g heavyweight classic black vinyl with printed inner sleeves

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