There But For The Grace Of God Go I (Moplen Remixes)

Image of Machine - There But For The Grace Of God Go I (Moplen Remixes)
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DJ Moplen has outdone himself with this reimagining of Machine’s disco classic. Sticking purely to elements from the original, he’s managed to completely redesign the song, starting with an extended version of the soulful piano intro. Punching up the kick drums and handclaps moves the track into house territory, complemented by a funky guitar riff that was completely buried in the original. When the bass enters front and center Moplen practically forces you to the dancefloor, leaving you vulnerable to August Darnell’s controversial lyrics. Fresh from a career-making start with Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band, lyricist/vocalist Darnell’s collaboration here with Machine was only months from his next incarnation as Kid Creole. Just like those groups, Darnell here fills his song with the politics of race, religion, and sexuality under the guise of a great beat. This release features that rarest of things: a dub just as good as the original. Rather than just removing the vocals, Moplen again rearranges the song, removing the slow intro and building a killer groove from the ground up. As well as the 1979 version, and an acapella reprise, this 12” also features the 1994 Timmy Regisford house mix that captures the dark energy of the song perfectly.


A1. Moplen Remix
A2. Moplen Dub
B1. Original 1979 Version
B2. 1994 Timmy Regisford Remix
B3. Acapella Reprise

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