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Barefoot Beats drop a special edition 12" maxi EP of Brazilian love affairs.

Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco deliver a serious groove on “Fique Louca”, a heads down party jam cut up with joyous vocal whoops and funktastic breaks that is guaranteed to raise the dance floor pressure.

Then Processman, a rising star from Salvador, lets loose a rhythm and chant fueled Bahian delight that floats around an intoxicating arp line that will drive you wild on the beach, or in the warehouse.

On the flip, NYC based, Brazilian aficionado JKriv gets all loopy and wild as he looks to drive you crazy. Totally wild!

The EP finishes in style with Joutro Mundo from Rio who works a sweet melodic anthem that will have you dancing and singing along in the streets.



Matt says: Another cult series, Barefoot Beats reaches the irrelevant milestone of 13. It's a really strong musical offering with all four tracks sure to please even the most casual tropical disco lover.


A. Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco - Fique Louca
A. Processman - Baba Oni
B. JKriv - Coisa Louca
B. Joutro Mundo - Ballet Do Chocolate

Barefoot Beats dig deep and deliver a well-balanced package of Brazilian delights via two rising stars of the scene Elado and Bernardo Pinhiero. 

Elado kicks things off with a highly infectious sing-a-long boogie affair that is guaranteed to get those hands in the air. Mouth watering and head spinning, this Brazilian cocktail is packed to the gills with monkey drums, sumptuous string arrangements and plenty of mid tempo disco brilliance.

While on the flip, Pinheiro's more wonky, heads down disco beast is perfect for when you really want to feel the heat. Filters set to stun, chopped vocals chucked into the rhythm section and plenty of additional electronic weirdness, this one is a proper disco bumper.

Tudo magia.


A. Elado - Tudo Magia
B. Bernardo Pinheiro - Pitangamanguearaca

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