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Brazilian boogie merchants Barefoot Beats return with more of their patented 10" bad boys, ready to rock your all nite tropical discotheque!

NYC's Jacques Renault steps up first with "I Want You More" - a mid tempo, low slung tropical funker that packs a punch with maximum sway. Anyone that's just got back from Tisno or Pula should relate to this slice of beach bar slaying, daytime joy.

On the flip, Selvagem's Trepanado drops into edgy, EBM tackle. Brazilian new beat anyone? Yes please! - a warehouse friendly shudder accompanies catchy female vox as proto-house guitars and pummeling toms as to that rawkus vibe. It's another winner from the camp!


Sil says: A smile appears on my face when I see Jacques Renault name on a vinyl. The man knows how to do edits. Remember the anthemic, groovy and infectious 'Young Single and Free' on RVNG INTL? I do. His signature is here too. It is not as dancefloor filler as the one above but the quality is there. Always. A bit more laid back but still inviting you to dance the brazilian way. Flip this 10" and you get yet another beauty edit of another Brazilian rarity. Bass heavy and groovy all the way. One of the best Barefoot to date.

Barefoot Beats are back with more mighty fine Brazilian vibes on a limited edition 10 inch vinyl. Piccadilly's favourite Yorkshire-born customer, and Chemical Bros go-to DJ of choice, James Holroyd has ALREADY bagged a copy, so it must be worth looking into...

First up is disco lover Dicky Trisco who really lets loose on a seriously groovy chunk of Brazilian funk that unwinds slowly and deliciously until the horns declare that it's time to dance! Setting some creative loop points and touching up with some bonus perc, the modern disco extraordinaire crafts a deft slo-mo hybrid which should find favour across the board. Meanwhile on the flip, Rio based DJ and producer Joutro Mundo hits full-on beach party mode, his "Tata Giro" unloading frenetic guitar licks, funky bass and party starting vocal chants, whoops and wails until we're rushing to the ocean edge, pina colada in hand, screaming at the DJ as we splash in the shallows.... excelente!!


Matt says: Barefoot Beats return with Brazilian flavours aplenty. With party season on the not so distant horizon, you'd be wise to get one up on the competition by bagging these beauts now!

Eddie C / Balako

Barefoot Beats 06

More Brazilian inspired, feel good vibes from the Barefoot Beats crew. Double A-side, 10" cut, featuring Eddie C and Balako. Canadian born, Berlin based Eddie C digs deep and drops a swinging Bahian tinged groove which is guaranteed to get you dancing on the tables and finger point dancing as the crazy low slung rhythms wash over you. On the flip, Rio based producers Balako capture the vibe of those hedonistic carnival nights in their city when the night air is bursting and burning with excitement and anticipation. Electronic drum machines hammer out some intricate rhythms while analogue fx swirl and bleep through the heady mix, like if Magic Mountain High were transported deep into the rainforest and attempted to make the soundtrack to Terrence McKenna's "True Hallucinations". Excellent!

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