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From the psychedelic soaked streets of Stretford and the mind of Lewis Olsen aka Psychederek comes his next Sprechen E.P. as everyone's favourite cosmic cosmonaut returns with ALT! 4 tracks of spaced-out sound collages where electronic & rock music meet in the middle to create an explosion of avant-garde hypnotic rave soundscapes.

Title track ALT! has a massive doff of the cap to the driving forces of Krautrock, where Lewis' vocal soars atop stacks of guitars & synths and a solid drumbeat keeps you on track.

'Nowhere To Nowhere' breaks out of the gate with a full spin of the private psychedelic reel, a track that seemingly has no beginning, middle or end but which draws you in from the get-go with stacked guitars & synth lines, a thumping one note bass line, snappy percussion, and a totally far out vocal breakdown.

'Hapi' is a stunning stripped-back big bag of blissfullness with soaring synths & arp lines buddy up with a heart tugging 4 note key lines & guitar plucks alongside a reverb drenched vocal sound from heaven.
Coming across like the soundtrack as you reach the pearly gates whilst also harking back to the true balearic sound of the 70's. There are not enough sunsets in the world would do this justice.

What better way to finish things off than with a cover version of what is probably one of THE staples of the acid house 2nd Summer of love era as Psychederek gives the 808 State classic a full psych rework!
A fave from his live performances, the Manchester anthem is ripped right up to deliver a swoosh filled assault on the senses where pads, synths, guitars & even more synths all stacked and set firmly to 'wow man!' and kept tightly on track by the sublime drumming of Donald Johnson from A Certain Ratio.


Matt says: Already causing a big stir on the local scene with DJs gifted upfront promos. It's all about that cover of "Pacific State" - absolute genius from this wildcard Stretford maverick. Get them orders in quick!


A1. Alt!
A2. Nowhere To Nowhere
B1. Hapi
B2. Pacific State

The first album release on Sprechen is a trip across the astral planes of electronica and through the neon soaked streets of South Manchester, where genres cross & styles meet on the creative peripherals away from the dance floor.

A life lived through clubs, comic books, cult movies, cosmic adventures & electronic musical endeavours have all played a role in the creation of 'Where Do I Belong?', the debut long player by The Thief Of Time, a new studio project from Sprechen founder Chris Massey.

What started as just very loose ideas and half started projects during lockdown resulted in a semi autobiographical collection of songs that draw on a lifetime love of electronic artists & synth heavy movie scores. Nods are given, toes are dipped & caps are doffed in various sonic directions whilst still treading a truly unique path of its own making.

As Chris says: 'it started really with me being in a headspace I've never really had in the studio. There was no pre-conceived ideas or agenda of what I wanted to achieve other than just going with what felt right and pursuing sounds & style I favour away from a smokey basement of ravers. Being a child of the 80's gave me a wealth of ever-evolving influences of sounds, styles, imagery, fashion, literature & art which all somehow seemed to direct this project. It's the first time I've ever created something that contains personal reflections of my own life. Good & bad alongside the high & low points have all driven this creative process which reflects my own headspace will hopefully speak to everyone on some sort of level'.

The album also features a host of Manchester artists including A Certain Ratio, Bay Bryan, Psychederek, NIIX & Love Letters From Space as well as Allison Rae from Causeway (Italians Do It Better) who were all instrumental in realising Chris' vision and bringing this exciting project into existence.


Matt says: A truly impressive body of work from Sprechen label head and local legend Chris Massey. A shimmering, psychedelic indie-dance LP with tons of crossover potential and some really impressive collaborations. Nods to Primal Scream / Andrew Weatherall, John Carpenter and Danielle Baldeli along the way. He's been keeping this in the locker but it's been worth the wait!


A1. Celestial Heartbeats
A2. Imposter Syndrome Feat. Bay Bryan
A3. Fantasy Carnival
A4. Pavement Soul Feat. Niix
B1. The Love Letter From Space
B2. Find Each Other (song For Lisa) Feat. Allison Rae
B3. Rendezvous On A Lost World Feat. Psychederek

After supplying a couple of the hottest selling singles in recent years on their first two vinyl releases, Sprechen are back with another utterly spectacular offering on this magic number. Enlisting the talents of Manchester 6 piece See Thru Hands, and making maximum use of the fattest Rolodex around to secure remixes from Skream and Jorja Chalmers, label boss Massey (who offers his own interpretation on the B2) makes a series challenge for 12" of the year here!

'Connectivity' is a self-produced alt-pop banger from See Thru Hands which delivers 'disco-not-disco-synth-funk-dancefloor heater' vibes from start to stop. The feisty rhythm section and snappy vocals call to mind dance-punk sensations Friendly Fires, while funked up synthesisers trill and quiver around the spiky guitars, conjuring a loved up studio jam between ACR, Prince and Rufus.

There are remixes for every occasion on this one with Skream cranking up the Italo disco-o-meter to 14 on his bass driven peak time banger for large room raving while Jorja Chalmers takes the party back to a smokey shebeen on her mix that sounds like Tricky sharing a blunt with Aphex Twin whilst King Tubby twiddles the dials!

Main man Massey finishes off the package with a mucky tops-off style gutter pumper which belongs in those basements you'll often find him and many like-minded souls dwelling within.


A1. Connectivity
A2. Connectivity (Skream Remix)
B1. Connectivity (Jorja Chalmers Electricity Remix)
B2. Connectivity (Massey Remix)

Various Artists

Zwei Jahre Sprechen (2 Years Of Sprechen)

    24 months of heaters, beaters & dance floor detonators is celebrated in fine style on “Zwei Jahre Sprechen” aka “2 years Of Sprechen”

    A compilation of 8 brand new tracks with a bit of something to suit all musical palates, exclusively recorded especially for this release!

    Drumless ambience by Homeboy (resident from Berlin’s mighty Renate), full on Manchester basement tops off tackle by Homoelectric’s Gina Breeze, Italo style disco delights by Neil Diablo, low slung sleaze by James Rod & Chris Massey with Crazy P’s Daniele Moore, throbber chugger by Planet Jumper + a hat trick of Nordic house music by Kohl, Karl Fraunhofer & Rave-enka.

    Extremely limited cassette release to just 100 units available with free digital download of all tracks…dig out the Sony Sports, raid the TV remote for batteries & pray for auto reverse!


    Barry says: A superb tape-only outing from Sprechen. Throbbing drug-chug and off-kilter disco business, grab one or miss out!


    1.James Rod & Chris Massey - Spanglish Feat. Danielle Moore 06:30
    2.Neil Diablo - No Thrills 06:27
    3.Gina Breeze - Make Me Feel 05:00
    4.Homeboy - Kaleidoscopic Orange Lights In The Attic 04:51
    5.Kohib - Hot Pants And Dance Shoes 06:46
    6.Planet Jumper - Before The Diamond Turns To Dust 07:26
    7.Karl Fraunhofer - Jupiter 07:21
    8.Rave-enka - På Kryss Og På Tvers 08:52 

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