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For our second foray into the vinyl world, Sprechen label head Massey joins forces with Sir Horatio, 'a certain' band from Manchester on collaboration cut 'Music Control'.

The result is a meeting of musical minds that blends together both parties favoured sounds to create a squelchy sandwich of post-disco/ proto-house with a healthy helping of acid & punk-funk which should appeal to fans of mucky basements and mature mosh-pits as well as those cosmic ALFOS astronauts.

Various Artists

Zwei Jahre Sprechen (2 Years Of Sprechen)

    24 months of heaters, beaters & dance floor detonators is celebrated in fine style on “Zwei Jahre Sprechen” aka “2 years Of Sprechen”

    A compilation of 8 brand new tracks with a bit of something to suit all musical palates, exclusively recorded especially for this release!

    Drumless ambience by Homeboy (resident from Berlin’s mighty Renate), full on Manchester basement tops off tackle by Homoelectric’s Gina Breeze, Italo style disco delights by Neil Diablo, low slung sleaze by James Rod & Chris Massey with Crazy P’s Daniele Moore, throbber chugger by Planet Jumper + a hat trick of Nordic house music by Kohl, Karl Fraunhofer & Rave-enka.

    Extremely limited cassette release to just 100 units available with free digital download of all tracks…dig out the Sony Sports, raid the TV remote for batteries & pray for auto reverse!


    Barry says: A superb tape-only outing from Sprechen. Throbbing drug-chug and off-kilter disco business, grab one or miss out!

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