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Eddie C

Space Glide / Werewolf Invasion

Eddie C's iconic 7" series, Red Motorbike has rarely wasted an inch of wax across seventeen separate releases. Eddie's kept it as killer and succinct as usual for the latest outing; head nodding, understated grooves that are as infectious as a lads weekend in Magaluf. "Space Glide" chops unheard wrong-tempo cosmic funk into a 4 minute mouthful of slippery dubwise underwater dancing while "Werewolf Invasion" takes us to an out-of-the-way leather disco in Eastern Europe by motorbike, only to find the club rammed with thirsty man-beasts, half cosmonaut / half wolf. Another keeper for your small record box.


Matt says: Another disko oil-guzzler courtesy of Eddie C's Red Motorbike. Slo-mo cosmic funk and decellerated robo-disco on this burn out.

Moon Tan / Eddie C

Gel Dust / The Southern Nights

Eddie C's Red Motorbike roars into town again with more fuel for the funk-lovin' disco freaks out there. Sticking to the ever-reliable 7" format for this one, Eddie splits production duties with Moon Tan, who slows the pace and pours on the echo for a sliced, diced and spliced cosmic flip of Gil's stunning "Angel Dust". Head nodding, hypnotic and waaaay sleazy, this radical rework is an excellent option for flipping some lids. Over on the flip, Eddie's "The Southern Nights" is a tasty rerub of Crusaders classic and then there was the blues. We get a springy bassline, killer percussion (boosted by Eddie's subtle touch) and audacious keyboard from the one and only Joe Sample. Stipping back the jazzier excesses to focus solo on the funk, this streamlined flip is aimed directly at your dancefloor - just watch it go off!


Patrick says: Another keeper from the Red Motorbike crew as Moon Tan and Eddie C tackle Gil Scott-Heron and The Crusaders respectively. The A-side keeps it slow and sleazy while the flip offers up fast paced funk for the peaktime. Party power!

This limited cassette is a special bonus / pre-release item for the forthcoming 2 X LP 'HIGH ROAD" forthcoming on RED MOTORBIKE!

LOW ROAD contains unreleased music from EDDIE C which won't be appearing on the vinyl version, and also features cuts from KKOOSH, DANE & KHOTIN and CEM G

Lightly 'mixed' by Eddie... 50 Copies worldide !!

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