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"Gargantuan" is the debut studio album by UK electronic duo Spooky (Charlie May and Duncan Forbes), released by William Orbit's Guerilla Records in March 1993.

Today "Gargantuan" is regarded as a landmark album in the history of progressive house and British dance music. As Guerilla’s standard bearer, they helped coalesce an immersive sound that was neither Detroit, nor Chicago, nor Manchester.

The duo became renowned for being at the forefront of the progressive house scene that emerged in the aftermath of the post-rave comedown, joining fellow acts like Orbital and Underworld in re-casting house music in an energetic live environment.

Gargantuan has been out of print on vinyl since 2006 and is re-released on on double vinyl with original artwork. 


Matt says: Ashamedly, I was unaware of this absolutely epic piece of UK dance music. Shunning the US influence and focussing on free party spirit, expansive scenery, and a distinctly proto-prog mindset, "Gargantuam" remains as timeless and as crucial today as it must have seemed in 1993. Uplifting but without being overly flamboyant, it's full of euphoric dancefloor moments and must have surely gone onto inform countless of producers and the 90s trance and progressive house storms ensued. A true classic that, if you're as ignorant as me, might have slipped you by!


A1. Don’t Panic
A2. Schmoo
A3. Aqualung
B1. Little Bullet Part One
B2. Little Bullet Part Two
C1. Land Of Oz
C2. Something’s Got To Give
C3. Orange Coloured Liquid
D1. Schmoodub
D2. Let Go

49North revisit Duncan Forbes’ debut solo album ‘Return Of The Strobelight Kid’ with three wonderfully fresh takes on three different tracks from the album.

First up we have Kassian who tackles ‘Floating’ and they step up to the mark with grace and turn in a peak time, hypnotic, yet melodic, tech house groover that will lget any dancefloor simmering red hot. 

Next Borai takes on ‘Another World’ and using the sweeping analogue strings from the original he lets them soar over funk fuelled shuffling hats and clattering snares. He draws you in gently and when the bass drops, buckle up for theride!

The third and final remix comes from none other than Legowelt. His no holes barred high energy take on ‘Serendipity’ is full of analogue warmth and grabs you right from the start. Layers of electro charged arpeggiated lines fuse with the strings from the original underpinned by a driving rhythm to propel you forward into the future and beyond.


Matt says: Most likely gonna fly due to the in-demand Kassian remix. Really feeling Borai and Legowelt's contributions on this too. If you've got laser-guided dancefloors in your sights, then look no further.


A1. Floating (Kassian Bio Remix)
B1. Another World (Borai Remix)
B2. Serendipity (Legowelt Remix)

Duncan Forbes

Distilled & Amplified - Vinyl Sampler 3

    The inception of 49North marks the beginning of a brand new era for Duncan Forbes; who most emphatically made his mark on the WW scene as one half of legendary duo - Spooky - alongside Charlie May; releasing a string of landmark singles and albums over 3 decades, not to mention timeless remix / production work for International heavyweights like Depeche Mode, M83, Sasha, William Orbit, Mr.G and Apparat.

    On Side A of this very special, 3rd and final ‘49North - Phase 1: Distilled & Amplified’ LP Sampler - we see Duncan's close compadre, Mr. G, flip 'The Next Step' into a killer slice of deep and kinetic, psych-tinged Techno; before the Phoenix G boss steps up to the plate once again, to kick off the flipside - distilling 'Bluer Than Blue' down into one super-tight, swing-loaded roller; topped off with a seductive whispered vocal, skating rides and a perfectly-poised low-end lead. And then, to fittingly wrap up this three-pronged 12” attack, we have an out-and-out gem from Mr. Forbes himself… as we see him transform, 'When Lightning Strikes Twice' - into a pulsing, beyond widescreen - Motor City meets The White Isle - colossus.


    A1. ‘The Next Step’ (Mr. G’s ‘Tears Of Gratitude’ Dub)
    B1. ‘Bluer Than Blue’ (Mr. G’s ‘Time To Sweat’ Remix)
    B2. ‘When Lightning Strikes Twice’ (Duncan’s ‘Lost In The Moment’ Remix)

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