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Five dazzling remixes of Population One's 'Hippnotic Culture' 2LP by the Detroit minimalist himself. Kicking off with a 20th Anniversary Mix of 'Rush Hour', the track that inspired our company name! Big big tip and a great honor… Play it loud!
Population One, also known as Terrence Dixon, offered a first remix of his mysterious, minimal Detroit track 'Rush Hour' for the celebration of the label's 10th anniversary and now blesses us with new takes on five 'Hippnotic Culture' album tracks. The impressive 'Hippnotic Culture' LP was originally released in 1995 on the long defunct Utensil label, which was run by Claude Young. 

Upcoming, very talented Amsterdam DJ /producer debuts on Rush Hour with a loud 12-inch two-tracker, New Dance. After his remix for Bassekou Kouyate on Joe Claussell's label and the strong "Testify" track co-produced with Jamie 3:26, he now goes solo with these two Italo infused dance floor igniters .

Following the Dream 2 Science release on the Rush Hour Reissue series earlier this year, comes another NYC garage classic. Sha-lor's "I'm In Love" is by Ben Cenac, also known for his Newcleus outfit. Unlike Dream 2 Science, which remained an obscure record, even at the time of its original release, Sha-Lor became an international club hit and a Summer Of Love DJ staple. The timeless feel of this innocent, heartfelt vocal song sounds as fresh as it did back then and is sure to fill people's hearts with joy again. This reissue features the 'Caught Up Version', which was the most popular mix from the original, and a previously unreleased instrumental. Essential retro house!


Sil says: Wonderful 1988 New York female vocal house rarity reissued by Rush Hour.

Flippers at the ready... High Scoring EP from one of the hardest working producers we know. The A side is a pacey affair - a multi-ball dancefloor battle against the Grand Lizard. The two equally neon treasures on the B side were recorded at the gear laden Worm studio, Rotterdam in 2017. This is another cracking solo outing from the Ju Ju & Jordash / Magic Mountain High linchpin

Les Choc Stars Du Zaire / Teknokrat's

Nakombe NGA / What Did She Say

Rush Hour's in house label strike gold again, enlisting the curatorial prowess of renowned record fiend John Gomez for a superb split 12". 
Both tracks on this winning double-sider were written by Tony Baron and Gery François, two Belgian producers that were involved in several musical projects on the New Beat scene in the 1980s. They worked under many aliases and recorded the Teknokrat’s haunting “What Did She Say?” at the famous Studio Madeleine in Brussels in 1989. Prompted by Jean Martin from Espera Records, Baron adapted the music into a further two songs to be released that year, Virginity’s melancholic “The Key”, and the surprising but ear catching collaboration with the label’s soukous stars, Ben Nyamabo’s Les Choc Stars Du Zaire. It is still a mystery how the seeds were planted for the one-off pairing that culminated in the electronic soukous bomb “Nakombe Nga”. What is certain is that it is set to light up dancefloors worldwide.


Patrick says: Rush Hour get archival and re-ish two versions of Tony Baron and Gery François "Good Life" inspired groover from 1988. Cop a load of the Zaïrian Afro house smash “Nakombe Nga” by Les Choc Stars backed with the dope, largely unheard Belgium new beat version recorded under the Teknokrat's alias.

Hunee presents a collection of his favorite dancefloor cuts from the '70s till now. Going from afro to disco to techno, "Hunchin' All Night" holds a wide spectrum of songs - tracks by the wonderful Boncana Maïga, Pat Thomas, Black Beat Niks, Kenny Larkin, Larry Heard, Mappa Mundi and many more.

Hunee, aka Hun Choi, is a Korean Berliner who has been invovled in music since a very young age. After working in record stores and studying musicology he resided in Amsterdam, where he released his debut album "Hunch Music".

Unlike a lot of comps in this style, There's a hi-tech, timeless aesthetic to his track selection which also refuses to play it safe. Instead of Ned Doheny we find Larry Heard, while Mappa Mundi takes the place of Steve Miller b-sides. There's a reason he's one of the most celebrated and in-demand DJs across the globe right now... take a look into the crates of one of the best in the scene. 

Various Artists

Pantsula! - The Rise Of Electronic Dance Music In South Africa, 1988-90

Late 80s South African dance floor winners only! Selected by DJ Okapi and Antal, the compilation holds tracks by Jivaro, The Hard Workers, Ayobayo Band, S.Y.B. & many more. This is the sharp electronic music that fuelled the local Pantsula dances during the 80s and 90s . A must have for fans of Bubblegum and Kwaito music. The 12 tracks selected for "Pantsula!" come from a very unique, very different time and place. They represent the birth of electronic dance music in South Africa, through the songs of one particular independent label from the time: Music Team. The sound represents the culmination of the bubblegum era, when South Africa’s disco artists outgrew their American influences and forged an increasingly electronic and ‘local’ pop sound. Evolving over time since long before the 80s, the distinctly South African subculture of "Pantsula" is more closely associated with an attitude, a style and a signature dance, rather than any specific sound. In the late 1980s and early 90s, Pantsula was also the name given to a new type of dance music taking over the streets of South Africa, influenced by earlier bubblegum and the rise of Shangaan Disco, but with a far broader appeal and a harder, purely electronic sound.


Arachno / Move To Trash

The latest volume of Rush Hour’s very occasional 7” series finds UK producer EFA at the controls, dropping a snapping debut of crisp and acidic electronics. A-side cut ‘Arachno’ boasts the skitterish rhythms of a Hague electro classic alongside eight legged acid lines, moonlit keys and all manner of squelchy fx abuse. Dramatic, cinematic and precision engineered to turn a club inside out. Over on the flipside, “Move To Trash” takes a driving Liaisons Dangereuses style sequence, tough 4/4 and a little bit of chipset weirdness and spins further and further out of control.


Patrick says: Weird and wonderful acid magic from EFA on Rush Hour – Big Tip as our Dutch friends would say!

Torn Hawk re-emerges on this ace limited edition double 7" edition. Intimate, darkwave bedroom ballads, plate-reverbed electronic punk and high degrees of rhythmic noise characterize this inimitable New Yorker, making him somewhat of a favourite here at Piccadilly. Across five tracks we get a further glimpse into what makes this freak tick, as he gracefully constructs a collage of abrasive and visceral textures underpinned with a dark, psilocybin-tainted sludge that makes you feel like you're in that scene out of Fear And Loathing when the carpet's melting and Hunter's struggling to keep a grip. Torn Hawk ably demonstrates the fractal and sonic fluctuations that occur during a peak psychedelic experience like few can, but rather than revel in the flowery, faux-hippy nature of the trip, he takes it to the darkest and most tumultuous parts of the journey; what a legend! Comes with fold out, full colour insert. TIP! 

It's fair to say that Japanese house music is enjoying a moment in the (rising) sun at the moment with reissues and bootlegs popping up all over the show as DJs and label heads scour through on of the last unmapped territories of the dance music world. Standing at the centre of much of the mindblowing music passing through the shop at the moment is the name Soichi Terada, the founder of legendary Japanese house label Far East Recordings, and the star of this killer Rush Hour retrospective. Compiled by Hunee and lovingly pressed onto double vinyl and CD, "Sounds From The Far East" features eccentric and highly sought after material by Terada alongside collaborators Shinichiro Yokota and Manabu Nagayama. Born in the 1960s, Terada majored in computer science and electronic organ, founding Far East Recording soon after his graduation, in 1989, when he was unable to find a label for his musical output. "Sounds From The Far East" shines new light on Soichi Terada's label and work, and consists of material that was originally released in the early nineties. Alongside obscure gems like the frenetic "Hohai Beats" and the breakbeat fuelled "Good Morning", we're treated to Lexx anthem "Do It Again" by Yokota, the magnificent Balearic house of "Low Tension" and the instrumental mix of all out Pradise Garage anthem "Sunshower". This perfectly curated snapshot of one of music's unsung heroes is absolutely essential for any true house heads out there.

Rush Hour bring us ths official re-release of this 'lost' 6-track mini album by New Yorker Ben Cenac (of Newcleus fame). Originally recorded and released in 1990, it's an absolute gem of a record - very much in the vein of Larry Heard's best recordings. Now available again for the first time in 22 years, with remastered sound and full artwork.

'A truly, dreamy, beautiful classic deep-house mini-album from the golden-post-Larry Heard era. New-yorker Ben Cenac, who was also member of electro pioneers Newcleus (and part of Sha-lor, who had a cool jazzy garage-house hit in the late 80s), shows a great sensibility and delicacy here in following mr Heard's path. His approach is perhaps slightly more sci-fi in the synths and pad sounds, and perhaps a tad less crafted and mercurial in production than the master (IE; less timeless), but this adds in realness and charm.

So, past the classic deep-garage dream "My Love Turns To Liquid" (in the vein of these sultry garage productions from Peter and Vanessa Daou), the rest of the record shows constant quality, with song titles that could have been (or actually have been) used by Mr. Heard himself, and a content oscillating between warming deep-house, sweet acid, lush garage and relaxed space-jazz piano parts, the whole thing also evoking the Beloved's better 'rave' moments ("The Sun Rising" etc).


Sil says: Rush Hour bring us ths official re-release of this 'lost' six-track mini album by New Yorker Ben Cenac (of Newcleus fame). Originally out in 1990, it's outrageously good deep house music for fans of Mr Fingers...

This is the second of the individual Shake 12” series, taken from the "Frictionalism" compilation released earlier this year. Part 2 features four stone cold Shake classics, "Arise" kicks things off and is a glistening, uptempo roller. Low filtered rhythmic basses bubble away in the subs while looped up piano notes meet morphed strings and warped pads to create a shimmering, ecstatic piece of lush techno music. "Simpatico" heads for the mainframe with its glitchy beats and alien sounds. A dry piano line juxtaposes organic with electronic before a big fat sine tone bassline locks us into an endless boogie  "The Fake Left. Go Right Plan" begins with a vocal interlude before a powerful kick drum knocks us right off our feet. Jazzy hooks and smokey grooves fly into the mix adding a lo-fi grit and rawness to the track. Electronic gutter-funk if you will. Finally "Mr. Gone Is Back Again" has the lushest, dreamiest intro ever and will get the dancefloor simmering nicely. Flanging percussion creates a psychedelic sheen while pumping pads and a three-note bassline are underpinned by motorik 909 beats creating a radiant, concentric groove. Four solid Shake classics for less than a Chorton chippy tea for two.

Three track taster to the retrospective of Balihu compilation which will be released in Autumn 2009. We kick off with "Dancing With The Best", Wang's previously unreleased homage to Rod Stewart and "Do You Think I'm Sexy" (anyone who's heard Wang DJ will know he has a bit of a soft spot for it!). Next we have the deeper electronic sounds of "On the Moon" which originally featured on the obscure BAL002 white label. Lastly we have Jamie Hodge's wicked upbeat jazzy disco-house winner "Jazzy Disco Track", another exclusive picked specially from Daniel's private vault (oher!).

Rush Hour present this ground breaking new project, put together by Cinnaman (Rush Hour) and DJ Jay Scarlett (Spacek Sound System, Sound In Colour). These two beat-heads were bought together by a mutual love and appreciation of the electronic hip hop sound stemming from LA, Detroit and later worldwide. This is hip hop / hip hop-soul music stripped back to its essence - the production is heavy, the drums are tight and the textures are full of space and atmosphere with synthetic undertones that could come from techno while the production is full of electronic trickery. This project was created to showcase today's most forward thinking beat producers: New kids likes Hudson Mohawke, Super Smoky Soul, Flying Lotus / Samiyam (Flyamsam) and Pursuit Grooves next to established artists like Black Pocket (Steve Spacek), Aardvarck and Up Hygh.

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