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Teaming up with Thomas Gesthuizen, Antal digs deeper into the funk-fuelled dancefloors of 70s and 80s Surinam to serve up a set of highly collectable and rare Surinamese 45s and LP cuts. We're in disco wonderland right from the off here, throwing out mad shapes and feelings to the limber bassline, dreamy keys and boisterous brass of Steve Watson's "Born To Boogie". After that slick and shimmering slice of dancefloor soul sparkle, Antal and Thomas hit us with something a little more organic from the Jam Band 80. "Jammin' (With The Jam Band)" nods through bittersweet guitar licks, rolling bass and jazzy organ as sweet female vocals hold us close. Next up, Sonny Khoeblal rolls up those suit sleeves and takes us on a cruise-ship voyage to the jazz funk stars before Errol De La Fuente drops an uptempo disco funker in tune with the tropical disco sounds of Guy Cuevas, Michael Boothman and Stephen Encinas (Check out those squelching clavs! - acid ed.) As we slip into the second disc, Sumy lays us low with a bedroom groover, Explosion blaze through the horny Afro-disco of "Wakka Mang" and Eddie Tailor takes our breath away with the life-changing disco soul of "Love Dance". Boasting a smooth, syncopated groove, subtle bass and loved up lyrics, "Love Dance" locks us into its feel good groove straight away then proceeds to beam us into a distant dancefloor galaxy via space-age jazz synth licks and a mind altering breakdown - proper Cosmic Slop tackle! We're deep in the disco-jazz dream as the D-side rolls around, tripping wildly to the flute led tropical swelter of Ronald Snijders' "Kaseko Attack" and Astaria's Um Bongo banger "Jamasa Roro". If you've read this far and still haven't got your money out then I'm truly disappointed in you, but perhaps the end of night, AOR-boogie brilliance of Sound Track Orchestra and Silvy's "Tirsa Song" will make your decision for you. Sweet West Coast guitar licks drift over spectacular slap bass and the emotive vocal is to die for! Passport numbers please, I'm heading to South America and you should all come with me.

Five dazzling remixes of Population One's 'Hippnotic Culture' 2LP by the Detroit minimalist himself. Kicking off with a 20th Anniversary Mix of 'Rush Hour', the track that inspired our company name! Big big tip and a great honor… Play it loud!
Population One, also known as Terrence Dixon, offered a first remix of his mysterious, minimal Detroit track 'Rush Hour' for the celebration of the label's 10th anniversary and now blesses us with new takes on five 'Hippnotic Culture' album tracks. The impressive 'Hippnotic Culture' LP was originally released in 1995 on the long defunct Utensil label, which was run by Claude Young. 

Hunee presents a collection of his favorite dancefloor cuts from the '70s till now. Going from afro to disco to techno, "Hunchin' All Night" holds a wide spectrum of songs - tracks by the wonderful Boncana Maïga, Pat Thomas, Black Beat Niks, Kenny Larkin, Larry Heard, Mappa Mundi and many more.

Hunee, aka Hun Choi, is a Korean Berliner who has been invovled in music since a very young age. After working in record stores and studying musicology he resided in Amsterdam, where he released his debut album "Hunch Music".

Unlike a lot of comps in this style, There's a hi-tech, timeless aesthetic to his track selection which also refuses to play it safe. Instead of Ned Doheny we find Larry Heard, while Mappa Mundi takes the place of Steve Miller b-sides. There's a reason he's one of the most celebrated and in-demand DJs across the globe right now... take a look into the crates of one of the best in the scene. 


Sil says: Superb selection of obscure dance tracks covering the many genres that Hunee deploys when behind the decks. A bit for every one. You do need this one.

Rush Hour generally keep the hottest heat for their Store Jams range and this 12″ is one particularly tasty biscuit. The work of Rotterdam’s Arp Frique, Nos Magia boasts three heavyweight dancefloor hitters featuring the rare talents of Nigerian groove-master Orlando Julius and Cape-Verdean hero Americo Brito. Pulling off some Dr Who-style temporal hijinx, this release sounds simultaneously like a lost ’70s release, contemporary bomb and something from way into the future! Awash with infectious grooves, sizzling rhythms and all manner of madcapped moog licks, this is gonna cause mayhem down your local disco.


Patrick says: 'kin 'ell! This is mega! Holland's Arp Frique teams up with Orlando Julius and Americo Brito to turn out three Afro-disco bangers. The perfect fusion of authentic 70s sounds, contemporary arrangement and futuristic synthwork, this is heavy shit!

Various Artists

Pantsula! - The Rise Of Electronic Dance Music In South Africa, 1988-90

Late 80s South African dance floor winners only! Selected by DJ Okapi and Antal, the compilation holds tracks by Jivaro, The Hard Workers, Ayobayo Band, S.Y.B. & many more. This is the sharp electronic music that fuelled the local Pantsula dances during the 80s and 90s . A must have for fans of Bubblegum and Kwaito music. The 12 tracks selected for "Pantsula!" come from a very unique, very different time and place. They represent the birth of electronic dance music in South Africa, through the songs of one particular independent label from the time: Music Team. The sound represents the culmination of the bubblegum era, when South Africa’s disco artists outgrew their American influences and forged an increasingly electronic and ‘local’ pop sound. Evolving over time since long before the 80s, the distinctly South African subculture of "Pantsula" is more closely associated with an attitude, a style and a signature dance, rather than any specific sound. In the late 1980s and early 90s, Pantsula was also the name given to a new type of dance music taking over the streets of South Africa, influenced by earlier bubblegum and the rise of Shangaan Disco, but with a far broader appeal and a harder, purely electronic sound.


Arachno / Move To Trash

The latest volume of Rush Hour’s very occasional 7” series finds UK producer EFA at the controls, dropping a snapping debut of crisp and acidic electronics. A-side cut ‘Arachno’ boasts the skitterish rhythms of a Hague electro classic alongside eight legged acid lines, moonlit keys and all manner of squelchy fx abuse. Dramatic, cinematic and precision engineered to turn a club inside out. Over on the flipside, “Move To Trash” takes a driving Liaisons Dangereuses style sequence, tough 4/4 and a little bit of chipset weirdness and spins further and further out of control.


Patrick says: Weird and wonderful acid magic from EFA on Rush Hour – Big Tip as our Dutch friends would say!

Torn Hawk re-emerges on this ace limited edition double 7" edition. Intimate, darkwave bedroom ballads, plate-reverbed electronic punk and high degrees of rhythmic noise characterize this inimitable New Yorker, making him somewhat of a favourite here at Piccadilly. Across five tracks we get a further glimpse into what makes this freak tick, as he gracefully constructs a collage of abrasive and visceral textures underpinned with a dark, psilocybin-tainted sludge that makes you feel like you're in that scene out of Fear And Loathing when the carpet's melting and Hunter's struggling to keep a grip. Torn Hawk ably demonstrates the fractal and sonic fluctuations that occur during a peak psychedelic experience like few can, but rather than revel in the flowery, faux-hippy nature of the trip, he takes it to the darkest and most tumultuous parts of the journey; what a legend! Comes with fold out, full colour insert. TIP! 

Melodic techno and electronic soul music here from The Abstract Eye - better known as Gifted and Blessed aka one hot ass mother fucker! Originally released on Valentine Connexion in 2011, now available again in a shiny new jacket. With a fixation for vintage electronic instruments, the extraordinarily gifted Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker creates striking electronic songs under many monikers, integrating the technological with the spiritual and ancestral in his music. Here we get playful electronics mixed with inspired electro rhythms. With a keen ear for synthesis, TAE creates really sumptuous patches that you wanna jump right into! Maintaining that essential balance of electronic elements paired with rich musicality, the four tracks on offer here are nothing short of brilliant, showing a producer totally in tune with his instruments and not lacking in confidence. All composed around a loose 4/4, various degrees of analogue and digital performance and expression highlight the different moods and flavours across this pioneering 12". Thoroughly recommended! 

Lengthy and weighty "Hunch Music" remixes by Mick Wills and DJ Fett Burger! Comes with special embossed sleeve.

After Hunee's celebrated debut album "Hunch Music", it's time for these two weighty remixes here. Mick Wills' rework on the A-side churns and thumps along like an industrial process being slowly, but successfully completed. 'Hiding The Moon' builds like a robot, added together piece by piece until it is towering and heroic. Bandpassed cyclic synths swirl in the background as crispy crackling hats break through the fore. The flipside is an altogether different proposition, binary codelike bloops (think R2D2 trying to say something REALLY important) float around spatially augmented bitcrushed drums and vocal pad shards, again entirely fragmentary, but surprisingly complete. A construction made entirely of disparate elements that come together as a majestic and glorious whole.


Barry says: Mick Wills' rework on the A side churns and thumps along like an industrial process being slowly, but successfully completed. 'Hiding The Moon' builds like a robot, added together piece by piece until it is towering and heroic. Bandpassed cyclic synths swirl in the background as crispy crackling hats break through the fore. The flipside is an altogether different proposition, binary codelike bloops (think R2D2 trying to say something REALLY important) float around spatially augmented bitcrushed drums and vocal pad shards, again entirely fragmentary, but surprisingly complete. A construction made entirely of disparate elements that come together as a majestic and glorious whole.

Hunee presents his debut album "Hunch Music”, a striking assembly of the artist's versatile inspirations and productional talent.It is a rich musical journey that latches onto you and doesn't let go easily.

Hun Choi, better known as Hunee, is a Korean Berliner who moved to Amsterdam over a year ago. In Berlin he used to work in a record store where he could extend his unquenchable enthusiasm for music. The connection with Rush Hour was a natural continuation of his musical path.

Firstly the DJ emerged, secondly the producer. As a DJ, Hunee manifested himself as a fine connoisseur of classic and contemporary music. Always smiling, he is determined to share every fine record he finds with the world. Over the past few years, Hunee the producer has put out some highly acclaimed EPs, but only a handful. The producer went quiet for a moment, but “Hunch Music” proves Hunee’s unstoppable character.

“Hunch Music” is rather special: it is a cinematic journey from the beginning to the end, with scenes we haven’t encountered before. It starts with “Woods” as the perfect introduction - a moody, mystic night haze that quickly changes into a warm and soothing whole. Following with “Crossroads”, the mystery transcends into something that moves us to the dance floor, and we're not sure whether we want to keep moving or we just want to listen. “Hunch Music” has a nocturnal aura, an organic groove, and moments of glorious acid. It takes us up and throws us down, gently, while subjecting us to many cinematic and musical elements.

For an artist who is also an avid vinyl collector, it might be difficult to ensure that his numerous inspirations do not distract from his artistic signature. Hunee’s production work is as colorful as his character, displaying a broad spectrum of his inspirations that manifest themselves in a surprising and seductive artistic entity. 

It's fair to say that Japanese house music is enjoying a moment in the (rising) sun at the moment with reissues and bootlegs popping up all over the show as DJs and label heads scour through on of the last unmapped territories of the dance music world. Standing at the centre of much of the mindblowing music passing through the shop at the moment is the name Soichi Terada, the founder of legendary Japanese house label Far East Recordings, and the star of this killer Rush Hour retrospective. Compiled by Hunee and lovingly pressed onto double vinyl and CD, "Sounds From The Far East" features eccentric and highly sought after material by Terada alongside collaborators Shinichiro Yokota and Manabu Nagayama. Born in the 1960s, Terada majored in computer science and electronic organ, founding Far East Recording soon after his graduation, in 1989, when he was unable to find a label for his musical output. "Sounds From The Far East" shines new light on Soichi Terada's label and work, and consists of material that was originally released in the early nineties. Alongside obscure gems like the frenetic "Hohai Beats" and the breakbeat fuelled "Good Morning", we're treated to Lexx anthem "Do It Again" by Yokota, the magnificent Balearic house of "Low Tension" and the instrumental mix of all out Pradise Garage anthem "Sunshower". This perfectly curated snapshot of one of music's unsung heroes is absolutely essential for any true house heads out there.

Rush Hour continues to unearth never released Chicago house classics from the 80s as original Chi-town DJ Gene Hunt shares some of his own personal edits and mixes with us - up to now this stuff has been hidden away on reel-to-reel tape!

A resident at the the Hyatt Park Athletic Club, where he DJd alongside Ron Hardy, Gene gradually became Ron's protégé. Ron passed on his musical knowledge onto the youngster and the pair started recording music together as well. Local producers began to give Gene reel-to-reel tapes of their new productions for him to play out in the clubs. Many of these were never released and most producers lost their own tracks over time. Luckily, Gene had stored all his copies and 25 years later the time has finally come to share this great music with the rest of the world.

The tracks included here are all rough, uncut versions, oftentimes home made drum computer jams, which never made it to final production at a professional studio. They represent early output of the artists involved, some tracks dating back as early as 1982-1983. The compilation features unreleased tracks by Mr. Fingers, Steve Poindexter, Ron Hardy, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Virgo Four, Virgo & Adonis, Steve 'Silk' Hurley and even by Dion, who later kick started Common's career and more recently has been Kanye West's sidekick. It also includes reworks and original versions that were never properly released, like Ron Hardy's original version of 'Sensation' or Gene Hunts version of 'Donnie' and Mike Dunn's rework of Gherkin Jerks' (Larry Heard) 'Acid Indigestion', or reworks of classic Lil Louis and Larry Heard tracks. These tracks were deemed not commercial (i.e. radio friendly) enough by labels such as Trax or DJ International, but were all the more popular in the Chicago clubs.

Rick Wilhite and his Vibes New & Rare Music record store have been a main source in Detroit for over 17 years. His store is the place to go for many Detroiters looking for new soulful, electronic music. And as a DJ and promoter Rick has been holding it down for years. Next to that he’s mostly known for his affiliation with Three Chairs (together with Kenny Dixon Jr & Theo Parrish) and for his solo recordings, under his Godson pseudonym. Now its time for Rick to get his peers and friends in the mix for his first compilation, aptly titled "Vibes New & Rare Music". The compilation is spread out over four 12”s, which will be followed by a CD with exclusive tracks and features only the best of Chicago and Detroit electronic music. All tracks are new and exclusive. 3 Chairs affiliate Marcellus Pittman, known for his releases on Sound Signature and FXHE amongst others, kicks off this series with the lush playful groove of "In Due Time". Next up is Chicago house legend Glenn Underground, creator of Strictly Jaz Unit. On "Ninja" he is definitely jazzing it out. Finally Vincent Halliburton takes it back to the D with "Something I Feel", a steady late night club banger that just goes on and on!

First vinyl EP from this eagerly-awaited sequel to the original "Beat Dimensions" instrumental beats comp, which set the wonky-hop train on the tracks a few years back. This new collection was always going to have to be heavy, and compilers Cinnaman and Jay Scarlett have more than risen to challenge they set themselves, coming up with some real beat peaches. This twelve includes five new cuts from Danny Breaks & DJ Adlib ("The Sound"), Mono/Poly ("Distant From"), Nosaj Thing ("Fwd"), Kenlo Craqnuques ("Zoid"), and Dalt Wisney ("R2FUX"). Guaranteed to shift fast and never be seen again!


12" Info: Limited pressing.


A Million Lightyears

The mysterious Syrinx sent CDRs of his tracks to Rush Hour out of the blue. The label was pleasantly surprised with the standard of his music, so much so that they decided to release some on vinyl. Many tech-dub tracks fall short of the mark because they're prepared to plod along in a sub-Maurizio haze, but not "Sirius", which powers its way through synth-drum rolls, acid snatches, key changes and sound system efx. A proper peak-time techno cut! "Time Traveller" keeps the tempo up, driving along on a tight sub bassline and ace filtered metallic rhythm. Quality.

The mysterious Syrinx sent CDRs of his tracks to Rush Hour out of the blue. The label was pleasantly surprised with the standard of his music, so much so that they decided to release some on vinyl. "Sunset" and "When The Lights Go Off" both fall under the post Maurizio tech-dub umbrella, but rise above the usual slavishly M Series style sounds new producers of this genre offer up. Both sides are deep, melancholic and building, with lush synth washes, snapping percussion and plenty of dub efx.

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