Higher Meditation Meets Simon Nyabinghi

Conquering Dub

Image of Higher Meditation Meets Simon Nyabinghi - Conquering Dub
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All Nations Records

About this item

New dubwise utterances on All Nations featuring an almighty collaboration between Higher Meditation and Simon Nyabinghi.

"Conquering Dub" on side A is a buoyant piece of steppers / digi-dub that's perfectly tailored for the dance - expect multiple rewinds and plenty of toasting from which ever soundboy chooses to drop this bomb. As is the theme - part 2 is more bass and dub-delay driven, ratcheting up the intensity through bass pressure and dubwise sfx.

"Lion Dub" on side B has a similarly modern palette, another firm winner for the big system dancers with its mountainous sub bass charging through digital keyboard stabs and lively percussion section.


Matt says: I was lucky to attend a Teachings In Dub night in Bristol recently and this is exactly the kind of material that the sounds were battling with. Foundation shaking, rootsical dub with the soundsystem and dancefloor firmly in mind. Epic.


A1. Conquering Dub Part 1
A2. Conquering Dub Part 2

B1. Lion Dub Part 1
B2. Lion Dub Part 2

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