Mariko Katsuragi

Aoyama Nights

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Memme Vaev

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Surfing on the wave of 1980’s Nippon’s bubble of electronics and economics, fashion and the femme fatale, explosion of its pop culture and computerized technopop, and the world’s sudden fascination with everything Japan, a group of young studio musicians stemming from Tokyo’s downtown of Akihabara and Kanda came together for ad hoc recording sessions between 1982-1986. Their goal… produce the next domestic hit album, a travelogue of city pop inspired by the urban yet lonely sprawl of now globally admired Asia. Yet their vision of the concept album under the City Heights moniker never came to see the light due to the group’s sudden disbandment after the tragic loss of love.

Led by the guitarist come arranger-producer HASEGAWA Joe (Jô) and keyboardist KATSURAG Mariko, the City Heights sessions drew form Tokyo’s musical melting pot of early 1980s with a distinct blend of jazz, funk, boogie, spiced with a local touch of Nippon’s finest electronic instruments.

Now, restored, remastered and occasionally redubbed by Japanese music connoisseur Sten Saluveer aka MILDHANS, this second, highly anticipated volume will take you on a journey through the love-longing nights of Aoyama, to the festive matsuri bustle of Jô’s hometown of Kanda, the Jasmine dreaming of Taipei, and a quirky nod to a then legendary musical superhero.


Matt says: A fiery blend of psyche-funk mellowed out with smooth jazz notes and enhanced with precision Japanese production values with a visually stunning sleeve to boot.


A1. Aoyoma Nights
A2. Kushiyaki
B1. Kuroiinu Hosono
B2. Jasmine Dream

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